because then they break up

Someone? Anyone? Help me out here….. 
how is it that someone can have the guts…. how is it that people can be such awful human being…. WHAT IS IT that gives people the mentality that it’s okay to send people death threats? HOW AND WHY do people meddle and care so much about others private lives.. when well and truly- it’s NONE of their god damn business? HOW THE FUCK can people send hate to others? WHAT IN THE WORLD makes people think they have right to reach out to ”famous” people’s partners and send them hate and death threats ??????? If you know any of this, then please enlighten me cause I don’t fucking understand it. AT ALL.

How can you be so fucked up that it drives you to send death threats and hate to someones girlfriend? Are you really that jealous and heartbroken because someone stole your dream boyfriend that you’re actually gonna attack their girlfriend and tell her to go and kill yourself? Cause if you are… then please seek help. There IS help to get.

I know a lot of WAG’s don’t speak up about the hate and negativity they get. Some because they literally don’t care. They know they don’t deserve it so they choose to ignore it. Others because they’re afraid. Maybe for the even more negativity they will get if they DO speak up about it. I’m sure there are plenty of reason. BUT, can you really blame them? Cause when someones does speak up- YES it reaches a lot of people.. in best case it gets people to rethink. But mostly, it gets to people in the right way. It triggers something inside those people. Something that drives them even more insane and rude. I mean think about it… they get shit if they DON’T speak up about it. They get shit IF they stand up for themselves… read that again and realize how FUCKED UP it sounds..

I’m not writing this as some ”know-it-all”.. cause I don’t know it all. How could I? But I’ve sen enough to fucking speak up about it..

The following pictures are from a girlfriends insta story… and since I know what the fuck respect is.. hence why I’ve also blocked out some things… I won’t say who it is and please don’t bother asking.

Here’s something.. if you didn’t know already- well here’s a lesson for you. Respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T (and no i’m not talking about the Aretha Franklin song). This is something every person should have and know of. Sadly, way to few people have any kind of knowledge of it. Respect is for example, being okay with someone not having the same opinion. Respecting that everyone has different opinions and not everyone are going to agree with you. One should be allowed to speak up about their opinions and say what they think without getting fucked harassed about it. Or get sent death threats. Respect… RESPECTING SOMEONE’S PRIVATE LIFE. Everyone has a choice when it comes to sharing. There is not a single thing in this world that claims that public people have to speak up about their private lives. Not just public people… NO ONE has to speak up about their private life. What they share is up to them. And if two people in a relationship choose to not share much or close to nothing.. it doesn’t fucking give you the right to ask them about it. Anywhere. On ANY social media. It does however give you the god damn right to be respectful and respect their private life. After all… it’s called a private life because it’s supposed to be PRIVATE.

As a respectful person, you also don’t go talking about things you know nothing about. You don’t call someone a gold digger for any reason. You have no idea how someone got to where they are, unless they speak up about it. Don’t go about assuming things about people cause you think that badly of them. Don’t be that person. No one likes that person.

Please don’t think that just because you don’t get a respond to something you’ve written- doesn’t mean they haven’t seen it. It’s not about thinking you can send something to someone cause they’re not really gonna see it anyways.. or yeah sending hate to someone’s girlfriend because that player is not gonna see it. That DOES NOT MATTER. It’s disrespectful as fuck.

We all have a dream to end up with our favorite player, singer, actor or whatever…. And that’s good. Everyone are allowed to dream. However, just because you want a dream to stay alive and become reality- doesn’t give you the right to be a god damn awful human being to someone else that perhaps live your dream life. Cause at the end of the day.. no one is going to want a person like that. Someone who goes after someone and hates on them cause they have something you wish you had. No one is going to break up with anyone because YOU don’t like that someone you’re dating. If you’re being horrible to someone they love… you’re only making your own dream drift further and further away. Don’t do that.

Learn to respect others. The world will only get more shitter if you’re a shitty person. Be the kind of person someone looks up to. Not the kind of person someone looks at and hopes to god they’ll never be like you.

You don’t have to like everyone. That’s impossible. But neither do you need to be horrible at them for whatever reason….

Be kind. Think twice before you act/speak/write. Please.

So apparently there are a lot of people out there who HATE Rose because, in their opinion, she’s there solely to break up Finn/Poe. 

And don’t get me wrong, I’d be honestly thrilled if Stormpilot became a canon romance, but I’m not thrilled about that leading to Rose hate among some shippers. Not only is that an old, old fandom trope that I’d love to see die (”I hate *insert female character here* because she broke up the M/M couple I ship!”), but because she is one of the only non-sexy Asian woman heroes I’ve ever seen.

Asian woman heroes are rare enough, but when you do see them, they’re usually coded as Exotic Sexy. Rose isn’t. She has short hair pulled back in a messy, practical ponytail. She wears a jumpsuit. She’s short and round-faced and not with the figure of a willowy China doll. But she’s as much a hero in this movie as Rey, Finn, or Poe, and I love that she’s in here. I’m in my mid-30s and I was squeaking with delight to see a hero who looks like a family member (literally — Kelly Marie Tran looks a lot like one of my cousins). I’d imagine any little Asian girls who go to see this will be even more delighted. 

Part 30 (HOLY SHIT GUYS WE’VE COME SO FAR) of Boy from 4C is being posted in about 10 minutes.

Part 31 will be posted later and it’s a doozy. I’m doing the whole photoshoot in one chapter because I don’t want to break it up at all.

Love you guys :)

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Can you do a really angsty headcannon of you and Sam have an extremely heated argument about how he gets jealous when you are around other guys, and it ends in fluff (sorry I'm a sucker for angst)

it had been an hour since the arguing began and within that hour hell had been raised. both of you had red faces and scratchy voices after screaming for so long.

“they were just congratulating me on the part,” you whispered again and sam shook his head, biting into his bottom lip.

“they were flirting with you,” he argued as your head shook.

“no, they weren’t. you’re just jealous.” you muttered and his hands lifted and went into his hair in frustration.

“exactly! im jealous because im worried that you’ll break up with me for them! they’re better than i  am and-”

“sam,” you whispered as he looked at you, “i love you.” you whispered as he sighed and pressed his lips into a line.

“yeah?” he asked, anger disappearing.


sam saturday

it feels so weird being single like i was in a relationship for 7 months and it was getting serious and we were gonna move in together and i remember the last time we hung out they seemed so in love with me and they said they were so excited to live with me and it was great and then 2 days later they broke up with me like when we kissed that last time i had no clue that would be our last kiss because i has no clue they were going to break up with me, i never want to trust or fall in love with another person again

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James, Regulus was DRUNK. Drunk people say things they don't mean sometimes, or they say things they wouldn't otherwise say. Regulus may love you deep down but he loves Barty. If he's still with him, he obviously loves him.

James: No, he’s only staying with him because they’re best friends and he’s scared that if he breaks up with him, he’ll lose his only friend.

James: I can tell.  I can read between the lines of his adorable loving texts.

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Have you ever thought of writing a nicercy angst fic where nico breaks up with percy because hes an idiot and thinks percy’s better off without him

…Nico wouldn’t be that stupid <___<

And like, literally Sally, Annabeth and Piper already threatened him that if he broke Percy’s heart, he would live to regret it. Not to mention, Nico knows that he makes Percy happy. He would never take Percy’s happiness away.

If someone ever spoils a movie for you and you get upset…

Just remember: One of my half-brothers has the last name “Stark” and he works in a daycare, and tells the little kids Tony Stark (Ironman) is his cousin. The older kids always play along and talk about that one time Tony came to visit him at work. One time, this one kid was probably like five and went “oh yeah?? How do I know you’re not lying??”

So Chris leans into this little kids face and goes “Tony and Pepper broke up. He’ll talk about it in the next movie. He’s really upset about it though” because he was supposed to be moving he thought it wouldn’t matter when that didn’t happen. Except, he didn’t move after that. Then Chris goes into work one day and I get a call because civil war had come out and they did break up and Chris quietly says on the other end “I wanna cry because the whole movie just got spoiled for me. But I can’t because I was pretending like I had heard it all from Ironman before that. But Sister, I am freaking out.” and sometimes I still think about that when I’m sad because he sounded so shook but had to sit there like he knew the story and add details to the movie even though he hadn’t seen it, and didn’t wanna hear this kids shitty retelling.

#potterweekprompts2017, day 7: yer a wizard, harry

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Hi, I just wanted to say the the gods & monsters series is one of the most wonderful things I've read. I know that some already have Hades in them but could you please do one about Hades and Persephone meeting? That would be amazing, thank you

Apollo comes to her, warm and smiling. He likes her body, its gentle curves, the flawless skin, how it shines with the youth and strength of spring. He is the sun and she is the earth, and it is from his rays that she gains her strength, and it would be expected of them to love each other. The god is golden, from his skin to his hair to his mischievous eyes, and there is not an inch of him that is not as lovely as the rays of sunlight peeking through the leaves.

Kore is not stupid. She knows Apollo does not linger, that she will be a wife in name and little else; he will lie with her and worship her and then grow bored of her.

Hermes comes to her, eyes sharp and hands gentle. He likes her mind, her acuteness, the way she views the world as a gem cutter would a raw emerald. He is wings and air and she is firmly rooted in the earth, she is as far from him as one can be, but his skin and hers are the exact same shade and she finds the shape of his mouth pleasing. She likes the way he considers her his equal.

But Hermes is meant to fly, spends his time carrying messages for Zeus and meddling in things that ought not to be meddled in. He may be a fine enough man, but he’s no husband.

She has two offers – each from powerful gods, each attractive and clever. There’s no reason she should find them both as unappealing as congealed chicken fat, yet she does.

“I do not often find you alone,” a deep, feminine voice says, and Kore suppresses a sigh as she turns to greet the approaching woman. She sits deep in the forest under a blossoming apple tree, but this is not her dominion alone.

“I am not often alone,” she concedes, observing the blood soaked goddess. “I’m assuming none of that is yours?”

Artemis doesn’t have enough hair to toss it over her shoulder, but she runs a hand through it, pushing it out of her face and streaking it copper in the process. “Of course not. I hope you weren’t too attached to the bucks of this forest.”

“Animals are not my concern,” she answers, “Besides, I am the goddess of spring, and therefore am born from death. It would be foolish of me to reject that which bore me.”

“Funny you should say that,” she says, “since all of Olympus is gossiping about how desperately you seek to leave the sanctuary of what bore you.”

Kore raises an eyebrow. Artemis is clumsy with her words, but she supposes the woman has never had a need to be otherwise. There are few as transparently straightforward as the huntress. She smiles, “Perhaps it is more funny, dear cousin, how easily the words prison and sanctuary become entangled.“

Artemis crosses her arms and sucks her lower lips between her teeth. “No,” she says finally, sobering, “I don’t think that’s very funny at all.”

Kore arranges her skirts around her, the green of the thread and that of the grass nearly identical. “If you’re here to plead your brother’s case for my hand, I’m willing to listen.”

The huntress snorts, derisive, and Kore raises an eyebrow. “I would not recommend my brother’s hand,” she says, “There are other parts of his anatomy which leave many satisfied, however, if that falls within your interests.”

“I am a more desirable bride as a virgin,” she answers instead of saying that the thought of touching a man she does not love makes her skin crawl. Artemis laughs as if she just told a joke, but if so Kore is ignorant of the punchline.

She does not know if she could love either Hermes or Apollo, at least not for the eternity that marks a god’s impossibly long life. It would result in a rather lackluster love making, which is presumably their main goal in pursuing her.

She dislikes her options. Behind her is the gilded cage of her mother’s overprotectiveness, and ahead of her lies the gilded cage of a loveless marriage.

“Kore,” Artemis says, frowning, “if – if you are to defy Demeter, you must go someplace that she cannot enter, a place where her magic cannot reach you.”

“Where might that be?” Kore asks dryly, “She is as I am – all that grows from this earth is our domain. Perhaps in the sea I could hide from her, but Poseidon is no friend of mine and has no reason to grant me asylum.”

Artemis shrugs, a wry twist to her lips. She cracks her neck on either side and walks back from where she came, but not before calling out over her shoulder, “I guess there is no such place Kore, goddess of spring, born of death and Demeter.“

Kore is still for a long time, staring at the place where Artemis stood.

Perhaps she is not so clumsy with her words after all.


Slipping away from her mother’s watchful eye is always monstrous task, even more so since the rumors of her proposals, but she manages. She finds the River Styx and follows it against its current, walking past and through all the warning sign that she’s gone too far, ignores the prickle along her skin as she crosses the threshold from this world to the next.

Almost immediately she comes across a hooded figure standing besides a small boat. “Charon,” she greets confidently. She tries to catch a peek under his hood, but he tilts his head away from her and manages to give the impression that he’s frowning at her even though she can’t see his face. “I need passage across the river.”

“You are not dead, lady goddess,” he says.

She holds out a shiny gold coin, “I can pay.”

“You are not dead,” he repeats, “You may not be ferried across.”

She nearly snaps at him, but instead takes a firm hold on her temper and thinks. Charon did not say she was not permitted to enter the underworld, only that he may not ferry her across. She peeks into the rushing river. It’s so powerful and fast that it churns grey foam and the water itself looks black, or perhaps that is simply whatever lies beneath. She skims her hand across the surface and the skin of her fingertips comes away burned and blistering.

“May I swim?” she asks.

“There are no rules preventing the impossible,” he tells her, but his shoulders stiffen as if he’s grown nervous.

Kore is not nervous. Either she survives and manages to enter the underworld, or she dies and Charon will have no choice but to ferry her across.

She sheds her gown – it will only weigh her down and get in her way. “My lady goddess,” Charon says, and Kore would almost say he sounds panicked. “Please do not –”

She jumps into the river.

It burns all over, white hot pain that makes her want to scream, but she has no interest in discovering what would happen if she were to swallow any of this supposed water. The current fights against her at every turn, and her muscles bunch and strain to not be swept away. It’s improbably difficult, the most difficult thing she’s ever done, but she grasps the edge of the shore with peeling hands and heaves her bloody body unto the ground.

Her entire body is one throbbing wound. Perhaps she should have listened to Charon before diving headfirst into the river, but it’s too late for regrets.

“Are you insane?” a thunderous voice demands, and then she’s being lifted by strong arms until she’s settled against a muscular chest.

She forces her eyes open, and the man glaring down at her has hair the color of the night sky and skin as pale as bone. His nose is long and sharp, his mouth wide and thin. The only bits of colors are his eyes, a green so dark that at first glance they look black. She raises a hand and cups his face, and the water clinging to her doesn’t seem to hurt him the way it hurt her. “Hades,” she says, and everything pains her just as much as before but his skin soothes hers. The skin on her palms comes away healed.

He’s angry with her, but his touch is gentle. There’s not a stitch of clothing on her, but he doesn’t glance or grope, only pulls her against him and uses the sleeve of his robe to clear the burning water from her face. “Yes, insane goddess, I am Hades.”

She had not meant to meet him, only to hide among his realm until she could think of a better plan. But she likes him already, an instantaneous and childish feeling, one she can’t remember having before.

She turns into his chest and lets out a pleased sigh, content to go wherever he brings her.

“They call me Kore.”

gods and monsters series, part vii

I just wish it wasn’t you, you know? Because out of everyone, it had to be you. It had to be the person who I had the best memories with, who was my best friend, who I thought was the sweetest thing alive. But of course…that had to be the one who broke my heart.

P.G.G (jxd)

i just wish it was never you.


I’m not sure I can shout any louder or more regularly that THIS IS CLASSIC ROMANTIC STORYTELLING.

Act 1.

~ Dean doesn’t believe in Angels.

~ Cas is a soldier and Angel of the Lord.

Classic antagonistic meet-cute. They get to know each other through season 4 as reluctant allies. Debate is rife between them as to the right thing to do. Denial is a running theme for Dean re: Cas, let’s be honest, not even romantically but the ever old “It’s Cas, he’ll be fine” etc. Denial is central.

Season 4 finale: THE NEW RELATIONSHIP. Cas rebelled. He did it, all of it, for Dean. They are now compatriots working together against Heaven and Hell.

~ Dean starts to have faith in Cas, he prays to Cas.

~ Cas starts to see Dean as his leader and ally, not the Angels.

Act 2.

Season 5 - 8. Getting to know you. Well its SPN, so not exactly Fun and Games but yeah, this is it. They do get to know each other, and we get to know them better too. Cas even occasionally takes part in some MOTW ‘fun and games’ episodes and we see the development of both the romantic Destiel and the very kindly clearly written as a mirror obviously platonic Sastiel for comparison.

Point of no return / deeper commitment: somewhere around season 8 / Purgatory. “I’m not leaving here without you” etc. This is also the point where Dean believes that emotions will break Cas. This is literally heartbreaking and affects how he reacts to everything moving forwards, most specifically it is the reason why he holds back so much other than when Cas is human (see all the meta about 2nd nightstands, all of 9x06, the bar scene etc). It is also a standard unrequited/undeserving/it’s better for them if they don’t love me love trope in order to drag the story out, just saying.

Falling for you / Complications & Higher stakes: Cas becoming Human. Dean’s Demon/MoC arc. All these arcs lead them to a more profound emotional development towards each other and more textual romanticism in the writing rather than the initial crush/interest.

Final straw for Cas: Perhaps believing Dean is dead in 9x23 but then consolidated in 11x23.

Final straw for Dean: Lucifer possessing Cas, the whole second half of s11.

~ Dean over this whole period comes to see Cas not as a distant Angel but in a much more Human way. He even might have stopped praying to him as he replaces it with phone calls / direct communication, but his faith in Cas is clear.

~ Cas replaces his love and faith in God with his love and faith in Dean (consolidated in 11x23) and doesn’t want be a soldier but wants to help people, maybe by saving people, hunting things…

12x12 is the expositional point telling us that Cas has CHANGED. It also is a call back to Dean’s worry that emotions will break Cas as here he is, emotional and breaking. Dean even bows his head and visually looks like he is praying (it doesn’t even matter really if he is or not, the effect for the audience is the key).

These concepts tie back round to and build on where they were BEFORE THEY MET to show how they have changed within themselves and grown in relation to each other.

So, Now. They have both experienced the complications and higher stakes towards each other. They have both fallen in love, Cas both metaphorically and literally falling (it’s only on becoming human that I think he truly realised how he felt, it’s both a narrative reality and a metaphor). Dean’s gone from having no faith to eventually meeting God and worrying the whole time about saving Cas.

Which leaves us currently at the Break up Moment. 

Which is honestly exactly where I see this separation and all the questions about choices/Angels/nephilim/cosmic consequences going, leading us to…. 

Act 3.

Winning him back.

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One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.

You want me to make a wish? I just wanna know that he’s alive. That’s it, that’s my wish.
And that’s my life. Weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing and above all, epic. And I owe it all to Stefan. When I met him, I had lost my parents and I was dead inside. But he brought me back to life. And I’m going to live it as best I can, for as long as I can.