because the show was fantastically well made
Crew member from THE LAST AIRBENDER gives insight as to why the film was so horrible.

“The Last Airbender” Movie Thread

Hello everyone. Please note that this post was only written to clarify that directors are not the only ones with a say in the film. The author of this post has contacted me and does not wish to discuss the film any further. Please respect these wishes. 


Also I think Chloe’s done fantastically well keeping up her momentum after leaving dance moms, what, two year ago? Who knows where her career will take her, but I think she’s taking all the right steps. I don’t think it’s right to call less successful because her movies aren’t the most star-studded, well written artful productions. When he was Chloe’s age, Ryan Gosling appeared in campy shows like Ghostbusters and the Mickey Mouse club. For gods sake, Emma Stone made her television debut in an unsold VH1 pilot. If I remember, Jennifer Lawrence’s first role was a television show that got canceled its first year.

This isn’t to say that Chloe will become the next Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence. I’m just saying that she’s put herself in the right path to make those dreams a reality. It’s going to take time. She’s paying her dues. She’s working really, really hard to improve her craft and her passion. Chloe’s on her own journey independent of Maddie’s success - they’re building different brands. The world is wide enough - if I may steal a Hamilton quote - for the both of them. It is reductive and harmful to both girls to insist on comparing their “success”

So can we just leave it at that both girls are doing massively exciting things? Can we critique their choices as career moves intrinsic and separate of each other?

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