because the colors

I'mma say it again, stop being gross and extra about dark-skinned girls and stop referring to them as inanimate objects. That is fetishism. It doesn’t “compensate” for colorism because it’s still dehumanizing.

You think a dark-skinned girl is beautiful? Tell her so. Or reblog her picture. Don’t call her any type of chocolate or be all extra with the melanin comments.

You want more dark-skinned girl representation? Me too. Just say so. Without questioning anybody else’s blackness.

I refuse to believe this never happed
  • Jacob:Right, Evie Frye, I've been watching you and Greenie bumble around each other long enough now that it's ceased to be amusing and has progressed to just being sad.
  • Evie:[blushing furiously] I have absolutely no idea WHAT you're talking about, and furthermore -
  • Jacob:[[handing her a sheaf of papers]] So I've taken the liberty of compiling a list of chat-up lines you can use to get all this out in the open.
  • Evie:Jacob Frye, I will trounce you from one end of this train to the other if you don't - wait, what's this? [[takes the papers and begins reading]]
  • Evie:"Mr. Green, let me show you how well I can handle a cane sword"?
  • Evie:" Henry, do you know what my favorite color is, Green"?
  • Evie:"Mr. Green, you're much like my studies, I want to lay you on a table and spend the evening on you"?!!
  • Evie:
  • Evie:
  • Jacob:Not bad, right? Should be enough to get you two from awkwardly fumbling your words to awkwardly fumbling in bed -
  • [[No one questions why Jacob spends the rest of the day tied to the back of the train with a wad of paper shoved in his mouth]]

I absolutely love how the Kryptonian now-big bad of the season looks like

A suburban dad

Look I’m not saying every Kryptonian has to look like This

But even Smallville had them look somewhat intimidating

…Okay maybe not

But at least they didn’t wear onesies


Alright, here is Ruby Natsu. I’m honestly a bit afraid he’s not much recognizable since I didn’t make his hair spiky, but I wanted to have some fun experimenting mixing his canon hairstyle with the rubies’s. I dunno, if it’s too weird I can change it later I guess, that’s the fun of dealing with shapeshifters. I kinda liked it, though. 

Will probably do the NaLi fusion next. So far I’m considering Rhodochrosite for it because the pink and white color scheme works great for them (makes me regret not using more white in Lisanna’s design tho), but as always, I’m open for suggestions.

Other designs for the AU so far:

Cat’s Eye Lisanna

I submit for your consideration: 

It’s not just a G and a Z up top on the right.  It’s G A N Z and an L hanging off the bottom of the Z.  There’s even another upside down L if you look over to the left of the one on the Z.  I noticed it because of the color inverted version @realityruinedmylifeandstuff did. It sticks out.

If you look at the strip of letters, those are the exact first letters on that strip as well if you go right to left and top to bottom. 

What does it mean?  Fuck if I know, but it was repeated, so that’s fairly significant.

kjnv asked:

Is oage your dog?


“Oage” is her name.“Oage” meaning あぶらあげ(abura age/japanese deep-fried tofu).  “deep-fried tofu” is a favorite food of the fox in Japanese fairy tale.It because she is the hair color is “狐色”(kitsune-iro / golden brown).

Time to splash and dash!

For @druid-teeth of their character Potato from the webcomic Color Blind

First of all, this webcomic is awesome so everyone should definitely go read it. Second of all, Druid Teeth, you are so nice to me and so amazing, I couldn’t help but draw you fanart. (I had to tear myself away from drawing Hat again, it was a struggle).

I hope you like it! Also I can’t draw children. At all. I tried.


Thank god none of the guys are any shorter or they’d get cut off (or I’d actually have to censor the penors)

Not colored dude is not colored because I am not satified with his design yet.

Edit: Added in a version with Molly to show her height in comparison.

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BLM is a horseshit movement. All because the media can pick and choose what it decides to air and it's come to people standing up for fucking criminals. I won't deny that there are corrupt cops out there but I can assure you that the corrupt are very few. What about all the stories about black on white crimes? So done with this "us" against "them" mentality. My black friends and their families feel the same way, they don't believe in the BLM movement and think it's ridiculous.

Thank you! I completely agree. I have posted a few of the black on white crimes that never made news headlines and they were huge cases.. they deserved to be heard, but for the media it wasn’t good enough because of the colors of their skin. They won’t call it a hate crime if the criminal is black and the victim is white. The us against them mentality is sad and disgusting. People should be standing together as people and judged based on their actions, not the color of their skin. If BLM members believe that all police officers are corrupt, then they should not be allowed to call a police officer for help. They shouldn’t have the luxury of that privilege if they are so against police. 

Color Study #1: Intro to Color Theory

In this work I used different tints of two complementary colors to create something eye catching. As explained in the video, if two complementary colors are directly next to each other then it will be difficult to look at because the colors will appear to be vibrating. To counteract this I added the black outlines. The black outlines are the most important part of my work because it keeps the colors from meshing together and being difficult to look at. 

Since the video talks about creating eye catching YouTube thumb nails and ways she would improve them, I thought it would be fun to create a something similar by taking a popular icon and doing my own personal spin off.

But is this digital art?

The medium used to create this was Google Draw. Google Draw is a digital medium, therefore, this is a work of digital art. 


And so the Mizzou student protect bullshit ends - sort of

The professor who called out for ‘muscle’ to evict a student journalist from a very public student event has been suspended and sentenced to… 20 hours of community service, and has to ‘stay out of trouble’ for a year. Wow

And the SJWs around Mizzou are calling her a martyr and victim of political violence.

…and her student minions are setting up moronic protest events where they’re using all the professional victim bullshit they’ve been taught.

As Sargon wraps up the video saying:

“White professors are teaching black children to feel oppressed because of their skin color. How is this not racism?”

‘You change your hair color because you don’t know the word commitment. You change it every few weeks and the way you dress changes with it. The way you talk, the things that make you smile. It all changes. But what surprises me is that, the way you treat people stays the same. You try to act cynical and unattached, but deep down in your heart you know that isn’t who you are. You’re just scared to let people in. But everyday, you do just that; let people in without knowing it. The little girl you just smiled at when we were at the grocery store. The way she looked at you is embedded in your heart because her eyes sparkled and smiled right back at you. The old man who fell asleep on the bus this afternoon that made you chuckle softly. His tiredness resembled your own, but you couldn’t help find it funny when his head tilts to the side and wake him up. The lady who owns the bakery in front of your apartment. You smile when you see her giving out free bread to homeless people that pass by and wonder how you could be as genuine as her when you have nothing to give. I know you. I can see right through your little façade,’ he said and all she thought was how she could get away from him before she falls in love with his words and get her heart broken again.
—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write (via bohemianmuke)

I need this song remix name PRONTO. 

*dying because of them sexy hair colors*