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three stages of fangirling over ginny baker (insp)

I see a bunch of posts saying if your asexuality or aromanticism is caused or influenced by trauma or mental illness or neurodiversity or something, it’s still valid.

I see a lot of posts saying asexuality isn’t something that needs to be cured, that a-spec people aren’t broken and don’t need to be fixed. That people are naturally born this way.

I also see a ton of posts telling everyone it’s ok if their labels change, that sexuality is fluid and identifying as something different before or after or now doesn’t invalidate the person’s orientation at any point. That if it’s useful for the person now, they can use it.

But I don’t see a lot of posts, actually basically none, that actually address the point where those things intersect.

If your asexuality or aromanticism is caused or influenced by something, your orientation is valid, and it doesn’t mean you couldn’t have been a-spec without it. Maybe you were born this way, maybe you were made this way, but no matter how you got here, you are still a wonderful valid person.

You are not broken if you do not feel you are.

It is also completely OK for you to feel like you are.

If you feel your orientation is something that is only temporary, because of mental illness or trauma, and you had labels you identified as before and want to identify as them again, you are so valid.

It is ok for you to think something broke and for you to want to repair or mend it. If you have a bowl because the top part of a clay vase broke, it’s ok to want a vase again. Kintsukuroi creates beautiful art out of broken pottery people mended.

It is also so ok for you to feel like some part of you is broken, and to want to let it remain that way. You don’t have to fix it. People make mosaics out of broken glass, and they are far more beautiful than the beer bottles they came from.

It’s also ok to not know how you feel about it. To feel like some days there is nothing wrong with you and other days to feel that part of you is just shattered shards of something else.

No matter what, you are valid and your experiences and feelings about your orientation are valid.

why do people say ‘welcome to the real world’, or ‘this is real life’. like when you are finishing school when ur 18 the rhetoric is now its over, the real life is beginning”
but then its 30s and ur expected to settle down and live a ‘real life’ because in your 20′s supposedly you were not in a real world 
then in ur  40s something different is expected of you and thats when people usually say ‘well this is life’, like it didnt exist before, like we dont think life actually exists til we have certain things or know certain things. but i am wondering this cause im watching my daughter live life, in an enchanting and inspiring way, exploring and laughing and playing with everything and eating everything, that is pure life… that is the experience of life in its most pure and beautiful, actual form, why would anybody want to lose that magic touch, but apparently this isnt a real world, none of its real until you have this mundane job and a semblance of a relationship and you pay taxes, thats the real life,  so it will have to be disciplined out of her so they say, so she won’t believe delirious things like the world is magical or that people are good, the real world is scary and everybody is against you, i dont think that is real life, those are motions without spirit, in all your living you forget to live

Guys, I need to take a break from my usual silliness to talk about what we’re all thinking about, one way or another: Election Day.

Here in Japan, it’s already Tuesday. I’m going about my day as usual–I actually have a class to teach in just a few minutes. I have to keep this swirling nervousness inside me because it’s an observation lesson, so I have to be in my best behavior.

But don’t think, for one second, that this isn’t affecting me, too.

I know a lot of you are probably like me: before this election, you couldn’t have cared less about politics. I bet some of you even wish it wasn’t happening.

But it is.

It IS happening.

Tomorrow will be a day that will go down in history books; it’ll be something your children read about in schools. It’ll either be known as the day we NARROWLY dodged a bullet…or the day the world ended.

So what I’m asking of you, here and now, is to VOTE.

I don’t care if you think it’s a hassle. I don’t care if you don’t like either of the candidates that actually have a CHANCE to win the presidency. I don’t care if your morals are screaming at the top of their lungs that this election is rigged to high hell–VOTE.

This is bigger than your morals. This is bigger than you, and your vision for what America should be. Because this is what America IS, and you need to face it, deal with it, and VOTE.

More specifically, vote Hillary Clinton.

Yeah, yeah, I know–some of you don’t like her. Some of you would rather a third party candidate than either Hillary or Donald.

But let me ask you something: do you really think any Republicans are going to be voting third party? Do you actually think, seeing all the numbers and statistics that have been EVERYWHERE on here, that your champion actually has a chance, when it’s been proven over and over again that VOTING THIRD PARTY DOESN’T WORK?

And do you think, for even one second, that your friends will still stand by you, you who split the Democratic vote because of your morals or whatever–do you actually think they’d be able to look at you the same, after you helped hand Donald the presidency?

Would YOU be able to face yourself in the mirror, knowing you helped make that happen?

Again, this is bigger than you, your morals, and your vision on what America should be. This is what America IS.

Face it.

Deal with it.

Vote Hillary Clinton.

And for those of you who say it’ll be too much of a hassle to vote, let me put things in perspective for you:

For an absentee ballot, I had to register to vote online, wait until it was confirmed, print out my ballot, provide documentation that proved that I was who I was, and negotiate the mailing of said ballot from my post office. In Japanese.

And you’re telling me you can’t stand in line for a couple hours? If that’s your argument, then you’ll find limited sympathy from me, if at all.

I know this task is daunting. There will be bigoted scum watching the polls, challenging your rights, trying to prevent you from performing your civic duty.

Do not let them win.

Do not let this literal spawn of Satan win.

Vote Hillary Clinton.

y’all: *can accept the fact that trainees in the top three have to compete against thousands of other potential trainees just to be taken in as trainees and then compete again once they’re in the company to actually debut, sometimes waiting nearly a decade before they get the chance*

also y’all: *complain that groups in the big three don’t work hard enough because free promo is handed to them, with the ridiculous idea that automatically having fans somehow cancels out the awful things all trainees have to go through just to get on a stage*

ok so in “invasion of the ferb snatchers” candace says this

but thats not really true because when hes wearing a swimsuit its shown that his torso actually isnt that tiny

plus hes been shown to wear normal sized shirts/jackets/etc. on multiple occasions so its not just that “this is what shirts look like on ferb”

no, you know what this really means?

it means that ferb is always wearing high waisted shorts and crop tops

what a fashion icon

So when I read the cursed child, I literally hated Rose like the second she started talking because she was super fucking rude and annoying, and I just want to say that I’m really disappointed with how they made her character because it is so inaccurate. Like I know that we don’t know what she would actually be like, but there’s no way that Hermione would allow her child to judge someone based off of their parents becauSE THATS EXACTLY WHAT PEOPLE DID TO HER FOR HER ENTIRE ENTIRE TIME AT HOGWARTS

Quick headcannon I might write up one day:

Harry Potter got his oblivious-ness from Lily and not from James.

When they were at Hogwarts, James used to flirt and ask Lily out constantly but Lily always said no in creative ways thinking it was just a bit of banter between the two of them.
Then in fifth year, James had stopped asking her out and she got confused as to why. Was her banter not good enough anymore?

It wasn’t until Marlene pointed out that he was probably tired of hearing her say no because that must be really painful that he decided to back off and isn’t that what she wanted anyway? And Lily was totally confused because that was just banter!

Then Dorcas was like “Lily, no. He actually really likes you and when he asked you out all those times, he meant it.”

And Lily is super confused like “But no? Thats us joking … he meant it? Why didn’t he tell me he meant it?”

Then in sixth year, James got up all his courage and asked her one last time like “listen, I already know you’ll say no, and I swear this is the last time I’ll ask, but will you go on a date with me, Lily?”

And she snapped up that opportunity so fast that James had to sit down for half an hour to digest the fact Lily Evans actually said yes.

the truth is robert’s not going to bring it up, because robert doesn’t do feelings until he’s forced to, and because it hurts to think about, let alone dwell on the possibility that aaron still doesn’t trust him, still doubts him and his love for him after everything. 

but i think that, if robert were to say ‘it hurts when you don’t trust me, even if you want to’ now, rather than prompt any sort of conversation between them, it would just make things worse. 

aaron is trapped in a cycle of insecurities and guilt. his heart wants to trust robert, it does trust him, but his head is telling him what it always does, that he doesn’t deserve this, that robert will leave, will choose someone ‘better’, because everyone does. and aaron hates it, because he can see that he’s holding himself back but he can’t help it. and if robert said anything now aaron would only feel guiltier, as he’s wont to do. guilty for causing problems between them, guilty for hurting robert, guilty for being that way even though he can’t help it. so he would stay quiet. which is what he’s done. and he keeps bottling it up. and the only way out now is for everything to burst, which is exactly what is going to happen. things will get worse before they get better, it’s the only way out of the cycle now, unfortunately.


A short comic based on a scene I really liked from Chapter 10 of @arcanebarrage ‘s fantastic fanfic, Hang the Fool

Originally I didn’t have much to say along with this, the text is lifted directly from the story and I only realized a little later they were sitting on chairs for this scene- I apologize, but either way I am very thankful to arcanebarrage and her beautiful story, I have genuinely never felt so motivated to create fanwork (much less a six page comic) based on anything in… god, I can’t even remember. Thank you. I hope I did some justice to this scene.

dad!rex AU

[Because @dakt37 is a terrible, horrible, no-good influence who draws comics way too cute for their own good. Grrrr. *G*]

Their arrival is announced long before anyone actually gets into the house, by the throwing open of car doors and a distant shriek and what sounds like both shoes and elbows hitting tarmac. In the kitchen, Cody can see that Obi-Wan, through his smile, is setting down his glass of tea down in a very carefully safe place, shoved to the back of the counter next to the kettle, and Cody can’t say he blames him one bit.

“Ready?” he calls, and means it. 

“Can anyone be? Ever?” Obi-Wan says back, in a tone of very fond long-suffering, and is drowned out, well before he can expect an answer, by the front door banging open with enough force to probably leave a dent in the wall. There are suddenly backpacks tossed into corners, sneakers (thankfully) left in a muddy pile on the doormat, and Cody puts one foot behind the other to brace for the coming avalanche.

“Uncle CO-dy!”

They’re skinny and summer-tanned and yep, it hurts just as much as ever when they slam into him, but he wouldn’t give that up for the world. 

“Heavier, too, my god,” he groans, and swings a giggling Echo up to his shoulder while Fives tugs at his pockets. “Aren’t you ever going to stop growing?”

“Nuh-uh,” Fives bellows, and then, as per usual, he’s charging off to the kitchen to demand his typical tribute of two cookies upon arrival, leaving Cody to grin at the still-open door as Rex finally appears.

“Alright there, vod?”

“Ask me again later. When I’m sane,” Rex says, half-muffled; he’s got Tup in a baby carrier on his chest, one duffel bag on his shoulder and another in his other hand, and looks ragged around most of his edges, his replying smile genuine but crooked. “Thanks for letting us crash here. I could kill our fucking neighbor. You didn’t hear that,” he adds, looking down in the slight, always adorable panic that Cody loves, at Tup. 

“I did!” chirps Echo, and then he wisely wriggles out of Cody’s arms and runs for it, joining his brother in the (fairly easy) challenge of screwing more sweets out of Uncle Ben.

“Ah,” Rex says, and looks almost mournfully after him, recognizing a battle lost.

“Well, at least that one’s asleep,” Cody says, reaching around Rex to snap open the clasps and take charge of Tup, who looks completely dead to the world, his brothers’ haphazard attempts at braiding or otherwise messing with his hair in the car gone unnoticed. “And it probably won’t take more than the weekend to get the flooding cleaned up. Okay drive?”

“Yeah, fine. They’re totally wired from being up half the night, but I imagine they’ll conk out soon. Boys!” Rex calls, and there is an answering, resounding crash which definitely sounds like more than two kitchen chairs falling over. “We’re taking our stuff upstairs!”

“Yessir!” shouts one or both of them - Cody can never really tell - and this time the chaos is far more purposeful as they scamper out to get their packs, only devolving back into a race when they get to the stairs, trying and failing to take them three at a time.

“I owe you one,” Rex sighs, and follows them up; Cody, meanwhile, has gotten Tup out of the carrier, and, with gentle little breaths on the side of his neck, makes his way into the other room to check on whether his husband is still alive.

He is, but looks much the worse for wear for it. “Hm,” Obi-Wan says, blinking, and then he stands up and starts to - futilely, Cody thinks, because it’s just going to happen again - brush up the crumbs coating the table. “I do believe they have actually gotten louder. I wasn’t sure that was physically possible.”

“We’ll just keep this one, then,” Cody laughs quietly, and loves the look on Obi-Wan’s face when he turns to see Tup’s face tucked into Cody’s collarbone. 

The next ten minutes are suspiciously silent, and when Cody steals up the stairs it’s to find that Rex’s senses are, as always, acute and correct, because the conking out has occurred in earnest. Cody will never get tired of seeing his brother like this, though Rex might bemoan screwed up napping schedules later - stretched out flat on his back on the double spare bed and the twin cots Cody and Obi-Wan had bought a couple of years back forgotten as Fives and Echo snuggle under and latch on top of his arms, little bare feet and scratched elbows and contented sleeping faces everywhere. 

“What do you think?” Cody whispers to Tup, and, getting a slight sleepy fuss in return, reaches over and settles him gently onto Rex’s chest, where he curls small hands into Rex’s shirt and calms. 

“Unbearable,” Obi-Wan sighs from the door, and Cody, grinning, leaves them all to it.


we will, Phyllis, we will :)


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Here is the scene that made me realise I will forever love the 1990 Phantom of the Opera miniseries more than Alw’s musical. Notice how in this scene Christine admits she loves Erik, but she’s also very aware of the difference between platonic love and romantic love. I really like this adaptation because it acknowledges that platonic love exists and is just as valid as romantic love.
u all wanna hear my headcanon on terus weird fashion sense and that fucking wig

well here the fuck it is:

teru, while in bed with a high fever, gets several calls from various people who heard about what happened. teru expects to be made fun of and braces himself but all that he gets in return is concern.

“What happened?” “Are you okay” “Was he really that strong?”

hell even when calling edano to say “yeah im leaving the gang i dont need this anymore” edano fuckin. protested agaisnt that and was actually scared to contact teru because he didnt want him to be mad at him for just flat out abandoning him. HELL HE APOLOGIZES. and thats when teru realizes two very important things:

  1. people, generally, are nice. even the meanest people in the world have people they care about and want to protect and be nice to
  2. teru, in general, is feared by people. being beaten by someone else doesnt erase the fact that hes powerful. his psychic powers got him popular. they’ll probably keep him popular. teru can do whatever the hell he fucking wants

AND SO: upon realizing that he can do whatever he wants, teru decides that he’ll just do whatever the fuck he wants. and he does. because even after that embarrassing show, he remaied popular and feared. and even with that monster wig, he remains popular and feared. and even while wearing the worst most terrible clothes in the world, he remains popular and feared.

this is the ultimate realization. teru is literally free to do anything ever and people will still worship him anyway. how far can this fucking go. who cares hes having fun and doing what he wants and nobody is making a single comment on it 

hello international skam fans

so i stumbled upon a Sweden/norwegian skam fan that was upset at the american fan base, (she wrote international skam fans on her post, but she was only talking about americans. @americanskamfans y'all gotta chill cause the norwegian fans think that all the international skam fans are weird just cause the american ones r extra) so i just wanted to tell u all something that i believe is very important. pls correct me if im wrong

1. skam is a norwegian show, directed FOR NORWEGIAN TEENS. This is why the director and writer Julie does not want it aired in america. its because it shows the actual segregation (maybe segregation is a harsh word but u get what i mean) happening in some europe countries. like manghi being the only black guy in practically the whole show, and sanna being the only hijabi in the school. thats because its REAL THINGS HAPPENING IN NORWAY.  americans can say “omg representation on tv, diversity lgbtq”, but we do have shows with diversity (like the get down, one of the best series of 2016 tbh. idk why y'all are not watching it) but the norway teens DONT. THATS THE WHOLE POINT OF SKAM. so the sweden  girl said this on her post: its easier for american teens to open up about lgbtq issues than lets say russian teens or norwegian teens. (idk if this is true. i would say coming out is hard for anyone but when u stay in a country where its not a popular topic like in the usa it can be harder for sure so i guess she’s right .) 

2. OKAY… ITS IN THE AMERICAN WAY TO “SHIP” OR “FANGIRL”. but here is the thing, most of y'all skipped s1 and 2 just to start s3 and fangirl over isak/even. its not a bad thing but the other seasons are made for a purpose and to send out a message to teens. s3 has a big message, but so does s1 and 2. u have to analyze all the characters, why they act a certain way and etc. also remember that they are playing roles, and acting… dont embarrass yourself fam 

3. please be respectful guys. in norway paparazzi  dont existe. the celebs walk around freely and no one barely talks to them. the teens dont say savage things on there celebs instagram post and etc. but americans, we do savage things like that. y'all gotta chill, and remember that all the actors are 17-19 years old. it must be kinda weird for them to have all this attention from super hyper fan girls. dont tag them in random post, dont travel to norway just to stalk them or their work place. norway teens dont do it, but i read that some international fans are doing it. please stop. dont make weird fanfics about isak and even either. like lets appreciate the show as it is lol. no smuts or whatever those are called

y'all can correct me if im wrong btw

Reblog if you are a woman who, upon expressing your stance on never wanting kids, has been patronized with condescending remarks such as "you're too young to know that" or "you'll change your mind later"

what she says: im fine

what she means: ive been looking through my old stuff trying to make myself cry because i feel like crying bc theres definitely some built up emotional issue happening here but the thought of me having emotions of love and romantic gestures that i tried doing some months ago dont make me sad anymore it just makes me want to actually vomit so like i dont really know what im trying to accomplish anymore so i put on a tiara and started screaming so thats where im at