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He woke tho

A note for fanfic readers.

I am currently in the process of porting a lot of my older fanfic onto AO3, because I want it all in one place/don’t want it to be lost/want to revise it to be a little more in-line with my current standards of both quality and language use.  It’s so quick and easy!  I can’t remember why I didn’t do this before!

…oh, right, she says, as the hit counter goes higher without the comments, or even the kudos, to match.  Because I feel like I’m screaming into the void.

I come from very comment-heavy fic environments, and like most fanfic authors I have known, I am a little twitchy about “what if this is awful what if I am awful what if nobody likes my shit at all.”  So when I have 50 hits and one kudo, I actually feel pretty rotten, which makes me less eager to do the job of cleaning and posting.

This is hence a plea on behalf of all fanfic authors: remember that the people who write the stories you enjoy are not getting paid for their time in anything other than “you did good, have a cookie” comments from people.  Please consider commenting if you liked a story.  Please consider leaving a kudo if you read all the way to the end.  There are stories that are qualitatively bad that I’ve left kudos on, because hey, I read them, they gave me an hour of enjoyment, they deserve a cookie.

We have infinite cookies to give.  We should share them freely, because wow, does it suck when fanfic makes fanfic writers sad.

That’s all.

honestly? everyone is asking way too much of high schoolers and it’s fucking insane. 

every weekday they’re all expected to get up early enough to be at school by 8am and then they usually spend their whole day sitting in desks but are expected to be wide awake. each hour they have to go to a different class but they only have like five minutes to get there. more or less rinse and repeat until 2:30ish with the tiniest break for lunch and that’s their whole school day.

lunch is like only half an hour and both the quality and quantity of food served at the cafeteria has been on a steady decline for a while now. i seriously went home for lunch every single day of my senior year because the food was so truly awful. there was this point where they stopped caring so much that they literally served a piece of garlic french bread (the shitty frozen kind, you know what i’m talking about) with marinara sauce and that was the whole lunch entree. 

along with their required classes, in order to look good to colleges they’re expected to take AP classes and advanced classes and extra classes what have you, as well as get good grades in them. all those teachers then proceed to pile ridiculous amounts of homework onto them in order to “prepare them for college” but you know what? as someone who took six AP classes in high school, i think AP classes are harder than college classes. they’re probably about the same content-wise but the general environment of high school is so overwhelming and stressful that it’s so much harder to focus on actually learning.

on top of academics they’re expected to be involved in extracurricular activities, sports, music, volunteering, internships, etc. and of course this is all in order to look good for colleges. because what is free time, right?

by the time they turn 16 (or maybe earlier) they’re also often expected to get a part time job. some of my coworkers who were still in high school worked 25+ hours a week, which is a fucking insane amount of time when you’re also a full time student. 

along with all this, they’re expected to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, which is A) a fucking joke, and B) literally impossible if you’re doing everything they want you to, and also if you’re not. high school is just such a truly awful environment to be in. i played sick really often because i hated being there so much. i overslept all the time because i never got enough sleep. i graduated two years ago and i still have anxiety dreams about high school because it was such a blight on my life for four years. 

anyway if you’re reading this and you’re in high school i want you to know that it’s okay if you’re unable to meet all these expectations because they’re absolutely outrageous

On Team Moms

I know we’re all about how Allura is Space Mom™ and apply all these motherly qualities to her but…

… Allura is a depressed, bossy, impatient, lost and aggressive girl who smacked Pidge in the face with green goop because she ticked her off. 

She’s as emotionally fragile as the rest of them, it’s worse for her because her fucking planet is gone and she let herself get sucked into the simulation so she can free of her awful reality and free of her new responsibilities. She’s stepping up to the task but she doesn’t want it.

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 She has shown the tendency to go for the throat when she’s bothered, was reckless on her and Shiro’s mission and prioritized him over herself when she tossed him in an escape shuttle in a they-need-you-more-than-they-need-me way.

Allura doesn’t have much in the way of Team Mom™ traits, she has all the tropes of the Team Big Brother™. If anything, she needs a Team Mom or Dad and so far Coran might be both for her.

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Now, let’s be honest, guys, if anyone’s the Team Mom™, it’s Hunk.

He prioritizes other people’s feelings, worries like no one’s business, snooped around Pidge then said nothing for her own comfort and safety, rarely complains so he doesn’t burden the others, made sure to make Keith feel included, gives the best hugs and he figured out a way to cook good and nutritious meals.

Hunk for Team Mom!

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I think what surprised me the most about the highlight mv wasn’t the fact that there even was one, or the fact that performance unit look absolutely stunning, I think I was so in awe of it because the production quality was superb. The colors, the backdrop and the way the mv was filmed as a whole had me in absolute shock. It was really fitting for them and I really hope we get to see all 13 boys have an mv like that in the future



[I apologize for the terrible quality but this post is so helpful]

Let me break down the visual for you and the steps. 

First you’re gunna wanna draw eight circles, roughly the size of the head because this is going to dictate the general shape and size of the character and the picture. It gives you a good layout for how much space you’ll need too!


Once you’ve done that break it down!

1st Circle: For the head and neck respectively. Mild tweaking can be done afterwards.

2nd Circle: The pecks and shoulders! Don’t worry about the arms, we’ll do those later.

3rd Circle: The mid section of the torso! This is where the rib cage is and, roughly, where you’ll want to draw the start of the arms!

4th Circle: The pelvis and hips (gotta wiggle ‘em a bit).

5th and 6th Circles: For your thick, watermelon crunching thighs. The wrists typically align themselves at the lower half of this circle and the hands come after with some fiddling.

7th and 8th Circles: For calves and feet!



[Also cheat: If you’re doing this and use a digital program I highly recommend outlining the better half and copy/paste/flipping the lines to help things align better. It’ll look a lot nicer/smoother too and cuts down the work load by half!]

heyyo! I recently reached 7k awhile back and since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought it might be a good day to spread my appreciation and luv to my lovely followers / followings. Thank you so much for all you’ve done and dealing with my semi-hiatus a$$ these past years. I’ve honestly been a passive aggressive member of tumblr and yet here we are!!! I’ve received 7k because of all of you. To my followings, mutual or not, thank you for also filling my dashboard with an unimaginable quantity of feed & quality at that. As for my followers, I wouldn’t be here without you guys, thank you so much for always adding notes to my posts and even my writing!! Awe shucks I’m getting emo. Thank you, so so much!! 

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tbh it's really frustrating how people think su's animation quality is solely limited to how the characters look. like the backgrounds for this show, the lighting, the special effects, etc are so beautiful and detailed but people will look at one screenshot of an "off model" peridot or something and be like "wow the quality is so awful, i think i'm gonna hate on the show for a few weeks because of this"

Ever since I posted shots of Asada Torao’s guest illustration from the N+C 10 years Archive 02, it’s been pestering me from the back of my mind how awful the quality of those pics were ever since.

So, now that I have a decent scanner, I decided to fix as much as I could because despite how visually hard is to read the DMMd manga, the mangaka deserves more appreciation imo :3

Here’s the high res pic (We all know how evil Tumblr is with it)

honestly i dont feel like writing out another really long reply so im just gonna say this once here: whether or not it makes sense for mon-el to justify his choices based on his past (hint: it doesnt, but whatever), you have to recognize he isnt real. there is no real daxam, no real planet to actually be the source of his prejudice and awful qualities. the narrative cannot justify his actions through the lens of being a daxamite because mon-el and daxam do not exist, so, at the end of the day, the narrative is simply justifying his actions period.


A male hero, at best, lacks the qualities of maternal love and tenderness which are as essential to a normal child as the breath of life. Suppose your child’s ideal becomes a superman who uses his extraordinary power to help the weak. The most important ingredient in the human happiness recipe still is missing-love. It’s smart to be strong. It’s big to be generous. But it’s sissified according to exclusively masculine rules, to be tender, loving affectionate, and alluring. “Aw, that’s girls stuff!” snorts our young comics reader. “Who wants to be a girl?” And that’s the point. Not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power. Not wanting to be girls, they don’t want to be tender, submissive, peace-loving as good women are. Women’s strong qualities have become despised because of their weakness. The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman. ★ [The Secret History of Wonder Woman, (2014)]

On this episode of “deep introspection at random hours of the night”, watch me come to the crippling realization that my desire to control my life (mostly out of fear of someone else having power over me) is actually awful and damaging my quality of life. Spoiler: I continue to do so anyway.

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Brin help me I can't stop thinking about Link and Revali and just. Pls imagine after Link wakes up again and he starts to get his memories back and all of a sudden he remembers revali and what they had and he feels SO AWFUL because how can you forget something like that and just. When he frees vah medoh he knows he has to move on so he can save Zelda but he just sits there with revali for hours and he keeps apologizing for forgetting and it's your fault I ship them so you have to suffer with me

actually I sort of love revalink angst a ridiculous amount bc i am apparently a sad, twisted individual so thank you for this quality serving


Anastasia AU because I had too when i saw @yaboybokuto do it 

I couldn’t take good screens so I didn’t do much and the quality is shit i’m sorry. I may do better ones later - Or put my grabby hands on another au instead -

Also Inko prob died young, that’s why I drew her like this