because there can never be too much pretty abbie

I feel like no one ever gives enough praise to Kelly Hyland for actually having a very level-headed approach to dance, Dance Moms and her kids’ futures.

I sometimes wonder if Kelly just did the show for the shit of it considering Paige and Brooke were on the company and wanted to be with their friends; she seemed like she wanted out from day one. I think aside from the one real blow-up at Nationals, Kelly never really cared all that much about her kids winning, she mostly just wanted her kids to have fun and not be embarrassed. She was always adamant about “I love my kids whether they place tenth or first or not at all.” She was totally okay with them not being all that passionate about dance.

I like that they’ve died down the the Meet and Greets and she’s focused on letting her kids just be normal kids.

I mean, she’s not perfect and was never all that bright (I never paid too much mind to the cursing because my mother had a trucker’s mouth when we were growing up, but yeah Kelly’s temper is kinda nuts). But overall she just seemed to really love the kids. I’m glad she’s gone so she can just kinda do her thing.

Also, I always cringed whenever Abby would bring up that Kelly never had a job. Raising three kids is a tough job and she seemed pretty passionate about it.