because that would be a grave mistake

For  a pair of supposedly enlightened and un-attached people, Obi-Wan and Yoda sure are obsessed with killing Darth Vader. Beginning with their first conversation in his home, Obi-Wan tries to turn Luke into a Vader-killing weapon. He fills Luke’s head with lies and half-truths and deliberately gets himself killed in front of Luke in order to make Luke want to kill Vader. Yoda not only continues to withhold some key facts (like how Vader is Luke’s father), he also claims Luke can not be a Jedi without first confronting Vader. Since when is taking on a Sith or killing your own father a prerequisite for becoming a Jedi? It’s not; it’s just Yoda’s attempt at emotional blackmail.

The crazy thing is that Darth Vader isn’t even the problem. Darth Sidious arranged the Clone Wars, he arranged Order 66, and he’s the one ruling the galaxy. Vader, meanwhile, is basically just his trained attack dog. So why is Vader the one who absolutely has to die? 

For Obi-Wan it’s guilt and love. He loved Anakin (or at least the idea of Anakin) and he needs to believe that man is dead because otherwise he gravely injured his brother and condemned to a life of suffering and slavery. Acknowledging that Padmé was right, that there was still good in Anakin, would mean acknowledging that he, Obi-Wan, could have saved Anakin and didn’t. Obi-Wan needs Luke to prove that he was right, that Vader is irredeemable, and he needs him to ‘fix’ the mistake he made by not killing him outright.

For Yoda, it’s vengeance, except that he’s nowhere self-aware enough to acknowledge that. The Jedi Order was Yoda’s entire life. It defined him and gave him meaning. As a long-lived being, loving individuals was too painful, but he could love and be attached to the Order because the Order was eternal. And then it wasn’t. The boy who was supposed to be the Order’s tool, the Order’s Chosen One, sided with their enemy and utterly destroyed them. Vader betrayed him and and obliterated Yoda’s life’s work. And Yoda hadn’t even wanted him! Everything that went wrong began after they took Anakin in against Yoda’s better judgement. In Yoda’s mind, Vader is the living embodiment of everything wrong in the galaxy. No wonder he has to be destroyed.

WE CRACKED PLL (or how at least it could make sense)

Last night, my friends and I, were watching episode 7x14 and it really gave us some old-pll vibes so, as soon as it finished, we spent about 2 hours theorising! It had been a couple of years since we had done that!! If you wanna read our thoughts on the matter, keep on reading!!

THE OTHER KIDS OF MARY DRAKE (and some other family relationships)

Okay, let’s start to try and untangle the Drake-Hastings-DiLaurentis family tree a bit:

  • Jessica and Ken had Alison
  • Jessica and Peter had Jason
  • Peter and Veronica had Melissa
  • Peter and Mary had Spencer
  • Mary and Pastor Ted had Charlotte
  • according to the Radley’s doctor, Mary delivered more than 2 babies

who are these babies? Wren and Bethany

Let’s see the picture Wren draw when working at Radley (in the same episode we see him talking on the phone to A -coughcough, Charlotte, his sister, coughcough- to take care of their own ends):

This is the picture of the perfect family: Daddy playing with his son, and mommy and big sis laughing with them. but who are they? I like to think it’s just as simple as Mary, Charlotte (because Wren loves her and he wouldn’t want to draw her as a boy out of respect for her), Wren himself and his dad. 

We don’t have a confirmation of who the dad is but I have always believed it’s Scott Montgomery who we know had a history of mental illness and could have easily met Mary at Radley and voilà, Wren was born!

As we already know, Mary had had Charlotte once she was in Radley and they gave her to Jessica so the DiLaurentises could adopt her. Then, years later Wren was born, also in Radley, and Mary wasn’t doing that well at the time so she couldn’t take care of him, and neither could Scott, so he was put up for adoption and ended up with a nice British family and the sexiest accent ever.

Years passed and Mary was jealous of Jessica for having the perfect family, his little baby Charles and Alison on its way so she wanted to get back at her and had an affair with Peter. She got pregnant with twins, Spencer who was adopted by Peter and Bethany (aunt Jessica anyone?) who probably was checked into Radley after some time of living with the Youngs.  


Wren was born in Radley and put out for adoption. An English family adopted him but when he was about to go to college he decided to go to the US so he could find out more about his family. 

He then found the identity of his birthmother and started dating Melissa to be close to the DiLaurentises and find out more about his family. He then discovered the whole thing, started working at Radley so he could investigate more and bonded with Charlotte.


Bethany’s case is similar to Wren’s, she and Spencer were born in Radley and put out for adoption. Spencer went with the Hastings’ and Bethany ended up living with the Youngs. After some time, Bethany started showing signs of mental illness and ended back at Radley where she met her birthmother. She also met Charlotte there. As we have seen, she was angry at Mrs. D and wanted revenge so on labour day she escaped Radley and went to Rosewood.

That night, after Ali had already been dug up, she got mistaken for Ali and Mona hit her on the head. Then Melissa buried her. 

At this point, it would have been easy for the police to get her mistaken for Ali, nobody knew she was Mary’s offspring and after all, don’t they check DNA with the siblings? wouldn’t Jason and Bethany have the same DNA markers as siblings have, seeing they share the father and their moms are identical twins?


Charlotte and Wren. They are/were fighting for their family, hurting everybody who has ever hurted them. When Wren was working at Radley, he met Charlotte and they shared their life stories. They bonded and decided to take on Mona’s game to avenge their family. 

this marvelous edit was made by @wrenischarles. thanks!!

The game had already started, and the girls were making mistakes, so it was very easy for them to continue it. They started with opening their sister’s grave so the world knew it wasn’t Alison in there and continued fighting until Ali came back. Now it was time to prepare for their final act and they allied with Lucas (and probably some others such as Jenna, Noel, etc. to end the game once and for all). 

The girls were getting closer to them so they decided that Charlotte would confess and they made up Charlotte’s story from 6x10. They knew that because of her previous mental illness problems, she would be checked into another mental facility for some years and then, if she behaved well, would get out like nothing happened. 

Everything went according to plan except that Charlotte got killed just hours after being back home, so Wren got angry and started letting everything out on the Liars.


  • We now know Lucas and Charles (Charlotte) were friends, could they be using Lucas’ brains to develop their masterplan? it is clear Lucas hates Ali and he can’t be that happy with Hanna either… he’s been in love with the girl for ages now!
  • It gives Melissa some solid motive to bury Bethany: she knew about Spencer being adopted, so she probably knew about her having a twin sister and when she saw that her family’s secret could get out, she took the bull by its horns.
  • This could also explain why Aria has been the less atacked by A, she is Wren’s cousin.
  • Wren and Ezra definitely know each other. Come on! take a look at the art that was in the cabin Ezra took Aria to, and the way they look at each other on ep. 7x15′s promo. 

BONUS THEORY: what if Spencer is actually Bethany and the real Spencer is the body they found in Ali’s grave? We have never seen Bethany’s face, so that gives us room to play with her, doesn’t it? It would take the show FULL CIRCLE and also follow the book’s plot, maybe it is a little bit too twisted, but you never really know with this show, it’s PLL after all!

disclaimer: I haven’t read any theories lately due to lack of time so I don’t know if anybody has already said something along these lines. if so, I apologize!!


Teddy Bear

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“He’s a great big bear, he is. Can’t see anyone courting that oaf,” you hear as you walk through Erebor’s market.

You needed a few more ingredients to bake biscuits for Dwalin. He’s been a horrid mood lately and you knew that your baking would cheer him up. While on this trip, you finally figured out what brought him down.

Dwalin was the scariest dwarf you have ever met and you thought he hated you. You were a hobbit lass going on a dangerous quest with only men; he thought you to be the weakest link. A grave mistake that Thorin made, but he was proven wrong when you saved him from being stabbed in the back. It was then that you realized that he didn’t want you coming on the quest not because he thought you weak, but because he loved you and that made all the difference in the world.

You follow the gossiping dwarves eye line and you see both Thorin and Dwalin walking together and that makes your heart clench.

He told you, once, about his insecurities. About how he thought himself to be too ugly to even be looked at twice by any woman of any species (a/n: which is completely false because dwalin is hot af) and you assured him that he looked ten times hotter than any dwarf, hobbit, man and elf that you had ever met. That had lead to a very pleasurable night in the sheets that had you sore for a few days.

“You should probably shit your trap about him,” you say, casually looking through their stand.

“And why should we, Lady Hobbit?” The dwarf asks with a sneer. Without a moment’s hesitation, you quickly pull the knife out from your boot and throw it directly at the merchant, catching his collar and embedding the knife into the stone behind. That trick came from Fili.

“Because, Master Dwarf, I will have my next knife embedded into your skull. Dwalin is a wonderful dwarf and is far better looking then you could ever be,” you growl out and you hear a throat being cleared behind you and you know it’s Thorin as their eyes widen.

“Is there something wrong here?” Thorin asks making you turn towards him with a grin.

“Nothing, my king. Just telling these dwarves how cuddly my teddy bear is,” you say, pressing your front into Dwalin’s side.

That causes Dwalin to groan and Thorin to smirk.

“Ah yes. He’s such a cutie pie, isn’t he?” Thorin asks, pinching Dwalin’s cheek. Dwalin swats his hand away with a growl, but pulls you into a one-armed hug nonetheless. He liked being your teddy bear, but Thorin didn’t need to know that.


They say Newt Scamander is a dangerous man. And it’s not because he carries a case full of magical creatures who would definitely kill anyone who hurt their ‘mommy’.

No, that’s not it.

It’s because Newt has brought the most terrifying and powerful aurors to their knees. They’re happily wrapped around his beautiful and elegant finger and would gladly follow him to the ends of the earth.

And he’s even more dangerous because he has no idea.

He has no idea Theseus Scamander hexed every single one of the boys who used to bully him; they ended up crying in a corner unable to point at the wizard who attacked them. Nor he knows the reason why Hogwarts became the most peaceful, friendly environment was because he was Theseus’ little and beloved brother and they were all terrified of him.

That’s why all MACUSA trembled with fear when they saw Theseus (a day after the events in New York) walking down the hallway like a man possessed, searching and demanding for his baby brother.

His furious footsteps still echo the building, reminding everyone of that horrendous date. He walked past many horrified aurors, trying to hide as best as they could, avoiding the demonic look on his face.

But when he reached Tina’s office, when his eyes met those shinny kind ones, when he recognized the freckles that seemed to dance like stars in the night sky every time the magizoologist smiled, his expression softened, his eyes were filled with relieved tears.

“'Seus’! What are you doing here?” Newt asked, puzzled but happy.

Theseus Scamander did not answer that question, he just took his brother in his arms and cried with his head over his shoulder while a confused Newt started to caress his hair, trying to offer comfort.

“I heard what happened with Grindelwald,” Theseus said after a while.

Tina shivered when she heard the hatred in the older Scamander’s voice when he pronounced the name of the dark wizard.

“Are you okay?” Theseus asked.

“I’m fine,” Newt assured but that didn’t stop his brother’s eyes from roaming over his body looking for any kind of scratch or wound.

“Tell me everything,” Theseus sat on Tina’s sofa and took his brother’s hand to make him sit next to him.

Over the British auror’s shoulder Tina stared at Newt and mouthed ‘No’ because she knew that was a terrible idea but her friend wasn’t even looking at her.

So Newt told him. And Theseus’ rage increased.

There wasn’t any other wizard who hated Grindelwald like Theseus did that day.

Except maybe Percival Graves.

Director Graves was rescued few days after the New York incident. It took weeks for him to recover completely and when he was back at MACUSA the first thing he requested was to meet the man who helped his aurors to find him.

Then he saw those green eyes that couldn’t look at him for more than two seconds and saw the shy smile and the freckles covered by a beautiful blush that spread over his cheeks and down his neck. He stared at Newt for a couple of seconds before realizing he was trapped.

He was completely gone.

And boy was he worse than Theseus.

Percival took every opportunity he had to stare at Newt like a man starving. He followed the magizoologist like a shadow and invented the most ridiculous and stupid excuses to touch him.

Theseus wasn’t pleased when he found out. In fact, all MACUSA was waiting for a fight between the two of them, but Newt, their precious sweetheart, talked them out of it.

And Newt still has no idea. He doesn’t know he can get every permit he wants just by smiling kindly at the Director of Magical Security. He has no idea he’s above the law because Percival Graves is willing to twist and bend the rules (the same rules he once claimed he liked so much) just for a kiss, a touch, anything Newt wants to give.

Newt doesn’t know, but sometimes they all wonder, even Tina does it every now and then. She wonders if there is a small part of him that is aware of the power he has. If there’s a part of him that consciously does it on purpose. If he gives them the exact amount of love and kindness and little touches so they keep crawling to him for more.

No, Newt wouldn’t do that. He’s innocent and pure and so precious.

Or maybe Tina is turning into one of them… Maybe she’s biased too.

They say Newt Scamander would be a more efficient and powerful dark lord that Grindelwald would ever be.

Because Newt is an expert taming magical creatures. All kinds of them. Even wizards.

But while Grindelwald seeks control by making them afraid, Newt tames his wizards with love and kindness.

Because fear is a paralytic. But love… Love is a much more vicious motivator.

Thank Merlin Newt is not like that. Thank Merlin he has no idea.

But rumors like that travel fast, especially if they’re accompanied by a river of dead bodies.

By the time the words reach Grindelwald’s ears half of his followers have perished. And those who remain tell him the ones responsible are two skilled wizards. One from America and another from England.

So he notices. In fact, everybody does.

But they have no evidence, no proof. And who would believe that the war hero, Theseus Scamander, and the Director of Magical Security, Percival Graves, the most powerful and capable auror of America had been hunting down dark wizards and killing them in the spot?

No one. They don’t want to. Some of them even feel safe and grateful.

But Grindelwald is not angry, at least not with Newt. He sees the potential the man has and wants to use it for himself.

So he kidnaps the magizoologist and realises too late that’s the worst mistake he’s ever made.

Because suddenly a Nundu appears out of nowhere and growls at him before running back to Newt and watching over him like a mom with her pup. Then the two aurors appear in front of him and even though he’s powerful he doesn’t stand a chance because they’re skilled enough, but they’re also filled with rage and vengeance so he bends in pain; the spells like thunders almost piercing him…

But the pain stops; the petrificus totalus keeping him in place.

And Grindelwald just stares, because it’s the only thing he can do. And watches fascinated as Percival Graves and Theseus Scamander get on their knees before Newt and cry out of relief and love and then the thin magizoologist hugs them and strokes their faces and they both lean in his touch and close their eyes like they’re starving for it.

Newt kisses Percival and caresses Theseus hair one more time before they both rise from the ground.

Grindelwald realises he can move when Newt is a few inches from him. The aurors are at his side like devoted shadows.

Newt smirks at him, there’s still some of that marvelous kindness in his eyes.

“On your knees,” he orders.

And for the first time Grindelwald does as he’s told. Not because Newt is the only thing standing between him and a painful death by those shadows of his. He doesn’t do it 'cause his body is already bending in half.

He does it because there’s a beautiful smile on Newt’s face, because his eyes shine so bright and he can almost feel the warmth that’s coming from Newt’s body and wants part of it.

He’s shocked when he realises he’s willing to find his end if it comes from him. He’s willing to follow a command if it’s him who says it.

Then he gets it. And Grindelwald smiles back at Newt.

A dangerous man indeed.

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Can I request being ivy's student and she's always trying to keep you safe from one of the batboys, please and thank you

This is the fic I was working on during class btw and I think of  older Damian as Arsalan Ghasemi

“Kill him, (Y/N).” Ivy demanded coldly.

Damian had arrogantly stormed into the botanical gardens because of some recent…business that you two have done recently. But coming to her domain was a grave mistake. The fight would be even if he tried in man’s world- full of metal and pollution, Gotham has a scarce amount of vegetation out in the open. However, surrounded by her children, he was no match for her. 

She had grown tired of the caped men attacking her poor plants and she wanted no commanded justice. You, her student, would deal the final blow. Not with a gun or a knife or any other of man’s creations, but with Mother Nature’s hand guiding yours. Raising a nearby bush into the form of a spear, you looked at what you were about to do with tears in your eyes.

In the bush was Damian’s favorite flowers, the ones he always brought to you when you sneaked out to meet him. He’d always put a blue orchid behind your ear and hand you some seeds so you could plant some at the garden and be reminded of him…of your love. He said they reminded him of you in return. While Poison Ivy resembled a scarlet Chrysanthemum, you were the epitome of an Egyptian Blue Orchid, your skin flushed when he said that, he’s always had a way with words.

Damian gave you an unintelligible look-all men die, but if his death was at your hand, it would be the highest honor. You couldn’t the time you two spent getting to know each other and the love you two shared. T-this was your Dami and you were his Flower. You couldn’t- your heart refused. You helped the bush revert to its natural form and it thanked you for not getting blood on its shrubbery.

You looked up at your mentor with exhaustion on your face and tears on your cheeks.

“I-I can’t.” 

Your tears were flowing more freely now. Damian was in a sitting position now, reaching toward you before a wall of flora blocked him from your vision.

Leave, spawn of man. Do not return or you will die.” You mentor hissed at him.

Distantly, you heard his grappling hook and you were left with an enraged Ivy.

“What did I say about man?” It was odd to hear her beautiful voice laced with anger.

“N-not to..” Your voice cracked, raw from the tears that fell. 

“I said not to!” Ivy trailed off as when she saw your head hung in shame at this she let out a small sigh.

Her smooth hand lifted your chin high,”I’m just trying to protect you, dear.”

“If only you knew how hard you make it,” She sat on her knees in front of you. 

“These humans… all they know how to do is trample what Mother Nature has already perfected. You don’t want that to happen to this masterpiece,” She brushed some tears from your face. “Do you?”

In her own way, you supposed, that was kind of a compliment. You weren’t in the mood for them or her; you wanted to ask if Harley would ruin her, but you thought better of it.

“No.” You sniffled, hands resting on your knees.

“I don’t either.” Placing an orchid behind your ear before leaving.

You shook her touch off of her body in anger and the flower fell from your hair. You picked it up gently as if it was the most as precious thing in the world. You caressed its soft, smooth, but strong petals. You imagined your beloved’s face. His tanned skin, how he cared about your mind rather than your body and those hard eyes that shined only for you. That’s what Ivy would never understand.

You pecked the flower as another tear fell down your face.

“He loves me.” You whispered as your sadness poured onto the memory of your beloved.

(2) new voice messages- TJ Perkins Drabble

As the front door of his apartment closed, TJ was greeted with the same feeling that had been following him for weeks now, loneliness. Normally, after a tough few days of doing shows, he would walk through this door, either with you or expecting you, now, it was just an empty apartment. He had always wanted you here, just not in the way that he was now expecting. Friends with benefits was a term that you had thrown around quite a bit, the two of you simply couldn’t keep your hands off each other. There were nights where there was no sleep, just intertwined in bed, panting and moaning into his skin. TJ could still remember those nights, which is probably why when he walked into his room, it felt like you were there. As he tore off his clothes, falling into what were supposed to be clean sheets but oddly enough still smelt like you, TJ slammed his fist into the mattress frustrated. Friends with benefits is always a bad idea, considering someone almost always falls for the other, and in this case it was you. You fell hard, and eventually told TJ, figuring you saw the signals to tell him the truth. His feelings weren’t clear and you left, not having any contact with him since that day. TJ couldn’t figure out what he wanted, but he knew he wanted you, just never understood how. Now, not having you, and being alone had made him realise that the feelings he had for you were more than he originally believed he had. It made him realise you were it, the one that everyone kept talking about, it was always you. Picking up his phone, he saw that he never changed his wallpaper of the pair of you, so happy and so foolishly in love. His fingers opened up his contact book and before much of a thought, he had decided to call you. His heart was bursting out of his chest realising it was ringing. He just needed to hear your voice, to scream for you to come back to his house, which now only felt like home if you were in it. After a few seconds he was greeted with your voice, however, not in the way he wanted.

“Hey, you’ve reached Y/N. I can’t make it to my phone right now so leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Beep”.

Your voice made TJ stop, his stomach doing flips. What was he going to say? Why did he even call in the first place if he had no words? He slowly took a breath, figuring he needed to at least say something before you just heard a creep breathing into the phone on your voice messages.

“Uh… hey… it’s me, TJP *laugh* sorry, I know how much you love to say that… well used to anyway. I just wanted to apologies… I… I didn’t understand what I wanted at the time but now I know it’s you. You are what I want and” *beep*


Tj slammed his fist on the bed again. Calling the number again, he willed himself to say what he needed to say in the small time frame he had. At the beep, he took a breath and focused on what his heart was telling him.

“It’s always been you, always. You said you wanted to marry me, that night when you were blind drunk and you said you didn’t remember but I know you did. I saw the hurt in your eyes when I laughed it off the next day but you need to believe me when I say I don’t just want to marry you. I want to worship you, I want to make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the whole world, because to me you are the most spectacular girl in the universe. Just please… give me a call. I need to hear your voice and I have so much more to say. Please” *beep*

Tj sighed, bringing his phone to rest on the bed he was sitting on, however he didn’t realise he had been pacing during the phone call. As he made his way to lay down on his bed, he felt empty. What if him finally opening up was going to hurt him more? What if you had moved on already, no longer holding those feelings toward him? What TJ didn’t know is that you were awake back home, missing his calls because you feared hearing his voice would make you crumble even more. But you caved after the second call, initially thinking it was a butt dial but the second voice message made you curious. Hearing his words, the sincerity in his voice made you cry, sob to the point you were gasping for air. A few deep breaths and with a clear vision, you dialled his number, hoping you weren’t making a grave mistake. One ring was all it took for TJ to scramble for his phone and answer.


“Hey Teej.”

“I didn’t think you would call back. Your voice mail cut me off, I have so much more to say”

“TJ, listen… did you mean what you said?”

“Of course I did. Look I know I’m an idiot but I miss waking up to you, miss having you here. I miss hearing you talk about what you want for your future because I now realise that everything you said, I want too but I want it with you, I always have I was just being naïve and scared to realise it.”


“Remember what you said to me one night, how you wanted a baby? I want that. I want to wake up to hear his little cry, or hers, I know how much you want a girl, but imagine a little boy that looked like us.  I think I want that because if we had a girl that looked like you, my god I would be hitting boys away with sticks, she would be the most gorgeous little girl in the whole world, my heart couldn’t handle that. But if he cried in the middle of the night, I would get up because I know you could sleep through an earthquake and may not hear it but I wouldn’t mind because that would be our baby, and I want that. I also want to lay in bed with you on cold winter mornings and hear their footsteps as they come to wake us up, running down the hallways of this house. I want kids here, I now realise this place is too big for 1 person”

By now you were really crying, holding your heart as you both smiled and ached to be by his side.

“TJ, I want that too but are you sure this isn’t just you wanting to make me happy?”

“God no! I want this, I want every birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s with you until the day I die. These past few weeks I realised something, that this place, this big house doesn’t feel like home and it’s because you aren’t here. You’re not here to leave makeup on the bathroom counter or the smell of your cooking wafting through the house. I miss tripping on your shoes because you leave them wherever you please but mostly I miss lying in bed, falling asleep to the sound of your breathing, your warmth filing the bed because although I cleaned my sheets, they still smell like you and it’s so cold here.”

TJ could hear you breathing on the other end of the phone, occasionally sniffling. He wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around you and make sure you were okay.

“Just please Y/N, come home”

You smiled as you heard his words.

“I’ll be on the first flight out tomorrow”

TJ smiled as he lay back down on his bed, content with hearing you say those words.

“I miss you”

“I miss you too Teej. I’ll be there tomorrow, get some sleep”

After saying good night and hanging up, TJ close his eyes and sighed contently. Only a few more hours and you would be here and finally, this house would feel like home again, and TJ couldn’t be happier.  

Stop. Pause your scrolling. Wait. I have a thing for you.

Actual Mummy Newt.

That’s it. Resume scrolling if you want, but know that I’ll be judging you - Graves will be judging you, because actual Mummy Newt is the most adorable thing in all of creation and if you hurt his feelings by ignoring him then Graves will have to eviscerate you. He won’t want to do it. It’ll make him sad. But he’ll do it.

Now how, you might ask, does Newt evolve into Actual Mummy Newt? Like this:

There’s a girl. The girl is desperate, the girl is scared, but the girl saw Newt save a Jengu spirit from a hunter’s net on the river banks and she thinks - she hopes - that he will be kind. She tucks her baby’s blankets more tightly around her and kisses her tiny fingers and says goodbye, and she leaves the baby on the doorstep of the tiny hut. She retreats - but not far, because there are wild dogs and wild cats and she is determined to see her baby safe - and waits.

The door opens. A man peers out, cautious, wand raised. Her breath stutters to a halt and her heart freezes in her chest, because it isn’t Newt, it isn’t the kind man - it’s Graves. Graves stalks around glaring balefully at the world and it’s easy to mistake him for an angry man. The girl knows angry men. She readies herself to move forwards, to take her daughter and run, to forget this plan and ignore the better future she hoped her daughter would have -

Graves picks the baby up, gently, nervously, as though she were something precious and fragile. His face, when he looks at her, is blank; when he looks up and sees through the girl’s pitiful illusens, there is sorrow and fury and careful understanding in his gaze. Remember, Graves was an auror because he wanted to protect people. Remember, Graves was an auror who saw all the things people needed protecting from. He makes to step forwards, baby cradled in his arms, to say something, perhaps - the girl vanishes. Her heart pounds and she’s crying and that’s it, that’s goodbye, she’s done everything she can do. 

(It’s not goodbye. It’s only until later, and later is sixteen years away when the girl - the woman - holds her daughter close and presses desperate kisses into her curly hair and smooths her hands over her perfect face. In the background the man she thought was kind and the man she thought was angry stand to the side and smile. The woman will be crying then, when she says goodbye for the second time, but they will be different tears and a different goodbye and her daughter will turn around and say I’ll write, mama, and I’ll bring you photos next time to show you where I’ve been.)

But that is then and this is now, and now Graves goes down the ladder one careful step at a time and stares at the bundle held against his chest. Tiny grey eyes and tiny snuffling nose and tiny dark eyelashes blinking against tiny dark cheeks - she’s tiny.

“We’ll take her to Nairobi,” he tells Newt. “They’ll have an orphanage there, or a family who can take her in.”

Newt lays her down on his lap - she’s no longer than his thigh, she fits in like she’s made to be there and curls her legs against his stomach - and runs gentle fingers over the fluff on her head. “We can’t apparate with a baby,” he says. “It’ll be slow - a month, maybe?” The baby sneezes and Newt waves his fingers at her, distracting her while he wipes the bubbles of milk-spit away.

“It takes as long as it takes,” Graves says, and maybe he honestly deludes himself into thinking that will only be a month.

Because. That month.

The baby is two weeks old, or thereabouts. She can’t see, not really - she scowls at the world as it fails to come into focus and Graves scowls right back and makes Newt laugh. She can smell though, and for the first few nights she is miserable and howling because she can smell that her mother is gone; she tugs at the cloth of Newt’s shirt and scrabbles for milk that he doesn’t have and she wriggles against a hold that isn’t the right hold and she screams.

Newt bounces her and talks to her, always talks to her non stop nonsense words, and waits for her to get used to him. He mixes four different kinds of milk to make the best substitute he can (and sends Graves out among the habitats to collect them) and feeds it to her with a careful diligence while Graves hovers and worries about it being the right temperature. When she fusses and squalls, Newt rubs her back until burps and makes a face as he cleans away the excess milk.

There are a lot of cleaning charms involved. Babies make a lot of mess. Newt switches into old clothes, comfy clothes, over-large button shirts with the sleeves rolled up soft cardigans that he can wrap around the baby like a blanket and hug her against his chest. He bounces her and he babbles to her and he coos in delight when she looks at him and smiles, even though he knows it doesn’t mean anything at that age. He gets up in the middle of the night and shambles over to the cot on the other side of the room and stifles a yawn as he picks her up and tries to convince her to tell him what’s wrong.

“She’s a baby,” Graves grumps from where he’s trying to osmose through the sheets and become one with the mattress. “She can’t tell you what’s wrong. She doesn’t speak English, she speaks loud.”

“Can too,” Newt protests. “She says she’s hungry.”

Graves’ reply contains several swear words at that and Newt pointedly covers the baby’s ears. Graves’ reply to that is to offer a rude hand gesture on his zombie-stumbling way down to the kitchen to retrieve and heat up the milk. He hands it to Newt and stands behind him while Newt feeds her, Graves’ arms wrapped around Newt’s waist and Graves’ chin balanced on Newt’s shoulders.

“She needs a name,” Newt says softly while he’s tucking her blanket around her and setting her back down to sleep.

“It’s only three weeks to Nairobi,” Graves says back just as softly.

“I was thinking Claire,” Newt continues as though Graves hadn’t spoken, and the stubborn tilt to his chin says that Newt is prepared to engage selective deafness however many times Graves tries to raise the point.

Graves doesn’t try that hard. Six weeks later - because Newt and schedules? No. - they arrive in Nairobi and take Claire to the local centre for magical fostering. Ten days after that they leave Nairobi as the official, legally recognised adoptive parents of one Claire Mathilda Scamander-Graves, and by that point Graves has even learnt to keep the milk in a coolbox in the bedroom instead of falling down the ladder to the kitchen every night in search of it.

Accepted (Jaebum)~ Requested

Word count: 1600 words

Genre: Wolf (AU)/ smut

A/n: I would like to start off by saying WE ARE SO SO SORRY FOR THE PENDING REQUESTS! WE HAD BEEN HAVING A KILLER WRITER’S BLOCK ALONGSIDE OUR MOCKS AND MANY OTHER PERSONAL STUFF! We are now trying to get back to normal but we still have exams to come with out year ending and Riceball moving away, it might take some time so please bare with us! We all love you guys and your support despite our long absence was hear-warming!

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You huffed, forcing your burning legs to move faster. Your lungs felt like they were on fire but you  ignored it, not letting anything slow you down. You knew they were coming after you, chasing you so they could lock you up once again. You had had enough.However, soon your legs couldn’t hold you up any longer and you collapsed, falling face first into the dirt and fallen leaves. With a hammering heart and fear still burning inside you like a bonfire, you tried to get up but your arms slipped from under you, no longer able to hold your weight because of exhaustion.

“What are you doing on our territory, you rogue!” someone hissed from behind you as the heeled bottom of a boot slammed into your back, forcing the air out of your lungs. You wheezed, trying to reply to him but you couldn’t. Tears burned at the sides of your eyes as the pressure on your back increased till it felt like you would break. But, learning what a grave mistake it was to let others near you the hard way, you closed your eyes, pulling on a poker face as you refused to let any emotions slip through. Aloud growl was emitted by the person behind you before he roughly grabbed hold of your arm, dragging you behind you.

“I know just the place for disgusting pests like you,” he hissed as he dragged you to a dull white building. Two men stood outside the door, fierce and deadly looks on their faces as they scanned you.You were too tired to fight back, no matter how much your wolf urged you to.

‘At least they won’t find me here,’ you thought as the man dragged you to a cell, throwing you in and locking the door after you. You slumped in one corner of the room, exhaustion turning your limbs into jelly and before you knew it, you had fallen into a dreamless sleep.

“Get up you rogue!“ you were roughly shaken out of your sleep, a loud smack hitting you right across your cheek, making it sting. You closed your eyes, forcing back all those memories of your 'parents’ treating you in a similar manner.

“What do you want?” you hissed, the wall of independence you had built making an appearance. You had learned how to be strong and how to guard yourself at all times. There was no way you were going to fall weak in front of anyone’s eyes.

“You don’t get to talk like that around here,“ the man shouted, grabbing your hair as he jerked your head back. Your head stung as you kicked around, not wanting to give in without a fight.

"You-” the man raised his hand to punch you when another man ran up to the cell, eyes wide with fear.

“We are under attack! The Im pack is moving in, we have to go,” the hurriedly explained, making your attacker leave you, with one last kick and a promise that he’d be back to finish you off.You grunted, crawling over to the side of the cell as your side throbbed and your cheek burned. You were pretty sure it was going to bruise pretty badly, if it already hadn’t started bruising yet.

 Be brave, Y/N. We will get out of here just like we got away from them, your wolf consoled you as you sat huddled up in a corner in such a way to minimize the pain as much as possible.

Suddenly, you heard shouts outside the building and you tensed, fearing what was going to happen. A bang, and a dozen of foot-steps were heard. You coughed, curling around as the foot steps neared the cell. Something wasn’t right. Your heart was beating like crazy and you were picking up an intoxicating smell that was coming from near you. With a determined grunt, you dragged yourself towards the cell bars just as they were ripped away from the ground.

A tall man stood in front of you, his black hair pushed back and his piercing brown eyes studying your broken form with such intensity, you felt exposed. Your breathing hitched as you studied the handsome stranger in front of you, your wolf purring with delight at his scent. He bent down, scooping your broken and exhausted form in his arms, tingles running through you at his touch. When he opened his full, pink lips, the words that tumbled out were the ones your wolf was howling in your head.

“You’re mine,” he whispered, placing a soft, gentle kiss on your forehead. The way he was holding you felt like you were some delicate, precious possession that he could not dream of parting from and one he would never let anyone steal from him.Strangely, for reasons unknown to you, you felt safe in this stranger’s embrace, something you hadn’t felt ever since that night. 

The man who had saved you (and whose name you yet had to learn) was sitting a few feet away from you as a doctor examined you, growling every time you winced because the doctor applied too much pressure on the part where it hurt. After a few minutes of examining, the doctor told you that you were fine, a little weak due to exhaustion but that the rest will fix it all up. And with that, he left you alone with the handsome stranger, the awkwardness returning to the air.

“Can I ask you your name?“ his smooth voice asked as he suddenly appeared in your line of sight. You clutched at the sheet around you, a little scared of his intense stare.

“Y/N,” you replied with the calmness you were totally not feeling. The stranger softly smiled, repeating your name. It rolled so perfectly off his tongue, making you shiver. What was going on?

It’s normal you fool. You are reacting to your mate.

“My name is Im Jaebum,“ the stranger, Jaebum, winked at you, "I’m the alpha of this pack.”

“Alpha? Pack? I don’t understand,” you frowned, bringing your knees to yourself when a sharp pain ran through your side, making you let out a hiss. Jaebum’s hand was instantly in your shoulder, gently and carefully guiding you to lay down.

“Please don’t worry too much, princess. I’ll explain everything once you have gained back your strength" Jaebum coaxed you, his fingers running through your hair, instantly making you forget all about your pain, “You must be starving. Let me get you something to eat.” You barely managed a nod before he brought your hand to his lips, placing a gentle kiss on it before he left you. You collapsed back into the bed with a sigh, not sure what was going on. The stranger’s attention towards you unsettled you at the same time while it melted your heart. Never had you seen anyone be this attentive towards you, care about you so much and it all warmed your heart to a huge extent.When Jaebum returned with the tray full of all kinds of food, a little blush coloured your cheeks.Seating himself and the tray in front of you, he gave you a sheepish smile

“I didn’t really know what you liked so…“ he trailed off, shrugging just as the door of the room began to bang. Jaebum growled lightly as he answered it, not letting whoever it was enter the room.

"Alpha, we have found the man. Your orders?” the person on the other side of the door asked,making Jaebum’s eyes flash amber.

“Rip him apart,“ Jaebum growled, his voice laced with anger that sent a chill down your spine but for some reason, he didn’t scare you. He returned to you again, studying your face with a soft, caressing gaze.

“I’m so sorry for what those bastards did to you,” Jaebum’s hand reached out towards your face,hovering just inches away, silently asking permission, “I won’t let anyone do that to you ever again. I promise you,” His voice held so much sincerity, so many emotions that you couldn’t help but look at him with a bewildered look, quickly masking it. However, he had seen it.

“Thank you for saving me, really, but I think I should get going now,“ you pushed the tray away, trying to get out of bed when a wave of nausea hit you. Jaebum was by your side in a second, gently guiding you back into bed.

“Please don’t burden yourself anymore. I can’t let you out of this bed until you have rested properly,” his eyes looked pained as he scanned you over, pulling the tray back near you. You were never one to take the sympathy or pity of anyone, knowing how much it hurt when that same pity takes a 180 degree turn but, to your surprise, you weren’t fighting against Jaebum and you knew fighting would be useless.He had saved your life and whether you liked it or not, you owed him.

You had never been a huge fan of romantic gestures, maybe because you were brought up in such away where the whole idea of 'soulmates’ and 'made for one another’ seemed like a huge lie to you. Your parents  had never shown you what love and taking care of one another meant. And all these reasons lead you to build a strong fortress around yourself, one that nothing could breach, ever.Or so you thought.When you woke up in the morning, you saw Jaebum curled up on the couch in the room. It was small for his tall frame and you could clearly see how uncomfortable he was but he didn’t complain,honouring your wishes more than his comfort. He not only gave you his whole bed but began to live in his own room like a guest. For the first time in your life, you felt like someone actually cared for you. He had explained what an Alpha and a pack was and you understood that his job was a very busy one, yet he still looked after you, checking up on you, spending time with you, despite his work. He would at times return to the room with flowers, complimenting your smile every time he did so. Your felt warm and fuzzy inside, something even your wolf couldn’t explain.

Soon, the time when you were totally healed and able to stand on your feet came. You were conflicted about staying or leaving. Jaebum had sparked a curiosity in you and all those little kids and the people of the pack, who came to visit and keep you company when Jaebum couldn’t had won a place in your heart. You couldn’t help but let your heart overrule your head just once, listening to your wolf as well. And so, with the decision to stay, you were guided to a new room, one that fit your taste perfectly.

Gradually, the idea of leaving became a distant memory. Weeks passed and you still couldn’t bring yourself to leave the pack. Jaebum and his sweet gestures, his unwavering attention and goofy personality had somehow wiggled through the fortress built around your heart, making a residence there. No matter how hard you tried to ignore it, you couldn’t deny that strong pull the two of you had.

But in all honesty, it was the feeling of actually meaning something to someone that made you stay, just to cherish that feeling for a little longer. He would always get you breakfast in the morning, checking up on you multiple times throughout the day, ignoring his work to help you understand the pack life. Small, yet such caring acts of his were the ones that made you realize that you were beginning to open up to him, a thought both sweet yet scary.

“Y/N! Get up! Get up!“  Dahyun screamed in your ear, pulling you out of the bed. You grumbled as you complied to her request, remembering the shopping trip the two of you had planned. You both were heading to the nearest human town because majority of the clothes you had been wearing were over-sized and many shirts belonged to Jaebum.When the two of you stumbled downstairs, you found Jaebum and the 'beta’ Jackson, waiting for the two of you. Dahyun grumbled as Jaebum insisted on accompanying us and left no place for arguments.

He was their Alpha after all.

"He is so bossy,” Dahyun mumbled to you as the two of you climbed into the back seat, making you giggle. Jaebum shot the two of you an amused look, his eyes softening as they landed on you before he drove away from the house.

Five shops, aching feet and a grumbling stomach later, Jaebum was able to drag you away from Dahyun, leaving Jackson to divert her attention for a while. Chatting, joking and laughing, the two of you headed towards the food court when you bumped into someone. Looking up, your eyes met the piercing blue of your 'brother’.

“Y/N?“ his voice dripping with hate and venom exclaimed as he grabbed a hold of your arm, squeezing it so hard that a whimper escaped your lips. That was all it took to push Jaebum to Alpha mood. He ripped your 'brother’ off of you, standing in the middle as he glared down at him.

“Who the hell are you?” Jaebum growled. Your brother ignored him, weaving his way away from him and grabbing you by the arm again.

“Wait till father gets his hand on you, you bitch!“ he roughly jerked you towards him, leading to Jaebum punching him straight in the nose. Your brother fell to the ground, his nose bleeding. Gently taking a hold of your hand and guiding you to the car, Jaebum called Jackson, asking him to take care of the mess while he took you home.The drive to the house was silent, an unanswered question lingering in the air which Jaebum was obviously waiting for you to answer but you didn’t know how. He quietly followed you up to your room and the moment the two of you were in the room, he turned around and locked the door, locking his unwavering and intense gaze on you.

“Who was that, Y/N?” Jaebum’s surprisingly soft voice asked as he made him way over to you, sitting down next to you.

It’s now or never, Y/N. You have to tell him.

“He was my foster brother,” you whispered, your eyes closing on their own, “his family adopted me when I was three I guess and since then they had taken care of me. However, the day I turned, they…changed. I was monster to them which needed to… to be kept… locked up and beaten..”

“Y/N, you’re not a monster,“ Jaebum’s voice of filled with pain as he said that, "You don’t need to be locked up or beaten. I’ll rip those bastards apart for ever laying a hand on you!” A sob broke through you, one you had held back for years. Being with Jaebum made you realize that not always did you need to keep yourself strong, there were times you were allowed to break, there were times you should allow others to help you up and this was one of those times. Your head buried into Jaebum’s shoulder as your hands fisted his shirt.

“Look at me,” Jaebum pulled back, pulling your chin up so he could look straight at you,"when I see you, I see a strong, independent, beautiful woman. Not some monster.”

You sucked in a breath as he leaned down, capturing your lips with his own. As gently as the kiss itself, he brought his hand up to cup your face in his large palm. You rested your hand on top of his curling your fingers over the side of his hand.

“I love you.”

The words disappeared from the tip of your tongue, lost and unspoken as he carefully laid you down on bed softly pushing at you shoulder. Your legs came to wrap around his waist instinctively while scooting up, pulling him up with you by the fabric of his shirt still fisted in your hand.Once you let go he quickly discarded it, kneeling between your legs. His toned upper body glowed in the low lighting of the room. Your hands moved from the waistband of his jeans, over his stomach, his chest and up to his face feeling the soft muscles of your mate under your delicate, feather soft touch.Jaebum made quick work of your shirt quickly taking it off along with your bra and went to feeling your exposed upper body in his own ways. Kisses, bites and licks made their way down to the top of your underwear peeking from the waistband of your pants. They too rested on the floor in a matter of seconds, along with his.

Now completely bare, he covered your body with his own, holding himself over you with his arms. Your eyes moved down to his lower body and with a smirk you reached down to grip him. He gasped in surprise, he had not expected such a tight grip when you reached down. Jaebum groaned when youbegan tugging at his cock.

“Y/N,” he breathed against your neck as you began guiding him to your core. You moaned at the slightest brush of his sex against your core.

“Fuck,” taking both his hands in yours he laced together your fingers.“Teasing can wait,” he panted against your ear, placing your interlocked hands on either side of yourhead, “Let me make love to you.” Something fluttered in your stomach at his words. You turned your head and caught his lips in a soft kiss as he gently pushed into you.

Jaebum moved against you gently. His length dragged against your walls making moans fall from your lips uncontrollably. They were slow and soft, just like the kisses on your neck; he moved hitting deep with each thrust.You found release before him, tightening around his length, making him gasp, sweat droplets falling onto you: hot and slick just like you felt as he picked up pace reaching after his climax.

“Y/N. You’re so beautiful, baby. Don’t ever believe what they tell you. You don’t need to believe anyone but me. I love you so much.” His words were followed by his release filling you up and arms giving out from holding him up for so long making him fall down you.

“I love you too,” you whispered into his shoulder as he bit down. You were officially his, you thought,your energy losing volume as you fell into a deep, now peaceful sleep.

Chamomile Tea

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George never really liked tea all that much, the taste was occasionally bitter for him or maybe even way too sweet; even for a candy lover like himself. But his mother insisted he buy a few teabags from the small tea store down the street from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. She had recommended that he go there because they had special teas that could help with almost anything.

He was beginning to have sleeping issues again, insomnia was his worst enemy at the moment and Molly kept telling him that he’d probably run away all his costumers because of how scary he looked; deep, purple bags under his eyes, disheveled hair and his eyes had lost their shine but they had been like that ever since he lost Fred in the war two years ago.

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People need to be fed and housed. They need warmth and compassion and to survive. Charities, non-profits and government agencies don’t provide enough and have rules excluding those that need the most help. They have rules excluding those who fit certain parameters. They easily cut off aid for a variety of arbitrary reasons. The left needs to be doing that these organizations are doing but outside, without and against them. 

Show people they don’t need to be deserving or worthy to be cared for. The left’s energies often get sapped into organizations that due to their nature have specific rules attached to who can receive care and who cannot. Those with the most need are also those who are the least able to meet those standards. Those who have need and fit those standards will not receive that care for long. There are those who have the need but because they are making slightly more money than the maximum the standards dictate they are unable to receive them. Everyone in some way is not being supported in the ways that actually would allow them to thrive and free up their time.

A successful left I think would be providing these services directly regardless of the ideological purity of the people involved. So much of the left requires some kind of ideological purity to simply be involved (to hang around college aged leftists primarily) and that’s a grave mistake and is a huge reason I am so dissatisfied with the left writ large.

I just want a fic where Graves absent-mindedly buys Credence a short silk robe (because he wants him to have the best) and doesn’t realise how big of a MISTAKE it was until Credence starts wearing it. Because why wouldn’t he? It’s so soft and comfortable and ‘the latest fashion.’ But Graves becomes unable to function around Credence, he can’t even take any of his paperwork home because his brain would stop working whenever he sees Credence bend down or reach for something on the top shelf in the kitchen. He just wants to drop down on his knees and worship him. 

And so he becomes more and more frustrated, considers never returning home because he CAN’T stand it. Of course Credence doesn’t notice at first but then he DOES, and he starts playing with it, like, subtly spreading his legs when he is sitting on the couch and talking to Graves who stands in front of him or putting a finger in his mouth covered in cream/jam/whatever during breakfast while the robe falls down his shoulder. Or maybe coming in Graves’ room after he had a ‘nightmare,’ sitting on his bed in a loosely tied robe. And just generally enjoys the attention Graves gives him so, so much. 

Murder story and missing body.

Melissa Hastings and Cece Drake were best friends in highschool. Period. Melissa was suspicious about her boyfriend Ian. She asked Cece to get close Alison and keep an eye on her, keep her secrets, be her mentor. It all started in Cape may, while Melissa was playing dumb in front of Alison, that she has no idea about her affair with Ian, or her thing for Ian. Ali got one crazy summer, she wanted to impress Cece so badly, remember that after this summer Alison was introduced for us as bitchy queen. She started doing her hair exactly like Cece. Melisa was so happy, plan was working. Was Cece really in Radley? Sure she was, and Melissa knew. (They were best friends, remember). Cece told Melissa about tragic death of Mrs Cavanaugh. They asked Wilden about this and he was forced to confess. Why? He was either the one who was sleeping with Alison or he did something that they could blackmail him with. Cece Drake, as she used the same name in high school- she knew that Mary is her mother, not Jessica. In the second we hear about Mary Drake we can assume that all story was a lie. I think that Mary gave birth to a boy- Charles, and he even could be adopted by DiLaurentis, but he is not the same person as Cece. Cece Drake, my dear pll theories fans, is no one else than your beloved BETHANY YOUNG. Is Bethany really Mary daughter? I don’t know, maybe. But I think the grave of Charles DiLaurentis wasn’t only put in a yard because of his gender transition. No no, not even for Mary to believe he is dead. He was adopted long time ago and Jessica did everything to kept this secret. That was on Bethanys drawing, a monster taking boy away from a girl. That’s why there was a family in Charles room. Were Bethany and Charles Twins? Maybe, maybe. Charles is Ezra or Wren. No other ways. My only concern with this theory is question- who was in the grave that police sait it was bethany young.

Melissa and Cece were playing with Alison all this time, but someone got killed, and it was melissas mistake. Stupid game that Cece and Melissa were playing changed into a murder. That’s why cece attacked Alison, because she thought that it would help Melissa somehow. How? Who knows? She was crazy.  Oh and remember that Cece and Melissa actually share a sister , and Jason is a relative too.

I can’t really see any other explanation, even when this one is really twisted, for melissa being A. It’s started not that serious, it was only an Innocent game to stop Alison, but it ended up with a murder. What’s the better motive for END GAME than a murder commited by AD? After time there was more questions and more bodies. And it wasn’t playing with doll’s anymore. It was playing with body parts.

Mona knows, Mona always knew. Mona told Hanna and Aria that Maya knew. But maya wasn’t part of A team sos he ended up dead. She was one of few bodies who ended up like that because she knew too much. Wilden, Garrett, Ian. Jenna almost, she wanted to tell and someone wanted to drown her. I know one thing. All characters showed in episode 1 was important. Maya, Garrett, Wilden and Ian are dead. So we’re left with 4 liars, Alison, Melissa. Accept the parents we’ve got Jason, Jenna, Wren and Ezra. So the question is: Who is Charles?


His World: Restraint Drabbles

Request from @wiz-witch. This set is a lot more angsty than what I normally write, so be warned. 

1. Broken

This wasn’t supposed to happen. None of this. Agent Murphy, no, Milo, stolen from his time period and led away in chains. His smile strained at the corners, no longer bright and carefree. A boy who pushed through bad luck with a spring in his step, a child hanging out with his friends, a son who brought much joy to his family….

Never again. They broke him. He broke him. All because of his ridiculous pride. His stupid, foolish obsession with saving the world has led to many idiotic mistakes before, but none were as grave as ripping a child from a secure, loving home. 

The Bureau’s praise rang hollow. Oh, how he wished he could rip the document that detailed his promotion into shreds and shove it all down Block’s stupid throat. Though the satisfaction wouldn’t last. It would never last. 

Dakota wouldn’t speak to him. Or even look at him. He was right. Should’ve listened. Should’ve appreciated him more. Now his colleague and only friend hated him. 

Not a hero. Just a villain. 

2. Chains

The holding cell was nice. In movies, prisons were dingy, dusty, filled with rats and gigantic, hardened crooks who beat you up the moment you looked at one funny. But not here. In a way, it was almost worse. 

The cell reminded him of his personal suite in the hospital. White, sterile walls, one door in the front, a small bed in the middle. But there were no family and friends to cheer him up with flowers and food, or to sign a brand new cast with messy scribbles, or promises to record the new Dr. Zone episodes so he could catch up on what he missed. Not in this place. 

They had confiscated his backpack the moment he arrived. He had no tools to undo the shackles on his hands that bound him to the wall. He was free to pace the length of the room, sure, the chains gave him some freedom. But they stopped him when he was mere feet from the door, as if taunting him with the promise of freedom but dangling it ever so slightly out of his reach. 

Words floated down from the observation deck above. Dangerous, jinx, erasure, prevention, they murmured. He couldn’t hear entire sentences or their exact plans, but there was no reason that they couldn’t let him be free. Right? He managed to survive. He pulled through. He always came through. So…


It wasn’t so bad! They still fed him at least! And there was a bouncy ball he could throw at the wall! Maybe he could request some colored pens and paper so he doodle and brighten up this lonely, white place! Did they even have those? 

Murphy’s Law was unusually silent. He couldn’t even count on his condition to accompany him now. Let something happen. Anything. It could be a falling vase-no, there wasn’t a vase in here- or a crashing helicopter full of marmots (but they were inside), just… something! Anything!

The door opened, and James Bond undid his chains. Or at least, a man that heavily resembled James Bond. He wasn’t so sure anymore. He wanted to ask, but his throat was too parched. A beautiful woman offered him water, and he gratefully gulped it down. She said he’d need it for the interrogation. 

He wanted to trust them. He really did. 

3. Night

In the past, the night sky offered a gorgeous view of the stars, people pointing out all the zodiac signs, constellations, and planets they could possibly name. Now, Dakota could barely see them. 

Milo needed to shine. He had so much to offer, and they cruelly ripped away his future. For the greater good? How was kidnapping and interrogating someone just because they were extra unlucky for the greater good? Why didn’t he fight Cavendish over this? Why did he not step in, cause a distraction, do anything to prevent him from being kidnapped? 

Dakota needed to get some things off his chest. He crept out of the sleeping quarters, maybe he could see Milo and apologize. For everything. A hand clamped down on his shoulder, and he whirled around to face Cavendish. Anger boiled up inside at seeing his face, but he held back. Never, in all their missions, had Cavendish looked exhausted. Old, even.  

Cavendish pointed to the holding cell. Dakota could set his anger aside for now. Oh, he still wanted to take his partner’s ego down a few pegs, but seeing Milo safely home was the most important mission now. 

They used their night vision goggles to navigate through the darkness. Dakota’s heart sank as they approached the cell. Of course Savannah and Brick would be assigned as night guards. 

Savannah exchanged a few heated words with Cavendish, berating him for allowing a child to be subject to the Bureau’s brutal interrogation techniques. It was a wonder Milo hadn’t snapped from the unbearable pressure. He was truly extraordinary. Brick said nothing, but passed a heavy, brown backpack to them. It was the one Milo always wore. A security blanket to anchor him to his loved ones. 

The door opened, though Savannah and Brick remained at their posts. On the small bed, Milo clutched the thin blanket tightly. It wasn’t cold, but Milo’s body shivered and shook as he cried quietly. 

Dakota dropped the backpack on the space beside Milo. The child looked up in surprise, then dove into his track suit, clinging to any kindness this horrible place had left. He awkwardly rubbed Milo’s back as he sobbed, but Cavendish stayed by the door, unwilling to interrupt. But Milo noticed, then tried to approach him. The chains held him back, keeping him several feet away from comforting the older man. 

Enough was enough. Dakota broke the chain with a sharp metal file, and kicked them aside. No more chains. And certainly never on Milo. 

Milo rubbed his sore wrists, then held his hand out towards Cavendish. He offered him a tiny smile. Cavendish hesitated, his arms folded around his chest defensively. Slowly, he reached out and took Milo’s hand, finally returning that same bright smile. Then he calibrated the Temporal Transporter, setting it to the 21st century. 

Dakota squeezed Cavendish’s arm. Next time they’d work through their hardships together. He couldn’t stay angry. Not when Cavendish had finally recognized his mistakes. 

A portal opened in front of them, a view of the Murphy’s home sitting in the middle of swirling blue mist. Milo glanced between them, slipping on his backpack. He waved, then stepped through. Dakota and Cavendish waved back, cutting off the connection. 

They could entrust Savannah and Brick to come up with a cover story. Their word held more weight after all. Block would likely strip their promotions in the morning, but they were all right with that. They had successfully completed one mission. 

Milo was home. 

The minor fall, the major lift

Chapter 4

It takes three days for Graves to recover completely. And although Newt would like to say everything is as it was before the incident, Graves changes.

He’s the same grumpy wizard, he’s still a workaholic, but his attitude towards Newt changes and he’s not sure if it’s a good or a bad sign.

No, he’s sure it’s bad, it must be. Because Graves constant staring must mean that he still doesn’t trust him. That’s normal… right? As a Director of Magical Security, Graves cannot take risks, he can’t allow himself to make a mistake just because Newt stayed with him in the hospital.

So Newt understands… The only thing that bothers him is Graves trying to be subtle about it, but he can’t. There’s no point in denying it or keeping it as a secret. Because Newt notices, he actually feels Graves’ gaze on him when the auror thinks he’s distracted and when Newt turns up his head again, Graves looks away. He usually looks almost embarrassed as he regrets doing it. And that confuses Newt… It wasn’t Graves himself who told him his job was to keep an eye on him? Newt knows and accepts it, he doesn’t understand why out of the blue he tries to pretend he doesn’t.

It’s the other signs that help Newt realize what’s going on and when he does he feels stupid for not noticing before.

The first one is the first time Graves offers him to bring him lunch… Actually, he doesn’t offer, he just kind of drops it next to Newt while the magizoologist is reading a report and mutters a very soft “you’re welcome” when Newt smiles and thanks him.

It becomes a routine; every day the Director buys Newt something to eat and sometimes he watches as the wizard takes the first bite and moans. Sometimes he catches Graves staring at him from his desk, face red and eyes wide open. He usually clears his throat and at the papers he’s holding as nothing happened.

He also likes to have Newt by his side all the time, and when necessary, he follows the magizoologist everywhere he goes. One day offers him to apparate along a few streets from Tina’s apartment (they can’t apparate outside because of the muggles). Newt insists he’s okay, but Graves tells him New York is a dangerous place for people who are linked to MACUSA.

It’s almost like he’s worried, but Newt dismisses the thought right away and accepts Graves company.

The others start to notice as well; Queenie, who’s normally the one that opens the door invites the auror to have dinner with them, but Graves always refuses, he walks away after giving one last glance in Newt’s direction. Queenie closes the door behind them and sometimes she giggles and winks at him.

It’s when he stumbles and falls on the hallway one morning, that Newt finds out what’s going on.

He’s distracted, the Niffler managed to escape and the wizard is following him around all MACUSA trying to catch him and return whatever it is he has robbed, but by trying to do so he stumbles and when he realises what’s happening, he’s on the floor and his head hurts.

He doesn’t notice Graves storming out of his office, nor he sees the wizard approaching until one of the aurors leans towards him and offers him a hand. Newt can’t focus very well because of the pain, but he nods and tries to reach​ out, when Graves appears beside him and bares his teeth at the other auror. Everybody that’s watching is so shocked and afraid they take a step back.

Newt feels strong arms wrapping around him before he can even process what's​going on and he’s lifted and taken to Graves’ office.

“How do you feel? Where does it hurt?” Graves asks. He places him on the couch and kneels in front of him.

“The head,” Newt mumbles. “But I’m fine, I’ll be fine.”

Graves caresses the curls that have fallen over his forehead and then​ proceeds to check out the wound on his head. Newt feels a soft hand close to his ear and knows the moment the auror starts to use wandless magic to heal him.

“Thank you,” Newt breathes as soon as the pain goes away. He smiles and Graves grins back at him with a vulnerable look on his face that Newt thinks he’s imagining it.

Until Graves sighs and admits: “I was worried.”

Newt blinks in confusion, blushing bright red as the other wizard leans and holds him tight. Then Graves nuzzles into the curve of his neck, breathes and relaxes.

Then something clicks inside Newt’s head and he start to caress Graves’ back.

“How much until the full moon?” He asks in a whisper.

“Two days,” it’s the pained response that comes from Graves’ lips.

“Have you taken your potion yet?”


Everything makes sense; werewolves start to act out of instinct when the full moon approaches. It’s normal for them to act more protective and possessive around certain people. Newt knows that kind of behavior is normal, the only thing that puzzles him is why Graves is focusing on him of all people.

Werewolves act like that only around family, very close friends and… lovers.

Is it possible that Graves considers him a friend now? Yes, it is. But it’s really hard for Newt to believe something like that.

“Do you want me to stay with you that night?” Newt asks.

Graves looks​ up and smiles at him like he’s some kind of unique rare thing.

“Only you would offer such thing,” he mutters almost fondly.

“Does that mean-”

“No.” Graves shivers​ like he’s in pain. His grin disappears. “I don’t… need you there.”

“You won’t hurt me,” Newt assures, but the look on the auror’s face is determined.

“No,” he shakes his head.

“Fine,” Newt says and watches as the auror relaxes again.

Then Graves blushes; he stares at him like he’s suddenly flustered.

“Can I-I hold you again?” He asks, there’s uncertainty and fear in his question.

“Of course,” Newt smiles calmly; Graves must be so used to people being afraid of him that he’s expecting him to flinch and run away as many others before.

But Newt understands what he needs, so he tries to look as calm and content as possible. He allows the other to take him in his arms and because he’s prepared, doesn’t even move when Graves buries his face in the curve of his neck.

Newt sighs and notices the warm feeling that spreads all over his chest. He doesn’t know if part of Graves intention is making him feel protected, but it’s working anyway.

Imagine Credence borrowing Graves’s wand in the middle of the night while he’s sleeping, and going outside to practice his magic. But since he has so much power and can’t really control it, the wand explodes.

Credence is terrified that Grave’s will be angry with him, and takes to hiding himself and the wand for the entire day. Grave’s misses work searching the house for him (and Graves’s scared because he thinks Credence ran away for whatever reason).

Eventually though,  he finds him hidden in one of the closet.

After a tearful apology, Credence explains to Graves that he broke his wand but that he didn’t mean too. He tells him he hid because he didn’t want Graves to hurt him.  

In response Graves tells Credence that it’s fine and that mistakes happen. He also lets him know that he would never hurt him (he almost says he’s not Credence’s mother, but he doesn’t feel that pettiness will ease the situation). He also tells him that as an aurora, he goes through a new wand a week, and has an entire box of them, and that Credence can use them until he’s skilled enough to get his own.

Graves also ask that Credence not hide if he’s upset next time, and instead they decide to have a designated “safe” place that he can go into if he feels the need to be alone.

Arrest this wizard!

This is the continuation of the fic Of traditions and duels. It’s okay if you don’t want to read the other, but some things would make much sense if you read that one first.


He’s planning it. The death of Percival Graves. Because that man just comited the worst most despicable act of treason: he’s courting his baby brother.

And of course Percival wants to be honest with Newt. That gives Theseus hope, maybe his brother would reject the offer.

But he doesn’t.

He sits on the couch, while Percival is talking, standing in front of him. Theseus waits, sitting next to him, making sure there’s no room for his friend on it.

“Theseus lost a duel,” the auror begins, blaming him of course, the bastard.

Newt glares at his brother and then a resigned sigh escapes his lips.

“It’s okay, I think. I can make things work. Maybe I end up liking my spouse,” he says. “So… Who are they? I would like to meet them.”

At that Percival smiles, but he doesn’t look calm. He looks nervous.

“I’m the one that won the duel, Newt” he informs, staring at him in eye, waiting for something. He seems like he’s waiting for a negative response. “I didn’t want to take off your right to choose, believe me. On the contrary, I challenged your brother because I wanted to give him a lesson so he’d free you from this… But then I met you and I found myself wanting to court you anyway. I don’t want to force, I just want you to give me a chance and if at the end of it you still don’t want to get married I’d let you go.”

“Yeah… So moving and cute but my brother is not interested, sorry Percival,” Theseus says then. “Now if you excuse us-”

“Theseus!” Newt’s huff stops him. “How many times do I have to tell you… You don’t make the decisions for me!”

“I’m not, I’m just stating the obvious.”

“I’m gonna accept Percival’s proposal,” his brother informs, looking deadly serious.

What? No way in hell.

And his ‘friend’ is smirking now, he looks so happy Theseus starts to feel like he wants to puke.


They arrive at New York a few days later, because Newt wanted to see Tina Goldstein and Percival had to go back to work.

And Theseus? Well he’s not gonna let his baby brother travel alone with Percival Graves.

So the three of them walk in MACUSA’s building and he watches the moment an auror gasps in surprise and excitement and basically runs to his brother to hold him in her arms.

Now, he doesn’t appreciate when people does that, specially if he doesn’t know them, but he allows it because that must be Tina and Newt seems to like her.

Well… If he’s honest with himself he allows it because Percival is frowning at them right now and he’s enjoying it a little bit too much.

He had forgotten his friend was jealous and possessive.

He can work with that.

“She seems good to him,” he comments in a whisper.

Percival bares his teeth at him. Theseus smirks.

“She’d be a great, lovely wife, don’t you think?” He presses.

“You just like her now, because she’s NOT the one courting your brother,” Percival tries to sound indifferent, but Theseus can see his hands closing into fists.

“That’s a complete lie, I really like her. And my brother likes her too. Can’t you see the way he’s smiling at her.”

Percival growls then, but tries to collect himself quickly even though Theseus starts to laugh.

But Theseus laughter dies soon, when he sees his friend approaching them. He leans close to Newt and kisses his cheek while smiling politely at Tina.

Newt blushes and Theseus feels sick again.

Stupid Percival.


The bastard walks in MACUSA while holding Newt’s hand. Now everybody is looking at them and Percival notices and seems to like it.

The bastard.

But Theseus is a perfect guardian and brother and of course he doesn’t leave them alone in Percival’s office. His friend asks Newt about him to ‘get to know each other’ and of course looks in awe and lovestruck when his brother starts to tell him about his experience with magical creatures. But he also seems worried and scared when Newt tells him about that time with the dragons and nundus, but he can’t hardly blame him for that, Newt has no self preservation and he knows perfectly that feeling of panic, like a heart attack to not recognize in another person.

Maybe that’s the only thing Percival and him can agree to. Newt needs to be protected.

But his sympathy evaporates when is Percival’s turn to talk, because Newt seems a little bit impressed when he talks about war and his days as an auror.

“It wasn’t that great,” Theseus cuts in, irritated.

“He saved a whole regiment, including YOU,” Newt points out.

“Still, it wasn’t memorable.”

Newt rolls his eyes at that and looks like he wants to say something more, but then Seraphina Picquery walks in.

Great because she’s the person Theseus wanted to see.


He doesn’t understand why does Picquery looks so irritated.

She sighs and stares at she would with a very annoying kid.

“Mr Scamander, I’m not going to arrest one of my best aurors just because he’s courting your brother.”

“Why not?”

“Because that’s not a crime!”

“It is.”

“So how long will you be staying, Mr Scamander?” She asks, ignoring his last comment.

“A couple of days, I think. When my brother realises he’s making a mistake.”

Seraphina faces palms herself.

“Merlin give me strength.”

Ling qi chapter summary: 212

“I heard that at Shenlong Zhangxuan’s funeral, Duanmu Xi didn’t drop a single tear, yet on the seven days he cut off his hair in front of his grave,” Shiyao tells Jinghua.

Xi is in his teenage years over at the vice head of family’s place. He speaks to the old man’s son, “I heard that your father needs to be taken care of carefully, if something doesn’t go right then his life could be at risk. It was such a mistake Zhangxuan made to let your father live, because if he dies, I would be able to show the truth to everyone that day and all your plans.” He says while revealing the red mark on his hand. “You should all hope that nothing bad happens to yourselves because as long as one of you die, it will be the day the truth reveals!”

Shiyao continues, “Maybe he thought that from that day onwards there wouldn’t be someone to protect him anymore. Apart from becoming stronger, he can only get stronger. And the Duanmu Xi after that slowly started to change from how he was before. Some people say that he only stayed here to seek revenge for Shenlong Zhangxuan. What’s more hurtful is, they were planning to get rid of Shenlong Zhangxuan. Without the wings, Xi would be easy to control like how he was before, but in the end they realised, Duanmu Xi without Shenlong Zhangxan is even harder to control compared to before.. It’s so funny, the strongest Yangmingsi in history isn’t someone who can be taken over by regular people. Shenlong Zhanguxan is probably the only person in the world who could take care of Duanmu Xi to well. He protected Xi in a perfect world, once it breaks apart, those pretending will be revealed in this real world. A priest with such strong powers, no one knows which direction he would go towards. We can say that, Shenlong Zhangxuan used his death, to create the Duanmu Xi we see today.” Shiyao finishes talking and told Jinghua to throw away the beer. Jinghua asks, “You’re throwing away all this?” “It isn’t fun, drinking alone is boring,” Shiyao replies. Jinghua replied with a smile that he will drink with her but Shiyao said that she’s not interested in him. “If we think about it, poor me. The person I like isn’t even able to have a drink with me…”

Jinghua goes back inside to find Xi. When he went in, the room was filled up with smoke. He sees Duanmu Xi smoking sitting alone at a table. “Duan duan duan duanmu Xi-!” he shouts out. “You’re killing yourself! Smoking so much, don’t you want your life anymore?”. Xi looks at him with a cold gaze and told him to let go. Jinghua gets frightened but thinks to himself that he’s just a cute guy who became of age long ago and to think more about his cute appearance when he was young and not to be scared of his appearance now. He snatched the cigarette out of his hand and takes all of it away. He runs out of the room shouting back “I’m going to throw away all this, what are you gonna do?! Hit me!”. Jinghua leaves the room making comments and says he will find and throw away all the cigarettes in the household. Xi notices the alcohol Jinghua left on the table that he took from Shiyao. A loud thud was heard coming from inside and Jinghua rushes in immediately.

I don’t subscribe to the theory that Gus worked for the Pinochet regime. I think it’s very likely that his father did, and that the cartel spared him because killing the son of a high-ranking, well-connected Chilean official would cause them more problems than it would solve.

I’m trying to keep my personal bias out of this (tbh I am very uncomfortable with the idea of Gus as a torturer, for various reasons) because I think my reading is supported by the text, mostly by “Hermanos” and everything it tells us about young Gus and his dealings with the cartel. That episode shows us a naive, sheltered young man from a wealthy background who makes a grave mistake because he doesn’t understand how the cartels work. He really thought that he could just hand out drugs on Eladio’s turf as an underhanded way of arranging a meeting and Eladio wouldn’t take it as an insult. Those are not the actions of someone who understands the cultural context he’s operating within. If he had been connected to the cartel via the Chilean state (which did sponsor drug trafficking operations, IIRC, although my knowledge is rusty), surely he would have known what not to do.

How the Salamancas treat Gus is just as telling. Hector complains “I don’t like him. I don’t care who he knows”—  Gus is not a figure of importance in his own right, he just has important connections. They sneer at him: businessman, big fry cook. They needle him about his relationship with Max. They make a point of asking him why the operation even needs him. And then, to punish him for his mistake, they kill his partner. When Gus eventually takes revenge, Eladio is shocked. For twenty years he treated Gus with healthy suspicion but never actually expected him to strike back so viciously and thoroughly. Gus isn’t the person that Eladio thought he was; more specifically, Gus is a lot more ruthless and a lot more dangerous than Eladio thought he was.

For me to accept that Gus was a state torturer, I would have to accept that the Salamancas knew they were dealing with a) a man capable of committing atrocities in cold blood and b) a figure of consequence in a dictatorship backed by the United States, and still treated him like an inconvenient upstart who was in over his head.

Finally, I just think Gus’ story has more weight as the story of someone who was changed, profoundly, by what happened to him, than that of someone who was a dispassionate killer all along. He was visibly a different person before Max died; not perfect, not innocent, but not the cold, ruthless man he ends up becoming, either.

nanu headcanons, i suppose:

  • he genuinely cares about the protagonist’s well-being, even if he’s very nonchalant about it. after all, he climbed an entire mountain ‘just because kukui asked him to’ yet refused be an elite 4 member ‘just because kukui asked him to’.
  • he’s the quiet, listening and observing type. he would let anyone who wants to talk ramble on. it’s an old habit that has something to do with his experience as a police officer – let them talk, and eventually they will spill the beans.
  • he says that he’s got no need for the ‘nonsense’ of heart scales after treating the protagonist to a meal at sushi high roller. but really, he just wants the protagonist to train their pokemon to the best of their ability. he is also concerned about the protagonist now that they have caught a few of the ultra beasts.
  • when he first met acerola, he wondered how someone so young who had lost their parents could still smile like that. then, he saw that she had ghost pokemon by her side. these pokemon never fail to make her laugh and earn a chuckle from him. 
  • he once asked if acerola needed help with funds and stuff, because all he ever sees her wearing is that tattered and patched up dress. acerola had shook her head and told him that the dress was the last thing her parents gave her before their passing. nanu doesn’t question her fashion choices anymore after that. 
  • he’s met gladion a few times during his time working for the international police. he was investigating the ultra beats, and noticed a sad kid crying out for freedom and trying to subtly undermine the experiments by questioning them. he knows that gladion has strength within him, and was surprised when gladion joined and wanted to depend on team skull for strength.
  • in his younger years, he questioned the use of poke balls. the pokemon are locked up in a little confined space, and he wondered if they enjoy the experience. seeing team skull being locked up in their little town, he began to wonder about the same thing again.
  • he’s lost one of his colleagues during a mission investigating the ultra beasts, and in tern adopted his colleague’s persian as his own. the meowth that follow are strays that he decided to feed - those poor things - and they ended up following him back home.
  • he was terminated from the international police force after failing a crucial ultra beasts mission and for the loss of his colleague. (”how can we trust him with our backs anymore?” some of his co-workers had whispered). he moved to alola, a paradise where no one would really know/care who he was, to get away from it all.
  • He trusts few pokemon – much less the guardian deity of ula'ula island when it first approached him – because he remembers how a colleague of his felt sorry for the ultra beast ‘monsters’. the sympathy for those ‘monsters’, even if only for a moment, was a grave mistake on not only his colleague’s part, but his part as well.
  • oftentimes, when he cannot sleep, he would go on midnight walks. persian usually accompanies him, and eventually all of his meowth. he started to feel guilty for dragging all the pokemon into it, but persian insisted and put the young meowth at ease by ‘representing’ them during his walks.