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Confession: I’m in love with Iron Bull. I have Asperger and a lot of the time I feel isolated from people because it is harder to convey what I’m feeling but I don’t think Bull would be like that. I hear people complain about how he claims to know what people need, but I like it. I think because of the way he can get into peoples’ heads he would understand and when I’m having a hard time trying to tell him something he would just get it.

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This is more of a general question, but what do you think would happen if a bot wanted to become conjux endura or sparkmates with a human? They wouldn't be able to spark merge with them or be cybernetically connected with them or be able to share EM fields with them the way they would with another bot. How (in your opinion) exactly do they become eternally or infinitly "bonded"?



I think it’s possible. It won’t be easy but it’s possible.

This is the Transformers universe after all. All sorts of strange things can happen when you start hanging out with giant alien robots who can transform into cars or boats or memory sticks at will.

I believe that if you hang out bots long enough and you’re exposed to the numerous materials and resources that’s natural to them, your body learns to adapt otherwise you die from the exposure. Since it’s been shown in media that the human characters are shown, time and again, to be perfectly fine I like to think this is true.

So on the subject of spark merging itself! Like I said, it’s possible. It just requires a set of factors and a lot of effort on both parties for work.

The most important factor is that human in the relationship has been exposed to the spark enough times for their body to adapt to the energy. Be it spark play when getting it on or just being shown it as an act of trust on the bot’s part, there are a number of ways for this to happen.

The process of bonding is normal enough- The bot reveals their spark to the human and the human tries to absorb, for the lack of a better word, the energy through physical touch. In return, the human’s own energies is sent to the bot in return. Not as much compared to what the bot is given but they’re giving something.

This is best done for an hour, no longer than a hour and a half, before the pair stop since, by that point, so the human can recover and resume the process. The human body can handle only so much after all and the human will feel full in a way after it’s over. Like how a person would drink a lot of water in one go and have that uncomfortable press in their stomach. Only this is with energy aimed at their heart and brain so there maybe a tingling, prickly sensation deep within their chest and the back of their head too.

Another thing that I can imagine happening is the bot asking a friend of theirs in the medical field to stand outside the room though this is considered an intimate and private act. Just in case.

This may take several sessions as the couple slowly bond together. I like to think it takes around half a year for them to be fully bonded to a full year if the human has difficulties. An earth year may not be long for a bot but it can be frustrating for them on their end to go and stop, go and stop, go and stop. They can feel the connection take shape but it’s not finished. It feels like they’re almost dangling in a sense and, depending on the bot, it’s strange but bearable or strange and annoying.

Over time the human will develop an EM field and that’s a a good sign. It means the couple has almost completed their bonding and are nearing their goal. It also means the most difficult part is about to come up.

Because the human’s EM field is a very, very basic thing. It’ll only pick up the feelings of others and project their feelings out to those who also have EM fields. They won’t be able to control the field or change the ‘feeling’ of the field so to speak. Depending on the personality, the human will start feeling overwhelmed or exposed by this change since other bots can tell how they feel and they can tell how the bots feel. It can feel weirdly intrusive and invasive for some or distracting and irritating for others. The bot will need to help their human get through this by teaching them tricks and ways to block out what they feel or focus on something to ground them.

Spark bonding with a human is possible. It’s difficult, long, and arduous. It’s demanding and exhausting. It can even have the pair going through this wonder if things can really work out.

It’s absolutely worth it in the end when the bonding is complete and the couple feel whole at last. )

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Chelsea, why are you the only one answering questions lately? A ton of your answers are too blunt and rude, you don't seem very knowledgeable, and there are SIX other people running this blog. Maybe you should step back a little... yikes.

There are six other people, but they all have lives. Many of the other mods have school, work, or their health that is keeping them from answering questions and that’s okay. I don’t work and spend a lot of time resting because my health isn’t the greatest. I have the time and I like answering the questions.

As far as being blunt, I agree I can be sometimes but it isn’t coming from a place of malice. It’s simply me wanting to keep answers to the point without the fluff. If someone needs support or wants to tell a story, I change my tone accordingly just as people do outside of the internet.

If there is a question that has an answer you think is inaccurate, please feel free to send me sources and I would be happy to admit my wrongs and change the answer. 


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Do you think there's a chance they won't go full dark!Dany and just have her reign in her violence to take the Iron Throne less violently? I believe in dark!Dany but I feel like the tv show love her too much for that.

I mean, the answer to this depends a lot on how you define dark!Dany. I don’t think Dany is ever going to become truly evil, because that’s just not her. Whatever her actions, Jon was right when he said she had a good heart. Dany doesn’t enjoy hurting people, she isn’t a Ramsay or a Cersei, and in my opinion there’s just a limit to how ‘dark’ a character can be without that tendency towards sadism. However, Dany does have a streak of fanaticism and a willingness to embrace a ‘the ends justify the mean’s’ mindset, which I think will probably lead her into some pretty terrible actions despite her good intentions. (But then imo she’s already done some pretty terrible things? Executing POWs, using ‘nuclear weapons’ in combat, crucifying all those people back in Essos? I don’t get why more people don’t have a problem with this stuff already.)

Furthermore, this season has seen a LOT of foreshadowing for Dany doing some pretty dark stuff. There’s the whole ‘queen of the ashes’ conversation, her horrifying battle scene with the dragons, the burning of the Tarly’s alive (again, they were prisoners of war! That’s kind of a big deal!), Tyrion and Varys’s conversation comparing her to Aerys, some other stuff in the leaked episode…the list goes on. Now, is it possible this is all just buildup to Dany having a revelation that she’s on the wrong path before she actually does anything wrong? Sure, it’s possible. But that would be terrible storytelling. Not lazy and illogical in the usual vein of ‘bad GOT storytelling,’ but legitimately just breaking some of the basic rules of crafting a narrative.

Here is the definition for a Chekhov’s Gun (named for the Russian author Anton Chekhov): “If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be fired, it shouldn’t be hanging there.”

The specific term Chekhov’s Gun is meant to be applied fairly narrowly, but to a certain extent, the theory behind it can also be used on any kind of broader storytelling technique. If a detail is useless or irrelevant, don’t include it in the description. If an emotional arc is going to have no payoff, don’t show the buildup in the first place. If it doesn’t matter to any other characters that Sansa looks just like her mother, don’t keep telling us about it. And if Dany isn’t going to make herself Queen of the Ashes like her father and ancestors before her, stop constantly alluding to it. Use the time on something actually important to the story instead.

Basically: D&D put the rifle in the show; now they’d better fire it.

Now, D&D have a lot of issues as storytellers, but one thing they’re not is amateurs. They know how to build suspense and how to make sure that suspense pays off down the line. So I’m pretty confident that all this buildup with Dany is not a red herring. You don’t promise your viewers fire and mayhem and then just completely fail to deliver it - that’s not a twist, that’s a letdown. There has to be some kind of denouement, some moment of catharsis when all our worst fears are ‘resolved’ by coming true; that’s just how narrative structure works. When it comes to logical details and consistent characterization, this show is a mess; but people still love it because it keeps landing those larger narrative arcs (think of Ramsay being eaten alive by his beloved hunting dogs, or Arya defeating the FM tutor who tormented her when she was blind by fighting her in the dark).

So, that’s why I think Dany will probably end up burning King’s Landing to the ground, or at least doing something equally horrific. She might not fully intend for it to happen, she might be guilt-stricken and miserable afterwards, but she has to cause this kind of destruction as a result of her own actions and no one else’s. Otherwise, her narrative has no proper resolution, and her character is simply poorly served by the lack of payoff.

The last time I spoke to my (half)brother. We have always had a love/hate relationship. My dad used to have to get us on separate weekends because we would fight so much, only for us to complain about missing the other. I can’t speak for my brother but I love him very much and I think he’s a wonderful person who just needs a little bit of extra help, we’ve both have had rocky childhoods, both had dysfunctional moms and a very, very irresponsible dad who didn’t take care of us. We disagree on a lot of things and those things always lead to arguments, sadly. I don’t remember the last time we truly talked, whether it was a positive or negative experience. Currently, we live 3 hours away from each other. He drove from our hometown to Indianapolis where I live with my dad and step-mom for Thanksgiving. In general, I am uncomfortable around large groups of people so I did not talk much and he knows this. I spent most the time in my room hiding from everyone, but he made no effort to talk to me on his own and was short with me when I tried to converse with him. At the end of the night, my brother fell asleep on the couch, I covered him up with a blanket, and left for a couple of hours to go black friday shopping with my step-mom while my dad stayed at home. He left without saying anything to anyone. Unsure if he left or not, I sent him a message only to find out he had blocked me. He later told my Dad some horrible things about me via text message. He still hasn’t spoken to me and will flat out ignore me at family events. I’m still unsure of what I did wrong and I wish he would let me in, I have so much to tell him.

you know i’ve been thinking a bit, and i know we’re never going to experience anything like the balance campaign of taz again. but i think that’s the beauty of it. we’re never going to have anything like it again. future campaigns won’t be the same, but they’ll be something entirely unique, just like this was. nothing will ever mean what the balance campaign meant to me, but i think that’ll go for future campaigns as well. they’ll all mean something entirely different and unique to everyone, and to be honest? i can’t wait. i’m sad to see this campaign end because it helped me through a lot, and the characters are all near and dear to my heart. but i’m happy with how it ended, and i’m looking forward to whatever’s put out next

Guys, I hope this was a lesson to you all.
Now, don’t go hating on someone because of their mistake, they honestly meant no harm. Don’t say bad things about the anon.
However, you all do need to understand that sometimes this site is a safe place for a lot of people. We find support here, and we also can say things from our heart.
What happened with Lance needs to be a lesson for you all. I mean this with no malice or hate against any of you. But you need to THINK before you copy and paste. Because what happened? NOT OKAY. I’m sure most of you don’t realize, but you just made him uncomfortable and unhappy because you clicked copy and paste and sent it. I know that the anon had no idea, and I know you shouldn’t hate on them. But PLEASE, before you send another ask to any of the Voltron Official accounts, or ANYONE-
Will this ask possibly hurt someone?
Because you never know what affect your words will have on someone.
Leave Keith alone as well. He was also put in an uncomfortable position. But please, don’t blame the anon, Lance, or Keith. Just be cautious.
This is all I’m going to say about this, and I hope you all stop talking/reposting/etc about this too because we all love our Lance and Keith, and we want them to be comfortable here and feel safe.
We’re trying to fix some of the fractures in this fandom and make people laugh and smile. Please help us continue to do that.
And for those of you who actually read this… thank you.
-Mod 💚

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What do you think movie and musical JD would think of each other? Which one do you find more interesting and why?

They are both interesting in their own way. If you asked me this two months ago I would have said musical JD hands down lol! But after actually talking to people instead of being in my own little head canon bubble i realized there were a lot of things i liked about the movie (and the movie version of jd) 

Objectively though I’m not sure I can answer the first question though just because I’m so used to my version of JD that Im always worried that I’ll blur fact and my own ideas lol. 

I do think Musical JD is more emotional in the sense that he’s kind of a crybaby (ie the differences in their reactions to when veronica pretended to be dead) while in the Movie i feel he internalized it a lot more… idk haha I’m still learning more about him vs the musical which is where a majority of my stuff comes from.


Atlantic: “H - Hi Cherry.  I - I just - “

Cherry: “Hey beautiful.  What’s wrong? I thought we were passed you being nervous around me?”

Atlantic: “I - I just really want to impress you.  I’m really upset I didn’t win today’s challenge.”

Cherry: “Oh, well i can’t guarantee anyone is staying because that wouldn’t be fair, but you coming over and talking to me really shows me how much you want to stay.”

Atlantic: “I just don’t want to miss out on what could be our happily ever after.  And, I - I get really nervous when I think about being sent home.”

Cherry: “I’m glad your so honest about your feelings with me Atlantic, it means a lot.”

About V route

Every MC wants V route. OK, I don’t want it. But I want to think about possible V route.

Of course, it will be deep story. MC, you can read, as I think, it can be ^^

Days 1-4

Nothing interesting, It’s just a normal deep story common route, you know. But you can ask another guys about V to get his hearts. And you can have chat with V every day. But you can’t talk to him a lot, because it’s hard for him to read messages and to reply.

Keep reading

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What's your favorite Gallavich scene of all time? Is it too difficult to choose just one? :)

It IS difficult to choose just one! I’m going to have to choose their goodbye scene for right now just because I’m an emotional masochist, and the emotion is so palpable and strong, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and I just can NOT get over how in love they both are acting and it kills me how fucking good they are together.

God I love their love! 

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who are your favourite blogs? 🖤

i actually made a page here with all my favorite imagines blog !! 

but i also have to mention @myfriendmagislit / @fandom-imagines-forever / @cantankerousintrovertedpumpkin / @proudchocolateaddict / @sociallyawkwardperi because these amazing peeps never fail to support me, whether it’s by sending me lots of requests or just generally being super nice people !!! 

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The person I love is my ex lover and she's with someone else. She broke my heart 4 months ago because I was going through depression and "I was a lot to handle" I don't blame her, I did push her away but I never wanted her to leave. Now seeing her with someone else makes me sick to my stomach because I just want to be with her. I miss talking to her and hanging out with her. I wonder if she ever thinks about me. Because I sure as hell think about her a lot. I miss her.

That’s a lot to deal with. Especially when also dealing with depression. That was something my ex hated about me. So I understand how you feel. But if she’s moved on so should you. You’ll find someone eventually who can actually handle you and all that comes with you.

-anonymously tell me about the person you love-

Ace with his S/O injuried

Why only Ace ? Because this thing is too long !!! Oh my god I didn’t think I will write that much… The others characters will have their hcs too, don’t worry, I just don’t know when I will write it, it can be this evening or… The next week, I really don’t know. Sorry for making you wait, and… Thank you all, I never though I would have so many subscribers, thank you a lot.

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this definitely is not a romance story. after watching the last two videos, it's become obvious that it is much more than romance and that there is a lot more symbolism behind the relationships with these girls than we may think there is. even if there was romance in it, I don't think it would have turned out bad because even the most meaningful of stories can still have romance in it and be good and inspiring.

yeah, i think it’s starting to develop into more than just romance. and that’s why i mentioned the “the girls are a reflection of the boys” theory and stuff. because we still don’t know what the real story is, and it could be anything. but while i say that, i know that romance can still be good and inspiring, but to me it feels unneeded. i think because i haven’t experienced romance, so it seem kinda :/ to make it romantic when it was already perfect just being about friendship. and i don’t just mean het romance either. i think if they had made the romance between the members, while it would’ve been a bigstep for kpop, it would’ve felt just as awkward and manufactured while friendship seems geniune and real. idk, it’s just me rambling about not understanding love lmao. 

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How do you get such nice pics of your cresties? I handle mine inside his viv and he is constantly leaping off my hand, scurrying up my arm etc. I can't imagine bringing him out of the viv let alone placing him down on a surface, I'm sure he'd be off and I'd never see him again! I know people say they calm down as they get older but he's a year old now and still thinks he's an Olympic athlete. He's so pretty but I can't get nice photos inside the viv and I want to show him off!

Zevran is a wild child and is very hard to get pics of XD I basically have to catch him in the right mood or he will bolt away from the camera. Usually night time works the best because he is already awake :) Temmie is just naturally super calm. She isn’t much of a jumper :P A lot of it is patience too, for every good photo I get, there are about twenty blurry ones XD

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Ok ok I've been doing a lot of dom/Sub research as of late and one thing that's making me blank are the sections I find on 'training'. Now am I right in thinking that's for discipline? But they don't go on to say what actually occurs in a training session, just specify the literal act, i.e. spanking. Can you elaborate? Cuz they just make me picture a spanking session and not much else.

Okay. Training can specify a lot of things. Training can mean a Dom/me learning how to be a Dom/me (because that shit takes training, both research and practical) or a sub learning how to be a sub. Spanking is usually more of a punishment dynamic, the way you’re envisioning it. It can be part of training, but training can also mean a Dom/me teaching a sub control and patience over their body. For example, a lot of Dom/mes control when their subs can climax. That takes control over your body, so a Dom/me may edge a sub or have a sub edge themselves until they exhibit better control over orgasm buildup. Training can be endurance training–sessions can last hours and you have to be in shape and able to take (and give) multiple powerful orgasms.

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We're seeing joji's true color day by day. First he's a whiny bitch that complains a lot especially about his fans, second he's a major fuckboii now he hates disabled people. Tbh I'm not even surprised

he’s seemed ungrateful to his fans in the past but i can assure you he doesn’t actually hate us

and because some of y’all are gonna try and disagree with me on that i’m gonna provide some receipts

tweets: one, two

interaction w fans: one, two

i’m just stressed about this because i don’t know what to think since joji hasn’t done anything to suggest that he actually hates people with disabilities but i feel like i should trust terrell since he’s worked with him irl

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Would Kylo be upset that Hux feels that he has to read parenting books on their future force-sensitive kid when he is literally there?

I don’t think he’d be massively upset. Maybe just a bit confused? Because he’s got a lot of knowledge of the Force and can definitely remember being unsure of his own powers when he was just a boy so he thinks he’ll be able to help his child, but he also knows that Hux has been taught to be wary of Force users and he isn’t Force-sensitive in the slightest so being pregnant with a strong Force-sensitive child is very daunting for Hux, and if reading those books helps him realise that everything will be alright then Kylo is fine with that ^^

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wow there are really people out there that find POC and LGBT+ people (and others of course, aka people who have critical thinking skills) who are hurt by sarah's books disgusting. Like I can imagine being annoyed but calling people who don't like a fucking book series and rightfully call it out disgusting? who does that person think they are saying shit like that

Exactly, I’m not saying “Turn into an anti right now or you’re a piece of shit” But literally take a chill pill on the longass posts that are usually titled “OK SO IM SEEING A LOT OF ANTI SJM AND” in all caps and it looks so weird and immature like lmao dude I’ve probably seen like 7 of those you’re preaching to the choir my dude

And it’s just downright stupid to think that if something helps someone personally then it can’t hurt someone else like that’s just fucking common sense you know? People love 13rw but I can’t watch it because I would get majorly triggered like is that so hard to understand? But I don’t expect anyone to have that level of sense in the sjm fandom because they literally throw the word triggered around as a joke despite having major characters who go through depression and abuse. I mean the hypocrisy they show is just astounding.