because that's a puppy dog look right there

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Troye is obviously staying with Connor while he's in la that's why Connor didn't have his video ready earlier also I can see how Connors happiness increases when troye is near him tronnor is so real and cute unlike troyler that's obviously acted for the camera tronnor is so genuine and they look like puppies in love together

the anon who sent this has obviously never edited a fucking YouTube video before BECAUSE LEMME TELL YOU ITS NOT FUCKING EASY AND IT CAN HAVE DELAYS YOU WEAK ASS MOTHERFUCKER. also dogs don’t experience romantic love not do they have sex for pleasure so you puppies in love shit basically proves me right so thanks bitch.

  • DM: It won't hit you, but you've got a puppy-dog on you now.
  • ME: That's not a puppy-dog! I know what a puppy-dog looks like, and that rotting thing is not it!
  • DM: But it was once somebody's beloved terrier!
  • Me: Yes, but now it's dead
  • Pat: Like, D-E-D dead?
  • Me: No, D-E-A-D dead, because dammit, we're educated-
  • DM: *laughs*
  • Me: Ostensibly, and dammit, we're going to spell words right! At least the English ones. I don't give a shit about anything in French.
  • (the French bit is referring to Pat agonizing over how Doug kept butchering Coup de Grace. He said "Either pronounce it right, or butcher it right! Don't do it both ways!")