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I’m opening this commission thing. I think the graphic shows everything with the additional fee for extra characters. I’ll be accepting Paypal only. 

More artworks are found in my art tag. I have two organized pages here per fandom (anime, books).  I actually make comics, too, and if you’re into that we’ll have to discuss the pricing since it will be a bit different. comics are pretty darn hard to do. So feel free to browse. ;D

Things to consider first before anything else:

  1. I’ll most likely draw in any fandom of your choice. So that means, I’m not limiting it to anime. It can be… anything. (given i can, that is)
  2. Original characters or yourself are also fine with me! If possible, provide references for this or a detailed description.
  3. I won’t draw porn. I’m sorry. I draw fluff 100% most of the time so I’m not sure what you can expect from me in that department.
  4. I only do flat backgrounds as you may have noticed. 
  5. Please don’t give me an early deadline, it makes me feel too pressured and I already am with my job as an artist at work. So please be considerate don’t give me “I need it next week!” I’ll only have time on weekends so please keep this in mind. I’ll work on it when I can. 
  6. BUT! If you wish to be prioritized, then you’ll have to pay a small fee. :)
  7. The artwork you’ll be paying for is for personal use only

Okay, for those interested, send me a message for inquiries (that new message thing on Tumblr is very nice please use that) or to be safer–and I HONESTLY PREFER THIS–email me at with the subject Art Commission [insert something unique here since same subjects tend to merge on mail. weird] so I can keep track of everything. 

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this! This will help me out! 

With Me

Will lingered in the hallway, watching the firelight lick over Hannibal’s arms, his face, the book in his hands. He made no motion, did not go to him and sit beside him on the sofa. He stood, breath held tight, wrestling with himself. He wanted to go sit there, but-

“Will,” Hannibal’s eyes looked up, then flicked towards him, turning his head to find him in the doorway, “come, sit down.”

And he’d been trying so hard to avoid detection, standing down wind and everything. Still, Hannibal had invited him, no point resisting now. He stepped forward gingerly, making his way consciously into the room. Here came the tricky part.

There were many seats to choose from, a sturdy rocking chair, a winged arm chair with its own ottoman, and the sofa, of course. Without looking too deliberate, too tense, without warning Hannibal, he hoped, he measured his steps and sat down next to Hannibal. He sighed with the cushions, making himself lean back in the posture of relaxation and stared into the heart of the fire, unblinking. He felt Hannibal start, pause, felt his eyes skip over the page, onto him, then back, afraid of being noticed for his watching.

“What’re you reading?” Will asked when he was sure Hannibal had read the page fifty times but not taken in a word of it.

Hannibal’s fingers hesitated over the page, trying to read for him. “The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám,” he let the pages fall open towards Will, “In translation, unfortunately. I plan to learn Persian to read it properly.”

“All that for a book of poetry?” Will mused, tilting his head back.

“It is beautiful,” Hannibal explained, “and deserves to be understood in its native tongue.”

Will nodded thoughtfully, “Well, that’s one project for the future.” He winced; they hadn’t discussed the future yet. At all.

“Yes…” Hannibal hesitated, feeling the elephant in the room, “if I find myself with enough time on my hands to-” He silenced abruptly as Will’s arm came down around his shoulders.

Will gulped, feeling like a high schooler on his first date, all stilted movements and anxious energy. Keep calm, relax; it wasn’t as though they weren’t both mature adults who had done this a million times before with other consenting adults. There should be no problem, no awkwardness, and yet… his heart beat in his throat like a bird thrashing at its cage.

Cautiously, Will stroked his thumb against Hannibal’s shoulder, almost to remind himself it was there, real and solid. Hannibal jumped, nearly dropping his book, “Will, your arm-” he fumbled, trying to turn to Will without turning in to Will and finding the proximity made this almost impossible. To look him in the eye he’d have to get closer.

“I’m nearly healed,” Will swallowed, his voice sounding high and foreign, “besides I should be stretching it anyway, so I’m not so sore. So the muscles… heal the… the way they’re supposed to.” He tried not to watch Hannibal, curving into him, pressing against him. He tried to focus on the fire as Hannibal gave in to the position Will had put them in with the softest sigh. It couldn’t be done.

Hannibal turned his head to reply and found his cheek brushing against Will’s shoulder. His eyes closed instantly, his lungs involuntarily inhaling. Will felt his bicep tense with nerves, there was a painful yank at the still closing wound, but he gave no sign of pain, transfixed on Hannibal.

“Physical therapy,” Hannibal returned abruptly, lifting his cheek, voice rough and low, “will be the hardest part of the healing process. It will be… lengthy and very painful for some time.” He licked his lips, trying to open his eyes all the way and failing, “You should still be resting.”

“I can sit here.” Will felt his hand come around Hannibal’s shoulder, palm flat against his arm. His body decided before he did that he wanted Hannibal closer.

“Could we… just… come here,” he mumbled, squeezing Hannibal to him with one long pull.

Hannibal’s last restraints broke. Before Will knew it he felt arms wrapped around him and a face pressed into his collar. Stunned, he put both arms around Hannibal and held him. Hannibal fit into him like a warm, heavy blanket, pressing against him everywhere he felt lonely. Though he’d been alone, he’d never felt lonely… until Hannibal. Only made sense that being with Hannibal could soothe that ache, maybe the only thing that might.

Hannibal’s hands skirted the edges of his bandages, wary of pressing too much, of being too much. Yet, he held tight, squirmed half into Will’s lap, as close as he could possibly get. Will could feel his heart beat, a skittering patter in reckless time, and he was sure Hannibal had no idea Will knew about it. The moment reeked of desperation, and yet… his arm curled tighter around Hannibal. And yet he pressed closer and yearned to feel Hannibal melt against him, melt completely.

Hannibal gave, he shuddered, he kept perfectly silent, but he shook like a leaf. Will held him close and never once thought about letting go. Hannibal gave so beautifully, he pushed and melted and succumbed so perfectly in his arms. This… this was nice. It was actually… really nice, holding Hannibal. He hadn’t expected that.

Will let his head fall against Hannibal’s, let himself breathe in his hair, press skin to skin, rest together like this. He listened to Hannibal breathe and slowly their breaths fell together. He lost track of time and was on the point of sleep when Hannibal murmured something in his ear.


“The fire’s all but gone, we should go to bed.”

The words struck a bell and cracked Will’s eyes open. He was still holding onto Hannibal, smushed together in one corner of the couch. “N-No, don’t go,” his voice croaked, groggy. The implications of it didn’t register immediately, too tired to remember to care too little.

Hannibal paused. “I won’t. But wait here, I’ll get some blankets.” His legs hit the floor and he slowly rose, untangling himself from Will’s arms with unfair grace. Will whimpered, freezing where his Hannibal blanket had been. He closed his eyes and curled onto the sofa completely.

Hannibal returned. He knew he returned because he felt warm again, he felt welcome pressure and weight on the sofa, covering him, slipping up beside him and into his waiting arms. Will’s lips lifted, pleased to be embracing Hannibal once again.

“You’ll regret sleeping like this in the morning,” Hannibal muttered into his chest.

“Won’t,” Will grumbled, one hand stroking idly at Hannibal’s back.

“We could sleep on the bed… still together.”

Will heard the request in his pause. His arms tightened, “Too tired. Drag me to bed tomorrow.” And he hunkered down, pulled Hannibal close, and silenced him for the night with a kiss.

The Fitting (Part 9)

(Jungkook’s jealous and acting out.)

Warnings:  99.9% angst, 0.1% fluff, 0% actual smut.  We do have implied smut and sex related angst.

2:15pm  We should talk about this.

2:16pm  I can explain.

2:23pm  It’s not what you think it is.

2:25pm  I’m only meeting him because I promised my cousin.

2:33pm  I’m not dating him. It’s a one-time thing.

2:40pm  If you would give me a chance to explain, you would see it’s not a big deal.

2:44pm  You are over-reacting.

2:46pm  Why aren’t you responding?

2:51pm  I only agreed to the date to keep up appearances. It’s not that serious.

3:01pm  Will you please just call me or text me or something?

You had been texting Jungkook for the past 45 minutes but got no reply.  The irony that you were now the one staring at your phone waiting for a response was not lost on you.  He would be leaving to go to the concert hall for sound check and rehearsal in a few minutes, so you gave up hope that he would contact you to talk about this anytime soon. 

Telling Jungkook right away about the date you had planned would have been the right thing to do, but it never occurred to you.  When you made the date with the other guy, you and Jungkook had only been together for a couple days.  At the time, you had no idea that things would escalate so quickly.  Besides, you thought, this shouldn’t even be that big of a deal. 

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anyways I’m starting a fic rec on this blog because I have nothing better to do with my life!! i’ll do weekly ones, monthly ones, lots of different things, but these are my most recently visited fics: (✳ means my favorites)

long hair don’t care (by ballsdeepinjesus):  harry is sheltered and louis is a thief. or, a tangled au. (20k) ✳

everything comes back to you (by bluemetgreenat18 or @tequilacollarbones):  Harry owns a diner, and Louis’ been coming in at 2am the past two months. Cue pining, mischievous friends, and a lot of fluff. (6k) ✳

only thing that can quench my thirst (by eyesofshinigami or @hazandlouwho):  Louis wouldn’t exactly call it a thing, his newfound fascination with the curly trail that starts below Harry’s bellybutton and disappears into his skinny jeans. It’s definitely not a thing. It’s just… Alright, maybe it’s a thing. And that’s okay. (6k) ✳

not heartbroken (also by bluemetgreenat18 or @tequilacollarbones):  Two months since they had broken up. Louis is just trying to get over him and move on. Bumping into him on the street doesn’t help. Or “we bumped into each other in the street and you were grinning like a cocky asshole the whole time so i stalked off only to realize i’m wearing your shirt” (2k)

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One More Night


Can I get a X-16-41-48-Chanyeol please! I love your blog!

X - I can’t live without you - If you do - You know how the time flies, only yesterday was the time of our lives


Hey Anon! Thank you so much for playing our little prompt game. I do apologize for not getting to your request much sooner as things have gotten a bit hectic but I’m glad to have completed it! Again thank you so much for the love <3 It really makes writing scenarios even more worthwhile when people smile because of it! Enjoy :)


Genre: Fluff | Smut

“Just stay the night,” he insisted, attempting to rub the sleepiness from his eyes.

“No, I can’t. It’s already three in the morning and my sister is probably going to kill me when I get home,” you whispered back.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” you smiled, planting a kiss on his cheek.

As you made your way to his bedroom door, he took hold of your wrist, pulling you back onto him. “Chanyeol!” you yelled silently, pounding on his well defined chest as you lay on top of him. “Let go,” you warned in a soft voice, trying to escape his hold. “If you promise you’ll stay another night,” he answered in a playful tone, burying his face into the side of your neck. “You know how time flies. Just call your sister and tell her to cover for you,” he spoke against your neck, sending tingling sensations down your spine.

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Times Like This

Prompt: Can you do a one shot where reader and Dean’s relationship is centered on touch?
Reader Gender: Female
Character / Fandom: Dean Winchester / Supernatural
Word Count: 1,091
Warnings:  Angst (if you squint) & fluff.
Author’s Note: GIF is not mine. Found on Google Images. If you know who it belongs to, please let me know so I can credit.

There were times where you couldn’t get Dean to shut up, no matter how hard you tried. He would chatter almost as fast as a teenage girl excited about prom. You’d roll your eyes and go along with it, because that was the only thing to do. You could tease him, poke him in the arm, or swat him in the back of the head until your hand hurt, but it was best to just let him get it out of his system. And then there were times that he said little to nothing at all. There were times that his touch spoke louder than his words ever could.

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i feel so alive right now, i could just die because i feel so alive bless 

look at teru’s smile……………. not only would i like to thank god but also jesus, that is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my whole entire life. i…… i don’t even know what to do with myself right now……..

pls can we just appreciate what he’s wearing??? an olive green fluff lined jacket, yellow (?) and white button up shirt, red shorts with grey camouflage high socks or leggings, bright green velcro sneakers and last but not least a purple striped green hat sitting on top of his wig. i don’t deserve such a beautiful sight. kill me his fashion sense always brings a smile to my face god bless teruki hanazawa 

I’m not jealous

Pairing:Bucky x reader,reader x Sam!platonic

Warnings: swear words

Word count:985

Well this was fun to write,hope you enjoy it!

English isn’t my first language so there can be some grammar mistakes!

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

credits to gif owner

Your days in the Avengers tower were boring. World was safe for now and you don’t know what to do with yourself because only thing you were good at is fighting the bad guys.You woke up too early with no plans what to do in your free time.You were left alone with your thoughts which was the worse.

You were laying down on the bed staring at the ceiling thinking about Bucky. You and he had a thing for each other, you discovered that 2 months ago when you two got a little too close on a movie night and ended up in his room,one thing led to another and you were friends with benefits. You didn’t want to push Bucky in a relationship so you agreed to be his fuck buddy. You two made a little agreement in which if either one of you two catches feelings for someone else you go back to being just friends.No emotions involved.

This little agreement of yours would be just fine if you didn’t already had feelings for someone and that someone was Bucky. You told only Nat about it because she already knew, being spy do this thing for you. She told you that Bucky likes you but he is too afraid to show his emotions towards you, she also added that if you want Buckys attention you had to do something more extreme,maybe make him jealous to see what he is missing.You couldn’t stop thinking about what she said to you.She was right,you had to do something and you already had one thing on your mind which included Sam and you of all people know the best that Bucky doesn’t like Sam. But you had to turn words into actions.

It was about 9am when you came in the kitchen to eat breakfast, as soon as you entered kitchen you saw Sam sitting at the table and Bucky on the other end .Perfect. Let the games begin.Slowly you made your way to Sam and sitting on the chair next to him you whispered in his ear hoping this would get Buckys attention. 

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Maybe We Are

AN: Welcome to my new blog! I will be posting stories over here, from now on. I’m gonna tag them #effyng-fanfic (because I’m Effy), so if you only want the fanfic you can track the tag :)

This is fiction. 2.285 words. SFW One-Shot. Fluff? Fluff.


Everyone knows that she’s my best friend. People already think we’re in love. And, hell, maybe we are.

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Time Lady

PAIRING: Eleventh Doctor x Reader


WARNINGS: Fluff, a kiss.

A/N: I almost confused myself writing this. I don’t know why though. Forget about RIVER SONG in this because the Reader is the Doctor’s bond. I hope it’s good!

*Eleventh Doctor*

You are awake by an abnormal noise. You sit up, unsure of what to do. The only thing you know is that you can kick ass, so you’re not worried about being hurt by an intruder. You took martial arts all your life. You’re pretty much a ninja.

You hop out of the bed quietly. You quickly slip a pair of shoes on, without socks. You grab your staff that’s sitting on your trophy wall. Again, you were in martial arts for twenty years. Your first lesson was when you were six, and now your twenty eight.

You creep down the stairs, almost missing a step. You debate whether to turn the light on. You creep down the hallway and you finally hear a sound. It sounds like a door is opening. You raise an eyebrow and hide behind a wall. You hear footsteps right behind the wall, and your breathing hitches.

You jump out and you see a person. You take your staff and flip it around before you knock the person off of… His feet.

Before he can get up you jump next to him and quickly place the staff on his chest, restricting his movement.

“Who are- What is that?” You ask pointing to the blue box.

“That is the TARDIS.” The male says.

“What the hell is a TARDIS? Who are you?!” You yell, not loosing your grip on the staff.

“I’m the Doctor.” He smirks. “Can you take that off of me?” He asks gesturing to the staff. You slowly take the staff off of his chest.

“What are you doing in my house?”

“I’m looking for Y/N.” He says taking a step forward.

“Why? S-she’s not here right now.” You say lying. Then his hand reaches to the wall and flicks the light on.

“Y/N? Is that you?” He says walking towards you.

“How do you know me? How do you know my name?” You ask backing away.

“Because I’m your bond. I’m a time lord.” He says reaching out to grab you. You quickly grab the nearest thing; A rubix cube. Before he realizes what you are doing, you throw it at him. It hits his forehead and he falls back.

“I hate those things.” He manages to spit out before he goes unconscious.


When he was still unconscious you tied him to the bed post. His head flys up and his eyes open.

“Who tied me up? You tied me up. Why did you tie me up?”

“Who are you actually? I don’t know what a Time Lord is, or what a TARDIS is. It’s all just shit.”

“No it’s not.” He whines. Then you hear something. Something is calling your name.

“W-what is that? That thing calling my name?” You demand, but he doesn’t answer. “Answer me! I am very confused, scared and frustrated right now! Why are you even here?” You start to break down, crying. The Doctor looks down.

“That thing calling your name is a Fob watch. You’re a Time Lady.You need to open it.”

“Where is-” He cuts you off.

“My front pocket.” He says gesturing to his pants. You hesitate before you reach your hand in his front pocket.

“Oh. I’ve always loved it when you touched me there.” He smiles. You tilt your head in confusion. You quickly pull out the watch.

“Is this mine?” You ask.

“Yes.” He answers back.

“Then why don’t I have it?”

“Because you would have lost it. I am a mad man but I’m not stupid.” You look at the watch. Not thinking much off it. You just simply open it.

You scream in pain as your cells rewrite.


“Y/N?” The Doctor says looking up at you.

“Doctor.” You say back. You untie him from the bed post and he stares at you the whole time. He stands up, not taking his eyes off of you.

“I missed you.” He sighs.

“Oh, was my Doctor lonely?” You tease.

“Oh yes.” He says smirking. You step forward towards him, inches apart.

“You could’ve come-” He cuts you off with a kiss. He places his warm lips on your chapped ones. He gently grabs your face with his hands, as your hands trail up to his hair.

You smile into the kiss. “You really did miss me.”

“Oh yes I did.”

Christmas/Winter Prompts

Hi everyone!

So I’ve seen a couple of things like this before and I thought I’d give it a go to give me a plan of what to write for the next month or so considering I’m getting pretty shit at updating.

Your request must include:

  • Up to three quotes from the list below OR one/two of the Christmassy/wintery things listed OR one quote and one Christmassy/wintery thing
  • The type of scenario (fluff/angst/smut/humour/etc.)
  • The member and the group they are in

Any request which doesn’t include all three of these things will be deleted without warning. 

I’m going to make a list of all the requests I receive and then work through them when I feel inspired. Please do not feel offended if I do not write your request - I am only human so can only write so much and I do not want to write something which I believe is rubbish because I do not feel enthusiastic about it. Feel free to send in as many requests as you like; the more you request, the more likely it is that I will write one of them! I’m determined to improve the frequency of my updates so hopefully by doing this I can encourage myself to post more often. My goal is to post at least one scenario/drabble per day and I’m going to carry on writing these into the beginning of January so that I can get more out there. 

Requests won’t be open for long so request as much and as often as you like - never be afraid to send me 15 requests because receiving requests genuinely makes me happy. Think of them as an early Christmas present from you to me!

The prompts which I have already received can be found here

(The prompts can be found under the cut)

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anonymous asked:

this is soooo out of the blue but my feelings suddenly hit me and I'm so overwhelmed with my love for my cinnamon roll Jumin T_T can you do anything, i mean like anythinggggg, HC, scenario or fic whatsoever because i need some loving fluffy rainbow love from him. Commoner dates? Sharing food, matching clothes, cuddling time omg im a mess OTL

Hi anon! Are you still in the mood for some love from Jumin? I did yours first because it’s a one member only request lol.

I actually did a Jumin fluff too yesterday, read it here

I’m gonna make it a commoner date flufff~~~ Enjoy

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anonymous asked:

For your winter prompts thing. Can I ask you to do something Albus (Potter)/OC fluff? Idk, rn I'm really into anything with Albus Potter in it and like??? It's killing me slowly. :)) But I don't know what to expect with your Etc-esque Albus. But then again there is Capers-esque Albus. They're such polar opposites like I really don't know what to do with them.

I’M ACTUALLY DOING THIS. Because I actually had old ideas for 7th year etc  and I wrote this mostly on my phone at work, heh.

First, for Potterpuff!Albus, I don’t have a story but I do know he couldn’t make it home for the holidays. Don’t worry, he has company in Romania—Uncle Charlie who also couldn’t make it back, others in the dragon taming team, and his favorite potbellied Swedish Short-Snout Molasses (Molasses has some other really cool, badass name in Swedish, but Albus just calls him Molasses). They celebrate Christmas by decorating approximately half of a pine tree before Molasses lights it up. 

For etc. Albus, I have this rambling ditty under the cut. It’s not really fluff, more like a ‘hey let me tell you in this convenient way what everyone is up to mid-seventh year.’ But I also kind of crack ship it? (I ship everything.)

Guess the protagonist!

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Role model
  • Kim Donghyuk
  • Author’s note: lately I’ve been very worried about Donghyuk. I don’t want to say anything about that. I don’t have the right. I am no one, I  just want to show him that I appreciate him for the artist he is, because it’s the only thing I can do now for him. I wish I knew him in person but I don’t. Since I am a nobody, just a fan amongst the others, I figured out a way to reach him, even if it’s just in my imagination. If a fan tells him he’s amazing he may not listen, but what if another artist tells him the same thing?  It’s not that much because I don’t want it to be tragic. I want Donghyuk to be happy. This is for all his fans, koreans and international fans. This is for our amazing and perfect Donghyuk. 
  • Gifs are not mine. Credits to the owner(s).

“Donghyuk-ah, come here, they’re talking about you!”

The boy dragged himself to the living room, where Bobby was repeatedly calling for him.

“Hurry up!”

Donghyuk snorted. What could be so important to interrupt his valuable hour of loneliness and dark thoughts? Lately, Hanbin kept on scolding him. The more Hanbin scolded Donghyuk, the more he got discouraged.
He barely talked to the members, he didn’t want to work. He just wanted to stay alone for a while.

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