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How can people keep playing GW2? How can people face the toxic community that is the RP one? I wasted three years on that game. People shouldn't go through the same the same harsh experiences and disappointments as I did.

There is no easy answer for this because not everyone that started Guild Wars 2 still plays it while others discovered it just a short time ago. Everyday people leave and every day new people discover the game.

i guess for those that stay there are reasons like

- they simply enjoy the game

- they have set a goal they want to accomplish in the game

- they like the story/design/gameplay etc.

- they enjoy pve/pvp/wvw/rp in the game

- they just can still deal with it pros an iota more than with its cons

- maybe they don’t have an alternative game and are bored

Maybe you should consider that not everyone experience the same in the game. Like in real life your experience is determined by the people you meet, coincidences and other uncertainties. No two players will experience exactly the same, and although a great amount of people will draw similiar conclusions about other people, the general atmosphere and the like. Not all will see the toxic side of the RP community and not everyone will be able to enjoy the story or certain features of the game as others.

personally i came only a very few times in contact with the toxic part of the RP community and my overall experience is good.

Not to mention that every MMO game has a toxic part. WoW, Aion, FF XIV, Wild Star. Name it you will find it there 99,999% of the time although in some it is a smaller part of the community than in others. in some games you may find those on certain servers in others you will find it everywhere.

i will not judge about communities here, because i’m not the one that has the right to do so; my experiences is limited and it would be arrogant to do so. You can’t always avoid the toxic members of communities even if you stick to friends and ask yourself “how would i react if someone would approach/send me that?“ and “do mix up personal stuff with rp stuff?“. the truth is that you can’t always avoid it.

IN this case you have to make a simple decision.

Do you stay and give the game/community another chance or not.

You say you wastes 3 years in the game. I ask you why? the game is free to play and no one expect yourself can force you to stay in a game that gave you bad experience. At the moment you had the first bad experience you had to make the decision above and you stayed

a decision, and with it all consequences, after you had thought the matter over thoroughly, is nothing to be regreted. all that happened afterwards is something you approved for yourself.

But if you stayed because you did not make the decision, because you hoped things would change if you just procrastinate to make this decision; in this case i fear everything that happened afterwards is your fault.

again nobody expect yourself could have forced you. even if you are saying “but the others …” it is you that gave those others the power to manipulate you.

Last but not least you stated “People shouldn’t go through the same the same harsh experiences and disappointments as I did.” that may be truth or not. no one wants to suffer, no one wants to be the victim of a bunch of assholes.

i’m sad that you suffered experiences that make you now regret to play the game but that are things you can’t change now. my advice is to put your grief about the game away and look toward other things. as long as you keep your grief the people that brought this unwanted experience to you will have power over you. they put metaphorical razor wire in your head and keep your thoughts on a thing on the bad aspects and let you suffer even if they no longer have the chance to contact you. don’t give them that power. the past is the past. the now is a present.

you suffered and you don’t want others to suffer? that is good. give advice to others. but don’t let personal experience dye your statements too much. again the most people experience the game quite different. preventive advice is good. hatred on the game because of a small part of the community is not. MMOs are just a extension of the real life with all it tragedies and comedies, all it good sides and all its bad bad sides.

again don’t let the bad experiences dominate your thoughts. guild wars 2 was a bad experience. turn your back from it. shake it off and enjoy the lightness of being freed from what dragged you down. there is always another game and with it there is always a chance for good experiences. and if you find it too risky it is your free decision to step out the box and look for others things.      



guest starring MARK.

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+ for: @yourjaehyun

+ words: 1.8k

+ genre: angst, soulmate au

+ summary: soulmate au where your clock is a countdown of how long you and your soulmate have left live.

+ this is really angsty and there is death!! woohoo fun! im not the best person to go for angst but i hope this was good for you guys!

+ request? masterlist?

Soulmates had been introduced to society only a few centuries ago and people were still struggling with the idea of it. Scientists had injected a chemical inside babies first, unsuspecting to the mothers so that the plan could work through. These days only the elderly didn’t have ‘soulmates’. A bright blue clock was set on the person’s wrist where their soulmates time was set in stone.

The nanobytes were linked to one another by compatibility of body types and brain development, they swarmed around the body tracking the person’s health and signalling it back to the soulmate. This displayed the time of death of them.

It was a cruel world and when the people learned that it was nothing like they had heard of, it was terrifying and upsetting. Many people ignored their numbers, others would get so wrapped up in the thought they would become distressed, and possibly kill themselves.

Suicides were the worst, they were unexpected and messed with the system, creating a rupture in the soulmate’s mental status, leaving them worse off. There were many factors that could mess with this system since it was based on the status on the body and not fate.

There was nothing romantic about it.

You were one of the people who ignored the blaring numbers on your wrist, annoyed that you had to be someone’s time keeper. You wanted to be yourself, fall for someone on your own accord and not wait around for someone to die at the time your wrist said so you could know for sure.

Living your own life, you traveled often coming from a wealthy family, able to take trips annually. This year was to South Korea where you’d tour around Seoul and live with someone to get the full experience. Luckily, a boy by the name of Mark Lee who was fluent in English offered to help out.

“Mark?” you asked, looking at the young boy who smiled widely at you.

“_____? It’s nice to meet you,” he held his arm out and you could see the faint numbers on his wrist stating there was no time left.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered involuntarily, staring at the faded blue numbers that now looked like a regular tattoo.

“Hey don’t worry about it, they’ve always been like that,” he stated, smiling brightly again before leading you in the direction of his home. “So this is Seoul, it’s very beautiful and highly industrialized. Would you like something to eat?”

At that time, your stomach growled and you sheepishly smiled at him in response.

He laughed loudly, nodding his head and moving to an outside vendor rattling off in Korean before producing some kind of delicacy to you. “It’s a rice cake, fried and then shoved onto a stick.”

“Alright,” you smiled, taking the food from him. As you went to take a bite of your rice cake you suddenly heard Mark whisper a sorry and you looked up in surprise.

“Your clock. It only has a few hours left on it.”

“Oh. Yeah, well I never really pay attention to it,” you muttered, pushing your sleeve back down and walking behind Mark down the street.

Mark sung lightly under his breath, slightly skipping along the road as he turned back to face you, “So, at the moment we’re just going to hang out at my house if that’s okay? I have to get to work in about an hour but I took tomorrow off so we can hang out all day!!”

“That sounds great,” you grinned, walking up the steps watching as Mark skillfully walked up backwards without falling.

The two of you entered his apartment, it was small and bleak with two rooms on either side of the place, a small living room and a bathroom sized kitchen. “I live here with my roommate, Jaehyun. He’s very sweet, a bit scary looking but he speaks English too. He lived in America for four years, you know?” Mark replied, his hand covering his mouth like he was whispering a secret to you.

“I said it once and I’m sorry I looked like a nerd,” a tall boy with curly hair stated coming out of the left side of the apartment, a towel wrapped around his neck as he glared at the smaller boy who was giggling to himself. “I’m Jung Yoon-oh, but you can call me Jaehyun.”

His hand extended for yours and you put your small hand into his large one, shaking it firmly, “I’m _____, but you can call me _____,” you laughed.

He grinned lightly at your response. “Hey Mark, I don’t think I can make it to practice tonight.”

“Huh? Why not?! The manager is going to get onto you if you miss another practice,” Mark exclaimed, jumping up from where he was in the kitchen and speeding over to stand in front of him.

“I know Mark but, I just have this killer headache. I think it’s going to become a migraine and I just can’t practice under these conditions,” Jaehyun whispered holding his temples tightly as he talked more. The sound of his voice starting to rattle inside his head.

“But Jae-”

“Mark please, it’s killing me…”

“Alright,” Mark sighed, walking back to his room to get ready.

A few minutes later the smell of burnt food started to fill the room and Mark ran out of his room, “My eggs!” he exclaimed, turning the stove off and throwing the burnt eggs in the sink.

You and Jaehyun were seated in front of the TV, which wasn’t on, every once in awhile discussing things but not often. If Jaehyun talked for longer than five minutes his headache went on worse and he’d flinch squeezing his eyes shut in pain. You were really worried for him, staring at him every once in awhile before moving to the kitchen. Jaehyun didn’t ask until you returned with a bowl of soup.

“What’s this?” he asked softly, taking the warm bowl into his hands and smelling the thick scent invading his senses.

“Soup, it should help your head,” you whispered back, feeling his head. “When you’re done, you should lay down in a dark room. It’ll help your head.”

“Alright,” he agreed, slurping the soup down and then moving into his room. You told him you’d be in there in a minute with some medicine and a cool washcloth to help his fever.

“Jaehyun?” you asked the room, looking around the dark room and stumbling about the unfamiliar setting.

“Yes,” he croaked as you stood beside him holding the medicine in one hand and setting the glass of water on the night stand so he could take it.

He swiftly swallowed the medicine before lying back, you following behind with the cool cloth, he sighed at the feeling, slightly smiling.

“Would you stay with me?” he asked, holding onto your wrist.

“Yes, let me get a chair,” you replied, moving into the living to grab a fold-up chair and returning to him.

“Tell me about yourself,” Jaehyun asked of you and you did, telling about your travels and your family. He told you a few things about himself. You were surprised that him and Mark were idols here in Korea. They seemed so down-to-earth unlike most who became arrogant and cocky with their power. You talked for an hour about your lives, your favorite things until it got quiet.

Jaehyun was asleep.

You curled up into the uncomfortable chair, playing around on your phone until you heard Jaehyun shift in the bed. He moved again, this time more jerky, his body flopping up and back down into the feather bed. His body continued to jump around and soon you figured out he was having seizures. Surprised and praising whoever was out there that you had taken first aid so you knew what to do in this situation.

Quickly opening your phone and turning on a light you called the operator to patch you through to their emergency system, while it was on speaker you began to remove the sheets and the cloth, allowing room for him so that he wouldn’t hit anything. There wasn’t much else you could do but run to Mark’s room and gather all his pillows and blankets to make a pad around Jaehyun’s bed in case he fell off.

Your eyes started to gather tears as you stared at Jaehyun’s struggling body on the bed until the EMT’s came through the room and started assessing the situation. One led you out of the room and into the living room, trying to keep you calm.

Although it had only been a few hours since you met the boy’s you’d grown very fond of them. Jaehyun especially, you learned a lot about him. He was nicknamed ‘Casper’ because of how pale he is, his favorite author is Agatha Christie, and that his dimples were incredibly attractive. A tear began to slip from her eye as she thought back to the moments she spent with him.

“Ca-Can I make a call?” she asked the lady watching over her.

“Yes, but don’t let too many people come here. It’ll just make us all the more stressed,” she whispered and you nodded.

“Thank you,” you whispered, walking into the hallway and calling Mark. “Mark?” you croaked into the phone.

“What is it _____? We only have a five minute break.”

“”Mark, it’s Ja-Jaehyun…”

“What do you mean?! What’s wrong?!”

“Listen, he started to have seizures but you can’t come with anyone else. It’ll be too stressful.”

“Alright, I-I’m coming.”

Mark was there in less than five minutes and joined you on the couch. You stared at the floor and your eyes flickered to your wrist watching the numbers drop. Three seconds left. Two. One. And your soulmate was dead. Shoes arrived from the hallway and your throat clenched at the thought.

The man held his hat in his hands, the lady and Mark turning to him. You hadn’t turned though and whispered the only thought continuously wracking through your mind. “He’s dead.”

Mark turned to you in surprise before gasping, remembering the numbers on your wrist, seeing the time of his death flash.

It would last a day. Staring her in the face as it flashed again and again to remind you that he was gone.

Mark took you into his embrace as you sobbed into his chest. If you hadn’t met Mark and Jaehyun, this moment wouldn’t matter at all to you, but this was it. You’d met your soulmate and lost him in the same day. There was nothing you could do and now it was stuck in your head. How could you ever feel better again when you knew that life was so cruel and vicious. 

Little Things

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Little Things

It had been the longest shoot of your career. Your group was getting ready to make their comeback and you had to film your new MV. Which took twelve hours and then do a promotional photo shoot right after. The hardest part of it all was having to keep a sincere smile on your face. All you wanted to do was go back home, eat, cuddle up with Kiseok and sleep.  The only other upside to long shoots was that you got the next two days off.

The only thing that kept you going was texting your boyfriend throughout the shoot. That was until he stopped answering a few hours ago. “Oppa probably fell asleep…lucky bastard…” you mumbled to yourself. You were happy that someone was sleeping it was almost four in the morning.

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