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BTS QUEST ー 防弾少年団 in CUTiE Magazine 08.15
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CUTiE Magazine:「For You」is a mellow track with a theme of long distance relationships. It quite differs from your previous dance tracks.
J-Hope: That’s right! Because it’s so different from everything we’ve done up to now, there were some feelings of perplexity.
Jin: Because we’re used to doing fast songs with tiring dances, I thought it would be the same with this song.
CM: What were your first impressions of the song?
Rap Monster: It gave off feelings of a Japanese anime. It’s a song that suits the feeling of Japan.
V: It really is a Japan-like song! These days I enjoy listening to Japanese songs in my free time, so I really like this song.

: You tour through four cities of Japan was a great success! From there, what’s the most memorable thing?
V: The dialects! In every region, the language was different so understanding anything was difficult. Particularly in Fukuoka!
Jungkook: Wouldn’t you say Osaka [was more difficult to understand]?
Jin: But there are a lot of things in Osaka dialect that we already know, so it was fine. In Fukuoka, there were a lot of words that I heard for the first time, so it was strange.
J-Hope: For me, being congratulated a happy birthday from fans during our Nagoya concert was most memorable!
Jimin: Yeah, but that was because of the members…
J-Hope: That’s true, but above all, the fans surprise congratulating me left a deep impression!
Suga: (Laughs) I really like Japanese bath powders/bath bombs so I bought a lot to take back with me. I use them two times a week when I take a half-body bath. (Laughs)
J-Hope: In Nagoya, I ate wagyu for the first time in my life and was touched and shocked by its delicious flavor.
Jungkook: Wagyu is seriously delicious!!
Jin: It was really astounding.

: Aside from wagyu (laughs), what is popular among the members these days?
J-Hope: Since we just moved dorms, we are each obsessed with decorating our rooms.
CM: By the way, your rooming arrangement is…?
J-Hope: Jin hyung and Suga hyung, Jungkook and Rap Monster, and me and Jimin and V. The noisiest out of all the rooms is ours! (Laughs)
Jimin: Really? I feel like Jungkook’s room is noisier… (laughs)
Jungkook: It’s because we’re a room of artists (laughs). There is always music flowing from our room but we don’t speak much.
Jimin: Artists’ room…

CM: What kind of clothing do you like girls to wear in the summer?
Jungkook: Because I like girls that wear oversized clothing, I want (girls) to wear a large sized, white, dress shirt.
V: I also like white clothing that looks refreshing.
Rap Monster: Of course, because it’s summer, I also like clothing that looks refreshing.
Suga: I personally don’t really have a preference, but because tight clothing seems hot, wouldn’t it be nice to wear comfortable clothing? Clothing like the kind featured in CUTiE seems nice.

CM: So, who is the most fashionable out of the members?
Jimin: Not me. (Laughs)
Rap Monster: Everyone’s fashion preferences differs from the other.
Jin: That’s why we don’t borrow or lend each other clothes lately. Jungkook likes really comfortable clothing, Rap Monster is addicted to vintage clothing, J-Hope, rather than saying he likes flashy clothing, he likes different clothing (laughs). V likes loose, big sized clothing, and when Suga actually decides what to wear himself, he has a bit of a rider style. I like clothing that a university student would wear. As for Jimin… it’s a mystery (laughs).
Jimin: I’m the only one still trying to establish my own style (laughs).

CM: This summer, you’ll be performing at Summer Sonic, won’t you?
J-Hope: Yaaaaaay! Summer Sonic~~~!!
Rap Monster: It’s hard to believe.
Suga: Though I don’t know if this is a dream, we will keep working hard since we don’t know when this will end! This is really special because it’s a stage that has been an aspiration for a long time. It’s truly a wonderful feeling.
CM: Which artists are you looking forward to seeing?
Jungkook: Arianna Grande!!
V: My objective is to take a picture with D’Angelo. 
Suga: That’s a big goal (laughs).