because that's just weird and i laughed when he said it


yj: from the moment i was born, you were next to me. there wasn’t a day when i didn’t see you. … i kept hinting at you, that i like you, andfor you to like me back. … so i told myself, i had to confess to you. so the day of the SAT’s, i told you to meet me at the school oval at 8pm, didn’t i? that day was my d-day. but hyung told me 10 minutes before… he told me.. that he liked you. what should i do? …in this world, there are only 2 people that i love the most. one is my hyung; my hyung who gave up everything because of me. and the other is you. it was you. but my hyung likes you. what should i do?

sw: yoonjae-yah. can’t we go back to being comfortable friends like we used to be? like you said, we’ve been together since the day we were born right? i’m not very smart. you know that too right. but i know that you are the friend i treasure the most in this world. you’ll still continue to be my friend right?