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the thing about falling in love with your best friend is you think they will never hurt you.  How could someone that you know so well hurt you, right? Thats where it all goes wrong.

We used to spend nights on the phone for hours just laughing and talking about the most pointless things. it seemed like we could never run out of conversation.. Its funny how things change, because now here we are 6 months later, and I can’t even think of a sentence to say to you.
You were always there when I needed it and you were the only one that could ever understand me.
And I thought we crossed the line between friendship and lovers because of all the nicknames and all the flirting and all the hearts and touching under tables and words that you spoke so smoothly. I thought that was all so beyond friendship. but the thing is, just because someone acts like they want more, does not mean they want more. and just because someone seems to be everything you are looking for in a person does not mean that you are also that person for them.
And I used to think that you were so stupid for not seeing what was right there in front of you but the truth is you saw it, you just didn’t want it.
the thing about falling in love with your best friend is, it will destroy you and you won’t even see it coming.
The truth is, you never know anyone. You can, think you know a person but people will always always always surprise you. and you surprised me in all the worse ways.
because you didn’t love me, and you weren’t even a friend to me to start with but I was too blinded to see any of it, even after you continuously proved it.
You never felt a damn thing for me,  you just didn’t want to be alone, you just kept me there for when it was convenient for you.
We haven’t spoken in months and you don’t even care, you don’t even realize any of it.
and I just don’t understand it, I don’t understand how its possible to go from talking to someone day after day, to not even texting them to ask how they’ve been. I don’t understand why you said all these things if you didn’t mean any of them.. and I don’t understand why its been months and I’m still in the same state you left me in, I’m still always thinking about you and you don’t give a damn.

—  its always going to be like this

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How do you plan on making the torso part of mercy's suit? Im mostly interested in the material like silicone, latex, or some kind of fabric?

I’m probably the only one, but I’m actually convinced the torso part is Fabric as opposed to armor?

Thats mostly because I think the ridge beow her breasts is Blizzards hyper stylized cut of her RIBS. And if you watch her idle animations, you can see the section of her belly move independetly, breathing in and out. ??

I also adored the way it looked in fabric when Spiral Cats cosplayed her. 

And further convinced when the lunar skin turned the panel into one entire cloth texture, but kept the Rib* ridge. And I’ll probably be doing the Lunar skin first. 

So I’ll probably be making mine from Stretch vinyl, apart of the rest of the bodysuit. And making the shoulders and wings panels from a hard Worbla or styrene. 

I was thinking about when pearl was saying “we only fuse in deadly situations” and how later she is shown to fuse for fun, and garnet, etc. Which means she was being a hypocrite… But actually, I don’t think that’s what she meant at all.

Pearl was saying how Opal is only formed for deadly situations because thats when Ame and Pearl could find a peace or common ground. They had such an unstable relationship, like always fighting, that to be able to sync not only in dancing but in thought and goals was hard. So in deadly situations where they both are focused on one thing, like saving Steven, they can sync.

Pearl and Amethyst did not have a relationship good enough for them to fuse outside of a last resort out of desperations.

I think it kinda shows how much Ame and Pearl’s relationship has grown.

its crazy how i learned that the value i placed on the concept of intelligence was wrong and has been wrong for years! the idea of value is fucked up! learning is a gift and the only reason i want to be a professor now is because teaching is one of the most incredible things i can think of, and because learning is what i want to do all the time…thats it my guy 

Important information for anyone writing about Moriarty in a fanfiction!

We don’t speak Gaelic in Ireland! The first language of most Irish people is English. The reason I’m saying this is because an annoying amount of Sheriarty and Mormor fanfictions mention him speaking in Irish with other Irish people or when he thinks no one is listening or something.

Okay, I’ll admit that most of us still have to learn Irish in school, but you can get an exemption from Irish very easily and even if you have to learn it, English would still be your first language and the only one you would need unless you never left Ireland AND worked a government job and considering that Sherlock mostly takes place in London, that’s clearly not the case with Jim.

Awakenings:my original story

I don’t normally, or at all, talk or post about my personal, original story that I’ve had in the works for a while now. A long while.
I believe that the last time I did, I posted a long time ago how I’m working on an original story, and was looking for beta readers.
At the time I had only about six chapters fully written out, but up until a couple months ago, I had up to 19 chappies fully written out and the 20th chappie was half way done. That was not including bits and pieces from spin-offs I had plans on writing and WIPs from the future from the book, and even a bit of sequel since I felt the first was coming to an end.
A year and a half, and I was almost finished with my first draft of my original story, which I was very proud of because that had never happened before. I had finished a few fanfics, but this was my expansive, and from own imagination. All the work building the world, and everything else(most of which will never make it into the series but that’s another story). All the blood(figuratively speaking) sweating, tears, hours of research, and everything else that went into it was finally paying off.
Back in January, my computer updated and fucked it all up. I’m still trying to edit out the things it caused. I can post pictures later if anyone’s interested to see the expanse of how much it fucked up.
All that work felt thrown to hell, and I was ready to give up on the whole project, but decided against it. Before I had written anything, there were previous drafts I had written, and all the work…
This was a five year passion project, and I knew I couldn’t give it up because five years! I refused to give in to my depression and disappointment, and decided to fix what had been messed up.
Wanna know what I found?
That it messing up was a blessing in disguise. I found so many errors story structure wise and even character wise, and things I found I could further polish and make better, and other things as well.
I found I could take it a different direction, and while I’m still editing out the fuck ups my computer caused on that draft(because there’s information and other things I still need), and I am proud to say that I have a first chappie of the new draft finally written out along with the proluge from the previous draft that I feel is near perfect and doesn’t need revising(with a few tweakings thanks to the new direction) and I think I’m comfortable enough to post a little something of a teaser for it once it’s more polished if anyone is interested in reading it.
Let me know if you’re interested that way when I do put it up as a teaser I can tag all those with interest ^~^
Quiet frankly, I’m super excited about this project of mine. It’s my baby of sorts.
Anyways, let me know if you’re interested so I can tag you when it’s put up! You can put it in an ask, private message me, or whatever you do.
Also as a note: I’m not looking for beta anything until it’s finished, and with my writing ways that won’t be for a while. Just a fair warning.
Peace out!

9. We all talk about it.

“Can we all talk about it? Because surely I’m not the only one who was not expecting this.”

The four members of MJN stood in the portakabin, in the aftermath of a rather tense encounter with a couple of Dementors that had shown up rather unexpectedly at the airfield.

“I think that’s fair enough. Lord knows, I was hardly expecting for all of us to be magical either.”

Douglas looked thoughtfully out the window as he spoke, eyeing the scorch marks he could still see on the tarmac from their spellwork.

“It’s brilliant! We should’ve talked about it sooner!”

“Arthur, it’s not really something we’re supposed to talk about! You know about the Statute of Secrecy, right?”

“Oh, don’t bother Martin, I’ve had that discussion with him before.”

Carolyn rolled her eyes as she tucked her wand away and stopped Arthur from waving his around in his excitement. Douglas smirked, as he slipped his own wand into his pocket.

“We all went to Hogwarts, I assume?”

The strained look that immediately crossed Martin’s face, along with the small sound he let out, made them all look at him questioningly. He flushed a little.

“Sorry, I just- I did attend when Harry Potter was there, so…”

“Skip, you know Harry Potter?!”

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I rly wish when people said "everyone's a bit racist" they meant that it's impossible for someone to completely clear their mind of all prejudice and that in light of that it's still important to recognize that you are capable of holding and pretty much definitely do hold certain prejudices even if they might not seem obvious at first, and that you should work to minimize them the best you can, but instead it's almost always just "I should be able to make fun of black ppl w/ no repercussions???"

i think its important to recognize ones own bigotry. the nature of our society instills those kinds of beliefs in people from a very young age and its fucked up and shouldn’t be something thats just handwaved away. im guilty of this myself and i fucking hate it. because i know those intrusive thoughts are wrong but i cant help but think them because thats how i was raised and thats how people around be taught me how to think. and the only way i can get better about that is by recognizing that just because people around me think that way doesnt make it right, and that im not free from those prejudices just because i can close my eyes and tell myself i am.

“I’m not going to fucking write about you again, your gone, gone, gone. but god damn it  I wish you were still here. Just 9 months ago you were telling me you loved me and now you cant even say hello? When the fuck did it get this hard? When the fuck will I stop craving your touch on my skin? God damn it I’m writing about you again, but what else do I do when I’m at loss with words and the only thought thats consuming me is the one of you. What else do I write about when your the only thing running in my veins. Is it possible to be in love with someone that is no longer there? I think my hands are the most tortured part of my body because they can’t stop writing to someone thats not there!!!Why the fuck aren’t you here?”

i have this steven universe theory since “Coach Steven” when sadie commented on steven randomly singing that the gems are actually just randomly bursting into song in their daily lives and they think thats normal in human culture because the only humans they have contact with was greg, a musician, and steven, raised by greg. 

the only gem that knows this isnt true is garnet, and thats the reason why she never really sings, except for that one time right after she refused and she was probably thinking “now how can i piss off this huge fucking rock

EDIT: #though then again that one time that connie sung with pearl but yeah i really like this #except theyve had contact w humans besides greg they knew the deweys

ok so for connie id think that bc she and steven are just kids they just sort of roll with the songs and make their own adaptions to it (connie and pearl were sword fighting a lot, i like to believe some of that time was spent working on the song)

and for the deweys, i believe they sort of knew of them but not really personally? they met the founder of beach city but aside from that i dont believe there was anything personal in their relationships


I’m so excited for Akko to re-perform it on Samhain Festival and become Moonlit Witch,Only Diana can recognized because only Akko and Diana are in there when Shiny Chariot performed it!!! I want Diana and others to awe and I really wish it to happen!!! she knows the right spell to it after all!!

One time shiny chariot drowned her audience and put them in space!! and thats really cool you know!! any thoughts to this monster? I think it will appear again. 

XD Akko and Diana’s faces!! full of terror XD Chariot knows how to make fans XD

A reenactment of Shiny Chariot’s Magic Show!!! I really wish for this to happen please trigger!!

Batfam as Wolfpupy Tweets
  • Bruce Wayne: hate when people say im lurking in the shadows when im just chilling
  • Alfred Pennyworth: you have to be cruel to be kind, no wait the other thing, you have to do nice things. phew, could have caused a lot of problems
  • Dick Grayson: i am abandoning the twitter world to pursue a career as a gun slinging fashion diva. good riddance to you all
  • Barbara Gordon: the world continues to spiral out of control and i am just sitting here like a bad bitch
  • Jason Todd: retiring from my life of crime because vending machines and claw machines dont give you stuff when you point a gun at them
  • Tim Drake: if you think you can be rude to me with sass think again. i am the only one allowed to do that
  • Cassandra Cain: hey murderers and killers, knock it off. stop killing and murdering all the time, thats just my opinion though
  • Stephanie Brown: combat helmet? no thanks ill take my sunflower hat, im not going to look like an idiot out there on the battlefield
  • Damian Wayne: i dont want to hear your excuses, or anything else you have to say, i want to hear a cool song about me and my life

top five otps:

  • the warrens
  • the warrens
  • the warrens
  • the warrens
  • the warrens

you dont understand how much i love this. first we have tsukki sulking. TSUKKI SULKING! hes sulking because he was named MVP of the match by his team and hes thinking “theres no way i deserve that title i only blocked one spike. im not worthy of that title.” i mean talk about character development. and then we have yams who is like “hell no, you can’t sulk. you don’t get time for that, we gotts an award ceremony and our MVPs gotta be there. so get your crap together. you were awesome and thats the end of it!” god dammit i love how their relationship has evolved so much for them to be so honest with each other.


This is my message to the USA (x)

small rant (:

i know everyone jokes about how ponyboy is “supposed to be the deep one”. but really, i think he’s the only one insightful enough to really understand how society affects the people around him.

i mean, can you image him realizing how much violence starts between the socs and greasers because of the idea that boys should be angry and violent? and how greasers couldn’t cry in front of other greasers because they’d be viewed as weak? how many boys in his neighborhood might have been abused by their girls and never spoken up? how girls in his class were never taken seriously and apologized before they spoke? how girls were afraid to walk alone at night on either side of town?

he’d shut down gender roles and stereotypes in a heartbeat.

maybe at fourteen he doesn’t get it yet, but when i was fourteen i didn’t even know what the wage gap was. but someone told me, i learned, did my research, and now all i ever talk about is gender roles and ending rape culture and empowering women etc.

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Okay, so sorry to bother you but I really need to vent? I hope it's okay! You just seem so caring. Bassically, I'm in a relationship, but also still communicating with an ex, whom is toxic but. I still care for very much so. I still hold infinite tenderness for her. what do I do?.

its ok, thats tough :/  if theyve shown that they dont really care about u, try to connect them w their actions as much as you can bc it sounds like youre idealizing them a little so youre the only one being hurt here yn? i think the best thing for u to do moving forward is to act in your own best interest and slowly break contact with them as much as you can because the more youre interacting with them the less youll wanna let go

hope things get better soon <3


Have you heard of this book called throam?

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just a tip for roasting karamels i think the point about "quick involvement" is the least effective one you've been making in general because it's one of the few behaviors on the checklist that is only a sign of abuse in the context of an already abusive situation & can otherwise be innocent, focusing more on the other points might be more effective at explaining to people

no offense but don’t tell me, someone on the block list with 4 stars, how to roast karamels. like dude, im not here to explain it to them. they ain’t gonna change at all. i’m just pointing out the show’s failures over and over because it gets them pissed