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Okay, kinda knew they had to do something horrible to make up for Tuesday's mature relationship conversation and happy makeouts. I suppose having Carmilla's long relationship history brought up isn't the worst it could have been... Also, Laura's reaction on "love" was interesting...

Oh I agree it was quite a contrast to Tuesgays fluff and “stargazing” but also everyone has a history, and ignoring Carmilla’s past isn’t something that would be good for their relationship, so as much as it may get angsty, I’m glad it came up because it can only move things forward for them.

The reaction to ‘love’ was priceless!


I was writing a smut fic but i could not do it as i hate any word including, and related to, penis. We’ll see if i can finish it though. who knows

Summary: Phil is doing a liveshow and he may or may not have outed his and Dan’s relationship when asked a question.

Genre: fluff (because i can’t write anything else im not even sorry)

Word count: 1.3k 

Warnings: none

Phil logged into his YouNow account and started setting things up for his weekly liveshow. He went onto his twitter and sent a message out. ‘May or may not be doing a liveshow right now! Come join me’ There would be some people here soon enough. 

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Weekly Idol

request: “Hi! Do you mind doing a scenario with zico and his girlfriend maybe on a variety show? Like weekly idol? Thank you! :)” ~Anon

genre: fluff

pairing: zico x you

word count: 929

AFF link:

authors note: Sorry that took me so long! I was really worried I wouldn’t do your request justice. I hope you like it! I went with a special couples episode type thing for Weekly Idol. Also fun fact I’m super proud of my HER dance because it’s literally the only dance I can do. I haven’t edited this yet so I’m super sorry if there are some weird grammar mistakes in here. ~Admin B

“Jiho?” you asked, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Hm?” He was focused on fixing his watch before filming began.

“I’m nervous.”

He promptly stopped playing with his watch. He gave you all of his attention. “Why?”

You held his hand in yours, gripping a little tighter than necessary. “This will be our first time having any kind of publicity as a couple. We did just announce that we’re dating.”

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I love love love this blog already, although I do have one question and by all means you do not have to answer it if you do not want to. But are you looking to give the reader somewhat of a romantic relationship with one of the boys? Keep going, you're doing great. Can't wait for part 3!! <3

Thank you so much, sweetheart :’)

And about giving the reader a romantic relationship with one of the boys, hoe boy. You can damn well count on it hehe. 

Only thing is that because there are so many episodes (like holy fuck there are sO MAny) and I plan to go through them all, the relationship-y things will really start coming out just a little later on. Until then, I’m going to be stuffing every episode leading up to the real deep stuff with fluff, hurt and heart-wrenching moments for all of you to enjoy.  *✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧* Of course tho, this is a blog that is 200% open to any suggestions from the readers, so we’ll see how the story flows and what people think about everything as we move along hehe.

-Chrissy x

I was tagged by isazozo. Thank you! :*

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1. What’s your favorite type of exercise?

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I love cycling and I also love walking long distances and climbing mountains. I don’t do any of that as regularly as I would want though. Lately I’ve been trying to cycle more often :) 

2. The perfect fanfiction has to have… A little bit of everything! Romance, fluff, angst, action, suspence… But if it’s well written, then it’s usually really good even with only one of those things.

3. J.K. Rowling, Shakespeare and Jane Austen are drowning, they haven’t yet written their master pieces, who would you save? It can only be one! *MUAHAHAHA* J.K. Rowling, because I wouldn’t be able to go to Howarts (see question #4) otherwise ;) But really, I spent years of my life reading the Harry Potter series again and again. I grew up along with those kids (we were actually the same age while I was reading them!) and they were a huge part of my teenage life. I’m definitely going to be one of those moms who read those books to their kids (if I’m lucky enough to be a mom some time).

4. What’s the color you wear the most? Blue any shade of blue. And then purple.

5.You’ve found a portal which will take you to any land of any book, you choose where you wanna go, but if you go in, you’ll have to spend the rest of your life there. Would you go in? If so where?

I would go straight to Hogwarts! A castle close to a lake with lots of green around. That’s actually where I’d like to live!

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The witches and wizards there have the ability to experience some things from the Muggle world, so since I would be able to do that, I would want to stay there forever. I would buy an owl for my snail mail and I study Astronomy on one of the castle’s towers :)

6. What’s the part of your body you like the least? I don’t really like my nose. It’s not too big or weird shaped, but I feel like it doesn’t fit on my face, especially if you look at if from the side.

7. Book or Kindle?

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In my opinion, nothing technological compares with the feeling you get when you skim the sides of a row of books, when you open a book for the first time and its unique smell hits you, when you try to imagine the story behind each edition, each stain on the pages, each font and each cover… Books are beautiful and touching.

8. The best vacation you ever had… That’s difficult. I’m going to go with Mount Olympus last summer. It was the most difficult and exciting mountain climbing I’ve ever done and despite the pain I’ve felt for days afterwards, it was still the best vacation-adventure I’ve ever been to. (photos #1) (photos #2)

9. Are you in a relationship? Are you interested in somebody in particular? No and no.

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10. How gay are you when it comes to Lana Parrilla?

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(I’m borrowing whizz-bee‘s answer, because it was so cute and funny and accurate :P)

11. Favorite cartoon as a child? The Lion King, The Aristocats and Aladdin

I’ve been tagged for this once more, so I’m sending my own questions and tagging people after my answers to the other questions :)

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I'm curious, how long does it usually take for a request to be put up or completed? I love your blog by the way. It's my favorite for haikyuu!! imagines.

It usually depends on the Admin? I generally get mine out the same day I decide to write them. And that usually takes me 30 mins to 3 hours? Give or take some. Obviously it takes a while longer for asks with 4 - 5 characters because I actually put a lot of thought into what I want them to do and none are the same cause I want a different experience with each character. I only do Fluff asks because I’m absolutely horrible at NSFW :’D No kid. But yeah. It depends on the Admin for the most part. 

- Admin Megumi

Additionally, cuz it wasn’t really addressed, it can take a long, long time. We’re really backlogged right now (over 80 at the moment) and life things have been happening at lot lately. Or that might just be me. Idk. But you really shouldn’t expect your ask to get done right away. It could literally take a couple days to a few weeks. It really just depends.