because the other scenes were too dark

I love love LOVE how the Ultimate Edition showcased more of the Gotham versus Metropolis subplot. You got way more of a sense of how different these two cities are. I loved that scene when the cops were watching a football game, because that displayed pretty perfectly the situation between the cities. Metropolis is a superior team, and even when they’re already winning by a lot, they throw a touchdown just to rub salt in the wound. Bad sportsmanship. Then the Gotham players start a fight with the Metropolis players. That showed us in just a few seconds the beef between the cities.

Other little moments were great too. Like Clark taking the ferry over to Gotham, and when he gets there, we can just see how its more run down, and the guy in the apartment building tells him to get home “before dark.” Also the police station scene, and how they showed us that the cops really work with Batman, despite him being a criminal, because they feel he looks out for them.

It was just such a cool element of the movie. Seeing the run down, crime-filled Gotham compared to the rich and successful Metropolis.