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David Tennant and that GRIN!!
…or perhaps it’s an impish smirk


Someone has done a manip of Peter Capaldi from Rachel Stot’s amazing art work with 12th in Time-Lord battle armour. I can’t get over how EPIC this is. 

Ranma after an actual doctor check up
  • Ranma: I got my ankles microwaved.
  • Akane: X-rayed.
  • Ranma: They took my blood away to use for science.
  • Akane: Cholesterol test.
  • Ranma: Akane had her sinuses removed?
  • Akane: Looked at.
  • Ranma: Some guy looked at my weiner. Touched it. That was weird.
  • Akane: And that guy wasn’t even a doctor.
  • Ranma: That…what?
we don’t fight anymore [Stanchez, 800 words]

I asked myself: if they were dating, why did Rick never help Stanley fix the portal? And then I wrote this drabble :V

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Things that clients do that frustrate (aka piss off) veterinary staff

1. A new client not informing us that their pet is a known biter.

2. Questioning the diagnosis because Google said something different.

3. Wanting us to help your sick animal but not wanting to run any diagnostics so we can actually figure out what is wrong and treat appropriately.

4. Calling for an appointment in the morning, not showing up, show up late and getting pissed when we can’t accommodate you.

5. Asking to hold….now this is a bit controversial I will admit. But, in most cases owner’s don’t know how to properly restrain and I have seen the owner and the doctor get bit as a result.

6. Letting your children run wild in an exam room.

7. Bringing in a second pet for an exam when you are only scheduled for one.

8. Telling the technician one history and the doctor something completely different. Why yes, I do enjoy looking like a complete idiot. Thank you.

9. Ignoring the technician during discharge then calling us 30 minutes later because the technician didn’t tell you when to give the meds.

10. Wanting free medical advice over the phone…when you aren’t our client.

11. Lying about your recreational drug use when we ask if the pet got into anything. We know…we always know.

12. Complaining about the cost of vaccines.

13. Sending the spouse/SO that knows nothing about the pet to the appointment instead of the one that actually does.

14. Google DVM

15. Medical professionals that treat humans assuming they know veterinary medicine.

16. Telling us that their pets ears/eyes have been infected for months and you guess you should finally do something about it…then complain about the bill because it has gotten so bad.

17. Refuse pain meds for your obviously painful pet because you didn’t need them when you hurt yourself that one time.

18. Asking us to euthanize your healthy pet because you are unable to care for them…and refusing to surrender because no one will ever love them as much as you.

19. Telling my doctor’s they aren’t “real” doctors because you don’t like their diagnosis or the bill.

20. Rudeness.

21. Declining heartworm preventative because your dog doesn’t leave the yard.

22. And my own personal hell…commenting on your pets horrible breathe…discovering severely advanced dental disease then refusing to do a dental…because….$$

#89 “Did they hurt you?”
#90 “I don’t need a hero. I need a friend.”
#93 “Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?”


“Did they hurt you?” The doctor asks, checking your body for wounds. “I could, you have no idea what I could.”
“I don’t need a hero, doctor. I need a friend.” You whisper after he left out a relieved sigh that you aren’t injured.
“I’m so…I’m your friend.” He says after an awkward silence and you feel bad.
He did so much for you..
“Can I ask you something?”
The situation is awkward enough, so why don’t take the chance?
“Sure.” He nods.
“Why do you only kiss me when I’m sleeping?” Curious you look at him and his eyes widen surprised before they get sad.
“Because it’d make it real when you’re awake.”

Is Max a closeted Whovian?

In the past Max told Gwen to face the real world because no time traveling doctor was going to save her.

In Quartermaster Appreciation Day he cut Nerris off when she was comparing the Quartermaster’s dorm to the Tardis.

“Huh, looks a lot smaller on the outside.”
“Ooh, like the Tar-”
“Shut up, Nerris.”

So, I’ll admit this is pretty basic knowledge.
Time traveling Doctor.
Tardis is bigger on the inside.
Basic stuff.

But, I didn’t know what a Tardis was until I got Tumblr because I didn’t watch Doctor Who, most of my friends don’t know what a Tardis is.

And he knew, he KNEW, that Nerris was going to say ‘Tardis’.
He saw it coming because he already thought of it.

I’m not saying Max is a closet Whovian, but Max is a closet Whovian.


David Tennant with Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke (and often Billie Piper too)
The Doctor’s family from Season Two

solidscriptmage07  asked:

Writing prompt Will going to a mortal school when it's not Camp and Nico starting there. And they try to keep their relationship a secret bc Neeks a bit embarrassed

Anonymous said: solangelo prom au? it doesnt matter if they’re demigod or mortal you choose

Anonymous said: AU where Chiron sends them to highschool because he wants Will to be a real doctor (so everything is the same but at school)

im gonna combine these bc theyre all p similar and bc i can so hopefully u dont mind ok

also its real long so heres a cut too

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The Twelfth Doctor, #011. 

So guess who gave Charlotte Brontë the inspiration to create Jane and Mr. Rochester.

Kelley was never combative, but he seemed drawn to passionate souls…. Something in him liked a fighter, and he enjoyed the role of counselor that gave these heroes strength and rest.
—  1/∞ reasons why DeForest Kelley is actually Leonard McCoy (From Sawdust to Stardust)
The TARDIS doesn't fizzle!
Ten, Donna

Okay, I just finished listening to Technophobia from the Tenth Doctor Adventures, and simply had to share the Doctor’s glorious interpretation of the wheezing, groaning sound of the TARDIS’ ancient engines…

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ohmygodohmygodokayso- 49. Why does it hurt so much? and 78. I can’t…I can’t lose you. with Jackcrutchie if you dont mind! (hit me with that aNGST if you dont mind mydude!!!)

[I am still working my way through the prompts, I promise if you sent one I will get to it! My homework load is light tomorrow so I will be able to get a lot of writing done. I hope this is angsty enough for you anon ;) also this ended up being like ten pages, I don’t know how.]

49. Why does it hurt so much?

78. I can’t…I can’t lose you.

Jack didn’t get sick. He was always the one taking care of everyone, making sure that if someone was sick they got what they needed and had enough money to stay in the lodging house if they couldn’t sell. He was so strong, seemingly invincible. Until he suddenly wasn’t.

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so i get super confused with all of nialls friends lol maybe you can help me out? are deo, willie and josh all related, and if so, how? and are they related to niall / are these the cousins he went to asia with? (i'm like relatively new to the fandom haha)


Deo - perpetual sidekick.  lowkey harmless. brother of Willie, Martin, Derek.  Went to Asia.

Willie - Niall’s housemate for years, actual adult, probably the most put together. Brother of Deo, Martin, Derek.  Also in Asia w/ Niall.

Derek - the lost Devine.  Married, way older, never shows up for anything.

Martin - Starting to turn up randomly, seems an alright lad.  Probably close to what Willie is like.

Josh Devine - Touring drummer for 1d.  No relation.

Matt Goulet - LA crew.  highkey d bag.

Justin Stirling - See above

Courtney - LA Crew Selena’s bff, close with Goulet and Stir

Raquel - LA Crew Courtney’s bff, see above

Sean “Mully” Mulligan - Irish lad, now lives in LA (possibly in Niall’s house, we have no confirmation).  Constantly seen telling Niall to “Fuck off” in Niall’s insta/snapchat.  

Niall “Bressie” Breslin - Niall’s mentor from Mullingar.  Irish national treasure, former rugby play, The Voice Ireland judge, frontman of The Blizzards.  6′6″ of mental heath awareness beauty.  Calls Niall “Chief”.  part of the London Irish Crew (LIC)

Laura Whitmore - MTV presenter/model, effortlessly cool af.  Once rumored to be boning Niall to which she was visibly disgusted and said it would be like shagging her little brother.  Part of the LIC.  Niall once went through her underwear drawer and wore her bra on his head.

Eoghan McDermott - (pronounced Owen) RTE Radio presenter, general insane person, questionable hair choices.  Hilarious and harmless.  Dating possibly the most beautiful woman ever who is a model/doctor because apparently that’s a real thing.  Member of the LIC.

The doctor’s wives: Mary vs River Song, the differences in the most important

River Song:

  • was brainwashed into killing the Doctor and actually thought he was evil
  • saved the Doctor after the kiss of Judas at a great personnal cost (loss of regenerative energy)
  • refused to kill him the second time even though she shouldn’t have been able to resist, was willing to break the universe to save his life
  • is not her real name, she became River Song because of timey whimey; told the Doctor and her parents her real identity as soon as she could
  • went to prison for a murder she did not commit (twelve thousand consecutive life sentences), and even though she regulary escapes her cell, she always go back and only leaves her prison definitively when she got a pardon, actually pays for a crime she hasn’t actually committed
  • lies, but not where it truly matters; she lies because she must and has to avoid them learning spoilers
  • has a diary the Doctor musn’t read
  • like, he CAN’T, he’s not allowed and him knowing his future could be devastating for the space time continuum. This book is about their love story and the Doctor knowing could jeopardize everything and she needs to protect these precious moments from being accidentally erased 
  • it is her duty to protect their timeline,
  • dies saving the Doctor; puts a brave front even though she’s at this point a stranger to him, spend her last moments rassuring him, telling him this is only their beginning for him

Mary Watson

  • knows Sherlock wants to help her and means her no harm when she shoots him
  • may or may have not called an ambulance, the jury is still out on this one;
  • would have shot Sherlock again in Leinster garden, only her picture on the facade stopped her
  • is not her real name; she once said her initials where A.G.R.A but apparently that was also a lie, others characters try to guess but she doesn’t confirm anything
  • went to kill Magnussen because what he has on her could put her to prison, doesn’t want to pay for crimes she did commit
  • lies, all the time, she hasn’t said anything true in all the time we’ve known her. We have no idea why she does that
  • has a memory stick John mustn’t not read
  • well, he COULD but this is about who she was before she met him, him knowing the truth would apparently make him stop loving her instantly
  • threw the responsability of ending their marriage to John, he is the one who has to decide if he wants to read the memory stick. By giving the key, she has put the burden on his shoulders
  • dies saving Sherlock, for some reason. Tells that this act makes her even with Sherlock and talks how she’s loved being Mrs Watson, keeps talking about herself when John is in distress over her dying

River Song and Mary Watson seems very alike at first glance, but one has a heart while the other wasn’t given one. This is these precious things River Song has done that makes her likeable and a great character who is despite her moments inherantly good. These selfless actions however are all reversed with Mary who seems in comparison very selfish.

Moffat knew how to make her likeble and yet did not. Where he could have turned her into another complex character, he didn’t.

However, she can still be an excellent vilain if we finally acknowledge that she is inherently decieving and selfish.

The murder of Marilyn Monroe

Part I: Setting the Scene

Marilyn was found dead in the early hours of August 5, 1962, facedown and nude, of an apparent barbiturate overdose.

There were some real problems with that story, though.

At the time of her autopsy, Marilyn had enough barbituates in her blood that equaled 17-18 Chloral Hydrate and roughly 60-70 Nembutal capsules and a “marked” discoloration in her colon. Most importantly though, she only had .3 ccs of liquid in her stomach, and no drinking glass was found anywhere in the bedroom. She was also having renovations done at the time, so the water was shut off in the en suite bathroom. If she had locked herself in the room with no water, how does someone ingest that many pills without water?

Spoiler alert! They don’t. They were murdered.

So now we must Benson & Stabler this bitch and investigate the facts.

Putting this under the cut since it’s kind of long and also considered off-blog topic, but let’s try some new things!

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