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He woke tho

things i am still learning part iii:

love isnt love if it’s not unconditional. don’t let anyone pick and choose which qualities you should keep and which habits you should discard. the words “i love you” should never be followed by the word “but,” and if they can’t handle your hurricane nights they don’t deserve your warm breeze days.

sometimes you need to be awful. be dirty, filthy, cruel. burn photos like you used to in high school. smoke cigarettes in his sweater because he always hated the smell. you can decide if you want to wash it before you give it back. you can decide how far to take it.

be reckless if it makes you feel more alive. adrenaline rushes are so commonly sought after, and you’ll never understand why until you feel your heart gasping for air.

prove yourself right. if you have any small reason not to completely trust someone, chances are you’re onto something. don’t let anyone have your trust if they don’t deserve it.

don’t waste your time on anyone who won’t spend their time with you. if he’s always hours late, if he cancels to be with others, if he isn’t willing to call you on the phone every so often just to talk, break all the clocks in your bedroom. smash the watch you’ve kept since you were a kid. it’s just not worth it.

if he calls you crazy for asking questions, you already guessed the answer. leave. and don’t you dare go back.


The show means so much to me, more than I could ever possibly hope to describe and it pains me to see it literally spoiled by awful spoilers that weren’t even supposed to be released. I want to support Thomas and all the hard-working creators who make Miraculous Ladybug a reality in any way I can because we honest and down-to-earth fans absolutely love you! 


On Team Moms

I know we’re all about how Allura is Space Mom™ and apply all these motherly qualities to her but…

… Allura is a depressed, bossy, impatient, lost and aggressive girl who smacked Pidge in the face with green goop because she ticked her off. 

She’s as emotionally fragile as the rest of them, it’s worse for her because her fucking planet is gone and she let herself get sucked into the simulation so she can free of her awful reality and free of her new responsibilities. She’s stepping up to the task but she doesn’t want it.

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 She has shown the tendency to go for the throat when she’s bothered, was reckless on her and Shiro’s mission and prioritized him over herself when she tossed him in an escape shuttle in a they-need-you-more-than-they-need-me way.

Allura doesn’t have much in the way of Team Mom™ traits, she has all the tropes of the Team Big Brother™. If anything, she needs a Team Mom or Dad and so far Coran might be both for her.

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Now, let’s be honest, guys, if anyone’s the Team Mom™, it’s Hunk.

He prioritizes other people’s feelings, worries like no one’s business, snooped around Pidge then said nothing for her own comfort and safety, rarely complains so he doesn’t burden the others, made sure to make Keith feel included, gives the best hugs and he figured out a way to cook good and nutritious meals.

Hunk for Team Mom!

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Like you used to // Shawn Mendes

Request: Combo again of: Can I request a older husband shawn one!! With fluff if u could?? Your writing is the bee’s knees

and:  Can you write like some fluff (whenever you can hun) where the reader is like feeling insecure for whatever reason and Shawn like reassures her and kisses her all over to make her feel good

“Life is hard Shawn,” I whine, falling back on the bed, my hair tickling my neck. 

“Really? I thought it was just a walk in the park.” Shawn’s voice calls from inside the closet where he was hanging up his blazer from tonight’s dinner at a fancy restaurant. We were celebrating our 5 year anniversary so Shawn took me to an expensive dinner where we sipped red wine and ate tiny mains for a ridiculous price. 

“This is not the time to be sassy.” I retort, rolling my eyes even though he can’t see me.

“Sorry, it’s my natural response with you.” I hear him chuckle, before he emerges, chucking a sweatshirt over his head.

“You never say anything sweet to me anymore.” I grumble, turning on my side, facing the wall. 

“Baby,” Shawn murmurs and the bed creaks as he climbs onto the mattress, crawling to where I layed. 

“What?” I say, my voice surly.

“I tell you I love you all the time.” His hands reach out to grip my side near my hips and he pulls me over and I flop onto my back.

“Yeah but… you say to all your fans great things about them and you never say anything to me.” I whine, crossing my arms over my chest. Shawn looks down at me, legs folded and one arm propped up which he leans his chin on.

“You want me to say cute things to you more?” He asks, smiling at me fondly.

“Like you used to.” I say, voice small in the quiet room.

“Okay,” Shawn smirks, entwining one of my hands with his. “What about this?”

“Mmhm,” I prompt, waiting for him to say something.

“You make me one of the happiest guys on the planet. The day I married you was the best day of my life and everyday I spend with you comes almost as close".

“Shawn,” I mumble, my cheeks flaming. 

“I love it when you smile because you have the most beautiful smile that I’ve ever seen. I also love it when you look at me when I’ve said something stupid and you- There! Thats the look!” He laughs, squeezing my hand gently.

“What look?” I scoff, unable to keep the grin off my face.

“That one right there.” He tries to imitate me but I end up laughing at his attempt. 

“I don’t do that!” I scowl, grinning anyway. 

“You do! And its adorable.”

“There’s something wrong with you if you find that cute.” I tease, moving so my head rested on his knee. His hand immediately goes to play with the strands of my hair.

“Its probably because I love you that all your awful qualities seem beautiful to me.” I gasp and Shawn laughs, pulling some hair back off my face.

“You suck Shawn.” I pout, turning my head up to look into his eyes. 

“Not as much as you.” He retorts but his eyes shimmer with humor. 

I chuckle, reaching one arm up to hold the side of his face, my thumb stroking his cheek. “I’m so glad I found you.”

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BTS reaction to their child getting jealous

requested by anon


Jin’s heart would almost explode when your little girl squeezes her head between you in an attempt to separate you. He would then shower both you and his baby in kisses until she starts giggling.

“Back in the day I was the king of throwing kisses! So don’t worry, I still have enough for both my favorite people!”

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Yoongi would find it hilarious when your daughter keeps separating the two of you. He would play it down when you are all together but he would secretly enjoy being so close to his daughter.

“Who’s your favorite parent, Yoonji? Is it me?”


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Namjoon would be so amazed when his little girl starts fighting for his attention. He would smile his biggest dimple smile and hug her close to his chest.

“Don’t worry baby, dad has all the time in the world for you.”

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Hobi would find it hilarious when his baby girl would keep trying to get between the two of you. He would use the situation for some quality family group cuddling.

“Awwww, I love you too tiny one.”


“Aw don’t worry honey! We both love you so much, don’t we, princess?”

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Jimin would literally malfunction because of cuteness when your daughter keeps puffing her cheeks and stomping because she wants kisses. He would spin her around and assure her that she’s his favorite little girl.

“My sweet baby.”

“Are you both trying to kill me with cuteness?”

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(Imagine…. your daughter is the… cat)


Tae would be so pleased when your girl starts following around and showering him in attention. When she butts her head into your leg to break your kiss he would playfully grab her and blow raspberries into her belly.


“That wasn’t nice at all sweetheart!”

“AAAAAAAAH, I’m sowwy!”

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Kookie would love the attentin of his little girl so much that he would sometimes tease her. He would keep trying to kiss you until your daughter puffs her cheeks and glares at him.

“NOOOOO, stop it daaaaad!”

“Aw, baby! I’m sorry, give appa a kiss.”

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-Admin Krümmel

honestly? everyone is asking way too much of high schoolers and it’s fucking insane. 

every weekday they’re all expected to get up early enough to be at school by 8am and then they usually spend their whole day sitting in desks but are expected to be wide awake. each hour they have to go to a different class but they only have like five minutes to get there. more or less rinse and repeat until 2:30ish with the tiniest break for lunch and that’s their whole school day.

lunch is like only half an hour and both the quality and quantity of food served at the cafeteria has been on a steady decline for a while now. i seriously went home for lunch every single day of my senior year because the food was so truly awful. there was this point where they stopped caring so much that they literally served a piece of garlic french bread (the shitty frozen kind, you know what i’m talking about) with marinara sauce and that was the whole lunch entree. 

along with their required classes, in order to look good to colleges they’re expected to take AP classes and advanced classes and extra classes what have you, as well as get good grades in them. all those teachers then proceed to pile ridiculous amounts of homework onto them in order to “prepare them for college” but you know what? as someone who took six AP classes in high school, i think AP classes are harder than college classes. they’re probably about the same content-wise but the general environment of high school is so overwhelming and stressful that it’s so much harder to focus on actually learning.

on top of academics they’re expected to be involved in extracurricular activities, sports, music, volunteering, internships, etc. and of course this is all in order to look good for colleges. because what is free time, right?

by the time they turn 16 (or maybe earlier) they’re also often expected to get a part time job. some of my coworkers who were still in high school worked 25+ hours a week, which is a fucking insane amount of time when you’re also a full time student. 

along with all this, they’re expected to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, which is A) a fucking joke, and B) literally impossible if you’re doing everything they want you to, and also if you’re not. high school is just such a truly awful environment to be in. i played sick really often because i hated being there so much. i overslept all the time because i never got enough sleep. i graduated two years ago and i still have anxiety dreams about high school because it was such a blight on my life for four years. 

anyway if you’re reading this and you’re in high school i want you to know that it’s okay if you’re unable to meet all these expectations because they’re absolutely outrageous

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YouTuber!Javid where Jack has one of those art channels or David has like a science channel or something..? Xxxxxxxxxx

I support this.

  • Jack starts off doing speedpaints where he never shows his face but after about a year he does a video of himself thanking his 300 subscribers and from there his channel takes off because he’s a natural on camera. He ends up with a couple of million subscribers after a while
  • Davey has about 50,000 subscribers. He makes a bunch of nerdy educational videos but they’re super interesting and lots of teachers show them in their classes because their students love him
  • His most popular miniseries is ‘This person is important because’ where he picks a lesser known person from history and talks about why the world is a better place because of them
  • Davey has the biggest crush on Jack and used to watch his videos before he made his own channel. His subscribers dig up some old comments on Jack’s videos that are cringingly enthusiastic and Davey wants to die when he sees the screenshots on tumblr
  • The people who watch both channels start zealously shipping them and eventually Jack catches wind of it. He’s never heard of this Davey kid but he looks him up and woah he’s cute
  • Jack sees that Davey follows him on twitter and follows back. He sends him a message saying hi and they start talking
  • They’re just friends over the internet but about one year after they start talking they meet at VidCon and Davey is terrified and nervous and blushing but Jack is such a people person that he’s able to calm him down a lot and get him to relax
  • Jack asks him to dance at one of the parties that Davey isn’t sure how he managed to get himself into because he’s surrounded by people with a hundred times more subscribers than he has
  • They kiss for the first time at the party and Jack ends up inviting Davey to his hotel room for some peace and quiet. They talk a lot and kiss a lot and Davey falls asleep in Jack’s bed for the first of many times
  • There were so many cameras at the party that they end up in the background of at least three vlogs but the lighting is awful and the video quality is mercifully grainy so they get away with keeping quiet and pretending it’s not them because they don’t want their budding relationship to be public
  • Fast forward a year and they’re living together and Davey has gained way more subscribers. He knows they’re all there because he’s publicly dating Jack now but as long as they learn something educational, he doesn’t care
  • Jack has a side channel where he vlogs a lot and Davey is always begrudgingly in the videos, usually working or trying to sleep whilst Jack distracts him. They’re almost nauseatingly domestic and sometimes Jack will end up with footage of this one sleepy smile that Davey does when Jack’s poking or tickling him awake and he hadn’t realised there’s a camera in his face yet. That smile never ends up online because it’s one of Jack’s favourite things in the world and, as much as he shares a lot of his life with the internet, that’s where he draws the line

Tom jokingly says to her “oh, you bitch” on the car ride in Barcelona, and she laughs. She deleted this snap, so not many people saw it. The audio quality is awful because I had to screenrecord it and it does something to the audio unfortunately. 

The Complex Characters of Maple Bay: How Mary, Joseph, and especially Robert aren’t pure, sweet cinnamon rolls.

Okay. So. Can we talk about how Mary, Joseph and Robert are all fucked up people, and this is a good thing? Not a one of them is completely vile. And not a one is a pure, sweet cinnamon roll.


Let’s start with the ‘easiest’ one, shall we? I feel like most people have the easiest time saying Joseph is bad. And they’re right. He does bad things. He cheats on his wife at least twice. And he keeps going back to their dysfunctional marriage for appearances sake. He either dumps you or asks you to be his side boy depending on the ending. So. Yeah. Cheater. And the datamined cult ending does nothing to redeem him. Nor do his endings.

But this is also somebody who seems to care about his kids. In the first chapter, you see him being good with his kids. He’s not freaking out about his daughter, Christie, for breaking stuff. He reprimands Christian for how he answers the door, but not harshly. He actually gets upset with you if you’re too harsh towards Mary. In the second chapter, he seems to really care about the kids and the dance. He talks to you about his misspent youth, and how he misses it sometimes.

Joseph is a cheater. He does terrible things. Yet like Mary and Robert (who also do terrible things) he also has good sides to him that are shown through the game. This mix of actions makes him a gray character.


Okay. So Mary is pretty awful to begin with. But you later find out that she does have good qualities. She cares about Damien and Robert. And she leads up an animal shelter. She is a redeemed character who is likable if a bit rough around the edges.

Does this make her a pure, innocent lamb? No. Mary drinks heavily (implied that it’s because of her terrible marriage to Joseph.) She flirts and likely fucks with other men. Yes, we’re told that she never goes home with the men she flirts with by the bartender. But when we do Robert’s ending, we see her go off with another man, talking about his dick. Is she really not going home with that dude to fuck him? Probably not.

But let’s say that she doesn’t fuck all of those men she propositions. Let’s say it is all just flirtation that is her way of unhealthy coping. Mary as a parent isn’t very good. She loses her toddler twice during a party (assuming she found him in the first place) and is supremely unconcerned about him getting harmed. Now, bad marriage or not, that is extremely shitty behavior on her end. Being terrible towards your offspring is a choice you make, not something your spouse (however unfaithful he is) makes for you.

Mary has redeemable traits, yes. And she becomes a likable character that you want out of her horrible situation. But she does things that are terrible that are all her choice.


Oh. Robert. The “Sweet Cinnamon Roll” of the DDADDS universe and slut shamer extraordinaire. If you sleep with him at any point in the game, he kicks you out of his house. If you sleep with him a second time, he gets even nastier, telling you how you want it to be like this. How you’ll come back for even more bad treatment from him. I didn’t go for a third date with Robert, but I assume he gets even worse if you try for a third date on his slut shaming route.

He is friends with Mary, and fucked her husband behind her back. Maybe Mary knows about this. Maybe she doesn’t. The thing is that Robert thinks Joseph is disgusting. So why the fuck is he just enabling Mary’s bad behavior instead of talking her into a divorce with Joseph? Even worse, if the cult ending is real, Robert is one of the few people who knows about it. And that means he isn’t doing jack shit to keep others away from Joseph OR get Mary away from the cult man.

Where Mary shows concern for Robert, Robert does not return that concern. He brushes off your questions about Mary with comments about how she’ll be fine.

He constantly lies to you during your relationship, just so that he can have a laugh at your expense. He drinks too much, and knows he was a bad father. And you have to talk him into even taking the reconciliation attempt his daughter tries to make.

Of course, Robert has good qualities as well. He’s a good dog owner. He whittles. He won’t push you for sex if you stop in the middle of it. He’s just an incredibly fucked up individual. He gets a redemption arc at the end of his story if you as the player talk him into it. He wants redemption, and you become his push to actually try it.


The only difference between Robert and Joseph as datable dads is that you get a redemption choice for Terrible Person Robert and not one for Terrible Person Joseph. (You don’t get any choice at all for Mary, sadly.)

Canonically, neither Mary, Joseph, nor Robert are pure, sweet, cinnamon rolls. They all do fucked up things that cannot be blamed on anyone but themselves. But they also have redeeming traits as well. Morally gray characters are good things to have. Erasing their fuck ups (Especially Robert’s as has been the trend) takes away the interest of their characters.


A male hero, at best, lacks the qualities of maternal love and tenderness which are as essential to a normal child as the breath of life. Suppose your child’s ideal becomes a superman who uses his extraordinary power to help the weak. The most important ingredient in the human happiness recipe still is missing-love. It’s smart to be strong. It’s big to be generous. But it’s sissified according to exclusively masculine rules, to be tender, loving affectionate, and alluring. “Aw, that’s girls stuff!” snorts our young comics reader. “Who wants to be a girl?” And that’s the point. Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power. Not wanting to be girls, they don’t want to be tender, submissive, peace-loving as good women are. Women’s strong qualities have become despised because of their weakness. The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman. ★ [The Secret History of Wonder Woman, (2014)]

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What do you love about Sansa Stark?

Oh wow anon the real question is what don’t I like about Sansa Stark. Sansa is literally my daughter. I feel like I gave birth to her, like she came out of my womb and let me tell you, I’m not a average bitch so my daughter isn’t average either.

But seriously to answer your question…..what do I love about Sansa Stark:

1. Her femininity

In this misogynistic world femininity is seen as weakness and in the fantasy genre the only women who are applauded are the ones who reject femininity in favor of masculinity (think Arya). Sansa won my heart early on because she was delicate, she believed in songs, and was excellent at needle work, she dreamed about marriage and motherhood, she wanted to be rescued by knights and marry a prince. She is a “girls girl”‘in a narrative that usually shows only masculinity as strength. Sansa doesn’t want to fight, she doesn’t want to yield a sword or command armies, she sees value in what she’s been socialized to do as a woman.

She also never fell into the trend of using sexuality to compensate for the “weaknesses” and lack of power that come with femininity (think Ceresi and Margery). Sansa is as innocent sexually as one can be. She has never and still doesn’t truly see herself as a sexual being despite being beautiful and desired by men around her. I find that sexual innocence refreshing and authentic, especially since she started the a series as an innocent young girl. Her femininity hasn’t been corrupted by the idea that women have to be overly sexual in order to gain power and respect in the world. With Sansa I got to see a naive and idealistic girl much like a lot of young girls are in the real world. With Sansa I got to see a young woman struggling to navigate a world where she lacks autonomy much like a lot of young women we see in the world. With Sansa I’ve been able to see a woman stand firm in her femininity and ascend to leadership without having to change who she is.

2. Her strength.

Sansa doesn’t get enough credit for being a strong woman. She has endured so much and has survived it all, all without drastically changing who she is. She’s been able to hold on to her identity as a person and as a woman despite being in a world that tried to strip it from her at every turn. Whether is was when she was been beaten and tormented by Joffrey, or manipulated and sold by Littlefinger, or raped and beaten by Ramsey. She never let go of who she is and she never let the weight of her trials crush her completely. Through all the humiliation and pain she suffered in King’s Landing she held her head high and never let them truly break her. She was in the most precarious position she could have possibly been in immediately after her father’s death but she was forced to look at her father’s head on a spike and taunted with her father’s death she stood strong and didn’t let him see her break and even told him her brother would bring her his head. When she was slapped she took every one of those licks without even flinching and again never shed a tear. When she was tormented with the idea of being raped by Joffrey or abused by him she still held her head high. When she was taunted with her brother’s death as his wedding she never let them see her break down. She never let them see her cry over her mother or her brother. She remained a lady and kept her head low enough to endure and survive.

She suffered greatly at the hands of Ramsey but never let him break her and had enough courage to escape, even risking her life by jumping from the top of winterfel. She had to face hounds coming after her and freezing cold water to get away. When she finally made her way to safety at the wall she didn’t just sit there content with being safely in the confines of castle black, she pulled herself together as if nothing had happened to her and told Jon that they needed to take their home back. She didn’t crumble even tho she knew she would be facing a monster, she instead boldly asserted herself in a way she had never done before and pledged to take her home back with or without Jon. When Sansa should have been at her lowest she was strong and even managed to be the strength that Jon needed to find his purpose and fight again. She stood strong in her name and who she is as she went around the North looking for soldiers to fight for her. She looked her rapist and abuser in the eyes on the battlefield and told him he was going to die with zero fear or hesitation, and she triumphed over the biggest monster she had ever faced in the end, empowering herself even more. Sansa has been through more than most of the characters on the show and Sansa has endured and survived and had come out stronger, wiser, and more resilient all while holding on to her identity and I find that incredibly inspiring and empowering.

3. Her evolution.

Sansa has had one or the worst wake up calls out of anyone on the show and yet she came out of it more intact than most people would. She was a naive, innocent, and idealistic girl and all of that was stripped away from her violently. She’s changed, she’s hardened a bit, but she hasn’t let her hardships corrupt her. She’s shown incredible strength and resilience in the face of unspeakable dangers that most women would have have survived and now she has her home back, she has the autonomy she never had, and she has power and loyalty behind her. She’s evolved so much, more than any other character in this series. She went from pawn to player, from being powerless to powerful, from a scared naive girl to a brilliant and brace woman. She went from being a follower to being a respected leader. She went from being silent to finding her voice and having the confidence to assert it. She went from being unsure of herself and her future to being confident and grabbing a hold to the future that she wants with no hesitation. She went from being content with being in the disrespected in the background to demanding the respect that she deserves and had earned. She has blossomed into such a well rounded, brave, compassionate, intelligent, and confident young woman and it just makes me feel so proud.

4. Her Vulnerability

I love that we have seen Sansa cry, we have seen Sansa feel afraid, that we have seen her want to give up and break at times. I love that we have seen real vulnerability from her, even when it worked against her and was seen as weakness. I love that she opens up to people, even if she was opening up to the wrong people at first. I love that we get to see a female character who hasn’t always worn a mask of strength, who hasn’t always forced herself to be unemotional. Even after all she has been through we can still see her vulnerability. Like when she’s opening up to Jon, or like when she’s moved to tears as seeing Bran again, or like when she’s under the heart tree with Bran with a child like vulnerability wishing Jon was there and trying to understand her brother. Vulnerability is a part of human life. Emotions are natural and it’s been refreshing to see Sansa go through the full range of emotion without beating herself up about it or without feeling like she’s weak because of it.

5. Her Grace

She’s handled everything that has come her with with such grace that it leaves me in awe. She’s still such a lady and so gracious and so kind and compassionate. In many ways her hardships have made her even more compassionate and gracious than she was before. She owns up to her old childish behavior and strives to be better. She shows people appreciation and kindness regardless of their standing. She’s handles everything with a graceful calmness that many people don’t have. It’s one of the qualities that I believe will make her an excellent and beloved queen one day. Their is a tenderness to her personality that’s just really endearing without coming off as weakness. You still see the steel underneath but on the surface you see grace, beauty, and gentleness.

6. Her intelligence

She’s so smart. Granted she was naive for a while due to her age and her upbringing but she’s really really intelligent. A lot of people like to pretend that she’s only just not showing us how smart she is but she’s been smart since the beginning. She found ways to manipulate Joffrey. She found ways so manipulate the people around her and present herself as disarming enough to stay alive when she would have otherwise been dead. She’s taken all the things she’s learned over the years and has applied them in many ways to her advantage. She’s close to being one of the more brilliant political thinkers on the show and has shown herself to be astute in the game and capable of hanging though with the likes of Littlefinger and Ceresi.

I’m sure I could say more but these are just the first few and most important things that come to mind when I think about what I love about Sansa Stark

Happy Birthday! Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: littlepony-66

Prompt: Hi! I just read your Bill’s imagine and I love it. I was wondering if you could do one where he have this long-time girlfriend and she surprise him in set of IT for his birthday and he’s there dressing as Pennywise and it’s a lot of fluff 🙈

Warning: None 

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You were beyond excited when you checked the calendar that morning. Today was the day you could put your plan in set. You had been dating Bill for over 7 years now and never once do you question your relationship.

Well you did have the occasional argument of course but that doesn’t matter right now! You had already talked to the director of the movie your boyfriend Bill Skarsgård was staring in two weeks ago so your plan was ready.

You had been doing this for 7 years now where on his birthday you’d go over the top to celebrate his party. You had gotten up early to make him a simple pancake breakfast with itty bitty cutie pie pancakes.

You smiled when you saw him come into the room shirtless with only sweatpants that just barely held on around his hips. He came around you to make coffee and you  flipped the new batch of pancakes over to reveal a golden brown side.

You squeaked when you felt arms wrap around your waist and him place his chin on your shoulder. You giggled as he gently swayed you back and forth occasionally leaving light kisses on your neck and shoulder.

“Should I have stayed in bed longer?” He asked softly.

“What for?” You asked pretending not to know.

“You know why.” He said tucking your hair behind your ear.

You giggled and he wrapped his arms around your tighter. You placed the last of the pancakes on the plate and shook him off to bring the pancakes to the table where two plates with hash browns and bacon were waiting.

He sat down in his chair and grabbed a few pancakes before pouring some maple syrup over them. Of course when you took the maple syrup you get pouring…and pouring…and pouring…and pouring…the pancakes were floating in syrup…half of the bottle was gone…still pouring…and now your plate was a pond of sticky syrup.

Bill rolled his eyes but smiled at your antics and began to eat his little pancakes. After you were done you slurped the maple syrup from your plate and then took it the sink.

“I’m surprised you haven’t given me a box that will blow confetti in my face.” He teased.

“Whatcha mean?” You asked continuing to play dumb.

“C'mon you know it’s my birthday.” Bill said walking over to put his dish in the sink.

He leaned towards you nearly nose to nose and smiled looking from your lying eyes to your teasing lips. Just as he was about to kiss you his phone alarm went off from the bedroom that alerted him it was time to get dressed since he had to leave in 15 minutes. Bill sighed and walked off leaving your lips feeling cold.

You pouted wishing you could throw something at that stupid alarm to shut it up so he could’ve kissed you. You quickly cleaned the dishes before putting them back where they belonged.

When you finished putting the tray away Bill was walking out wearing a white shirt with black jeans. You purred and he grinned as he walked over. He kissed you for a few seconds before pulling away with a loud smack, “I love you. I’ll see you tonight!”

“Love you too! See ya!” You called.

You waited until the door closed and he was walking down the hallway before planning your attack. You took a quick shower, got dressed, and grabbed your keys and jacket before hurrying to leave.

You were careful when you got in to not run into Bill. You found the director Andy Muschetti and quickly ran up to him well it appeared he wasn’t busy.

“Andy do you have everything?” You asked.

The director looked up a little surprised by your sudden appearance but grinned at the enthusiasm sparkling in your eyes.

“Yeah just get Kelly to show you.” He pointed to said woman and as soon as she saw you she nodded and the plan began….

Bill finished doing a scene when the director called for a 5 minute break. He strolled out still in his “Pennywise mode” occasionally laughing in his clown voice.

“Hey Bill.” Andy called walking over.

“Yes Andy?” Bill asked.

“You might want to go to the makeup trailer. Your lipstick smudged.”

“Alright.” Pennywise replied.

He headed towards the “make up trailer” which was also his trailer since he required the most amount of makeup to cover his handsome features. When he arrived he opened the door only to jump back startled as least 50 red balloons suddenly poured out.

Bill blinked confused looking around but no one was here. He pushed through the balloons popping a few in the process until pretty much all of them were out. He looked at himself in the mirror but his lipstick and everything else looked perfect.

Curious, he walked back towards the set not finding anyone. It was like the cast and crew just walked away leaving all their equipment behind. Nervousness grew in Bill who slowly lost his character personality as he walked through the empty set.

When he arrived to where he was filming originally it was pitch black.

‘Hello?“ Bill called.

The lights came on and he jumped back even more startled as the whole crew revealed themselves shouting, "SURPRISE!”

Bill spotted you in the crowd and grinned walking towards you. Before you could say anything he smashed his lips into yours making you smile and kiss back. You wrapped your arms around his neck ignoring the audience awing at you.

A few of the kids cringed in disgust though.

When you pulled away his buck teeth were a little crooked and his lipstick was smudged and had rubbed off on your lips but you didn’t care.

“Happy birthday.” You said before kissing his cheek.

Bill smiled and brushed his thumb over your cheeks.

“Oh I also got a present for you!” You announced.

Andy came up holding a colorfully wrapped box and handed it to you. You took it and held it for Bill excitedly.

He smiled and took it before undoing the ribbon and opening the box…only for it to blow up in his face.


Colorful confetti blew up in his face and fell on him. He even spit some from out of his mouth. You laughed along with the others and he just rolled his eyes.

“Sorry babe. Gotta keep the birthday pranking tradition.” You grinned.

“Just wait until it’s my turn to prank you.”

That night you were snuggling with Bill in bed enjoying each others warmth well watching cartoons. Yes, yes, you were two grown adults over the age of 20 watching cartoons. But not like the new ones it was the good old 90-early 2000 cartoons everyone loved.

Bill’s head was resting against your chest (really boob ;) ) just listening to the sound of your heart beating well you stroked his hair in sort of an auto pilot mode. He purred loving his birthday.

When you got home your true gift was that you had gotten him a few new shirts and a nice leather jacket you had seen him eyeing since forever. You had even made him a birthday cake from scratch with rainbow sprinkles baked in and iced and shaped to look like his Pennywise character.

Turns out his character in cake form tasted pretty good. Then after that you both just decided to cuddle and spend some quality time together. He couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend.

“So did you like my cake?”

“It was okay.”

“Just because your the birthday boy doesn’t mean I can’t slap you or kick you out to sleep on the couch tonight.”

“You wouldn’t do that.”

“Ow! Okay, okay! I loved your cake!”

“Aw thanx. Happy birthday… ~ ❤️”

Epilogue: Yaya 3 requests done in one day! Whew. So because I’m in high school I will be doing one request per day on the week days and then how many I can do on the weekend. So please be patient. Thanx for reading!! XD!!!!

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uh so falcon is also like a cool uncle/mentor to Peter and this is my headcanon I give it to you

(Added in some Bucky too hope that’s okay)
((Also sorry this is so late))

-Sam and Bucky are pretty good bros

-and Peter really looks up to them because they’re super fuckin cool

-also they have metal appendages which is wild

-but Peter is also pretty intimidated by them

-Peter is both disappointed and relieved that he hasn’t had a chance to meet them

-but then a few weeks after the whole Toomes thing he goes to the compound for suit upgrades and general maintenance

-Peter stays late because Tony gave him a lecture about his daily updates because Peter missed a few days that week and scared tony shitless

-so Peter is walking out to his room

-the one tony gave him for when he stays late and doesn’t want to have him dropped off at his apartment at like 3 am

-and he sees Falcon and The Winter Soldier in the communal living space

-Peter nearly yells in surprise bc the fucking winter soldier is wrestling falcon for a goddamn remote

-he has to walk through that floor to get to the elevator

-so he’s just trying to be quiet and fast

-but then falcon sees him and he’s like “who let in a toddler”

-Peter is actually kinda upset Bc he still has a baby face that makes him dysphoric sometimes but he shrugs it off

-and he’s like “who let you two wander out of the old folk’s home”

-and falcon’s like “bITCH” bc only he makes senior citizen jokes and they are exclusively reserved for Steve and Bucky

-Peter swears Bucky smiles but also Bucky’s pretty intimidating so for all he knows it could’ve been a snarl

-bucky’s expression immediately turns into recognition

-and he’s like “Steve dropped a goddamn bridge on a twelve year old”

-and Peter’s like “I was 14 at the time”

-and sam’s like ?????? When the fuck

-“at the airport”


-and sam’s laughing now because this kid’s probably like 5'5 tops and still has voice cracks

-Sam and Bucky don’t know that’s because he’s going through his second puberty but one day they will

-and Peter’s like “you weren’t laughing when you had to wait two hours for the webs pinning you down to dissolve but ok”

-and Sam just snickers

-“aw did you miss nap time? Are you grumpy? Do you need a juice box?”

-Peter rolls his eyes but barely bites back a laugh

-like a week or two later Peter’s back for training and tony makes him soar with Bucky because Natasha is on a mission and they have the most similar fighting styles

-so while Peter ices his bruised jaw he and Bucky share some quality bonding time

-and Bucky makes Peter stay for dinner Bc this kid is pretty cool

-he actually reminds Bucky of pre serum Steve 
-he makes peter sit next to Sam who teases Peter under his breath

-shit like “you sure you can do it? I don’t want you spilling your drink i know big boy cups are new for you”

-and Peter almost webs his mouth shut but decides to offer to get him his walker instead

-a month later their fighting these crazy robots and Peter’s proving to be really helpful

-he actually did a lot of last minute saves when they swarmed the rest of his team

-and Sam genuinely congratulates and thanks him

-and the next day Sam offers to teach him some hand to hand combat

-and the next mission they go on Peter finds himself web slinging alongside sam

-afterwards Sam claims any good hit made by Peter was actually him and “little Peter” just wants to steal his thunder

-Peter retaliates by asking for senior discounts at the pizza place the go to for dinner that night

-he may have slipped the cashier $10 to make it happen which made up for the discount in the first place but the look on Sam’s face was worth thousands

-Sam (and Bucky) care about this little dude a lot and they may or may not pay extra attention to him on the field because he really is a child and he’s important to them