because that's a big deal yo's

I’ve been thinking about Outertale some more, and at what stuff needs expanding/ideas on. (Someone’s making a game of it? Way neat, yo.)

Anyway, came across the dilemma for zone names.

I feel like Stardin works. It could be the best place to see the billions of stars that surround them because of low light/un-obstructive pollution since it’s but a sleepy little place. I can picture a lot of clear sky space above and around the town at all times. Also… does this verse have a Day/Night system? Or can we come up with some reason they don’t? If they’re constantly bathed in a sense of night time, you’d understand why they want out. A sense of day would certainly be appreciated on top of many things. Ah… now I’m probably thinking too hard into this but what sort of system would their… Moon, was it? be a part of? Can the surface be warm, or is it a constant state of cold thanks to Barrier interference (since its covering a whole small planet body this time I think) or just placement in their segment of Outer Space?

But that’s straying from the purpose I started out with.

Back to Stardin.

It’s still playing on the snowed-in Snowdin pun, but you’re star’d in. Absolutely smothered in the presence of luminous balls of gas shining at you from all directions. So hey, this one I can definitely get behind.

Starfall, however, seems too similar. So I thought…  we’d probably want it to be as peaceful and wondrous a place as what Waterfall is, right? Something that could truly cater to being The Place that holds nearly everyone’s wishes and dreams of freedom, and constantly inspire those in them?

And what is more inspiring than the brilliance of a bedazzling light show? The ‘waterfalls’ could be like… some sort of atmosphere effect, like the Aurora Borealis/Australis. There could be pockets of zero gravity scattered about the place too - magic anomalies? Funky mystical meteorite chunks reacting to the presence of magic? (are they just extremely good conductors for it?) And did someone suggest echo bubbles for the flowers? Cute! But also perhaps the glow crystals could make a return, being rocks that just got saturated in all this magic – from the Barrier and general monster use both – and it solidified, growing like crystals. They play as the area’s Echo flowers too.

But like… the zone is interlaced with ups and downs of cratered ground, its topography affected by the rippled differences in gravity that have slowly, carefully pulled it apart. Some chunks are even floating like little islands now, bobbing here and there and softly drifting into one another (it’s the path Undyne chases you across, perhaps? Her final spear strike could have incidentally shattered the hidden meteorite that was suspending the last island, and without it the rock drops - with you on it!)

Everything is constantly swimming in bounced colour thanks to the rivers of light that trace throughout the zone with no real form or sense, they are just there in gigantic floating cascades that mimic the earthen waterfalls in movement. Some are so close you could actually reach out and touch them. You weren’t expecting a sensation, but it's… kind of dusty, yet there is a softness about that. You can feel the minute particles brush against your hand, though they don’t really catch. How could they, being without the sharp edges of typical grit? But the smallest of particles get trapped in the fabric of your sleeve. They still grab the light, and you find yourself faintly dabbled in the colourful wonder too. You feel peaceful.

And it’s quiet, because light doesn’t make sound. Aside from the murmuring babble of the echo stones and bubbles whispering themselves into nonsense - until they themselves sound like a gently flowing brook - there is not a single, sharp disturbance to be found. It holds a presence that makes you not want to speak too loudly lest you break that delicate, fragile feeling.

Whoa, got a bit far into the groove there. Haha.

Right then, with that gorgeous picture painted it’s gonna need a fitting name. I’m still unsure, but got a couple ideas floating about. We have to keep in mind that… Asgore probably came up with the names here, and we all know he’s not very creative with names. But, so far my two are Astralfall, and Aurorafall. I think the sound needs to be soft on the tongue, whichever it is. While Astral matches in syllable count, the blur of Aurora has a much softer lilt to it.

As for Hotland… I’ll have to think about any major designs some more… but I can throw names around in the mean time to get ideas flowing.

Novaland? Nova is a star flaring up several times its brightness for a while before returning to its original state.

… I can’t believe I’m even suggesting this but well it came to mind. Photland. Taking a portion of Photon (a minute light particle composed of electromagnetic energy) to sound short and sweet like HOTland. Uhhh man that’s… I don’t even know what to say. But hey, thought processes aren’t meant to be perfect right off the bat.

Radland? For Radiation? I’m trying to think of stuff that has an energy vibe here, since this is the location of the CORE (is that getting a name change?)

Soland? Solar?? Guess that depends again on the day cycle thing. C’mon Asgore, that might be stretching things…

Man, I haven’t a bloomin’ clue yet, haha.

Anyway, here’s my current two cents on the topic. I’m quite enjoying all this :3

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