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Part 28 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 2,472

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You screamed, along with the chorus of screams that reverberated around the room. You began to hyperventilate and your body began to shake violently as you stared at the blood on your clothes.

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You're Underage


“Am getting to old fur this lassie” Chibs laughs as he runs after you following your half naked self around his house.

“Yeah tell me about it, I thought you where going to have a heart attack or something when we where screwing last night” you tease while standing on the other side of the sofa so he couldn’t catch you.

“Oh I don’t think so sweetheart yer the one who was screaming my name, I was debating on weather or not I should shut ye up. I mean if the neighbours herd I’m sure they’d be wondering why Unser’s daughter was screamin ma name” you send him a playful glare squealing in delight when Fillip moved quickly and caught you in his arms. He was right though if any neighbours had called it in to the cops it would have been quite awkward for your father to show up and find out that a outlaw biker was screwing his 19 year old daughter.

“Let me go Fillip” you yell while trying to get out of his grip

  “What was that? You want me ta tie you up and have ma way with ye? Okay lassie if that’s what you want” He had a smug look on his face, you could sense it in his voice. By now you knew him good enough to be able to tell. He was on his way up stairs and back to the bedroom when the door bell rang and Chibs being his stubborn self didn’t put you down. Probably thinking that he would have to try and catch you again.

“Fillip! Put me down! All I’m wearing are your shirt and my panties my full ass is on show” You argued my voice taking a serious tone

  “And what a fine arse it is my dear.” Is all he says before he yanks open the door and You can feel his body tense underneath you. This wasn’t good.

“For fuck sake Chibs! Really Wayne’s daughter really! She’s 19 for god sake” You flinch at Gemma’s voice as Fillips grip tightens on your thigh “what in the name of god possessed you to fuck Unsers kid?” You could just imagine Gemma’s hands place firmly on her hips when she said this. Chibs took a few minutes to decided on an answer and when he gave it I curse to myself, he should have said nothing.

“Are ye kiddin me! Have ye seen this lassies arse!”


“Oh come on baby just let me come over” The seductive voice of my old man comes through the phone to meet my ears causing a smile to form on my face

“You know I can’t Tiggy I’m watching Able, Tara and Jax could be back any minute” I smile at Able as I enter the room with bowl of ice cream in my other hand which wasn’t holding the phone.

“Look babe, we haven’t had anytime together in two week and besides Jax might not be home till morning and Tara won’t be home for another few hours since she’s in surgery, come on baby girl.” Handing the bowl of ice cream to Able I sit down next to him on the sofa before turning to face the tiny Teller.

“Hey Able, how about Uncle Tig comes over to play. Would you like that?” The little kids blue eyes immediately light up at the mention of Tig

“YA UNCLE TIGGY!” Abel yells excitedly before remembering about his ice cream and taking a huge spoon full, placing all of it in his mouth. The smile on his face was wider though because of my mention of Tig coming over.

“I’ll take that as a yes, you can come over” I quickly continue before Alex can make a suggestion about what we would do when he got here “it’s nothing more than a member of the club coming to check up on his presidents son and the beloved baby sitter - well that is until Able goes to sleep” I could practically hear the smile in his voice when he spoke again.

“I’ll be their in twenty minutes” and with that he hangs up. A content sigh leaves my lips as I snuggle down with Able and continue to watch the kids movie.

After almost exactly twenty minutes their is a quite knock on the door followed by Alex who walks straight into the living room. He shoots me a smile before his eyes land on the sleeping figure next to me. “Hey baby, when’d the kid knock out?” He moves to kneel in front of the sleeping four year old

“About five minutes before you got here, better take him to bed-”

“I got it babe, you stay here I’ll be back” and with that Tig picks Able up and begans to walk into his room and before I know it Alex is back and seated next to me on the sofa.

“Hello” I giggle as he gives me a look which tells me exactly what’s going to happen and sure enough before I can get another word out Tig’s lips are on mine and my own respond immediately. I humm into his mouth the feeling of his lips against mine is great after not having it for a while. He moves his attention away from my mouth and begins to move his way doesn’t my jaw and then continue to my neck.

“We-e really shou-uld not be d-doing this” I say with my words coming out breathless as the moment heated “I mean-n I’m only 17 and-”

“Don’t remind me doll and incase you forgot age isn’t exactly a problem to me” after that I can’t continue to have a discussion anymore and let him have his way with me. His large hands on my body, clothes thrown to random places in the living room, wet open mouthed kisses, bare skin and a lot of noise. We where down to Alex only having his pants on and me only with my shit and underwear on, when suddenly the front door opens revealing a very surprised looking Jax and Tara

“Oh my god” Tara’s voice comes and we both freeze. I quickly recover and scramble to put my pants on as Jax has a smug look on his face while Tara and Alex look quite embarrassed along with myself.

“I knew their was something going on between you two!” Jax laughs making both mine and Alex’s face burn red. Grabbing the rest of my stuff I grab Alex’s hand and make my way towards the door moving past Tara and Jax.

“Thanks guys see you later” I shout over my shoulder while guiding Tig to his bike

“Bye, oh and I better not hear any daddy moans coming from your apartment in the clubhouse Tiggy!”

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“Oh guys come on can we drop this now!” The argument had been going on for months. Ever since the guys had found out about Juice and Y/N it had been a constant argument about the age gab and the general disapproval of the relationship.

“Juicy Boy she’s 16! I mean come on she’s only a kid and still in high school, she’s got you helping with her maths homework fur god sake!” The other guys watched on as Chibs took his turn at laying into Juice about his underage girlfriend.

“We have had this conversation a million times, and for the millionth time I’m dating her and that’s the end of it” Juan’s voice was tired as he sat down exhausted on the barstool. Chibs sighed obviously seeing the stress this was causing his younger brother. He walked over to him placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Do you love her?” Juices head shot straight up and his eyes immediately wanting to pull away from the intensity of Chibs eyes which it was met with. He didn’t pause and he took less than a second to answer.

“Yes” the bar goes quite, so quite that you would be able to hear a pin drop. Brown eyes search brown eyes as Fillip looks for answers. He needs to make sure that Juice makes the right choice and after a few minutes Chibs pulls away sighing heavily while giving Juan a sceptical look.

“Aye okay, go yer lassie and bring her here. She needs to be properly introduced ta the club” the shock is clear on Juices face and Chibs laughs sightly at this. “ are you waitin fur me to change my mind Juicy?”

“No, no, no! I’m going okay I’m going! I’ll be back in twenty minutes with Y/N” and with that Juice is out the door within minutes his bike is pulling out do the lot.

“And why did you let him go get that 16 year old?” Bobby asks with a tired voice with having been fed up with the bickering days ago.

“The kid wants young pussy, the kid can have young pussy. It either works out or it doesn’t” Tiggy answers for Chibs and they all nod their heads in agreement.

“Stupid bastard that lassie will batter the shite outta him if he fucks up”

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“Oh Daddy” You groan loudly before collapsing onto the bed next to you old man Happy. You had only been together a few months but where still in the sort of honeymoon phase which involved a lot, a lot of sex.

“That was fantastic” happy speaks still breathless from his release turning head to face you

“it was great” you giggle slightly

“mean where the hell did you learn to do that because if what you told me was the truth then I am the second guy you’ve had sex with and you are great” he wears a questioning expression as you drag fingertips up down his bare chest a small smile playing on your lips

“I must just be a natural” after a few minutes of silence you speak up again

“better get going” but when you try and get up you feel his grip tighten on you

“Stay” you’re stunned by what he says but quickly recover

“at the clubhouse yea that’s a great idea happy and while your at it just go declare to the whole town that we are fucking” an amused smile comes into his face when i say this pulling my body against his once again


“But I-”

“Stay” I sigh giving in not having enough m energy to argue

“You win I’m two tired to argue” i practically whisper against his skin as happy pulls my body close. His hands lightly running over the soft skin of my body.

The next morning I’m woken up to Happy standing next to the bed with only his boxers on and an angry look on his face. “What where you thinking man she’s 17!” Jax yelled gesturing to me without realising that I had woken up

“I think I know that since we’ve been dating for 6 months Jax! I wouldn’t be with her if I didn’t love her, you know I don’t do complicated and dating a 17 year old sure as hell ain’t the easy road!” A defeated sigh escapes Jax

“you can man if you love her me or the guys aint gonna stand in your way” and with that he leaves leaving happy alone

“You know that I love you right?” Happy asks startling me but I don’t hesitate

“I love you too” >

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I Thought You Were Different (Part 12/?) (Rogers/Stark/Barton x reader)

Part 11

“I’m taking (Y/N) home, you two can take the other jet,” Steve said with a complacent smile, waiting for the inevitable argument from either Tony or Clint as to why that was a terrible idea.  When it didn’t come from either, he was surprised; when it came from you, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“I think you should take Tony.  I can ride with Clint.”

“Why can’t Tony take (Y/N), and I can ride with Steve?” Clint protested.

The opposition was loud and came from all three, only solidifying your resolve that your way was how it was going to be.  “I am going with Clint, and that’s final,” you snapped.  “Oh, don’t you all look at me like that.  I know exactly what happened in this hallway, and I’m shutting it down once and for all.  This is the only way that I can be sure that Barton will make it home alive.”

“(Y/N), come on, we wouldn’t-“ Tony said but you cut him off almost immediately.

“Tony, I might not be able to stand on my own just yet, but don’t think for one second that I can’t still kick your ass.”

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Oh, Brother... (a CS Fake-Dating AU) 1/5

Happy Birthday @lenfaz​!

Emma’s roommate Liam is still recovering from a nasty breakup, but his brother Killian is constantly trying to get him back into the dating scene. When Emma finds out that Killian is coming to visit for the weekend, she offers to pretend to be Liam’s girlfriend to get his brother off his back. It’s just for a couple of days after all. What could go wrong?

A/N: This came out of a prompt Lena gave me a long time ago: “You’re my roommate’s cousin [brother] and every now and then you come over for dinner and we keep making eye-contact and I can’t tell if you’re playing footsie with me under the table on purpose or not but I’m okay with it.”  That bit of prompt will show up in a later installment.

This is NOT a Liamma fic - It will definitely be Captain Swan, I just had to go about it in my own little weird way. This story is (or at least ultimately will be) fully compliant with the famous Lenfaz Liam Rules. To get started, enjoy a little bit of Emma/Liam Roommate BroTP!

[Also on AO3]


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.




Liam startled, nearly dropping his power drill before turning in the direction of the voice and removing his ear buds. His eyes landed on the pajama-clad and clearly angry form of his roommate, Emma Swan. “Bloody hell, lass. How long have you been standing there?  You scared me half to death!”

Emma leaned against the kitchen counter, arms crossed tightly over her chest. Her fingers tapped an agitated rhythm against her upper arm as she counted to ten in an attempt to stave off the flood of curse words she felt edging their way to the tip of her tongue. She shouldn’t lose her temper. Liam Jones was really the best roommate she could’ve possibly asked for after her previous roomie Mary Margaret had gotten engaged and moved out.

Emma had initially been wary renting her newly vacated second bedroom to Liam when he first answered her ad. In fact, if he hadn’t been the only person to answer the ad, she probably would’ve rejected him simply because she didn’t think she could cohabitate with that much handsome without doing something stupid. Tall, broad shoulders, great hair, steely blue eyes - living under the same roof as that just had to be a recipe for disaster, right?

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It’s all just crap. I know 2ne1 made fewer projects because of Park Bom’s ancient amphetamine drug scandal which was by the way dismissed by the court in 2010 and only became a big issue when dumb k netizens suddenly brought it back up 4 years later. YG felt bad for Bom and wrote an open letter himself on his blog and showed evidences that it was a prescribed medication from her doctor in the States because Park Bom actually went through an awful trauma and became mentally ill. International fans helped supporting it by scavenging archives of newspapers and they actually found an article about a member of a High School women soccer team (which Bom was a part of–yes she played soccer) who died during the game. Park Bom who used “Jenny” as her American name, was there and witnessed her friend die. Then she moved to Korea and started taking an alternative medication because she knew the drug is unlawful in Korea. But it didn’t work for her. Now, spineless dimwits did nothing but badmouth her just because she got bailed out after ordering amphetamine through FedEx while this man (idk who tf he is) was sentenced years in prison. They say it was special treatment because YG is so powerful and such. THAT’S CRAP! The case was already closed and dismissed because there was enough evidence to prove she was innocent. Bom’s current variety show then (Roommate) was ruined. I’ll admit it was because of her. She left the show and soon she just disappeared. No traces anywhere. Dara and CL still thrived with their solo activities. It was all and well. The other problem was, Minzy didn’t have anything to do. She enrolled herself into a university and fans thought it was a great way of spending her time and she was really good at it. She even opened up her own dance academy. She made noises by her own efforts. Still, she didn’t have any projects while the other two members were hosting their first show or preparing for an American debut. Two years passed and it was about time Blackjacks would expect for a comeback. Especially because Park Bom started revealing herself back to the public eye. Liking posts on instagram or twitter here and there and even tweeting to support a fellow YG colleague. Everyone thought she was getting better and she is actually. The year end of 2015 came and everyone was anticipating for MAMA. Blackjacjs were just waiting for CL’s performance when all of a sudden all four of them popped out of the stage. Christmas was extra merry for us. We took it as a sign for a comeback. That they were finally coming back. Maybe not now but it will be just around the corner. Minzy looked extra ecstatic. She poured years’ worth of energy and hunger to perform again on stage. She wanted to perform and it was sad that she did not get to after all these years. Everyone was crying at seeing Bom actually on stage. It looked like light shone over the stage just for them. CL was very proud to bring her members back together on that fated day. It was a glorious and emotional day. We all got to face New Year with wishful hopes of seeing them again. We were guessing they could finally debut in the States with CL in the lead after all that fuss of recording an album with Will.I.Am during 2ne1TV season 2. Wishful it was indeed. All of a sudden Minzy did not renew her contract and left. I was especially in a daze. I wasn’t expecting any of it. I thought they would stick together till the end. If I did think of a member leaving, I never would’ve guessed it would be Minzy. Maybe Park Bom because she was the one who’s most messed up at the time despite the fact that she had recovered. I was threatened at the thought of them coming back as three. Like what happened to MBLAQ. Ironically, Dara’s brother left MBLAQ too. Trio 2ne1 did not last for long though because now we are here. And I feel so lost at every news I get to read. Nothing made sense. I was mad at the effort of releasing a farewell song for closure. I never wanted them to perform as three—I think no true Blackjack ever did—but then YG thought it would be a great idea to squeeze money out of grieving fans with this incomplete single. And then he claims he made 2ne1 disband to protect Park Bom’s health? Dara said they were forced to disband. Bom said she’s not sick at all! So who am I supposed to believe now? Bom was able to perform that night. Why would you say she’s still sick? This is just the same stupid thing about Nam Taehyun’s mental health too. Nevermind. Everything was already in ruins when you forgot about Minzy. You were careless and just wanted nothing but Bigbang. Fine! But you can’t keep Bigbang forever either.

I mean… Just what Happened Sajangnim? You promised us a lot but it never happened. Now it can never happen.

Those Dreams: Ch 2 (Papyrus POV)

Writer’s note: Got inspired the comic Night Terror comic by @thelostmoongazer& I wanted to write about night terrors from both Sans and Papyrus views. 

A03: link 

Papyrus POV: Those Dreams Ch: 1  2     4   5

San’s POV: These Dreams. Ch: 1  2    3

Feel free to comment on what you think about it, like, and reblog. Also if you see errors please let me know.

Have any questions about the Dream Series? Ask away!

After several hours pass, Papyrus finally stirs from his brother’s side. He gets up and silently stretches, all the while keeping an eye on his slumbering sibling.

Sans is sleeping peacefully on the bed with no sign of the terrors that had previously haunted him.

Papyrus smiles. That’s good. He needs his rest after what happened. Memories flood his mind of how his brother cried out in terror, quaking in fear. His smile melts into a frown. What should I do about what happened? Should I call Undyne about Sans? He instantly decides against it.

She’s a great instructor and friend, but he just can’t see her giving out any helpful advice about what’s going on with his brother.

But there is one other option.

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Muse, stronger than ever - Relax

New interview with Chris.

NOTE: This interview seems to have some copypastes of other interviews.

Having sold more than 15 million CDs and dazzled fans with their recent incredible live productions,they are now preparing their new album ‘Drones’

The English trio really have to same energy and passion that they experienced during their early years, according to bassist Chris Wolstenholme.

“We are stronger than ever. We still make great music and we’ve been together for a long time. There are bands that have come and gone in the period in which we released seven albums; we’re still here and we are relatively young.

"When we were 20 we released our debut album, so we believe that we have years ahead. Today we’re a strong unit and we’re having a good time” he told us.

The most recent album tours have been The 2nd Law and The Resistance, which included 107 and 145 shows respectively.

Chris, 36, has been married for the last 12 years and is the father of six children, and lived in his own flesh the consequences of fame, to the grade of putting in danger his life.

“The hardest thing about touring is that you have to keep your feet on the ground. On tour, you lose the sense of responsibility because you feel like it’s one big party, you play in concerts and everyone loves you. Going on tour can be dangerous, there’s plenty of temptation - drugs, alcohol, everything.”

“Although a lot of people may say that you’re brilliant, no one is better than anyone else. We’re all human beings and we are all equal. We have been very successful live and our CD’s have always sold well, people enjoy the shows, but we’re not the biggest rock band in the world. Is good to know that we do many cheers and we appreciate that, but we don’t want to blow our heads off”

While Muse was recording The Resistance, six years ago, Chris was alcoholic. He would play drunk, albeit without mistakes. He was overweight, and would drink bottles of wine at midnight. He suffered from depression. At the age of 30 he seemed to be heading towards the same tragic fate as his father.

“It became a situation of 'stop it or die’, it was out of control. It is part of my family history. My dad died at 40 after a big problem with alcohol, and when I turned 30 I saw that I wasn’t any better”.

“In your 20s you are invincible and your body can take anything, but it twists yoy. I reached the limit,” he admitted.

It was music that helped him to recover.

“Somehow (music) saved me. I used to drink all the time, and when I stopped I felt miserable, worthless, like a void. I wanted to replace this so I focused on music like never before, because it’s something that gives me hope, helps me escape the problems of the world.

"In a way, problems vanish with music. Today I am much happier, I feel comfortable and maybe I’m even more sociable”.

Together with bandmates Matt Bellamy (voice, guitar and keyboards) and Dom Howard (drums), Chirs, who was once an assistant in a guitar shop, will be playing at the Palacio de los Deportes on 17,18 and 20 of November.

“You can only say you’re the biggest band in the world when you’ve been it for 30 years,” Chris declared. Ten more to go.

Interlude (between chapters 9 & 10 - What the Heart Wants)

Another anon submission! Enjoy :) ————- Interlude between Chapters 9 and 10 (What the Heart Wants)

Maks feels himself relax in his mother’s arms. He hasn’t seen his parents for months. Sasha studies his son. Dark half circles bruise the skin under his eyes. He has lost too much weight.
It is obvious that he has tried to make himself to be presentable. His hair is short. Only a slight trace of a five o’clock shadow. He reaches to rub Maks’ shoulders and feels the knots of tension deep in the muscles.

The two men sit in the kitchen as Larisa busies herself with the preparation of a meal. “You need to eat, first. Now you are too thin.”

Maks smiles watching her.

Sasha asks, “tells us of Merylushka.” They had spoken every day. Sometimes there were stories of progress, sometimes only chatter about nothing. But now, he wants to watch his son’s lips move, to hear the the sound of his voice, to see his arms gesture in the telling… To look into his eyes.

Maks inhales deeply and holds his breath, tugs at his hair. “She is amazing,” Maks says quietly. “She is beautiful and… He searches for the words, “so terribly alive.”

Maks’ eyes grow distant as he continues in their mother tongue. He speaks as if he is the keeper of ancient stories that will only and forever be handed down in the poetry of an oral tradition.

“Before she was a wise child who possessed a secret strength. Only a few knew of it. Even she didn’t understand what she had. You’ve seen it a little. It comes out on the ice. When we danced.”

“That hidden part is now on the outside. She is,” Maks spreads his arms pushing his hands forcefully through the air, “still so very, very small… but the space around her is big and it is full of her power.”

Larisa sits down to concentrate on his words.

“I am consumed by her desire to live… All of us who stand near her are.”

Maks tells them of her fight to wake up, the profanity in her first days, of the Kōmō and dream eater and the flowers. They are surprised by their laughter. He tells of Charlie’s pain and Val’s betrayal and love and Alex’s fear. Their stunned tears are ignored as he whispers her story. He describes the color of her pain, of her plan to recover her lost memories, and how no one will assist her in this endeavor.

“Except I have found what she wants,” he says. “But I cannot watch it. It is past and she is alive.”

Maks’ eyes come back into focus. He frowns slightly, looking at his parents. The evening has overtaken them during his narration. They seem dazed… But also afraid.

He shakes his head.

“Do you remember when you gave up everything you knew, left everyone you loved, to go to a place that was so unknown? But held so much promise?”

“Don’t be afraid… For me, this is the same.”

“And just like you,” he touches his chest and fingers the bracelet that both he and Val wear, “I will never leave what I love most.”

His parents look at each other then and their fear becomes resolve.

It is a small dinner, by the standards of his family. Maks finds renewed energy from the comfort of them all. They don’t ask anything from him, instinctually realizing that his time with them is precious and healing. Teddy’s laughter, Nicole’s touch, Jhanna’s strength… He is so grateful.

Tony and Maks break away, speak quietly in the corner of the room.

“Thanks for taking care of everything while I’ve been gone,” Maks says, hugging him. “All is good?”

Tony nods. “We miss you… We’re not making any big plans for now. Come to the studios tomorrow if you can, though? The staff would be very happy to see you.”

Maks nods reflecting on another crossroad. “You know, when I decided to to leave the show it was because of her. But then, after a few weeks, I was wondering who I was if I was no longer able to truly dance with anyone else…”

Tony’s brain tries to get ahead of this conversation, to project where it is heading.

"She had… Has… skating, and I tried to do other things… But I couldn’t let her go. I didn’t know who to be without her.”

“She is the stronger of us.” Maks says as his eyes follow his mother around the room.

“We married each other in Florida just weeks before Japan.” Maks smiles remembering.

Tony’s face falls open in shock. He stares at Maks and then glances quickly around the room. “Does your mom know!?”

Maks shakes his head, laughing. “I don’t think our parents are going to be pleased about us eloping. So, no…no one. Just Val. I had to tell him because of the… Accident.”

“Maks!” Tony starts to laugh with such joy it brings them to the center of attention. Oblivious, Tony grabs Maks, embracing him, pounding his back.

“Bro, shhhh.” But Maks feels, for the first time, the great happiness that will come when he gives Meryl to his family. Having kept her only for himself has been a kind of weighted ecstasy… Now he laughs with his friend at the beautiful inevitability of their celebration.

“What’s happening?” Maks and Tony turn, hearing the murmured words from behind them.

They release each other. Tony looks sideways at Maks waiting to follow his lead.

“I… I think, uh… This one is just happy… To see me? And because he’s … Happy?”

Larisa looks at her son quizzically. He smiles at her and shrugs.

Later, as he tries to sleep, he thinks of Val, missing his brother desperately. He cannot find find a position that will allow him relax. She is not in his arms. He hopes that his absence is not causing her the same distress.

He paces the room before searching for the envelope. Tracking this down had been surprisingly easy. It had been provided to the hospital at their request so her doctors could understand the nature and extent of her injuries. He slides the DVD out, flipping it over and over in his hands. What can she hope to gain from this horrible evidence? He fights nausea as he considers what he will see if he does this. He breathes and breathes, his imagination reconstructing her fall, preparing… And then he realizes what her greatest hope is. She is trying to save Charlie. All her fury is not for her own life, her desire to return to the ice, but for him. As changed as she is, empathy still guides her.

He cries then, in the desperate hope that what is on this silver disk will save them. He slips quietly down the stairs to his father’s study. He slides it into the open tray… Buries his face in his hands trying to steel himself. What if what she needs isn’t here. Pushes play.

Maks had dropped Meryl off at her parents home before he left for New York.

Every evening, since their return to Michigan, Cheryl and Paul had visited their daughter. ‘Visited…’ The concept was full of a bitterness that was always swept away when she watched Meryl and Maks together.

“I’ll be gone just for the weekend,” Maks had said. “I need to take care of a few things and I’d like to see my parents.”

Cheryl watches as Maks holds her daughter before leaving. How Meryl’s arms almost cannot release him.

“Maks… Please… Tell your parents I miss them… And I want to see them… And,” she kisses him on each cheek, “these for everyone… Please hurry… I love you.” She holds and exhales shaky breaths between each phrase.

Maks cannot let her go. Cheryl sees that his departure is in jeopardy. “This will be the perfect time for us to start going through all the letters and cards in the basement,” she smiles as she takes Meryl’s hand.

After Maks is gone, Cheryl prepares Meryl’s favorite breakfast, pancakes with scrambled eggs on top, smothered in maple syrup.

All that day, they sift through the piles of notes and gifts that have made it back from Japan.

Talismans and amulets, coins and black pearls fall into their hands. Her mind travels the globe as she reads about the power each holds.

Meryl’s self absorption fades with every letter she reads. The balance tilts from her own need toward the love she feels from all who took the time to send her these messages of hope.

In one package from the Faroe Islands is a little leather pouch. She slips the contents out carefully. It is a silver disk with the face of a bear. She feels it tingle in her hands, recognizing her totem animal immediately. She reads the accompanying legend of Bjørn… She does not place it with the others but asks her mother to clasp the leather strap around her wrist.

Cheryl wakes up at the sound of something. She finds Meryl sitting on the stairs, tears streaming down her face.

“Mom… I can’t… ”

Cheryl takes her back to bed, tucks her in, lays next to her. She holds her child in her arms, wishing for innocent days but knows she is a surrogate for another. Willing her to sleep.

Meryl dreams of a great warrior coming for her. He is clothed in the pelt of a bear, its powerful head covering his face, its claws protecting his hands. Victorious in battle, he lays her down near his fire. The fur of Bjørn covers their nakedness. She breathes his scent. And she loves him.