because their faces y'know

X-Men/BNHA mashup!

Hizashi is Banshee because, well, their powers are the same. And their hair and eye colour actually match nicely as well.

Shouta is Chamber because, well, they’re both grumpy, wear black 99.9% of the time and seem to consider scarves/bandages a necessary fashion accessory. The only difference is Chamber wears them because the bottom half of his face is a flaming crater but, y'know, details.  

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anonymous asked:

whom is poke2001 and where did u meat

Nice try to be fancy but 
a) You used ‘whom’ wrong
b) it’s ‘meet’

@pokelover2001 is just a blog that I came across and decided to draw fanart for! And then they drew fanart for me and it’s adorable and their art is adorable and you should go check them out!

scienceknight  asked:

I love Kageguchi like both of them just being really nervous to ask the other out and tsukki and hinata just supporting them. And like yamaguchi being kind of scared of kageyama at first because his face is just. y'know kinda scary. And then they like get to know each other and kageyama suddenly realizes yamaguchi is really cute and yamaguchi starting to think kageyama is actually kind of handsome? And they're so cute together I can't take it. Think of them nervously messing up a first kiss

I’m friggin melting, friend. I think about them a lot, and this is so good.

Also, imagine Yams seeing Kags smile his dorky smile for the first time. I think he’d actually expire on the spot.