because the old version was sooo bad

The struggle of non-english speaking countries...

You know what? If you live in an english-speaking country you are sooo lucky that you don’t have to watch dubbed versions of movies/series. I’m so jealous.

Just an example: In the german X-files mulder has 3 different voice actors (One for the seasons 1-9 and the first movie, another one for the second movie, and then another one for the 10th season). And that sucks!, the last 2 were sooo bad, there literally were petitions that claimed to hire the old voice actor. Season 10 literally has so bad ratings JUST because of Mulders voice actor. Here’s a little video:

Just wanted to put that out in the world. You people are lucky! And BTW: Scully is always spoken by the same women. It can’t be that hard to keep an actor.