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Jin GuangShan: [Kicks Meng Yao out of Koi Tower]

Meng Yao: Darn it, how am I supposed to become a son recognized by my deadbeat dad now…

Famous First Jade and Future Sect Leader, Lan XiChen: [Collapses pitifully on Meng Yao’s doorstep]

Lan Sect Library: [Tumbles out of the unconscious Lan XiChen’s sleeves]

Meng Yao, looking up at the sky: ….GOD!??!?

Lan XiChen, convalescing: [Dreaming about everyone at home being burned to death by the Wens]

Meng Yao, illicitly reading all the Lan Sect scrolls by candlelight: You are my new best friend, Zewu-Jun.

Lan XiChen, morning after: Meng Yao, those dark bags under your eyes… Did you stay up looking after me? Thank you, that’s very kind of you. What I can do to repay you?

Meng Yao: ………………… Don’t you worry about that, just get all the rest you need :)

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I love your modern aus and trust your opinion on modern aus in general so I was hoping it would be okay to ask you a couple questions 1) bc eye colours tend to be correlated with bending or what element is dominant where ur born do you think for modern aus characters like Katara, Sokka, and Yue should also have brown eyes in modern aus?? And also I’m struggling to decide how Yue specifically would fit into a modern au like would she be a diplomats daughter?? 1/2 -🌕✨

Or would Yue’s dad own a company like the route most take w Azula/Zuko?? (Also this is just a personal thing that i feel like adding but considering Ozai’s thirst for power I feel like he’d be more inclined to be like a president or a senator and Azula would be the equivalent of that prissy girl who tells you her dad is gonna ban you from the town and Zuko would hate the media attention and Ive seen no one do that and it makes me sad) anyway thanks for reading and whatever response u have 2/2🌕✨

slight tangent but we were talking about how royalty (+ authoritarian rule) kind of translates to capitalism in modern times in the discord earlier. so yeah, I always imagine Ozai/Arnook as billionaire CEOs lol.


[ID: a screenshot of a discord server. it reads:

azraq | incorrectzukka: off topic but lately i’ve been thinking about how modern aus reflect gen z ideals where most of them make ozai, the primary villain, into an exploitative capitalist and the protagonists are always students, usually working minimum wage jobs

vee || bisexual-lance: i mean what other option can we see??

azraq | incorrectzukka: like it just goes to show how we don’t think ‘gangs’ or ‘prostitution’ is anywhere close to the evilness of capitalism. it’s so sexy of us

zukkababey | rachel: we love that for us. This text is followed by two laughing emojis.

vee || bisexual-lance: we do love that for us. but also those are products of/worsened because of capitalism so. the end of the text is a wide-eyed emoji. End ID.]


I drew a comic based off of this post ( misread it, and didn’t see Tim’s name, and I forgot to draw him in. Sorry king)

is it the dumbest thing I’ll make all week? Yes. Should I have been working on other things? Mayhaps. Do I regret it? No.

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[id: the image is a digital comic from The Magnus Archives. In the first panel, Martin is sitting at a laptop. Martin has light brown skin, short dark hair, a yellow sweater, and glasses. In the next frame Sasha appears behind Martin saying “Martin”, And scares Martin in the process. Sasha has medium light brown skin, and curly brown hair in a ponytail. She is wearing glasses, a pink cardigan, and a blue button up. In the next panel Martin has turned to Sasha and started to angrily say something to her, but it fades into the background. Sasha says “Martin, look” and point off the panel. In the next panned Martin turns to looks saying “wh” while Sasha smiles. The next panel has Jon, he is holding a partially eaten lemon in one hand, and his face is pulled into a grimace, he is crying a little. Jon has medium brown skin, and short dark hair that is starting to get shaggy, he has a green sweater vest and a white button up. In the last panel, Martin is looking forward, with a face of mild shock, disgust, and concern. He is blushing faintly. behind him is the text “oh shit”. End id]

me, an aro, chillin:

dozens of straight christian 19-20 year olds at my historically christian college:


We should make a giant google doc of resources & explanation for why cc has issues with colonialism etc and it’s just copypasted from what Natives have been saying both irl and online. That way if somebody asks about it then they have a resource but no person to harass should they react badly.

i’m convinced that the only reason taylor swift isn’t already considered one of the greats and one of the best songwriters and lyricists of all time is because she’s a woman and people still think she only writes about her ex boyfriend and feed into the media’s image of her. and just because some of her albums are pop doesn’t mean they are bad or not real music or don’t deserve recognition. i’m tired of it!!

i know a lot of you followed long ago for canon content, and if you ever want an update, all you have to do is ask. i lost motivation typing out my logs because they got like… three likes, so tbh see no reason to waste my time typing something that is boringly simple to many on here. not saying this to be petty or crave attention, just being factual. we do not live an exciting life so there’s nothing worth typing up and sharing to the void.


18 psycho but it’s okay icons:

-150x150 px
-don’t steal or claim as your own
-credit isn’t necessary but very appreciated

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Homestuck Hot Take: the main reason people see Tavros as a crybaby/whiner/annoying is because Vriska said he was and no one questioned it.

Okay so it’s been a loooong time since I’ve cared enough about a season of Big Brother to actually post about it, but here we are. A good and proper allstar season. THAT is what I’ve been waiting for! 

I have to go make my popcorn before turning it on, but oooooomg am I excited!!! 

I’ve been watching this show since the second season. (My interest has fizzled out the last 3 seasons or so, but we’re back!) It’s my other reality tv love. (Though without Tom and Erin, this may soon be my only reality tv love.)

I care about Daniele Donato and Daniele Donato ONLY, so that’s where I’m coming from this season.