because that's just weird and i laughed when he said it


yj: from the moment i was born, you were next to me. there wasn’t a day when i didn’t see you. … i kept hinting at you, that i like you, andfor you to like me back. … so i told myself, i had to confess to you. so the day of the SAT’s, i told you to meet me at the school oval at 8pm, didn’t i? that day was my d-day. but hyung told me 10 minutes before… he told me.. that he liked you. what should i do? …in this world, there are only 2 people that i love the most. one is my hyung; my hyung who gave up everything because of me. and the other is you. it was you. but my hyung likes you. what should i do?

sw: yoonjae-yah. can’t we go back to being comfortable friends like we used to be? like you said, we’ve been together since the day we were born right? i’m not very smart. you know that too right. but i know that you are the friend i treasure the most in this world. you’ll still continue to be my friend right?

hey inkskinned, i know this is a little weird but i wanted to give you a shoutout because two nights ago i was getting a ride home from a boy in my class and when i thanked him he jokingly said “you can just give me a blowjob per ride” and I was so shocked i didn’t really get to say anything, just kind of laughed nervously and got the hell out of there but i remembered all of the poems you wrote and emma watson’s UN speech and i was like “you know what i’m not taking this shit” so this morning I went on your feminism tag and got all powered up and ignored him the entire day at school, and when a classmate asked why i was so mad at him i said “one day you’re gonna wake up and you’re gonna have a daughter and you’re gonna realize that you live in a world where jokes like that are still being cracked and that’s not okay” and those are actually modified words from one of your poems and i guess i just wanted to say thank you for giving me the words to speak when I had none - i felt like a kickass princess riding her fiery dragon going to save myself just like the ones you always write about and i’m so proud i might cry because i’ve always felt like girls are supposed to forget about things like this but i’m never going to let anyone push me down ever again and i just wanted to say thank you

anonymous asked:

Someone called Markiplier ugly and he put on poorly done makeup and made weird faces and posted the pics and asked if he was pretty yet (sarcasticly). Some commentors said he was making fun of mtf trans people, because they gendered makeup as female.

(literally just before i saw your message i saw a post with the picture and where it came from)

apparently those photos came from a video wherein he had to put on makeup while playing a game?? i get why people are hurt, but i honestly don’t think he was even thinking about trans people when he did it? i mean that miranda sings kid puts on makeup deliberately badly for laughs and thats fine??

having said that though, i also just saw some of the comments he made after, and unfortunately they’re you’re typical youtuber “it was a joke” responses it seems, instead of directly addressing whats up, which sucks. 

Edit: I got sent more info and yeah actually i do think it was transmisogynistic now.