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What are class 1-A's favorite ice cream flavors?

((can u tell I was hungry when I wrote this))

Midoriya likes the fruit flavored ones. Not necessarily strawberry, but stuff like banana, kiwi, mango are appealing to him. Iida, a butter pecan man in his own right, applauds the vain attempt at being healthy through ice cream. He only has it sometimes since his favorite flavor is so fatty.

Bakugou is more for the simple stuff. He always bites into his chocolate ice cream and it terrifies everyone to this day. Kirishima, despite being well-equipped to bite ice cream, is a normal fucking person and eats ice cream like a human being. There was an ice cream shop near his house when he was a kid and they had the best rocky road ice cream, so that’s his favorite. Kaminari is up there with Deku, he likes the more natural flavors. Catch Kaminari at 2 AM eating out of a quart of pistachio ice cream because he CAN.

Todoroki, to the surprise of many, is a peanut butter dude. When he was little his dad controlled his diet very strictly, and now that he’s out of the house he can eat what he wants. Turns out he wants peanut butter.

I stand by my headcanon that Uraraka likes mint chocolate chip ice cream and Tsuyu likes strawberry ice cream and whenever they get ice cream together they match. That’s not why, but it just turns out that way.

Momo, true to her aesthetic, likes stuff like cheesecake ice cream. It’s simple, it’s nice, and it tastes amazing. And yes, she likes peach ice cream too. Jirou will ask for a scoop, the cashier is like “of what,” she says to surprise her. Momo’s astonished. The guy could come out with the most cavity-inducing, sugary mess and Jirou would absolutely try it.

Mina likes sugary, cotton candy/bubblegum ice cream and it’s a wonder she still has teeth. Tooru, on the opposite end of the spectrum, likes flavors like sweet cream. She is a simple girl with simple needs, and one of those simple needs is all of her teeth.

Shouji and Tokoyami both like vanilla ice cream. Tokoyami worries a little that it might ruin his image, until he realized no one gives a shit what kind of ice cream he likes goddamn stop worrying. Dark Shadow likes coffee ice cream tho

Sero prefers frozen yogurt. He gets the tart flavors and a shit ton of the little boba things. It’s ridiculous. Looks like a fuckin… bowl of orange caviar.

Satou usually gets the cotton candy type of stuff Mina gets, but he prefers, like, cookies n’ cream. Kouda will usually end up switching with him.

Mineta’s favorite popsicle flavor is dick

Ojiro doesn’t really have a favorite flavor, he just doesn’t like stuff with caramel in it. Aoyama, on the other hand, will eat anything with caramel in it.

sometimes i feel bad and guilty about spending so much money on merchandise - especially when other people say that it’s a waste - but then again… is buying tons of makeup a better investment? or what about the newest brand clothes? or in-app purchases for some mobile games you won’t even remember a few years from now? at the end of the day, we buy a lot of things simply because they make us happy, right? buying merchandise makes me happy. all my posters and wall scrolls and figures and key chains are a nice decoration for my home, and seeing them cheers me up and makes me feel comfortable. how could that be a waste… 

look, I don’t fucking understand people that are always like ‘hurry up n graduate n find a job!!!’ like…….theres no fucking jobs out there son. some 60 year old retired bitch that only talks about ‘the olden days’ really shouldn’t have a say on what I should do in my life because guess whose old n irrelevant !!!!!!! thats right !!!!!! you bitch !!!!!!! I’m so sick of adults horning in on every fucking little action of their children because they think its right, they think its normal because all the other kids are doing it well you know what? you’re not from this fucking century you don’t have to go to university, and you don’t have to be constantly told that all the years spent in school literally amounts to nothing but a bachelors degree that guess what? half the world doesn’t even give two flying shits about that !!!! you spend your whole life in school n then realize that once you’re done, you’re fucking done. I mean….yeah go ahead n say how we waste all our money on avocado toast when you have no fucking idea the stress that youth these days go through just to please their parents, to fit into society n to literally keep their sanity because old fucking geezers think that if you’re 25 n not yet successful with a stable income you’re useless because ‘you didn’t try hard enough’. get the fuck over yourself n leave me alone.

PSA to the Voltron fandom

Season Three is fast approaching, and Season Four is right on its heels. With the plot of the first episode of Season Three released to the internet, and various teasers and trailers spawning up, I feel it should be important to say:

Please be considerate.

Yes, of course, mark your spoilers as such, but I’m talking about something else here.

People have differing opinions. It is a fact of human nature that not everyone is going to agree 100% on everything, even about something as exciting as this.

Where some people are thrilled at female Galra in general, some are indifferent or even don’t want it.

Where some love the idea of Lotor’s old harem now being bad-ass assassin ladies, some are concerned about the cliche of ‘half-breeds’ being discriminated against in the first place.

Some are a bit skeptical at Keith’s leadership style. Others say give him a chance. (this one is being fought about a little more harshly, from what I’ve seen today)

Hell, there are some who don’t even care for Throk having lines or such a big role at all.

What I’m saying is, we can all have different opinions. It’s okay.

It’s not okay to blatantly hate and bully people for having these opinions, nor is it okay to scream and rant that your way is the best way and no one should say otherwise.

If you don’t agree with the majority, it’s okay to be civil and discuss your reasoning why. And if you are in the majority, sit back and listen calmly to what the other person has to say.

You don’t have to keep your unpopular opinion to yourself. Just be civil. Be considerate.


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i understand that calling trans guys boys can be degrading, and calling all men boys can sound eh, but is it ok if i use it bc im a minor so i am attracted to /boys/ and not older men??

NO NO ANON DONT WORRY, im not saying its bad to want to call yourself a boy instead of a man or say ur attracted to boys instead of men!!! thats definitely not what was meant at all!! you can feel free to call yourself and who youre attracted to whichever word makes you happy!!!

my problem with the word boy lies within non trans people/trans mlm calling every single trans man a ‘soft cute smol boy’ kind of deal. because not all trans men are soft and small!! and it can be very degrading to have everybody assume that bc youre a trans man youre automatically smal boi soft & sweet. but as a trans mlm you have all the right to identify and call yourself & who you date whatever you want!!!

i hope this made sense!! ;w;
Procedural programming - voculae (northernMagic) - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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So I extended that pseudocode poem into a drabble, because it wasn’t nearly nerdy enough to begin with. Also, I made it less angsty because I can’t stand sad endings.

Lets play a game called Protect the Pidge!

Watching Voltron Legendary Defender I began to notice something that the entire team has in common: they all without question protect Pidge. The team will go out of their way to make sure Pidge is safe, and anyone who attacks Pidge is immediately dealt with. 

Pidge draws the attention of the commander?

Turn the commander’s attention onto you.

Falling down a slide of death? Put Pidge on your shoulders out of reach.

Pidge is almost never standing by themself. Someone is always near them, and normally? It’s Shiro and Hunk, the two biggest guys on the team.

You will almost never see Pidge on the edge of the group, Pidge is never exposed. 

Not even the sloth thing touches the Pidge.

Everyone else is complaining? We can keep going. Pidge has a breakdown? REST TIME.

It was all verbal until the Princess threw food goop at Pidge?

GAME ON, ALLURA. Immediate retaliation from Keith.

There’s a thing falling at you, no way is Shiro going to let his Pidge get squished.

Nothing harms the Pidge.

Alien has Pidge held in painful grip, rest of the team can’t do anything?


In short? Pidge is precious and must be protected at all costs. You touch Pidge? The rest of the team will make you regret it.

when you follow a mental illness blog and then they turn their life around and suddenly start reblogging nothing but #recovery and #positivity

like, i came here for memes about my suffering, miss me with that healthy optimism shit

The great tragedy of Anakin Skywalker is he never got a chance to be free.

Think about it. He’s born into slavery. He lives 9 years as a true slave. Even if Watto was the “best” owner ever that is still a horrific circumstance to spend your FORMATIVE YEARS. Even if Watto was a saint, there is so much trauma in having no freedom or control over your own body, in knowing the PRICE of your life. Not to mention secondary trauma, which is NO LESS TRAUMATIC, btw.

Then, he’s “freed” by a Jedi. But the Jedi frees him with the implied condition that Anakin be taken in and trained by the Jedi order. As soon as he leaves Tattooine, all choice is stripped from him. The counsel evaluates him and finds him wanting. His entire future is thrown into jeopardy because the man who bought him is dead and the new owners may want to return him. When they finally do induct him into the Jedi Order, it is with suspicion and a lot of conditions (cough, being the Chosen One, cough)

Once again he’s in a situation where he must call the people in charge MASTER.

(But it’s Different, someone might say. Yeah, well, when you’re 9 a cucumber looks like a zucchini, and patterns of thoughts, how the world works, worldview, that doesn’t change just because someone tells you some pretty words)

In the Jedi Order, Anakin loses the autonomy of his choices. He loses the option of getting married and having children (which, btw, is one of the rights traditionally stolen in slave cultures). He loses the right to chose where he goes and what he does EVEN AFTER HE REACHES ADULTHOOD. And, he loses the right to his own emotions.

Even as a slave, emotions are the one thing they can’t truly take from you. They can try to break you, they can punish you, but as long as you can think you can feel, you can hide what you’re feeling. You can be angry, sad, happy, in love even if they don’t want you to. But in the Jedi order, not only are these emotions bad, but it is an entire organization of psychics who vocally criticize and police you out when you’re struggling to “let go” of anger and hate, even or especially hate that is justified!

Then, this Order begins using SENTIENT HUMAN SOLDIERS who have been BRED AND RAISED AND SOLD TO BE AN ARMY. Soldiers who’se MINDS have been stripped to make them more obedient. And the Jedi don’t even hesitate to put them to use. The Jedi Order legitimized slavery. How do you suppose THAT felt for the former slave boy?

So, in the movie, you see a progression as Anakin struggles for power. Because, if he’s the master then HE WON’T BE THE SLAVE.

Lastly, after THREE YEARS OF TRAUMA AND WAR AND SLOWLY SLIPPING TO THE DARK SIDE (don’t tell me it was just Padme’s death that caused him to fall), Anakin fall’s and turns to the only Authority Figure who has treated him with full respect and told him that he is powerful, he is in control – Darth Sidious. Who then ENSLAVES HIM UNTIL THE DAY HE DIES.

Anakin only got 30 minutes of true freedom and he was dying.

And that just kind of kills me.

Go out there, enjoy yourself, make the most of what you have because none of us know how long we have on this plane of existence, none of us know what lies beyond this; this state of being; a lot of us wish for things that are beyond this, a lot of us are waiting for that, but we dont know and because we dont know, i say that, that makes trying worth it right now. You can wait all you want for great things to happen, but why not to try to make them happen right now, because none of us know whats going to happen tomorrow. So, try your best right now and what you have in this situation that youre in at this moment in time, you dont have to do amazing things, but as long as youre trying your best to make the most of it then thats a success in my mind, so just dont take anything for granted.
—  Jacksepticeye

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

After his curtain call message, Takato says there’s something he definitely wants to do with everyone!

Takato: It’s not the nukunaru!  Nee Kuro… can we do the chant?
Shouri: Guess we have to!  All right, everyone!
Bishin: Everyone, all together!  Repeat after Kuroo and say it together with us!  Everyone in the live-viewing theaters too!

Please do not repost

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It is true that Captain Kidd has a small detail on his right thigh that is basically (or at least what looks like) a bandage:

Here is a bit of a simple trivia/analysis about this though:

In the game it is confirmed that Ryuji’s leg was broken (not just a minor injury) he literally broke his femur, which is the strongest bone of the human body. It is hard as hell to break, but it is not impossible.

Besides, if Kamoshida broke it he wouldn’t have just kicked it with force or else he would be the one to get a broken foot instead (you see that a lot in boxing fights). If he broke it it is more likely that he would’ve had to brutally throw Ryuji on the ground instead or used his knees/foot carefully as a “hammer” (having a strong build would help to do that too) and even that would be difficult to cause this injury.

But this helps a lot to give us more insight on Ryuji’s character since injuries like that are more likely to affect not only on his sports career but on his whole health. A thigh injury is the most painful and difficult bone fracture to recover from and can affect nerves and blood vessels.

It may take even half a year to recover, but some people (like Ryuji) may never increase their flexibility or bear weight even with rehab.

You can see when they are running to get out of Kamoshida’s palace that Ryuji looks at his right side with pain:

He puts his hand over his right leg slightly to control the pain:

But then he falls when he puts his weight on his right side again (if you see the scene again you can clearly see that he is on his right foot when he loses balance):

And falls holding the same exactly place that Captain Kidd has covered in a bandage (the position is not the best, but you can see that his left leg is actually under his right one and he is holding his right thigh, close to his knee):

Ryuji also walks and runs slightly with a limp (his right leg doesn’t move as smoothly) and even his habit of putting his right leg over his left one can also be an indication of his injury. 

He may also have a scar or a deformity on the leg (something like a bone “tenting” the skin slightly) since femur fractures are mostly likely to cause it, but we can’t see that in the game.

It is a mark of his character and it is actually really nice to see the effort to make small details like that in game and how much Ryuji still thinks that this is just part of who he is and embodies this side of him in his own persona. It’s like he is saying “this is me now and I’ll deal with it”.

Now let us have happy Ryuji being cute after all this angst thing with my boy:

Be More Chill Characters as Explained By My 23 yr Old Brother

He was shown a few pictures and has minimal knowledge of the plot and characters. The result was beautiful.

JEREMY: This… this Where’s Waldo looking twink. He has a desk in an overhead light so he’s probably somewhat important. He’s lonely because all of his friends are gay and he’s not– until the end. He’s gay for the other guy at the end. Probably looks up Dear Evan Hansen fan fiction– Im like 80% sure. He wishes his life were more than just lamenting over his waifus.

SQUIP: Oh god where is his arm- is this one Michael? He’s coming onto that other guy hard so that has to be Michael. -picture switched- oh no that’s the villain- thats a fucking villain pose. That’s a batman villain looking out over his henchman, this robby rotten motherfucker. That’s the drug? He’s like Tim Curry from Fern Gully but instead of pollution he makes people gay and horny.

MICHAEL: Shit his lips are so pink- if that isn’t a main focus or an arch this is written wrong. He’s gay, so I assume this one is Michael and he’s perfect and everyone loves him. He’s essentially the gay guy from Scott Pilgrim and he’s all of the fanfic author’s fantasies come true.

CHRISTINE: Generically sweet– wait this was written by a man, right? Yeah- Then yeah, generically nice. I’m split between “is the voice of reason” and “gets super corrupted by drug and thats the breaking point”  

RICH: I assume he’s a bit dorky. He’s Trying to stand out to impress sexy gym people and gets fucked up because of it.

JAKE: This guy- This fucking Disney Channel protagonist– he pretends to have sex with all the girls so hard it breaks his legs, but he really broke them because of little buff man. He’s the sexy gym people.

CHLOE: Brunette is popular- very very bi. Bitchy heathers vibe. probably a love interest

BROOKE: Also bi. She’s supportive and probably talks the other one into doing shit like “Hey wanna make out?” They do because Tumblr would love that.

Beat    are they sisters    No they’re best-    oh thank god

JENNA: She’s the pop culture bitch that makes a bunch of references and doesn’t leave you alone. enough said.


in response to the picture of squipped Jake: Jock who fucked tiny buff guy is scaring other couple because they are gayer. He is high on the robby rotten tic tac. Gay couple is terrified – but mystified – by crutch flight power up.

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So I was re-watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows p 2, and there's a scene where Harry, Ron, and Hermione all show up unexpectedly to Ginny, who is Harry's love interest. And what is the first thing Ginny says? "Harry" of course because that's characters do when they love each other. While Ron, Ginnys brother is standing right there like what am I chopped suey? Comparing destiel to any romantic pairing is really quite easy now.

source: @wildcas 

It’s great how they are nice and obvious about adhering to standard romance tropes :D

Sam is like I AM ALSO RIGHT HERE, but anyway, we don’t have time for you two to be all pissy or romantic or whatever like last time, we have to get on with the case at hand, Lucifer is probably right behind us! 

Mary isn’t even surprised. She thinks they’re a thing anyway, I mean every interaction she’s had with them they’ve behaved like husbands so what else would she think… 

I love it.

I have a headcanon​ why Dawn doesn’t wear pants, despite Sinnoh being cold af: her mom told her to put some pants on before going on her journey (because it’s cold outside duh) but she was like “nah it’s fine” and left and like after a few days she regretted it but was to stubborn to go back and admit that her mom was right, so she just kept going pantsless through all of Sinnoh until she beat the pokemon league
just so she wouldn’t have to admit that her mom was right

Why the frick is every. single. march. on SATURDAY?

Like y’all know that Sabbath-observant Jews (*coughs* LIKE ME) are completely excluded, right??

Unless we live within walking distance (*coughs* WHICH I DO NOT) then we can’t travel to them on Sabbath.



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Snake husbandry is important, but a grief post about someone's LOVED DEAD ANIMAL is not the place to do it. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? "Your snake died because you killed it." That's so fucking rude. I used to respect you before this shit. That's a total overstepping and EXTREMELY INSENSITIVE to someone who SUFFERED A LOSS. You wouldn't show up to someone's grandmother's funeral and say "Well, if she'd have eaten better she'd still be alive." You of all people should know better

you know im not the one who made the post right? i just reblogged the post