because that would be a grave mistake

I just want a fic where Graves absent-mindedly buys Credence a short silk robe (because he wants him to have the best) and doesn’t realise how big of a MISTAKE it was until Credence starts wearing it. Because why wouldn’t he? It’s so soft and comfortable and ‘the latest fashion.’ But Graves becomes unable to function around Credence, he can’t even take any of his paperwork home because his brain would stop working whenever he sees Credence bend down or reach for something on the top shelf in the kitchen. He just wants to drop down on his knees and worship him. 

And so he becomes more and more frustrated, considers never returning home because he CAN’T stand it. Of course Credence doesn’t notice at first but then he DOES, and he starts playing with it, like, subtly spreading his legs when he is sitting on the couch and talking to Graves who stands in front of him or putting a finger in his mouth covered in cream/jam/whatever during breakfast while the robe falls down his shoulder. Or maybe coming in Graves’ room after he had a ‘nightmare,’ sitting on his bed in a loosely tied robe. And just generally enjoys the attention Graves gives him so, so much. 

Teddy Bear

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“He’s a great big bear, he is. Can’t see anyone courting that oaf,” you hear as you walk through Erebor’s market.

You needed a few more ingredients to bake biscuits for Dwalin. He’s been a horrid mood lately and you knew that your baking would cheer him up. While on this trip, you finally figured out what brought him down.

Dwalin was the scariest dwarf you have ever met and you thought he hated you. You were a hobbit lass going on a dangerous quest with only men; he thought you to be the weakest link. A grave mistake that Thorin made, but he was proven wrong when you saved him from being stabbed in the back. It was then that you realized that he didn’t want you coming on the quest not because he thought you weak, but because he loved you and that made all the difference in the world.

You follow the gossiping dwarves eye line and you see both Thorin and Dwalin walking together and that makes your heart clench.

He told you, once, about his insecurities. About how he thought himself to be too ugly to even be looked at twice by any woman of any species (a/n: which is completely false because dwalin is hot af) and you assured him that he looked ten times hotter than any dwarf, hobbit, man and elf that you had ever met. That had lead to a very pleasurable night in the sheets that had you sore for a few days.

“You should probably shit your trap about him,” you say, casually looking through their stand.

“And why should we, Lady Hobbit?” The dwarf asks with a sneer. Without a moment’s hesitation, you quickly pull the knife out from your boot and throw it directly at the merchant, catching his collar and embedding the knife into the stone behind. That trick came from Fili.

“Because, Master Dwarf, I will have my next knife embedded into your skull. Dwalin is a wonderful dwarf and is far better looking then you could ever be,” you growl out and you hear a throat being cleared behind you and you know it’s Thorin as their eyes widen.

“Is there something wrong here?” Thorin asks making you turn towards him with a grin.

“Nothing, my king. Just telling these dwarves how cuddly my teddy bear is,” you say, pressing your front into Dwalin’s side.

That causes Dwalin to groan and Thorin to smirk.

“Ah yes. He’s such a cutie pie, isn’t he?” Thorin asks, pinching Dwalin’s cheek. Dwalin swats his hand away with a growl, but pulls you into a one-armed hug nonetheless. He liked being your teddy bear, but Thorin didn’t need to know that.

Imagine Credence borrowing Graves’s wand in the middle of the night while he’s sleeping, and going outside to practice his magic. But since he has so much power and can’t really control it, the wand explodes.

Credence is terrified that Grave’s will be angry with him, and takes to hiding himself and the wand for the entire day. Grave’s misses work searching the house for him (and Graves’s scared because he thinks Credence ran away for whatever reason).

Eventually though,  he finds him hidden in one of the closet.

After a tearful apology, Credence explains to Graves that he broke his wand but that he didn’t mean too. He tells him he hid because he didn’t want Graves to hurt him.  

In response Graves tells Credence that it’s fine and that mistakes happen. He also lets him know that he would never hurt him (he almost says he’s not Credence’s mother, but he doesn’t feel that pettiness will ease the situation). He also tells him that as an aurora, he goes through a new wand a week, and has an entire box of them, and that Credence can use them until he’s skilled enough to get his own.

Graves also ask that Credence not hide if he’s upset next time, and instead they decide to have a designated “safe” place that he can go into if he feels the need to be alone.

Percival Graves x anxiety!Reader relationship headcanons

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>Requested by Anon.💜

♦ Graves would always ensure you that he loves you and that you‘re good enough for him. He knows that you probably have worries like that but there‘s no need to feel or to think like this because you‘re the only one for him.

♦ He would sometimes come over to your place and help you with tasks like cleaning your apartment. Of course he won‘t do everything alone, but he would encourage you to do little things like making your bed or to fold your clothes nicely while he makes everything else. He praises you for everything you do right and is really understanding if you make small mistakes.

♦ Graves would look through the newspaper and cut out good news or cute photos of animals if he sees some and show them to you. He hopes to make you happy when he shows you this stuff and good news are never a bad thing.

♦ He would often walk past your apartment on his way to work and throw a little note in your mailbox. They usually say that he loves you and that you don‘t need to worry about anything because he‘s there for you and sometimes he has no idea what to write or he doesn‘t want to sound like the same every day so he draws something dumb and sketchy for you, but it‘s really cute.

♦ If you tell Graves that you feel anxious or intimidated by a situation and that an anxiety attack is building up then he leaves the situation with you, or if that‘s not possible at the moment then he distracts you from the things that makes you anxious and he holds your hand tightly.
„Do you remember the magic spells I told you about a while ago ? Can you tell me their names again and what function they had ?“
„Look, there are some birds outside Y/N, you‘re smart, can you tell me what kinds of birds these are ?“
„Jenkins touched something cursed at work again, I‘ll tell you about it but you have to focus on nothing but me, Y/N.“

♦ If you get an anxiety attack for whatever reason then Graves would pull you to his chest and tell you to listen to his heartbeat and to slowly breathe in and out. He also rubs your back and tells you uplifting things, like that it‘ll be over soon and that you‘re stronger than the anxiety attack.

♦ Graves lets you decide if you want to go to his or your own apartment after an attack but he won‘t leave you alone unless you ask him for it. He makes you something warm to drink like hot chocolate or tea, whatever you prefer, and then he cuddles with you. He knows that you probably feel bad because the anxiety overwhelmed you but Graves thinks that you‘re actually really strong for dealing with these problems on a daily basis.

♦ Graves takes care to notice small things you do while you‘re with him and praise you for them since it can be hard to get back on track after an anxiety attack.
„Did you take a shower ? That‘s fantastic, I love your shower gel and the smell of your hair afterwards.“
„Your apartment looks so nice and clean, I bet it was lots of work, I‘m proud of you.“
„Did you cook this food ? Really good, eating properly is important Y/N.“

♦ Graves is your boyfriend, not your therapist or something else so he tells you always the truth. If you‘re about to do something stupid or if you did something stupid he tells you, but he doesn‘t tell you in a degrading or angry way, he tells you calmly why he thinks that something is a bad idea and then he gives you alternative options for it.

♦ It‘s not rare that Graves buys you your favorite sweets or flowers if you tell him that you feel particularly bad for some reason. He hopes to cheer you up with it but he also loves to buy you things and to spoil you.

♦ Anxiety is horrible, it‘s exhausting for the person who suffers from it but it can be kinda tiring for people who deal with a suffering person as well but Graves would never think about leaving you because of it, no matter what problems you have and no matter how exhausting it can be, he will be always there for you. 

Anyway so the real reason I can’t be a scientist is because I would use phrases like “dope af” and “pretty friggin neat” whenever my conclusion fit my hypothesis and “hella unfortunate” and “most likely due to a Grave Mistake” whenever it didn’t

Things I really want in season 4:

•Bellamy and Clarke taking that drink
•Octavia apologizing to Bellamy
•Raven - Bellamy/Clarke reunion
•Delinquents smiling and taking a damn break
•Bellamy and Clarke working together on plans to survive
•Late in each other’s tent
•Them falling asleep next to each other because they worked too late
•People comforting Monty because that kid needs it
•Adults realizing they would be in trouble™ without the delinquents
•Maybe them returning to warn Luna about the nuclear radiations
•People from new clans mistaking Bellamy and Clarke for a couple
•Murphy and Emori going in Arkcadia
•Visits to the drop ship (hopefully visiting Wells’ grave)
•Hints about Bellamy’s and Clarke’s feelings

I've called it since his shady ass character has been introduced.

Wren is fucking AD. He’s the big A. The person in charge of the whole thing going on. I’ve said it for as long as I’ve watched the show. Wren is the main bad guy. I’ll take it to my damn grave believing that even if they reveal it to be someone else, because that would be a goddamned stupid mistake that I’ll choose to ignore. They’ve set it up perfectly. Wren is AD no one else can fit the bill like he can. Maybe he had a thing with cece? Idk. Honestly, I think he is just a crazy person that may or may not even be a doctor. He is just as crazy as cece if you ask me if not way worse, it’s going to be him. If not him, my ONLY other consideration is Ezra Fitz. He also has lots of holes in his character’s plot that could put him in big A’s shoes but wren is way more likely. It just makes sense.

Being Lydia Martin’s best friend would include.

•Shopping,lots and LOTS of shopping.
•Noticing how much she is in love with Stiles each day.
•Late night realationship talk.
•Sleepovers almost every night.
•Late night driving with your favourite playlist full blast.
•Lydia trying to set you up with her male friends such as Liam.
•Being the member of the pack that gets protected the most.
•Visiting Allisons grave, she was your bestfriend too.
•Not feeling ashamed of your mistakes with her because she loves you no matter what.
•Being over protective of eachother after what happened to Alli.
•Trying to set her up with Stiles because she is too nervous to make a move despite how much they are mad for eachother.
•Never going a day without seeing eachother.
•Feeling so close to her that you might aswell be classified as sisters.

I went to sleep last night after seeing all the post about zico and how people wanted him to have died during that car crash and I just woke up to three anons saying that he should’ve died. I’m not going to post them, I’ve deleted them.

This is so messed up. Why are you people like this, why the fuck would you wish that someone should’ve died. Especially when it wasn’t even his fault. He trusted his manager to get him home safely without knowing that his manager had been drinking as well. This could’ve gone so much worse than it did, they could’ve actually died or killed someone. Just because one man (not zico) decided that it would be good to drink and drive, a man that he trusted to keep him safe. And you’re all focusing on zico and the fact that he was drunk and in the car when it crashed when it is his manager that made the grave mistake to get into the car thinking he could drive under influence. This is so fucked up that I can’t even. I don’t care if you’re trolls who only wants to cause drama, this is a serious matter and you’re focusing on the wrong person, like always. Fuck this makes me so mad.

If anyone tries to tell me different I’ll fight you. If you continue to send more “zico should have died” I’ll delete them, because you guys seriously need help.

I do not like to repeat sucess, I like to go on to other things.

Walt E. Disney


Stop with the live-action movies- it was okay a few years ago, but now you’re just proving to me that you guys really are incapable of coming up with new fresh ideas for the film industry. You’re milking Frozen for really no other reason, you’re ignoring our calls for more proper representation of POC, you’ve completely disregarded the success of Big Hero 6 and you should feel embarrassed. I’d be embarrassed- Walt is rolling uncontrollably in his grave because this is NOT what he would want.

I don’t say this because I hate you- it’s just a shame that you were once known for telling new, original, and interesting stories- but now it’s just become about the money rather than the quality that you were once known and praised so heavily for. And the fact that you fail to learn from your continuous mistakes which is no wonder why dreamworksanimation is more worthy of our attention.

I understand you are a multi-million dollar corporation-

but you forgot where you came from. And that’s really important.

Lexa was not “just” a character. Lexa was US.

And you killed her in the most exploitive, disgustingly cheap way possible.

I do not watch the 100. But the heartbroken cries on this website are enough to see what you have done. Lexa was not just a character to these people. She was a beacon of hope for queer women–and men–that they weren’t just their sexuality. That they could be leaders, fighters, pinnacles of hope. They could make mistakes, make grave error, but come back fighting tooth-and-nail to make things right. Lexa was hope. Lexa was happy.

And at her happiest? You murdered her.

You killed the hope of thousands of LGBT men, women, and YOUNG TEENS who looked UP to her. 

Its not even her death that’s the problem. It’s because you told us to have hope. That this would be a hallmark of change.

And you murdered that hope. FOR SHOCK VALUE.

I do not watch the show but I am angry. People are crying. Mourning because this shit keeps cycling. Queer women aren’t allowed to be happy without having DEATH as a side-effect.








I feel like people who hate Snape after hearing his backstory missed the fucking point. It’s not about “Boo hoo, Snape didn’t get the girl”.

It’s about the fact that he was sucked into the pressure of his peers to hurt the people he cared about and ultimately sucked into Voldemort’s side for the same reasons.  He realized that he had made a grave mistake when he found out Voldemort was going after the person he cared about most and would not stop no matter how much he begged. So he sought out Dumbledore. 

From then on Snape was never on the Dark Lord’s side. The tragedy in Severus Snape is that he was a double agent during the entire series. He was ruthless to Harry because he had to be. To protect him. He killed Dumbledore because Dumbledore asked him to so that Draco wouldn’t have to.

Snape died a villain so that others may live.

  • Inquisitor: *understands that the Grey Wardens did what they did because they were made to believe that they were all dying, and in their desperation, they were pushed to make what they thought would have been the ultimate sacrifice that would have saved all of Thedas from the horror of future Blights*
  • Inquisitor: *shows their order compassion and allows them to rebuild*
  • The one lady who makes it her mission to rebuild a deeply corrupt order because she believes that, despite their grave mistakes, they are still worth saving: *disapproves*
  • The one guy who has personally seen the destruction of all the previous Blights in the Fade: *greatly disapproves*
  • Spirit of fucking compassion: *greatly disapproves*
  • Inquisitor: ...