because that's all most people know him for

classic lit authors on ao3
  • Jane Austen: The slowburn writer to end all slowburn writers. Has a mild case of purple prose syndrome. Sets you up to think she's using a really lame trope or cliche, but then pulls the old BITCH U THOUGHT. Gets in fights with commenters who completely miss the point of her work.
  • William Shakespeare: Where dick jokes meet feels. Recycles old plots that have been in the fandom for years, but always manages to put a new spin on it. That said, he's better known for good character writing than good plots. Kind of problematic, but people love him anyway. Laughs at and encourages commenters who completely miss the point of his work.
  • The Brontë Sisters: Their fics get lots of comments but they never reply. They never leave author notes, either. They share an account, and there are talks of a collab fic coming soon. Write fics for OTPs of questionable healthiness and consent. Only ever write darkfic. Like, REALLY dark. ...People are getting kind of worried about them.
  • Edgar Allan Poe: Also only ever writes darkfic, but at this point, people have moved past being worried about him and have just accepted that he's weird, he's morbid, and we love him. Channels his feelings about his ex into his writing. It results in really good stories but everyone's sort of like, "...Dude."
  • Charles Dickens: Trying to set the record for highest wordcount on ao3, and it shows.
  • Victor Hugo: Currently holds the record for highest wordcount on ao3.
  • Oscar Wilde: Only ever writes M/M. Has a BAD case of purple prose, but it's worth it if you manage to get through. His stories are either hilarious or soul-crushing. Or somehow both. People love him but know better than to disagree with him publicly, lest he destroy you with one of his infamous subtweets.
  • L. Frank Baum: Wrote one really well-loved story that's among the most famous in the fandom, and it's literally all he's known for, and it pisses him off. His popular story became a multichap against his will because it's the only one of his stories anyone actually reads. He keeps trying to end it so he can work on other things, but always ends up coming back.
  • Arthur Conan Doyle: Feels L. Frank Baum's pain. SO much.
  • James Joyce: Has fascinating ideas, but takes forEVER to get to the point in his stories. Also a stoner, and it shows.
  • Lousia May Alcott: Writes stories for her unpopular OTP (that's a NOTP for most of the fandom) and breaks up everyone's favorite ships, mainly out of spite. Also kills everyone's favorite characters, less so out of spite.
  • Mary Shelley: Writes incredible stories, but publishes under her boyfriend's account because she's banned from ao3. ...Again.
  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately
Tango Headcanons

Ok so it’s probably safe to say that Tango is from NJ because the only people who are Devil fans are people from NJ. So here are some things to consider about Tango (written by a girl from NJ)

  • First thing you gotta know though is that there is a fine line between North, South, and Mid Jersey
    • people from the north hate people from the south and people from the south hate people from the north and people from the north and south don’t believe that mid Jersey exists
      • it does you can all fight me
    • I’m headcanoning him as a mid Jersey kid b/c thats where I’m from
  • He spent most of his summers growing up at the shore
    • and no matter where he’s from in NJ you say “going down the shore” not “going to the beach”
    • If he’s from mid Jersey he probably went to Belmare or Asbury Park (maybe LBI if it was a weekend thing or if his family had a shore house)
      • had a season pass for whichever beach tho lbr
  • Learned to hate out-of-state drivers because they are too slow and are always are causing traffic on the Parkway in the summer
  • went on field trips to the Liberty Science Center no less than 3 times
  • would go to Six Flags with his friends a bunch
  • Lives for a Pork Roll Egg & Cheese (aka the greatest breakfast sandwich you will ever eat)
    • actually cried when he realised he couldn’t get it at anywhere outside of Jersey
  • This bring us to Food
    • A bagel and Pizza snob
      • refuses to eat pizza at college because it’s just disgusting outside of the NJ/NY area
        • Didn’t talk to Whiskey for a week after he offered him a slice of Domino’s pizza
          • “Hey Tango want a slice?” “Never speak to me or my children again”
      • same goes for bagels
  • Simultaneously hates and loves his home state
    • Like he can say how much it sucks but once anyone from outside NJ does he will fight them to the death
      • *In the locker room at one point probably*
        • Tango: Haha yeah Im from dirty jersey
        • Nursey or Hoslter (both being from NY): Lol yeah NJ is the fuckin worst
        • Tango: *Kill bill sirens*
    • NJ/NY rivalry is serious you have no idea
    • Tango and Nursey definitely have an argument at every opportunity over their respective home state
  • Calls NYC ‘the city’
  • This
    • “Hey tango where are you from in NJ?”
    • *gives his town’s parkway/turnpike exit number*
    • “????”
  • And lastly if his family are Devil fans it mean that they all hate the Rangers with a burning passion

okay yeah i could go on for longer but you get the idea 

i know its probably canon that link is actually mute in breath of the wild and thats fine, but i also like to imagine him as being pretty talkative; because he most definitely would be the type that talks at animals like they’re people. 

he gets a horse and trains it and is just talking to it all hours. he says hello and waves to wildlife that he sees, he apologizes to them when he has to shoot them for food. hell you know what, he talks to plants too. the first time he meets a korok he’s like “OH the plants are alive??” he chats to trees when he climbs them, compliments the flowers on how nice they look. 

but people are a lot more rare across hyrule, so when he encounters a person who actually responds and talks back, he gets a little shy and quiet

Colours (Barry Allen)

BLURB: every person you love leaves a colour on your skin. Some people are stained everywhere with colour, some with none at all. But there is always one simple rule, once you find your soulmate they wash away all the other colours. 


 The soulmate colour AU with Barry cause lets be real, everyone needs this in their lives.  

 Also I apologize, I wrote this at three AM.


The waiter that handed me my coffee had hands stained with blue, bright blue standing out against their dark skin. Guess they got lucky, found someone to wash away the rest. Or perhaps they never had any to wash away, their hairline is stained too. Signs of gentle touches. 

 Yeah I know most people use words like ‘painted’ or ‘caressed’ to describe the colours. I use ‘stained’, because thats what they are. Stupid marks that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard you tried. Marks that show everyone your personal life. Stains that show if you love too much or not at all.

 You see I hate the orange stains that lace my body, the constant reminder that my only love left me. Ran away with someone who could mark them with deep purple, wash away my pitiful gold. 

 Most people think gold is an amazing colour to leave behind, not him. He hated it, said it reminded him of all the medals he should have won. 

 Oh well, at least I’m not stained with white 

 That’s the worst, white means you’ve fallen in love. But they don’t love you back, so every time that person touches you your skin is bleached. A constant reminder that they don’t love you back 

 Most of the time those people find another soulmate, someone to wash away the bleach. To give them colour again 

 There’s one person in this city that I know of with skin bleached. 

 A CSI, I don’t know his name. But it’s obvious, I always see him interviewing patients at the hospital I work at.

 See their sympathetic looks as their eyes trail along his bleached body. 

 I’ve never spoken to him though; hell I’ve never even looked him in the eyes. I’m too scared I’ll see myself in them, see the same hopeless look all people left by their colour match do. 

 Yeah I get that there’s still hope. That by some miracle you might find a real match. Someone to wash away the other colours. Or paint over the bleach. It had happened before. 

But then I look at the bleached CSI, and I lose all hope. 


 As I walk to the hospital I see him again, running in. He’s always late, that much is obvious by the annoyed scowl of the police captain as he arrives.

 The annoyed scowl stained with yellow. 

 I went to my next patient, trying to ignore the bleached soul behind me as much as I tried to pretend my hands aren’t stained with orange. 

 “Y/N?” one of the nurses called. 


 “The CSI has to question your patient.” 

 “Alright, send him in,” I replied as I carried on taking my patient’s vitals.

 There was nothing I wouldn’t have done to not be in that room.

 To not see my own fate reflected in his eyes. 

 I could ignore him, I thought. I could carry on my duties and pretend I didn’t see the other person in the room, I could just make sure the patient was stable and handle the rest once he leaves.

 Easy. Until he enters. 

 He’s much taller than I expected, about half a head taller than me (yeah I’m tall urgh). He walked in and tried to introduce himself. Tried to shake my hand.

 I ignored him, I couldn’t possibly address him. That would mean addressing all of him. 

 I try not to notice the sad looks my patient is giving him.

 I did my full exam without even looking at him, and then practically ran from the room. 

 Thankfully the rest of the day went fine, a couple patients commented on how happy I must be of course. Because that was the only option when a colour stains your body as much as it stains mine, no one presumes that person could have left. 

Because somehow everything revolves around this stupid colours.


 As I was walking home that day I heard running behind me, as I turned around I saw the CSI running towards me. 

 No. No. No. 

 This cannot be happening, I thought. There was no way he could about to reach me, none at all. I avoid him as much as possible. This isn’t happening.

 “Hey! Wait,” he called, running up to me.

 When I turned to look at him I saw just how bad off he was, his hairline, his cheeks, the outline of his lips. All bleached, like every bit of colour was drained from him. 

His pain painted on his face by some cruel artist. 

 He held something in colourless hands, “This fell of your neck while you were examining that guy, thought you might want it back.” In his hands he held my gold necklace that my brother gave me, I hadn’t even noticed it had gone. 

 “Oh my god, thank you so much! I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost this!” He smiled, he was different when he smiled.

 Almost like a trace of his former self somewhere in there, fighting to resurface.

 “No problem,” he said as he handed it back to me. 

 As he gave it to me our hands touched, I almost screamed. 

 Where he touched me, the orange had changed to a deep maroon. I looked at his hand and saw gold, the bleached had been painted over. 

 “Hi,” he whispered, a broken smile on his face.

 “Hey,” I laughed back, tracing his face with my hand, watching as the bleach there changed to gold.

 It’s been five months since that day and I’ve got to own up to something, maybe soulmates weren’t so bad after all. I’ve learned his name is Barry, I’ve he’s the Flash (his colour is maroon for god’s sake). 

He’s in and out of the hospital all the time now.

 Only I don’t avoid him now, I watch with pride. As the patient’s smiles change from sympathetic to hopeful as their eyes trail down the gold paint strokes that lace his body.


Thanks for reading what happens in my brain at three AM…

I’m actually rather proud of this one, please let me know what you think.

requests are open :)

SVT [Hogwarts AU] Hufflepuff! Joshua

Sure thing anon, here we go! (Hope you like it)

  •  Okay listen here
  • Joshua is, like, the most kind-hearted, thoughtful, courteous Hufflepuff EVER
  • Probably the teacher’s fav tbh
  • Good at almost every subject but kind of average in all of them
  • He doesn’t stand out, thats it
  • Mainly because he’s always helping out the younger students
  • Everyone loves him, whether from his own house or the others
  • He’s part of the quidditch team, but doesn’t brag about it, so people tend to forget about it???
  • And of course, you had the biggest crush on him
  • As a Slytherin you should know how to keep your composure, but couldn’t help but fawn over his “cute nose” or “how cute he looked with his hair up”
  • But just to your fellow housemates, not in front of him
  • And it wasn’t exactly because you were shy (or at least not only because of that)
  • Since he was older than you, you never coincide in any class, and being part of different houses it was almost impossible to have some alone time
  • But!!! What a coincidence!!!!! He’s besties with another Slytherin, Jeonghan
  • And Jeonghan was the one that introduced you guys in the first place
  • Decision he regrets deeply, cause now he has to listen to you crying over Joshua AND Joshua complaining about not being able to talk with “that cute girl”.
  • So, Jeonghan came up with a plan and told you Joshua didn’t know how to fly
  • And you were profusely confused cause???
  • “Okay that’s kind of cute, but how did he passed the first year? I mean, with the flying class and…”
  •  You weren’t exactly an expert either, but if Joshua needed you….
  • The first classes were kinda awkward tho
  • With a lot of uncomfortable silences and him not looking at you in the eye
  •  But he began to lose up as the “lessons” went by
  • He even joked a bit when you noticed his palms were kinda sweaty as you touched them trying to teach him how to handle the broomstick
  • But one day, as you were practicing another student came by and asked him if he was training for the next quidditch match
  • And he was red like a tomato and nodded his head in negative but it was too late
  • And you were like… “quidditch WHAT”
  • And he rushed to apologise like
  •  “Im so so sorry, please don’t be mad?? I just like you very much and Jeonghan thought that…”
  • But you were already in another universe, not listening to anything but his “I like you very much” in your head. In repeat
  •  “Are you kidding me? I’ve been crushing at you for ages!”
  • “Are you SERIOUS???”
  • You couldn’t believe the look in his face, like he was pretty sure it was an unrequited thing and now wow there you were telling him you liked him back
  • Obviously after that you guys started dating
  • You were the one to ask him out tho
  •  And you still tease him about pretending not to know how to fly
  • But overall you both are the happiest couple in Howgarts
  • For real, you two are always smiling and holding hands, even tho Joshua is still a little shy with PDA
  •  You are the very best example of the compatibility between Slytherins and Hufflepuffs
  • However, Jeonghan is about to murder you both, just so you know.

you know something thats been IRKING ME so much for a while, i just gotta get it outta my chest

and i dont want to be a dick, but today, ill be a dick

i want the fictionkin people, to explain to me, a thing: 

when you choose a character as your identity or past life or whatever, do you really condone the stuff the character makes/believes in??? this question is specially for those people who are kin with a villian 

and it concerns me much more with those who are kin with Bill Cipher, Dark Danny, and well of fucking course: Tord

why Bill Cipher? well because he a fucking demon yall, how do you identify or have memories of a being who is a demon?

why Tord? well because it really worries me all the people in the EW fandom that likes/enjoys or is kin with this character, when this character has communist thoughts, has an army and wants to take over the world (which is beyond ridiculous u identify as him, or you believe you are/were him)

AND before you come and try to tell me “But YOU LEIK HIM TOO?!?!” 

yes hes my second fave character, but for a lot of diferent reasons, besides being a norski with a “”””sexy accent””””, which is also a bit hypocrite from most of you, since Eduardo speaks spanish in sometimes and i dont see anyone flippin their shit for this character or their “”accent””

so thats all i want to know, because i know most fictionkin people arent bad people, theyre rlly nice people, but i dont think being a character or identifying with a characters thats evil means the person its evil too, ya feel?

So I know the whole “Albus Severus” controversy has been going on FOREVER now but I just saw an interesting post about it which got me to thinking. I agreed with a lot of the points it made but much like many other posts it implied that Harry somehow neglected people like Molly and Arthur and Remus by naming his kid after Snape and Dumbledore. 

But I really disagree with this? The thing about most of the people (apart from Hagrid) who the fandom consider “more worthy” of being the namesakes of Harry’s children is that they all have other people who can name their children after them. 

I see people complaining that Harry never called any of his children “Fred”, but wouldn’t Fred II have been born by then anyway? Same goes for Molly. Teddy’s middle name is “Remus” and honestly if I were Harry I would want to leave Remus to Teddy, should Teddy wish to name any potential future children after his father. 

But the thing about Albus and Severus is that they have no remaining family. They have no decedents who will remember them. They will both be mentioned in the history books, but they nonetheless remain very lonely figures, and I think Harry identified with that. 

I’m not saying that they aren’t both deeply flawed (though I think the tumblr attitude to both of them is very one-sided and I dislike it), but in a way I feel like it made total sense for Harry to name his son after them. 

Dumbledore did some deeply sketchy things regarding Harry’s treatment during the war, but the strain put on him was massive. He was the one person everyone looked to for the safety of the wizarding world and Harry knows that pressure. He knows how isolating that can be. 

When Harry sees Snape’s childhood he sees himself - lonely and abused, but finding solace in the magic of Hogwarts. There, of course, the similarities between them essentially end, but again that feeling of loneliness is something that Harry knows all too well. 

Its not about shunning those who loved him in favour of people who treated him poorly, it’s Harry knowing that most of those people have other family to remember them. Snape and Dumbledore don’t have that, and despite all the other shitty things they did, both of them did help Harry in their own ways. 

So Harry wants to ensure they are remembered, because if he doesn’t do it, who will?

anonymous asked:

that's the best part about thorin imo, he's really tough in the movies but richard armitage did a great job letting you also see his vulnerability and humanizing him (and his life and situation is so tragic i just feel sad for him, not condemnatory)

ah yes!!! richard’s acting and personal character development (i mean he wrote an in character diary for christs sake….) did a lot to help flesh out thorin as a round character in the movies

plus all of the interview stuff about him, you get a better feel for thorin. hes not a bad person or a mean person or greedy, but he is someone who has lost almost everything (his home, many of his people, most of his family….) and i think thats made him harder? hes kinda bitter towards the world because of that and the way his people are treated

but then you see how he cares for others. like i know people seem to think his decision to leave kili behind is harsh but it makes sense (you really want an injured/sick person exerting themselves further? kili likely would have died if he hadnt stayed behind js). and how soft he is with bilbo.

just. i dont understand how people think hes like how he is under the gold sickness… because auj!thorin and even dos!thorin dont act like that at all and you see his true self at the end of botfa..

HECK NOT TO MENTION HOW DWALIN REACTS TO THORIN WHILE IN EREBOR. its pretty clear dwalin is his best friend, someone he has spent a good deal of his time with… and thats not the thorin he knows

im just. i love thorin. hes such a complex and soft character…. i wanted so much for for him

shitpostingfandom  asked:

a genuine thank you for the bakushima spam. it saved me

it saved me too

bakushima is the most goddamn precious relationship ive ever seen in an anime or manga, excluding masagoto because honestly nothing will ever beat masagoto in my heart

but bakushima comes daaaaaamn close

like????? bakugou has hella issues, he’s simulataneously got a superiority AND an inferiority complex, and he KNOWS that people thought he might actually be tempted to join the villains (even though thats literally the last thing he’d ever do), he knows he’s got people issues

but despite all this, he opens up to kirishima. instead of going it alone and doing whatever HE wants, he actually learns to cooperate with another person’s quirk during the cavalry battle. kirishima made him realize that sometimes it’s better to have a partner who can complement your powers and form a mutual support system. 

and???? when he gives kirishima enough money to cover the cost of the night goggles???? OH MY GOD THAT’S SUCH A HUGE STEP IN HIS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT??? AND ITS ALL FOR PRECIOUS SUN CHILD KIRISHIMA EIJIROU, A GODDAMN MIRACLE WORKER

bakushima is just. so, so fucking good

This scene broke my heart. While sharing his thoughts about love, Bones asserts that Spock is incapable of understanding and experiencing the feeling, and he pities the Vulcan for that. I’m sure Bones doesn’t intend to be cruel, but his words cut deeply. Spock’s expression says it all. That's not indifference or irritation on his face–that’s pain. The doctor’s careless assumption grieves him, and grieves me, because it is simply untrue. It is so untrue.

Spock knows love. He can recognize it in other people, as he did in this episode, but more importantly he feels it himself. It may not be the same kind Kirk and Rayna experienced, but it is as genuine, as deep, and as meaningful as theirs. He has shown his love multiple times, to multiple people, with Kirk being the most frequent recipient. In this episode alone, he tries to protect his captain from emotional pain, not because it is the logical thing to do but because he cares so much. Spock has even shown love to Bones himself, yet the doctor cannot see it. Hearing Bones’ words must be like a slap to the face. To realize your love isn’t recognized or considered valid–that must really hurt.

People tell me that Jay Park is a bad person and a bad influence towards everyone just because. Do you even know that Jay treats his friends like they’re his second family? Despite being “famous”, he never dropped his AOM crew and his childhood best friends. He brought together artists in a label not because he (only) wanted money but because he wanted to freely do music with the people he respected. When he took Loco in, he was broke and in debt, but that wasnt a problem to Jay whatsoever and even paid for his debt and helped him get back on his own two feet and look where Loco is now. How many people knew of his existence before Jay’s influence? He made Simon D a CoCeo despite not knowing the latter very well because he had that much respect for him and acknowledge his seniority. He even took advantage of his own fame to help AOMG artists. He shamelessly advertised his member’s music content on all his media sites and even went out of his way to promote Gray during SNL, even though a lot of people would have been embarrassed to do something like he did. Even every time he appears on tv, he mentions AOMG or brings them to his performances. He bought his parents a house and his brother a cafe and lets not forget how much they needed the money. Did you know how much courage it must have taken him to come back from a country who created a petition and was signed by thousands of people wishing upon his suicide just because he made ignorant comments about a place and culture he was very unfamiliar with? And it wasnt because he strived for fame, he did it because he wanted what was best for his family. Jay went through so much just so that he can make his family’s life to feel much more at ease.

Now I am not defending all his mistakes nor will I ever find a reason to excuse him for the things he did, but you see the difference between you and me, is that youre a person who runs their mouth without knowing anything about him but his mistakes. And most of these mistakes comes from his lyrcis. I understand how sometimes it can get a little offensive and how his use of words can be laughable. But lets take a look at your favorite’s lyrcis and see the outcome. Dont shame someone if your bias does the same because thats what we call hypocritical.

I guess I understand in a way because youre not a fan and you wont know all of these things because you easily placed Jay Park as one of the worst kind of people too quickly. But if we really turn things around and see from other perspectives, you’re petty and easily influenced by others opinions. A kind of person who will automatically judge and degrade a person just by their mistakes are the kinds that needs a little growing up. At this rate, I am too talking about all those people who shame people like San E, Zico, Swings, Gdragon, Tablo or any boy/girl groups.

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I loved your Raven Cycle social media AU!! do you have any more headcannons about the gangsey on social media??

  • oh BOY do i ever!!!
  • so ronan would totally be that dude that posts in black and white on his instagram unless it’s photos of adam or opal, in which case the photo’s would be in screaming colour
  • ronan also mostly posts photo’s of his cows which are already in black and white, so don’t think you’re anything special, brat, he tells opal (adam just smiles happily from across the dinner table, bc there are far more pictures of opal than of him and he’s quite okay with that)
  • speaking of adam, because lets be honest, i’m always speaking about adam goddamn parrish
  • he has the most followers out of everyone in the gang, both on instagram and twitter, and he doesn’t seem to know quite why
  • ((((he posts lots of selfies, thats why))))
  • he also posts lots of study tips and in his spare time he runs a studyblr bc he wants to help people keep as organised as he’s had to all throughout school and now they he’s in college on a scholarship, he has more spare time to help out his fans
  • i can’t believe you have fans, what is the world coming to, ronan says, but he doesn’t really mean it bc oF COURSE adam deserves all the fans in the world!!!! 
  • blue’s essentially famous on facebook for writing feminist articles that sometimes end up with hundreds of thousands of shares
  • ((henry has to edit them for her because otherwise they get taken down for excessive swearing))
  • ((one time he counted over 300 uses of the words fucking asshole and it was only a 800 word post smh blue needs to calm down))
  • and HENRY CHENG my main man, is the KING of snapchat, despite gansey constantly fighting for that title
  • henry is a genius at making hilarious 10 second videos but most people follow him bc of he looks ADORABLE with the puppy filter and also he posts a lot of sneaky photos of gansey asleep, and without a shirt and his followers appreciate art
  • henry also runs a twitter account which is dedicated soley to making fun of gansey’s name on a daily basis, he has 3000 followers who really appreciate the constant dick jokes
  • and then we have gansey who is that nerd that has the perfect instagram ~aesthetic~ and follows it religiously, only ever posting photos if they fit his colour scheme
  • ((blue and henry steal his phone often just to fuck up his aesthetic, and this always results in gansey eating all of blue’s yoghurt and stealing henry’s favourite pyjama’s in retailation))
  • gansey also runs an excellent travelling blog in which he talks more about blue and henry than travelling, but nobody’s really complaining tbh
  • and noah’s dead but lbr when he was alive he probably had a really cool myspace with a sick playlist on it and ‘hacks’ from all of his friends bc he was sO LOVED MY SMALL GHOST SON THAT PROBABLY NEVER GOT TO USE INSTAGRAM OR SNAPCHAT

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sherlock so desperately wants for moriarty to be involved in the case he stops making any sense. (it's almost like he's a fanboy)

right? i need to rewatch the episode to properly notice all the moments he’s aching for it. poor thing is just desperate for a case on Jim’s level

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bap as boyfriends?

“Feel this shirt. You know what its made of? Boyfriend material (☞゚∀゚)☞” Please just kill me.

Yongguk- oh man oh man, I don’t even know how to describe the perfection that would be Yongguk as a boyfriend. Where do I even begin? He is so sweet and caring, and would give the world to you. He would always be looking out for you, and making sure that you were happy. I think the best quality about Yongguk is that he is very accepting and encouraging. He would always let you do you (unless it was something that he REALLY didn’t feel right about). He would give you the freedom that you need and would always be there to support you in case you fell. He would be hella proud and you would definitely feel like the most loved person on the planet.

Himchan- Himchan is probably one of the most loving members in B.A.P, and would be an even more loving boyfriend. When it comes to people he loves he would do anything for them. As a boyfriend he would really take time and get to know you. He would remember all the little quirks about you and really pay attention to you. If you were in a bad mood he would pick up on it instantly, and try and help if he could. He could also become a little bit overbearing at some points but thats only because he’s looking out for you XD You might be stubborn with him, but anything that boy does is out of love for you. Date me please.

Daehyun- one big roller coster with this one. Daehyun as a boyfriend would be one thing: fun. You would never be bored with this one. He would do anything to make you laugh and see you in a good mood. Always cracking jokes and making sure you were happy. Your smile is what this boy lives for XD You might need to calm him down at some points, and he may embarrass you a lot, but secretly it would make you love him even more. 

Youngjae-  your knight in shining armour on a black horse of death. Youngjae is such a gentlemen and would really be one of those “traditional” boyfriends. Bringing you flowers, getting you chocolate, holding all the doors open for you, asking your parents for permission to date you etc. He really would be one of those stereotypical perfect boyfriends, and his enthusiasm about it is what would get you. He would just be so sweet and loving that you wouldn’t know what to do with him XD But be careful because he has a twisted dark mind and will tease you and be into some really kinky shit (its a 50/50 with him)  

Jongup- he would be such an adorable little puppy. Everyone knows that he is reserved and it takes time for him to come out of his shell, so it would probably be very slow going with him. However, he would always try and be around you. He would silently be hovering around you whenever he could, making sure that you were okay and helping you when you needed it. Catching you before you fell, tying your shoelace etc. It would be little things like that, that would make Jongup such a cute boyfriend. Plus that little smile that he would have on his face every time he helped you and you thanked him (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Zelo- this boy is a hard one to place. I think that Zelo would try and do everything that he could to make you happy and like him. He would be the one to try really hard for you, and whenever you thanked him or let him know that it was appreciated he would turn all bashful and shy. He would want to protect you and let you depend on him. He’d want to make sure that he was doing his job right lol. If this had been a year ago, I would have said that he would have been really shy. But nowadays I think that he would end up being really cheeky and a bit of a tease. The baby is growing into one fine man. Save me from him.

-Admin Artemis

New Beginnings


Request: How about a NEW Peter Pan imagine where the reader is Hades daughter and she’s evil like him but goes behind his back and works with Pan to try to find a way out of the Underworld and there’s some Fluff thats kind of evil and smut in the shop please.

A/N: first of all I’m obsessed with this request oh my god. This will be long. Second I’m not going to make the reader “evil” because if their dad is Hades, I want her (or him) to be opposite of that, but they will still be malicious and kind of dark, just not full on evil. :)


“Dad can I please leave this fortress, I’m terrifyingly bored.” You yelled at your father who kept you captive for most of your time being.

“Y/N, people can hurt you. You know how many of them don’t like me. They will use you as leverage.” He defended.

“No they won’t dad. I’m friends with everyone up there! We talk about how much we hate you together.” You talked back.

By up there, you meant the under world, which your father ruled. It was all a difficult dimension to comprehend, but you were born in the underworld. Which was confusing to you, because this is for people who had died, but the world wasn’t quite finished with them. You however, had never died.

“Fine, Y/N. Go. Talk crap about me with your dead friends. See if I care.” He rolled his eyes, while crossing his arms at you.

“Okay bye.” You smiled and skipped off, ecstatic that you would leave his castle of hell.


Every once in awhile your father would let you out, and if he didn’t you would sneak out. Having Hades as your father was nothing but miserable and you wanted to have freedom, but he ensured your misery.

He acted like he cared about you, but you knew deep down he didn’t.

You made your way to up above your father’s cave.

The dark town above was broken, and smelt bad, but it was better than being isolated.

You made your way to the only place you truly enjoyed, the Pawn shop.

It was owned by your best friend, Peter Pan.

You had become friendly over the last year he was there, he was the only one there who was physically close to your age.

You had learned about his past and all of his dark ways, which both scared and intrigued you at the same time.

Every Time you would sneak out you would go straight to him, enjoying the company of him.


“Hey Peter.” You yelled, entering the shop.

“Wow. The devil let you out for once.” He laughed, walking in from the back.

“Kind of.” You giggled, embracing him in a hug.

“Drink?” He asked.

“Sure.” You smiled, as he poured you some red wine.

“I have great news y/n.” He retorted as he handed you a glass.

“Really? Down here? What is it?” You laughed again.

“Yes. We can leave here. We can go to the real world.” He told you.

At first you were hesitant and didn’t believe him.

“Wait what? How? Don’t joke with me! ” you defended.

“There is people here. People I used to know, from a place called storybrooke in the real world.”

“Pan… We can’t go. That means they would have to stay here. Living souls must be replaced with ours.” You reminded him.

“That’s where you’re wrong…” He smirked and cocked one of his usual eye brows.

“What?” You said.

“You are a living soul. You were never dead! You’re breathing, walking, living and alive.” He said.

“Oh. I guess you’re right. But- but what about you?” You asked, now growing worried again.

“Don’t worry love. I will trade places with my son. He deserves it anyways.” He said nonchalantly.

“Your son? He’s here!” You added, wide eyed and surprised at his calmness.

“Yes. Perfect timing.” He grinned.

“Peter- I- I can’t believe this.” You smiled, looking up at him with bright eyes.

“Then we can finally be together.” He said, wrapping you in another tight hug.

Your cheeks turned bright red at his comment, and your heart began to race quickly.

Never had you met a boy that you had grown so attached to so rapidly, and the feeling was amazing and unrealistic, but you craved it.

“Y/N, I’m glad I get to do this with you. I’m so glad I get to start over with you.” He said, his hands still around your waist and foreheads pressed together.

“Me too Peter. Me too.” You couldn’t help but smile unconditionally.

His bright green eyes starred deep into yours, his lips soon meeting with yours.

Your tongues quickly met as it became more passionate.

You felt Peter lift you off of the ground, grabbing your thighs as you wrapped your legs around him.

He set you on the glass display counter, and knocked over a glass of wine in the process.

Your laughter filled the air as he began to kiss your neck slowly, sucking and claiming you.

“Ah..- Peter.” You moaned quietly.

Pan slid off his suit jacket, throwing it aside and swiftly began to unbutton your shirt.

Your shirt was soon off and Peter had made contact with your breasts, holding them in his hands while kissing your left one.

He then unclipped your bra with one hand, throwing it with his jacket and continued to pleasure you, sucking on your nipple lightly while massaging the other.

“Holy crap-” you spoke, unable to comprehend the situation since all of your nerves were twisted.

Peter met with your lips once again, and continued to pick you up, yet again, and then placed you on the small coach in the back of the shop.

You felt your skirt being pulled off and then looked over at Peter to see him now pulling his own pants off, condom in hand.

You grinned at the actions, hungry for more.

Peter crawled back on top of you, grinding his bare hips over yours. You couldn’t help but tear your underwear off.

His eyes grew wide at your actions before he kissed you again.

Your fingers tangled in his hair as he situated himself on top of you.

He pulled away momentarily and looked up at you.

“Are you sure? Not just about this, but everything. Do you want to leave with me?” He asked, his eyes full of kindness.

“Yes! Yes of course. Peter, I love you.” You smiled at him, then pulled him down to kiss you.

“I love you too Y/N.” He whispered before kissing you again, his tongue quickly sliding into your mouth.

He slowly slid his tip inside you, readjusting, then entered you fully.

You whined lightly at the pain that quickly faded into pleasure.

You moaned lightly and looked up at Peter with gritted teeth.

He exited and then thrusted in once more, twitching inside of you.

His actions continued until he know he had reached the right spot, focusing on that area.

“Peter… Y-you’re amazing.” You silently moaned.

“Ditto.” He smirked lightly, right as you came.

He thrusted in a few more times, soon following your actions before collapsing lightly on top of you.

He quickly slid next to you, as you laughed.

Peter immediately wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“You beautiful girl. I can’t wait to start this new life with you.” He smiled.

“Ditto.” You joked, kissing his cheek.


A/N : part two?

anonymous asked:

Enjolras, Jehan and Feuilly are vegetarian / vegan. Enjolras because he's being Enjolras, Jehan because he refuses to harm animals and Feuilly because he used to work in a slaughterhouse and the experience left him fairly traumatised.

For Jehan and Feuilly it’s absolutely clear that they’d be vegetarian or could be vegan but tbh I think Enjolras is way too french and socialist for that. Like, stopping eating meat, milk, fish, honey and therefore negating the greater part of french culinary inheritence and endangering the future of small agricultors and producers who fight the agro-alimentary industry ? Enjolras would fight his ass off against supermarkets and GMO and go to ecological and agricultor’s protests against underpayment of producers and unfair concurrence of big structures, but he would bloody well keep eating all those products he would buy from muddy organic farms in the country to make sure to fuck the capitalist system as much as possible while staying french to the tip of his toes.
He’d eat organic steak. And Jehan would cry.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm on the fence about Larry being real, I've read both sides explain almost everything. One of the things I've never understood is why Louis doesn't just sue to get out of his contract? People break contracts all the time. What would happen to him if he did that's worse than what's happening now? I' hoping you can help because you're a lawyer and know more about these things than most. Thanks!!

I’m going to take you at face value that you really are new around here, because we’ve discussed this at length, early and often. People do not just break contracts all the time. I don’t know what people you’re talking about, because people who break contracts get sued. If they don’t, if they are able to end a contract early, it’s because all parties to the contract agreed to that (likely because the deal wasn’t making anyone any money). If contracts were so easy to break, don’t you think Kesha would rather be free to work with whom she chooses instead of the man who sexually assaulted her? Would Kelly Clarkson have discussed her excitement at being with a new label 15 years after getting tied down to her old one? Would Prince have changed his name to a symbol for years to try to escape his contract? The examples abound. (And Zayn is not a counter-example. He didn’t just up and leave. He had to have negotiated his way out of 1D, and he’s still tied to Syco, perhaps for even longer than he would have been if he had stayed with the band). (I urge you to watch Artifact on Netflix, which is a documentary about the band 30 Seconds to Mars trying to get out of their contract – spoiler alert: they couldn’t (even though their record label all but went bankrupts) and they spent years and a lot of money trying.)

If Louis (or Harry, why don’t you ask about Harry?) were to sue to try to get out of his contract, the results would be catastrophic for him. He’d destroy the band, to begin with – what about Niall and Liam (and Harry, apparently, in your proposed world)? Should he just screw them over so that he can get what he wants? And on what basis should he sue? Not liking the PR plan of you record label isn’t a ground upon which you can try to negate a contract. (There are very, very, very few grounds upon which you can negate a legit, agreed to contract. Very few. And they don’t really apply here without squinting)

Look, I don’t care where you come down on the Larry issue. Feel free to believe whatever you want, but people do not break contracts all the time. Not valuable contracts worth a billion dollars, that’s for sure. And I know antis have a whole spiel about how forcing someone to be closeted is illegal, but they are wrong. Most everything around here has different interpretations. That’s all well and good. But some things you don’t just get to have your own interpretation. Some things either are or are not true in the real world, and no arguing on tumblr is going to change that. In the real world (1) you cannot just break a contract without consequences, and (2) saying it’s illegal to closet people is an utterly baseless claim.

tl;dr: People don’t break contracts. It’s hella hard to get out of a contract. Louis has no basis upon which to sue.