because thats the band she's in

  • Every John green book: my name is Kirk assgun and I m not cool or popular and I'm bullied everyday because I fuck comic books and I watch this really cool show called the Big Bang theory. But it's okay because I at least have 2 other bros and 1 convenient negro friend. You see that girl over there? That's kaydence Tigerlilly Dookieson. SHe is the love of my life. She is misunderstood and like really cool indie bands like Coldplay and she's been smoking since she was 7. She's not like other girls. If only she would realize that the missing key to her life was me, a greasy white boy

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  • Connor and Evan are both problematic so most of their dates involve being away from the public eye, little secret getaways
  • They get rained down during of their getaway dates and Connor offers Evan his hoodie. Because how cute is Evan in Connor’s hoodie? 
  • Evan likes to play with Connor’s hair while Connor is laying on his lap, sketching something. 
  • The actually have a favorite band in common and its (idk pine grove, its a group that gets me in the mood to write for tree bros/connor)
  • Connor tutors Evan in English and feeds him between sessions
  • when Connor cooks he leaves leftovers for Mrs. Hansen, she smirks because thats how she knows Connor has been around
  • Connor still writes on Evan’s arm even after his cast is taken off. He doodles and leaves notes. Whenever Evan gets anxious or worried, he can look at them and it gives him peace of mind. He’ll see connor again soon

Following that gut feeling, even when it didn’t work out or look the way I thought it would, has always paid off. We’re on our fifth album, we’ve been a band since I was 13. I’m 28 now and - I’m still alive. Been through a lot of pain - still alive. Started a new company, really scary - still alive. And I think it is because I value that gut feeling. You’ll know if it’s worth going after or not, you’ll know that. And if you don’t, then you’ll know when it’s time to try something new. But… it’s not gonna kill you.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: 2016. 2000 AND FUCKING 16. 2015 was like THE BEST YEAR in pop punk since 2005. All the up and coming bands released new music and a couple older ones like All Time Low and Mayday Parade joined in too and I didn't think any year could be better. BUT OH HOW I WAS WRONG because EVERY BAND FROM 2000 IS RELEASING NEW MUSIC IN 2016. NEW BLINK. NEW RELIENT K. NEW SUM 41. NEW ALL AMERICAN REJECTS. NEW GOOD CHARLOTTE. NEW STARTING LINE. NEW SIMPLE PLAN. AND THATS JUST WHATS ALREADY BEEN ANNOUNCED. HOW COULD I POSSIBLY BE FINE RIGHT NOW IM ABOUT TO EXPLODE IM SO EXCITED
Just because she doesn’t have 100+ likes on her profile picture doesn’t mean she’s not gorgeous. Every girl is beautiful, its society thats ugly.
—  oliver sykes

is bvb any good

Overwatch heroes and the music they listen to
  • Bastion: plays disgustingly sweet pop music while mowing down opponents in turret form. everyone knows to scatter when the music suddenly gets louder and closer.
  • D.Va: dubstep. she likes to blow her MEKA when the beat drops.
  • Genji: ambient electronica. he used to go hard in his wild years, but as he's mellowed out so have his music tastes.
  • Hanzo: everyone blames McCree for the country music that sometimes plays late in the evenings. Hanzo doesn't correct them. it is his secret shame.
  • Junkrat: wasn't sure what he liked until Winston played him Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. then he decided it was "anything with cannons."
  • Lúcio: a little bit of everything. his eclectic taste keeps his own music fresh and new.
  • McCree: fucking loves classic rock, and will take every opportunity to inform you of that.
  • Mei: anything and everything Disney. each song has hundreds of plays, and she knows the lyrics to every single one.
  • Mercy: folk, both new and old. but she keeps the more grim songs about famine and pestilence out of her hospital.
  • Pharah: rap and r&b. she's been known to light up the skies with fiery beats when she's flying a mission.
  • Reaper: hardcore punk. before being recruited into Overwatch and then Reaper-ified, he was very active in the scene.
  • Reinhardt: overly invested in musical theater. he likes to sing show tunes at full volume.
  • Roadhog: doesn't really react to any music. but he really likes mosh pits.
  • Soldier 76: still thinks the Beatles discography is the pinnacle of modern music.
  • Symmetra: dislikes most music - it's too chaotic and dissonant. but sometimes she plays the old music she used to dance to. that's when she really turns hard light into art.
  • Torbjörn: likes to work the forge while listening to symphonic metal. it makes everything feel very Epic.
  • Tracer: anything you can dance to! swing, in particular. she likes to follow because of all the spinning.
  • Widowmaker: an insufferable indie fan. once a song plays on the radio she's done with the band.
  • Winston: classical. not because he's pretentious, but because Dr. Winston always played it in the lab.
  • Zarya: pounding electro house that she blasts in the gym at ungodly hours in the morning.
  • Zenyatta: twelve hours of whale noises.

Her name is Nina (the North is just the signature) She is very shy and awkward buts thats because she wasn’t near anyone for years, until the Link showed up which gained her attention. (she had never seen a hylian before).

She can be lazy at times but is usually out looking for new rocks or fishing with others or herself. She is very curious which can lead her to trouble at times.

The band aids around her legs are because she ended up missing a rock ledge and well ended up scraping them badly on the other rocks. The marks on her neck are from her scratching, from long ago. The blue marks are from spacial dye she found once.

Her sketch book is waterproof. the jewelry she wears isn’t gold but she again dyed it to look like gold. She is very shy when it comes to complements (drawing mostly) and she usually just swims away.

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Hello yes may I please request more band! AU thank you


band AU part 2: marching season senior year (RFA is all in the same class)


  • section leader BITCH
  • best friends with every single girl in the flute section
  • it doesnt matter what yoosungs sexuality is every girl in the section calls him their “gay best friend”
  • lowkey always talkin shit about the other sections
  • he went from the most shy smol on the planet to “bitch if you dont have a dot book….”
  • wears his hair in a tiny little pony tail
  • constantly sunburned
  • the freshman in the other sections are afraid of him
  • always very quiet on the field!!!!
  • always hits his spot!!!
  • he is really good at teaching marching technique to the kiddies
  • he loves his flute children
  • when Yoosung is a senior a ton of girls are lowkey swooning over him but the other girls in his section r like bitch back up this one is OURS


  • this bitch has one loud ass section
  • his section probably has a chant
  • they run laps around the field before practice just to be obnoxious
  • very tight knit group!!
  • if the band has to count out loud, his whole section screams SAX and SAXTEEN instead of six and sixteen
  • gets away with shit because him and the band director are pals
  • “you give Zen special treatment”
  • “he’s a special boy now run along”
  • he fucks around a lot but when its time to work he works HARD!
  • his other section members will always confess their love to him as a joke
  • also, they all call him “oppa”
  • dot book? i havent heard that name in years
  • if you ever see Zen with a dot book just know that its empty


  • the most terrifying woman you’ve ever seen,
  • her stare alone can kill 1000 men
  • (but really she just thinkin bout how cute Zen looks today)
  • the only person she can tolerate during marching bad rehearsal is V, because he’s the other drum major
  • she’ll walk around the field during practice and give tips
  • if Jaehee approaches someone you can assume they just peed their pants
  • but she’s actually very sweet and encouraging when she gives tips
  • that is, unless you keep making the same mistake over and over again
  • then she gets really passive aggressive
  • “no yea, dont listen to me! i’m sure that penguin walk technique you have will charm the judges at competition this year. i’ve only been doing this for three years but hey, what do i know?”
  • at this point V has to physically remove Jaehee from the situation
  • “Jaehee you’re scaring them again”
  • “good. they should be scared”
  • also Jaehee is that one kid in band who says they hate band kids all the time
  • like every three seconds “i hate band kids”
  • can keep time so well she is probably not human


  • also hates band kids
  • “Jumin, can we have a section chant like the saxophones?”
  • “no. thats stupid”
  • “can we have a cool section name?”
  • “we already do”
  • “we do?”
  • “the clarinets. now shut up”
  • the most well behaved section on the field
  • they all have dot books
  • none of them are well behaved because of Jumin, its mostly because they’re afraid of Jaehee who’s also a clarinet
  • but they let Jumin think that he’s the reason they act well
  • when they finally convince him to get section t-shirts it is literally this
  • “this is terrible”
  • “what do you mean?”
  • “its so boring”
  • “its says “go clarinets. isnt that exciting enough”
  • “you wrote it in ariel font”
  • “well yea, i’m not a fucking savage”


  • has played bass two all four years!!!!
  • his section is so messy (but the playing is clean)
  • but it doesnt matter because drumlines drill is easy as fuck
  • Seven doesnt even allow dot books in his section
  • if you get caught with a dot book he will throw it away
  • always wildin and adding their own visuals
  • “hey man, what if we did this”
  • and he’ll just flip his stick around and then pass it around his back and click on his rims a bunch of times
  • “oh, thats in”
  • for every dumbass thing they do 
  • “thats in”
  • when they play cadences Seven adds his own choreography
  • also adds his own vocals (saying dumbass shit when he’s not playing)
  • SEVENS DRUMLINE expectations:

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  • reality:

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  • the most gentle drum major youve ever seen
  • tries to be intimidating but everyone can see right through him
  • him and Jaehee are like good cop/bad cop
  • “you dont have a dot book? oh thats okay, just please bring it next time. keep up the good work!”
  • tells his band he is proud of them every five minutes
  • also, he always raises the most money when they do fund raisers
  • if he’s not conducting during rehearsal he’s literally following the drumline around
  • he wants to keep them in check but they fuck around anyway
  • Seven will be like “V, think fast!” and throw a stick at him
  • they when he doesnt watch it Seven will say “yikes, you dropped a stick. thats 10 push-ups”
  • then V is like jAEHEE THEYRE DOING IT AGAIN :(
  • thinks drum major bonding time is very important
  • can often be found encouraging Jaehee and/or calming her down
  • everyone in band loves him
  • also picks on Jumin a lot and makes him do push ups in front of his section for no reason


  • only one in the RFA who isnt section leader
  • makes everyone do push ups anyway
  • if you look at him funny he’ll give you push ups
  • even if you arent in his section he doesnt care
  • once he made one of the flute girls do push ups because she missed her dot and Yoosung was like tbh i dont wanna start anything just do the push ups
  • once made V do push ups
  • everyone hates him except for his section
  • the only trombone without a dot book
  • not playing half the time
  • at the beginning of marching season they have Saeran teach the freshman marching technique as a way to scare them into submission
  • never misses his dot
  • makes snarky comments for all of rehearsal
  • but they’re FUNNY
  • always doing the most
  • always ready for a who-can-do-the-most-push-ups contest


Written On This Skin part 8 - Luke Soulmate Au

Part 1

Part 7

Part 9



“All will come to a happy end” Y/N whispers to herself. She was on her way to Holmdel New Jersey. Thats where the boys were today, along with their soulmates. She just finished her last semester at college. Her final grades will be in soon. Y/N is secretly happy that she chose a career that she can do on the road with Luke.

What Y/N was not happy about was the twitter notifications. It had been after her Computer final. She doesn’t have notifications on regularly, but if she had they would’ve been bombarded. When Y/N saw the little red bubble in the corner of her app with over one hundred notifications on it she was shocked, and a little scared. Y/N is always happy with being unknown. She loved being anonymous, having nobody know her, having nobody pry into her private life. Y/N would have to admit that she would miss it. It’s inevitable now that she’s the Luke Hemming’s soulmate that people would be curious.

Y/N understood their curiosity to some extent. She understood that they loved Luke and wanted to make sure she was treating him well. She sometimes looked up celebrities and did the same thing. Did they really need to know her middle name though? Or the town she grew up in? It was ridiculous. Why do they have to care about her? She is just supposed to be a nobody, but here she was, soulmates to Luke Fucking Hemmings.

Y/N arrives at the Hotel and parks her car in the lot. Outside the doors there was bunches of fans. Y/n expected to just walk through, unstopped, because she is a nobody right? Wrong. When the fans get a first glimpse of her, her name “Y/N” and “Luke’s soulmate” ran through he crowed of girls. They don’t move from the door though, not wanting to give up their spots. When she gets in reaching distance there is asks for her picture and autograph, which amazes her. Why do they care?

Y/N takes a few awkward pictures, and signs a few random strips of paper and walks inside. She never thought she would have to do that. She never wanted to do that. She only did it because she had waited outside of hotels before, trying to get a glimpses of her favorite bands. She knows what its like to be ignored before.

Luke and her have been texting and they were staying in the same hotel room on the fourth floor. He was in soundcheck right now, so she would have to get the keycard from one of the girls that was left behind. Y/N tugs on her suitcase to bring it into the hotel elevator next to her and presses the button labeled “4.”

Thats when the dreaded thinking starts. She feels so torn right now. There is Luke, but there is also her career. She left Alyssa for Luke, but if she could choose who would she choose? Probably Alyssa. Y/N doesn’t know Luke that well. She knows that one day she will love Luke, but right now, she feels more loyal to Alyssa. Does that make her a bitch? Probably. Y/N wants a career outside of Luke. She needs to feel productive, not just a trophy wife. or girlfriend. or whatever they are. She settles it in her mind, she may have had to leave Alyssa, but she won’t leave her career. As soon as she settles on this the door to the elevator opens.

She makes her way down to room number 127, which is supposedly Ashton and Emily’s room. The door swings open to reveal a Jackie, and behind her Emily and Alex.

“Hey,” Y/N says suddenly nervous. They all look skeptical of her, but Y/N couldn’t blame them. Every time they have seen each other, there has been yelling. “Luke said to get the keycard from one of you?” Y/N asks nervously, her bag next to her.

Jackie motions her to come inside the room. Y/N steps into the room and Emily stands and gets a card off the dresser. Emily holds out the card and Y/N reaches for the card, but Alex beats to it, snatching it out of Emily’s hand.

“So tell us about yourself?” Alex says waving the card around. Y/N takes a deep breath.

“Um, well…” Y/N trails off, “What do you want to know?” She asks finding her words.

“Do you stan the band?” Jackie suddenly asks.

“Do I what?”

“Do you stan the band? Do you like 5sos?” Jackie asks again in a ‘duh’ tone.

“Sure?” Y/N says it as a question. The other girls look at her skeptically. “I mean, I’m not a huge fan, but I never hated their music…” Y/N trials off again, hoping she didn’t just make it worse.

“Omg same,”Alex suddenly breaths out, causing a quick “what?” from the other girls. “I was never a big fan until i was one of their soulmates! And then once I said I was a fan everybody assumed i was some big fangirl, which I’m not.” Alex says quickly, to the surprise of the other girls. “I love them now, obviously,” She says in a ‘duh’ tone.

“I was always a big fan,” Emily says, having Jackie agree with her. “Tell me you at least know who ketchup is?” Emily says with begging eyes.

“Who?” Y/N and Alex reply. Emily and Jackie groan at their obliviousness. “Do you remember that Hannah Montana episode where they rubbed their hands in ketchup?” Y/N says after a few beats of silence. The other girls laugh, remembering the episode.

“I remember trying that!” Jackie yells, causing the other girls to laugh at her stupidness. “Hey! I was like seven, don’t laugh!” Jackie says, trying to defend herself.

“I remember when I was seven, I broke my arm playing golf,” Alex pauses, causing the other girls to scream “how the hell did you break your arm playing golf?” Alex just shrugs her shoulders and continues with the story, “After the hospital, i put ketchup all over the cast because my brother said it would make my arm feel better,” Alex finishes the story, looking at the gasps of horror on the other girl’s faces.

“I remember when my brother was like ten and i was seven, My brother and his friend were play sword fight in the driveway, but there were no more plastic swords and i wanted to play, so i took a golf club and clubbed my brother in the head!” Y/N says, the girls look at her in horror until Y/N adds that everyone was fine. All the girls break down laughing then.

They all sit there for a while, forgetting about Luke’s room, talking about stupid things they did when they were younger. Then Alex checks the time.

“We should probably go to diner now if we want to make the concert,” Alex says.

“Yeah, let me put my suitcase in my room?” Y/N asks. As they are walking to her room, Y/N asks another question, “Do you guys always go to the concerts?”

“Not really anymore.” Emily replies, “We’re going tonight since it’s your first night and all,” She explains. Then Y/N remembers something.

“I’m sorry by the way, for yelling at you?” Y/N apologizes. Emily nods along to what Y/N says and accepts the apology saying, “that you were just trying to protect your friend.”

Y/N slips her keycard into the door 128 and it opens. She walks inside, flipping on the light. Y/N gasps under her breath, and swears a little. There is only one bed in the room. She is sleeping with Luke tonight.

okay, so i think im bi or ace and i think i may have a crush on a close friend. ive been in concert band for three years now and me and her are in the same section and its just the two of us. i do call her one of my best friends and i can tell her any and everything. shes very pretty and funny and not afraid to be herself at all and thats what i like (love) about her. I dont know if its a crush or not and it scares me because i asked her if she has ever had a crush on a girl but she said she doesnt really know. im just really scared. can someone help please

I still can’t believe this.

I found out something so incredible and unreal today? I’m shaking as I type this and I’m going to try to explain it in the best way possible …okay so last month I bought my parents tickets to a twenty one pilots show because they’ve really grown to like the band which makes me happy. Anyways my mom was picking me up today and saying how excited she was for the show and how she went on the facebook page for the radio station the show’s going to be at and one person commented “21 pilots? don’t you think thats deceiving? there’s only two of them” and I said “ugh I hate when people say that, they don’t even know the meaning behind the band’s name” so my mom asked what the meaning was and I told her about the play and how that tied into the meaning…while this was happening my mom’s eyes got huge and she started to cry and I got confused as to why. it didn’t make any sense to me so I asked her if she was okay and then she started to tell me a story…

so my mom’s a nurse and has taken care of many many many patients and she obviously can’t remember all of them. She starts to tell me about how a few years ago she was taking care of an elderly man who suffered from severe panic attacks as a result of PTSD. The man was an airplane mechanic for the military in WWII. My mom would sit with him and hold his hand and talk with him through his panic attacks. She learned a lot about him and his past. The man was an airplane mechanic and in charge of assembling airplane parts. Once, he noticed that the parts he received were faulty and told his boss immediately, expecting to have to stop production, however his boss instructed him to still use the parts and assemble the planes. The man was really distraught because as it turns out, the planes he assembled crashed as a result of the faulty parts which resulted in the death of “over twenty pilots” (he would say this a lot))(my mom had heard this story over and over and over again). A few years later the man could no longer take his panic attacks and PTSD and ended up killing himself. My mom had never forgotten this mad and he was actually her favorite patient. She would sit and help him through his panic attacks, even off the clock. His death had always affected my mom deeply and I distantly remember her being really upset over his death. Obviously this isn’t the protagonist of the story, but this man definitely played a part and it affected him deeply.

At first I thought my mom was joking, this couldn’t be, it was too similar. Too unreal to be true. I didn’t even think that All My Sons was based off a true story, but I looked it up and it was a true story. My mom and I started crying and freaking out because it was such a coincidence. This is my favorite band, and a story they were built upon. They helped me save my life and this story is very close to my heart(i have tattoo that expresses the moral of the band very closely tied with the story of All My Sons). This is so unbelievable and warms my heart. All i know now is that I connect with this band more than I ever thought possible. 

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i have a girlfriend that im trying to break up with. i cant bring myself to do it tho because shes in the band im in,, the school musical and the same unit in army cadets. and it 100% does not help that she is suicidal. if i break up with her, it might be awkward, she might hate me and she could blame me for something (thats slightly true), that i left her for another girl that i have been 'cheating' on her with. i like this other girl and she likes me and we talk! and my girlfriend hates it. :/

Omggg thats such a hard situation! You need to talk with your girlfriend that you don’t want to hurt her and you want her to be happy but just with another person, it will hurt her a lot if you continue this relationship so you better convince her somehow to break up. I hope everything will go well

And I won’t claim that they saved my life, because I know a band can’t save your life, but they made me willing to save myself.
—  Sometimes I marvel at how I ended up with such an amazing, profound girlfriend. (10wordlife)

My other 2 bbarn ocs cause why not, theyre actually my original verse oc but I wanna make a bbarn au for them also i need some ppl to bother the zurs.

So uhm this is Kahou and Lyo, just like in my original verse they are also married in the bbarn verse.

Kahou is half jennerit half unknown, but rumor has it that her jennerit parent summon a demon and then yknow… just-jennerit-things™ ??? Kahou fled to detritus ring ever since shes little because its hard to be half-jennerit orphan in the tempest. She could turn into a demon creature thing when shes mad also she have fire magic thingy. Her weapon is flamey electric guitar just like that one guy from mad max also shes a part of a screamo edgy band thats like A HIT in some parts pf detritus ring. Shes edgy, and likes to bully the zurs. A lot.

And Lyo is a dryad creature thing idk i wanted to make her alpian because in my original verse she was also huge but then i want to implement her herbalist profession as her power too so yea, also she can make trees. shes a herbalist who knows tons about poison. She was an eldrid scientist but then she eloped with kahou huehue. Shes like an older sister figure just like in anime.

Jared and Jensen's 12 inches shaft - transcript of HousCon 2016
  • Fan: Jensen, can you lift your shirt up a little bit?
  • (Audience cheers and band plays strip club music)
  • (Jensen stands up, lifts his shirt a tiny bit and sits back down)
  • Jared: (turns to fan) You didn't specify.
  • Jensen: Yes, she did. She said "a little bit".
  • Jared: No, but I mean, if you had said 12 inches, you would've seen everything!
  • (Drum highlight by the band, and everyone laughs)
  • Jared: Oh come on!
  • Jensen: Jared...
  • (More laughing)
  • Jared: She said "shirt"!
  • Jensen: Right now...
  • (Audience doesn't stop laughing)
  • Jared: (to the fans) GET A GRIP!!!
  • (Eruption of laughter from everyone and Jared realizes his mistake)
  • Jensen: (mumbles)
  • Jared: Shut your mouth! I'm just talking about "shaft"!
  • (Audience goes crazy)
  • Jared: (pulling on his shirt collar) Did someone just turn the heater on?
  • Jensen: So... So many comments...
  • Jared: I'm so sorry.
  • Jensen: Right now, Speight is back stage, having a seizure, because he can't come out here and say everything that's running through his head.
  • (Audience laughs)
  • Jared: (clears his throat) Euhmm... Next question please?

We know that there has been some tension, certain events that everyone regrets – although some regret them more than others

(Companion piece to the Tamika linked above and also kind of related to this.)

I always imagined an eremika baby scenario where like the actual birth of the child plays out almost exactly how the birth of Turk and Carla’s baby on Scrubs did.

Including, but not limited to, Eren being late to the hospital because he hired an entire goddamn celebratory Marching Band and promised to feed them, Mikasa’s suitcase getting stolen by a dog because Eren forgot it at their apartment, Eren accidentally broadcasting Mikasa’s lower regions to the entire hospital in a good hearted attempt to stream the birth to her far-away parents, Mikasa almost punching several people because she is Not In the Mood, and of course Eren getting his hand stuck in a fucking ice machine.

aus i really want & you should give me

  • ‘our parents just started hooking up but we were dating long time before they started what are we doing now’ au
  • high school musical au
  • 'you’re famous youtuber and i just post random covers and i always loved your videos but you just said i’m gorgeous and you love my voice in your video what’ au
  • 'you’re celebrity and i just won your birthday contest where i can spend the whole day with you omg what is it life’ au
  • 'we’re secretely dating but your mom who is my teacher actually hates me’ au
  • 'you’re employee at the music store i always go to only because you’re cute and i like you and you just started talking with me about our favourite band’ au
  • 'we’re best friends and some girl just started talking with me on social media but i don’t know that’s in fact you and you have a slight crush on me’ au
  • 'you’re my sister’s boyfriend and you were dating her best friend, but i’m crushing on you oops’ au
  • 'you live in my ex’s building and i didn’t know she moved so i started throwing rocks in your window one night but then you opened and yelled at me and turns out you’re my best friend’s sister’ au
  • 'your friends are joking about you having crush on me while in fact i’m the one crushing on you’ au
  • 'i was setting you and my friend up, but i ended up liking you a lot but oops now you’re dating my best friend’ au

season twelve premiere in a nutshell

- mr scratch is back and the baddest bitch out

- theres a new guy and hes hot and a person of color (thank fucking god, it’s like cbs finally realized they could have two people of color on a team of six and all of america wouldnt throw flags at their precious white tv screens) and hes damaged in a really sexy way but he also has a precious sweet side and literally everyone on the team has a crush on him including Hotch and Rossi. he also likes getting in people’s faces and i dont know about you but thats a plus.

- garcia didnt make sexy jokes (because there’s a morganesque guy on the team and he reminds her of her bestie who has quit and she doesnt want to catch friend feelings because of the morgan pain that we all still are hurting from) and everybody noticed she wasnt being bubbly or making dirty jokes but no one said anything

- mr scratch used reids name to buy stuff from a sex shop so……. thats supposed to be a joke because reid is obvi not getting any, but you never know. he could have a shawty on the side that we aren’t clued in on. hell he could have two shawtys. we dont know

- speaking of reid, the boy band haircut is back and now he looks like the precious, darling cinnamon bun he is and he took his mom on a trip to france over the hiatus which is just sooooo adorable and i swEAR TO GOD IF SOMEONE LAYS A HAND ON HIM THIS SEASON IM GOING TO BECOME THE NEXT UNSUB ASK ME IF IM PLAYIN

- also evvvvvverybody knows hotch’s time is limited because thomas fucked up one two many times behind the scenes and they gave him the axe and mr scratch is back, so its only a matter of time before one or both of them dies

- tara is precious as per usual and her feelings are valid and i want to give her a blanket and some tea and maybe pat her on the head a couple times because NOTHING IS HER FAULT AND SHES A SWEETIE

- rossi, i cant get a read on right now but thats because he just got back together with his ex, so hes probably getting laid a lot and has no complaints.

- the plot was sickening and the writing was actually on fleek and im gagging. i love this ep. it was gross and scary and they used mental health and d.i.d. in a way that didn’t seem to be super degrading to people with it. the characters with the sickness were treated like people and were shown nothing but respect from the BAU so im glad about that. i always like when the BAU are woke. but also what do i know about sensitivity with this subject? i dont have d.i.d. so my opinion on that doesnt really matter. ANYWAY mr scratch is back and im beyond excited because hes a sick little fucker and hes definitely going to stir the shitpot, no doubt about that. so this season is about to be baller af. i cant wait. after 11 seasons they can still come up with an interesting plot line. as a viewer, im satisfied. as a fan, my faith in them is temporarily restored. all they have to do is make sure prentiss’s reign will be a badass one and it’ll be a great season. 

- may the hugs be plenty and may their beer stay cold