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I am really interested in all the hints TMZ is throwing when you look at the coverage collectively. Louis is dedicated, but there's signs of a lack of commitment there--he doesn't have a nursery, the boys haven't visited, he hasn't even done a paternity test.

the very first thought that popped into my head when i saw that retweet was ‘they’re treading water’. they’re just biding time until they’re ready to drop the next big babygate instalment and have to find subtle ways to keep the story active without doing anything too major.

you’re absolutely right to point out that the article they’ve chosen to focus on today is one that continues to cast the overall situation in a negative light. it’s nothing too overt but it definitely paints a less than ideal picture (especially when contrasted with the other articles we’ve been seeing/the “devoted enthusiastic dad” angle that’s been pushed thus far). 

it does kind of feel like he’s playing house without really committing  to it fully. like you mentioned - he’s taking responsibility for the kid/posting domestic ~father and son~ pictures on instagram/being excessively papped doing fatherly things - but then we’re also hearing about the points you mentioned (nursery weirdness/ his own bandmates haven’t been to visit/no paternity test done to verify child is even his).

i don’t know that this retweet has any particularly deep meaning to it beyond keeping the story simmering but i do think the choice to retweet that one vs the other ‘harry is so excited for louis’ article is pointed. this is yet another piece of the story that, when added to the collective coverage, will likely raise some eyebrows for anyone even passively following along.