because the kunoichi need love too

Keep your NaruNo

Who wants this new emotionally unintelligent, shallow, asshole Naruto? He can just spend his days working all day and not getting to spend enough time with his family. Enough that the obvious plot line has already been established that Bolt feels lonely and neglected by his father. Even though the world is now apparently modern and we don’t know what place ninja’s even HAVE in this new society. Apparently they still need ninja assassins in a time of peace. And Naruto is VERY BUSY. Doing IMPORTANT THINGS. But not really seeming to change the important core issues at all.

Seriously if the world is so peaceful, why are they still training small children to be ninjas? Is it modern or is it still the same? We have skyscrapers and internet but also a ninja school and Kages? It doesn’t matter because Naruto attained his original goal of becoming Hokage.

Who wants the new Sakura? Who has lost all of her emotional development and refuses to move on from Sasuke. Because a woman can’t ever move on from her first crush. She can just pair up Naruto - who never really loved her because he’s a manipulative asshole who only wanted her to get back at Sasuke - with Hinata. Who is too good for him and deserves him because she’s been interested in him the longest.

And now Sakura can just let go of all her ambitions. She doesn’t need to chase her goals anymore. She doesn’t need to stay a medic or run the hospital or aide Naruto as Hokage. Even though she’s gotten stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even though she’s mastered techniques her master passed on to her, and become one of the best kunoichi and medics in the world. She only did any of that purely for Sasuke. Not for herself. Now she can let go of all those useless things and stay home. It doesn’t matter because she attained her original goal of getting Sasuke.

Who wants the new Sasuke? Who is never home with his “happy family” because his story arc was never finished and he never got a resolution for the atrocities that the village committed against his family. He doesn’t need to come to terms with what happened or get closure or emotional resolution. He just needs to let it go. But it would be inappropriate for him to live in the village. He can’t stay there because he’s sinned too much and has to travel the world trying to atone.

Because, ya know, the village wasn’t at fault for anything. Sasuke wasn’t justified in any of his ill will or feelings. It was all his fault and he’s lucky that the village let him off so easily. And he and Naruto aren’t going to fix the ninja system in place that created all of the terrible tragedies in the series. Because breaking the cycle of hatred and fixing the system wasn’t important. It doesn’t matter because he attained his original goal of killing Itachi and “restoring his clan”.

Let the branch system of the Hyuuga clan stay as it is. Neji fulfilled his destiny and died for the main branch in the end. Everything is as it should be. It was never an important plot point or theme anyway. Neji only ever existed to be the cupid that ties Naruto and Hinata together.

Hinata can leave the clan issues to Hanabi. Or maybe Hanabi’s eventual husband since, let’s face it, women need to get married and settle down and then let their husbands take care of everything else. Hinata doesn’t need to worry about silly things like that now that she has the man she “rightfully deserves”. She can forget about all of the progress she made, and things she wanted to do, and goals she had for her clan, and be a housewife. She attained her goal of getting Naruto.

Who wants this new Team 7? They’re so distant that their children aren’t even close friends. They’ve parted ways with each other. If Team 7 were still close friends then their respective children would be practically siblings, or cousins. They’d be very close to each other and they would all be one big family really.

But we can’t have that. We need drama for Act III! Bolt and Sarada need to bond over their mutual loneliness over their busy fathers. So they need to be distant at first so they can get to know each other. Because they are the next pairing. And love must be borne of one-sided longing on the girls part, until she eventually wins the boy over. So Sarada must stalk him and pine for him from afar.

Then they can be rivals to mirror Naruto and Sasuke. And she can be spunky and yell at him to mirror Naruto and Sakura. And she’ll follow him around to mirror Naruto and Hinata. But if she’s spunky AND sweet won’t that make her like Karin? Then Bolt will have to be kind of cool too so that they can mirror Sasuke and Karin! DON’T YOU SEE IT’S PERFECT!!!!!!

Naruto finished his task of saving Sasuke. So he’s not important anymore. He fulfilled his role. He was just a mission Naruto had to accomplish. Their bond isn’t important or integral to the story at all. It’s fine if he’s never around. Naruto didn’t promise to never let him isolate himself or anything. He never promised to never let Sasuke be alone or take the weight of the world all on his own. It’s totally fine if he travels on his own all the time. Taka who? Psh like they were ever important.

And Naruto and Sakura’s relationship obviously isn’t important anymore. Why would they still be friends now that they’re married to others? Were they ever really friends or was Naruto just using their friendship to compete with Sasuke? Anyway Naruto obviously can’t hang around with Sakura now that he has Hinata. Why would he need her around anymore anyway? Women are obviously only important if they’re a love interest.

And Sasuke and Sakura have a child now. So even if Sasuke is distant, it doesn’t matter BECAUSE THEY ARE HAPPY AND HAVE A FAMILY! All Sakura has ever wanted was to be Sasuke’s wife! And all Sasuke has ever wanted was to revive his clan by having lots of babies! And the author himself doesn’t know how they got together. But even though he has no other reason for it, it is obviously true love and not a side pairing by-product of NaruHina. It’s totally not so that they have Uchiha and Uzumaki children for Act III. NONE OF THAT MATTERS BECAUSE IT IS OBVIOUSLY TRUE LOVE AND IT’S CANON BITCHES GET OVER IT!!!!!

Everyone who likes this new ending can keep it. The rest of us want nothing to do with it. We’ll stick with the original characters. The Team 7 that was a family.

The Naruto who is emotionally intelligent and treasures his first bonds. Who will end the cycle of hatred that breeds war. The Sakura who has become a stunning kunoichi and woman. Who grew on her own and strived to become an excellent medic. The Sasuke who wants to fix the world for the future generations. Who will work with Naruto to create great change in the world order.

That is the Team 7 and the world that I believe in.