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Time To Come Out Of The Closest Peter

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Tittle: Time To Come Out Of The Closest Peter

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Requested: Yes

Rating; F for fluff

Warning: I want to say none but seeing as we live in a world full of hate I am just going to say LOVE! My warning is two MEN fall in love and if you have a problem with it block me, unfollow me and go find a soul because apparently you love peoples genitals and not them.

    Ever since Y/n arrived I have found myself actively seeking him out. Every moment I had I wanted to spend with him. When I couldn’t I found myself thinking of him. Thinking of the way he smiled. How he threw his head back when he laughed, his laughter causing his eyes to crinkle. I thought of the way his eyes would sparkle when the sun hit them just right, and the way his arms looked in the sun light. I found myself thinking of how he would run his teeth over his bottom lip whenever he was thinking, and of how I wanted oh so badly to run my own teeth over it. In a matter of weeks I had fallen in love with him, which was why I doing everything I could to steer clear of him.

   Before we would sit together during meals, and now I would sit with Felix, forcing myself to think of something to talk to him about. During the campfire I would stare at the ground and sit in the corner, making sure to stay away from him. With each passing day, I watched as the hurt grew more clear on his face, I watched how his eyes would grow dark with hurt when I so coldly brushed him off. I hated myself for it, for hurting him, but it needed to be done. I wasn’t gay. I couldn’t be gay.

   I snapped myself out of my thoughts and picked up my pan flute, pressing it lightly against my lips again I began to play. Instantly the lost boys began to dance around the fire, their cheers and laughter mixing in with the music. As I played I kept my gaze locked on the ground, letting them flutter shut as I lost myself in the music. It was now, playing my flute, that I was able to stop thinking about him.

  Felix’s P.o.v

   I let out a heavy sigh as I looked over at Peter, watching him as his gaze turned to Y/n. I could tell my the blank stare, that Peter was unaware of what was happening, unaware that he was once again staring at the boy. It had become a frequent thing, Peter staring lovingly at Y/n as he danced around the fire, or as he played with the boys. Heck, even during meals his gaze would be Y/n. It didn’t take a genius to figure it out, just someone who could read Pan well enough.

   I was his best friend, or as close to one as you can get with Pan, so I knew him better than most. I was the first lost boy he brought to Neverland, which meant I knew that there was a side of him that has long since been forgotten. A soft side, one that was kind. Years of living in regret, living the same memory over and over had turned him into the cold person he was. He was still there though, his love for Y/n proved that, so I knew just what to do. Sadly that meant putting myself at risk so Peter Pan could be happy.  I was going to make it so Pan acted on his feelings for Y/n by making him jealous.

  I knew Y/n was in, because he had come to me a few days ago to ask if I knew why Pan was suddenly giving him the cold shoulder. It was then that I came up with the plan, simply to prove to the blushing boy I was right.

    Peter’s P.o.v

     “Y/n!” Felix called out suddenly, his voice ringing from across the camp. Slowly I looked towards the boy, at the same time realizing I was once again staring at Y/n, just in time to watch the boys meet up. “You look amazing, green looks amazing on you.” Felix cooed, reaching out so he could run his hand down Y/n’s arm. Instantly I was filled with a blinding rage, one so strong I was seeing red. Jealously washed over me as I watched the boys flirt, Felix slowly getting closer to Y/n.

   “Enough!” I hollered, glaring at the now startled lost boys. A part of me panicked, wanting to find a way to cover this up, and another part was trying to figure out why both boys were smirking at each other. “Bed. All of you. It’s late.”

   “It’s barely…” Devin started, stopping when I sent him a glare. “Well come on the boys, bed.” He called out, running towards the huts, the rest of the boys following him. Once they were all gone I found myself alone with a still smirking Y/n and Felix.

   “You were right.” Y/n chuckled as he looked over Felix. I frowned for a moment before finally cluing in, a blush washing over my face as Felix laughed.

  “It’s time to come out of the closest Peter.” Felix laughed as Y/n suddenly started to walk towards me. Once he in front of me, he reached up and grabbed my face, pulling gently at the back of my neck so my head bent towards his. Instantly his leaned up to press his lips against my own. Instantly I kissed my back, my lips moving against his eagerly. My hands curled against his shirt, holding him against me.

  “Your mine.” He whispered as he pulled back, smiling happily at me when I let out breathless pants. I simply nodded, to stunned at what just happened.


   The Next Night

    Y/n curled up against me, his head resting against my shoulder as I wrapped my arm around his waist. The lost boys payed us no attention, simply not caring. I smiled, leaning over to press a kiss to his head before letting myself get lost in the fire. 

   “This is nice.” Y/n mumbled softly, his voice layered with sleep. I hummed in response, rubbing his side gently as I relaxed. After awhile I noticed his breathing slow, a slight snore leave his parted lips. Slowly I glanced down at him, smiling to myself I gently began to stroke his cheek.

   “How can you do this to me?” I whispered to the sleeping boy. “How can you turn a demon into a love struck fool?”