because there can never be too much pretty abbie

I feel like no one ever gives enough praise to Kelly Hyland for actually having a very level-headed approach to dance, Dance Moms and her kids’ futures.

I sometimes wonder if Kelly just did the show for the shit of it considering Paige and Brooke were on the company and wanted to be with their friends; she seemed like she wanted out from day one. I think aside from the one real blow-up at Nationals, Kelly never really cared all that much about her kids winning, she mostly just wanted her kids to have fun and not be embarrassed. She was always adamant about “I love my kids whether they place tenth or first or not at all.” She was totally okay with them not being all that passionate about dance.

I like that they’ve died down the the Meet and Greets and she’s focused on letting her kids just be normal kids.

I mean, she’s not perfect and was never all that bright (I never paid too much mind to the cursing because my mother had a trucker’s mouth when we were growing up, but yeah Kelly’s temper is kinda nuts). But overall she just seemed to really love the kids. I’m glad she’s gone so she can just kinda do her thing.

Also, I always cringed whenever Abby would bring up that Kelly never had a job. Raising three kids is a tough job and she seemed pretty passionate about it.

It's 5am here, but I just finished it. This episode gets a 3 from me... Not here for Stage 9 Creeper or the dude who plays him...

Mellie/BY. You are irrelevant. Even though your ass got the Josh Malina treatment with three lines this episode. I haven’t forgotten that you are irrelevant.

 Leo. Can you sit the fuck down? Just go. Your annoying, whiny, big boy act is getting OLD. That brick that you almost shit during the debate shows me just how much you aren’t cut out for this dirty politic life. Not to mention Rowan almost fired your ass.

Rowan. I’m tired of you too. Go ahead and fire Leo, but at least he has a job. You are threats are as empty as Mellie’s vagina. Boy bye. They need to use the brilliance that is Joe Morton or let him go. Too many characters, and too many story lines. I’m just tired of waiting so everyone can have their BIG moment while we have a bunch of bullshit going on. He stays around so all the Maya shit can come out. BORED.

Huck. Damn the line so long at Starbucks that you just never made it in? Fine by me. You are pretty much dead to me anyway.

Abby. We know where your loyalties lie. Why don’t you and David start working together, so he can actually win a case. Idk because Dabby is so damn dry and tired. I don’t give one fuck about them. I do need you to stick around though because OPA needs to be OPA again.

Harrison/Columbus. I want to know who the fuck did you piss off? Like is CS playing a good game of candy crush during those table reads? We all know he gets the ass end of the stick.

Cyrus. I really thought you were going to blow your brains out this episode. Well one thing I can say about you is, if anything you are consistent. You are the king of manipulation. I hope you cleaned up all the shit in your drawers after the debate because you are going to be cleaning up Ella’s shitty diapers from now on solo.

Fitz. I love you, and I think love is the only thing keeping you there. He loves his woman, and I honestly think that he would do anything for her. He wants to win, and he wants to do well by people, but no matter what he will always live in a scandal. PS I didn’t have enough TG on my screen this week. Fix it!

Quinn. Charlie is hitting that shit in all the right places huh? Shit 2 reads in 2 episodes…. go on girl. I bet you wouldn’t have talked to Rowan like that, but that’s a discussion for another day. *SF has the command presence of a roach* 

Sally. You should be thanking Fitz for that defense he just played because your ass was about to go home to have THE conversation with Jesus.

James. You should have learned after Defiance you weren’t cut out for this game, and now you’re fucked or dead. Ella didn’t ask for this shit!! 

David. Maybe you should just start keeping all this shit to yourself from now on. The fact that you haven’t learned that you can’t trust none of these motherfuckers about as far as you can throw them is a problem. You’re an idiot. 

Bastard Ballard. Shonda must really love this guy. YAWN to your entire performance tonight. I got tired after I saw you on the screen for more than 10 seconds in the beginning. This character is a goddamn joke. Literally. So that whole ‘not playing second fiddle to anyone’ line was for what? You are pawn, and if Quinn is the one shedding light for you on the situation, you’re dumb. Oh and what kind of shit is “I’m going to take advantage of you” I’m almost threw up my late night snack. In what world is that okay for a man to say that to a woman in any instance? I can’t forget the “Stand in the sun with me” What the fuck is this TWILIGHT? No you aren’t going to sparkle and run away you shady bastard! Ugh I just need him dead.

Olivia. I absolutely CAN’T stand you right now. I only have SR to blame. This fuck shit that is OP is for the birds. It upsets me that Kerry gets this bullshit. Is she really satisfied with this? I’m over the high school fuck drama. There have been plenty of great teenage soaps, but this shit here is stupid. “Take advantage of me” WTF? Oh and the fact that you are so bipolar in every aspect of your life is a problem. First you want to pretend, and now you don’t. First you want to run clean, but now you can’t because that’s not how it works. JUST OWN UP TO YOUR SHIT ALREADY. The fact that they wrote her kissing/and or having sex with Joke is a problem, and 2 days later kissing Fitz in the Oval. I can’t with you. I don’t care where they are going, but I don’t want to see it. Yes Liv can sleep with whoever she wants, but this is just ridiculous behavior for her. If/whenever they kill Joke. We all know Olivia’s going to have the worst time with it, and that’s the fucked up part. We will have to watch her push Fitz away again to mourn that jack ass. *just my twisted thought* Oh and Shonda and Co.. the Vermont line at the end. I hated it. That HOUSE that he built is very real. I don’t feel like it has to be pretend. Start the goddamn divorce! If the show runner would get her lead characters head out her ass then they could work on occupying Vermont and bringing OPA back to life again!

This was so long because there are too many damn characters on this show! Make some cuts!