because there are

Chasing after goldmines, crossing the fine lines
We knew.

Hold on and take a breath, I'll be here every step

Between the raindrops with you. (LISTEN)(INSPIRATION)

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Hey, I love your art, but have you recently thought about Cas hearing Dean's confession? Because I'm pretty sure that counts as a longing and as we all know now Cas can pick up on a longing, so what do you think Cas thought about Dean's confession?

but what if the longing was TOWARDS CAS A LITTLE BIT so even though he wasn’t listening for dean’s confession it just kinda came to him

like he suddenly heard dean and he pulled over and as dean started talking longer he started getting a little louder because it became more unintentionally aimed at cas so he was just sitting in his car near the end like

and he just sat in his car staring outside for a while

and then he probably sent dean another poop emoji

just to let him know he was thinking of him


“We know the last thing he [Klaus] said to her [Caroline] was, “I intend to be your last love.” I don’t think they [the writers] dangle that carrot and not come through with anything.”

Joseph Morgan (x)

good wifi and three minutes

aka Felicity Smoak’s Google Search History

Happy Saturday! Here’s the first in what will be an occasional series of quick little ficlets for tumblr, grouped by the extremely tenuous link of being ‘things Felicity Smoak has googled since meeting Oliver Queen’. I might take prompts eventually, but for now I have a few ideas of my own. Also - they won’t be in any sort of chronological order, but this one just so happens to be circa season one …


“How’s your head? Any dizziness? Nausea?”

Ok, so as casual lines of questioning go, it’s not her finest hour.

The fact that she’s bobbing around in front of Oliver, trying to get a good look into his eyes (for medical reasons, thank you very much) probably doesn’t help either. But since he slammed his head into a concrete wall less than an hour ago, and the dull sickening thud she’d heard over the comms is still ringing in her ears, she figures she can be forgiven for the hint of panic.

“I’m ok, Felicity,” he answers promptly, sidestepping her easily and heading to put his bow away. “I’ve had a lot worse.”

Felicity follows, so that she’s right there when he turns back around. “What about confusion? Do you feel confused? Although,” she stops, considering that, “if you were confused, how would you know you were confused?”

“This conversation’s a little confusing,” Oliver shoots back, because apparently he only develops a sense of humour when she has the audacity to be worried about, y’know, potentially major head trauma.

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