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Just to let you know that…

It’s okay if you can’t afford Niall’s merch. It’s okay if you can’t see him live. It’s okay if you can’t buy physical or digital versions of his album. It’s okay if all you can do is listen on Spotify. It’s okay if you can’t buy magazines with him on the cover.

It’s okay.

It doesn’t make you any less of a fan than those who have done all that. Supporting Niall shouldn’t be about who has seen him live the most or how many of his merch that you have or any of that.

Supporting Niall should be fun, not burning a hole in your pocket or making you feel inferior to others.

You can support him to the best of YOUR abilities and what YOU can do.

if you missed ryan potter’s live story tonight about him landing the role of beast boy among other things:

  • his favorite colors are purple, pink, and forest green
  • referred to turtles as his “spirit animal” followed by “turtles are lit”
  • so obviously, he hopes gar shifts into a turtle at some point
  • he thinks it would be super cool if cassandra cain was introduced to the dctv universe
  • he plans to do his own stunts
  • he’s excited for JL and especially gal gadot
  • that’s a woman to wonder at”
  • “if y’all hating on turtles you can get off my live”
  • can’t rate the robins in terms of favorite because he loves them all
  • spent last 22 years of his life playing video games, reading comics, watching anime, & going to cons
  • confirmed himself to be harry potter’s third cousin twice removed
  • favorite character from young justice was aqualad and enjoyed his storyline with his dad
  • while watching the judas contract, says, “okay damian, calm down”
  • when he heard the news of getting the role, he was too tired & jetlagged to react
  • he did facetime his mom and she flipped
  • “we are not gonna talk about death note in this house.”
  • thinks that tom holland killed it as spiderman
  • likes waffles, pancakes, and french toast all equally
  • “is live-streaming the judas contract pirating? this is definitely illegal streaming”
  • would read issues of the walking dead after high school in the store because he was broke
  • to a friend in the comments: “i can’t respond to your meme, im live”
  • been living in his apartment for eight months and hasn’t fully moved in
  • gave a shoutout to finn from stranger things because they have the same agent
  • doesn’t know anything about the show so far other than that he was cast!

ended the live with:

  • i’m finna be beast boy


After some time to re-watch Who Killed Markiplier and really think about it, I wished we’d gotten a bit more time with Celine. That way we could get more attached to her like we did Damien and The Colonel, or at least gotten to know her a little more. Unless… the focus was supposed to be on Damien and the Colonel because Damien is the main one in control of Dark even though Celine is probably where he gets his power from? (And the Colonel of course was Warfstache.)

For the past three years I’ve kept every card, and postcard, every post it, label, and envelope, every letter, and note, and scrap of paper that I’ve ever been given or sent. And when I’m feeling sad, I get them out, and I feel loved.

It has been a while, but yay! more book characters fanart! Val, Ygritte and Ryk. Ryk isn’t a very prominent character, but I wanted to draw a wildling dude, and I have been having some fun AU thoughts with his sibiling like relationship with Ygritte. Osha and Gilly were top choices to draw on this Free Folk edition, and I do hope to get to them soon. Not going for a 1:1 equivalence to any real world ethnic groups, but I am going for a central asian influence on my take of the ASOIAF characters, and it has been a real fun process, one of my least favorite aspects of fantasy is that it is so european, in that way that not even real life Europe was.

So Restless AU thoughts. Haven’t thought of the specifics of it, but Ygritte and Ryk are perhaps the most prominent Free Folk in Restless. Mance’s power isn’t as consolidated so there’s friction between the factions, and Ygritte and Ryk and their group still haven’t made their mind if to follow him as king so we get a lot of the workings of the Free Folk through them. They will run into Benjen and his rangers at some point, but it the result will be an unlikely truce (if momentary)

Val will run into Rhaegar on his journey Beyond the Wall, and it’s pretty clear it is at Mance’s behest to arrange a meeting between Kings. Perhaps most surprising is Rhaegar’s willingness to accept, to the point even Val ends up advising caution during their journey. But Rhaegar’s focus on the Others and the threat they represent guides his decision making, for better or worse. Jamie knows it’s reckless, but he believes enough on his king to trust on this gamble. 

They have closed… the dining hall… for fall break…

…but students do not magically stop requiring food when classes stop…

what the hell.


happy birthday to our cute jimin!
thank you for being our angel

instead of emo phases do apollo kids have broadway phases


Dumbledore’s Army! I’d been wanting to do another watercolour portrait wall, and with the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter this year it seemed like the right choice (/great excuse) to draw these cool, dorky, brave kids <3

Anonymous said:
I know you’ve shown how you draw faces from different angles very briefly before, but I was wondering if you’d ever go more in depth? For example, I always struggle with drawing the eyes at a ¾ angle…

Ok, I get this question so many times that I decided to do something about it. I’ve already made a tutorial about drawing eyes and tbh it should help with drawing eyes from any angle, the tricky part is to understand the human face, its anatomy. If you see the face/head as a three dimentional object you’ll be able to draw it, I can’t say it enough, 3D thinking is important. Also, references are important, drawing from life is important because then you have a 3D model of the head right in a front of you. All you need to do is observe and understand.


kuroo tetsurou ✩☾

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