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I Hate U I Love U Series - Calum

Okay so lately i have been in love with the song ‘I Hate U I Love U’ by Gnash so i’ve decided that I might do a section of the song for each band member if I get a good response :)

You can listen to the song on spotify or youtube or wherever else you can find it

Also keep requesting because that’s the only thing that pushes me to write (and as you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t written in forever)

I might make a part 2 if people request it but give me suggestions on how to continue the plot

anyway I hope you enjoy!


Y/N=Your Name

(I do not own any of the following gifs)

I sit with Calum on the couch at his apartment, my legs sprawled over his lap as I lay on my back. I play with the hem of my shirt as I listen to him softly hum a tune and mumble lyrics which he then scribbles down on the notebook in his hand. I feel a warm but small smile creep on my lips as I watch his head slightly nod to the beat causing the curls of his hair to fall in his face (I wrote this before he shaved his head btw).

Moments later Calum looks up from his notebook and towards me, giving me his cute but clueless smile and tilts his head slightly. “What’s up kiddo” he asks with a giggle “Nothing, just thinking” I reply softly, “ooh, who’s the guy?” he winks which causes my to close my eyes for a moment and let out a sigh like laugh, if only he knew. “There’s no guy Cal, I was really just thinking about everyday stuff” I say looking at my hands before I sit up, practically sitting in his lap. “Well that’s a relief, I can’t lose my number one girl” he says poking me in the arm, I blush and hide my face in his shoulder to hide my blush. Both of us gently laughing.

Calum makes me feel warm, when I’m around him I’m afraid that I’ll be so distracted by him that I’ll forget how to breath. Our relationship was pretty simple, we could be so close to each other, cuddle or even hold hands in public but he’ll still never see me in a romantic way. I’m sure his favourite part of our relationship is the fact that we can act like boyfriend and girlfriend but at the end of the day there are no strings attached and no feelings, on his side at least. Our relationship was torture to me, it was toxic, I know it’s not good for me and was killing me on the inside but being around him was addictive. Still, at the end of the night, I know I’ll never be the one he wants.

For the rest of the day, we just roll around his apartment. We watch movies and he writes songs and asks for my opinions. “Y/N you should help me write a song!” he says looking like an excited four year old as we sit in the floor of his lounge room, “No way, you don’t want me to help you. You’re way better” I say shaking my head and crossing my legs. “That’s not true! I remember those songs you wrote back in high school, they were amazing” he says with softened eyes, “Those songs were okay but they’re nothing like how good yours are Cal” I smile “Are you kidding me? I still sing them from time to time-” he pauses furrowing his eyebrows “You know, you never told me what guy you wrote them about” he finally says. I feel a blush creep on my cheeks and bite my lip, the songs were about him, “It doesn’t matter now” I smile cheekily.

As the day grew into night Calum and I order a pizza and sit on the couch cuddling while we watch the third movie of the night. “I think I’m finally ready to tell you something” he says out of the blue, I perk up and look over at him “what is it?” I ask “promise you won’t tell anyone?” “cross my heart and hope to die” I say dramatically while I feel my heart rate rapidly increase. “I’ve met this girl” he says. My heart sank.

I freeze for a moment, not sure how long for but I freeze. I finally manage to snap out of it and decide to act like I’m excited “oh my God, really?”, he nods furiously “Yeah I met her last month and… I don’t know, she’s just amazing and I love being around her, she makes me feel… Warm? Does that make sense?” he asks moving his face closer to mine, which is even more painful. “I know exactly what you mean Cal” I smile, trying to act supportive even though my stomach just feels like an anchor. “I knew you’d understand, you’re the best Y/N” he says and wraps his arms around me, both of us nuzzling our faces into each others necks. Two very different emotions present in the hug, Calum still blissfully unaware of one of them.

“Where is she now?” I ask him once we pull out of the hug, “Oh, she’s at home I think? She wanted to go out tonight but I knew that we already had plans” he says avoiding eye contact, I know what that means, he’s disappointed and that broke my heart even more. “Calum are you insane? What are you doing here because by the sounds of it your dream is waiting for you, don’t worry about little old me, go get her!” I say using my best fake smile. His face lights up and he wraps his arms around me tightly “This is why I love you Y/N” he says contently, I gulp “I love you too Cal” closing my eyes to hold back the tears. “Now go get her!” I say playfully shoving him off me, “Okay I’m going, I’m going” he says stumbling to his feet and shoving his phone in his pocket before he runs out the door and slamming it. Leaving me alone in the apartment.

I see the keyboard sitting on his coffee table, I walk over to it and play a little melody line. “You want her, you need her, and I’ll never be her” escapes my lips in a hushed singing voice and I finally set the tears free.

We Should Take Some Time Off

AUTHORS NOTE: So I know I haven’t really written in a while due to the issues with my attention span and other mental issue things, but I decided to do this short fluff because why not lol. Point is, I hope it’s alright :)

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One More Night


Can I get a X-16-41-48-Chanyeol please! I love your blog!

X - I can’t live without you - If you do - You know how the time flies, only yesterday was the time of our lives


Hey Anon! Thank you so much for playing our little prompt game. I do apologize for not getting to your request much sooner as things have gotten a bit hectic but I’m glad to have completed it! Again thank you so much for the love <3 It really makes writing scenarios even more worthwhile when people smile because of it! Enjoy :)


Genre: Fluff | Smut

“Just stay the night,” he insisted, attempting to rub the sleepiness from his eyes.

“No, I can’t. It’s already three in the morning and my sister is probably going to kill me when I get home,” you whispered back.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” you smiled, planting a kiss on his cheek.

As you made your way to his bedroom door, he took hold of your wrist, pulling you back onto him. “Chanyeol!” you yelled silently, pounding on his well defined chest as you lay on top of him. “Let go,” you warned in a soft voice, trying to escape his hold. “If you promise you’ll stay another night,” he answered in a playful tone, burying his face into the side of your neck. “You know how time flies. Just call your sister and tell her to cover for you,” he spoke against your neck, sending tingling sensations down your spine.

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I was writing a smut fic but i could not do it as i hate any word including, and related to, penis. We’ll see if i can finish it though. who knows

Summary: Phil is doing a liveshow and he may or may not have outed his and Dan’s relationship when asked a question.

Genre: fluff (because i can’t write anything else im not even sorry)

Word count: 1.3k 

Warnings: none

Phil logged into his YouNow account and started setting things up for his weekly liveshow. He went onto his twitter and sent a message out. ‘May or may not be doing a liveshow right now! Come join me’ There would be some people here soon enough. 

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Maybe We Are

AN: Welcome to my new blog! I will be posting stories over here, from now on. I’m gonna tag them #effyng-fanfic (because I’m Effy), so if you only want the fanfic you can track the tag :)

This is fiction. 2.285 words. SFW One-Shot. Fluff? Fluff.


Everyone knows that she’s my best friend. People already think we’re in love. And, hell, maybe we are.

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Time Lady

PAIRING: Eleventh Doctor x Reader


WARNINGS: Fluff, a kiss.

A/N: I almost confused myself writing this. I don’t know why though. Forget about RIVER SONG in this because the Reader is the Doctor’s bond. I hope it’s good!

*Eleventh Doctor*

You are awake by an abnormal noise. You sit up, unsure of what to do. The only thing you know is that you can kick ass, so you’re not worried about being hurt by an intruder. You took martial arts all your life. You’re pretty much a ninja.

You hop out of the bed quietly. You quickly slip a pair of shoes on, without socks. You grab your staff that’s sitting on your trophy wall. Again, you were in martial arts for twenty years. Your first lesson was when you were six, and now your twenty eight.

You creep down the stairs, almost missing a step. You debate whether to turn the light on. You creep down the hallway and you finally hear a sound. It sounds like a door is opening. You raise an eyebrow and hide behind a wall. You hear footsteps right behind the wall, and your breathing hitches.

You jump out and you see a person. You take your staff and flip it around before you knock the person off of… His feet.

Before he can get up you jump next to him and quickly place the staff on his chest, restricting his movement.

“Who are- What is that?” You ask pointing to the blue box.

“That is the TARDIS.” The male says.

“What the hell is a TARDIS? Who are you?!” You yell, not loosing your grip on the staff.

“I’m the Doctor.” He smirks. “Can you take that off of me?” He asks gesturing to the staff. You slowly take the staff off of his chest.

“What are you doing in my house?”

“I’m looking for Y/N.” He says taking a step forward.

“Why? S-she’s not here right now.” You say lying. Then his hand reaches to the wall and flicks the light on.

“Y/N? Is that you?” He says walking towards you.

“How do you know me? How do you know my name?” You ask backing away.

“Because I’m your bond. I’m a time lord.” He says reaching out to grab you. You quickly grab the nearest thing; A rubix cube. Before he realizes what you are doing, you throw it at him. It hits his forehead and he falls back.

“I hate those things.” He manages to spit out before he goes unconscious.


When he was still unconscious you tied him to the bed post. His head flys up and his eyes open.

“Who tied me up? You tied me up. Why did you tie me up?”

“Who are you actually? I don’t know what a Time Lord is, or what a TARDIS is. It’s all just shit.”

“No it’s not.” He whines. Then you hear something. Something is calling your name.

“W-what is that? That thing calling my name?” You demand, but he doesn’t answer. “Answer me! I am very confused, scared and frustrated right now! Why are you even here?” You start to break down, crying. The Doctor looks down.

“That thing calling your name is a Fob watch. You’re a Time Lady.You need to open it.”

“Where is-” He cuts you off.

“My front pocket.” He says gesturing to his pants. You hesitate before you reach your hand in his front pocket.

“Oh. I’ve always loved it when you touched me there.” He smiles. You tilt your head in confusion. You quickly pull out the watch.

“Is this mine?” You ask.

“Yes.” He answers back.

“Then why don’t I have it?”

“Because you would have lost it. I am a mad man but I’m not stupid.” You look at the watch. Not thinking much off it. You just simply open it.

You scream in pain as your cells rewrite.


“Y/N?” The Doctor says looking up at you.

“Doctor.” You say back. You untie him from the bed post and he stares at you the whole time. He stands up, not taking his eyes off of you.

“I missed you.” He sighs.

“Oh, was my Doctor lonely?” You tease.

“Oh yes.” He says smirking. You step forward towards him, inches apart.

“You could’ve come-” He cuts you off with a kiss. He places his warm lips on your chapped ones. He gently grabs your face with his hands, as your hands trail up to his hair.

You smile into the kiss. “You really did miss me.”

“Oh yes I did.”

Life Can Do Terrible Things

read it on the AO3 at

by Felicidae

Now, son, I’m only telling you this
Because life can do terrible things.

Words: 1563, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

reginaslittleprince  asked:

For the Fanfiction ask meme: all the fluff ones. :)

40. Do you like fluff?

Oh, goodness yes. It’s my fave.

41. Favorite fluffy tropes?

I really enjoy the lazy, cuddly, happy together ones–things like breakfast in bed, holding each other by a fire, holding hands on long walks, quiet family moments :)

42. Least favorite fluffy tropes?

Hmm, this is hard because I do love my fluff, lol. But unearned happiness makes this list. I like a smaaaaaall dash of angst with my fluff.

43. Do you like fluff on its own or in conjunction with other elements (angst, sex, etc.)

Yes! For me, fluff and smut go really well together…and..a .little bit of fluff is the only way I can enjoy angst (both reading it and writing it). 

44. How fluffy is too fluffy?

I’m not sure this is a thing…

45. Favorite fluff fic?

My favorite fluff is @lala-kate’s dimples queen and peanut fics. She writes family stuff so well. And, it’s always so beautiful and sweet.