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Bruce Wayne|Fathers Day Imagine

Request: “Fathers day imagine? Bruce?” 

It was fathers day in America and a few other places, but not where i live, but here’s one anyways!

You and Bruce wake up on fathers day, only to be interrupted by the kids (damian).

The curtains were shifting, ever so slightly.  The soft breaths, the rise and falls of your chests calmed the still air, the room a soft glowing silence. The open window’s small crack had let the air infiltrate the room, the sun desperate to peak inside and say hello.

The fresh morning breeze gently glided along your skin, prickling the tiny hairs to stand up on your bare back. The sun attempted to warm you up, failing to do so while the curtain fought to block out it’s warmth. The birds outside, with their high songs and playful babies, had awoken with the sun.

Your ears had begun to engage, recognising the songs of the birds, and the sun on the horizon. Your eyes fluttered, and the light was outpouring. They squinted, the glow too much. You let out a breath, your body beginning to awake. 

Bruce’s chest softly rises and falls behind you, his breathing in sync. A stronger breeze gushes in, the curtain moving for a split second like a frantic flag in the open air. Winter is just over the hills. You suck a breath in, the blanket resting below your back doing nothing to shield you from the wind. You let out a shaky breath, trying to suppress the cold.

You feel a strong, warm arm brush against your back, and ring around your waist. You’re softly turned, the cold breeze touching your naked chest. You look up, and see nose to nose, eye to eye, and body to body with Bruce. You embrace his warmth, your head on his arm, his arm hanging tightly around your waist, and his thumb gently rubbing your bare back. 

His eyes are slightly swollen from an awakening of a new day, and his bags under his eyes a deep colour of long nights. You watch his eyes, as they close in long fragments, his mind trying to catch every bit of sleep he can. But the sun has awoken him, and his body is now moving. His eyes look down to you, and like him, he see’s the slight swelling of the morning in your eyes. He slips a small smile, and you smile back in confusion.

“What?” You whisper, voice horse.

“Your hair.” His low breaking voice mumbles. And you smile too, acknowledging that your hair has a mind of its own. 

Bruce’s lifts up his hand, gently patting down your hair, his arm getting quickly cold when it leaves your waist. 

Your hand lays softly on his chest, and you watch mindlessly, enjoying the soft atmosphere of the calm quiet. 

No kids. No noise. Just the two of you.

His arm retreats slowly back to your waist, his thumb rubbing on your back again. You look up at him and smile, lifting a short inch to kiss his lips. They’re a little dry from eight hours of sleep, and a little still, but they’re warm. It was a quick kiss anyways, you didn’t expect him to kiss back, or react so quick in the morning.

“What was that for?” He asks, the quick kiss leaving a smile on his face.

You smile, “Happy fathers Day.” You say. Your head is now laying down on his arm again. Bruce’s head leans back, and his arm on your waist goes to run through his hair.

“oh,” he says, “I forgot all about that.”

“The kids will know doubt be doing something for you today.” You draw invisible pictures and trace lines on his chest, something he finds relaxing.

“You know i don’t like it when you go out of your way to do something for me.” He says, leaning back to place his arm over you waist. He pulls you in closer, tighter.

“Well sometimes it’s a good thing.” You say. Bruce looks at you, his hair in odd strands and eyes now fully awake.

“Why’s that?” He asks.

You continue to draw on his chest, “Because, i think it’s good to say thank you for what you do. Whether it be for Batman or being Bruce, you need a day of recognition, a day where we say thank you,” You stop, and slowly look up at his face, his eyes already on you,

“,because i don’t think enough people do.”

Bruce, in the midst of the silent room the silence only broken when the birds decided to sing, had nothing to say. If his heart wasn’t already yours, you would of taken it just then.

He kisses you on the forehead, and down your cheek. You squirm and laugh,

“Don’t get all squishy on me, it’s your day! I’m mean’t to be doing that to you!” You say, Bruce holding you tighter to kiss down your neck and your face.

“Exactly, It’s my day; which means you have to do as i say. Now stay still.”

“No!” You laugh, his kisses becoming ticklish.

Bruce rolls on top of you, his arms on the sides of your head. The sun effuses warm light onto your face, giving you a heavenly glow that Bruce’s knees fall to. He kisses your lips, his body leaning down to do so, and you gladly embrace it, your hands gliding over his back and neck. His hands get greedy and his kisses more hungry, his body is closer to yours and h-

The floor boards creek.

You and Bruce stop in a split second. You look at each other in the eyes, a smile playing on your lips,

“I think thats the kids,” You whisper. Bruce chuckles silently, looking over his shoulder to the door. He turns back, and watches as your eyes close shut to laugh. Bruce gives you a smile that makes your stomach roll and twist in feverish love, before leaning down to your ear, his breath hot and his voice low but soft,

“We’ll finish this later.”


“Didn’t you say you were a master in stealth?” Damian rolls his eyes at Barbara, who had caught him walking towards Bruce and (y/n)’s room in a crouched position.

“I can’t control the floor boards creaking, Barbara.” he says. Barbara smiles, leaning on the wall watching Damian.

“Are you sure you even want to go in there?” Barbara says. Damian lifts an eyebrow,

“Why? Are they still asleep?” Damian asks, standing up straight. Barbara chuckles,

“Sure, ‘sleeping’” She said, using her hands to make air quotations. But it flew over Damian’s head, and he didn’t smile at all. Barbara groans slightly,

“never mind,” she said, “Yes, they’re probably still sleeping.” Barbara stands there for awhile, watching Damian stand still. She decides to push herself off the wall, and leave to her room, to prepare Bruce’s present. She leaves Damian without a word. 

Damian stands still, wondering if he should wake Bruce up just yet. He lets out a sigh, and crouches in front of the door. There, he places a small box which he wrapped in a bow, to the best of his ability,  on the ground, ready for Bruce to open. He then walks off quickly, ready to join Dick, Tim and Alfred in making breakfast; smiling as he gets to celebrate his first ever proper Fathers Day with Bruce.

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