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I never post on Tumblr, but this platform is the only place I feel like I can be myself. Recently I watched 13 Reasons Why. I never read the book, and I started it mostly because I heard great things about it and how they spread such an important message. I don’t know if I’ll spoil anything by accident, but I’ll give a warning just in case. This might be long, so bear with me.

The show is about a girl named Hannah Baker (as many of you probably know already). Each episode showed different events as to how she was treated by her peers, and she recorded tapes explaining basically who fucked her over before she ended up taking her whole life.

A few days before I started watching, I wanted to take my own life. I had it planned out, I knew the texts I was going to send my family and friends, and I knew when I wanted to do it. I thought I lost all hope in my future and I just didn’t want to exist anymore. I resonate with Hannah a lot. I really held on to her because I saw so much of myself in her. I wasn’t treated the greatest while I was in school (I didn’t endure some things that happened to her and I am very grateful). Every little thing you do or say to someone sticks. It’s not easy for them to just brush it off and move on, especially if you deal with a mental illness.

As I got to the episode that contained her suicide scene, I thought I was prepared. I just pictured there to be a little blood. I didn’t expect to see it all happen, and it killed me. It killed me because of how real it looked. I felt like I was watching it happen right in front of me. I had a full blown panic attack by the time I saw it and I know I’m not alone on that. It was fucking hard, but nonetheless very powerful. That stuff happens every single day to people who you least expect it from. This show proves that bullying can really do some serious damage on someone. It’s not something to keep quiet about.

After the show I realized how much I have in my life to appreciate. When Hannah’s mom saw her lifeless body floating in the bathtub, I realized that if I ever took my own life, I’d be putting my family and friends through hell. I realized that I have a purpose in this world, and even though I don’t see it now, I know it’s coming. I’m more important than I think I am. You are all important to people around you, whether you know it or not. So if you think you can handle it, watch the show or read the book. Space it out a little bit. Learn from it. Talk about it and never let the conversation die down. You never know how many people you can save from taking their own life just by being kind.

Sorry for the long post. This show made me realize how passionate I am about mental illness and bullying, and I don’t plan to stop talking about it.

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Is it kinda cool kinda weird how much W2H has stuck with people? Like people keep doing art n stuff or are even now just joining the fanbase, for your cartoon from years ago now! That's so inspiring? Like, what does it feel like?

It’s pretty much exactly what you just described; kinda weird, but cool!  It’s hard to elaborate on exactly what it feels like, because it’s sort of changed over the last couple years.  I remember when it first started gaining traction, in the weeks after I graduated, and just being so excited to wake up every morning and check the tumblr tags to see what new fanart there was.  I remember seeing little milestones: the first fanart of Mephistopheles, the first AMV, the first cosplay attempts.  Maybe someone shared it on another website and I got a little more traffic on the video… it wasn’t even on Youtube yet, it was just on Vimeo, with all my other animation assignments. 

People started to realize that I like interacting with fans, so I’d get all kinds of questions.  I’d spend so much time typing, just elaborating on the ideas I had for the story, the characters, or how the universe would work.  What powers do demons have?  What are angels like?  I’d really sit there and think about my responses… I wanted to give people intriguing explanations that would maybe help give them some ideas, for their fan works, you know?  I gave so little with the actual film, but it felt like people were into it because they could sense that maybe there was a larger world planned, a bigger idea behind it.  I certainly wasn’t producing much in the way of a continuation, so that seemed to be a good compromise.  

I tried to reblog everything I could, and after awhile there was just SO much… I would sit down once maybe every couple weeks and just go through the tags and try to catch up with it.  I didn’t realize you could queue stuff, so immediately after I’d get a bunch of messages from people telling me how excited they were for my, like… bi-weekly stream of reblogs… just W2H flooding their dash or whatever, haha.  I got so behind, after awhile, and I’m only just recently trying to get back into it and get better about it.  

There’s been some weirdness to come of it too, for sure.  There’ve been a couple fans who were just, like… reeeeaaaallly crossing over some personal boundaries.  And I was as respectful as I could’ve possibly been with them, for as long as I could’ve possibly been, but at a point I just had to start ignoring some people.  I try to be helpful, but at a point, it’s like… I’m an animator, I’m not a therapist.  There were really only a couple pointedly inappropriate cases, but there was definitely a point where it felt like I just needed to take a break from it.  Some people kind of take interactivity for granted, and the boundary between creator and fan gets a little harder for them to see.  I don’t feel this is an issue any more, but it’s definitely been a little overwhelming a couple times.  There’s good weirdness and there’s bad weirdness, haha.  It’s generally good weirdness, which I’m thankful for!

There’s so many funny little things too, like… once or twice I’ve seen people who were pretty young when they first watched W2H say things like “Oh man, I can’t believe I liked this, I was so young back then…”  BACK THEN!  Of course it’s “back then” to a 15-year-old who was really into something when they were 12, and now they’re embarrassed by it!  Haha… but to me it’s like… idk, I made it when I was 24-25 and now I’m 28.  Like not only is the concept of “back then” totally different to me, but it’s also really funny to see a younger person looking at something I made, as an adult, and go “oh, I’m an adult and this is childish now”… haha.  It’s been interesting to see the fandom develop over the years, people coming and going… it’s really somethin’! 

I could talk about the kinda cool/kinda weird all day long, so I’ll just leave it at this!  Haha.  Thanks for the good question.  Lots of memories, for sure.

A list of good headcanons I have found and will defend to my death
-Yakov is Jewish (I know this one specifically started with tumblr user Jinlian)
-Yurio is trans
-Yuuri doesn’t care about gender binary at all
-No one is straight except for the GPF judges
-Yuuri tries to teach the triplets how to do the fundamentals of skating, Viktor tries (and fails) to teach them flips
-Viktor is one of the gays who is constantly like “I can’t do this sorry I’m gay” or “I get the last donut because I’m gay”

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Hi! Uh, I know you got a lot of awful anons, and I really don't want to be one of those people, but I have a question that's been really worrying me. So ever since I started paying attention to Tumblr SJ, I think I've actually gotten less tolerant. Whenever I see people with a different background, I keep thinking about all their privileges and oppressions and how we can never relate to each other because we obviously see the world differently. [cont]

I just get so worried that I’m hurting people who are black and gay and Muslim and stuff when I’m around them. So I just kind of… Avoid them? I know. It’s really terrible. But I just don’t know what to do. I could be hurting them in ways that wouldn’t even occur to me due to my privilege. So I’m just scared all the time that I’m awful. I know that I have no reason to be scared, because my pain is nothing compared to the pain of people who are actually marginalized, but it still happens. [cont]

Of course I never tried to talk about it with someone before because I don’t want to be the type of person who goes up to black people who are actually hurting and asks them to reassure her that she’s a good ally. That would be really crappy of me to do. But then I’ve been reading you’re blog and you are super duper marginalized but you seem to not be very into SJ? You have a really different perspective and you seem to invite people to not be perfectly PC with you. [cont]

So I was wondering: Do you think there’s a way to become more comfortable around marginalized people without being oppressive? I think it must be possible. I feel less scared talking to you than I would expect for someone as marginalized as you are but it might be that I think you’re less likely to call me out if I’m oppressive? It would be really bad if that’s the reason why. IDK any more. I’m rambling. I’m sorry and I understand if you don’t answer or don’t understand or can’t help. [fin]

Firstly, you probably need a hug.

Your description of being really scared that you’re going to accidentally hurt marginalised people sounds like it might be scrupulosity-related. Scrupulosity is an anxiety problem where you’re constantly worried that you’ve done something wrong. Even if you have no particular reason to believe you have, you worry and worry and worry that maybe you missed something, maybe there’s more to it, maybe there are rules you don’t know yet, maybe the rules are insufficiently precise, etc.

Scrupulosity isn’t good for you. Being anxious all the time isn’t good for you. It also isn’t good for social justice. You said it yourself: It makes it harder for you to be an ally. For all these reasons, I would like to give you unconditional permission to not worry. Stress and guilt and pain don’t make you a better person. If you haven’t been trying to deal the scrupulosity directly because you thought you needed it to be moral, I hope you now understand that that’s not the case. I hope this will give you the support you need to make your happiness a priority here. If so, here are some good tips.

wrt becoming more comfortable around marginalised people, I’m not entirely sure what you can do. The best possible thing here would be for you to spend a lot of time around marginalised people who don’t mind if you slip up in good faith. I don’t actually believe you’re at much risk of a hurtful slip up, but you clearly feel like you are. As such, you would probably feel safest around people who you can be confident won’t be worried by it.

Over time, after you’ve been around them long enough, you’ll probably start feeling like they’re just like everyone else. You won’t see oppression lists floating over people’s heads when you try interacting with them. Instead of “Ahmed, the gay Muslim immigrant” you’ll see “Ahmed, the guy who likes slow jazz and makes excellent brownies”. Over time, I would expect this to generalise, until marginalised people just seem like people. I would be happy to be one such safe person to practice with, to whatever extent this can be achieved via the internet.

However, I understand if you’re hesitant to ask people outright if they can be wont-be-offended practice partners. Sorry. I’m not sure what other methods there are for dealing with this, other than gentle, gradual exposure. At the very least, I can offer some reassurance:

You aren’t a bad person for not being able to follow every rule of social justice. You aren’t a bad person if you accidentally offend someone. You aren’t a bad person if you’re scared to be around marginalised people. You are way less likely to slip up and hurt someone than you think you are. Anxiety disorders lie to you. You are a decent person who is being fed a bunch of rotten propaganda by your brain. What’s important is that it isn’t true.

But maybe those reassurances didn’t make you any more comfortable around marginalised people. Maybe the soft landing approach didn’t work for you, or you can’t actually try it. That’s OK. If interacting with marginalised people is making you stressed out and unhappy, then don’t do it. You have every right to avoid people who make you miserable, to the extent that you are capable of doing so.

No, it doesn’t mean marginalised people are bad or are doing anything wrong. No, it doesn’t mean you’re bad or you’re doing anything wrong. Sometimes people just can’t be around each other, and it’s no one’s fault, and that’s OK. You may feel like it’s *ist or *phobic of you to do this, but that doesn’t matter. You need your space. You need your comfort zone. No one - not a single person in the world - has a right to make you miserable. You always have a right to distance yourself from anything or anyone that’s hurting you. The sacredness of your boundaries, and everyone else’s, is the hill that I die on.

So, as the Empress of Oppression, I hereby absolve you of any and all responsibility to interact with me or anyone else who might make you uncomfortable. Go forth with joy and peace of mind.


Countdown to The Battle of the Five Armies: a post-hoc post

I got a message from a lovely Nonny (yes, they do exist!) asking me what happened to the last day of my Countdown series with Thranduil (counting down to the U.S. release of The Battle of the Five Armies), since the countdown stopped two days before Dec. 17, 2014.  The short answer: I never posted anything for the final day.  The longer answer:  I had run out of material except for a spoilery clip that came from a Hobbit cast interview but was not in any previews/trailers or any other official promotional material that I could find. Since my policy was to use only material that had been officially released by Peter Jackson or Warner Bros., I decided against posting the edits I made from that clip.

But, just for you, Nonny – and because Lee Pace said (in an interview somewhere) that it’s important to finish things – I am finally posting the edits I made for the last day of the countdown. ;-)

This also gives me a chance to thank everyone who liked / reblogged / commented on any of my Countdown posts.  (I’m surprised to see that some posts continue to get notes, even after the series has ended, but I suppose that’s because more people are still discovering the magnificent fabulousness of the Elven King.)  More than likes or reblogs, I love all your comments and tags (yes, I read every one of them!), and I am grateful for the new friends I have made in the course of doing the Countdown

Final tally: 94  When I started the series on Sept. 8, I wasn’t sure I would actually last the whole 100 days. Sure enough, I didn’t quite make it:  I missed day 44 to observe the Tumblr strike on Nov. 3, I would have missed day 28 but for a guest post by the lovely 3intheam (with her mad Photoshop skillz), I missed days 7, 6, 5, and 4 because of my trip to New York to attend the Apple Store Q&A with Lee and Richard Armitage, and, of course, I missed the final day.  The absenteeism rate in the U.S. is supposedly around 9%, so my 6% absenteeism is somewhat better than the norm.

It has been a lot of fun coming up with ideas and finding the right material, and also a lot of work making screencaps and edits (while learning basic Photoshop skills on the fly). Until I started making my own edits, I never realized how much time and effort were involved, and the level of artistry in the best edits I’ve seen never ceases to amaze me.  larygo, maivolchica, loriendesse, enfantdivine, stewardessme, armitageuniverse, @mrpuddingston, richardcfarmitage, synathroesmus, and of course 3intheam:  I bow to you all, senpai.

TL; DR:  Thank you for following along with the Countdown.  I have enjoyed doing it and have learned much.   


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A Tumblrbot sent me a message that was like "so you've liked Soupery's posts. Why not message them? Could be the start of a beautiful Tumblr friendship." And I just groaned immediately because I can't even talk to other people normally like how would I be able to talk to someone I follow that's absolutely amazing without telling them that the entire time

shkgsdg im not rly cool i promise i have no idea how to talk to people so it’s good ;;

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i dont wanna start more discourse but do straight people not understand what oppression is because its really ridiculous that theyre like "how dare u hate me/make a joke about me!!!" but uh my guy thats what youve been doing to the lgbt+ community for literally forever.. are we not allowed to make a 100% harmless joke?? cause newsflash, @ straight people: some people making jokes on tumblr isnt oppression and you arent going to be oppressed anytime soon so stop acting like kids and shape up

Last ask I’ll be posting on the subject.

Ru Paul Drag Race Season 7 as tumblr bloggers
  • MAX: Deep into the Old Hollywood fandom
  • Katya: Meme blogger
  • Ginger Minj: That one dramatic gay who always starts drama and then says he hates drama, the one that's likely to send an anon hate and forget to put anon.
  • Violet Chachki: Bitchy popular blogger
  • Pearl: Hipster gay blogger who is popular just because of his selfies.
  • Trixie Mattel: Random pop culture blogger
  • Miss Fame: That one who always talks about being #blessed
  • Tempest DuJour: That random old man with a blog who is really nice but doesen't quite understand how to use tumblr.
  • Sasha Belle: Annoying stan
  • Miss Kasha Davis: Random personal blogger with occasional funny jokes.
  • Jasmine Masters: Azealia banks stanning shit stirring gay.
  • Kennedy Davenport: Beyhive member who drags every other celebrity who is not Beyoncé.
  • Kandy Ho: That one horny gay that reblogs NSFW and doesen't tag it.
  • Jaidynn Diore Fierce: #that #blogger #who #talks #in #hashtags #toomuch

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May I ask for your opinion about this theory I saw? revolutionaryduelist (.) tumblr (.) com(/) post (/) 159067632817 (/) jake-english-is-the-most-intelligent-character-in

Ok so to start off I’ll say the writer of the theory seems like a very nice person but I think our perspectives, how we approach media, and what we look for in a story are just fundamentally different because I’ve disagreed with most of what I’ve seen of theirs that’s crossed my dash. And that happens sometimes. Different readers, etc etc. It’s not personal or anything. There have been some people where it was personal

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My exams are starting next week and im having a really hard time focusing.What should i do?

The first thing I would suggest is to think about whats causing your lack of focus. Is there anything bothering you? Anything thats going on in your life thats shifting your focus away from work and onto something else? Or is it the work itself that you are struggling with? If none of these apply, then I suggest that you do a little research on tumblr because there are TONES of studyblrs who have amazing posts about how to focus. For now, I hope that my advice will at least do you some good. 

1. put your phone in another room, and have it turned off. 

2. no music. (I know it sounds harsh but for a start, its necessary) 

3. WATER. You might not think that its so important, but sometimes a lack of focus can come because you aren’t hydrated enough. 

One of the things that gets to me is when she talks about promoting the show…..
When the show first started u legit said u werent gonna talk about it.
U constantly SHITTED on the show thru twitter and tumblr.
Now coming about how thats why u stopped promoting the show???? You never did
Also stfu with ur jab on thr show being critiqued when the show got critiqued more because u got more involved.
Trying to say ppl are hating on u because ur a woman?????WRONG. Ppl are hating on you becuz ur a horrible ass person!!!!!
YOU SLUTSHAMED YOUR FEMALE CHARACTERS ALL THE TIME. The show (in s1 specially) actually changed thst shit! For the better! So shut up.
And how the hell do u not expect ppl to fucking believe alec wont die when u and the other writer were constantly writing shit like oh im so sorry alec and bs like tht. Basically putting fear into fans that one of the only (that se know of so far) lgbt character was gonna get killed??
Stop saying u care about malec or clace when u treated both like shit. Malec even more so.
Like seriously lady. Just stop
P.s.-im glad u aint going to cons with them because when i see them i wanna hear about the SHOW not the same 5 questions about the goddamn books. Like anyone wanna hear about the books?? Ask her on social media. Let the fuxking cast talk about their show and not bring in the shitty books

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Hey! I've been super stressed because AP exams are next month, plus dance exams and normal finals, which I know I'm probably going to fail horribly. Plus, I've started having self esteem issues to top it off. How do I manage the stress and get my GOSH DARNED LIFE TOGETHER!!?????? Ahh. And, I barely have time to post on Tumblr or talk to Tumblr friends but I'm still quickly gaining new followers which I'm literally so grateful for. Anyways, any stress/anxiety/self love tips? xx!!

Heyy! Don’t say that you’re going to fail horribly! You’re already doubting and putting yourself in a harsh position! You’re going to do great!!
I know that with finals and projects and everything else is so easy for the stress and anxiety to kick in. Make sure to take all the breaks you need!
Self love is something that is hard to deal with, especially now that you’re in a really stressed situation. Most of the times is because of the same anxiety and stress, because you want to do your best and sometimes that’s not possible, and it’s totally normal, but you think that if you can’t get the grades you want you’re ‘dumb’ or ‘not worth anything’ and now see yourself like a an object or a machine that’s trying to do the best they can (that’s just how i see it).
It’s totally normal to have low self esteem during stressful times (exam season).
Don’t worry about your Tumblr friends, they will understand that this weeks are the worst, and yay congrats on your new followers!
Remember to take breaks, shower everyday, brush your teeth, eat healthy! we are all suffering with you, you’re not alone!

My computer is having technical difficulties that I’m trying to fix, but when i can, I’ll put links here to really helpful tips. If you want, in my blog, you can check under #health ( i think that’s where they are) I’m not sure, sorry!

Hopefully this helped at least a little bit.
Beat of luck in your exams!!!!

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Your page is awesome, so much wonderful stuff I am always tumbling from you to my side blog. :) Did you make a FB page because I think I was following that at one point as well, thats how I found this tumblr, the name rang a bell. :)

Thank you so much! I have a personal FB page but it’s boring AF ;) There is a sub-page there I started for personal art and friends to post but none of my family or friends caught on to it so it’s pretty much dead. This blog is a representation of the inside of my head and heart so it fills me with joy to get wonderful messages like yours! SHINE BRIGHT <3

Okay I genuinely just want to say that im so grateful for everyone on tumblr because I like started regularly posting on this like friday and ive made so many friends already?? thank you all?? i love everyone? and everyone’s so nice that I just can’t believe and like some of you just accept me so easily and thats so like unbelievable omg just thank you all 
ilysm 💞💞

Recently @danisnotonfire uploaded a video called “Dan Reacts to Childhood Videos” . It was a great video - I, amongst many others, loved it. But there are people making these absolutely ridiculous assumptions that are kind of pissing me off.

First, people are going crazy about a comment Dan made where he said “well that explains a lot” when he saw a clip of fetus Dan singing along to “Barbie Girl” by Aqua. People are getting crazy, saying that Dan has come out on camera, taking it way too literally for my, and many others’, liking. It might have been just a small remark that Dan didn’t even think about when he said it. It might have no meaning whatsoever. Or maybe it WAS a slip of the tongue where he accidentally hinted that he was gay (/bi/pan/demi etc.) Either way, so what? Sure, it’s great to be supportive and enthusiastic about his supposed “coming out” but people are openly FORCING THE IDEA ONTO HIM. This is NOT okay. He probably already has loads on his mind right now and doesn’t want this kind of rude behavior plastered everywhere. The thing is WE DON’T KNOW about his love life. We shouldn’t feel that we have the need to. It’s HIS life, and only his.

Second of all, people keep talking shit about Dan’s parents, and how his grandparents are “the only parental figures he has” etc. DAN DOESN’T NEED TO TALK ABOUT HIS PARENTS AND/OR FAMILY. Phil talks about his mum and brother loads, but THAT DOESN’T MEAN DAN HAS TO. For all we know, Dan has great parents who he absolutely loves. Or maybe they really were shit parents. Or maybe he doesn’t have any parents at all. The thing is, we shouldn’t have the need to know this type of personal stuff. It’s his choice on whether or not he wants to share. HIS and HIS ONLY.

And finally, Dan’s jumper in the video. It’s a fuckload of pounds (in my mind anyway) but THATS OKAY. Dan is allowed to wear expensive stuff. He’s a youtuber with over 5 million subscribers, he’s bound to make a lot of money. It’s his style, his fashion choices, and everyone’s going batshit about how expensive it is. Surely Dan’s starting to feel a bit self conscious about it. Just STOP BUGGING HIM ABOUT EVERY TINY THING HE SAYS OR DOES.

This happened ages ago with Dan’s brother Adrian where Adrian was harassed on tumblr because of his brother’s subscriber count. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t mention anyone of immediate family anymore. That’s how far it’s gone.

The phandom is a wonderful place where phans get to meet, become friends and unite in their love of Dan and Phil. But it is also a horrible place of assault, violation and harassment.

Sorry to anyone not interested or unaware of the topic who had to read that. I just wanted to get my views across.

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Dearest Duke, Do you have any tips that you used to get your agent? Did you have your book finished before you started looking or an agent? And congrats :) that's so exciting!!!

OMFG YES you need to have your book finished before you start looking for an agent. You don’t just need to have it finished, you need to have it finished, you need to have done twelve different drafts and had five beta readers and made sure that it is as close to perfect as you can possibly make it without professional help.

Alright we’re going to do a quick crash course in traditional publishing and how it works because I feel like this is like a big black hole of missing information for all the hopeful writers on Tumblr (for some reason; you guys CAN look this stuff up online and it’s a really good idea to do that). Anyway this is not meant to be a substitute for doing your own research, but here are the bare-bones basics of what you need to know before you even think about approaching an agent:

  1. FINISH THE BOOK. Better yet, finish three or four books because the odds that your truly ‘first’ book is ready for publication are hilariously, abysmally low. If I get the book my agent made her original offer on published it’ll say on the dust jacket that it’s my ‘first book,’ but that’s not really true. This is the seventh novel I’ve written. It’s just the first one that was remotely ready to actually be seen by an agent (or anyone else). This is part of the process. You have to write shit that will never see the light of day if you want to have any prayer of writing things that will.
  2. Revise like your life depends on it. Under no circumstances should you submit anything to an agent that you’ve done less than ten drafts of. Get beta readers. Revise again. Revising is just as important as writing, if not more so. It should take you at least as long to revise as it took you to write the fucking book. Way too many writers think they don’t need to revise or think that revising consists of surgically removing typos. You, my friend, are sorely mistaken. 
  3. Repeat Step 2 until you are absolutely positive that there is literally nothing you can do, not a single comma you can remove, to make it better before you start querying agents.
  4. Write a query letter. 
  5. Revise said query letter like your life depends on it. Because it kind of does, if writing is what you want to do with your life, and if it isn’t you shouldn’t be doing this. Writing can’t be a casual hobby if you really want to make something out of it.
  6. Repeat Step 5 until there’s nothing more you can do.
  7. Research different agents and what they want/represent. Do not just fire off your query letter to every agent listed in Writer’s Marketplace. Who specifically is your book going to appeal to? Better yet, who do you want to be representing your book? This is important shit to consider. 
  8. Send out query letters. Personalize them if you can but don’t try too hard. Keep track of where and when you sent them so you can follow up if need be.
  9. Hopefully hear back from an agent. They may ask for revisions. They may make you an offer right away. At this point it could go a million different ways and I won’t get into that right now. 
  10. Hopefully sign a contract. Once you and a prospective agent can agree on revisions, etc. you can sign a contract and congratulations, you now have authorial representation. 

I hope this is less of a mystery. Sorry if this is way more than you asked for but it seems like something a lot of people on here might be curious to know. If you’re serious enough about writing to be thinking about trying to get (traditionally) published someday, you need to know that writing is not just fun and games and stringing pretty words together and shipping your own characters. Writing is an iceberg kind of art form. Only 10% of it is actually writing. The rest is editing and revising and networking and research and if you are not hella fucking dedicated and hella fucking determined you’re already at a huge disadvantage. We toss around the word ‘writer’ pretty casually on Tumblr—which is totally valid, if you write, you’re a writer—but it does lead people to have a very romantic notion of what it’s like to write professionally. It’s kind of like acting. It might look glamorous, but in reality it’s being sore and bruised and fucking broke and exhausted all the time. So why do it? Simply put, because it’s worth it. To me anyway. If you’re thinking, it’s probably not worth all that, it’s probably not the career for you. 

Art is hard. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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I'm a bellarker and I actually liked clexa! It wasn't my otp, but I found it really cute. I don't want to offend your ship or make you angry in any ways with this ask, I'm just curious about your opinion: So, I follow your blog and I saw an ask saying that Bellarke becoming romantic would be not logic. Clexa became canon after the Mt Weather incident and Finn's death. Do you think that's more logical? Why did you start shipping them back then? What "convinced" you? Im just trying to understand..

 Hi! You didn’t make me angry at all, don’t worry. I’m just wondering if you maybe can send me a link to this ask you’re talking about, so I have a better idea what you’re referring to?

Alright so, how do I start? Well, first of all, Clexa is the first couple I “actively shipped”, as in, I joined a fandom for the first time. And even that wasn’t really done on purpose. I joined tumblr just because I needed to scream into the void about Clexa and Lexa specifically, because no one I knew was watching the show. How did I start shipping Clexa? Honestly, it just… happened. I’m not someone who watches a show and seeks out a couple to ship, I never did that. I watch a show and enjoy certain characters and certain relationships, and sometimes they happen to be romantic relationships. For example, I LOVE Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It’s my favorite show of all time and will always be. And in that show, I fell in love with the Buffy/Angel relationship, and the romantic aspect of it. I guess now I would call myself a Buffy/Angel shipper, but I don’t really have the shipper mentality in me? Does it make sense?

Anyway, the point is I fell in love with the characters, the chemistry they had, I found their interactions captivating, I was constantly intrigued, pulled to them, the way they clicked together, I saw something that I didn’t see in other relationships etc. etc. I know this sounds like the most generic answer possible, but it’s simply the way I felt. And it’s what happened with Clexa. Except that where in BtVS it was pretty clear that Buffy and Angel were meant to have a romantic storyline too (there’s hardly any will they/won’t they), in absolutely no way I was planning to ship Clexa. Until the second part of season 2 I wasn’t really invested in any romantic relationship. 

Take Bellarke. [Obviously, this is just my opinion and personal experience, it doesn’t and shouldn’t take anything away from your enjoyment of that relationship.] One thing not many know is that when the show aired and I watched the Pilot, I immediately dropped it because I hated it. I still do, I find that pilot just awful. I think by the end of it I wanted everyone to die (maybe not Wells but that’s it). I gave the show a second chance because one year later, I randomly ran into one of those “Top shows you’re not watching” lists and The 100 was there too. So I did some googling and while doing that, I also noticed that Bellarke seemed to be the main pairing fans were talking about. So I started the show again and fell in love with it and I grew to really adore Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship. But… I never saw it as romantic. I even tried to make myself like it that way, but they just never clicked for me under that aspect. This isn’t to say they don’t have chemistry. I would have to be blind or to simply lie to say the chemistry isn’t there. But I never felt it as romantic or sexual. Like… I even tried to read fanfics of them to see if maybe I was missing something. But especially after that experience, of reading romantic/sexual interactions between Clarke and Bellamy and finding them “off”, I realized they weren’t clicking for me at all in that sense.

Which brings me to Clexa. When Lexa first appeared in 2x06 I was immediately drawn to that character, I was mesmerized by her introduction. Then I saw her first interaction with Clarke, and I literally couldn’t take my eyes away from them. Every scene they had together was magnetic. When Lexa revealed her past with Costia in 2x09, she jumped into my list of favorite characters in the show. Not because it was revealed she is a lesbian (which was amazing for other reasons), but because of the implications of her story. I love complex female characters. Before that episode I was already intrigued by Lexa, she was smart, confident, strong, but that episode showed for the first time that she was fragile too. That her coldness vastly came from having suffered through unbearable pain, it was basically a defense mechanisms. This added so many layers to her, and I knew I had found a potential favorite. And as the show progressed I kept seeing more and more of that complexity: she is ruthless but doesn’t take joy in violence, she says she learned how to not feel anything but you can see that she feels so damn much, she wants peace but is willing to make harsh choices. It’s because she is so layered that she became my favorite. And then the show started developing her relationship with Clarke. Two strong, complex female leaders from two very different worlds with very different POVs on life who have to learn to work together and who slowly realize they have more in common than they thought. Both greatly wounded by their pasts but unable to stop feeling and loving. Learning from each other, respecting each other. Suffice to say, their interactions became the thing I was looking forward to the most each week. But I wasn’t really shipping them. If I have to pick a specific moment though, their scene together at the end of 2x10, seeing the way they were looking at each other, made me start thinking about how amazing a romance between these two could be. Their chemistry was just sizzling. But I thought it would never happen, because I thought Clarke was straight and that they would never put their lead character in a WLW relationship. I don’t need to say how ridiculously happy I was when they kissed and it was revealed that Clarke is bisexual. And how devastated I was about how they handled Lexa’s death.

Let’s talk about the “logic” aspect you were mentioning. I see Finn’s death as a “problem” only if we talk about Clarke, and by that I mean that she loved him and he died. The whole “Lexa forced Clarke to kill him” argument is just nonsense to me, and this post is long enough without me tackling that. So… I was actually glad that Clarke told Lexa she wasn’t ready to be with anyone in 2x14. It was too soon, and her reaction felt realistic. Her attraction towards Lexa was clearly there but it wasn’t the right time, she wasn’t ready to pursue a new relationship. Amazing. About Mt. Weather… look, I am an angst slut. I love intelligent angst, I love good conflicts and the journey to overcome them. So I was euphoric thinking about Clarke and Lexa’s journey in s3 to repair their relationship. And I’m not going to lie and say I was entirely pleased. I would have loved to see a slow reconciliation, I would have loved for the writers to have taken their time. But I get it wasn’t possible because they only had 7 episodes (I’m not going to talk about what they could have done differently because I would get pissed and this post would never end lol). They had Lexa make that monumental gesture of swearing fealty to Clarke and then they had Lexa’s journey in season 3 to be entirely about regaining Clarke’s trust and working towards peace, for all people. So, despite me craving for a slower build up to their love scene, I find that their reconciliation made sense.

I don’t know what ask you’re talking about, so I’d have to read it to have a clear idea, but I’ll try to answer anyway. I told you how I feel about Bellarke. It’s a personal opinion. I don’t see any romance or sexual chemistry there, but I do love their friendship and partnership. I’ve often said that it’s one of the core relationship of this show. I think that it’s rare to see on television a realistic, complex, well developed friendship between an attractive male and a female that also happen to be the leads of a show. It’s way rarer than any romantic pairing of that kind, and it’s one of the things I love about them. When I say that I see them as platonic, I don’t mean it as an insult. I firmly believe that platonic relationships are just as important as romantic, and one as rare as Bellamy and Clarke’s in particular. I think that a romantic storyline would take away what is special about that relationship. But apart from that, talking about “logic”. By sticking to canon, one of the reasons Bellamy did what he did in season 3 was his pain and guilt about losing Gina. Yes, the writers treated that character as nothing more than a tool to “fridge” to give Bellamy an additional justification to side with Pike, but it’s clear that their bond was real. Clarke… Clarke had to kill Finn, and lost Lexa right after their happiest moment, and had to abruptly say goodbye to her again in the CoL, right after telling her she loved her. These characters are scarred. They are in pain, they have PTSD, they are grieving. That’s why I think a new relationship (not necessarily just between Clarke and Bellamy but in general) so soon would be illogical. They need time to process the traumas they went through, their losses. They need to properly deal with them before even thinking about romantically moving on. I’m going to mention BtVS again. After her relationship with Angel ends, Buffy gets together with Riley. And you can’t say that there’s anything wrong there. He loves her, he’s a nice guy, he wants to do what’s right. But we never feel the spark that was there with Angel. And it’s done on purpose. Because Buffy truly tries to make herself feel for Riley the same things he felt for Angel, but it’s not possible.

Now, that’s not to say that Clarke should grieve forever. I’m absolutely not opposed to the concept of moving on and learning to love again. Hell, one of Lexa’s main aspects is exactly this. But I think it would be absolutely wrong to do it so quickly, and especially with one of the most interesting and rare relationships we have. And of course this doesn’t mean that I need a season of Clarke doing nothing but grieving. The pace of this show is insane, and they have HUGE problems to think about. But really, would it be a crime to have these characters be single for a season? To give them time to grow individually? To have them properly face their unresolved feelings and grief during a quiet moment? I don’t think so.

So well… this is my long long answer. It’s probably confusing as hell, but I hope this helped lol, and sorry I couldn’t keep it shorter. If you have other questions or curiosity please don’t hesitate to ask :)

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Looking back on chapter 70, I wish we would have gotten to see Levi interacting w/ the orphanage kids as well; it would've been a cute addition

Dear fanfiction writers and artists of tumblr,

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I have a theory

Reblog effect.

Tumblr users are less likely to reblog a post with less notes than a post with more notes. 

A post with thousands of notes will only gain in momentum. 

A post that you SEE with 100 or less won’t, because a Tumblr user sees the amount of notes and won’t reblog it unless they REALLY like it. 

But with a post that’s got 50k notes, you reblog it quickly, even if you don’t find it all that funny, because it has 50k notes and you assume everyone thinks it’s funny, so you might as well reblog, if it’s not costing you money or time. 

Of course every post has to start somewhere, but the ones that blow up only continue to accelerate while really good posts posted by a new or obscure blog can get ignored simply because of the lack of exposure. 

But conversely, a good post posted by an obscure blog might make the blog tumblr famous and GIVE them exposure, because if it’s good enough, then it BECOMES one of the growing posts. 

So what am I saying?

Reblog effect. 


The thing I like about bansky (yeah people are probably gonna get shitty with me) is that his art is made for the masses. He doesn’t adhere to the pretentious nature that a lot of art does. His art has always been straight forward and easy for anyone to understand and enjoy whilst still having the ability to make people think, and I think thats what art should be. I’ve seen quite a few people taking shots at his new exhibit for being ‘capitalistic’ but honestly I think taking advantage of the system to inject a bit of poison into it seems like a great idea. 

People also spend all day bitching about how much they hate capitalism/the media ect and someone comes along and displays what we are trying to say on a bigger (international) level, and people start taking the almighty piss out of it? Because the media has latched onto him…? I don’t really understand that?

I know people are going to furiously disagree with me and thats fine, but I genuinely don’t see the problem. I’ve looked at some of the pieces in his exhibit and immediately thought back to a post i’ve seen on Tumblr addressing the same issue. His art and art display is literally the majority of Tumblr’s ideology, just outside of Tumblr.