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So you got plagiarized! ! BOOHOO!! What's the big deal!! It's not like you poured yourself whole heartedly, wove your soul in your work, shed blood sweat and tears to make magic happen. It's just stuff. So people will send you hearts and hugs and smiles. Be happy , be greatful. You don't need to be outraged. That's wrong. It serves you right you got your work, ur style, ur similiea, metaphors stolen. Why did u share ur work without copy right in public? It's public property now.

Yo, I know you’re dicking around with me, because your sarcasm subverts the shit out of your comment rendering it ingenious in a way. But lemme tell you, I wrote that post when my ass was super sad. Super damn sad. I haven’t been that sad for the longest time when it comes to something unrelated to family/real life personal.

Now my ass is salty as fuck.

BOO-freaking-HOO, right? It’s not a big deal, YEAH? Man, I am so rarely angry here on Tumblr unless I’ve come online and seen some anon bullshit happening, so let me make it crystal clear for you:

Don’t plagiarise.

Don’t plagiarise.

Don’t fucking plagiarise. 

Don’t appropriate dishonestly. Credit when you are inspired by someone. Acknowledge your plot bunnies and specific writing styles if they’re lifted directly from someone else’s fic. Just fucking do it. Otherwise spend just as long as we all do labouring and pouring our hearts and souls into these creations, and come up with your own material. 

It’s that simple.  

I know my fics inside and out. Like the back of my hand. I can recite entire one shots to you off by heart because these fics are manifestations of my blood, sweat and tears. They contain everything I’ve managed to squeeze out of my body and brain. I spend literally all night, not sleeping until early hours in the morning, because I care that much about where I place my verbs and prepositions, and which sentences should be complex with subordinate clauses, and when I need to pull in for tension or pull out for exposition. I know my own writing so well it makes it that much easier to identify the many permutations I see of it when it starts cropping up in other works. 

Don’t be outraged, you say? I am livid. And sad as fuck. To the point that it’s not even about the actual theft anymore, but the fact that I’m now scared this has permanently soured my experience of a fandom I think is cool as hell.

So I’m taking the time to calm my ass down. So I don’t dig an even bigger hole and fill it with words I might regret later. So I can come back and at least express gratitude for the “hearts, hugs, and smiles” people have kindly shared, and figure this shit out.

As of right now though, I’m done.

Have a motherfucking great day, anon. Kiss my salty ass on the way out. 

And for god’s sake: don’t fucking plagiarise.

It really is that simple.

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My friends keep calling me anorexic because I’m so skinny HELP ME

Yo, thats not nice. :/
You should tell them to stop.
You cant just joke about something like that like its no big deal

i love the deleted scene from 2x08 between gustus, kane, lexa and indra so much for so many reasons. it’s the kind of scene that i will forever remain devastated with because it didn’t make it into the show, but actually ended up in the cutting room floor (?!), since it’s a very insightful one that gives us informations about so many characters: who they are, what kind of development they went through already, or what kind of transformation they will actually hit later in the season, different point of views (from both the main character but also supporting characters) and a very nice shift in the story overall.

in regards to lexa’s character, because honestly this scene delivers such a nice and perfectly executed perspective on her, i especially love it because it’s one outside of her relationship with clarke. we are being shown a huge part of her personality that hasn’t been in contact with clarke yet and i find that so gripping because its good to see that she has existed outside of clarke’s bubble already.

let me soapbox briefly what i really love about her during the entire sequence:

first of all, i highly enjoy lexa’s expression here because she is the kind of person who can pull off this deadpan flair that totally gets under people’s skin - she is that intense and no one is really immune to that aura. there is just something about her facial features, especially when she is calm and level-headed, that make her dark and yet so beautiful. and it’s also very thrilling because it’s human! people go on and on about how lexa showcases parts of her humanity when she smiles for example, but i really enjoy this emotional beat too, because in my opinion this is a very human expression as well. it’s different and dangerous, but a crucial part of her nature that exists and works wonders with her personal duality. so, maybe don’t just dismiss it as a robotic notion, but acknowledge it as a part of who she is. it absolutely lines up with her personality.

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yo i’m moving blogs but i’ll still be @vealot

bc i accidentally made this and it was a secondary blog (not too big a deal ik, but its been bugging my pedantic ass for months so i finally decided to fix it) so i’d appreciate it if you followed me now still @vealot just on a different account, also probs unfollow this acc after because most likely i’ll just put this post on queue for the foreseeable future


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don't ask where it came from but I feel like Mickey is an introvert? Like, Ian's the one that's all 'yo let's go downtown or some shit' and Mickey's just like 'ooor we can stay here and play video games?'

okay mickey is canonically introverted, or close to. he definitely hates people who aren’t his family or ian, and prefers not to deal with them. but yes. the excitable extrovert & his grumpy introvert boyfriend!!

  • ian climbing into mickey’s lap to distract him from his video game/completely block the screen and begs him w/ big puppy eyes to come out with him because he wants to go out!!! maybe dance!!! definitely drink!!! but mickey just shoves him off telling him there’s “no fuckin’ way i’m goin’ dancing, holy shit” and ian complains and gets all petulant with his little petulant Chin until mickey agrees to come out with him for one drink if ian agrees to let him sleep til noon w/ no pestering tomorrow
  • ian forcing mickey to a party but he spends the whole time with his arms crossed in the corner, while ian’s out dancing and turning tf up. mickey always has at least one beer in his hand and he just drinks and glares until ian comes over, cheeks red and eyes bright and so obviously shitfaced, and only when he tries to stick his hands in mickey’s pants right there does mickey finally see an opening to go home (because he wasn’t going to leave without ian, to be honest)
  • mickey getting a nice night in for his birthday! ian shoos everyone out of the house and cooks mickey a mildly nice dinner that they eat together on the couch, and ian spends the whole time either holding mickey’s hand or with his hand on mickey’s thigh, smiling over at him and bumping his shoulder a lot :)) mickey keeps rolling his eyes but later when he pins ian down on their bed, he nuzzles his cheek and thanks him for the quiet night alone with him :)
  • opposite on ian’s bday tbh!! mickey has mandy help him throw a HUGE party and ian gets trashed af but he’s so so happy being surrounded by people he loves that mickey even joins him in the fray sometimes and ian keeps laughing and giving him smacking kisses on his cheek and telling him he’s the best boyfriend in the entire world
  • grumpy whiney loving opposites attract tbh!!