because the drawings are a bit odd

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I am a huge fan of your style! It's absolutely lovely! How long have you been drawing and how did you develop your own style?

 ive been drawing my whole life! (always an odd question for me bc like…. yall stopped drawing after kindergarten? what did you do all day??)

as for developing style, my biggest piece of advice is just! keep! drawing! its been a bit hard to follow my own advice lately because my depression keeps fucking up my motivation and for the first time in my life i just dont feel like drawing, at all, ever. but if youre having similar motivational issues or if youre just starting out and you just arent feeling satisfied with your art, dont give up! the less you draw the harder it will be! i have a personal policy (that i dont actually remember to follow) where even if i dont want to, even if i hate how it looks, i have to draw at least once a day every single day. i swear it will improve your work if you do this. its hard, i know, i havent been doing it, but follow my advice not my example! (honestly im the embodiment of that quote “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.” by Lewis Carol)

the other piece of advise i have is honestly…… steal art. 

“gasp! but Kate,” you say, “stealing art is bad and wrong!!” you say, “i know because of all those ‘art theft is bad and wrong’ posts i reblog!”

look. thats not what im saying, im not telling any of you to try to pass anyone elses art as your own, or use other peoples art without their credit. dont to that its bad and wrong. what im saying is LOOK at other peoples art and copy what they do. copying other peoples art styles is how every artist has learned for centuries. i started out drawing myself as a powerpuff girl or as a pokemon character just like everyone else. hell, i used to straight up print out and trace drawings i found on deviant art, which is a perfectly viable way to learn styles (muscle memory) so long as you dont try to pass it off as your own work then honestly its not stealing.

for example recently i was trying to draw these cat characters i had come up with, and i could not for the life of me draw these cats they were just turning out so ugly,

so i was like “well fuck this, i just need to find a simpler style” and by some kind of MIRACLE, while i was looking up drawings of cats i stumbled across this one blog, daily cat drawings. and it was like, holy shit this is it this is the exact style i need to draw my cats in. so first thing i did was try to follow some of their drawings exactly, not tracing but the closest you can get by sight. 

this is one of dailycatdrawing’s drawings:

and this was my attempt to copy it:

after i felt like i kinda had it down i drew that athena. NOT based off of any one of dailycatdrawing’s pieces, but still using the basics of their style. after that i felt confident enough using this style to draw the rest of my cats and they turned out great! naturally i had to draw hermes again because i couldnt just use such a blatant copy of another artists work, and it turned out even better than before!

which proves my earlier advice about how every single time you draw youre improving! its also important to note that even if you try to copy an artists style exactly you will probably never have it perfectly, and thats a GOOD THING! because it means that you arent truly stealing someone elses work, youre just using it as an example of ONE WAY a drawing can be good. by paying attention to MANY artists styles you can use all of them together to make your own unique style! even trying to copy dailycatdrawing’s style to a T i still ended up using elements from other artists and my own experience to change the style just enough to make it personal. looking at hermes’ face you can tell ive unintentionally taken some inspiration from lackadaisy’s art style, another artist i really admire. 

this turned out way longer than i meant it to, sorry, i always get so caught up in explaining things when people ask for advice. hopefully this helped someone!

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Genji and Zenyatta 

[Requests by @morethanlittlesinister , as well as several anons] 


Finally, there are robots robot boyfriends who wear each other’s clothes. (Clothes? Pieces?) 

I’m sorry this one too so long, since most of you know I’ve been dealing with chained concussions on and off for over a year. Still, this was such a joy to do, because Zenyatta is my sweet boy - and now looks like General Grievous’ jedi cousin. 

Genji looks a bit odd to me still, and don’t even get me started on how Zenyatta taught him to float… But I took a fair amount of artistic liberties with their designs since neither of them have full reference for the parts of their bodies that aren’t covered? It’s like they planned this. 


Thank you all for the submissions! 

[Requests for Overwatch Outfit Swaps are CLOSED]

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(different anon) I'd love to see a tutorial someday too. Specifically, how the heck do you get your pastries and ice creams and bread to look so soft and natural?! I've made a couple simple food pixels myself, but they all seem so stiff in comparison.

hum well personally i think making things look natural starts wi sketching out line work. (i did a comparison of a bread bun, starting with the same blue sketch to show the differences) i always do rough sketches & work over them bc i think it gives me a better idea of the form.

i know sometimes it seems right to have everything perfect & symmetrical but it all depends on what your drawing in the first place - because you mentioned like bread & ice-cream etc those things are rarely perfect anyway, so i guess avoid being too structured

then i think another big thing is the colour choice & the balance of the halftone dots for shading. I feel like too much half tone & its one big ordered gradient & yeah that looks kind of odd. & for the colour.. its tempting to just pick out the darkest tone & just gradually make it paler for the highlighty bits - but in reality when you really look at something there’s usually a lot of different kinds of colours (even if it is just white bread). So yeah id say experiment with that - i usually exaggerate and go for much warmer colours tbh.

the last thing that i think makes a huge difference is how you do the shine (if any). it helps to just think about the actual thing your drawing (goes wi out saying but curved and squishy bread probably has a softer curvy shine) and it’s probably not such sharp stark white

i feel like the picture just explains it all way better haha 

-`mini tutorial about pixel bread bun´-

Companions React: Small Habits

Likes to go around barefoot whenever she can.
Cait HATES shoes, she can’t stand to wear them for a long period of time, so whenever she’s out in the commonwealth with Sole for long periods of time, she’ll start complaining about how her boots are hurting her feet or that she want’s to take her boots off now. Cait is some what of a toddler when it comes to making her wear her boots, she’ll whine and complain, every once in a while getting her way.

Has a very bouncy/springy walk.
It’s no doubt that Curie as a very bubbly personality, and she gets very excited very quickly and easily. Curie walks like she’s excited for something, and whenever Sole asks why she’s walking that way, Curie says she doesn’t notice it. It’s very cute, but can be a bit frustrating when Sole is trying to be serious

Always gets quotes and sayings mixed up.
Danse tries very hard to understand quotes and sayings, but no matter what, he always gets every saying and quote backwards or he even mixes two very different quotes together. Never the less, Sole always understands what he means.

“Everything you’ve ever feared is on the other side of what you want.”
“Danse…Do you mean, everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear?”

Likes to randomly burst out singing or narrate his actions in song 
Deacon likes to be annoying, and not only will he narrate or sing is own actions, he’ll do it to anyone around him. It drives everyone insane, especially when he does his sports commentator impression 

“Deacon, I swEAR TO GOD.”

Likes to sit on the arms of couches and chairs instead of the actual seat
It doesn’t matter if anyone is sitting on the chair or not, Gage refuses to sit back and get comfortable. He claims that its because he wants to be prepared for anything,but in reality sitting on the arms of seats goes back to his childhood, it makes him feel safe in a way, but he will never admit that out loud.

Always has change in his pocket to give to beggars or homeless.
Hancock doesn’t mind giving to the less fortunate. He understands how it feels, so he always keeps a couple caps on hand just in case he passes by someone who is obviously homeless and starving. It makes Hancock happy, knowing he made someone’s day a little better, because he’d hope others would do the same for him.

Has a favorite comeback that he always resorts to 
MacCready is still very much a kid at heart, and his time a little lamplight still shines through him, so his come backs are very childlike. He sticks to the usual “Your mom” or “that’s what she said” but every once in a while he’ll come up with a good one that has Sole laughing for hours. 

N I C K 
Excessively uses initials or acronyms for common AND uncommon phrases and doesn’t bother to explain them.
Nick thinks that whenever he uses an acronym or initials for anything, it makes him look smarter than the person he’s talking to, but in reality, it only makes the person confused or annoyed. Sole always has to ask him what he meant because Nick doesn’t see the need to explain what he just said, sometimes the explanation isn’t even worth asking for.

Draws random doodles on any piece of paper in front of her and always carries a pen or pencil to facilitate this habit.
Piper loves to doodle, it helps her with her writers block, but she just finds it enjoying and relaxing, but you do have to be careful with whatever you leave around her, cause if it can be drawn on, Piper will end up drawing on it.

Randomly wanders or paces when bored, even at odd times
Preston cant stand still for more than a minute, he always has to be moving no matter what time of day. You can find Preston out and about at 2am just because he couldn’t sleep. It can be a bit frustrating when Sole needs to find him for something important, but it keeps Preston’s mind at peace.

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msr prompt: fake relationship (b/c plz) but then Skinner is there (I'm thinking maybe a hs reunion & Skinner is a friend of a classmate, but 100% up 2 u)

A bit of fun for a Sunday morning 

Mulder glanced up from his computer screen as he heard Scully groan in frustration opposite him. “You ok?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“What’s up?”

“Oh it’s nothing.”

“It doesn’t sound like nothing.”

Sighing, Scully looked up from her own computer, then sighed once again. “I just received an email from one of my school friends,” she explained.

“Has something happened?”

“Sadly not.” At Mulder’s puzzled expression she continued. “My friend…Susan…Well my sort of friend…”

“Your high school friend.”

“Yeah. She’s just reminding me that it’s our annual high school meet up next weekend. I hadn’t heard anything so I presumed it wasn’t going ahead this year, but sadly not.”

“You don’t sound thrilled at the prospect.”

“That’s because I’m not.”

“So don’t go. Tell them you’re working.”

“I told them that last year.”

“Tell them you’re on vacation.”

“I told them that the year before.”

Mulder grinned. “Why don’t you want to go Scully? Isn’t it nice to catch up with old friends?”

“It is, sometimes, but not these old friends.”

“Why not?”

“Well they’re just…you know?”

“You’re talking to a guy who lost all of his school friends the moment he started talking about alien abductions. I don’t know.”

“They’re all smug married people.”


“And I’m not.”

“And that’s a problem?”

“It is, because it makes me their project.”

“Their project?”

She sighed once again. “Our annual meetup invite always states plus one. The last time I didn’t take anyone, so they spent the whole evening trying to match me with guys. Any guy who had a pulse.”

“Sounds delightful.”

“More like soul destroying. I’m perfectly happy with my life but they make me feel as though I’m a failure in some way.”

“You’re not a failure Scully,” replied Mulder, his work now forgotten. “Don’t go.”

“I know…”


“There are one or two of them I actually like. And I do feel bad when they make the effort to invite me.”

“So take someone else.”

“Mulder, most of my friends have lives. They don’t want to come to someone else’s high school reunion, plus I don’t want them to pity me.”

He chuckled. “I don’t pity you.” He suddenly realized what he was suggesting. “Actually, I don’t have a life, which means I don’t have any plans.”

“Mulder, I couldn’t ask you to do that.”


“It’ll be boring. They’ll only talk about marriage and babies and house prices.”

“Will there be alcohol?”

She smiled. “There will be a bar.”

“Listen, if you want me to come, I will. If you bring a friend maybe they’ll go easy on you, or they might take pity on me instead and make me their new project. It’ll at least mean you get a chance to enjoy yourself. It might be fun.”

“It won’t be fun.”

“It will if I ask them to show me pictures of a teenage Dana Scully. I’m kidding, I’m kidding,” he added, as Scully glared at them. “At the very least we can put them off dinner by talking about the Flukeman.” He grinned. “Every time they discuss marriage we can talk about autopsies if you like.”

Scully shook her head. “It’s fine Mulder, I’ll make my excuses.”

“Email her back and say we’ll go. C’mon Scully, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Little did they know.



Scully looked up, recognizing the voice of the woman who’d called her. Mulder saw her grimace for a split second before she forced a polite smile and walked towards her former classmate. “Susan, hi.”

“Hi!” Mulder watched as a petite brunette woman pulled Scully into her arms for a hug. As they pulled back and appraised one another, Mulder also took the opportunity to consider the woman. She had a warm, friendly face, tight curly hair and glasses that reminded him of Skinner, he realized, chuckling to himself. She seemed friendly enough, and he wasn’t quite sure why Scully wasn’t so keen on spending time with her.

“You look great Dana.”

“Thank you,” Scully replied a little awkwardly. She’d never been comfortable accepting compliments. “So do you.”

Smiling, her classmate suddenly caught sight of Mulder. “Hi there.” Taking the hint, Scully turned to him.

“Susan, this is my partner, Fox –”

“Call me Mulder,” he interrupted, reaching out to shake Susan’s hand. “Good to meet you.”

Susan shook his hand warmly. “Your partner? Congratulations.”

“Oh –” Before either Mulder or Scully could interrupt and correct her, she’d continued. “Well it’s about time Dana! We’ve been saying for a few months now that you really needed to start thinking about settling down. It’s been years since Ethan, and honey you’re not getting any younger.”

“While Scully bit down on her lip so tightly that Mulder presumed she was about to draw blood, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. So that was why she didn’t like the woman. Taking a deep breath, Scully maintained both her polite smile and her restraint.

“Oh, Mulder isn’t my partner,” she explained calmly. Susan’s smile faded. “We just –”

“We don’t know what to call it,” Mulder said, shifting closer to Scully. “Partner sounds like we just work together, boyfriend and girlfriend is odd because we’re not kids anymore…” Glancing over at his partner, he noted her shocked – and pissed – expression. *In for a penny, in for a pound* he thought to himself, as he then took hold of her hand. “We prefer “significant other,” don’t we honeybunch?” He winked at his partner, who was thankfully too shocked to respond. However he knew from the look on her face that he’d be paying the price for this as soon as they were out of earshot.

“Oh isn’t that adorable?” Susan enthused, clearly excited that Scully had finally found someone. “Come, the rest of the girls are over there.” She pointed to a long table set up near the back of the room. “They’ll be so pleased to see you, and of course to meet Mulder. It’s been a while since Dana has introduced us to anyone. Come, sit down and tell us all how you both met.” With that she walked off. “Come!”

“I hate you,” Scully murmured, squeezing Mulder’s hand so hard he thought she’d broken it. Wincing, he followed his partner and her friend for an evening of entertainment – at least for him.


There was no doubt about it, Scully was going to kill him, Mulder thought, as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. In response, she dug her nails into his upper thigh. Hard. Around the table sat seven other women with their husbands, girlfriends and, in the case of one couple whose babysitter cancelled at the last minute, their children. They were all listening intently to the story of how Mulder and Scully met. He recalled a similar conversation not too long ago when both he and Scully were out in California, and recalled the death glare his partner had shot him when he’d informed their neighbors that they’d met at a UFO conference. This time however, he decided to stick to the truth. “…and then Dana was assigned to work with me. It was love at first sight on my part,” he added, flashing Scully a sheepish grin. Her expression suggested she couldn’t decide whether to punch him or vomit.

Thankfully her school friends were oblivious.  A lady sitting opposite, Caroline, clapped her hands together. “That’s so adorable. Who’d have thought you could find love at the FBI.”

“Well look at Anna.” All eyes landed on a woman sat next to Scully. “She managed it.”

“You work at the FBI?” Mulder asked. The woman shook her head.

“No, but my partner does. He’s coming along shortly.”

“I bet your mom is excited for you Dana,” interrupted another woman, Laura. “I bet she can’t wait for the big day.”

“Oh we’re not getting married,” Scully replied, with an air of finality that only Mulder could detect. He willed himself not to smirk.

“Not yet anyway,” he interrupted, receiving another dig to the thigh. He was clearly having the time of his life, though he knew he’d pay the price for it as soon as he and Scully left the building. “But right now we’re happy as we are.”

Scully suddenly sat forward in her chair, picked up her glass of wine from the table and downed what was left of her drink. “Who wants another?” she asked. As her friends gave their orders, she made a mental note and then turned to Mulder. “Can you help me with the drinks…sweetheart?”

“I’ll help you Dana,” offered Anna.

“Oh no it’s fine,” she replied sweetly. “Mulder will help me.” She glared at her partner, who then nodded and got to his feet, ready to face the wrath of Scully.


“What the hell are you playing at?”

They were barely out of their seats when Scully turned on him. “What?”

“Don’t what me. You know. Significant other. Marriage. Mulder, some of those woman still speak to my mom. And Bill too.”

“Bill?” Mulder grimaced as he realized that word of their “relationship” might reach Scully’s brother. “I was helping you out.”

“Helping me? How?”

“Scully you told me those woman only ever talk about marriage and babies and can’t understand why you’re single. They pretty much turned on you the instant you walked in here…” His eyes suddenly narrowed. “Wait, you are single aren’t you? I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes?”

“Shut up Mulder.”

“I know how uncomfortable they make you feel. You said yourself that they’re like leeches sucking out your soul.”

“They are.”

“And that they’re constantly discussing your love life.”

Scully sighed. “I know.”

“I’m just helping you out, getting them off of your back for one night. At the next reunion you can just tell them we split up. Make me the bad guy.”

“I guess so.” She didn’t look too convinced. “Alright,” she conceded, once she’d given the drinks order to the barman. “But only because telling the truth now would just make me look pathetic. You get to deal with my mom when she inevitably finds out. “

“Deal. For a moment I thought you were going to make me talk to Bill.”

“Don’t tempt me. Bill would tear you apart if he thought we were dating.”


Scully saw Mulder’s eyes dart over towards their table, before refocusing on her. He smiled sweetly, while she eyed him cautiously. “What?”

She stood perfectly still as her partner reached out, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ears. His breath caressed her skin as he leaned in to whisper. “They’re watching us,” he whispered, suddenly cupping her jaw and kissing her tenderly on the lips. It was a sweet kiss, PG-rated, but it still look Scully by surprise and left her breathless. It was a dangerous kiss, she thought to herself as Mulder pulled back and smiled once again, licking his lips subconsciously. It made her want to kiss him again.

“This is what couples do, isn’t it?” He turned o pick up the drinks in front of him when suddenly he caught sight of Anna walking towards them with a familiar figure. A familiar male figure. “Shit.”

“What?” Scully was oblivious, still paying for the order.


She froze as she suddenly heard AD Skinner’s voice ring out behind her. Mulder was sporting his best panic face as he realized by Skinner’s smug, knowing grin that he’d just witnessed their public display of affection.


Scully slowly turned, her face flushing furiously. “AD Skinner.”

“I told Dana you were coming, I didn’t realize you knew one another,” Anna explained, clearly unaware of the awkward tension that had crept into the room.

“You could say that,” Skinner replied. “I see you two are enjoying the evening.”

“Sir –”

“Anna was just telling me about the new man in your life Dana.”

Scully looked as though she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her. After she’d murdered Mulder of course.

“It’s not what it looks like sir.”

“Nonsense, I’ve heard the rumors.”

Now she definitely looked as though she was moments away from killing her partner.

“You don’t need to pretend otherwise around me, at least not now. We’re not at work this evening.” He gestured back to their table. “We’ll see you shortly.”

Skinner and Anna headed back over towards their table, leaving Mulder and Scully alone.



“I didn’t –”

“Just don’t.” She gestured once again to the barman.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting a drink.”

Mulder looked down at the glass of wine he was holding. “You’ve already got a drink.”

“I know. I need another.”

It was going to be a long night.

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Also, picture the following: Batkids playing UNO. That is all.


Cass almost ALWAYS wins so by the fourth game she’s the referee because things get VIOLENT (which she ignores because the only basic rule is “no bleeding on the new carpet”)

Tim is great at counting cards. He’s a genius at probability.
So you know what happens?

“Draw four.”
“Draw four.”
“You’re doing this on purpose, I can’t find a red card or a frickin’ 6.”
“Draw four.”
“Draw four.”
A roar of rage and then the table is upended.
Dick is in between Jason and Tim, prying them apart and Damian is shouting about ruining the game “You messed up the odds, Todd! If we aren’t going to play this game right–”
Cass is attempting to eat all the popcorn in the process and Bruce comes in slightly scandalized at seeing his mostly adult children brawling on the floor.
“OW! Bruce! He bit me!”
“Because you punched me!”
“Jason, keep your hands to yourself. Tim, don’t bite your brother.”
“I’ll do what I want.”
“Excuse me, Timothy? Cassandra, stop throwing popcorn at Dick expecting him to catch in his mouth while he’s wrestling the boys.”
A popcorn hits Bruce square in the nose.
And then suddenly it’s the kids vs. Bruce, throwing cards and popcorn and other game pieces and they’re running up the stairs while their dad is behind them, opening doors and messing up rugs in the hopes to get him to trip. They make it to the attic (which actually has medieval swords, Bruce’s great-uncle had something of a history obsession) and then propose to give Damian up as a sacrifice to quell his fury.
“You’re all jerks,” Damian informs them sullenly while Cassandra rifles around behind them. After a moment they push him forward chanting “Sacrifice the assassin baby” good-naturedly and Cass offers to escort him so he can’t get away. They’re halfway to Bruce when suddenly–
Cass whips out a pitching machine and tennis balls go flying in both directions
“They’ve gone rogue!” the others shout while she and Damian escape out of a window, Cass with the L shape on her forehead and Damian shouting “Assassin kids for the win!”

And that’s the story of how Alfred now has to supervise game night.

Moving Forward (And backwards, left, right and upside down) With Divination

What’s up friends, It’s your local human disaster here to give you some more neato tips on how to do the thing!

Tarot, runes, oracle, we love them. They’re great, yeah? But some of us don’t know where to begin with that kind of thing. Or feel too intimidated by it. Or it just never clicks with a person. So here’s what I propose we do. 

Make our own rules! 

Yep, the concept of this seems super scary. But you’ll find out after a while that it’s some of the most fun you can have with divination. I’m not telling you that you have to sit and paint an intricate pack of cards and create an entirely new divination system and meaning for them. What I am saying is, don’t be afraid to take inspiration and guidance from stuff that seems weird. As you can see in the photo above, I have made my own set of ‘runes’ using pumpkin seeds, planetary symbols and words in my elementarium alphabet. 

Did I sit and think this out? Did I seek cosmic guidance from a nameless deity above? Nah, I just started writing things on seeds. Not being afraid to try new things; sometimes that’s enough. The beauty of doing things like this is that you can decide how to interpret things for the first time without any outside influence. It will inherently be directly connected to your thoughts, wishes and desires because well…. you made it. You can custom tailor your divination experience to you. You’re the driver in this car friend. 

Still too spooked to make your own stuff? 

Ok, so let’s take things that already exist in the world and make them our own. Make them witchy. Reach into that draw in the kitchen you throw all of the odd bits and bobs and pull out the first thing you touch. Boom. This is divination. This party candle from your birthday cake 4 years ago now has a meaning. And you can decide what it is simply from the feeling you get when you hold it. Open a book. What is the first word you see? Out of the hundreds of words on this page why did you decide to read this one first? There has to be meaning. I refuse to believe there isn’t. You’re outside having a cigarette. While you focus on the smoke, what do you think of? Can you see any shapes in it? You’re scrolling through your gallery and open a photo on your phone by a mistake. Was it really a mistake? It’s your decision.

Every object in the world contains energy and vibrates on a cellular level. When you think of it in this way, finding divinity in everything seems a little less crazy.

Say it again with me. There are no rules. No one is going to come slap the back of your hand with a ruler if pushing the food around your plate shows you what emotions you’re going to be feeling next tuesday. The tarot fairy isn’t going to swoop down and scold you if you combine the cards of 2 different decks and mess them around. Please have fun with divination. It wants to have fun with you :)

In which Tara puts on her editor hat for a moment:

I just saw a post that got under my skin a little, as both a writer and an editor.

See, I edit. That’s my job. People hire me to go through their manuscripts of all shapes and sizes and subjects. I know a lot about grammar. I know a lot about style. I’d like to think I’ve got a pretty decent handle on the places where grammar and style and individual author/story voice can be at odds with each other.

The post I just saw talked a bit about “rules” they had broken as a writer. The tone was pretty “F-you, I do what I want to!” Look, as a writer? I have absolutely broken “rules.” I think there’s an excellent time and place for sentence fragments, for example, or for split infinitives, or for intentionally misused words.

An editor’s job, however, is to draw the writer’s attention to grammatical inconsistencies or errors, often according to existing style guides. Pointing these out is not personal. A writer hires an editor because an editor is a specialist when it comes to grammar (and/or flow and/or narrative etc). Depending on the kind of editing you want from them (and there are different kinds!), they may be looking for things from typos all the way through to plot holes. Not all editors are cut from the same cloth. A proofreader is a typo-spotter extraordinaire. A developmental editor helps build the idea into workable text. There’s a lot of overlap between copy editing and stylistic editing, but they aren’t technically the same thing.

The editor can’t read your mind and guess if this sentence fragment is intentional where another isn’t. They’re going to write “frag” and let you figure out if you want to keep it or not. They’re drawing your attention to something that is, yes, technically an error so that you have the tools at your disposal to decide if you truly want to break the rule. That’s their job.

As a writer, I know sometimes it feels like an editor is picking on you when they return your manuscript stained red, but they’re really not. I have never, ever edited a document aiming to make an author feel bad/guilty/stupid/wrong when I point out inconsistencies. I offer suggestions. The author can take them or leave them. An editor works for an author. As an author, you absolutely have the right to say to an editor, for example, “Just so you know, I have used all these sentence fragments on purpose. Please don’t mark them.” Or, “In this world I’ve created, the word ‘car’ is what people call their horses.” Or, “Yoda’s dialogue is intentionally written subject, object, verb.”  A good editor will make a note of it on her master style sheet and do what the author wants because a good editor knows she works for the author.

When I see writers complaining about editors misunderstanding their intentions (especially when it comes off like whining or complaining or griping about the editor), it tells me the writer doesn’t really understand the role an editor is actually meant to play. Often, it’s because writers think about their work as writers. Not every writer is an editor. It’s also because–and this is also something I know about from being on both sides–an author is protective of the work they’ve poured so much blood, sweat, time, and energy into. Editors seem like scary, mean outsiders armed with red pens and cruelty. They aren’t. Or, rather, they shouldn’t be.

The bottom line is this: a good editor is someone you hire to give you the tools you, the author, need to make the story cohesive, clear, and internally consistent. They’re there to work with you, not against you. Editors are not the enemy. You hire them to be the impartial, outside eyes you need on your work because it’s often almost impossible for a writer to be entirely impartial about their own work. You hire an editor so it’s not your readers catching your errors (and/or getting turned off your story because of them!). It’s symbiosis, my friends. 

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Hey doc! So I woke up today with a renal colic, so you know, I'm in a hella lot of pain but then I saw all this Bechloe wonderland and I honestly think I'm feeling a little better. Not much better, but progress is a progress. My point is - I believe that you can cure your patients with Bechloe.

Oh I’m SO sorry to read you’ve been under the weather anon!! That’s all so horrible! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the Bechloe love this week 🙊
Here, have a cheeky one-shot:

“Chloe!!” Beca called out loudly as she fell through the front door of the Bellas house, “C-*hic*-Chloe!”

The Sophomore had been out at the Treblemaker’s, drinking and celebrating the end of exam season. All the other Bellas had joined too. All except for Chloe, who had chosen to have an early night, her final exam being in the morning.

Beca fell to her knees at the bottom of the stairs with a groan, reaching down to try to pull her converse off. But for some reason her fingers couldn’t undo shoelaces so easily right now.

“Chloeeeee!” Beca wailed followed by an uncharacteristic sob. She was drunk. So very drunk. And she missed her best friend. It was weird going to a party without her.

“Beca?” A voice said at the top of the stairs and Beca’s eyes grew in delight at the sight of Chloe stood at the top of the stairs in her dressing gown. Her arms were folded, and she had an amused look on her face.

“C-Chloe where have you beeeeeen??” Beca called up the stairs to her, her hands both on the next stair up to try to steady herself. Chloe slowly began walking down the stairs, an amused smile still on her face.

“I’ve been studying you weirdo, you know that..” she said kindly, stepping past Beca until she was level at the bottom of the stairs.

Beca had turned her entire body to follow Chloe’s direction and was now sat on the bottom stairs looking up at Chloe with a sloppy grin, blinking slowly as her head swayed slightly.

“You..” she said as she pointed directly at Chloe, “..are beautiful. You know that?”

Chloe rolled her eyes with a small smile, “Thanks Beca” she said in an amused tone, but Beca had raised her eyebrows.

“No, I..I mean it Chloe!” The brunette began slowly struggling to get to her feet, “If I wasn’t with stupid Jesse an-and you weren’t straight..” she let out a groan as she finally got to her feet and swayed slightly, “..I would totally ask you out.” she slowly began falling backwards but Chloe was quick to react, reaching out and grabbing her best friend’s waist.

“You’re drunk Becs” Chloe said with a giggle and Beca grinned as she stared hard at Chloe’s face.

“Yeah. I am.” Beca slurred bringing a hand up and pushing back some of her long brown hair. Chloe turned her around and began helping her up the stairs. She rolled her eyes again as Beca groaned loudly, muttering, “I wish you weren’t straight, you know?”

“I know..” Chloe said in an amused tone, finally reaching the top of the stairs with Beca. She paused, slightly out of breath. She was strong, Beca was petite, but when the brunette was drunk she was heavy. “Can you make it up to your room or did you want to sleep in my room tonight?”

Chloe watched as Beca slowly turned her head to look at her with a broad grin, her eyes half shut she was so drunk. Chloe sighed gently, “My room it is then..” and the redhead proceeded to drag her best friend down the hallway to her bedroom.

“ you think there’s a small chance y-you might not be straight?” Beca slurred, as they finally made it into Chloe’s bedroom and Beca was made to sit on the edge of Chloe’s bed.

“I think there’s a high chance I’m not straight Becs..” Chloe said with a slight giggle, peering into one of her draws to get some pyjamas out for her best friend.

Beca sat on the edge of the bed, swaying slightly, furrowing her brow as she tried to process what had been said. “’re gay?”

Chloe stood up from her chest of draws with a light sigh and smiled sweetly at her best friend who looked up at her in a bit of confusion, “I’d probably say I’m Bi..”

Beca waved, “Hi Bi, nice to meet you!” Then the brunette let out a loud rambling giggle, “Hi Bi. Haha! Get it? Hi. Bi.”

Chloe let out a small giggle as she began helping Beca off with her jacket, “I get it Becs..”

The two best friends remained silent for the next few minutes save for the odd groan from Beca because she was so drunk. Beca let Chloe tug her to her feet so she could pull the bedcovers back, and then guide the brunette into the bed.

Beca let out a relieved sigh when her head finally rested on the pillow, grabbing the edge of the bedcover and fiddling with it between her fingertips.

Chloe held a glass of water out to her, one that had already been on the side, the one that Chloe had made for herself before she’d settled to go to bed, before Beca had got home. Beca sat up slightly and slurped the water noisily, letting out a loud “ahh” once she’d finished.

“I’m really pleased you’re Bi, Chloe..” Beca mumbled as she handed the glass back to her best friend, then began snuggling down under the covers, closing her eyes, “When we’re older? And…and not in college anymore? I’ll break up with’ll date yeah? Like..we’ll be so happy. I can make you happy. You make me happy. We…we can make each other happy forever. K?”

Chloe looked at Beca with a soft smile, pushing back her brown hair from her face, “okay” she said quietly. She watched as Beca slowly fall asleep with a grin.

If Beca was true to her drunk word then Chloe was in for a very long two years until graduation..


I should be studying for my midterms but I can’t resist drawing these two cuties. Like seriously, imagine if

  • Felix is Adrien’s older brother by a year.
  • Adrien is in his rebellious stage which means he always gets into trouble without even knowing for some odd reason.
  • Felix being a responsible older brother to Adrien which is a really a pain considering that Adrien keeps getting into trouble.
  • Felix gets into trouble with their father because of Adrien.
  • Felix being a bit nicer only to Adrien and tells him to just be himself.
  • Felix only opens up to Adrien and Adrien does the same.
  • Felix is Chat Noir for only a year since he refused to be Chat Noir after their mother disappeared. He didn’t want to leave Adrien side especially now that their mother is gone. (PS He worked with another miraculous holder but not ladybug).
  • Felix finding out Adrien is the new Chat Noir but keeps it a secret (even to Adrien)

Anyone with me? No? Okay, I’ll continue study now 

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Brand new neighbours au prompt for winteriron, Where Bucky is smitten with Tony but Tony is oblivious, always in a hurry to reach college and complete his work. And can we have a worried Maria Stark who fusses over Tony and teaches Howard a lesson when he acts nonchalant. Steve finds it all very hilarious. Because he just can't get over his best friend's face whenever he talks about Tony. Happy ending.

AN: It took me like, a year, but I finally did it. XD

“Steve.” Only a grunt answered him, so Bucky reached out to give his shoulder a good smack. “Steve.”

“I don’t care.”


“I don’t care, Buck. I don’t care what he’s doing or what he’s wearing or any of that. I have to get this piece done. You can tell me aaaaall about the day in the life of your crush when I finish, okay?”

“But Stevie. He’s trying to do dishes again.” Deadline or no, Steve practically threw his sketchbook away and turned on the couch to kneel next to Bucky. Across the way, easily seen through the big open windows of their neighbor’s kitchen, they could see Tony. Not that they’d ever been introduced - the only reason Bucky knew his name was because he’d heard the guy’s mom say it about twenty times in her lecture on how to be an adult before she’d tearfully left him on his own. The lesson hadn’t stuck apparently, because every time the guy tried to do something even a little domestic, it tended to end in catastrophe.

He had lost power three times that Bucky had noticed - because the lights were usually on all night, so the sudden turning off of ALL of them had been a pretty big hint. Not because he was like, a stalker or a peeping Tom or anything. Anyway. The plumber’s van had been parked outside maybe five times, and the cops had come around seven times because Tony had forgotten to turn off his alarm system after walking into his house. There’d been two nights when Bucky’d woken up because of screeching alarms of approaching firetrucks - each time his heart had pounded with fear until Tony wandered out into the suddenly-bright night looking both irritated and sooty. Bucky didn’t know about the rest of the house, but his view into Tony’s kitchen was really good, and he’d seen the man wander away in the middle of cooking dinner only to run back in an hour later to find it reduced to charcoal. He’d seen the guy sweep half the room before suddenly zipping away, tripping over the dropped broom when he finally wandered back. Tony had flooded the kitchen ten times because he didn’t know how to use the dishwasher properly and seemed to have some sort of moral objection to doing them by hand.

Tony’d moved in two weeks ago.

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Ignorance is Bliss // Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader

Prompt: Reader remains oblivious to Matthew’s failed flirting attempts while on set of Criminal Minds

Requested by: Anonymous

It was an unusually gloomy morning in Los Angeles, the sky dull with clouds and the weather chilly as the cold breeze blew threw the air. The cast and crew were all scattered on the Criminal Minds set, awaiting to be given direction. The actors were all seated, either going over their script or merely scrolling through their phones to pass the time.

AJ turned to you, happily showing you a photograph of one of her sons that her husband had sent her on her phone. You smiled at the carefree look on his face as he played on a swing set.

“You have the cutest kids,” you commented as you returned to the script in front of you. You were a fairly new member of their cast as you had landed the role of their newest BAU agent, and you would still strive to do your best. The others thought your dedication was adorable as you spent nearly every waking moment going over lines.

“You ever think of having kids yourself?” Matthew asked as he overheard your comment. “You’d make a beautiful mother.”

You raised an eyebrow as you looked at the man’s curious look, his comment both flattering yet unexpected. He merely grinned, that usual easy-going yet fun Gubler vibe radiating from him.

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We don’t have views like you where I’m from:
a twisted, stormy, madness riddled with
bits of magic. Your eyes are curious,
not because they hold curiosity but
because they propel me further into
some uncertain abyss. We are often
held captive by our wonderment, and
we are made to be all that better for it.
What are you even, I wonder. The odd
driftwood from days past or a lost page
blown back by bold winds? Backwards
is still a direction that draws caution,
yet too forward is something I wish not to be.
We slip into time, always either in step
or out of tune, dazzled by the multiplicity
of any given moment. Plural become
verb compounds, phrases become anecdotes
become conversation become confessions.
The obvious course is inevitable, marble tongued
and soft-eyed riddles laid bare like slices
of conjecture, dusted rinsed and peeled back
and set to boil. Was everything always this way?
Soft pink turns red turns maroon turns brown
like the dried scales of skin on our lips again.
Again. The same wounds rear their ugly bruises,
grinning quietly waiting for the mallet,
but there are no carnival songs or lights
or fairies or cotton candy clowns fortunes
and the big bright wheel to take us up up up
to only drown and remind us of our lack of reverie.
The flight lands, an arrival that is simultaneously
a departure. The conversation ends and
anecdotes and phrases are just loose nouns
separated by boundless pages of words unuttered.
The masks crack, and we wash away any
residual pretence. One day, I am reminded
that we don’t have views like you where I’m from.
A twisted stormy madness riddled with bits
of the tragedy that became us and not us, and the
fact that neither have looked the same since.
—  Nav K

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Hey, first of all, i want to say I admire you and you inspire me lots. So, I have problems when it comes to my characters and their features as, in one drawing I'll have them looking good and like they should be, but in the other, it doesn't look like them at all. I think that could be because of my anatomy or my "style". Do you have any tips? That could help improve that

Thank you bby <3

I still struggle with this, but I think I’m figuring it out. Here’s my advice from what I’m learning now:

  • Portrait Studies! I like to gather lots of portraits of different models from fashion blogs and sketch them. Using different faces seems a bit backwards since what we’re struggling with is keeping a consistent appearance for a character, but it has its uses. I guess it lets me see how many small details there are in faces and allows me more control/confidence when creating a face and then being able to recreate it accurately. It clarifies the vague vision of the face I have in my head and my drawing habits are less likely to take over. Here’s a video which is similar to the stuff I’ve been learning in college that helps when drawing from anything. And here’s a link to my fashion tag on my inspiration blog if you want to practice on some faces too :)

  • Stare at your friends(???) Whenever my friends are talking to me I usually just look at different parts of their faces that I want to learn how to draw. It might not necessarily help drawing in that moment as much as sketching would, but it keeps me interested and gives me something to work on when I actually get down to drawing someone.

  • Draw your friends! My class has gotten to the point where we’re comfortable with taking candid photos of each other while we work or hang out and draw each other for our assignments or just personal works. I didn’t have many artist friends as passionate about art so I’m used to doing it by myself. It gets lonely so if you feel me just try take advantage of having friends, even if they aren’t all artists!

  • Loosen up! This one is going to sound a bit odd because I agree that if you are good at something, never do it for free…. BUT from my experience it’s a lot more rewarding to just have fun with things. I’m not saying that you should give away everything you do for free, it’s just there’s nothing wrong with placing more value on the experience you gain from drawing a friend if they ask sometimes. You will get paying customers so there’s no need to fret over a free portrait study. Find the balance between emotional and financial rewards of creating art.

  • Iterative Drawing! I came across one of Sycra’s videos where he explains one of his methods for improving his art. I sometimes struggle to practice this one because it requires owning up to mistakes which takes courage and a lot of self love haha. When it is practiced, it does have amazing results almost instantly. You can apply this to remembering your character’s face and refining it to the point where you’re confident with how they look!

I really hope this helps :) I look forward to seeing where you go with this advice! Remember to be breathe and be patient with yourself <3

I believe in Moriarty

This is by no means a new theory. It’s just so odd that in The Six Thatchers they draw so much attention to Moriarty, if he is really supposed to be dead.

There are all the mentions, like in the beginning at the top secret meeting, and when Sherlock thinks Moriarty has something to do with the first bust that is broken. 

And when he mentions Moriarty in Mycroft’s office.

And Sherlock is supposed to also look for the pearl, that Moriarty had shown interest in.

But Moriarty is also there right beneath the surface. Ammo/amo and info about the traitor is supposed to be whispers that Ajay pick up, the code word on the phone feels like the way Moriarty was described in The Great Game.

And the way Sherlock wants to take a taxi on his own, like in The Reichenbach Fall.

Apart from this, we have Mary’s weird behavior at Sherlock’s hide out, where she looks like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.

Smith’s and Eurus’ mutual friend is most likely Moriarty, but that could have been before he died… (of course it’s not, Moriarty is a live, or his twin is ^_^ “it’s never twins” or maybe it is, and that’s why you draw attention to it… I digress…)

OK, so let us assume Moriarty IS alive, that’s why there are so many things pointing to him in The Six Thatchers.
Then Mary is probably working for him (personally I think that more likely than that she worked for him in the past and then stopped - Magnussen did mention she had gone a bit freelance now, bad girl… odd, wasn’t she always a freelancer? But Moriarty might have something to do with the busts, because he kept Ajay, so that he had something on Mary, that he could use later, if she defected.)

If Mary is working for Moriarty that would explain why Mary is so keen to keep up with Sherlock’s deductions.

She is not just interested, because she used to be an assassin and likes the excitement, it’s her job to keep tabs on Sherlock.

Yeah, never mind things you need for your own baby, has Sherlock had a break though? That’s way more important than the well being of your child…

(It’s never explained what kind of seizure Charlie had, or why the car exploded at the crash… might someone *Moriarty* have pumped the car full of something that killed him, and that could easily explode? Is this the theory you are looking for lady?)

If Mary is supposed to keep an eye on Sherlock for Moriarty that’s why she looks so happy, when Sherlock brings her along. 

(Just look at her in her daisy-shirt that matches the daisy bus-Eurus seems to like in John’s hair. Look at her smiling at Sherlock wanting to leave John behind.)

Moriarty’s tail-job might be why she is happy to come when Sherlock calls.

Until it looks like he discovered her secret. 

Then she quickly makes up a new plan and runs (but not before asking, if Sherlock looked through what’s on the memory stick.

Why is that important? She doesn’t just want to save time explaining, but to see if Sherlock has discovered her secrets, if he hasn’t she can spin a new story. She shouldn’t be worried, he already knows she was an agent with terrifying skills, so why is she nervous? John forgave her, what evil employer could the memory stick be hiding that she doesn’t want Sherlock to know about? ^_~

But she isn’t the only one who seems to keep a very sharp eye on Sherlock.

Eurus as John’s therapist is VERY interested in whether or not they made up.

Yes, she is posing as his therapist, and we know she is evil, so she has to ask to his well being, and sum up things from last episode. Maybe that’s why she asks these things.

And she might just be interested in Sherlock, because he is her brother, and because she has an elaborate plan involving a tranquilizer gun, not kidnapping John for some reason, but leaving him. A plan where she goes back to her island, sends a bomb, waits for Sherlock and then play a game with him on the island and at their old home…
SIGH, so much fuckery!

But she doesn’t shoot John until he seems to have made up (made out? ^_~) with Sherlock. And this seems to trigger her plan.
If Moriarty is dead, why does she wait for the smith case to be solves, before she execute her plans? So her plan was: Give Sherlock the MISS-ME-note, he will then remember you. If he doesn’t get the big hint about his sister (not Moriarty) being alive, THEN tranquilize John, don’t take him hostage, which would make Sherlock follow you, no just wait, and give your slow brother time.
… great plan Eurus!

Or could it be that she is waiting because the guy who put her in contact with Smith told her to keep asking if John and Sherlock still didn’t talk, and if they did, THEN she would have to act?

Yeah - I guess most of the people in this part of tumblr agree that something is fucky. And I couldn’t agree more. 

Moriarty is alive, and all I need is The Lost Special to air this Easter. The bad guy will be resurrected, but so will John, who is right now bleeding to death on his therapist’s floor, and we will finally solve the final problem.

Please! I need a lost special, otherwise the fuckery is just too much.

I feel like these two would make a really good couple?

Quick update:

- Couldn’t figure out what to do. Pen is dead.

- Mom arrived home. Threw credit card at my table: Buy a new tablet, it’s your birthday present. I told you I would get you this, it’s more than fine! Tell them your mother is a badass~

- Eletronic goodies popular store had a sweet 23% discount on the update version of my tablet for the next 72 hours (or 400 units). What are the freakin odds.

- Ordered. Now we wait. My brain is still processing.

I just wanted to say thank you to you all, because I really just wanted to know if anyone maybe knew how to deal with the pen issue (and vent a bit to calm down) but I had people trying to help in different ways and jesus, you’re all too kind, my heart is in stuck on my throat and yeah just thank you guys.