because that was some a sass if i had ever heard it

anonymous asked:

story about me for the ask game: someone spread an untrue rumour about me fancying someone else in high school, and this boy who was absolutely vile to me my entire school life saw me in a corridor and proclaimed 'YOU FANCY _____!!! Hahahah' so I said back to him 'no, I don't, but I know who you fancy.' he looked really confused and said 'who??' to which I replied 'yourself' and even his sad little gang had to laugh at that because it was so true. he never bothered me again :)

(Oh man, I’m so sorry. That’s terrible, I HATE it when people do that, it’s one of the things I get most mad over when I see it AUGH <333)

Oh DAMN SNAP THAT IS GLORIOUS WOW! I’m in reverent, delighted awe over here and salute you, that is some epic throwdown sass and Bones would have tears in his eyes he’d be so proud BLESS