because the moment examined every part of the doctor's lives past and forward

Sweet Sacrifice.

Summary: Have you ever wondered how different life would be if that one thing never happened? Shadow did. If he’d never met Sonic’s daughter, Aurora he would’ve never discovered the purpose of his existence. So in order to keep it that way, he sacrifices the most important thing he has.

Pairing: Aurora x Shadow (Read on FF.Net)

This is for the wonderful e-vay and is based off a Tumblr post by anonymous who asked ‘Shadow went to Eggman and asked him if he could take his immortality away for Aurora. Eggman does and Shadow brings the news to Aurora.’ I had a mighty need to write about this and bring it to life. E-vay practically begged me to do it, so here you go girl! ^_^ I’m sorry if it seems a bit short and I’m sorry for the long wait. 

Shadow the hedgehog belongs to SEGA.

Aurora the hedgehog belongs E-vay. I do not own her, I’m just using her purely for your entertainment.


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