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les amis as things my writing teacher has said
  • Enjolras: For this prompt, don't write about cis men. Don't do it.
  • Courfeyac: We should have a walk like a t-rex day where everyone in the school walks like a t-rex.
  • Combeferre: The computer science class is exploiting me.
  • Jehan: Adverbs are very pretty much not your friends. See what I did there?
  • Grantaire: Does anyone else think life is just one sick joke? I feel like God is punishing me.
  • Joly: I went to Stanford for psychology and was an overachiever. Now look at me.
  • Bahorel: D-A-D-D-Y is here. See? I didn't say it that time because you guys yell at me.
  • Feuilly: If I won a million dollars I would reform the school so they could pay teachers more.
  • Bossuet: Hey guys? You need to stop talking.
  • bonus:
  • Eponine: I thought you were my bae but you're just a weirdo.
  • Marius: Our printer can't do anything right. I feel like it's a metaphor for me and ultimately this class.
  • Cosette: Who was writing about the angels? This is good. Oh it's a ten grader.
  • Muischetta: Guys are weak and easily manipulated. Take care of them. They're children. Poor things.
  • Montparnasse: *shouts loudly as he exits the school building in front of a group of children* MOTHERFUCKER!
the elevator scene analysis

so here’s my over-analysis on the elevator scene that nobody asked for. i hope you’re ready for Keith being a pining little shit

so Lance decides to check out the pool. of course he would! he grew up on the beach and is the guardian spirit of water. that’s totally something he’d be all over. he loves swimming.

so it’s kinda interesting that Keith of all people would also want to go swimming. he’s the polar opposite of Lance, he’s the fire paladin. water isn’t really his thing tbh? (doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy swimming though, but you get what i mean)

while it could just be coincidental that he decided to go check out the pool at the same time Lance did, i get the feeling Keith found out Lance was going swimming and wanted to join him but pretended that he didn’t know what Lance was doing ‘cause he doesn’t wanna make it obvious that there’s something else he wants to check out

what do you mean “what do you think you’re doing?” Keith??? he’s wearing swim trunks and a towel and is on the same elevator as you how can you not make the obvious conclusion that he’s going swimming???? you’re a terrible liar 

okay look, i know how i get when i have a crush on somebody. i will find literally any excuse to be around them, but will try to downplay it and make it seem like i totally don’t care. i’d recognize that kinda behavior anywhere. and Keith? totally trying to downplay it right now. “i just so happened to want to go swimming at the same time my crush did and stopped him in the elevator before he could go without me but pffsh i totally am NOT trying to find an excuse to be around him. i’ll prove it by making sure he knows we will be on opposite ends of the pool and i’m totally not interested in being around him!”

okay Keith, i think we get the point ;D (the way he says this line sounds so forced like he’s trying not to make things awkward oh my god)

if you go back and watch this scene, Keith looks over at Lance first. probably because he just realized he got stuck in an elevator, with his crush, while wearing bathing suits. the first thing running through his mind right now is probably “hHOL YSsHIT”

Lance looks over at Keith like “are you fucking kidding me right now” 

and Keith is like “shit gotta keep acting like this is the opposite of the best day of my life”

so anyways we cut back to this scene after a brief moment with Pidge and Hunk, and while i bet Keith would come up with any excuse to get close to Lance, i like to think it was Lance’s idea to crawl up the elevator shaft like this. he’s the kind of person who would come up with crazy ideas like this if he was that determined to get to the pool. i have absolutely no doubt Keith was internally screaming the whole time.

he proceeds to bicker with Lance like usual and they shove each other. if you look closely after Keith shoves Lance back though, you’ll notice he keeps leaning against Lance more than before. probably ‘cause he’s secretly enjoying the physical contact


poor Lance, he just wants to go swimming. let the dolphin boy swim

Keith: this is literally one of the best things that has ever happened to me don’t ruin it

Keith spots the vent shaft and they finally get out of there

listen, i don’t know if it was just intentional but it seriously looks like these two aren’t looking in the same direction. Lance is looking up at the vent shaft like “finally, thank god” whereas Keith looks like he’s just staring at nothing in particular, probably thinking to himself “well this was exciting but now we get to go swimming which is gonna be even better. nice”

tl;dr: Keith found out Lance was going swimming so he wanted to as well but pretended like it was just a coincidence, and totally was secretly enjoying the fact that he got trapped in an elevator with his crush. and based on all the pining!Keith evidence we have so far, i don’t see why this can’t be the case.

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What about running into ur ex?? MC's too nice to be uncomfortable (they broke up on mutual terms) but the ex just won't stop talking and seems a little interested? Thank u ^^


  • when your ex came over and started talking to you
  • he was SO oblivious
  • he just smiled
  • he had no idea that was your ex until he called you his ex-girlfriend
  • thennnnnn Yoosung was uncomfortable
  • he looked around for the first thing he saw
  • “Uhh MC, you wanna go try that snowcone place over there?”
  • Once he finally got you away from him, he turned to you
  • “You don’t have feelings for him still… right?”
  • after laughing at his proposal you told him you only had feelings for him
  • he lets out a sigh of relief and mentally sticks his tongue out at your ex


  • oh hell nah
  • as soon as your ex even LOOKS at you he’d sling a protective arm around you
  • but noW HE has the audacity to approach you??
  • you try your best to calm Zen down
  • but then your ex does it
  • he winks at you and calls you cute
  •  before you could explain that zen is your boyfrieND YUP HE JUST PUNCHED YOUR EX IN THE FACE
  • you usher Zen away before he does more damage
  • “H-he called you cute, and only I am to do that.”
  • you scold him for using violence but it was still rly hot


  • once you pointed out your ex in the crowd
  • little angel Jaehee’s self esteem dropped
  • it wasn’t that she was prettier than Jaehee
  • or smarter
  • or funnier
  • she just didn’t know why she felt that way ???? she just did
  • & when your ex crossed the room and started talking to you, she just looked at the floor
  • when you noticed this you made the convo short and sweet and then turned to your bae
  • after you asked her what’s wrong she shrugged
  • “I don’t know… I guess I don’t like being around your exes…”
  • you smiled and gave your super cute GF a hug
  • “Jaehee, I love you and I don’t plan on loving anyone else ever again.”
  • then the next day, when Jaehee saw your ex at the store
  • she couldn’t help but hold her head up high knowing she had what your ex never could


  • he doesn’t play around when it comes to exes
  • as soon as your ex steps in the vicinity he gets the Jumin Han glare which may or may not be the scariest thing on this earth
  • oh but NOW your ex wants to talk to you
  • haha ok
  • when your ex walked up to you and asked how you were doing, you PLANNED to tell him you were fine
  • but before you could answer him
  • Jumin turned your head and kissed you
  • and kissed you
  • and kept kissing you
  • and finally when he pulls back he WIPES his mouth and smirks at your ex
  • “I’ll meet you at the food court MC, when you’re done talking to them.
  • you blush and shrug at your ex but you know what’s coming later from Jumin


  • when you introduce 707 to your ex, the first thing he does is crack a joke
  • “I normally don’t eat other people’s left overs, but yours sure were good looking”
  • he’s the only one that laughs
  • you’re petrified 
  • and god your poor ex’s mouth is hanging open
  • you were going to change the subject when your exs mumbles something under his breath
  • “You chose this goof over me?”
  • “Well, buddy, this guy right here happens to be the LOVE OF MY LIFE. I wouldn’t trade him for anyone or anything.”
  • your ex rolls his eyes and storms off, but seven is just staring at you
  • “D-did you really mean that?”
  • “Of course I did… you goof.”
All His - Part 4 (A Kyungsoo Series)

The words in his text message jumped out at you and you couldn’t stop reading them over and over again.

’Come play with me.’

No matter how much you thought about it, absolutely no part of that phrase sounded innocent.

You knew the man found you amusing and you had practically been his source of nonstop entertainment for the past month or more, but to outright request your presence merely because he was bored?

What did he mean by play? You half expected him to be holding a deck of cards in his hands, shuffling them over and over looking for someone to play Go Fish with.

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a week back, my boyfriend and i were fighting, and he subconsciously started saying all these things he’d never say otherwise.
so he said something like, you don’t understand i cant lose you because this is the best thing in my life right now, you are the best thing in my life.
and i just blanked out.
i know its unrealistic and i am sure he has better things in his life than me but im glad he said it anyway because in that moment i realised even if i might not be the best thing in his life, he is in mine.

best thing::nikitagupta

Zico - Bad Influence

Originally posted by ygnj

“He’s a bad influence.”

That was what everyone had been saying about him. 

To some extent you could understand why your family would think about him like that. His entire life was covered by the media and it wasn’t always rainbows and unicorns. He had made some grave mistakes in the past, as we all do, however, his mistakes were published for the whole world to see. And there was not one second the public let him forget about it or move on. In addition to that he was known to be a party animal. It didn’t leave the best impression on your parents. So you didn’t hold it against them, that they weren’t too fond of him.

However, your friends who were supposed to be on your side also only had bad things to say about him. Apparently you had changed ever since you started dating him. According to them you had changed to the worse and were setting wrong priorities. So naturally you began to see them less often, as you were sick of always being criticized. You began to spend more and more time with your boyfriend and his group of friends whom you really grew to like.

Zico knew your friends weren’t the biggest fans of him and truthfully he didn’t like them very much either. But he knew you cared about them a lot and seeing you distancing yourself from them, made him wonder whether what they said about him was true.
Usually these things wouldn’t affect him. After all he was used to it. His instagram account was spammed with hate messages and death threats. It didn’t seize him, he had grown a thick skin from it.
 But with you it was different. He was in constant worry you would wake up someday and decide he wasn’t worth your time anymore. It was like your friends had planted a parasite in his head and it began to eat him up. He did notice a few changes in you.
You went out a lot more often. You drank a lot more often too. And you skipped class to see him.
 Did you do all of that because of him?

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4 years // For you || part two Dan Howell

A/N: Sorry for the late update, I’m still on vacation and an hour ago I really thought I wouldn’t be able to update at all. Thank you for the incredible response to this story!! It means a lot xx

Word Count: 1.3K

POV: Reader


Originally posted by arcticlester

Hot tears streamed down Dan’s pain struck face while the tea in front of me started getting cold.

Although my throat was dry and I could have needed at least some warmth, my hands were shaking way too hard to pick up the cup.

I could hardly look at Dan, the person I thought I would spend my whole life with when I was 18 and naïve.

I never allowed myself to cry when I was with Luke, nobody should have to witness their mother cry especially not at the age of 4. I wanted my son to be happy. I wanted him to be full of hope.

But Luke wasn’t here right now, so my eyes were red and puffy and my cheeks were stained with tears that raced down to my chin and dripped onto my shirt.

Luke was waiting for me. He was waiting for us back in Leeds.

“He can’t wait to see you” I croaked, raising my head to look directly at Dan.

His lips twitched and for the split of a second they formed a small smile.

“Will he be alright again?” He wanted to know and his face was full of concern.

I was scared to say anything at first. The world is full of empty promises and fake hopes already anyway.

Suffocating silence hung in the air and with every silent second that elapsed Dan seemed to suffer more.  

“I was wrong.” I simply said, my words were quiet but so powerful that they could have made the walls shake.

He looked at me and knitted his eyebrows in confusion.

“He does need you, Dan.”

Dan closed his eyes and took a deep shaky breath as those heavy words sunk in.  

“Will you donate some of your stem cells?” I asked him, my heart was beating so hard that I could hear it as loud as the words that left my mouth.

For some people the question ‘Will you marry me’ is the most important one they have ever asked in their lives. But for me it was this exact question, because the answer could save the life of my little son.

“Ask me anything and I will do it, if it can only help him.” Dan answered without hesitation and determination sparkled in his eyes.

I felt the weight of the world fall off my shoulders. I had spent every second of every day praying for my son to get better. Now there was an actual chance instead of blind hope. It was like the sky was clearing after years of rain.

It was all because of him.

I stared into Dan’s reddened eyes. They were still brown, just like sweet chocolate. When we were dating just this shade of brown could make my heart beat faster or calm me down.

It was because of him. The person who was glad that I didn’t need him 4 years ago and who would have left me even if I did.

“That means a lot to us.” I assured him and tried to shoot him a small smile that looked more like a painful grimace.

Somehow I couldn’t get myself to say ‘thank you’, not after everything that happened. He hadn’t spent months next to Luke in the hospital, he didn’t even know about his existence an hour ago. I was still incredibly thankful although those words wouldn’t leave my lips.  

“I’m s-“ Dan started but didn’t get to finish his sentence.

The door to the lounge squeaked open. The black haired boy with the clear blue eyes walked in quietly but not before he mustered Dan and I as if he was scared to disturb us.

I liked Phil, he seemed kind and understanding. I also enjoyed his videos back when Dan showed them to me for the first time. They were funny and unique and Dan had a smile on his face whenever he watched them.  

“Hey Dan, have you checked the time? You are going to be late for your date.” Phil reminded his best friend and shot me an apologetic smile.

I felt my insides tighten, his words were like repeated hits in the stomach. Full force.

Only now I realized that it was stupid of me to assume that Dan hadn’t moved on with his life. I was a single mum, Luke was my number one priority, I had never even thought about getting into a new relationship.

I swallowed hard, mainly to repress my gag reflex. I avoided his chocolate brown eyes.  

Dan was a successful and indeed very attractive Youtuber in the prime of his life. It would have been stupid to not move on and find somebody new…

Somehow that realization affected me more than it should have. Suddenly I felt a weird sense of emptiness and hurt inside of me.

It felt like losing him all over again. Although a piece of my heavy heart broke off I didn’t want anyone to see that. I just smiled back at Phil and tried to stifle my emotions and the grudge I held against my ex-boyfriend.

“I’ll have to cancel that date.” Dan informed his raven haired friend, firmness in his voice.

Phil and I’s eyes widened in surprise as we both faced Dan.  

“But you have been trying to make her agree to go on a date with you for more than half a year. And now that she said yes, you don’t want to anymore?” Phil asked, utter confusion was prominent in his deep voice.

He walked over to the table we were sitting at and with every step that he took his expression darkened and he got more worried and concerned.

When he sat down at the table he was close enough to see our wet eyes and our tearstained cheeks.

“Are you guys okay?” he wanted to know caringly. His blue eyes examined both of us carefully.

Were we okay? I didn’t know, probably not. It was sweet of Phil to care for the both of us even though he had just met me.

Since we didn’t know what to answer we stayed silent and somehow the silence answered for us.

Phil looked incredibly concerned now.

“What happened?” he asked.

By now I was sure that Dan had never even mentioned my existence let alone the fact that he was the father of a child.

He had completely erased me and Luke from his life. He was the only one who knew that I got pregnant and he had taken that secret with him everywhere he went for the past 4 years.

It wasn’t my secret to tell, so I didn’t explain what happened.

“Can I borrow your car?” Dan asked his best friend instead. He wasn’t hiding his face, he didn’t look down. He stared directly in Phil’s eyes as if he were saying ‘this is important, this is serious’.

“Where do you want to go?” Phil raised his eyebrows. This conversation must have been incredibly confusing for him. So many questions, but no answers.

“Leeds” Dan said firmly and now I understood where this was going.


“Right now”

“Dan, I have no idea what’s going on. Your date is going to arrive in five minutes. Why do you suddenly need to go to Leeds so urgently?” Phil seemed frustrated and probably questioned the sanity of his friend by now.

“I need to go to Leeds because I need to help my son. And we have to go right now because if we go later it could be too late. And I would never be able to forgive myself for that. I have already been the worst possible father, heck I wasn’t a father at all. But I’m going to change that now, for him.”

Phil’s mouth hung open but he nodded understandingly. Tears found their way back to my dried eyes.

It was because of him.  

The same person who wanted to drive me to the hospital to get an abortion 4 years ago and who was now going to drive me to a hospital 4 hours away to save the life of my son.

And somehow saying my son didn’t feel entirely right anymore.

Gladiolus [Latin; diminutive of gladius - sword]

      strength of character

      faithfulness, sincerity and integrity 

      never giving up

Heather (irish) [Calluna Vulgaris]


During The Night || Suga

Father!Yoongi x Wife!reader

Summary: You went out for some coffee with your other mother friends and had small chit chat about your own families. When the topic changed to your own family, you couldn’t help but wonder if your husband Yoongi was actually ever seen alone with your child. Now the more you thought about it the more you realized that you’ve that you’ve never seen Yoongi being all fatherly with your child. Well, at least not during the day. So you decided to stay up at night to see what happens behind your closed eyes.

This is the same story from my Wattpad account but just slightly changed a bit to be a little bit more fitting to Min Yoongi’s nature :3

(y/n) - your name and (d/n) - your daughter’s name


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I’ve never made a follow forever before, but this is the fastest I’ve ever gained followers since I’ve been on tumblr and I’m glad that remaking was a good idea!

I’m only including mutuals in this!

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Had to stop this shit at the three minute mark because the waterworks are real. Like…. Hearing him speak about how grateful he is and how the show resonated with him really spoke to me because I feel the same. Like- people think it’s just a show and that I’m just a dork for being such an obsessive creeper. But they don’t understand the impact that the show has had on my life. Like Cody playing Theo especially. Like- I wrote a few imagines here and there but like writing about Theo is what really made me get to know as many people on here as I do right now. And I always like get super emotional because if it hadn’t been for Theo I’d never have spoken to my bestfriend in the entire world @lilshitwayne. Like we haven’t met in person yet but I already love her so much we’re like super close to celebrating our 3rd year friend-a-versary.

But yea, Cody talks about how grateful he is- but he’ll never know just how grateful I am to him for doing this.

Sign of the Times - Pink Series pt. 5

Hello lovelies! So sorry this is a day late! And I know people are freaking out about Harry’s first solo tour right now! I’m in the same boat - ie. so fucking in love with this man! But please, read this when you get the chance - I had a lot of fun with it! Enjoy, my loves! And always, “Treat people with kindness” :)

Word Count: ~5k

.xx -M

These last two months have been what Harry thinks of as the hardest two months of his life. Sure, he’s gone without speaking to you for long breaks before, but never because he’d hurt you, never because you didn’t want to talk to him, always because you couldn’t, were too busy, or he was off touring the world as an international popstar. So, this wallowing at home all alone knowing that the last thing you’d want was to hear from him was absolutely brutal. He’d tried to distract himself by hanging out with Grimmy, even went up to Holmes Chapel to visit family, but not even his mother’s cooking and Gemma’s constant teasing could take away the pain he was feeling. 

He knew he’d fucked up, and he also knew there was nothing he could do about it at this point. He’d pushed too far, felt too much, as he was prone to do though he’d never tell anyone that. And now he was stuck, watching reruns of Friends, and hating himself for feeling like for the first time in his life, he felt somewhat similar to Ross, who is the last person on the show he’d want to be compared to. But here he was, pining, feeling sorry for himself, full of anger and self-hate, but wanting nothing more to be curled up by your side like a puppy, wrapped in your arms and your love forever. He’s never felt this pathetic before, and he can’t stand it, he really fucking can’t. So, as he sits there watching Ross make the mistake of taking another woman to bed even as he’s trying to win Rachel’s heart, he gets an idea. Admittedly, it’s a terrible idea and he’d never even think of doing this if he wasn’t drunk and heartbroken. But with resolve, he picks himself up, and heads to the bathroom to shower and get ready to go out on the prowl, and find someone to assuage his pain, at least for the night. He knows that there’s a party happening at a friend of a friend’s and makes his way there.

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Help--Please Read:

So I hate making these types of posts, because I’d much rather do things for people in exchange for money then outright ask for it, but given the severity of the situation—I guess I have no choice right now. x-x

Where I’ve been living for the past several years of my life hasn’t been the healthiest place ever. I’ve been physically and mentally abused to the point of several disorders and mental problems (none of which I have the funds to really get properly diagnosed and cared for), and after a confrontation a night or so ago over something so stupid and meager, it made me realize how close I am to becoming the same as my abusive manipulators, and it is frightening…

I don’t ever want to be like them.

My problem, however, stems from the fact that I live in a world where everything is SO expensive and unless you make 30 dollars an hour (and most low level places you can work grant Americans roughly 7 dollars an hour or 9) or have a roommate, it is damn near impossible to move out and be on your own. Apartments here, even for one person, varies in price, but you get the price range of 509 – 800+ dollars for ONE bedroom and one bath, so, here is my problem:

I NEED to get out for the sake of my sanity and my health. I cannot stand to be here another moment longer, so I am at that point where I am pleading for people to shoot me donations through ko-fi (even 3 dollars help), so I can get my money’s worth of relocating to a good and decent place till I can find my feet and get another job or a better job to be stable and on my own.

Another option: Anybody in Georgia looking for a roommate or wants to be in Georgia with me as a roommate? I don’t mind sitting down and talking about options if you’re serious about the notion.

The other reason I need a good bit of money fast is also because of my credit. I’ve been slowly paying off that previous 600 dollars on my credit for a car repair, and now I am down to 430, but it is SUCH a struggle…and then I have the odd lump under my breast that I don’t know if it’s cancerous or not, and there’s that fear that it could be, but I lack the funds to even get THAT checked, so for the past several months, I could have been sitting on something cancerous and just do not know. The reason I’ve not been very forward about it is I don’t want to make a rise out of something that might not very well be, but also—being a depressive—I just have very low value in my life, so that’s honestly a big reason why too. ^^”

But the best ways to help in this situation is buy me a coffee on ko-fi—I would link it, but to my understanding, Tumblr hides outside links, so I’ll just say the button is on my page somewhere or search for Oreana Galena on ko-fi. My icon there is the same as the one here. Or you can send any money you want through paypal using my email:

As a warning and heads up—given the crap I’ve been enduring the past several days with stress from my health and family—I’ve turned off anon comments! I’m sorry, but I just don’t want people taking advantage of the situation to make it worse. I will turn them back on in the future.

If you want to talk to me about something personal, you can do so through private message, and I’ll respond when able.

Thanks to those who donate or at least reblog this. ♥

~Oreana Galena

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What is KIC?

Kings in Couture, also known as the best Yuri!!! on Ice fanfiction ever written (fact), is a WIP Devil Wears Prada AU written by Tumblr user @forovnix and ao3 user slightlied. Here is the summary for Kings in Couture:

“Okay, okay. Ready.” Yuuri starts scribbling as the voice on the other end, someone from the Style and Trends department, relays instructions. “Sorry, can you please spell ‘Gabbana’?”

The person on the line promptly hangs up on him.

Awkwardly, he sets the phone back on the receiver. “Guess not.”

(source: Kings in Couture)

If you haven’t read Kings in Couture and cried over Kings in Couture, I ask you: what are you doing with your life? What are you doing right now? I guarantee that whatever you’re doing right now is not as good, productive, or worth it as reading Kings in Couture by Tumblr user @forovnix and ao3 user slightlied. This writer also has a fan-blog called @forovnix-daily

Features of this fic, Kings in Couture, include: The Jeans™, plot twists, good writing, lots of fashion references (some of which I understand and some of which are over my head because the author is e x p e r i e n c e d), The Jeans™, and, of course, The Jeans™. All of these features are, in fact, found, in Kings in Couture by @forovnix or slightlied.

(references: Kings in Couture, slightlied, @forovnix, @forovnix-daily)

Unfortunately, I’m usually not available on call

hi guys, real talk: 

I get a lot of asks from people who need immediate assistance or are in crisis. Sometimes, these people feel betrayed or upset when I can’t help them straight away. 

As much as I’d always love to be there when any of you need me (because I would!), I have a very emotionally taxing full-time job that involves counselling, and I also have my own mental health and other things going on in my life which must always take precedence over providing assistance to others. 

Timezones usually mean that people usually try and contact me when I’m at work and I can’t dedicate much attention to them at all. 

If you are in a crisis and need to talk to someone immediately, and there’s no one available in your life or online right now, please google what crisis phone services or crisis chat services are available in your country. These services are 24 hours, usually staffed by volunteers who really do care or trained professionals who went into the counselling industry because they care - they will be there for you in the event that I can’t be <3

Locked Away - Cisco Ramon Imagine

A/N: so, as promised, here’s Locked Away! a few days back when I made a little Cisco poll this was the winner so I thought I’d update it first :D hope you guys like it!

dontwishonme submitted: Hey! Could you pretty please write a Cisco imagine where he and the reader end up stuck somewhere together (kidnapped, snowed in, anything works) and the reader gets flustered because they end up getting way to close, and Cisco notices and teases them, which leads to him admitting he things that they’re really cute? It’s super cheesy I know, but I need the fluff in my life right now :P Thank you! You’re the best!

I am SOOOOO sorry for the long wait, love! I really hope you like it :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Flash :)

Your name: submit What is this?

Locked Away

“Would you slow down? That’s like the fifth punch you’ve had” Wally said taking the cup from (Y/N)’s hand.

“I’m sorry, I’m just nervous” she said taking another one from the table.

“(Y/N), you look great. Iris and Caitlin did a good job” he encouraged her. “Cisco will probably flip out when he sees you” he teased her.

“You’re not helping” she said taking another drink.

“Stop it! HR is gonna kill us if we don’t bring this to the drinking station or… something” he said.

“Fine, let’s go” she said grabbing one of the trays as Wally grabbed the other one.

It was the night S.T.A.R. Labs’ museum was opening its doors to the public and (Y/N) had asked Caitlin and Iris to help her get ready since she was really hoping that tonight would be the night Cisco finally noticed her but she was a ball of nerves. Everyone at Team Flash seemed to know about her (not so) little crush on the engineer, except for him. She was wearing a simple, but beautiful dress that reached just above her knees. Her hair was done perfectly, just the way she loved it and she was wearing Iris’ favorite pair of black pumps, which she was still managing to dominate, since she wasn’t used to wearing heels so high.

“Just, relax, (Y/N). You look really pretty” he said as they walked through the hallway. “And you’re a great girl, Cisco would be lucky to have you” he told her.

“You’re just saying that to be nice. I honestly don’t think he likes me that way” she said entering the beginning of the museum where everyone was finishing setting up.

As soon as they did, Cisco, who was inhaling helium with Barry and making funny voices, was struck by (Y/N)’s appearance, letting go of his balloon without meaning to.

“You were saying?” Wally told (Y/N) who was trying really hard not to blush as they made their way to the table and placed the trays as Cisco quickly made his way over to them.

“Hey, (Y/N)-“ he said still with his helium voice, making (Y/N) giggle while he mentally cursed himself. “Uh-“ he said clearing his throat. “Sorry” he said with a smile. “Um, you look great” he said smiling sweetly at her and she could slowly felt her cheeks burning up.

“Um, thanks Cisco” she said nervously looking down. “You look great too” she replied kindly.

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