because that's what an upset friend needs you know

What happened in Brasilia

I’m gonna tell what really happened in Brasilia, what I’ve been noticing for a while and what I think about all this. To start, the day they were going to Brasilia they were at caldeirao do hulk and we all knew it was gonna take a while for them to arrive. 

At the tv show it was clear that they were happy and excited to be here, they seemed to need all this love brasil has to offer. When they arrived it was too late but since it’s brasil we knew it would have a lot of harmonizers there. The girls were tired and needed some sleep as we all knew, so everyone agreed to not make so much noise. 

Then they got here and people did make some noise but not too much, we called them to see if they could come talk to us but when we noticed they were already on their rooms, we just stayed downstairs waiting for some news. But than, while we were all waiting outside, some fans that were staying at the hotel managed to go upstairs to their floor. 

Two of those girls were my friends, and I tell u for sure they didn’t want all this mess nor think about doing any harm to the girls, they just wanted to go there like everyone and give them some letters and gifts that we all bought, but as u guys know all the security was outside and aggressive as fuck..when my friend got there she saw that Laurens bag was outside and her door open, so she tried going in there and give it to her personally, but before she did it, the security guy grabbed her from behind and her bra moved up, and she was wearing a transparent shirt. That’s when all this mess happened, she asked for him to let go, Lauren heard the screams and went outside to see what was happening, then my friend threw the letter to her and said: “this is for you Lauren I love you.” and Lauren didn’t get so well what was going on. She understood and got the letter “here, I got it love, it’s with me.” and then she started screaming (here’s the first audio I’ve heard) to let go of her because he was hurting and desperate.I can’t really hear everything on the first audio it was too low and it included a lot of screams but I could listen to Lauren screaming too. 

And now comes the second audio, that’s when the security had already taken my friend out of the girls floor, he comes back to Lauren and she started screaming “YOURE STUPID, YOURE SO STUPID YOU KNOW THAT?” and she goes back to her room, hit her foot on the floor closes the door (that part one of my friends saw, her room was like above hers and the hotel was “open” so the moment she heard the screams she saw all the drama and could watch it at the “VIP area”. They were saying that my friend was breaking into Laurens room because of that audio of her saying “you’re stupid.” but in reality she was saying that to security and it was a long time after they took her away from there. 

Now comes the third audio, the one that got leaked, that’s when Lauren was venting to ally about what happened, because in the middle of everything ally,mike, papa h came to see what’s going on (the other girls continued on their rooms) and when mike saw that Lauren was nervous and a little bit sad with the situation he went to her room and tried calming her down. Papa h told Lauren to calm down too and to make sure ally was okay. Ally asked Lauren about what happened and bla bla bla and there’s the audio that got leaked.

You know how much the girls love us and how much pressure they receive from the media, team and label. My opinion is that Lauren was already exhausted of everything and having to shut up about the shit they go through and submitting the wills of their team. Seeing everything, the way fans were treated (then she tells what happened in the audio that everything can listen to). 

Ally and Lauren stayed there for a while with mike. Time passed and people published videos of the security threatening fans, most of them my friends. I was at the same hotel as them but at a different tower. I woke up and had breakfast with my friends at the other tower, after this I met with other girls, became friends with them and that’s when I got to know everything, heard all the audios and conversations, saw some videos but the quality wasn’t good. We decided not to post. After breakfast we went to the girls floor through the stairs and stopped two floors above the girls to see if we could look at the girls but none of them got out of their rooms. I saw camilas father and he waved but seemed that the girls didn’t want to get out because of the security, there was a looooot there and they didn’t say a word, it was all silent. 

When it was time to get dressed and go to the concert I saw Dinah and she was going to another room to get dressed as well so I started screaming “HEY DINAH, HERE.” but she didn’t hear me because of her headphones and one of the security guys was beside her, she looked sad and upset at the same time and she never talked with the security. At the beginning the concert the girls seemed unhappy but thy realized what Brazil really is and our love and some of my friends got to talk to mike and jerry after the concert and mike said Lauren was feeling better and she wasn’t upset with us.

Thats it…after this she said stuff that I don’t think I need to translate and sorry if I made any mistakes I hate when I do but today has been a really stressful day, my family is bugging me because I’m on my phone all day and they know
nothing about what happened with the girls hahaha


thank you for submitting this 

Friendly Reminder about the AZ Matsuri

Hey, so it’s February. It’s 3 weeks until the annual AZ Matsuri (Arizona Japanese Cultural Festival) and I figure at least a few of you would be going to it. But, this needs to be said, and I’ll say it every year until I’m dead because it’s actually a big issue.

Please do not cosplay Homestuck to the Matsuri!!!

There are multiple reasons why you should not and do not need to cosplay homestuck at the matsuri:

  • Homestuck is not, in any way shape or form, Japanese

I know you’re all very very intelligent people and you know this as a fact. But this is one of the big reasons why it’s not really welcome. It’s not Japanese at all, nor an anime or manga from Japan. Yes yes, Damara speaks Google Translate Japanese, but thats still no grounds for it to happen.

  • The volunteers greatly dislike all the grey

Yes, the one thing you guys stress about the most is making sure your paint is sealed. It’s understandable, and you all work very very very hard on your cosplays. We know its really far from PCC for those who can only make it to Phoenix for cons and that you want to show off that fancy costume and pour yourself in a grey wonderland, but the volunteers who run this festival do not like it. Most of you seal it, some of you don’t. It is Arizona, it is still hot here even in February, You leak your grey everywhere and it smudges on the tables and cloths you touch and it greatly irritates them. Please do not. 

The Alpha and Beta kids would most likely be fine to wear since theres no grey but this brings me to my next point.

  • Many many cosplayers who attend dislike Homestuck there greatly for reason of point #1

They really don’t like it, and many cosplayers and attendees will not react kindly towards it. Many of us do not think it’s necessary for Homestuck cosplay to be at this event which is to celebrate Japan and it’s culture and the things we enjoy about it. It’s not needed. You can wear Homestuck literally every single other event in Arizona that you can cosplay to, leave this one to the culture itself. Please. It also greatly confuses and scares many younger children who do not understand why all you people are dressed up with horns, and teeth, and are yelling and honking at each other while being grey. To the children, you look like actual scary aliens when they just came to see the pretty items that are scattered about.

If you do not have anything but a Homestuck cosplay, just come as yourself. It’s not a cosplay event, but many like to because it’s fun celebrating something thats part of Japan’s entertainment history. You can borrow a friends wig/cosplay and go as that.

Theres not much I can do to stop you from cosplaying Homestuck at the upcoming festival. I am only one person, and I don’t have any power over what you choose to wear. But for everything cultural, please don’t wear Homestuck to this festival. It’s slightly disrespectful to what the festival is really about and honestly really upsetting that you feel the need to drag it everywhere. 

Sorry for the long post, but this needed to be said once again.