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Songs BTS Would Have Sex To

A/N: Why did I decide to do this? Because the thirst is real for these dorks and when I heard, Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls, this idea came into my head…forgive me for I have sinned! (I’d also recommend listening to little bits of the songs as you read!)

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Jin: Fever by Michael Bublé. Jin doesn’t just “have sex”, he makes love to his partner and wants to show them that they are the one that taught him how to love in the first place. Jin is a very passionate man when it comes to intimate acts of love, so he would want a song that accurately shows his passion well. Because his partner would always turn him on, making his body feel like “a fever that’s so hard to bear” he would want to return the feelings in his sex as well. Bublé’s alluring voice and romantic lyrics will drive Jin to be more bold and seductive in his foreplay, bringing both parties satisfaction by the end of the night.

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Suga: Lollipop by Lil’ Wayne. There’s something strangely erotic about this Lil’ Wayne song to Suga that makes him extremely horny. Even though Suga enjoys having romantic love making sessions as much as the next guy, he would also enjoy the dirty nights that would only transpire in the bedroom with his partner as well. This song would be used for those times when he’d want his partner to “lick him like a lollipop.” The steady beat of the song would also be perfect to match Suga’s calculated thrusts, making both parties “at a loss for words” when it comes to their erotic adventures together under the sheets.

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J-Hope: Future Sex Love Sounds by Justin Timberlake. Okay. Can we just take a moment to really think about this song and how its perfect for J-Hope’s swift dancer thrusts. The beat is just fast enough for J-Hope to erotically dance to (and have sex to), but not too overpowering to where the sex appeal is gone. When Timberlake’s hot and seductive voice goes over the speakers, J-Hope’s sexy side will come out because “Daddy’s on a mission to please.” and god damn will Jung Hoseok please. This is one of those songs that when it goes on, J-Hope will be pleasing his partner until the sun goes up because he “can’t stop once you’ve turned me on”.

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Rap Monster: Gangsta by Kehlani. Rap Monster is one of those guys that is just naturally talented in the art of sex. He’d have is partner begging for more of his touching, kisses, and…other things, until they can’t take it anymore. The slow and sultry feminine voice in this song would set up the perfect mood with the right amounts of sensuality and sexiness that would make his partner squirm as he would tease them. The heavy beat in the music would match his mix of thrusting and grinding perfectly, bringing maximum pleasure for his partner who “needs a gangsta to love me better than all the others do.”.

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Jimin: Floyd by Kelis. Mmm lord, this song with its hidden qualities of rock and jazz makes for the perfect baby making music that Jimin loves to hear. The soft quality to it wouldn’t drown out his partners moans (which he believes is the best music to hear in bed). The slow beat would be perfect for Jimin’s legendary body rolls and hip thrusts, making for a nice strip tease for his partner’s eyes that will make them “want to be blown away”. Jimin would switch from being romantic to rough depending on what his partner would want, and the flexibility of the song can work with either mood, bringing maximum pleasure to both people.

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V: Crazy in Love (Remix) by Beyoncé. When V puts this song on you know that shit is going to go down. His dominant, kinky persona will come out upon hearing the pounding bass and sultry lyrics of this remix. And V will not disappoint. He will bring his partner’s wildest and dirtiest fantasies to life; the teasing nature of his would heighten in these moments, driving his partner crazy with his lingering hands and fleeting tongue. He would get his partner “looking so crazy in love” with every kiss and every touch. V would love giving head to his partner, following the pace of the song, before fucking them to an orgasm.

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Jungkook: Loft Music by The Weeknd. Jungkook would feel confident when this song plays in the bedroom. The explicit lyrics and hip swaying beat would make Jungkook become possessive and sexy in his partners eyes. He’d be marking his partner up in his possessive state, on their neck, stomach, thighs, any place he could get to. He’d start his thrusts out fast, but when the song starts to slow down he would match his thrusts to the slowing pace of the song; he’d savor the sex as much as he could until his partner would beg for him to “fuck me raw” then he would go back to his fast pace to finish them both off.

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Books that fucking change your life man

Ever read a book so good, so thought provoking, so goddamned FULL that you feel as though your skin is about to split from the pressure of the explosion inside of you.

Books that make you feel as though countries and worlds and stars and fucking galaxies are forcing their way out of you and there’s nothing you can do but let it happen and let yourself be warmed the the fierce intensity of their meaning.

Books that make you completely zone out of our world and transport you into this warped fucking dimension where there is no gravity. There’s just you and these thoughts and feelings and you embrace all the good bad and average like a greedy fucker because they make you feel so much more real than you do normally.

Books that you drink in like a dying man thirsting for water in the desert, but it’s always an oasis. When you get there, to the end, you feel tricked because you trusted it to be what you needed. Yet, it’s not like that at all, because they were what you needed. You need them like our world needs the sun and fish need water and evil needs mankind. You need them more afterwards than you did before.

I’ve always wondered if we become parts of the characters we fall in love with. If we grow a little more like them than we meant to but we can’t help it because if you live inside of their words– behind that second screen in your mind where their world exists and yours ceases to– for long enough, you become them.

And maybe that’s why it’s so hard so snap back like an elastic band when our world starts up again, because we are strangers here now with no story to follow. Just ourselves and this life that we didn’t fit into anyways.

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Zhin x sha lin \0/ because look at his the voice lines, zhin called sha lin "princess" xD

Heh, I’m just gonna do a somewhat angst fic? (IDK MAN) I can see them as bros or more than that, actually! -Mod Evie

Sha Lin sat alone in the dining room, sipping a hot cup of tea, slumping against his chair. Most of his team mates had already gone off to bed, it being way past normal bed time. The only source of light in the room was the small bulb hanging from a flimsy cord, and he sighed.

He was tired after a long day of training with his friends, yes, but he couldn’t sleep. He was just thinking so much. Thinking so much about… Zhin.

It had been 2 weeks since Zhin arrived and joined the Paladins, but Sha Lin still hadn’t told anyone why he was so uncomfortable with Zhin. Everyone knew there was something more other than Zhin’s tyranny that made their archer avoid him, but they never pried. They respected his privacy, and Sha Lin was thankful for that.

After all, how could he tell them that he was the prince of the fallen empire Zhin’s guild took over? Majority were wary of Zhin enough, revealing this would just ensure his old friend’s dismissal. 

… Old friend. That’s right. They… were just friends back then, right?

… They were nothing more, much to Sha Lin’s dismay.

Sha Lin sighed again, closing his eyes and placing the cup on the table. He wanted to talk to Zhin, to find out the answers to many questions he had: how he was in Paladins now? What is the real reason he came to join the Paladins all of a sudden? Did he want to reconcile with Sha Lin at all? He just needed to know.

“What’s the matter, Princess?” That nick name.. from his childhood.

The young man’s eyes snapped open when he heard the familiar gruff voice. He slowly looked up, to see that Zhin was sitting in the chair opposite him, staring at him. “…Don’t say that, Zhin,” Sha Lin whispered out, a sudden lump in his throat preventing him from speaking any louder. Ah, so Sha Lin didn’t tell anyone. (No wonder the others just brushed it off as an insult towards the Desert Wind and nothing more whenever he called him that.)

There he was, sitting in front of Sha Lin with his long raven black hair tied into a topknot, his exquisite and complexly beautiful attire, angled face that adorned a sharp nose, thin lips, and burning hazel eyes… Zhin, the previous leader of the Thousand Hands Guild. “I thought you would have slept by now.”

“… The same question could be asked to you,“ Sha Lin replied, averting his gaze from the intimidating yet attractive older man in front of him. Zhin did not fail to notice that non-verbal queue.

“… This group… Isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be,“ Zhin said after a long silence. Sha Lin just nodded. “They’re a… unique bunch.“ (He decided against saying ‘happy and cheerful‘, considering people like Androxus and Seris were in the group too…) Zhin just nodded, looking away from Sha Lin, folding his arms.

Sha Lin waited for Zhin to talk, but the other man didn’t speak after that. He probably was waiting for the young archer to start talking instead. But what could he say? All the questions he wanted to ask just flew out of his head now that Zhin was actually here. Sha Lin opened his mouth, but no words came out. Zhin raised his eyebrow, wondering why his old mate was being so… weird. 

Considering Zhin’s life, Sha Lin was somewhat glad he’d have no idea of his true feelings towards him.

“… We can’t go back like how it used to be, can it?” Seeing that Sha Lin had his tongue tied, Zhin spoke first. “… As… friends.” What was Zhin saying?!

Sha Lin finally looked at Zhin when he asked that dreaded question.“… How can we? You threatened to kill me… took over my empire… and disappear for 10 years… and suddenly…“ he trailed off, looking down again. His feelings for Zhin were mostly gone… but he knew.

He knew that a miniscule amount still remained. He could never tell him that. Zhin nodded, as if he was expecting this answer, as he probably did. “… Of course.”

The uncomfortable silence once again fell over them like an itchy wool blanket. Sha Lin, thought usually composed and smooth, was just a shuffling and quiet mess right now. 

There was nothing else to discuss. Zhin got up, scraping his chair. “… I’ll see you in the next training session.” Before Zhin left, the 2 of them glanced at each other one last time.

“Goodnight, Princess,“ Zhin said walking off, leaving Sha Lin with a confused and painful heart.

… “Goodnight, Zhin.”

It Is Okay If You Are Still Single

Single men and women are living under a constant pressure to validate themselves in today’s society. “Really? No girlfriend at all?” Or “Are you gay?”, these are questions I always get whenever people discover that I’m still single at this age.“ And it made me think that, just because a man doesn’t have a girlfriend, regardless of his age, it doesn’t mean he is not a man already. They have a different perspective and some do not understand what the real meaning of singleness is.

So if you are a single and you’re not dating anyone yet, I have a good news for you: it is okay.

Pressure is There But Jesus is Always the Answer

Relationship can never satisfy the thirst of man for joy. Everyone wants to have a joyful life but being in a romantic relationship is not the answer. Hence, if you find that having a relationship can gratify your hunger for joy you are in deep trouble. Yes, you are, because it shouldn’t be that way. It will never fill the hole in the heart of a man.

Just remember that God is not delayed nor is too early to let you have a date. Don’t be pressured when people tell you something about your status. Follow the crowds no more. Trust the One who arranges time and season. He is for you. Don’t be envious of others if they already have because it is a great privilege for us to stay single while enjoying life wholly with the Lord.

When pressure comes, go and hide yourself in the shelter of the Lord and be satisfied with His love in this season. He will deafen your ears with His tender voice and silence your heart with His love (Zep. 2:17) whenever our hearts feel the weight of burden towards us.

Singleness is Not an Issue to be Explained

Some singles and shockingly young women (aged between 10 and 14) that I know worry themselves too much about what will happen on their future relationship status. They want to have a knight in shining armor or a prince charming that will save their hearts from the world. There is nothing wrong in hoping or dreaming to be with someone else in the future. What I just want to say is that, there is a right season for that.  Don’t neglect the fact about broken homes, broken hearts, and single mom or dad because of pursuing to be with someone else at an early age.

Singleness will never be an issue that needs an explanation neither “a problem to be solved” according to Stacy Reaoch. Singleness is a season of being single. It does not mean you are alone in nowhere or wanting for someone to be with. Being single in despite of temptation to be with someone else and living in the pressure of the crowd means he is still and firm and secured knowing his own purpose in this very season. Because singleness is an opportunity that God gave us to enjoy Him more than any other human.

Singleness is Not Totally about Waiting but Mainly Preparing

This is what I learned in this season: Singleness is not entirely about waiting and waiting and waiting but most specifically it’s about preparing and preparing and preparing. When Jacob wanted to marry Rachel he didn’t just wait for seven years. He offered seven years of work to Laban (Rachel’s father) just to get the hand of his love (Gen. 29:18). But Laban lied to him so he worked for another 7 years (Gen. 29:30). An amazing thing about the character of Jacob is in verse 29, it says there, “So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her” (Gen. 29:29). We will know if we are truly in love with that person if we can patiently wait and determined to prepare ourselves for that big event. Jacob worked and so should we. It’s not just about waiting it is also about preparing by working in and out of our character. Love drives out fear (1 John 4:18) and maybe the very reason to prepare and work hard is for us to be the suitable partner for that person.

Time will come that we will finally meet the one He purposely prepares for us. And don’t be surprised if the emotions that day will be unexplainable. Believe me, it will be a glorious day. There is no shame and fear if we enter the relationship with right motive and purpose. King Solomon reminds us that “there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”. That there will be “a time to search and a time to quit searching” (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 6).

We can be productive and enjoy life to the fullest while we are still single “by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith” (Hebrews 12:2) and by seeking His kingdom first for all those things will be added upon us (Matthew 6:33).

Indeed, I wanted to have a wife and children in the future but I will not make myself worry about those things. Peter reminded us to cast all our anxiety on him because he cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). Therefore, if God cares for you and me it only means that He holds everything and under His control and He’s taking care of my soon to be partner in life. And also yours!

 © Dianne Alvarez

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Erwin ;)

You would xD

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS | I WANT TO SIT ON HIS FACE

ship with:  Me Levi

general opinions: You asked for it…

(I tried to condense it and try an keep it from sounding like an Erwin x Reader fanfic haha) Have I gone too far still though I wonder D:

I appreciate Erwin in every way. I appreciate Erwin in a suit, Erwin with no clothes on, Dominant Erwin, emotionally suffering Erwin, sugar daddy Erwin, but I would really appreciate the Erwin on top of me.

Erwin is the living incarnate of perfection and beauty. Canonically that babe is ripped as fuck and the merch producers have shoved his cock bulge in our faces more times that I can count. He’s clearly packing down there and I would sell my kidney in order to get my hands on it. I’d sell my first born to get my mouth on it.

People take the piss out of his eyebrows but they just frame his face perfectly, a solid match for his chiseled jaw and cheekbones, all attention drawn to those shockingly blue eyes. Beautiful despite the tiredness that rings them. And those lips! Like, no one else notices them but he’s got such beautiful lips. They’d give the softest kisses. and I want to sit on them. He can go from adorably, confused sweetie pie to hot ‘I’m going to fuck you on this desk” daddy in like 0.006 seconds and my kokoro cannot cope.

And Erwin, if he could take the time to leave his work for a bit, can you imagine the type of date he would take you on. He’s no fuckboy. He would be such the gentleman, but respect you, cherish you.

He’d wear a suit. Of course he would. And that bastard would wear a shirt that’s a little too tight on the chest. A shirt that screams for you to release those bara-tiddies. My face belongs between them.

Can you imagine how he would smell at the end of the date when he leans down and asks if he can kiss you.

And don’t get me started on what I think it would be like being fucked by Erwin Smith, hot damn fuck.

I know I’ve used the word perfect several times but never has it been so relevant til now. His cock is perfect. You’ll never convince me otherwise. It’s perfectly huge, but not unnecessarily so, and it has the perfect girth that has the receiver seeing stars, and the perfect curve that just blinds you.

Most people wouldn’t be able to wrap their hands round it. But why waste a cock like that with your hands, you want that in your mouth.

I am fucking parched and the only thing that will quench my thirst is his own come down my throat.

This greek-god of a man has no right to exist. The thoughts of his muscles tensing, those biceps bulging as he crosses his arms, the heavy weight of his cock…all these thoughts keep me up at night. He’s too perfect and I can’t deal and he’s ruined real men for me because no one can compare at all…and Dicks don’t come in Erwin style.


But in all seriousness though I love Erwin because he’s NOT perfect.

He is a tortured soul wracked by guilt and self-hatred and I just love to see favourite characters have this inner turmoil and conflict. ngl.

Erwin is undeniably important for the entire plot of SNK, even in the first series he was pulling strings everywhere. He is the mastermind of the entire thing. But even so, he’s not perfect. He takes risks and gambles, and sometimes they don’t work as well as one would hope but Erwin’s already there with a plan. It’s painful that a man with so many back up plans in case a scheme goes awry is unable to plan his own future, a man who hopes to free humanity hasn’t left enough hope for himself.

They say that he has sacrificed his own humanity in order to free those locked in the walls, but we’re now seeing that Erwin is so painfully human, and no one realises it. Even he doesn’t. He clearly believes himself to be a monster, but he is fighting against emotions that are inherently human. 
If Erwin does turn into the monster titan, it will be ironic that it happens just as Erwin is finally showing just how human he is.

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tell me about chenkai, pretty pls? :3


golden gay time

look at them chit-chatting and flirting around

External image

yes because that touch was totally necessary jongdae

jongin control yourself

talk dirty to me [cue smooth jazz]

the thirst is real

tough love. kinky.

what’s this?


idk man they are like little toddlers

kindergarten love

very mature

much adult (i think jongin died)

what the fuck are you even doing


jongdae is such a nice hyung. look at how he runs up to jongin when he weeps like a baby

jongdae riding jongin… to comfort him… i guess.

when jongin fell on the stage and hurt his waist jongdae stood beside him immediately to check up on him.


jongin totally adore his hyung too


External image

yes just fondle with the chooty while he is too excited to care… we see you jongin… we do.


the thirst is real i’m not kidding

om nom nom

jongin jongin jongbro jonglicious jong jong in in notice me jongin look at me


look at them getting all huggly cuddly

External image


a necessary hold while your hyung is talking

very necessary

External image

look at the way he looks at the camera. jongdae is just like “are you recording this bitch because that’s my man look at the way i’m getting the butt”


also this


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can we get some possessive Normand imagines? The need is real....


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For the ask game, #squad and microscope, if you haven't already done them!

I’m getting so many of these aaahhhh it’s tripping me out how many people wanna see me ramble about Shaera hahhaa

#squad: who’s friends with who? what are the squad dynamics like?
- Shaera’s first real friend she makes after joining the inquisition is Solas, mostly because he’s intriguing to her as a tall, wise, and bald (and very handsome) elf man who seems to know everything about everything and Shaera is a sponge for knowledge, always thirsting for more. But when Sera joins up with inquisition, they grow super close and they are devious little minxes, bonding over their hatred for shithead lordlings and their love for good mead. Sera gets Shae to come out of her shell and take more risks and have more fun. They’re good for each other and balance one another out. Of course Sera hates Shae’s taste in men, and teases her relentlessly for her interest in Solas and she generally disagrees with just about every decision Shae makes in the game BUT there is never a dull moment between the two and Sera does a good job at taking care of her friend after Solas takes Shae’s arm.

I hope I answered this question right??!

microscope: zoom in – describe the little, insignificant details about an OC.
- Shaera has a smol gap in between her two front teeth that she nervously tongues when she’s in an awkward situation. She’s covered in a sheath of translucent baby hairs that I imagine all elves to have in replace of the thick, wiry body hair humans have. Her left nostril is pierced. Her lips are always chapped and chewed to bits, and she has dark circles beneath her eyes from being a night owl.

death of a bachelor - phanfic

the one where Dan is getting married and Phil is his best man. also the one where Dan accidentally says Phil’s name at the altar. whoops.

yes this is very similar to that episode of friends and that was exactly my intention

WARNING: teeny tiny bit of angst and veerrrryyy little bit of violence.



Phil had completely decided not to show up. He couldn’t handle the pain that he knew was waiting for him in that church. His best friend was getting married and Phil knew his emotions were not appropriate ones for a ‘best man’ to be having.

He should’ve been able to support Dan. Oh, that name. Dark haired, dark eyed, Dan. He had been closer than a brother to Phil since the moment they met, almost ten years ago. He wasn’t even going to mention the fact that Dan’s wedding happened to fall exactly on the day he and Phil met. Phil was sure Dan didn’t even remember. The only reason the older man did was because he was head over heels, completely in love with his best friend. And there was nothing he could do about it.

It was the night before Dan’s wedding and Phil was in his quiet hotel room, packing up his things. He couldn’t do this, he was going to leave and never come back. There was no way he was going to watch the man he had loved for so long pledge his life to someone else that was totally wrong for him.

Phil scanned the hotel room once more, making sure he hadn’t left anything behind. He stepped into the bathroom and looked behind the door, grabbing a purple t-shirt and shoving it into the bag over his shoulder. He turned around and was face to face with Dan.

“Dan!” Phil gasped, startled by his best friends’ presence. He hadn’t given him a key and didn’t know how he managed to get inside. 

How the other man always made sweat pants and a ratty old t-shirt look so perfect was beyond him. It was then that he noticed the dark circles under Dan’s eyes, and his shaking hands. “Are you okay?”

“I can’t do this, Phil.” The dark haired man’s voice quivered. 

“W-what do you mean?” Phil felt unbelievably guilty when butterflies fluttered in his stomach, hoping Dan was calling off the wedding. What was wrong with him?! He wanted Dan to be happy, even if he wasn’t with him!

“I think I’m making a mistake.” He admitted, flopping down on his back like a starfish on Phil’s bed. Phil couldn’t help himself from dragging his eyes up and down Dan’s long form, but quickly snapped out of it, silently screaming at himself to keep it together.

“Why?” Phil asked, sitting down by Dan on the bed.

“I never told you this, but he cheated on me. Like, a year ago. I can’t get it out of my head. What if he does it again? Marriage doesn’t change people that much, right? ‘One a cheater, always a cheater’ is what I always thought.”

Phil’s jaw clenched the moment he heard the word “cheated” and his blood ran cold with rage. 

“He did WHAT?” He practically screamed, standing up. 

“Phil, quiet!!” Dan jumped up to join him and placed a hand on his shoulder. At this moment, Dan looked at the floor and noticed Phil’s bags.

“Were you… leaving?” Dan asked, his voice soft and fragile.

“Um… No, I was just…” Phil’s voice trailed off. He knew he couldn’t lie to Dan, but in that moment, he also couldn’t look him in the eye.

“Why?” Dan’s voice shook slightly with the question. 

“Well…” Phil began, his face already flushed red. “I can’t do this either.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t watch you do this tomorrow. Especially after hearing what he’s done to you. But even before that.” Now it was Phil’s turn to sound fragile. 

In the past, he fully planned on never telling Dan about his feelings, it would make things too weird. Despite his previous plans and internal pleading with himself, he knew those feelings were about to come out. He sat back down on the bed and covered his face with the palms of his hands, exhaling slowly and shakily.

“But… I need you, Phil. I can’t do this without you… You’re my best friend.”

“Yeah, well you’re more than that.” Phil responded, his quiet words aimed down at his knees. He heard Dan’s breathing hitch slightly and he knew he was about to speak.

“Phil-” Dan was cut off by a knock at the door.

“Dan?” It was Ben, his fiance. “Phil? Are you in there?”

Their eyes met, Dan’s confused and Phil’s desperate. Dan quickly stood up and opened the door, exchanging a few inaudible words with Ben. Phil didn’t dare move. Soon after, Dan left the door open and walked back into Phil’s sight.

“Please be there tomorrow. I need you.”

As much as he dreaded it, Phil woke up the next morning and got dressed in his suit. He went down to the hotel lobby and ate breakfast. But all the while, he felt empty. His deepest secret was finally out in the open and he felt awful. 

After breakfast, he met up with the other groomsmen and headed off to the church. The wedding was about to start.

Phil stood in front of the gigantic church with a handful of Dan’s closest friends and his brother. He looked out into the seats and saw half the church filled with familiar faces. Even his own parents were there. Dan and Phil shared basically everything in life and that included friends and family. The other half of the church was filled with Ben’s guests.

Any thoughts that were going through Phil’s mind were quickly shattered and never thought of again when he looked down the aisle and saw Dan coming toward him. He genuinely thought his heart had stopped. 

Dan was dressed in all black; suit, shirt, and tie. Phil remembered being there when his best friend picked it all out. “Great choice,” Phil had said, straightening the other man’s tie. “You look amazing.”

His thoughts snapped back into reality as Dan joined him on the stage. They exchanged a quick look before Dan faced the minister and waited for Ben to follow down the aisle.

Phil was basically emotionless throughout the ceremony. He promised himself he would be, if he was really going to be there for Dan. He wouldn’t be able to hold himself together if he didn’t clear his mind and pretend he was somewhere else. Then, his most dreaded part of the ceremony came. 

“Ben,” the minister began, “repeat these words after me.”

Ben complied and echoed the pastor’s words perfectly. All that was left was for Dan to do the same. Phil heard him take a deep breath.

“Daniel, repeat these words after me.” 

Dan nodded.

“I, Daniel, take thee, Ben…” The old man began.

“I, Daniel, take thee, Phil…” As if all at the exact same moment, the audience, Phil, Ben, the minister, and everyone within earshot gasped. The room fell silent.

Phil’s head snapped in Dan’s direction and their eyes met. Dan looked shocked and terrified. Ben was furious and grabbed Dan’s hands into his. 

“Excuse me?!” He shouted, not caring that everyone in the church was watching.

“I can’t do this.” Dan said softly to his soon-to-be ex-fiance.

Phil couldn’t believe what he was overhearing. He knew he had to be hallucinating. He needed to get out of that church before he fainted or something.

Phil fled down the stairs and sprinted out the side exit of the church, not stopping until he reached a large tree in the field next door. He pressed his back against the tree and held his face in his hands.

“Well, that was unexpected…” A familiar voice said softly. Phil jumped at the sound of Dan’s voice and peeked out from behind his pale fingers. He dropped his hands to his sides and gaped at his best friend incredulously.

“What just happened?!” Phil almost yelled.

“I’m not getting married, Phil.” Dan smiled.

“W-why?” Phil’s voice quivered, still not fully grasping that this was real.

“Because,” Dan started. “I’m in love with someone else. Have been for way too long.”

Phil’s heart raced in his chest and he brought his gaze up to meet Dan’s. They both smiled together and Dan softly cradled Phil’s face in his hands. The brown eyed man inched his face closer and closer until their lips touched. 

It felt like Phil’s thirst was finally quenched for the first time in his entire life. Phil couldn’t hold himself back from wrapping his arms around Dan’s waist and slamming their bodies together as tight as they could possibly be. Dan let out a small moan at the sudden movement and contact. 

“Oh, Phil,” Dan groaned quietly into Phil’s neck.

“I can’t believe you did this to me!” Shouted a third voice from behind the pair. Ben’s footsteps stomped across the grass quickly and grasped Dan’s suit coat, sending the brunette stumbling a few feet away. 

He stepped into Phil’s personal space, furious. Without much time to think, Phil clenched his fist and sent it flying into Ben’s face.

“Back off, you cheating bastard!” Phil screamed at Ben as he ran to Dan’s side. Ben stared at Phil, shocked, and held his nose with one hand. “Yeah, he told me! You don’t deserve Dan! I’ve loved him for ten years!”

At this point, the yelling and fighting had gathered a crowd of wedding guests from inside the church.

“You better watch yourself, Lester.” Ben threatened, taking a step toward Phil once more.

“I love him, Ben,” Dan interjected, stepping in between the two, shielding Phil from the man he almost married. “I love him and I’m going to marry him, not you.” Phil gasped at that. “Now get out of here.”

Phil had never heard Dan’s voice sound so intimidating and strong. Ben gave them both an angry look and stomped off to the parking lot, his family and friends quietly following after.

Dan finally turned his attention back to his companion and smiled.

“Did you mean that?” Phil asked quietly.

“What? That I’m going to marry you?” Phil nodded. “Absolutely.”

Dan took the man’s hand and led him back into the church. Their families were still there, waiting. 

“Sorry about that, everyone!” Dan raised his voice at the group. “Change of plans.”

Phil looked out at their families, sitting together, and they all smiled back at him. They seemed happy and proud. Did they already realize what had happened outside?

“Excuse me, pastor?” Dan spoke from the stage. “There’s still going to be a wedding, if that’s alright with everyone.”

Suddenly, Dan and Phil’s friends and family actually stood up and started cheering. A few voices even shouted, “Finally!” and “Oh my God, I thought it would never happen!” Dan and Phil smiled at each other lovingly and took the stage.

“Alright, repeat after me, very carefully,” The pastor said to Dan, accompanied by laughs and whistles from the crowd. “I, Daniel, take thee Phil…”

“I, Daniel, take thee Phil…” Dan smiled at Phil, the words flowing from his mouth without any mistake. Phil’s smile was beaming back at his partner. 

Phil then repeated the same words and before they knew it, they were legally married. 

“I now pronounce you, Mr. and Mr….” the pastor trailed off, realizing he hadn’t asked the pair whose last name they would be sharing.

“Lester,” Dan finished for him and Phil’s eyes widened. 

“Are you sure?” Phil asked quietly.

“Phil, I’ve been doodling ‘Mr. Daniel Lester’ in my notebooks since I was eighteen. Yes, I’m sure.” Dan retorted, and the crowd hooped and hollered once more.

“Mr. and Mr. Lester!” the pastor shouted proudly. “You may now kiss your groom!”

The pair held each other close and shared a passionate, meaningful kiss. The crowd filled with their friends and family got to their feet and cheered loudly. After a few moments, the two broke apart.

“I love you, Mr. Lester.” Phil smiled at his husband.

“I love you too, Mr. Lester.” Dan giggled before diving back into another kiss with his other half.

Magick, Mysticism, and Ascension 101

The ideas here put forth are from the understanding and perspective of Fr.Sol and should not be seen as attempting to make an objective statement. As you will see, these ideas are merely forms that attempt to capture the meaning that lays beyond the limits of what words, symbols, visions or sounds could ever capture.

First one must recognize the essentials of the universe, the Yin and Yang of creation itself. The question of an ultimate creator being shall not concern us here.

All matter and space in the whole of the universe shall be the Yin. All motion and the forces that cause it shall be the Yang.

These are the only two things which exist within our universe. From the Yang of gravity which pulls the planets of Yin, to the neutrons, protons, and electrons of Yin set in the motion of Yang (which together make up all that we are and all of everything). The quantum itself exists as quarks (Yin) partaking in action/motion (Yang).

The universe is to us a macrocosm. As above so below, as without so within. The microcosm of a man or a woman consists of these forces on every level of its being. The body is an interplay of motion and matter. The mind is an interplay of Form and Meaning.

Form can take on any matter of existence. It could be a word, a sound, a shape, a color, or any other ‘form of existence’ our minds can conceive of–both literally and conceptually. Meaning is attached to these Symbols. Without Meaning these forms, which can all be seen as symbols, are empty and meaningless. If you speak to me in a language I haven’t learned then I won’t understand you. This is because the Symbols you are using have no attached Meaning to them in my mind.

Similarly if I gave you all my magical formulae, symbols, and operations they won’t serve you much purpose or use. The one GIGANTIC difference here is that where as typical symbols I could easily explain to you the generally accepted meaning of but I could not so easily do that with the forms I use in my Magick. The reason behind this holds the Key to all Magick and Mysticism.

Within the Mind there is Form and Meaning. Form can be known, yet Meaning can only be experienced. Thus as mystics we push ourselves to reach ever deeper in the formless realm of Being, and attach to them meaningless Forms such as words, sigils, maps, concepts, constructs, cosmologies, etc.

First we shall discuss Magick and how it may serve us in the only aspiration worthy enough of the exalted path that the Mystic walks upon today, the same Path which all the mystics of the past have ever walked or in the future ever will.

Symbols can be jam packed with meaning, and I mean like really fucking jam packed. Every Symbol that a magickian learns holds a Meaning which (s)he will explore deeper, making it more meaningful. The magickian will learn correspondences and interactions, so that (s)he may know how to invoke the Meaning (which is truly the Spirit itself of the symbol) and how those symbols affect each other. Thus the magickian can be seen as a sort of astral alchemist whom utilizes symbols to capture, use, and explore the ineffable realms of Meaning. 

“Presently I shall have to explain the supreme importance of such systems; in fact, the Universe itself is not, and cannot be, anything but an arrangement of symbolic characters.”
– Crowley 

Now why does this matter and how the fuck does meaning and symbols translate into magick and mystical experiences? Let us begin the unveiling!

First we must understand that everything our conscious mind can experience must be clothed in a Symbol before it can be perceived. Our conscious mind, when untrained, can not experience any Meaning without it being clothed in Form.

The physical senses intake Form which is then given Meaning in the mind. Our feelings all have different forms which activate within us different experiences of meaning. The mental realm is Forms attached to Meanings, the Archetypal world is also Form given to Meaning, so is thus the Astral as well as any other plane we can experience.

The Astral in particular is an area of interest to the magickian and the mystic . Here we take a step back from Form and come closer to pure Meaning. The Symbols we learn and fill with meaning can be utilized here on the astral plane to create change. Here you can call forth the symbols you have learned so they may radiate their meaning.

Now once again you may ask, what good is this in practical application? As you really should be asking.

Firstly I will give a small address to matters of Witchcraft and Divination relating to the material plane. The relation between the Astral and the Physical is beyond the comprehension of even the most exalted magician, yet it must stem from the magical formula ARARITA, which we can for this moment take to mean “All is one”. All matter/form in existence is interlinked and by analogy we make an assumption that all meaning in existence is interlinked. Thus through affecting the Meaning of something (spirit if you want to use jargon), you can affect every Form in existence which is linked to that Meaning. In the astral you may use a Symbol to capture the Meaning of your intended magical wish, and then utilize another Symbol which holds the right Meaning to accomplish what you desire. Whether it was money, love, pain, etc.

Similarly the astral can be used to focus upon a Symbol of what one wishes to divine until symbols arise which will communicate Meaning for the mind to decipher. Thus is divination accomplished.

These matters of witchcraft and divination are a double edged sword to a Mystic. Partially because they are unpredictable and risky, unless one be a magus exalted. Partially because they distract one from the real aspiration of the Mystic and the Magus. At the same time, there is not a single act of will which a (wo)man makes without it being an act of Magick. Thus the distinction here between wasting time and perfecting your art comes with the MEANING and INTENT of your workings. If you feed frivolous desires and material matters then you will gravitate to those rather than towards ascension.

The workings revolved around material gain all exist within the realm of Form and are therefore meaningless on their own. What the Mystic thirsts for is Meaning, as much of it and as deep of it as one can have. The Mystic wants to know just how far down the rabbit hole of the ineffable really goes. (S)he is interested in experiencing pure Meaning without Form, a unity, and even in experiencing No Meaning and No Form, nothing.

It is taught that the deeper one goes into this journey, the more they discover their true self which cannot be expressed in the meaningless Forms of words and thoughts. It is taught that this true self is in unity with the all, and thus this true self that is you is in reality All of existence. It is rumored that this true self can show you what lays outside of existence itself. It is rumored that this can teach one all the secrets of existence. Enlightenment, awakening.

The mystics of today follow this mysterious and mystical path, to walk The Great Path is The Great Work. They utilize the art of magick to explore ever deeper Meaning, encompassing it in symbols and building those up. So that one built up enough may eventually lift them higher than their current state of being. The symbol of the true or higher self perhaps? Shiva? Buddha? Christ? These Symbols are built up with deeper and deeper meaning so that they may reach ever higher.

The mystics of today learn meditation and focus, they train their will power to push past their limits and they absorb all the knowledge they can find so that they may find better ways to explore the symbols and the astral. The more skilled they become, and the more trained their minds become, the faster they can make progress, the deeper can they go, the closer can they reach to the realm of pure Meaning outside of all Form.

This is the mystery of the mystics past and present of every culture. Our traditions and techniques vary but we all dance around the same ineffable Fire of Meaning.

P.S. A note must be added here that the number one mistake made by aspirants is to lose themselves in the realms of Form and miss the essence of Meaning. They assign high importance to their Symbols and scoff at others’, they become offended if you do not take interest in their fantasies, and generally serve to do nothing more than confuse seekers and feed their own insanity.

Never forget that Form is meaningless on its own, and many forms can hold the same or similar Meaning.


6/19/2015- Honestly, this is how Mabel and Dipper would look at an older age in my view. Mabel would have a serious amount of tattoos for me because she’s the artistic one. Dippers clothes would be similar to his old ones except for color and length, also the jacket. And he also has tattoos, some being similar to his sister lol. When Bill and Pacifica see them, the thirst becomes real, legit real.

Exo at their concert
  • Xiumin: *strips* hUH WHY DOES THIS FEEL KINDA WEIRD OOOPS *flashes everyone*
  • Kai: *cries bc his doggies arent there*
  • Tao: *hobbles around* tHNAK gOD I dont have to flip and spin a stick again that was work
  • Yixing: *strips and humps the shit out of nothing*
  • Baekhyun: *runs past mother in the audience* MAMA WE AREN'T GAY I PROMISE
  • Kyungsoo: God i hate this group
  • (Meanwhile Luhan and Kris look up the Exo tag while they sit in a hole somewhere in China)
  • Luhan: pretttty disappoint that sehun wasnt half naked just fucking saying because tHE THIRST I HAVE FOR THIS MAN IS REAL- OH MY GOD IS THAT EL DORADO? *single tear rolls down cheek* THAT'S ALL I EVER FUCKING WANTED FUCK
  • Kris: wtf they didn't dress up as vegetables
Don't Overthink KimYe, It's Easy

My first print piece was commissioned by Essence in 2010. It was a response to the choice of then-Kim bae Reggie Bush as a cover model–via a stock photo— for the mag’s February “Black love” issue. I talked about how even sisters who aren’t anti-interracial dating can be made to feel some type of way by the overindexing of brothers who choose others, in the spotlight and out. I regrettably bio-ed myself as “freelance writer/social media personality,” haha. (Worked out okay for me in the end, but no one should ever call themselves that again.) Demetria Lucas was my editor, she was very kind and easy to work with. There were a few small changes that I would be able to push back on now that I stayed quiet on then. I got my first good-ass writing check. I hate this article now, it’s kinda boring and I set aside much of my voice because I didn’t think older Black ladies would dig my snark. But I think it gets to the point.

“When (Black women) comment on Black men’s choices, we are labled haters. Really? The ESPY Awards resemble an interracial couples’ convention and I can’t comment on the lack (Jamilah 2014 would have phrased this part differently-J'14) of Black wives and girlfriends in the room?…when Black women are more often than note the ones who washed the jerseys, polished the trophies and sacrificed to get these men to where they are (I meant their mothers-J'14)…Why aren’t we good enough to be there when they have it all? Why isn’t our love a prize?

Unfortunately, many brothers have different standards for non-Black women than they do us. Kobe Bryant…(married) a video model, a job that’s largely frowned upon when a Black woman occupies it. Black women are constantly told that being a "baby mama” will make it hard for us to find a husband (FML-J'14) (J/K, I’m still the ish-J'14) Yet, Heidi Klum was able to snag Seal while she was pregnant with another man’s baby. And do you honestly think a sister with a sex tape made public could bag an eligible millionaire like Reggie Bush? Yet Kim Kardashian, a socialite and reality TV star…had no problem doing just that.

For a great number of the sisters who are/were annoyed by Kim, ReggiKim (retroactive nickname game wavy) and KimYe, I believe that last part sums it all up.

To be the stereotypical pretty, yet dense girl on the arm of a football player is one thing, but Kim ended up with this extremely talented musician who seems to think of himself as a ‘race man’ revolutionary sort. A man who many of the couple’s detractors came to know via his outburst on that Hurricane Katrina telethon. Someone who’s dad was a Black Panther, his mother, a professor. Kim’s TV persona is shallow, whiny and boring and because said persona is on a reality show about her life, it’s easy to believe that is the real her. She seems nice, but she also seems to be the human equivalent of a walking Instagram photo. Hashtag lots of filters, hashtag thirst trap.

And we’re also watching Kanye play out this strange seeming fascination with Whiteness. Running with these high post, Vogue-ass White folks, posing with lithe, lifeless-looking White women, championing European aesthetics loudly and awkwardly (A kilt, my dude? That’s how we combat hyper-hetromasculinity?), screaming about the Medici family, looking perpetually unhappy and ending up with the seemingly vapid and rather White girl with the big ole butt that is seemingly fake. It’s a lot.

Sotto Voce: Someone has to do the definitive look at race men/"race men” who end up with non-Black women. There are a lot of them. This does not mean that they are frauds or unable to love Black people (or even Black women), but there’s enough of them to make you say, “Huh.” (Some of them are trash, though.) I’m not writing it. I don’t want to think about it too much.

SV, Con’t :This is one of the many things I hate about this alleged 'tan’ America that Steve Stoute and others praise so. Is the goal to get make a left on Nostrand Ave, a right on 79th and get the fuck away from Black people? To join the Rat Pack, like Puff in them Ciroc commercials? To be niggas in Paris with Gweneth, as opposed to with some niggas?TOM FORD!

Bush-years Kanye was a lot more likeable than Obama-years Kanye. And I’m not saying that just because he went from doing songs with the Dialated Peoples and dating Deltas, to en Vogue and “I woulda married Kate and Ashley.” (That was gross though, those girls look like they’ve been dead since 2006. What happened to you, Yeezus? IS IT THE OTHER WHITE GIRL IN THE ROOM THAT NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT?) And it’s bigger than him giving himself the props he feels he doesn’t get from others. 

Lest we not forget that publicly suggested that Kim Kardashian was more worthy of the cover of Vogue than First Lady Michelle Obama, a Black woman from the South Side of Chicago. This is not the sort of statement that inspires folks to just look past politics or personal taste and say, “But what a lovely couple!" 

Using Chief Keef on Yeezus bothers me a lot more than KimYe, for the record. One is corny, the other is nihilistic. Mr. West. is a ball of confusion and contradictions, and it used to make for really great music. Now, it makes for a headache. Perhaps I’m getting old. I’m significantly younger than Kanye, though.

"When he get on, he leave your ass for a White girl” seemed like a snarky bit of cultural commentary at the time, but perhaps 'Ye always saw this coming. Or not. Maybe it just happened and she’s a kind girl who he just happened to fall in love with and cheat on his last girl with (or switch that order.) Whatever. Something happened and now here they are and they have a really cute baby and hopefully, they are all happy. Race aside, they don’t make for a terribly likeable couple and homeboy campaigned for that cover and that’s corny AF. Fin.

I absolutely hate when people all associate Slytherin with death. Like, when did it become a unspoken rule that Slytherin was the house of hatred? Because of Voldemort? Do remember the man who brought him back was Gryffindor. Ambition is a good thing, and they are known for their loyalty and resourcefulness. I think Voldemort should have been Ravenclaw with his thirst for knowledge and such. Him just being great shouldn’t have decided it. I highly doubt he’s a real Slytherin.

Bellamy is justifying his actions by claiming that they have always been at war since day one. 

While this may have been true for Pike and Farm station who do have personal vendettas against Azgeda this is NOT true for the 100 who originally landed. 

Bellamy seems to be forgetting that he is responsible for the death of 300 people on the Ark while it was space. It was their launched flares that landed in a village causing unknown damage and injuries/casualties. When Anya agreed to speak to Clarke on The Commanders orders it was Jasper who who got scared and shot at the grounders while they waited patiently for Anya and Clarke to negotiate a truce EVEN AFTER THEY BLEW UP A GROUNDER VILLAGE. Then there’s the people who were casualties of the bridge bomb. Then there’s the massacre of 18 innocent people in a village at the hands of Finn. And instead of starting a war Lexa gives them the opportunity to give up just the one person responsible. And even that justice is stolen from them by Clarke.  

Yeah Bellamy is hurt that Clarke left him there but she left thinking that he was strong enough to take care of the people he helped save. They were doing fine until Bellamy let his own mind be changed by a man with a personal vendetta and a thirst for blood. He helped lead an attack on 300 innocent people who were there to protect them.  His character has fallen so far i’m not sure if its redeemable at this point.

I don’t know what war Bellamy is talking about because for the past 3 months Arkadia has lived and thrived in peace after destroying the real enemy in Mt. Weather. The only war they’re at is the war they just started.

Bellamy is the example of what happens when you make decisions only with your heart. He’s angry and in pain and he lets his heart make all of his decisions leaving his mind weak to Pike who immediately manipulates him. Pike sees Bellamys anger and uses that to turn his fear to hate and his pain to malice. Bellamy sees what he wants, what Pike tells him to see and is going to justify their actions any way he can. When Clarke asks him if war is what he wants he can’t look her in the eyes and tell her ‘no’ because he does want it. He wants to fight, wants to kill people to get revenge because he doesn’t know how to handle his own emotions and rationalize beyond revenge.

Lexa on the other hand acknowledges her pain and anger, but makes decisions with her head not her heart. She was willing to give these unknown sky people a chance at peace even after they seemingly attacked a village. Even after Clarke killed 300 of her warriors she was willing to set aside her personal feelings to work together to defeat a greater enemy to them both. Lexa who has lost so much herself.