because then i'll kill you



ft. Georgi as the good supportive friend and also as the one who drove them there because no one trusts Viktor with a car anymore

You And My Parents, NEVER

Kirishima: Blasty why when we study we never go to your home?

Bakugou: Eh?

Kirishima: I was wondering if there was a particular reason

Bakugou: No. I just can’t let u meet my parents.

Kirishima: EHHH?! WHY NOT?


Bakugou: It isn’t about that, idiot. I’m sure they’d love u from the moment you stand on the door.

Kirishima: Oh. Then why don’t u want to I meet them ?

Bakugou: You are kind and gentle. The type of boy who would call my parents “Mr. And Mrs. Bakugou”.

Kirishima: *blushes* is there something wrong with that?

Bakugou: Not for u, they love’d that.The problem is that you both would get along too well. They’d want u stay to dinner and you would, gladly! And when we were in the table, you’d chat about the school and another stuff and my parents would be impress for your manners. They’d ask u come back. And when you did, you’d bring flowers with u! Before I notice, you would be coming every week to my house and you and my parents would call each other by their names. And then I’d have to kill u.


Bakugou: i won’t let u and my parents ally against me.

He does love legends doesn’t he?


“No age can be adequately defined by a short phrase, but it was a happy thought which prompted the statement that the Renaissance was the age of the discovery of man. Add the importance, not only of man in general, but of the individual.” — Murray Anthony Potter

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Dirty Luandry

Keith brooding at McDonalds

Keith: I hate Lance

Me: yup that’s our smol emo child

Keith: I hate his stupid love for chickens

Me: Hey what did TMNT ever do to you?

Keith: I hate Mateo’s giggle


can someone write me a fic where Akutagawa was almost getting himself killed because of the promise he gave to Atsushi and Chuuya saves him in last minute and be all ’?!?? The hell youre doing??? You were almost dead!!! Forget about this promise or im killing him myself!!‘


GoT meme | Anything [7/8] → Wildling to the bone

“I know one thing. I know that you are wildling to the bone. It was easy to forget that sometimes, when they were laughing together, or kissing. But then one of them would say something, or do something, and he would suddenly be reminded of the wall between their worlds.”

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I just saw a little prayer bit on a piece of Overwatch fanart, and immediately thought of a young Tsunade: God, give me patience, because if you give me strength I'll kill them.


I have never heard something so Tsunade, omg.

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SAI,SAI!!! THERE WAS SOME MORE TRANSLATED FOR THE NOVEL, AND IS SO CUTE!!!! The boys in the camp had a arm wrestling match, Class A vs Class B, and BAKUGOU TELLS KIRISHIMA THIS: "Kirishima!!! If you lose I'll kill you!!!" and because of Bakugou's support Kirishima turns the tables and wins!! "Thanks for cheering me on!" Kirishima says. and everyone is like: "that was supposed to be cheering...?" AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

oh my go d that is so cute…………………………. i’m gonna c r y…………………

i just need more of them being friends ok i need it so much

Oh, my holy ghost,
how glorious it is,
to be haunted by you.
—  headstones are for the living, and darling, your name is written on mine | p.d
Berserk {Sentence Starters}
  • "I rather enjoy settling things by force."
  • "Whether it’s good or bad, it’s so unfortunate to wake up during a dream."
  • "I've had enough of this bullshit. You make me SICK!"
  • "I'd rather fight for my life than live it."
  • "Do whatever you want, now. But if you disturb me, I'll kill you."
  • "Shut up! It's because I'm excited, that's all."
  • "For me to call a man my friend, he must be equal to me in all respects."
  • "If you ruin that, I will never forgive you! Do you hear me?"
  • "Will you always be left doubting me when I lay down my life for you?"
  • "In the end, the winner is still the last man standing."
  • "Why you? Why did he choose you of all people? Why you?"
  • "Even if we painstakingly piece together something lost, it doesn't mean things will ever go back to how they were."
  • "I don't want to die; for me, that is the only reason I keep fighting."
  • "Please stop shaking me. It really isn't helping the pain."
  • "I don't have time for miracles. They make me puke."
  • "Are you sure you should drink in your condition?"
  • "You only think about yourself! You don't give a damn whether or not I'm around, do you?!"
  • "Do whatever the hell you want, don't look back!"
  • "You know, I had a feeling it would turn out like this. That something like this might happen."
  • "Is this real, or am I having nightmares?"
I would like to thank Disney Japan for acknowledging Tadashi Hamada's existence as a Big Hero 6 character

It almost makes up for the fact that Disney US conveniently forgot about him.