because that's the only one i can think of

But you don’t understand how much I want the baby to be Adam’s. Rebecca and Adam hooking up. Him thinking he’s got nothing to worry about on the cheating front because Vic only knows about that one kiss with Vanessa and he can’t possibly be the kid’s father. Vic overhearing a conversation between Adam and Bex months ago which is why she wouldn’t forgive him and plotting her revenge. And then it all comes out. Vic and Robert plotting separately to bring down the Whites. It all going horribly wrong. The baby turns out to be Adam’s. Cue meltdowns from Vic, Robert and Aaron and Adam running for the hills.

since trans day of visibility is coming up in a few days (march 31st), i figured i’d make a list of advice for cis people commenting on/reblogging people’s posts/selfies?

  • do definitley like and reblog and tag and comment on our posts!! its what TDOV is for! show your support for the community by showing us some love
  • dont post any selfies if ur cis. today is not about u
  • if ur gonna comment about how great someone looks, great!!
  • just make sure u use the right pronouns/descriptors. most people put their pronouns on their selfies, but if they dont its easy to check their bio to see if they have them! 
  • also dont say stuff like “wow ur prettier than I am!!” bc that implies that u think cis ppl are more attractive as a default, so its insulting and patronising
  • if the post is one with pics from multiple stages throughout someones transition, pls dont say “its not fair u get to be hot in both genders!” because thats cissexist n transphobic and adheres to the “used to be a X” rhetoric and erases people with fluid genders and implies that cis ppl inherently deserve to be hotter/better 
  • go thru the tdov tags!! spread some love to all of us (not just conventionally attractive and/or passing people)
  • its not only selfies either. lots of ppl post some really cool content so dont miss out on that either

thats all i can think of rn. feel free to add on if u want

EDIT: okay so lots of people have said things along the lines of “im going to post selfies and theres nothing you can do about it” or “i want to post selfies anyway” and like. cool. whatever. im all for celebrating urself with selfies. just,, dont make this day about you okay? like keep out of the tags and dont make it an ally thing. and to the people who want to post selfies just because its a trans ppl day and for no other reason: fuck u

bts personality analysis: taehyung

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i found it quite difficult to nail this analysis down - this is the only member i actually had to plan before writing. taehyung has a personality that kind of confuses me because he is everything all at once. he is such a big character that i dont think i could possibly understand him wholly; and understanding is what i do best. i think what makes taehyung so big is his lust for life. he is curious and he doesn’t hold back. he has no qualms when it comes to judgement. taehyung is dynamic. he is so entertaining to watch and thats what makes him so popular. people want a taste of the zest he has, they want that to be as bright as him. but they cant, because taehyung will always be the star of the show and he doesn’t even try. he will always be one step ahead of everyone as they try to catch up but he isn’t a conformist, he is a trendsetter. he does things that arent mainstream and his singularity will bring copycats. thats just the type of person taehyung is. 

i dont think thats the only reason why taehyung is popular amongst idols or why he has so many friends, i think he also has a knack for communication. it is natural to him which makes him seem more charismatic and his energy will ultimately empower those around him. taehyung has so many big ideas because his mind is always whirring and because he has his own language, inadvertently persuades whoever he is with. he has the power to inspire who he is with just with his words. taehyung also brings out the best in people and i think the fact that he is humble is why he is likeable.

taehyungs mind never stops and is always filled with thoughts and dreams and this curious nature brings him to be fascinated by small things. this fascination is why taehyung is so observant and why he seems to just watch over sometimes, eyes glazed over. he is so lost in his own thoughts that he has left his body to live in hise mind. but this endless stream of thoughts could be considered both a strength and a flaw. a strength; taehyung knows himself and his thoughts like the back of his hand, he is interested in things and this curiosity is his drive to try new things. a weakness; taehyung is highly emotional and is very in touch with his own emotions so being in his own head could lead to negative thoughts and create unnecessary insecurities. 

taehyung has a need for independence, he doesn’t like when he has to rely on someone. you see this when he brings up hold me tight, of course, he is proud. but i think he is just reminding others that that is his own work. his. independently. he likes when he has credit and when people acknowledge this. taehyung feels as though rules are restraint and would much prefer to be set free. he likes to be seen as independent, he wants to be seen as someone that can do things for himself. but, unfortunately, taehyung has assigned himself to the kpop industry where independence is a desire that wont be attained. this would stress taehyung out and i can see that taehyung would possibly be sad in his position if it weren’t for his other members.

i think that taehyung really does look up to jin as an older brother and has a great amount of respect for him and ive noticed that he always laughs at jins jokes!!! a+ concept!!! yoongi and taehyung are a fun pair to analyse because they are so different; yoongi values realism and taehyung values optimism. they both see the world in juxtaposing ways and thats why i think that they would be a good pair since i believe that opposites do attract. hoseok and taehyung are strange because as much as i love their interactions, they both seem too intense for each other. both of them have such strong characters that i feel like they can only be around each other for a certain amount of time before it drives either one insane. namjoon and taehyung are cute!!! namjoon has a soft spot for cuteness and i think thats why tae and him are so close. taehyung loves to listen and namjoon loves to talk. good combo. jimin and taehyung are also one of my favourite relationships in bangtan because they seem to understand each other. they have this deep brotherly bond that they have formed over the years and i think its a really important relationship for jimins psyche because taehyung understands jimins personality better than i think anyone else does. its really beautiful to watch them interact and hear their inside jokes. taehyung and jungkook are another one of my favourite relationships because jungkook can keep taehyung on his toes and thats what taehyung needs, he needs someone that can keep up with him and give him a run for his money. he loves the competition and thats what jungkook brings.

kim taehyung - enfp/capricorn. pioneer, zest, curious, character.

kim seokjin ; min yoongi ; jung hoseok ; kim namjoon ; park jimin


whoa! I’m actually really surprised by something! I tried to dye this wig awhile ago for a different cosplay, and i didn’t think it worked at all, i saw no change, but you can actually see some of the blue pigment coming through in high res photos! thats really cool ;-; 

first lon’qu photos back! this was my favorite cosplay of the con, I’m really excited to get more stuff back, especially because i accidentally smiled in some of them, and i want to see if they’ll show up or not :^D 

photos by Kevin Li 

  • Lauren: Which do you like better, the moon or the stars?
  • Camila: The moon.. because she is always there during the darkest times.. kinda like are always there.
  • Lauren: So I am your moon? That's funny because you are my sun. You light up my world like nobody else does.
  • Camila: Tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.
  • Lauren: there once was a moon, as beautiful as can be, only the stars could fathom, but the sun could not see. The sun so radiant, he burns so bright.They asked the moon why he fell in love with the sun and he said "I’ve chased her all my life she makes me see the light, I know she’s the one.”
  • Camila: Sometimes I think of the sun and moon as lovers who rarely meet, always chase, and almost always miss one another. But once in a while, they do catch up and they kiss, and the world stares in awe of their eclipse.”
  • Lauren: I'll always catch up with you because you're the one.
  • Camila: Eclipses with you will always be my favorite.
stood up

inspired by @jilys and @alrightpotter and everyone else who has made lovely group chat aus

this is one inspired by the prompt “i got stood up and you sat down and started talking to me who are you”

Lily Evans to Marlene McKinnon: what would u say if i broke ur heels

Marlene McKinnon: i would murder u w. Out thinkng abt it

Lily Evans: ….

Lily Evans: i broke ur heels

Lily Evans: marlene

Marlene McKinnon: blocked


Dorcas Meadows to diagnose me dr lily: lily

Dorcas Meadows: i have a rash on my arm lily diagnose me

Lily Evans: pneumonia

Dorcas Meadows: ???,,,,???? Its getting worse???…

Lily Evans: did u try turning it off and on again

Lily Evans: geez i m not a doctor yet


Marlene McKinnon to all boys r twats: dorcas i just saw snape and rosier following after lily

Marlene McKinnon: oh shIr

Marlene McKinnon: Lils

Marlene McKinnon: im coming to get u stay there


Lily Evans to Severus Snape: if u come near me again i will grind ur balls in a blender

Severus Snape: you know I’m right

Lily Evans: you’re a white supremacist

Lily Evans: YOU are wrong


Marlene McKinnon to Dorcas get me those spicy pita chips: what did snivelus say

Lily Evans: ‘’’’’im a nazi’’’’

Dorcas Meadows: rly

Lily Evans: no but basically

Lily Evans: i need booze asap

Marlene McKinnon: i got lots

Dorcas Meadows: omw


Dorcas Meadows to lily needs to get laid: mission imposible: how about Peter Pettigrew

Lily Evans: pass

Dorcas Meadows: u say that about everyone

Lily Evans: and

Lily Evans: i m focusing on school rn

Dorcas Meadows: do u even know who pettigrew is????,,?

Lily Evans:  y es

Marlene McKinnon: just one pls

Dorcas Meadows: lil if you go on one blind date ill take you to nandos

Lily Evans: deal

Lily Evans: but just one and not peter pettigreq

Lily Evans changed group name to i deserve better friends than these weeds


Lily Evans to Marlene McKinnon: where am i meeting him

Marlene McKinnon: corner of 165th by tha t pizza plce

Marlene McKinnon: he said hed b inside

Lily Evans: he better b hot


Marlene McKinnon to tminus 0 days until lilys date: LILY


Marlene McKinnon: IM SO SORRY

Marlene McKinnon: EVANS


Lily Evans to blondie + inferiors with rat nests: marlene he was rly hot ur the best

Lily Evans:  wait what

Dorcas Meadows: ?,,,,,,,???

Lily Evans: he stood me up?

Lily Evans: then who was i with last night

Lily Evans: Marlene McKinnon get ur butt over here with the nandos
Marlene McKinnon: it’s 3am lily why did u just get back ;)))))


Lily Evans to James Potter: who r u rly

James Potter: oops

Lily Evans: r u actly james ?

James Potter: yeah srry i didnt know what to say u just kind of sat down

Lily Evans: ?? I was there first twat

James Potter: u were rly cute

James Potter: what cna i say

Lily Evans: so u just sat down with a random stranger and pretended to know me

James Potter: yes ?


Lily Evans sent a picture to group: what Do I dO

Marlene McKinnon: James Potter SAT NEXT TO YOU?

Dorcas Meadows: the CUTEST guy at on campus???

Marlene McKinnon: to clarify

Marlene McKinnon: the star football player who also happens to be v hot and buff sat next to u bc u were cute??

Lily Evans: i got stood up and i guess i didnt know who he was

Lily Evans: he was a little concieted

Lily Evans: and not that hot

Dorcas Meadows: ur in denial

Marlene McKinnon: ur name together is lames

Lily Evans: …..

Dorcas Meadows: so what happened after the date

Marlene McKinnon: u didn’t come back until late late

Lily Evans: ..nothing


Sirius Black to Remus Lupin: whats wrong with james

Remus Lupin: he went on a date with Lily Evans

Sirius Black: the redhead in his calc class

Remus Lupin: yeah

Sirius Black: oh

Sirius Black: he’s in a daze and wont move

Remus Lupin: tell him theres a spider on his bed

Sirius Black: he didn’t move

Remus Lupin: woW

Sirius Black: im calling 911

Remus Lupin: nO

Peter Pettigrew: too late


Marlene McKinnon to Sirius Black: theyre the worst

Sirius Black: tell lily to meet u at the library

Sirius Black: ill get james to go to

Sirius Black: also how did u get this #

Marlene McKinnon: it wastn that hard


Sirius Black to James Potter: meet me at hte library in 10

James Potter: u never study

James Potter: r u trying to set me up again with evans

Sirius Black: no ?

James Potter: wanker

James Potter: leaving now


Lily Evans to James Potter: im not good enough to be a doctor

Lily Evans: i just got fired from the pizza parlor

James Potter: yike what happened

Lily Evans: fell asleep during my break n missed my shift

James Potter: im coming with nandos

Lily Evans: im in the tesco parking lot

James Potter: np


Lily Evans to James Potter: ur gonna crush it today!!

James Potter: are u coming

Lily Evans: ofc


Marlene McKinnon to lily ate the chocholate and deserves disembowlment: lily and james just hugged after he won the cup and

Sirius Black: most sexually charged hug i’ve ever seen

Remus Lupin: is that an apostrophe

Sirius Black: there are more important things to worry about right now

Peter Pettigrew: who put Marlene on this chat


Lily Evans to We”RE OUT OF CHOCOCLATE: so

Lily Evans: theres this guy who is hot and toned

Lily Evans: and also happens to be mischevious and smart and is good at literally everything

Lily Evans: but also has a big head and generous and super rich

Lily Evans: and i cant tell if i hate him or like him

Dorcas Meadows: r u kidding me lily

Marlene McKinnon: a match made in heaven

Lily Evans: i cant TELL

Marlene McKinnon: im texting him right now

Lily Evans: NO DONT

Lily Evans: mar i will kill you im not even sure yet

Lily Evans: some people said i just want him as my sugar daddy

Marlene McKinnon: who said that

Dorcas Meadows: snape

Marlene McKinnon: he’s an asshat don’t listen to him

Lily Evans: but what if potter just leaves

Lily Evans: there are way better girls for him

Lily Evans: ones his parents would approve of

Dorcas Meadows: thats bs and u know it

Marlene McKinnon: ^


Lily Evan’s Notes: u just do everything perfectly theres nothing you could do wrong and its unfair and you have perfect messy hair thats so beautiful and i could stare at the stars for hours with you just because nothing can stop you and u want to learn everything like i do and your the only person i can call at 2am without worrying and your tall and i think im in love


James Potter to Lily Evans: sitting on third floor by statue of humphrey

Lily Evans: can you pick me up

James Potter: we have a quiz in five mins

Lily Evans: its important

James Potter: ill b right there


Sirius Black to twats + grammer twat: LAMES HAPPEND

Sirius Black changed group chat name to LAMES: THIRE SNOGGING IN TH PARKIING LOT

Remus Lupin: IM COMING
Marlene McKinnon: freaking adorable

James Potter: twat

Lily Evans: shut up black

maldita-101  asked:

I really love your art. They're beautiful, but i have one question that's bugging me all this time. I hope you answer.... What is Ayano's breast size? B cup? She looks flat, but busty or not i will still love her.

It’s a very difficult question for me, the original artist drawn ayano depending on only B cup ,and I think I drawn ayano with C or D cup some time(This is just a personal preference)
Because in the game can be set breast size, right?

We need more teenage girl characters coming to terms with their sexuality in the media. Like, we have progressed in terms of young boy characters, like Cyrus from Andi Mack and Jude from the fosters. But I havent seen a lot of young girls dealing with their sexuality in shows, movies, books, etc., and a lot of people would benefit from something like this. Like, the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Santana from glee, and she was already in high school. I just want to read a book about a girl coming to terms with liking girls, because thats not something we see very often.

Stories with young wlw coming to terms:
Glee (santana)
I guess I can include Fun Home?

Please add more!

anonymous asked:

i think jieun won't die because bum is NOT A KILLER and he's going to try to kill sangwoo since he doesn't love him anymore (ch.15) so they either run away together or jieun runs and she's going to find seungbae and he's going to save bum and that's how the bl will start because i refuse to accept sangwoo/bum toxic relationship to be the focus of this story, also seungbae is the only one who can save bum

Ji Eun will most likely die. Bum will most likely help Sangwoo kill her either willingly (because he listens to what Sangwoo says) or unwillingly (because he wants to save his own neck. literally.). Bum has BPD which can make him feel different things for Sangwoo as seen throughout the entire Killing Stalking series up until its current chapter. Bum will not be able to kill Sangwoo even if he tries because he does not have the physical capabilities to do so. Bum also cannot run away because of the current condition his legs are in. Ji Eun is handcuffed to the basement which means she is definitely no longer capable of running away. The door is also apparently locked and cannot be opened from the inside. The BL started from Chapter 1 when we learned that Bum had a thing for Sangwoo. The manhwa and its description are centered on Bum and Sangwoo who do, in fact, have a toxic relationship which is ultimately the focus of the story. Also, Seungbae, the only one who can save Bum, is probably running around with coffee cups in his hands right about now.

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iwaizumi and daichi go to a concert ; both cant see shit because they're under 6'

HEY HEY H E Y JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE BELOW 6FT DOESN’T MEAN THEY’RE SHORT (this is coming from someone whos only 5′ 1 1/2″ ok OTL) they’re both around 5′9″-10″ right?? thats still pretty tall yo

but anyways iwadai have their ways of solving this problem…no surprise that its to carry the other

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Does it ever bother you that the Uchiha clan will likely die out after Sarada because she probably won't continue the name? That's why I always wanted Sasuke to have had at least one son to ensure the clan's continuity :(

To be honest, the only thing that bothers me is this trail of thought, and it really bothers me. Quite frankly, I think it’s a horrible thing to say.

Can you imagine how bad Sarada would feel if she heard people saying that? Saying how she’s not good enough because she’s not a male and therefore can’t continue the Uchiha name (even though that’s not true, but I digress)?

Can you imagine how terrible it would be for Sarada to overhear her father voicing his disappointment at the fact that he didn’t have a son? It’s awful.

It was never Sasuke’s desire to revive the Uchiha clan in numbers in the first place; all he ever wanted to do was to restore their honour and reputation, and he did that. And now, Sarada is likely to take the clan to even further heights by becoming the first ever Uchiha Hokage in the future (something which is long overdue, considering it was an Uchiha who gave the village it’s frigging name).

Sasuke couldn’t be prouder of the fact that he has a daughter, and I can only see her doing more things to make him even prouder in the future. To add to that, I’ve always said that if Sasuke and Sakura were to have another child, I’d much rather it be another girl. The Uchiha clan was over saturated with males.

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What is the Arm Grab? (Jonsa fan who doesn't watch GoT here)

Hey Anonny, lol you are probably wise! But I have to say that while GoT may be a hot mess express sometimes, it has given us SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL JON/SANSA TOGETHERNESS!!!

And The Arm Grab, yet another example, can be seen at about 2:44 in this video…

It’s just another ~beautiful~ example of Sansa (probably unnecessarily) grabbing Jon to get his attention that was (definitely unnecessarily) zoomed in on!

Kind of like that ~hand grab~ last season…

Which basically just turned into Jon and Sansa casually holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes at the dinner table ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In all seriousness though… Whether you look at it as romantic/intimate subtext or not, I think these casual touches are really important. Especially because Sansa is the one who initiates them. Physical contact is something that can be extremely difficult and emotionally draining for victims of abuse, especially physical and sexual abuse, like Sansa. The fact that she has the confidence, the familiarity, and the comfort level with Jon to not only initiate physical contact, but do so with out even really thinking or worrying about it, shows a lot of trust. 

pinayako2020  asked:

Yooo do you have any hidekane headcanons?


Alright it’s already canon they share clothing, but here’s proof if you didn’t know yet because honesty?? thats the best thing ever. Bonus points: it’s all Hide’s 

  • If you think only Kaneki is the touch starved one, you’re wrong sorry. Hide’s already really affectionate for that reason and when they broke the “friendship barrier” it just got worse.
  • Above all, Kaneki really really really likes holding hands. They can just be sitting and he’ll be shy about grabbing them. Hide will usually say “it’s just me, hon” then lace their fingers together
  • Honestly, they’re not big on kissing. I think it would be mostly the really sweet, the I’m-gunna-die-from-all-this-sugar sweet stuff. I think Kaneki’s all “Eh thats weird I’m not sure about that” with kissing. He’ll still do it, but it’s not his all time favorite thing in the world. 
  • Their first kiss was probably really underwhelming too and they we probably like “welp thats not how it works” 
  • Kaneki likes small little and sweet touches. He likes physical contact a lot, but again mostly hands. He’ll act like its kinda odd when Hide wraps himself around one of his arms, but he really likes that too.
  • Hide will never stop that dash hugging thing. Until he is physically unable to do it or Kaneki tells him to cut it out, he will never stop.
  • Hideyoshi Nagachika, the world’s secret PDA master™ coz, sadly homophobia is a thing and he’d rather not bring attention to it. I think Kaneki would get a lot of anxiety over that fact so Hide does whatever he can to help
  • In general Hide’s always been the one to do whatever it takes to help is boy out and that’s never going to stop
  • Hideyoshi Nagachika, the world’s best for calming Ken down™. Doesn’t matter why or when, he’s going to stop everything to help his boyfriend out. 
  • Hide would probably beat up the stove if it burned Kaneki 
  • Hideyoshi Nagachika, the master cuddler™. This boy already really likes hugs in canon it makes sense. Although, they do trade places on who hugs who and stuff like that. Kaneki’s usually the definer for that and it’s based on how he feels that day. If he’s feeling protective or lonely then he’ll be the big spoon and the equivalents. If he’s in a lost or depressive mood then Hide will hold onto him, but only if he’s okay with it.
  • Hide feels the need to ask before doing anything out of respect and sometimes plays it as a joke. “can I give you a kiss on the cheek? *does it*  can I give you a kiss on the cheek? *does it again* can I give you a kiss on the cheek? *does it again* can I give you a -” “Y E S” 

I love this thank you so much!!!

heres itachi being an awful teacher to team 8 again
  • [minatos alive n hokage btw]
  • minato: so.... itachi. i dont know how to tell you this, so let me be direct. i have, um. ive received some complaints about your teaching methods
  • itachi: [honestly surprised] what. how.. what happened. did i do something wrong
  • minato: listen, itachi. ill tell you what. why dont we think about all of your previous teachers n how they used to teach things
  • itachi, a child prodigy n genius: they.... i'm sorry but i dont think they ever taught me anything
  • minato: ...
  • minato: ok, first id just like to say that im sure youre doing your best. however. ive heard your classes can become rather...... philosophical
  • itachi: yes?
  • minato: [sigh] itachi. is it true that when hinata said she thought she was doing a fighting stance wrong you told her to "not worry herself" because "wrong and right are merely human constructs according to which we organize our moral system"
  • itachi: yes. why? do you disagree
  • minato: n- im - thats not the point. when kiba asked you if you thought he would be good with genjutsu you just said "to find yourself, look within yourself. think for thyself"?
  • itachi: oh that one helped me a lot through life actually
  • minato: OK. ok. just.... one more. when all of them, including shino, expressed their wishes for you to actually teach them more things, you said "i cannot teach anybody anything, i can only make them think"???????

rafaforwatching  asked:

Thank you for pointing that out abt Mina's and Kiri's relationship??? I was worried I was the only one seeing that- everyone seemed to think she(and deku) inspired him, but theyre both doing quite the opposite... kiri heard what deku did and put himself down even more, and the two only time we saw mina there he got really sad too(unintentional- she is a great person but was not the best for him to see at that moment, tho she is still a gr8t hero). Thats where he got the mindset that (1/?)

Unorganized Babbling and Speculations Related to Kirishima

I think I’m the only person who thinks Kirishima and Ashido aren’t friends. I only think this because they have very few interactions in the manga and none of their interactions are anything special. Neither one seems particularly close to other and neither one seems particularly tense around the other.

Kirishima’s envy of Ashido back in middle school did discourage him from being a hero, and his negative feelings towards her did nothing but hurt him. You can really see it based on his expressions when and after he looked at her. 

That’s not to say Ashido is toxic to Kirishima. If Kirishima had a conversation with her and started to feel like he’s on the same level as her, then maybe she’d bring out less negative emotions. Talking to her would also help him deal with his inferior feelings. That being said, I don’t think simply talking to her or even befriending her is a quick fix to his inferior feelings because those feelings are ingrained in Kirishima’s mind. Befriending her could also easily make things worse. Kirishima could see what an amazing person she is and then truly feel like he’s not in the same league as someone like Ashido. Or maybe the more he’s around her the more worthless he feels about himself. 

That being said, I think Kirishima mostly got over his negative feelings for Ashido or he’s hiding his inferior feelings really well so that he can peacefully coexist with her. Nowhere in the manga does Kirishima seem tense, sad, angry, or frustrated towards Ashido. 

If Ashido didn’t go to Kirishima’s middle school, then Kirishima and Ashido would probably have one of the least interesting classmate relationships in the manga. That’s not a bad thing though considering Kirishima’s self-depreciation during middle school when Ashido was involved. Now, he appears comfortable around her and working with her, but they don’t seem close, which suggests they’re not friends. 

It’s possible Kirishima and Ashido simply don’t click for whatever reason, and it’s also possible Ashido brings up some bad memories for Kirishima so he’snot particularly keen on being around her. 

Kirishima’s relationship with Bakugou is particularly interesting because Kirishima is quick to jump in and try to be on the same level as Bakugou even though Bakugou is on top of the class. Kirishima most likely feels inferior to Bakugou. However, that doesn’t discourage Kirishima. Kirishima pushes himself to be on the same level as Bakugou, It’s the opposite of what Kirishima was like when he compared himself to Ashido. When he compared himself to Ashido, he thought about giving up on U.A. When he compared himself to Bakugou, he used that as motivation. 

Unfortunately, when Kirishima compares his Quirk to Bakugou in chapter 133, it also makes him think he doesn’t have a great special move, which means Kirishima still gets discourage by people, like Bakugou, who have flashier Quirks. 

If Kirishima has the same inferior feelings towards Bakugou that he did with Ashido, then he does a really good job of hiding it and acting like he’s on the same level as Bakugou. Kirishima does hide his insecurities, so unless we have a Kirishima inner monologue, it’s very difficult to understand how he truly feels. It’s a similar case with Ashido. Does Kirishima still have negative feelings towards Ashido? Or is he hiding it? He doesn’t seem particularly close to Ashido either way. With Bakugou, Kirishima has been by his side since the beginning the manga and has always tried fighting alongside him. That’s not to say Kirishima thinks he’s worthy of fighting alongside Bakugou, but that does show Kirishima pushes himself to try to fight alongside Bakugou. If Kirishima were to be paired up Ashido and forced to fight alongside her, he’d probably be a good sport and work well with her regardless of his feelings towards her. Kirishima’s low self-esteem doesn’t push him to back down. Between middle school and high school he somehow gained the mindset to take on a challenge even if he thinks he’s not good enough for it. 

It’s difficult to explain, but it seems like Kirishima’s inferiority complex is still strong like it was in middle school, but he has done a much better job of handling it. He still feels useless, but he’s willing to jump into danger and save Fatgum rather than stand in fear in the face of danger like he did in middle school. Kirishima’s thoughts are still the same, but his actions are different. 

Sorry, this ask doesn’t have a particular topic. It’s just me babbling. I already said my thoughts about Kirishima and Ashido’s relationship in a previous post, so I’m kind of speculating some stuff. This is one of my least organized answers. Sorry, I’m trying to organize my thoughts and speculate some stuff. 

ive decided that Mr Soaps is my new Fallen London OC, based on a dream I had about it. here are some facts abt Mr Soaps: 

  • its in charge of soap. thats all. 
  • currently in a one-sided dispute w/ mr fires over whether or not it gets candles as well. 
    • the dispute is one-sided because fires Does Not Care
  • dresses in lavender robes 
  • is trying to make a business deal with mr spices so it can expand its business to include scented soaps 
    • spices only agrees to provide it with nice-smelling things so it will go away
  • has no concept of what smells good to humans. cumin soap was not a good idea. 
  • mistakenly thinks that soap made out of the rendered fat of tomb-colonists is in high demand. 
  • gives out free soap samples to people it likes. this isn’t as great a reward as it thinks it is. 
  • is of the opinion that the good people of London want to buy soap figurines of the masters/other important people. 
  • is it an actual master? is it just mr wines in a funny hat? how on earth does it make any money? the world may never know. 

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So I was just wondering why you like Pansy? I think the poly relationship between Pansy, Ginny and Luna (or any combo) is cute but I was wondering why Pansy? In the books she is actively portrayed as a mean, bigoted bully. Not to say that all Slytherin's are like that but that's how her character is developed. I was just curious as to why you like her? I think she's sort of one dimensional (like most HP girls :( ) despite being mildly interesting. Not trying to be rude or anything, just curious!

Andy: I think the only reason I, and a lot of the fandom, can portray her as a good person (deep deep down) is because of how little information we have about her. We have not even one scene with her per book, and even less per movie. All we know for sure is that she was a bully.

You can be a bully in high school, and still learn to be a good person.

Pansy Parkinson, and all the Slytherins in Harry’s Year, have room to grow as people. They are not Severus Snape who has lived with his actions for 30+ years and had no sign of remorse. They grew up in a war zone and under the influence of their parents- while that doesn’t excuse Pansy’s actions- it isn’t her final sentencing. I believe, that because we only catch glimpses of her in the books and there is no Post War information, that she has the ability to grow.

My Pansy has good inside of her (although she rarely shows it) and isn’t completely condemned because she was only a child. And I am allowed to give that to her because there is such little information about her.
She can be excused the same way the fandom excuses Draco.

We have very little information about Slytherins and even less about Slytherin girls. There are only so many girls out there and this fandom is in definite need of girl love. Plus, there is such a variety of types of girls and I think it’s important to show that they can be bitches but not be bad.

Because Pansy Parkinson is such a vague character, I’m taking the liberty to play her as a child on the wrong side of the war, who sees the error of her ways.

Side note: The Parkinson’s, The Greengrass’, and The Zabini’s were all neutral families during the war. MEANING none of them were Death Eaters, nor mixed up in Voldemort’s crowd. Their only tie to the dark arts were through Draco and the prejudice that was in Slytherin house.

Which if you want to talk about in greater detail, I have theories.

I’m so hyped for the Anaheim Wings tour and I’m 99.9% sure that bts will stop by Disneyland because namjin needs to have a cute fluffy date eating flower ice cream

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haaii I was the one who requested the kakashi babysitting boruto scenario and I absolutely love it!! So cute and fluffy gaahhh... Now that that's done, can you do a headcannon of Kakashibby's interaction with little Himawari please? thaankss

I’m so happy you liked that Boruto and Kakashi scenario and thank you for asking about Himawari too :) I think Kakashi and Himawai interaction would be really cute :) 

Headcannons of Kakashi babysitting Himawari

  • Kakashi prefers babysitting Himawari over Boruto. Only because Boruto was a very energetic toddler and kid, that babysitting Himawari is so much easier. Himawari is very cheerful and mellow child compared to her brother but she is extremely curious.
  • When Himawari was little, Kakashi had to worry mostly about Himawari putting things in her mouth she wasn’t suppose too, such as pencils, paper, toys, cords, rubber bands, or necklaces. Kakashi had to make sure she didn’t swallow anything, because she had that habit of putting things in her mouth when she was a toddler.
  • When Himawari is around 5 years old, she’s more interested in building blocks and stacking objects when playing, which Kakashi found intriguing to watch. Himawari even begged Kakashi to build a castle with her, which Kakashi agreed to but he would purposefully build something odd to make an excuse that he wasn’t good at building. Himawari would look at his creation and tell him it takes practice and ask him to place it in the castle somewhere.
  • Kakashi loves Himawari’s sweet and cheerful attitude and wouldn’t mind taking her to the park. Himawari loves to play outside, pick flowers, and pretend she’s making a stew with all the plants she finds. Kakashi finds this a perfect opportunity to lay back in the grass as she’s content with playing by herself.
  • I can also imagine Kakashi being ok with Himawari, while she was playing, bringing him flowers. Kakashi would thank her for the flowers and she might tell him to stick them in his hair. Kakashi would smile at her and let her do so. She would giggle at the end result and Kakashi would ask if he looked pretty now to get her to laugh more.