because their relationship gives me a lot of feels

Darling, if only I could I would tell you that life was easy. I would tell you that it is just about the good times and the colorful smiles. That it is just about always waking up in the morning and feeling that everything is all right. If only I could I would tell you that bad things don’t happen and they were just false nightmares hunting you in your sleep. That there was no such things as lonely souls and broken heart’s wings. That there was no worries and stressful days. If only I could I would tell you that depression was just a myth. That you shouldn’t be scared for you can never have it. If only I could I would tell you that everyone will still treat you kind even if you had done bad things in your life. That there was no such things as insecurities and jealousy. That there is a lot and billions of people who will still love you even if you haven’t met each one of them. If only I could, I would tell you that there are no such things as thunderstorms and wild earthquakes that tried to ruin our homes. That a hurricane only wanted to drown us with its love—not with its overflowing hate at us. You see, if only I could I would only tell you about the beautiful things but I would be lying for the rest of my life. If I only tell you about these things, you would surely ask for proof and I would end up with empty hands. Because darling, I have nothing to give you when life had already showed the truth to you.
—  ma.c.a // I wanted to say a lot of things, but you wouldn’t believe me for sure
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In the original plan for the live action Scooby Doo movie, Velma and Daphne were going to have a romantic side plot. The movie itself was originally intended for an adult audience, but then Warner Bros decided that it should be more accessible to a “family” audience, so part of their editing involved getting rid of that romance. But in the final production of the film you can still see little bits that could have led up to a romance between the two. For example, at one point Velma tickles Daphne, and Velma also refers to Daphne dreamily as “the coolest girl at Coolsville high”. However at the end of the film Fred and Daphne kiss, and that relationship is so out of nowhere. It is built from nothing. If anything, the most developed heterosexual relationship was that between Fred and Velma because of the scenes where Velma shows jealousy of Fred choosing Daphne and of being overshadowed by Fred. But no, they choose to put Fred and Daphne together. We could have had canonically gay Velma and Daphne, but instead they give us another heterosexual relationship, and they don't even do that right.

a concept: early relationship klance when they haven’t told anybody yet. they make sure they always sit in front of each other so they can have their daily lovey-dovey glances even from a distance. but this results in them getting distracted a lot when the others are speaking, so shiro has to reprimand them sometimes.

“guys are you there with us?”

*jump off their seats* “uh..? yeah yeah we’re listening shiro! you were talking about keith’s eyes…i mean the spies….in the castle…yeah that.”

“well…whatever you’re doing, at least you aren’t arguing anymore”

and keith and lance basically just…get back at what they were doing having this huge dorky smile on their faces because they’re still very ecstatic about the fact they’re actually dating and can’t help but feel above the clouds a lot.

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what are some coping/trauma related songs you would recommend?

hi friend! I’ve gotten a couple of asks about music, so I’m gonna answer them all here. everyone copes differently and everyone has different tastes, but here’s a few recs I have based on what has helped me. (I’m favoring folk/indie here though my tastes are usually more varied, because these are related to trauma/coping more explicitly)

“download immediately I’m begging you” tier:

  • The Sunset Tree - The Mountain Goats (if you already know this album, then it sounds like a given. it’s a staple for me. in fact I’m linking the single track, This Year, which got me through several years of my life. this album is explicitly about surviving abuse) 
  • linked here is A Better Son/Daughter, of off The Execution of All Things by Rilo Kiley (this one’s so good that i’m actually recommending a single track, which I never do because I prefer always to recommend albums. you might cry like a lot. I definitely did the first dozen times I heard this. also the rest of the album’s great too! more about relationships tho.)

if you only read this far, please listen to those two tracks! ^^^ <3 

“saved my life” tier:

  • Transcendental Youth also by The Mountain Goats, would be my very next rec, if you want to feel like your life and your suffering are real and valid. (give the track Spent Gladiator II a listen!)
  • Lanterns - Son Lux (not about trauma, still helped me hang on by a thread when it was Bad. shameless plug, it’s patently my all-time favorite album)
  • Feel Good Ghosts - Cloud Cult (this is a Happier album that is literally about Surviving when you think you can’t anymore, it’s a little psychedelic and weird tho)
  • look friends, there is nothing wrong with a little Black Parade or Simple Plan for when it Hurts (Gerard Way and that cohort did it right all right?) This was middle school for me but this genre saved my life when I was that age

“gets me through it” tier: 

  • Neon bible - Arcade Fire (track “my body is a cage” is always stuck in my head and encapsulates That feeling perfectly)
  • Good News for People Who Like Bad News - Modest Mouse (feeling bitter? this is for you!)
  • anything by Sufjan Stevens (the album Carrie & Lowell might be the most relatable, but I also love Age of Adz, All Delighted People, and Illinois. this melancholy folk singer-songwriter is my favorite artist ever maybe)

ANYWAY! that’s everything I can think of for now. thanks for reading this far, and if anyone wants like, a playlist instead of albums, let me know! that would be more varied in genre/style. or, send a genre and I can find stuff within that. 

hope you’re having a great day!

My brother’s best friend || 3 D.H.

A/N: HERE’S THE THIRD PART! i’m glad my brother is not that overprotective tbh haha. 

Word Count: 1.4K

POV: Reader


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The door was pushed open. The sudden light hurt my eyes. After they had adjusted to the stinging brightness I could clearly see my brother’s angry expression.

“What the hell are you doing?” He shouted wide eyed, staring at the both of us.

It was more than obvious what Dan was here for. He still had one arm slung around my waist and we were awfully close.

I blushed in embarrassment and just wanted to hide behind Dan’s tall figure, but we had to talk this out. I guess I should’ve talked to Phil about this early but I never thought that there was a chance that Dan felt the same way. Now it was too late and my brother had to find out that his little sister and his best friends had feelings for each other the hard way.

“Phil, I’m sorry. I should’ve told you about my crush on Dan.” I apologized, but Phil ignored me.

His eyes had gone cold and he was glaring at Dan. Full on death glare.

“Mate, we didn’t know this was gonna happen-“ Dan started before he got cut off by Phil.

“Get your hands off my sister.” He hissed. I never thought that Phil Lester, the angle on earth, could be that threatening.

“Woah, hey Phil calm-“

“I said get away from her.” Phil growled, causing, me to unwillingly take a few steps away from Dan.

I swallowed hard, I had never imagined Phil to be that mad.

“What makes you think that you can just fool around with my little sister!” he shouted, completely forgetting that I was in the room.

“I asked you to pick her up from school, not to sneak in her room at night!”

The two boys were now dangerously close. Phil was intimidating like I had never seen him before.

“Could you please calm down. We are just two people who like each other okay?” Dan didn’t take a step back although his best friend was nearly pushing him.

At the mention of “we” Phil seemed to realise that I existed too.

“So you like him.” He questioned me unbelievingly and the look on his face made me wish to be able to deny his statement.

Instead I simply nodded and took a step towards Dan again. The tall brown haired boy was about to take my hand in his, but he stopped in the middle of his tracks as my brother cleared his throat as a warning.

“When were you gonna tell me that you are fucking around with my little sister, Howell?”

Phil would normally make sure not to use explicit language, but he really didn’t seem to care anymore.

“I wasn’t fucking around with her, mate!” Dan complained, getting mad as well. Their chests were by now nearly touching and I was scared that one of them would eventually hurt the other.

Both of their eyes were formed into slits as the air was full of tension.

“No? Well then what were you doing? In the middle of the night in my sister’s room?” Phil acted like he was thinking hard, provoking Dan even more.

“Look, we just found out we like each other today. It’s not like we have been hiding this from you for months.” Dan explained in an attempt to calm Phil down.

I was really thankful for the fact that Dan always keeps a clear head no matter how heated the situation may be.

“I don’t care, okay? She is still my little sister.” Phil shouted as his angriness reached another peak.

“Yes, but she is also old enough to date whoever she wants to date!” Dan retorted, wrapping his left arm around my waist. This time not even Phil’s death glare could stop him.

I blushed when Dan mentioned the dating part. He actually wanted to date me. He wanted to be my boyfriend. If the situation hadn’t been that awful I would’ve jumped around with glee.

“She can date, but not you.” Phil hissed with so much finality in his voice that it was scary.

My eyes widened in shock. As I grasped the meaning of his words. He was forbidding our relationship in all honesty.

“That’s not fair!” I shouted outraged.

Dan was right, I was old enough to make my own decisions.

“You are right. Well sometimes the world just isn’t fair, okay? Dan needs to keep his dirty hands of you!”

“He is your best friend. You’d give up your left leg for him, but as soon as he shows any interest in me you suddenly act like he is your archenemy.” I retorted. Phil wasn’t making any sense. He just couldn’t deal with the fact that I had my own life.

“I said no, Y/N. “

“Phil, you can’t stop us from being together. I really like her, I don’t see what’s problem with that.”

Dan was desperate by now. We had never thought that it would be that difficult.

“My problem is that you two dating is not a good idea. You are older than her, you are way more experienced than her, I know your history with girls as well as your intentions and she is my little sister after all! She’s a taboo for you. Got it?” Phil growled his words were final and we knew that nothing we could say could change his mind. Not now. He needed time.

Dan opened his mouth to say something, not giving up that easily but I stopped him by squeezing his hand that I was still holding.

“Thank you for trying, Dan. I don’t think fighting more now would change something. Let’s talk tomorrow.” I whispered, deeply looking into his chocolate brown eyes.

Dan’s eyes softened as he nodded.

“I should leave, shouldn’t I?” he asked.

Before I could answer Phil had already shouted “Yes!”

10 minutes later Dan’s car left our drive way. It was around midnight and I wished he could stay, but I don’t think this house could bare that much tension. I watched him make his way down the road from the kitchen window until his car took a scarp left turn and wasn’t to be seen anymore.

I felt exhausted like I had just worked out for ten straight hours. I was worn out. After the high I felt because of being with Dan I felt dull now.

I let myself fall on my bed face first and couldn’t stop the tears from coming anymore. The hot salty water ran down my cheeks. Dan had feelings for me. He wanted to be my boyfriend but Phil ruined it all. Why was my brother suddenly so overprotective? There was no reason to act like that!

I decided to finally call one of my best friends. She was good at giving advice and she had already helped me with a lot of relationship questions. She was also the only one I had talked about Dan with, she knew I had a major crush on him.

She picked up after it ran a few times, sounding tired. I had probably woken her up and immediately regretted my decision to call her because I felt so bad.

“What’s up?” I heard her say but I couldn’t answer instead I sobbed into the speaker of my phone.

“Y/N, are you okay?” she sounded far more awake now.

I wished she could see me nod so I wouldn’t have to speak. Eventually, I stuttered a few words and she seemed to understand.

“I’ll be at your house in ten minutes.”

Just like she promised her car stopped in the drive way ten minutes later to get me. Since my room was on the ground floor I only had to climb out my window, no heights or jumping involved. I needed to have a long talk and comforting words as well as ice cream right now.

When she started driving to her house I was glad to distance myself from my brother who I normally loved to bits….

“Dan, where is she?!”

Phil shouted into his phone at 1 am. He couldn’t find a way to sleep after being so harsh and rude to his sister and his best friend. He just wanted to apologize, but when he walked into her room it was completely empty.


“Y/N, obviously.” Phil snarled, getting nervous.

“Have you checked her bed?”

“She is not home.”

“Well, she is not at my place either!” Dan couldn’t keep his voice down.


Monsta X Reaction #17 - You sleep in a shirt with another members name on it

@virtualt asked: Reaction from BTS EXO and Monsta X when they see you wearing a shirt with another member’s name on it to go to sleep

Hyunwoo: -minhyuk’s name on your shirt-

Shownu: “Did you give my Y/n a shirt with your name on it…?”

Minhyuk: “Yes! Doesn’t it look so cute? It’s nice to feel supporte-”

Shownu: *gif* “Shouldn’t they be supporting their boyfriend more than you?! That should be my name!” -unusually jealous for sure-

Originally posted by bunnywonho

Hoseok: “You have an I.M shirt?? Wah~ That’s so cute! Your friendship is so strong!”

You: “You aren’t angry at all…?”

Hoseok: “No, I honestly can’t blame you. I love the other members a lot too and I know you’d never cheat on me because we have a good relationship. I love that you’re showing support, it makes me happy.” -smiles-

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Minhyuk: -it wasn’t a bit deal until you started fawning over how amazing Hyungwon is. That’s when he ends up being super jealous-

“Hyungwon is cute but he’s not as sexy as I can be!! Why did you buy his shirt and not mine?? Do I have to make you say my name again and again until you realize your mistake?”

Originally posted by beastdw

Kihyun: “Fine. Wear Wonho’s shirt all you want. I still have chicken even though I apparently don’t have you. Chicken is all I need now.”

-salty AF for weeks or until you give that shirt away/throw it away-

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Hyungwon: -hardcore teases you- “OI SHOWNU COME HERE AND SEE Y/N’S SHIRT! I THINK SHE HAS A CRUSH ON YOU!!” -dies laughing at your embarrassment-

Originally posted by ew-wonho

Jooheon: -he’s looking at the shirt after you changed the next morning, not realizing until that moment that it has Shownu’s name on it-


You: “Babe, it’s an old shirt before I even started dating you.” -pretend you’re minhyuk in this gif going to hug him-


Originally posted by lostinmonstax

Changkyun: “Well I don’t really like it but I love Jooheon a lot too so… I can’t really blame you for buying his shirt.” -a little pouty, teases you about it whenever he’s feeling a little insecure about it, but lets it go soon-

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A/N: they’re so cute TT.TT

Can we just talk about the way Naveen looks at Tiana?!?!?!!

Especially at the part when she’s dancing during Mama Odie’s solo number. It’s the first time he’s ever seen her completely happy and FREE instead of stressing about work and constantly being tied down by her worries about how she’s going to achieve her goal. He sees a more carefree side to her, and you can tell in that moment while he’s staring at her dancing that he suddenly realizes that he absolutely loves seeing her so happy. That she, more than anyone, DESERVES to be happy. And that because of that he’s going to do anything and everything to make sure that she will get what she’s worked so hard for because her happiness is now the most important thing in the world to him. Like idk these two always just give me a lot of feelings their relationship is so beautiful Aggghhffsdxe@$%fgccfft:$!ewrcf!##!! *CRIES* 😭😭😭

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Could you maybe write something about ace Dex feeling really insecure about his and Nursey's relationship because Nursey is giving up something that everyone seems to think is so damn important, and it feels really unequal because Dex isn't giving up anything like that for Nursey. (Not that I'm projecting really, really hard or anything.)

I just want to say this, anon: if your partner makes you feel like this at all, if they don’t support you, or your asexuality) in your relationship, you need to look out for yourself and leave them. Nothing good can come from it. Also, sorry it took a bit, you kind of caught me at the worst time for this particular prompt.

“Y’all, full disclosure: I miss Jack, like a lot, but I miss the sex so much.” Bitty took another sip of his beer.

There wasn’t any particular occasion for them to be drinking, but they were anyway. Dex thought that getting drunk at 5pm on a Thursday was pretty dumb, but Holster insisted he be there. Team bonding or some shit. He was nursing his second beer, but everyone else seemed just this side of tipsy; somehow the conversation always turned to sex when they were tipsy.

Fuck, he wished Nursey was there. Stupid goddamn evening lab. Only twenty more minutes.

Holster nodded sagely. “Sex is very important in a relationship.”

Bitty and Ransom nodded along, but Tango, the only one who wasn’t drinking, looked just as uncomfortable as Dex felt. “So, um. Why exactly is sex important in a relationship?”

“It’s not,” Dex muttered, and snorted into his beer bottle. Anything that was about to come out of Holster’s mouth, Dex had heard before. Hell, most of the reasons sex was important to a relationship were things he told himself, over and over. Reasons he repeated to himself late at night why he was a horrible boyfriend. Things he used to justify his insistence to Nursey that they should break up.

Dex wanted to believe that sex wasn’t important, he really did. It was hard for him to resolve the fact that he didn’t want sex, he had no sexual attraction to anyone (even his own fucking boyfriend), and the fact that he was going to agree with anything Holster was going to say.

“Look, no offense to you and Nursey or anything, but sex is an essential part of a relationship. It brings a level of trust and intimacy that you just can’t get any other way.”

Dex shook his head, but couldn’t find the words to argue. Instead, he drained his beer, threw the bottle onto the recycling bin, and grabbed another from the center of the table. Tango nodded along, but still looked confused. A confused Tango could only mean one thing: he had a question.

“Okay, but sex just seems like… grunting and sweating and kind of a big mess. What’s intimate about that?”

Bitty leaned forward, sloshing a bit of beer on the table and ignoring it. “Well, you’re lettin’ someone else see you that way, ain’t ya?”

Holster gestured widely toward Bitty. “Exactly! And you have to trust that your partner isn’t going to call you on it, or tell you how your o-face looks stupid, or make a comment about your weird body hair.”

“Got a lot of problems with weird body hair, Holster?” Dex checked his watch again. Ten minutes until Nursey was back. He could handle that (maybe even without smacking someone).

Tango nodded, still with that confused look on his face. “Okay, so why is it no offense to Dex and Nursey?”

Before anyone else could answer that question, because frankly Dex didn’t think anyone could answer that question at the moment without being totally insensitive and horrible about it, Dex intercepted and said, “Nursey and I are dating, and I’m asexual. We don’t have sex. And so when everyone says ‘no offense’, what they really mean is that they don’t think Nursey and my relationship is as valid as theirs.”

Just like he expected, a chorus of voices erupted when he finished speaking. Bitty, Holster, and Ransom’s voices all overlapped.

“Now, hold on a sec-”

“C’mon Poindexter, you-”

“That’s not fair, bruh-”

He stopped them all with a glare. “You can argue about it all you want, but I know that’s what you honestly think. And you can say it to me all you want, but if you decide to pull this shit in front of Nursey, who’s the one giving up such a huge thing or whatever, then I will personally kick every one of your asses. Got it?”

Everyone immediately shut up. Dex knew he looked just this side of too intense, but he was so sick of trying to defend their relationship to everyone. He was sick of everyone implying that what they had was less, when they didn’t even realize that’s what they were doing.

The thing was, he could handle it. He was used to it, and even though he hated to admit it, he even believed some of it. But there was no way that Dex would let Nursey have to be the one to deal with that bullshit. Nursey, who was already giving up so much to be in a relationship with him, who got enough insecurity about having to give up sex from Dex himself, who shouldn’t have to be told that that sacrifice made him less somehow.

The Haus door closing cut through the silence. The stomp of heavy boots and clinking of buckles on his messanger bag let Dex know that his boyfriend was back.

Nursey walked up behind Dex and pressed a soft kiss to his hair. “Got out early. What’s up, babe?”

Dex stood up from his chair and grabbed Nursey’s hand, pulling him away from the crowd. He wished it was next year already so that they would have a room to go to, but it wasn’t and they didn’t. He considered leading Nursey to the basement, which had become something of a safe space for him, but decided that he’d rather go upstairs, to Chowder’s room. Chowder spent more time with Caitlin than at the Haus, anyway.

Once they got behind closed doors, Dex pulled Nursey into a tight hug, burying his face between his boyfriend’s neck and shoulder. He could only be so angry about the casual aphobia before it all fell away and he just felt… sad. And he had used up all his anger.

The feeling of Nursey’s big hands rubbing along his back was equal parts comforting and upsetting. He already gave up so much for Dex, and Dex just kept asking him for more, and more, and more. And what was he giving up for Nursey? A big fat fucking nothing.

He squeezed tighter, sure that it was uncomfortable for his boyfriend at this point. “I’m sorry I’m a shitty boyfriend.”

Nursey pulled back, enough to look at Dex. He unwrapped one of his arms from Dex’s back and cradled his face. “Hey, woah. What’s this all about?”

Dex shook his head, trying to look away, to look anywhere but Nursey’s face. He felt like the open concern and love on his boyfriend’s face was tearing his heart straight out of his chest. He didn’t deserve a look like that.

Nursey tried to catch his eyes, but gave up when it was obvious that Dex wouldn’t cooperate. Instead, he pressed a kiss to Dex’s temple and pulled him back against his chest. Dex could feel him breath a deep sigh.

“You don’t have to talk about it, Will. But I need you to trust me more than you trust the intrusive thoughts about this, okay? You are not a bad boyfriend. You don’t get to decide what being a good boyfriend means to me. Nobody but me gets to do that. And I love you, every little bit of you. Got it?”

Dex nodded. He wanted to trust Nursey, and he would try, but it would take time. The one thing he did know, though, was that Nursey would stick around for as long as it took. And that he was so fucking lucky for it.

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This is probably a extremely dumb question but how does one draw carefree? I am just so insanely stressed about my art and how it looks, so I literally can't even let myself doodle fun goofy things because my mental state is always telling me "that isn't art" i am just so stresssssed HOW DOES ONE NOT STRESS SO MUCH ?

no this is a really good question!! but it’s a tough one to answer because there isn’t a simple answer, like there’s not really a trick to it! but i’ll do my best to give a helpful answer!

i think a lot of this has to do with the relationship that you have with your art. i’ve met a lot of different kinds of people in art school, but there are a lot of people who feel this immense stress about drawing, and it seems like most of the time it’s because they put too much of themselves into their work! it’s this mindset of “drawing is stressful because if it comes out badly then that reflects on ME poorly.” but this isn’t true! if you find that you are taking your artwork so seriously to the point where the success of a piece is defining your worth, then it’s not a healthy relationship and you need to reevaluate it.

great artists can make bad stuff! not everything you make can be great, it’s impossible. all the fabulous artists that inspire you make ugly stuff too, they just don’t release those things into the public for you to see haha! they put out their best stuff!

you cannot let making bad things scare you away from making art and you can’t let it suck the enjoyment out of it. it’s easier said than done of course, but you have to consciously try to think differently! as you are working, you must tell yourself in your head that making something bad will not break you as an artist. if something’s not coming out great, then it’s fine! you will make something great in the future. no amount of time drawing is wasted–it’s all practice to help you improve, even if it’s happening so slowly that you can’t see it

ask yourself why making something bad bothers you to the point that it makes art stressful! are you trying to impress yourself? are you trying to impress other people? is art acting in place of self-worth? are you relying on art to be ‘that thing’ that defines you, that you’re good at, that makes you special? are your standards too high? why must every drawing be ‘art’? why can’t it just be a drawing? or a warm up? 

you need to distance yourself from your work. your relationship with art needs to be more casual! that doesn’t mean you can’t be passionate, but you cannot be dependent or obsessive about it to the point where you no longer love it and it becomes a source of stress for you. it’s kind of like relationships with people in that way! you don’t need more stress in your life!!

you also need confidence in your work. i don’t know if you make art as a hobby or if you would like to make it your career someday, but in order to enjoy it as a hobby or to be successful in your career, you NEED confidence! you need to feel confident that you make good work and that if you make something bad it doesn’t rip you apart because you can just try again another day and you can make something great!

i’ve honestly never felt this immense stress about making art that you’re feeling, but i can understand it in a different kind of way. art would become less enjoyable for me the more of a perfectionist i let myself be about it. so i taught myself how to loosen up (which is a separate topic) and how to stop caring so much! i told myself it doesn’t really matter. who cares!! i told myself i’d make something i liked more another day and had the confidence to believe it. i looked at artists that i really loved who didn’t work so tightly and they embraced fluid stuff and things that don’t have to look like highly rendered masterpieces. 

i’m trying to give you things to DO in order to change your mindset, but it’s not really that simple. like i do think that a lot of it is you CONSCIOUSLY trying to think differently, like thinking of more positive things when you catch yourself thinking negative things, but i also think this is something that takes time to change! it’s a very personal process that no one can tell you how to go through. gaining confidence in your work can take a long time for some people and you can’t just flip a switch to make it happen. as you grow and develop i think it will become easier!

i really hope this could be of some help to you!! let me know if you have any questions and i’ll add more to this if i think of anything else :o

EDIT: another helpful thing is to put up work that you are proud of around your workspace!! seeing things that you made that you still love and are proud of will help remind you that you CAN make great things and if you did it once you can do it again :) 

Long time no see.

I don’t know if any of your readers, especially  new readers remember me? But I’m the girl from the party story time and also the movie story time, well the movie date being the last one I told you all about. I was catching up on my favorite blog, this blog and I was looking through the story time tag all this week, and I was happy to see someone asked about me (thank you sweety) and I would love to give you an update on everything, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year! since I told you all about my personal love life, you all are like sisters, so I don’t mind having girl talk and giving you all the hot tea (I use our fake names so it’s ok).

If you remember I called him ‘Sota’ well unfortunately he and I are no longer together, we dated for a good while, the BEST relationship I’ve ever had,  but don’t be sad ladies because honestly that was the best months of my life AND, AND, We are still friends. We still talk here and there, not as much as before, but we still vent about things and talk time to time. I do miss talking to him every day, But guess whose not going to cry? Me, ok I did, but what ever.

This is when the tea gets hot! I know my life is always full of tea, but girls let me catch you all up on what happened AFTER we broke up. Ok the reason why we broke up is because

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No Comebacks

[No Angel] [No Comebacks] [No More and No Less]

pairing: rafael casal x reader

request: a couple people wanted a part two of No Angel, and eons ago someone requested “In celebration of you getting trashed last night and Rafa liking your drunk tweet…. a Rafa X reader where reader gets drunk and Rafa takes care of her… like… like sexually if you didn’t get that. and then when they wake up she’s really hungover and he takes care of her but in the fluff way.“

summary: rafa has been ignoring reader after their night together, so reader tries to go out to a party and forget him. it doesn’t work.

warnings: swearing, alcohol, smut, vague D/s mentions, lowkey praise kink

word count: 5,786

a/n: this is the SECOND part of the “no angel” series. it will make sense without the first part but it will make more sense with it. also, briefly want to state (because someone felt the need to scold me about it in my ask box) i don’t endorse student-teacher relationships, and because i’m sure someone will have something to say about it, i also don’t want to encourage you to go to big parties alone and get sloppy drunk with strangers. be safe okay. other than that please enjoy love u bunches. and i still want rafael casal to bone me.

“Good morning,” you shuffle into the kitchen, shooting a sleepy smile at Rafael.

“Morning,” he murmurs, looking up from the stove to beam at you.

Your heart gives a little flutter. His smile is blindingly bright, and looking at him right now feels a lot like looking into the sun.

“I made pancakes,” he says, sliding one onto a plate and offering it to you.

You take the plate and set it down at a placemat, hopping up onto the chair at the counter.

“Thanks,” you fix the hem of the shirt Rafa had given you to wear, straightening it out over the tops of your thighs. “You really didn’t have to do that.”

“I wanted to,” he replies simply, walking up behind you. He leans down and presses a kiss to the top of your head before sitting next to you.

You begin to eat the pancake, letting one of your legs swing back-and-forth gently. The two of you eat in silence for a couple minutes, and you’re grateful. Your mind isn’t exactly the sharpest this soon after waking up.

“I think it’s pretty disrespectful to have sex with someone, talk until you fall asleep holding them, and then not provide them with breakfast in the morning,” Rafael adds, picking up his coffee mug and taking a sip.

“Ah yes. It’s truly a shame not everyone can be as well-mannered as you,” you laugh, setting your fork down on your now empty plate.

“You know,” he peers over at the clock on the microwave. “I don’t have anywhere to be for a couple more hours…”

“Is that so?” You turn toward him, a smirk spreading across your face.

“Do you know what that means?” He smirks back at you, wiggling one eyebrow in your direction.

“Mm,” you hum, rising from the seat. “We can cuddle more?”

“Exactly,” he agrees, nodding.

You giggle, taking one of his hands. “I was kidding, but if you don’t want to have sex again-”

“Oh, I said no such thing,” he reprimands, standing and tugging you toward his bedroom.

That was a week ago. And you hadn’t heard from him since.

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Ok, I am scared to say this, because obviously I don’t want to offend anyone and maybe I am completely and utterly wrong (educate me if I am), but… how is being in LOVE with someone who is younger than you inappropriate, predatory and abusive?

Look, I turned 19 this year and I totally see myself dating someone older if it’s love, if they treat me right and I, as someone who has been abused just can’t understand why being in an age gap relationship is automatically inappropriate, predatory and abusive?
I thought a relationship is abusive if one is abusive??
I thought a relationship is healthy if there is mutual respect and love? And that can totally happen between a 19yo and 25yo, because why not? Give me a reason why not?

Like, it really makes me feel self conscious as stupid as this sounds because am I stupid or are you?

This is totally aside from shipping.
I mean, yes, some ships are problematic, but ship what you like and everyone should just stay in their lane.

But in like !real life! this is confusing me a damn lot.
Because as I said.
Is something wrong with me? Or are you making a fuss?

anonymous asked:

Hey Dee I love your stories to the moon and back. I wanted to start writing myself as well, do you have any tips on writing good fics? (My apologies if you have already answered questions like this before)

I have answered this question and I’ve reblogged some writing advice given by other people on this site, or just useful resources for writing, which you can find here

This is my personal opinion and I know many people might not agree with me, but since you asked for my opinion, here it is.

  • Write for yourself. I’m guessing you want to write because you like doing it, and not because you want to impress people, gain followers, notes, and all that. Personally, when I read stories, I can tell when someone has put a lot of thought into it and when somebody’s just writing for the sake of posting something. As long as you write for yourself, you’ll be happy doing it, and other people’s opinion won’t matter much.
  • Prepare for criticism. While people claim they’re giving constructive criticism, they often just criticize your work for the smallest reasons, like a misspelled word, or wrong word order, or a certain adjective, or anything like that. Be prepared to get a lot of criticism since you’re putting your work out there. When someone politely points to your “mistakes”, you can learn from them. When people just bash you because they feel like it, try not to take it to heart. There’s a difference between hating on someone and giving well thought-out constructive criticism that will help the writer improve.
  • Asking people for feedback. I’m still not sure about this and I know people will disagree. I’m busy and I know most other people on Tumblr are. You have your personal life, school/uni/work, social life, relationships, etc, and you write on top of that. Sometimes I can’t even catch up with the series I’m already reading, and then someone asks me to read their story and I feel horrible for having to turn down someone, but I can’t promise them I’ll read something when reading takes a lot of time if I’m going to do it right and give constructive criticism. Also, I’m always scared of giving feedback because I don’t want to lie to anyone, and I feel like people would get hurt if I told them my opinion on their stories sometimes, and I don’t want to hurt anyone.
  • People have different preferences. I prefer to read smut + angst/fluff/whatever. That doesn’t mean I only read smut, but I mostly read smut. I know a lot of people tend to write smut just because they think it gets more attention, but if you want to write something else, write that. If your writing is good (which it will be if you’re doing it for yourself and not for someone else), people will notice it. If you’re writing smut just because there’s a huge audience for that and you don’t really have inspiration for smut scenes, people will notice that too. What I’m trying to say is write what you want to write, not what you think is expected of you to write. You can write whatever the hell you want. 
  • Set boundaries. I haven’t done this and it has cost me a lot of nerves, if I’m being honest. For months, I kept telling people I don’t take requests or that they can check my updates post for future updates, and people kept sending questions about that over and over again, and they only stopped once I told them I’ll be blocking people who keep disregarding what I say and sending me those asks that just stress me out. Set boundaries. It’s your blog and you’re not a machine. These people are choosing to read your stories, you’re not forcing them to read them. If you ask people not to ask you about your private life, updates, or send in requests, it isn’t that hard to respect that decision. Don’t be afraid to turn them down or you’ll just stress yourself out over nothing.
  • Joining networks. A good way to get more readers is to join a writing network, or just a BTS network in general. That way, you’ll expose more people to your content, and you’ll find friends and new content too. After all the drama that happened with the networks recently, I’d just advise you to be careful when you give out your personal information to people. Not everyone you meet is there with good intentions. Join networks whose admins you’re familiar with. I haven’t been in any network group chats so nobody could see my private pictures and all that, but if you’re gonna join a KKT chat or something like that, make sure to change your picture into something that isn’t you. If there are a 100 people in the chat, do you really want them to have access to your private info? I don’t mean to scare you, just be careful about giving out private information,
  • Making friends. Recently there’s been some drama involving “big” and “small” blogs and “cliques”. Apparently, people believe there are cliques formed by writing blogs, including myself, that don’t let “small” blogs in. Personally, I call bullshit on that one and you all know it. I talk to a lot of people who aren’t writers or content creators, and I don’t care about their following. What I care about is whether they’re trying to become my friend just to get a promo or someting like that, i.e. if their intentions are good, and whether we have common interests. Some people just click. I have a couple of great friends in the writing community and I talk to a lot of writers. There are no cliques, so don’t be afraid of messaging people just because you think they have a big following and they won’t notice you. Sometimes people just get busy, don’t assume they’re ignoring you. If you want to talk to someone, just check out their blog and see what they’re up to. I’ve had people asking me about updates when it’s pretty clear from my blog I’m going on hiatus, so to me, it just felt like they didn’t even bother reading what I wrote. If someone’s posting about being busy, maybe that’s not the right time to try to befriend them. I don’t know, I’m bad at making Tumblr friends, and sometimes I take days to respond because I need to come up with an answer, just like I had to think about this ask to give a “good” reply.
  • Numbers do not matter. I can’t stress this enough. We all started from scratch. It is true that some people forget that, but most people don’t. I always find it funny how nobody was reading Sin City when I started posting it, and then suddenly, people started to read and it’s probably the most popular story on my blog right now. I could have given up when chapter two got about 20 notes, but I wrote it because I liked writing it and I wanted to get that story out of my head. Don’t give up just because you don’t have a lot of notes. It doesn’t matter. The more you write, the better you’ll get. The more you post, the more chances you create for yourself, for other people to find your writing. I know we all want to feel validated, and it sucks to post and not get any feedback, but remember why you’re here. Is it because of the notes or because of writing? 
  • Writing good fics. This was your question and I don’t know what to say. A lot of people would say my fics aren’t good fics. It’s all subjective. I think the most important thing is for you to be happy with what you’ve written. Don’t let other people pressure you into posting too soon or into writing what they want to read. As long as you’re writing for yourself and posting content that you’re personally happy with, you’ll be okay. Some people won’t like your fics, some will. That isn’t your problem! You can’t please everyone, so don’t even try.
  • Stay healthy and take care of yourself. Don’t let writing take over your life. If you feel stressed out, take a break. Don’t let people pressure you into writing, don’t let people bully you or criticize you constantly. You’re not a robot. Take a break when you need one, go on hiatus, close your ask box, do whatever you want. This is a social media site, it’s meant to be fun and entertaining. Some people take it too seriously, but once again, that’s not your problem.
  • Have fun writing and if you need anything, just ask :) I might not reply the day you send me the ask, but I’ll reply as soon as I can. Good luck! :*
♊ danny and philly’s astrological compatibility ♒

DISCLAIMER: First of all, im no astrologer (my mom is though but im not gonna ask her to help me lol can u imagine that conversation?); second of all this is based on their sun signs (other placements may affect their behavior and personality as well if not more than their suns, but because apparently both dan and phil have the same moon as their suns – wtf – they could pretty easily be the stereotype of their sun signs lol but who knowse *coff* wheres my astrology video u cowards!) and astrology isn’t balck and white, astrology is 50 shades of grey; third, this is also based on things I’ve read on both signs and their relationship on the internet, I’ve never read an astrology book in my life! I’ve never even read a book wtf!; and last, this is purely for the sake of entertainment and procrastination (bye college paper); I also don’t know Dan and Phil personally so these are pure assumptions – these words are not be read as “proof” since there’s no fucking evidence of anything here. It’s pure speculation based on astrology, some of y’all don’t even believe that so chill. Don’t take it too seriously, my word isn’t final.

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a bright beginning

Originally posted by myungeuna

part 1/? of summer adventures with jun series

genre: romance/fluff, friends to lovers

word count: 1385

characters: wen junhui/female reader

(a/n): inspired by the river kazehaya and sawako walk along in kimi ni todoke ♡

It felt like you were on top of the world. Like you could conquer anything. The crisp morning wind brushed through your hair and awoke your senses as if they didn’t have their morning wakeup call already. Most people would think riding down the steep hill below you was asking for an early death wish. At first you were wondering why and how you agreed to this when he called you at around 4AM. But standing atop this hill feeling like you could touch the sky reminded you that summer was quickly passing by and you craved exhilaration and adventure. You needed something to make you feel like your youth wasn’t slipping away from your grasp, even if it came from something as simple as a morning bike ride with your best friend.

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anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking, how come you don't want people tagging your art as their oc? I'm def not saying you don't have the right to ask that, I'm just hoping to understand why? Sorry if this comes across as rude or anything, I swear I'm just curious

l put a lot of work and love when it comes to making art of my ocs, art of their stories, relationships and personalities are a way for me portraying them. A lot of my work are kinda personal and the love l give to my characters.

When I see people tagging their ocs in my art kinda takes that away, it feels like they pushes my characters out from the content and shove in their ocs in there because they see them in the same situation. 

I have no problem if people take inspiration from my stuff, but it’s not nice when people go up to my art and says “Yup, that’s my character right there.”

People probably don’t agree or find this a rather big deal. But as a content creator who cherishes their work and characters, it hurts to see stuff like this happen.

“Seeing him again after all these years just brought back a lot of old feelings and memories and it made me realize that I’m not as over him as I thought I was. I like you, a lot, and as much as I like us, together, I loved him, and I still do, and I think I always will… ”

My now ex-girlfriend told me we needed to talk and instantly I knew something was up. She told me that she ran into her ex boyfriend and they caught up over some coffee. Her and her ex-boyfriend were together for 4 years and then broke up because the guy had to move across the country for grad school. They fell out of touch for a while, but now he’s done and he’s moved back home. Apparently there were a lot of unresolved feelings when they broke up; to quote her, “he was always the right person at the wrong time.” Now that timing’s better, she wants to give their relationship a second chance. She also apologized for breaking up with me, and told me that it would be unfair to me if she stayed in the relationship, knowing she wasn’t 100% committed to me, and that I deserve someone who could devote their whole heart to me and only me. 

I heard that they dated for about another 3 months before he popped the question and she said yes. I’m happy that she’s found someone who makes her happy and I know I deserve better, but I can’t stop thinking about why that person couldn’t have been me. We weren’t even together for long, but I saw a future with this girl, and hearing her say that she loved someone else fucking hurt. 

A moment of sincerity

Pairing: Yoonmin (Suga x Jimin)

Warnings: Smut (+18)

Summary: Min Yoongi does not match with having fun by his own and Jimin seems not to be the boy to complain with him.

Word counting: 4.304

The ride back home in the train was getting Jimin out of his nerves. He just wanted to walk in his house and lie on the couch after the tiring week on which he only got deceptions. At least it was friday and he had all the weekend ahead, that was making him smile and being positive all the way.

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Things I Learned Watching Shadowhunters o2.o6:

o1. who do i have to pay to have raphael encanto me?
o2. “how well do you know her?” Aldertree asks, as he gives Izzy “medication” that’s killing her.
o3. anyone else here for shirtless luke?
o6. I need an iron gate like that for my bedroom.
angry!jace is my favorite jace.
o8. alec purposely losing to make magnus feel better and then magnus kicking his ass makes me weep
o9. maia and simon are so cute but no bc saphael
1o. alec is me with alcohol and relationships 
11. i lowkey was hoping for wet!clizzy. a girl can dream i guess. 
13. I have so many Dad!Luke feels. ))))))))))): 
14. That whole “17” conversation between Magnus and Alec was a thing of beauty and I’m crying
15. Give me more Jace goddamnit. 
17. Someone kill Aldertree. 
21. Jace needing a place to live ))))))))))))))))))): MY SON.

Trust Me [Changkyun Angst / Fluff]

Word Count: 2100++

| A request from anon for a song fic - Don’t Judge Me by Chris Brown. The ‘I’ in the lyrics refers to Changkyun. |

Summary: Changkyun used to be a playboy but that was before he met you.

A/N: Sorry for taking horribly long! There was so much school work to do and just when I was done, my computer decided to give up on me :-( But I hope you like it!

You’re hearing rumours about me

And you can’t stomach the thought

Of someone touching my body

“Well, I don’t know ________…that definitely isn’t the Changkyun I know,” Hyungwon shrugged and you frowned, not understanding why nobody believed you when you told them that you and him were going to be in a serious relationship. You didn’t like how Minhyuk, Kihyun, Jooheon, and now Hyungwon, gave you the exact same unsure, doubtful look when you told them what had supposed to be a dream come true for you.

“Okay, fine. Then you tell me, who is the Changkyun you know?” Since you first met the boys, you had always kept a distance from Changkyun because he seemed untouchable, not in a bad sense, but you never felt confident enough to approach such a perfect man like him. And now, you were slightly scared, afraid because it seemed that there was a lot about your boyfriend that you didn’t know.

Hyungwon looked away and you thought to yourself, this is bad. “Committed, long-term, these aren’t really the words to describe him. You understand what I mean right? I don’t have to spell things out, it’s harsh,” he winced and you nodded, trying to keep cool. So he’s a playboy? Okay, what a great start.

“Playboys never talk about being serious but he did this time Hyungwon. I’m sure he means it,” you say, trying to sound as hopeful as possible but you knew that you already had your doubts. As much as a pig couldn’t fly, Hyungwon wouldn’t lie, and even if he wanted to, he couldn’t. It would be written all over his face which was why none of you ever let him in on plans for surprises.

“Did any of the boys tell you anything else?” He said warily and you raised an eyebrow.

“Anything…else? Like?”

“I don’t know…his times with other girls? You know what, forget that I brought it up okay?” Hyungwon took a quick sip of his coffee and looked out the window. At that moment, your mind was a warzone. You didn’t know whether to press further or to let the whole thing slide but then again, this was your future you were talking about.

“Tell me everything. Whatever is on your mind now. This is really important to me Hyungwon…I know, I know it’s as if I’m asking you to tell on your friend but I need to know what to expect,” you sighed and hoped that you weren’t sounding too demanding.

The chat dragged on longer than expected and the whole time you were quiet which was rare. Hyungwon told you everything from Changkyun’s small acts to big ones and you left the cafe feeling horrible. You were worried, hurt, doubtful, every possible negative feeling there was. The only thing left was to hear it from Changkyun himself and you wondered how he would feel that you had dug up every single thing about him. But then again, did he consider how you would feel when you found out about everything he did?

You didn’t think he did.

I won’t deny what they saying

Because most of it is true

But it was all before I fell for you

You spent the weekend thinking hard. Was it really wise to confront him about everything? There was so much at risk and you were so close to letting it slide. But you wanted a transparent relationship, one with no secrets.

“Are you okay?” he waved a hand in front of you and you nodded your head.

“Yeah…there’s just a few things I need to ask you.”

The boy’s facial expression changed and you sat up straight, trying to decide how to even start.

“Were there like, a lot of girls before me? I’m not expecting to be your first girlfriend or anything, but were there that many of them?”

At that moment, Changkyun felt his mouth go dry and his mind was completely blank. Barely a month in and you were already doubting him, not that he had done no wrong.

“W-why this all of a sudden?”

Now it was your turn to be stuck. You didn’t want to tell on his friends and make it sound as if they were all out to ruin him, but you didn’t know how else to say it.

“I heard some things okay? And they’re probably not lying so can you please just be honest with me?”

He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed, leaning back against the bench.

“That was a long time ago _________. Nothing is the same now-”

“Things might be different now but it doesn’t change the past! Were you going to let me go on without knowing anything?”

Realising that there was no way around this, Changkyun tried to think of the best way to put things. But no amount of sugar added could make the truth less harsh.

“Whatever they told you, it’s true okay? I went around, never sticking for more than a week…But that was all before you came along. I’m not going to treat you the same way and you must trust me on that!”

In your heart, you could feel his sincerity. He didn’t sound like he was lying but you didn’t know whether you were blinded because you loved him so much.

So please don’t judge me

And I won’t judge you

Cause it could get ugly

Before it gets beautiful

And if you love me

Then let it be beautiful

“You must be having a lot of doubts now but please, can you give me a chance?”

You rarely went into relationships, in fact, this was your second relationship and after the first, you became extremely careful. You didn’t want to get together with someone just to ‘try things out’.

“I really love you, liked you ever since we first went out together with the rest for lunch. I know that people change, but for you, it’s being going on for so long I just, I don’t know whether you’ll start getting bored.”

For sure, you weren’t a party girl, the one always in the spotlight. For someone like Changkyun who had such an outgoing, loud and bright personality, you didn’t know whether he’d see any point of being with someone who couldn’t match to his level.

“What? Bored? ________ please - “ he sighed and you could tell that he was getting slightly frustrated. You were pushing it too far, weren’t you?

“I’m sorry I’m just,” you paused. What exactly were you feeling? Scared? Angry? Jealous?

“Can we not have doubts before things can even become what we want it to be?”

And he was right. You loved him, and so you would give him your full trust. But saying it was way easier than keeping that trust.

You’re hearing rumours about me

And saw some pictures online

Saying they got you so angry

Making you wish you were blind

Time went by and his past was never brought up again. He loved you with all his heart and so did you, you were so sure of that. Four whole months passed and you felt so happy that you decided to give him a chance and not ruin it because you assumed the relationship wouldn’t last for a week. But there is no such thing as a forever perfect relationship with no bumps, isn’t it?

It was a Sunday and you were alone at home, waiting for Changkyun to reach. You had spent the Saturday alone because he was out for some party which you didn’t think much of. There was a lot of talk about the happening party and you were curious. Parties were never your thing but you always wondered what went on there. Could people really spend half the day just eating, talking and dancing to music?

Grabbing your phone, you went to various social media platforms where hundreds of photos of the party were posted by all the people who went. It looked loud and messy and you were reminded again just why you never went for such things.

All the pictures were mostly the same, people dancing, food, bright lights and you were about to put your phone aside and watch some videos but something caught your eye. Changkyun had a can of coke in his hand, which was perfectly fine, but your gaze shifted from his right arm to his left which was wrapped around someone so familiar.

Isn’t that the girl Hyungwon showed me once?

You zoomed in on the picture and it clicked. The girl was his ex. You scrolled down, eyes scanning the comments which were full of how the both of them were back together, how perfect they looked together, how they were inseparable throughout the entire party and how they couldn’t understand why they broke up in the first place.

At that moment, you felt great uncertainty and your heart was beating fast. There were so many thoughts running through your mind, emotions flooding your heart and you didn’t even realise that Changkyun was standing at the front door. He saw you staring blankly at the screen, not moving a single inch.

“__________?” he called as he started walking towards you and snapping out of your thoughts, you shut your phone immediately. “W-what were you looking at?”

You didn’t reply, keeping silent and trying to hold back because you didn’t want to lash out without thinking. Suddenly, he grabbed your phone out of your hand and you instantly regretted telling him your password. Changkyun saw the overwhelming comments and he knew just what you had seen.

“__________ trust me this isn’t-”

“It isn’t what it looks? Oh boy, that’s the most cliche line in every single romance drama.”

“Yes, she’s my ex but all these ‘inseparable’, ‘back together’ things are bullshit. I’m still her friend and you know that.”

“Friend? Are you sure? Why would all these people lie about the two of you at the party? And it’s not even one comment Changkyun, it’s tens of them!”

You felt the tension rising and you hated it but at the same time, you needed him to explain himself, although you didn’t know what there was to explain.

“Those people are exaggerating things. I talk to her for a couple minutes and they see it as hours!”

You got up and grabbed your phone back.


“You’re leaving, or I’m going into the room.”

You saw panic in his eyes but it didn’t affect you a single bit.

“We’re going nowhere. I’m calling Hyungwon and he’s gonna tell you for himself that I didn’t do anything at the party.”

Hyungwon. Hyungwon would never lie. But now you were wary of everybody.

“I bet you talked to him about this before. You knew that I’d see it didn’t you?”

“Now you’re being ridiculous. Okay, you’re doubting me because you still don’t trust me, my past is still all that you think of me! But Hyungwon. You’re even doubting Hyungwon now?”

And all of a sudden, you felt a pang of guilt. You just implied that your boyfriend and bestfriend were working together to keep you in the dark. Changkyun felt that all you thought of him was a playboy and that the past four months didn’t change a thing, didn’t convince you one bit.

Changkyun saw your expression change and he knew that what he had said made you feel horrible about yourself. He didn’t mean for that, he didn’t want to guilt trip you into forgiving him.

“I’m sorry, I’m the one at fault here and I’m not trying to come up with excuses. It’s just-”

“It’s okay, I don’t need to talk to Hyungwon.”

Was that it? Were you done with him? Changkyun knew that he screwed up and his was starting to think of ways to beg you not to break up with him.

“I trust you.”

The boy’s eyes widened and his entire body felt stiff. Did he hear you right?

“I trust you Changkyun and I’m sorry. If you’re thinking that these four months has done nothing to make me trust you, you’re wrong. You love me and I know that.”

Changkyun’s vision started to become blurry and he felt a lump in his throat. He had done horrible things in the past and he even doubted himself sometimes, but to know that you had decided to have complete trust in him? He felt a sense of joy and thankfulness that he had never felt before.

“I am who I am, not who I was,” he smiled and you nodded, feeling your entire heart melt.

“I promise, I’ll be the one that you can trust.”

You gave him all your heart and all your trust; he gave you all his love as you were the only person for him.