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Clue references in Poe Party (24/?): Of course the police can look around! It’s not like we’re hiding anything…

anthony and i watched alpha and omega 6: dino digs and it was easily the most mystifying alpha and omega film yet

so the wolves have moved to “wolfburbia,” aka “the wolf suburbs,” aka a plastic cave off to the side of a golf course. they argue about whether or not it’s a nice place to live a lot. kate says it’s safer than their old home, for some reason? humphrey complains about it not being natural. and also because of the golf course they spend like a third of the movie talking about golf

one of the middle aged bird men takes a shit on their new wolf landlord’s face

the message in this one is about how you shouldn’t interfere with nature. the antagonists are the same bumbling redneck conservationists who tried to relocate the wolves in the previous film. i find it kind of strange how these movies are so pro-nature and yet also paint humans who try to repopulate areas where wolves have been driven away as the bad guys. but you also get to meet their bosses who own the park. they both have the same model because they’re supposed to be twins i guess

anyway there are also dinosaurs in this movie. the bad guys are trying to dig up a couple of dinosaur fossils, and i guess this is evil because there’s a half-acre ditch in the middle of the forest now where they’re excavating? with pickaxes??

what’s even stupider is the magic beam of light/time portal/whatever referred to as the “sacred light” that propels the dinosaurs into the present when their bones are excavated. i guess. the logic of this movie makes no sense and if the writers couldn’t be assed to make sense of this plot then i’m not going to do their jobs for them

the pups, who’re prone to getting into “situations,” as kate points out, meet a friendly female dinosaur named amy who wears mascara so you can tell she’s a girl dinosaur. they have some whimsical adventures and ride that fucking train AGAIN so they can recycle the same two environments with the train from the first movie AGAIN, two sequels in a row. the parents are scared at first but after amy explains the plot off-screen she is immediately welcomed into the family

the overarching threat is that the bad guys are gonna dig up the t-rex she was buried with (creatively named “rex”), and then rex will be evil or something

the entire animation budget of this film was wasted on a dance sequence with the birds where they’re entranced by the music that plays at the golf course’s fountain. it seemed like they were going to do a musical number, but they just. never started singing

this sequence is called back to later when they ask amy if birds are descended from dinosaurs and she somehow knows that the answer is yes. therefore they realize that rex will also be distracted by the fountain, like the birds, which will allow them to buy some time until the beam of sacred light conveniently shows up again to take them back to the past

amy seems happy to get back home as she steps into the time tornado, even though the opening of the film seems to establish that they entered the sacred light right as the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs was about to hit

and so the bad guys learned not to mess with nature and the wolves decided to move back home, the end. can’t wait for the next two films


“This was the boy I loved. A little bit messy. A little bit ruined. A beautiful disaster. Just like me.” - Michelle Hodkin

Getting to Know You Meme

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Relationship Status: Single.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick! All the lipsticks! Especially fond of weird colors.

Last song I listened to: This Closer/Kabira mashup by Vidya Vox. I love all her maskups so much; she pays attention to the lyrics and tones of the songs and that’s hard to do when you have to translate back and forth.

Last movie I watched: In theater? Um… I think it was Suicide Squad. Otherwise it was Oceans Eleven because that’s like my third favorite movie of all time and right before that my sister and I’d watched Suicide Squad and Now You See Me 2 and after four hours of watching absolute shit we really needed to watch a movie that we knew wasn’t going to be absolute shit.

Top 3 shows: Friends, Justice League Unlimited, Cardcaptor Sakura (shh anime and cartoons count; otherwise there isn’t a lot I’d watch again and again).

Top 3 characters: Dick Grayson (DC) and Bucky Barnes (MCU). Sorry, can’t put a third character up with these two; they’re way too far above everyone else.

Top 3 ships: Bucky/Steve (Marvel), Jack Zimmermann/Adam Birkholtz (omgcp), and……………….. yeah the third spot can be taken by a lot of ships that I can’t rank properly. Dick Grayson/Clark Kent (DC), Dick Grayson/Tim Drake (DC), Dick Grayson/Jason Todd (DC), Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinksi (Teen Wolf), Touya Kinomoto/Yue/Yukito Tsukishiro (Cardcaptor Sakura), Wolfram von Bielefeld/Yuuri Shibuya (Kyou Kara Maou), Damen/Laurent (Captive Prince), Rodney McKay/John Sheppard (even though I’ve never seen Stargate Atlantis, the authors of this ship are phenomenal), ETC I’M SURE I’M FORGETTING OTHER ONES

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pterriblepterodactyls  asked:

Have you seen the new John Wick movie and if so thoughts on Ruby Rose as a signing, mute, assassin?

yes i loved it! and ruby rose’s character was great. i hope they have more female characters in the third movie because basically my only criticism of John Wick is that both movies are a bit  male-dominated. my review was published here, i was very enthusiastic haha. 

Update on the status of my percy jackson reading:

Like 3 or 4 pages off the end of book 2, almost cried today because i couldn’t get the third book

and oh my god the movies are so bad guys

They really don’t even relate to the books at all they’ve just taken the concept and like completely changed the story


“It has to be Eowyn and Miranda Otto’s commitment to her. When I saw that they were paying attention to her warrior side in the third movie I was really pleased. Because the people of Rohan have had to count on women to defend their country for a long time, and I thought it was important to see that. And Miranda has done a great job. She’s been amazing, and I think people will be impressed by that.”

Viggo Mortensen on the most pleasant surprise in RotK


Okay I have to ask, what the actual fuck is wrong with Wanda in that one image?

Oh god.  Poor Wanda.  Poor Wanda’s terrible costumes.

Horrible, horrible costumes.

Dear god they’re horrible.

So painful

I mean, her best costume is her current one, of course, but also her “X-Men Evolution” one:

this is rlly gross and messy but i drew it at like 4am leave me alone…..

john and dave arent really big fans of going all out for valentines day and things. dave usually dedicates a shitty sbahj comic about farts to john and john lets dave pick the movie they watch that night (but hes starting to regret that decision because bee movie for the third year in a row is getting a little less romantic each time)

dave isnt a gender bend/r63. heres the speedpaint

Max Rockatansky and Why He Should Be Loved

I’ve seen plenty of praise singing (rightfully) about Charlize Theron’s Furiosa from Mad Max. Her being the main character with the most dynamic story arc she SHOULD have people loving her. But I also have to sing the praises of Tom Hardy’s Max, ostensibly a little harder to do because he doesn’t talk much and is really just along for the ride story arc wise. But OH how I love him in his own right.

- Max is unstable, but he works around that. The more he interacts with people the more his humanity starts rearing its head. He himself admits he’s devolved to one instinct: survive. He acts like an animal for a good third of the movie because that’s what he’s got to do and his insanity has made connecting and settling down not an option for him (he says that himself too in that he’s running from his mind as much as from War Boys). The beauty of him though is that when Furiosa treats him like a capable, trustworthy human, he responds in kind. When Dag says “I thought he wasn’t crazy any more”, the truth is he still IS insane, it’s just being around people and having a job to do has allowed him to manage his particular symptoms better. It never goes away, he never gets “better”, he just figures out how to manage (and even then his hallucinations have a tendency to pop up at not very convenient times). Max is very, very broken in the sense he’s always going to drift and be unable to settle down anywhere because his mind won’t let him, but that doesn’t keep him from being useful, heroic, and in spite of his rough edges and gruffness, kind in his own way.

- He’s the character who fulfills the role of giving hope back to the group. He’s in the role that is normally given to the female character who gives the male hero a pep talk to give him hope back before the final battle. Max is the post-apocalyptic cheerleader to Furiosa. He’s the one saying “I think we can do this guys” in his own awkward manner.He’s got no dog in the fight since he knows the end result is Furiosa’s battle and victory, not his, but he’s also the one saying “you got this”.

- His redemption involves helping other people get theirs. He can’t ever reap the rewards since he’s always going to be a nomad, but he can offer what he’s good at to help other characters get their happy ending. 

- Max is an absolute wrecking ball in a fight, but he’s also very passive. He’s not a leader, he doesn’t want to be one, but he’ll help how he can. He lets Furiosa call the shots and doesn’t even question her. When he finally does come up with a plan of his own he presents it to her very rationally and talks her into it. He’s for all intents just a bystander who can inflict a HUGE amount of collateral damage, but he defers to others he knows are better than him. Nothing typifies this more than the scene where he acknowledges Furiosa is a better long range shot than him and lets her use him as a gun rest.

- He cares about the group in his own way. He is the one curious about Furiosa’s motivations. She never asks about him and his background, but he bothers to ask about her. He volunteers repeatedly to run down the rig and even when he’s at a point where he doesn’t trust the group looks concerned over Splendid. 

- As messed up as he is, he’s not wallowing around in man pain. He knows he’s unstable, but that’s not the same as angsting. He doesn’t brood or emotionally (or non-emotionally) tell his back story. He hallucinates, has some episodes of panic, yet continues to act to give himself something to do. You know something horrible happened to him, yet you never quite know what because aside from his hallucinations HIS pain isn’t really a plot point here.

Last one is a spoiler:

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  • Person: Are you okay?
  • Me on the Inside: Why did Gabriella Montez say in High School Musical 3 Senior Year that she'd never been asked to a prom, and why did Troy Bolton say he'd never been to a dance? I mean we clearly saw their junior prom picture on Troy's nightstand in High School Musical 2 Summer Vacation. You could say that it was maybe homecoming if their homecoming is related, not to football, but to basketball as that seems to be their premier sport, but even then the basketball season usually starts around December, and we know Troy and Gabriella met at New Years. Plus, in High School Musical (the original) there was no mention of a prom during the Spring Musical, and because they were in the Spring Musical during the third movie as well then logically junior prom should've been around the same time. If they were so devoted to each other, then surely Troy would have asked Gabriella to the prom - I mean he gave her a necklace with the letter "T" on it - if that's not love I don't know what is. So I guess you could argue that maybe he took someone else to a previous dance, but that would mean that 1. Troy lied to his beloved about never having been to a dance and 2. Gabriella didn't manage to notice the couple at a dance photo on Troy's nightstand because we ALL know she's been there. So, I guess I just want to know what is the truth? Who is in that photo, Troy, WHO THE HELL IS IT???
  • Me on the Outside: Okay.