because that's what she smells like

It had been almost a week since the gangrels had visited, between fighting Tzimisce and serving one they were all tuckered out and needed a break, though Mackey had had a rather nice time with a Honey Bee, still, she needed a real break! One where she could just hide in Alis’s tub for hours and really spike up the heating bill. Yeah yeah yeah, thats what she wanted.

So when night hit the two gangrels would go over to Alis’s, jiggling her door handle since Mackey just planned to walk right on in, though if it was locked then Mackey would pull out her lock pick set, because that would surely look great for anyone watching and anyone inside since she wasn’t silent when she did it.

Though Hayden stopped as he sniffed the air, now pulling down on his scarf as he felt he picked something up, something he had not smelled before…Something he did not like.