because the answer isn't obvious enough

Timeless #Lyatt thoughts for @emilycare (and anyone else who cares to listen) - because Twitter just isn't long enough :)

I believe the original issue we were discussing was: What happened between episode 2, when Wyatt doesn’t seem overly regardful of Lucy & episode 4 when he is clearly jealous of Fleming’s flirting.

The obvious answer is episode 3 :)

Ok, obviously I haven’t kept you waiting weeks & weeks for that:)

Backing up for background, in episode 1, Wyatt’s clearly attracted when they 1st meet & flirts a bit throughout the episode.

His tone when needling Lucy about saving her with the gun is the same as when he’s flirting with Kate. & he can’t stop himself peeking when she takes off her shirt.

When we start episode 2, I think Wyatt is a bit subdued because at the bar in the end of ep1 the idea was really, truly setting in that he might be able to save Jessica using the lifeboat. That’s clearly on his mind all the way through the second episode.

There are a few small Lyatt moments though, Wyatt defends Lucy to Mason & Agent Christopher, they have a heartfelt moment in the lifeboat when he says he’s sorry about Amy & he’s enjoying her new dress for the play:)

Also at the end when Lucy is talking to Robert Lincoln, Wyatt is blurry in the background but seems to be keeping a close eye on them. As soon as Lincoln moves away Wyatt is moving toward Lucy. And of course in the lifeboat for the return trip he, oh so gently, takes her hand to give her comfort.

It’s also important to note that at the end of episode 2, Wyatt is feeling very isolated and alone and you can tell it’s wearing on him. Even with out Jessica, he would usually have a team to rely on and provide some companionship. Wyatt really needs human interaction at this point.

But Episode 3 is where things really take off between Wyatt and Lucy.

Wyatt starts episode 3 searching articles about Jessica’s death. He seems to be looking for some fact he can manipulate to prevent her murder.

So it’s a bit surprising when Lucy climbs in the lifeboat and Wyatt gives her a head to toe look over. Sure he maybe is just checking out her costume but he sure seems to like what he sees.

The whole scene in lifeboat is great Lyatt. Wyatt’s flirtatious from the get go when he first leans over to do up Lucy’s seatbelt.

I get the sense this is a bit of an act on his part though. This is the way Wyatt interacts with attractive women. It’s a bit of a shield. It lets him control the interaction by keeping it on a playful level that can’t be mistaken for any real intimacy. That way he can enjoy the interaction but still keep the woman at emotional arms length.

But as soon as Wyatt sees the engagement ring he loses some of his jocularity and subtlety becomes more serious. There is no hesitation in asking about the ring. Is it part of the costume or something more? He needs to know right then.

I don’t think Wyatt is the type of guy to flirt with another guys girl. Which makes sense given what we later find out about the last evening with Jessica and his jealousy over her ex’s flirting. Besides, a taken woman isn’t going to need to be kept at arms length the same way as someone available.

Lucy quickly says she’s engaged & Wyatt is just as quick to ask to who. There is nothing flirtatious about this question. If anything it’s slightly unbelievable; Very “where’d this fiancé, who she’s never mentioned, come from?” Suddenly, Lucy is not fitting into the role Wyatt has constructed for her.

Lucy’s response that she has no idea who the fiancé is telegraphs her annoyance at the situation. And just like that, as soon as it’s clear there was no boyfriend in the background flirtatious Wyatt is back with a vengeance.

Wyatt can’t seem to help himself from tweaking her about the situation. So we get “are you going to take his name?” & “you have the honeymoon to look forward to” with  a salacious exaggerated wink.

In Vegas, the two start the bickering over objectives that will be a focus of the episode. I think that the fact that Wyatt engages in this speaks a bit to the effect Lucy has on him. It would be easy to superficially agree with her & then maneuver around her objectives. Much like he did in the pilot.

But here Wyatt wants her to agree with him or at least allow him to make the decision. Either way his annoyance in the moment totally evaporates when he clearly imagines Lucy in the cigarette girl uniform. He doesn’t even try to hide the appraisal or his amusement.

When Lucy doesn’t support his tactics with Judith Campbell, Wyatt’s annoyance & need to get Lucy to acquiesce to his leadership returns. It’s arguable that presenting a united front to Judith should have taken precedence over particular strategy in the moment & that Wyatt should have known that. He doesn’t seem capable of backing down. Judith may have been on to something with her “tightly wound” observation.

By the time Judith double crosses Wyatt & Lucy tells him he should have been nicer, Wyatt is feeling totally defeated. He’s feeling no better at taking out Flynn with this team than he is at figuring a way to save Jessica.

Wyatt is extremely vulnerable when he try’s to send Jessica a telegram. Note he reflects on being “an ass” to her & the results of it. When Wyatt turns & faces Lucy, I’d bet he’s thinking he’s been a bit of an ass to her as well. They then have this lovely moment where Wyatt, having put aside his anger, really opens up to Lucy.

I wonder how much of this is a reflection of Wyatt’s relationship with Jessica. All we really know about their relationship is from scares details of her last hours but it fits.

Fighting over something (the ex) that seems big in the moment, that Wyatt can’t let go & he behaves like an ass leading to a blow up (Jess getting out of the car) followed by regret over his behavior (returning to look for her).

If this was a pattern for them, Lucy, however inadvertently, slipping into Jessica’s familiar position is going to be emotionally significant & even a little intimate.

Lucy’s not at arms length anymore & I bet Wyatt isn’t sure how it happened. He doesn’t do the over the top, super flirty thing with her again. (That I recall)

And that brings us to episode 4 & Ian Fleming bringing out the very obvious flirting with the attractive woman with whom Wyatt so recently made an emotional connection. And Wyatt’s probably feeling a little conflicted over the whole thing. No wonder he would be jealous.

(so that only took 2 months)