because the angst of this ship is killing me


(Yes, I know that this is pinof 7 friendship yoga)

So, this killed me. But not just because I ship Phan, but because of something else. The first gif shows Dan reaching out and struggling to grab a hold of Phils hand. But then it shows Phil reaching out and their fingers locking together. And then it shows them clinging on to each other, trusting that the other will keep them steady. It’s like 2009. Dan was reaching out for someone to help him and give him love, and then he met Phil. Phil talked to him, brought him to Manchester, moved in with him and made a life for him. He was there with Dan through existential crisis’, the university struggle and just hatred towards himself. When the grip looked like it was about to fall apart again(2012) they still managed to hang on. And look at where they are now. Dan is a confident, beautiful and intelligent person who has his equally as incredible best friend next to him in life, and they’re not letting go. They have a book, a tour, over 8 million phans between them; they’ve been on the radio, on the tv and they still have so much going for them. Phil Lester, took in a broken human and made him into something amazing.

Ok I need a gifset of that scene where Jyn finds out Cassian almost sniper shot and killed her father and Jyn and Cassian get into an argument with Jyn accusing him and Cassian saying “you’re just in shock and you’re taking it out on me” and then proceeding to say that he was pulled into the war at 6 years old because like omg the angst though do you know how hard it must have been for Cassian to be ordered to kill the father of the girl he loves because he’s always followed orders his whole life but he couldnt bring himself to follow those orders and basically that’s the scene when I started shipping them^


Warren x Reader x Alex

a/n; because i killed everyone with angst, here’s some more self-indulgent poly stuff. enjoy! below, i put both links to me and alex’s writing of this ship that i would recommend reading before you read this!

part one | part two | part three | part four | part five (part five takes place before this!)

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Warren has got to be hands down, the hardest person to fucking track down. Alex has always had a knack of being able to find people, but three weeks with no signs of where Warren could possibly be — he goes to the one person who would be able to find him.

“You sure you want to go alone?” You ask Alex, as he shrugs on his jacket. “I want to find him just as much as you do.”

“I’m sure baby,” Alex confirms, turning to cup your cheeks in his hands. “Charles will help. And if you came, I’m pretty sure you’d drag Warren back by the wings… along with an ass kicking.” The chuckle that he gives is probably meant to be reassuring, but you know Warren. And the possibilities of what he could be up to, make your gut wrench. Alex can sense your uneasiness, so he ducks down to give a peck to your lips.

“But it all seriousness, I’ll bring him home.” He says softly, rubbing your cheekbone with his thumb.

“You better, Alex Summers,” you smile, not even noticing your watery eyes as you tug on the lapels of his jacket. “Because I’ll kill the both of you if you come back by yourself.”

“I’ll bring him home, baby girl,” He answers confidently. “I’ll bring him home.”

Charles is able to use Cerebro to track down Warren easily, which led Alex to be in his current situation.

The bar he’s at is probably about an hour and a half away from the apartment, and the smell of cheap cologne and cheap liquor is pungent in the air. The crowd is made up of drunk men with beer guts and barely legal girls, and Alex rolls his eyes because this is exactly the kind of place Warren used to hang out at. (The stories he used to tell about the fights he got in to always made you cringe, and Alex annoyed at his stupidity.)

It’s a pretty slim chance that Warren is still there — being that Charles did track him here a couple hours ago. But still, Alex takes a seat at the end of the bar, and waves over the bartender.

“Beer, please.” He asks, handing him some cash. The bartender grunts a thank you, before sliding Alex his drink.

“Do you by any chance know Warren?” Alex suddenly asks, catching the bartender by surprise. “He’s got curly hair, tattoos on his face, and —“

“Big ass wings?” The bartender finishes, with a huff of a laugh.

“Yeah, that’s the one,” Alex confirms, curling his fingers around the beer bottle. “Know where I can find him?”

“Hired Warren a couple of days ago. Seemed like a good kid. You don’t have any trouble with him, do you?” The bartender explains, clearly not looking for any kind of trouble.

“No, I’m just… just an old friend.” Alex lies, hoping the bartender will buy it.

“He’s on break, but should be back in a couple in a half and hour or so.”

Alex just sighs, running a finger through his hair. He takes one more swig of his drink, before standing to pull out his wallet out of his back pocket. He throws a twenty on the bar, thanking the man for the drink.

“You want me to tell him you stopped by?” The bartender calls out to Alex, as he takes his leave.

Alex stops and looks over his shoulder, and says,

“Nah, I’ll just wait until he’s off. Thanks, though.”

As Warren steps out onto the cold streets of New York, it’s nearing four a.m. and Warren is more than ready to sleep. Shoving the bar’s key into his pocket, a shiver runs through his body as he shoves his hands in his pockets, starting on his walk back to the shitty motel he’s been holed up in. He’s almost saved up enough to move in with Betsy and pay rent, but Warren is ripped from his musing when he hears his name being called from behind him.

Warren instinctively tenses up as he turns around cautiously; his wings spreading menacingly to size up a potential opponent, ready to fight if needed. But he’s not met with someone who wants to fight — he’s met with someone who’s been haunting his dreams.

Alex is standing there with his hands shoved in his pockets and a sad smile on his face, looking at Warren like he’s never felt relief in his life before. Warren’s wings droop, as he takes the tentative steps to where Alex is standing — leaving a good foot between them.

Warren is big enough to admit that he had a pretty shitty reason for leaving, and that he was only thinking about himself in that moment. It breaks his heart every time he thinks of the happiest memories from his time with you and Alex, and he would be a dirty liar if he said he didn’t miss Alex’s crappy cooking and your off key singing voice.

“Alex?” Warren says, finally breaking the silence. His voice is more shaky than he meant, and he’s praying that Alex doesn’t pick up on his nervousness. “W-What are you doing?”

“I could ask the same for you.” Alex responds. He hopes his words don’t come across as angry, because that’s not his intent. His mission is to bring him home, not send him away again.

“Look, I don’t know why you came,” Warren hisses, his demeanor changing from scared to angry. But Alex knows Warren — and he knows that Warren will use anger in place of vulnerability. “But you need to leave me alone. Go home, Alex.”

Warren goes to turn on his heel, but is pulled back when Alex grabs his forearm to make him stay. Warren tugs his arm out of his grip, as Alex lets out a mock laugh.

“Go home to our girlfriend?” Alex fights back, the word ‘girlfriend’ hitting Warren like a truck. “Go home to our girlfriend who cries almost every night? Our girlfriend, who can’t even bring herself to even think of moving on from you?!”

“That- that wasn’t what I meant to do!” Warren sighs out in frustration, leaning up against the brick wall to rub his eyes. “I didn’t… I didn’t mean for any of this to happen!”

“Then why did you leave?” Alex asks, exasperation on his face. “Why did you leave us?!”

“Because I was afraid, Alex!” Warren shouts, causing Alex to look taken aback. “I was afraid because when has anything ever worked in my favor?! Every relationship I’ve had, even with my family, has never worked out! What makes you think that you’ll both be different?!”

Alex is quiet for a moment, but he leaves Warren confused when he just gives him a sad smile; Alex’s blue eyes, illuminated by the tear that slides down his cheek.

“Because we love you, you idiot.” Alex says, as if it’s the most obvious thing ever. He takes a step forward to take Warrens rough, calloused hands in his own. “We love when you force us to watch shitty slasher flicks. We love when you drag us to cheap diners at three a.m. Warren, we love everything about you. And that’s not going to change.”

At this point, tears are staining Warren’s cheeks as Alex gives him an overwhelmingly amount of validation. Warren wants to believe that he’s not good enough, but at Alex’s statement — he finally can believe that he’s worthy of loving and being love. And that’s all he’s wanted, out of his life.

“So please,” Alex pleads, tentatively moving to swipe the tear off of Warren’s cheek. “Come back. Come back to us.”

It’s not even a question that needs to be answered with words — because as soon as those words leave Alex’s lips, Warren is lurching forward to capture his lips with Alex’s; muttering a string of yes’s mixed with I love yous against Alex’s lips.

Because it’s a Saturday, you allowed yourself to sleep in a little later than you usually do. With Alex being gone to find Warren — you haven’t been getting a lot of sleep. So when you pad out of bed at eleven a.m., you don’t even notice the tattered leather jacket that’s hanging on the coatrack.

You’re between a yawn when you realize that there’s a low chatter of voices in your kitchen, freezing in your tracks. Your heart is beating erratically as you approach the kitchen, turning the corner; expecting to use your powers against the intruders. But you’re not met with burglars — you’re met with the two boys who captivated your heart, the moment you meant them.

And they’re just standing there with coffee mugs in their hands and stupid smiles on their faces — but you’re already moving; taking three long strides before crushing them in a hug. They nearly spill their coffee but they don’t care, they just set them aside and engulf you in their embrace; peppering kisses and whispering words of endearment as you sob with happiness into their chests.

“I’m so sorry, baby girl,” Warren cries against your lips, as Alex’s hand strokes comfortingly through his hair. “I’m never leaving you two again.”

“You better not, bird boy,” you laugh lightly, standing on your tippy toes to match their heights. “Because if you do, you’ll have to deal with me next time! And I won’t be as nice as Alex!”

Warren just laughs lightly and kisses you and Alex, holding on to the two of you like you’re both his anchor to reality — and you are. You both are.

And Warren — he’ll never take that for granted. Never again.

Inspired by this comic, which reminded me that before Trespasser came out I thought the Inquisitor would (be able to) die in the DLC, that the mark would kill them. I actually thought an Inquisitor who’d romanced Solas would probably get the choice to join them and that that would (somehow) keep the mark under control… but then that comic happened and I couldn’t stop thinking about it being too late to remove the mark… So I decided to paint it. Because this ship needed more angst, clearly.

It’s days like these where I feel lucky that I ship Captain Swan

Like this ship: 

  • had like four first meetings 
  • had proper buildup (Slowburn ships are the best)
  • has amazing chemistry 
  • has fleshed out and complex characters 
  • is a completely healthy relationship 
  • has amazing kisses 
  • Is both angst and sweet 


Things I need from S3 of The 100

-Seeing all of the kids PTSD played out

-A Clarke/Abby conversation about what Abby did to Jake

-For Jackson to continue running around yelling “ABBY” 


-Clarke pissed off at Lexa 

-For Clarke NOT to forgive Lexa at a moment of weakness (just because of sexual tension) and for the whole situation to just get forgotten about (it’s unrealistic to forget about killing a mountain full of parents and children and teachers and doctors just cuz you really wanna make out with someone)


-Raven NOT getting hurt 

-Raven and Abby friendship plz 

-Bellamy and Monty friendship plz

-Jasper and Monty not hating eachother and breaking my heart 

-Bellamy and Kane interactions 

-Bellamy’s torture to get brought up somehow and not just forgotten about to make screen time for JRoth’s ship. 

-Bellamy/Clarke angst because of Clarke leaving “We were suppose to be in this TOGETHER”

-More of Bellamy and Clarke worrying for eachother 


-Lincoln not getting hurt or so help me, the man’s heart already stopped, leave him alone for Christ sake 

-Clarke overcoming her demons and rising as the beautiful leader we know she is 


-Soilder! Bellamy