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Just wanna say – I’m SO HERE for the people who refer to Cas as “the love of Dean’s life” especially since 13x01.

Nothing sounds (and feels, and tastes) better than the truth, right? ;)

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Remember Hellenic Polytheists...

Aphrodite wants you to be nice to yourself and your body because she thinks it’s beautiful

Apollo cares about your mental health

Dionysus wants you to relax and enjoy life

Hermes appreciates your puns and pranks and silly antics 

Hephaestus thinks you’re hella talented and inspiring as is

Artemis believes you’re strong enough to fight off the bullshit people throw at you

Ares wants you to keep fighting 

Athena believes in you - your intelligence and capability

Poseidon knows that you can be as calm as a lake’s current or as fearsome as an earthquake

Hestia wants you to be safe and comfortable

Persephone wants you to stop and smell the roses

Hera has a beautiful future planned for you

Hades doesn’t want you to kill yourself tonight

and remember, if all else fails,

Zeus would totally start a shit-storm over you

remember when ten year old edward elric bit his brother, ate two ants then had an existential crisis all within the same minute 


I wanted to try some new stuff with embroidery this summer, so I suggested to the bf, @powersimon, that we should do a collab. And since we’ve been binging on The Adventure Zone almost every night, it seemed only right to do one of the gang. He did the linework, and I transfered them onto the fabric (which was a journy in itself lmao) and stitched it up. Took ages, but it was real fun as well!

i mentioned the recent confusion about my intimidating guns and the clever solution that i solved it with to steve, and he helpfully illustrated my success. 

i knit that sweater myself you guys, im very proud. 

this blog is, has been, and always will be a place for danny pink love and appreciation <3


get to know me: favorite female character → the ‘avatar: the last airbender’ girls
“I’m a warrior, but I’m a girl too.”

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

A thought: Modern flinthamilton AU in which Alfred is still a homophobic douchebag but they went ‘fuck you’ and got married anyway.

I call this “Thomas I don’t think your husband is listening to a single word you say…… he’s… distracted”

  • Taehyung: Yo bro I'm going on a date with Jungkook tonight.. any tips?
  • Jimin: make sure to laugh at his jokes. Men always like it when you share a sense of humor.
  • ~Later~
  • Jungkook: ... And the tiger says "I guess I really don't have stripes!"
  • Taehyung: Haha you're so funny! *Continues to laugh*
  • Jungkook: *Cracks a smile* Thanks.
  • Taehyung: *Starts laughing harder*
  • Jungkook: I'm glad you like my sense of humor...
  • Taehyung: *Laughter turns to silent laughter as his face gets redder*
  • Jungkook: I mean the joke wasn't that funny Tae...
  • Taehyung: *Completly red in the face with tears streaming down his cheeks*
  • Jungkook: Jeez do you need me to call you an ambulance or something?!
  • ~Later~
  • Taehyung: I think I overdid it.
  • Jimin: Yeah...