because the point is they loved each other more than anything

ok, but don’t imagine Victor messing up all of his jumps at some point of s2 because he put so much effort in Yuuri’s program he didn’t have time to practice properly

don’t imagine all Russian team being so sad and confused

don’t imagine press and other skaters suggesting he did that so Yuuri could win

just DON’T imagine anxious Yuuri being so angry and hurt because it’s easier to believe them than to admit his idol isn’t at the top anymore (and it may be his fault)

please don’t imagine Victor crying and not knowing what to do because whatever it is that Yuuri will believe it still feels like loosing him

don’t imagine Yakov being the only person who knows what happened but not being able to motivate Victor anymore

just don’t

anonymous asked:

Could you do a scenario where MC and each of the RFA members+ saeren (minus Jaehee, V, and vanderwood) got drunk? How would they react to each other while inebriated? Who would take care first? And it can be at each other's home, bar, or etc. Hope that was specific

(I don’t have any experience with alcohol, so I’ll just do headcanons if thats ok ^_^)


  • Dramatic drunk
  • Well, more so than usual anyways
  • Since he drinks alcohol a lot more frequent than whats probably good for him, it takes a lot to get him really drunk
  • When he does however, he gets very over-dramatic and clingy
  • If you say anything even slightly negative about him, he will literally fight you, but beware because he will cry if you poke him
  • Definitely clingy with his significant other, and he will dramatically point out everything he loves about them so everyone can hear
  • He gets really pouty if you try to tell him to maybe slow down on the drinks, and says that he's “a grown, manly man who can take care of himself!”
  • And so this manly man will probably rip of his shirt and pose to show his manliness 
  • Zen, put on a shirt
  • no no get of the table this isn’t-
  • oh my god he’s dancing
  • oh god


  • Lightweight
  • This boy is done after one shot, and you can instantly tell that he’s drunk
  • He gets really whiny, and he’ll sit down next to the person closest to him and start complaining about anything that comes to mind
  • Kind of the classic young drunk guy, weirdly happy one second, angry the next, then crying over something and just falls asleep randomly
  • He would probably be clapping and cheering for Zen’s little show
  • When the first high ends, he stops making sense and just kind of sits there and talks out loud to no one in particular
  • would compare you to rika even more omg 
  • Eventually he’s just so gone
  • “Yoosung I think you should-”
  • “You sound like Rika”
  • MC: *breathes*
  • “Rika used to breathe”
  • MC: *triggered*


  • He doesn’t get drunk very often, nor very easily 
  • Since he is so classy and sophisticated used to drinking wine, he doesn't get drunk a lot. He’s similar to Zen in that way. 
  • When he drinks a couple of glasses too many, he gets more quiet than usual
  • He just sits in his spot staring into nothingness 
  • (Not even phased by Zen’s naked-dancing)
  • If anyone talks to him he’ll just ignore what they say and without context just start asking really “philosophical” questions 
  • “But what if… pens can feel when we write with them… and it hurts?”
  • “Jumin, pens can’t -”
  • “We should make special protection for pens so we cant hurt their feelings. Assistant Kang, can we do that?”
  • “… Do you think cats want to write with pens”
  • “Artist cats might want to pursue their dreams”
  • jumin pls


  • I imagine he might have tried some alcohol when he first joined the agency, just to get rid of his feelings, but other than that he’s not very used to it
  • As opposed to his usual cheerful self, when he’s drunk he gets really depressed 
  • The others would worry and notice it if they only weren’t so busy with their dancing-shows and cat-museums
  • He doesn’t really talk to anyone, and if anyone tried to talk to him, he would probably just push them away
  • The only person allowed to be with him is MC, and they were to worry about him he would spill everything
  • Crying, whining and just letting all his feelings go
  • (There may or may not be mentions of how honey buddha chips are so perfect, and how longcat should rule the world, but you kinda lost him about 10 minutes into his rant)
  • “Why cant i just be like kirby and just inhale all my problems to make them disappear”
  • umm seven no

MC: (you)

  • You, the responsible friend you are, decided to be the sensible one and didn’t drink anything
  • So you’re here stuck in this random bar watching over these idiots
  • I mean
  • Zen doesn’t even have his shirt on while dancing on the table
  • Yoosung just fricking compared you to Rika while cheering for Zen
  • Jumin doesn’t want to hurt pens’ feelings. poor child.
  • Seven is in your arms while crying over potato chips
  • Yup, just another normal day in the RFA
  • You might as well just keep sipping you apple juice while watching the show unfold

Saeran: (spoiler heavy)

  • I imagine with all the stuff that happened with his and seven’s mom he’s very uncomfortable with drinking alcohol
  • It brings back too many bad memories
  • His mom was probably even worse with him when she was very drunk, so he doesn’t want to experience anything similar to that again
  • He probably wouldn’t even want to come with you guys, but he went with it since you were going
  • He’d be siting next to you with a capri-sun or something
  • So there the two of you are, you with your apple juice and he with his capri-sun and just looking over your idiot friends
  • To make him less uncomfortable with the whole situation, you start making snarky comments on Zen, and from there on the two of you start throwing major shade on all the members while they unknowingly make giant fools of themselves
  • “I see mister-trust-fund-kid has finally started to show his emotions”
  • “Its nice, isn’t it?”
  • “Too bad its just towards pens”

The sun and the moon have spirits. They change every thousand years or so, cycling through new and old souls to take on the burden of being an inanimate celestial body. It’s grounding, ironically enough: a stable starting point for the new and a reset button for the old.

The sun and the moon aren’t the only ones with spirits, of course. Every planet and star and moon, every comet and black hole and void has one, but the sun and the moon are different this time. The sun and the moon are special.

They love each other. Observe and persist—that’s all they are meant to do, but they are drawn to each other in ways that can’t be explained.

The sun is a new soul, and she can see a lot from her position. She can see all of the planets and each of their moons, and she can see plenty beyond that as well, but there’s nothing she loves more than gazing upon the face of the Earth’s moon. She’s beautiful, really, and in her boredom the sun names each of her dark spots as if they were seas and her craters after astronomers.

The moon is an old soul. She’s had thousands of lives before, but they’ve been cleared from her memory. Now, all she knows is loneliness; she’s too small and irrelevant to be of any significance to anything else, not like the sun, whose light and warmth are necessary to life. The moon is in love with the sun; she may be impossible to reach, but she is bright and beautiful and the moon wishes she could meet her, just once, perhaps in another life.

When their time is up, they become goddesses. The sun is put in charge of changing the seasons and the moon is given control of the weather. It isn’t what one would think godhood is like; they have no form, existing everywhere and nowhere at once, and they cannot speak or interact in any way a physical being would understand.

The goddess of seasons does what she can. She has a strict schedule to follow, changing every leaf in the fall, frosting the right places in the winter. Her favorite thing to do, though, is to bloom the flowers in the springtime. Every year, she does it specifically for the goddess of weather, unfurling each bud and sending the message with it that it’s for her, for that powerful and striking deity who she can’t explain her attraction to.

The goddess of weather clears the clouds and sends a pleasant breeze to tickle the flowers whenever they bloom as an acknowledgement, a thank you. It’s as if the season goddess knows where she is at any given time; they bloom where she goes as she roams the Earth, and it never fails to make her feel alive, to feel loved.

The others pity them. Deities aren’t meant to fall in love; there’s a reason they’re only given enough power to do their duties and don’t have the privilege of having a voice or a body. They don’t pay it any mind, though; after all, it’s better than being the sun and the moon, even if they have no memory of that.

So, they perform their duties as long as they must, for hundreds of years, until new spirits are chosen to replace them. It’s like a release when they are finally freed from their responsibilities, and they’re placed on the land they’ve cultivated as a mari-morgan and a hyleoroi nymph. It’s almost cruel for them to finally be given animate, corporeal bodies but to be separated by domain, but still their love perseveres.

The morgan lives in a lake in the woods, appearing as a stunning young woman with a face framed with golden hair spun from starlight and cloudy seafoam in her eyes. When she smiles, you can see the glinting tips of her mouthful of fangs, retracted so that they’re not sticking out at all angles when they’re not in use. She tends to her water gardens and combs out her hair on the shore of the lake, because that’s what mari-morgans do, and she takes any man who falls prey to her lures, because what else is there?

The nymph is afraid of her at first. She watches the forest in which the morgan’s lake is located, keeping harmony as well as she can. Sometimes her skin is green, sometimes gray-brown and rough like the bark of her trees, sometimes multi-hued in a way that allows her to blend in with patches of wildflowers. She blends in and watches the morgan, watches her leading these men to their deaths, until one day she thinks, isn’t that lonely? When has this woman had the opportunity to bond with someone when her nature forces her to kill?

The nymph wanders out of the shade of her trees as the morgan sits on the shore and sings a song with words from a language she doesn’t understand, and she sits right in front of her, half expecting to be brought to her death as the men had been. Instead, the morgan stares at her in shock; nobody has ever approached her like this before. She sees the same fascination and kindness in the nymph’s face as she does in the men she drowns, but this is different. This is kindness not for the sake of the nymph, but for that of the morgan.

They speak until the nymph must return to her duties, and they bid each other farewell, the morgan wishing she could leave the lake to go with the nymph and the nymph wishing she could survive beneath the water. They meet for an hour every day where the edge of the trees meets the lake’s shore, and they fall in love as quickly and easily as each life before.

Life as a spirit of water or of the wood is dreadfully dull, as each would attest to, and they’re relieved when time takes them to their next incarnations.

They’re humans. Fragile, insignificant humans who mean nothing to every spirit and deity and celestial body in existence. They’re humans, but they’re happier than they’d ever been. The seven years spent before they met each other was nothing compared to the duration of time they’d spent waiting for this in their previous lives.

The sun, the goddess of seasons, the hyleoroi nymph, is now called Riley, Riley Rosalyn Matthews, and she is born with no knowledge of the universe and no powers just as every other human being is. When the moon, the goddess of weather, the mari-morgan climbs through her open window and introduces herself as Maya, Maya Penelope Hart, Riley could swear she knows everything, could swear she could sprout wings and fly. There’s familiarity there that neither of them can understand, but they know that there’s something special about each other, even at only seven years old.

It shows as they grow up; never have two human beings fallen in love so quickly and easily and completely as this. Like many humans, though, they fail for years to realize it.

They sit in the dark of Riley’s room under her covers, hands entwined as they stare at the ceiling and talk about anything and everything they could possibly think of.

They sit side-by-side on the subway that takes them to school, Riley leaning into Maya’s shoulder as sleep threatens to take her, and Maya smiles softly to herself.

They sit on the roof in the dead of night, when everything is quiet, when it feels like the world only exists for the two of them. Maya watches the sky in silence, and Riley watches her with the same amount of wonder. She sees the light of the city and the light of the moon in her eyes, and she sees her chest rising and falling with each gentle breath, and she sees the faintest hint of a content smile on her face, and that’s when she knows she’s in love. Thirteen years old is dreadfully young for a human to know such a thing, but it doesn’t scare her. She only feels utter tranquility as she takes Maya’s hand, hugs her arm, and lays her head on her should as she had so many times before.

It takes Maya a little longer. She’s in denial for a long time, afraid her feelings would be bad for their friendship if they weren’t returned, afraid the relationship wouldn’t last if they were. She tries to love Riley’s uncle, Josh, because that can’t go wrong. He’s unattainable, something to chase after, something to keep her preoccupied. If anything were to ever come out of it, well, he was nice, and it would keep her tethered to Riley’s family forever.

It isn’t until he tells her himself to stop going after him, that perhaps she’s projecting (he says this with a meaningful nod in Riley’s direction), that she can’t ignore it any longer. “You love her,” he says, “and she loves you. Don’t try to fight it.”

And she kisses Riley, sitting in the bay window of the ski lodge, just like that. She takes the advice and doesn’t try to fight it when Riley rambles on about their “extraordinary relationship”. She cuts her off mid-sentence, one hand on Riley’s face, her eyes closed out of passion and nerves. It’s stilted and clumsy; their noses bump and Maya nearly misses, but it’s the closest they come to remembering who and what they were before. It’s just out of reach, fuzzy memories made fuzzier by the cloud of their emotion, but it’s there, and it’s powerful.

There’s a stuffy silence when they break apart, each of them staring at the other as if she were the sun and the moon, until Riley says, “I love you,” and the air comes rushing out of Maya’s lungs in a breathy laugh.

“I love you, too,” she says. “God, I love you so much.”

“What do we do now?”

Maya shrugs and shakes her head, the kiss still bright in her chest. “What do you want to do?”

Riley pauses for a moment in consideration. “I think,” she says eventually, “I want us to be together forever.”

“That’s cheesy.”

“I want us to be together for longer than forever.”

“How does that work?”

“Well, we’ll just have to find each other in our next life. Easy.”

“What do you think that life will be?”

“I don’t know,” Riley says, “but whatever it is, it’ll be good as long as we’re together.”

Maya nods. “I think I like that idea,” she says. “We’re starting now?”

“Yeah, we’re starting now.”

more anderperry head cannons? yes.

-neils favorite todd is early morning todd because hes very soft and warm and confused and adorable

-todd has a habit of leaving his crumpled up wads of paper all over the place. neil had a habit of reading them when todd isn’t looking.

-their first romantic kiss (read my other head cannon list for this to make more sense) wasn’t actually that romantic. it was a lot of teeth and awkward arms. neither of them really knew how to kiss. they had no problem practicing with each other.

-todd always goes to bed earlier than neil does, which usually results in neil crawling into todds bed at some point in the night while todds already sleeping.

-neil was the first person to say ‘i love you’ but he didn’t really mean to say it. it just sort of slipped out and he got all embarrassed and walked (ran) away before todd could say anything.

-todd once told neil that whatever he chooses to do - whether it’s acting or becoming a doctor - he was going to support him and his decision. neil cried tears of absolute happiness.

-their first real fight in their relationship was when neil told todd that he wished todd was more assertive. they didn’t speak for 2 days and almost broke up.

Jinyoung Kink Profile

Day4 Jinyoung
Half way through, how has it been so far? 
Hopefully the master list will be updated this weekend.
also theres a new theme ^_^ its still a little rough but hopefully it’ll be done soon.
~ahgase Omma

Dom or Sub
Dom in bed, but acts like an innocent everywhere else.

Turn ons
both of you being naked around each other as much as possible, not only does he like being able to look at you, but being able to touch you too. nothing is more comforting than feeling your bare skin against his. lip biting, or really anything biting… that includes during oral too. boob groping, softly, harshly when ifs about to cum, any sort of touch gets rougher at that point. he loves watching your face as he enters, how your expression changes when you adjust to when he starts moving. “good things to those who wait” kind of teasing dominant. being risky around the group. he never ask ‘do you like that?’ because he already know what you loves, and he’s not going to deny you of it, just make you wait for it a little bit. he’s doesn’t mind you being noisy, but you have to know when to be quite, he doesn’t want to stop just to get you to quiet down, which he would do, ‘you brought it upon yourself’. he would have sex in public places, mostly backstage. he wouldn’t use restraints much, he’d rather hold you in place. loves cumin on your stomach and giving pearl necklaces.

other than and blindfold, jinyoung wouldn’t really care to play with other toys, not to say his not experimental, its just not his style, he works hard for your orgasms and they are all his, no help from toys needed. he wouldn’t mind if you wanted to, but at the end its him and only him that gives you pleasure.

When/how he tells you
5-8 months after first time. he would wait to see how comfortable you where with things, he wouldn’t rush into things, and if you were to mention it first then he would be more than happy to. but he wants to give time to get to know each other and see how things are without all the embellishments. he would be very coy about asking you, he would talk how the members keep going on about their love lives and how somethings has crossed his mind but only if you wanted to.

Kink Experimentation  
Sensory kink, when he puts a blindfold on you and teases softly with all sorts of things. a slight daddy/protector kink, he wants to be the one that you rely on, and if that may come with titles like daddy, master, sir however sir is more disconnected than he would like. shower sex all the way. innocent play/damsel play, where your basically the princess that needs him. innocent play more in the terms of, ‘you heard her scream daddy last night…what do you take me for?’ even thought its clear to the whole apartment building that theres a daddy on the second floor. biting always and forever, only in places where it can’t be seen, or just slight visible, no one needs to know, but they can guess and imagine all they want, and thats the sexiest thing ever, people speculating about it, and imagining what your like in bed, but only he will know. with the members knowing whats really going on, theres no need to tease, he would say it out right in front of the others, and if your not too comfortable with it, he would at least whisper it just to you.

Safe word
If things went wrong-
He wouldn’t know what to do with himself if anything happened to you because of him. he would become distant, seeing you and remembering what happened, he owuldnt get better until you reassure him that its ok. 

How does it change the relationship
he would become much more outgoing and mischievous. there would start to be very distinct lines between, public playful jinyoung and private playful jinyoung. even though he would still be protective over you, and he would still wake up early to make you food, but then breakfast in bed would just end up all meals in bed.
*looking at the random nudes you just sent him, whilst he’s on Vapp*

Your kink?
he would be very curious about your kinks, wanting to hear about them, see if he would like them too. he would try more than once if he wasn’t deterred the first time around, and he would be willing to surprise you with them on days where you’ve been stressed, not just a special occasion thing, but when you need it.

Gifs are not my own

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What did you think of the Be Our Guest sequence? Because I've read so many people say they found it boring and lacklustre compared to the original but I thought it was amazing and (personally better than the original) was actually in tears of joy and awe by the end, as was my friend who I saw it with? And I thought Ewan and Ian did a great job with their respective characters, contrary to what lots of people have been saying too.

I really liked it! I think they scaled it down a bit, but I think it worked for this movie. I loved that Lumiere was more concerned with the presentation of his song and dance number than with whether or not Belle actually got to eat anything, so I hope the poor girl was able to consume some food at some point. 

But I loved Ewan and Ian, and I felt they played off each other really well, especially in that sequence.

Let’s talk about the idea that Farkle doesn’t understand love.

Because from where I’m watching, he has demonstrated unconditional love and emotional connection far better than the other three, with the exception of maybe Maya and Riley (who are arguably too controlling of each other for it to really be unconditional at this point). Farkle totally accepts everyone for who they are (yes even Lucas, who he is jealous of, is still his friend because he knows Lucas can’t do anything about his face). Farkle is also the only one who has been able to sustain a relationship for more than one or two dates. He is very perceptive of his friend’s emotions and feelings, and when he senses problems he is always there to support them. If you watch his expression he is almost always showing some kind of connection to the other characters in the scene. This is really interesting considering he’s supposed to be stunted in matters of the heart.

When Farkle asked his friends, “Please don’t ever let me not understand love” he wasn’t suggesting that he didn’t know how to love, or that he was incapable of it. I think in that moment he was worried because of almost being diagnosed with Asperger’s and needed reassurance that he was, in fact, a real boy and not a robot. It would have been a perfect opportunity for his friends to tell him all the ways he has demonstrated love, so that he didn’t have to wonder if there was something wrong with him. Because even if he did have Asperger’s, that doesn’t mean he has no capacity for love.

What I perceive as Farkle’s problem, is that he is afraid of losing his friends. He’s seen how the triangle has hurt and strained even the closest relationships. His logical side says this can’t be healthy. When Riley and Maya were fighting over him, he decided right then and there that romantic love was never worth pursuing if it would cause his friends to fight. He would never jeopardize a friendship for the possibility of romantic love when that could tear apart what he perceives as his lifeline - the Core 4. Farkle is terrified of losing the group, because they are the only group that has truly accepted him and made him feel like he’s more than a nothing.

Romantic love is a threat to that security. It’s not worth the risk. Especially when you have no expectation that your love would ever be returned (and let’s face it, Riley and Maya have been rejecting him for years, so he has learned to expect rejection. How sad was his school dance play on etiquette, where he acted out rejection in front of the entire class?) Better to stay with someone you believe you belong with, where it is safe. Better to not let yourself feel anything that could threaten your expectations of what you feel you deserve in life. Because the disappointment would be crushing.

So in my mind the only thing Farkle needs to learn about love is that he is worthy of it. And if he believed he was truly worth loving, he wouldn’t be so terrified to risk exploring what he’s feeling (toward Riley, because c’mon people, he’s not romantically indifferent to her, he’s just in denial). He wouldn’t cling to his safety net of logic because he would know that there would always be people to love and people who would love him back because of who he is, even if things didn’t work out with her. What he really needs is the courage to believe that he can have more, and to free himself from the obligation of preventing any of his friends from hurting. It’s okay to do something for himself and his own happiness. He told Riley as much, but he won’t do it for himself. It’s only when he accepts his own true worth that he will understand love and be ready for something more.

Checklist of Ruby’s Relationships

Since Ruby is the protagonist, it’s important she has very specific types of interactions with other characters. Some I think are more important than others and are pivotal to story progression and plot points hitting as hard as they should.

Jaune: These two should be foils to each other. Ruby knows how to fight, Jaune doesn’t. Jaune has some strategy smarts, and Ruby has a more on-the-fly approach. This is why I tolerate Jaune and like him here and there; he’s important for Ruby’s development.

Ozpin: He appears as the mentor figure and actually seems to like Ruby, perhaps seeing himself in her. This is evident when they talk during the dance in volume 2, which is a REALLY nice scene. Also, should anything happen to him, Ruby needs to be realistically affected.

Penny: They’re iN LOVE no but yeah Penny to me is one of the least-forced relationships Ruby has because they just meet like real people and build things up from there. Also, again, should anything “happen” to Penny, Ruby needs to feel it.

Pyrrha: Again, SHOULD ANYTHING HAPPEN TO HER *COUGH* Ruby needs to have a connection with Pyrrha. She makes a natural role model for her too, since you’d think Ruby would have heard of her.

And to minor, but no less important extents:

Blake: They have such a cool duality. Blake has seen shit as a child and it changed her worldview, while Ruby has always been idealistic and her worldview is only now being challenged. The age gap gives Blake a good reason to want to look after Ruby.

Yang: Duh. It just needs exploring, not much else to say. There’s tons I want to do there because Yang is begging for some characterization.

Weiss: Their friendship past their shaky pair-up is cute but I wanna see that animosity naturally cool down. Weiss sees Ruby as a child who acts too recklessly but ends up saving her later in the Emerald Forest? Let’s have Ruby prove herself a bit more to make the resolution believable.

I want everyone to brace themselves for the fact that while Johnlock will be canon, we won’t see much lovey-dovey stuff at all, ever. The point of this adaptation is to normalize gay relationships and to do that means maybe one kiss - maybe - and then just a bunch of lovely supportive behaviour. The kiss might not even be passionate. Granted, the subtext will get on it’s fucking knees and suck you dry, we will be left to deduce and write more colorful fanfiction amongst ourselves. Because that’s the point. This is the love story between two very unique, very broken characters who have never felt more alive than when they’re with each other. Being a couple won’t change anything. They’ve already been a couple this whole time. Don’t get your hopes up for a passionate display of sexual feelings because we may not see that side. We may see them hold each other and cry instead, confessing their love. We may see John confess his feelings loudly in front of a large group of people and then say to Sherlock, “For God’s sake, just take me home”. And Sherlock will grab his hand and lead him back to Baker Street where they belong.

Look, I’m not taking sides here but… Kaylor fandom is a small fandom compare to all of the fandom, even sweeran is way bigger than us. So when we freak out, when we start making theories, when we start cutting each other’s throat people won’t know except the ones in our circle and the one who’s plain on stalking our blogs. I know most of us are older than people in the other fandoms and more mature, but damn… When we start having different opinions on something, even if it’s the smallest thing ever, we turn into bunch of teenage girls stuck in a room all PMS-ing. Why can’t we just let others be? If you wanna make theories, then go ahead. Your theories won’t change anything because again MANY people don’t know about all these theories. IF you don’t agree with the theories, then that’s fine too… But don’t start ripping each other’s throat because one party thinks you’re spreading rumors and will make them go into hiding again and the other party thinks you’re being ridiculous for thinking so. Just let it be. You can make a post saying you disagree, but don’t go over the top about it and know that the people you’re referring to will notice and you have to be ready for the fireback. And to the other party, you have to know that not all people will agree with your theories and you gotta be ready for the hate that comes with the package, so just shrug it off, their lost not yours. Don’t get all sensitive with each other, put those armors down. Y'all know the minute you post the theories or the disagreement about the theories it’ll cause a fight, you just gotta breathe in and out, and idk have some chocolates or watch your fav tv show to make you relax. Be happy that they’re off their ninjas mode with us right now. Remember, this is a very small fandom. I know most of y'all here, most times I can tell whose post it is without looking at the url. So yeah… Your blog is for you to post what YOU think, or for what YOU don’t feel comfortable about, but you gotta know by now that whatever post you make, there’s a consequences that comes with it, and most times you just gotta shrug it off rather than making yourself have a headache because of it.

I think people really need to grasp the concept of being in love being a choice more than anything. The honeymoon phase ends, as do the constant cute texts. You get used to that person and all the things and habits you once found cute and quirky. Soon they become annoying, disgusting, or stupid. Those quirks make you think about the future and whether or not you want to deal with that any longer. Once you’re comfortable together, you can sometimes forget to constantly remind that person that they’re appreciated and loved.
It’s at that point that you have to choose to remain in love. It’s important to choose to ignore what annoys you and learn to live with it because it can be so worth it. Maybe you’ll be too comfortable to verbally remind each other of your mutual appreciation, but you’ll hear it in the laughs you share over things like weird sex noises, or weird bodily functions and other such things that you’re too scared to share in the beginning. Choosing love and forgiveness in the worst of times is worth it when you can grow together afterwards, because sometimes you need to learn to understand each other instead of giving up. Cute texts and random gifts get old, but choosing to keep up with date nights and choosing to make damn sure there is still passion is truly more important than constant texts and gifts.
Choose to remain in love if you can, because it’s so worth it even when times get rough.