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Bob Leone - “This photo, one of many, was taken by me at Lizzy’s gig at the Mercury Lounge in 2008. Lizzy was very anxious about this performance, her 1st in front of a large audience. So she asked me to stand where she could see me, because I made her feel calm 💖 “

“I took this pic of Lana Del Rey and her amazing sister, Chuck, on a wild, fun night in 2008. Lana had just given a great performance, opening for Moby, at the Mercury Lounge on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Unforgettable memories!!!”


Their girlfriend being an idol.

* 4 out of 7 members *


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I think Jin would be the member to be most proud of you. He would try to go to all of your concerts or if your in a group he would go to your groups concert. He would always congratulate you when you would win an award. Overall he’d literally clear his whole schedule for you.


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Jimin would also be like Jin, very proud to call you his girlfriend. You would do a lot of Skype dates just because of your guys hectic schedules. If he ever sees you performing at an award show he would be your biggest fanboy. He would also make sure that you are sleeping and that you don’t skip a meal.


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This boy Jungkook would show you off. If you meet his family, YOU would be the topic of all the conversations he’d have with his family members. Every photo he has of you….POSTED….If you have a problem, he has a problem too. Basically everyone would know you two are a couple.


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Your and Yoongi’s relationship would be a secret. it would be a secret because he doesn’t want to “ruin” your career or have to get more hate. The only people that would know about the relationship is you (or your group), BTS members, and family. When you have time for each other you would both stay in one of the dorms and kick the members out.

I don’t know what it is about this song, but it makes me want to just dance softly in a big field. Alone and free. 

When I was in Tahoe, I drove up to Donner for the sunset. I hiked in a bit to get as far as I could from any potential of people. I put on a song and as the sun was setting, I slowly started to move with the music. I remember feeling timid, feeling like eyes were on me- judging. At some point, I stopped caring and just danced more and more. I hadn’t showered in a couple days, I was barefoot, and wearing the same clothes I went climbing in earlier that day. I felt so free and connected with something so much bigger than I. I go back to that memory pretty frequent, because it was the closest I felt to myself in awhile at the time. // @thegreatnorthwest I think that’s why I smile when I think of that photo you tagged me. I feel present with it and my own memories similar to it.

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hello my s2 ichi hoodie is here and im gay
((i added the tiny sleeping ichi’s so Ugly wont take up ur entire screen and also the photo quality is Not Good))

its v different from my season two hoodie,, there are no pockets and the sleeves are short (as they should be) but the fabric is Nice
my friends and i are probably going to be s2 matsus for na//ka kon 2018 if they ever get their gotdam hoodies ordered,, 

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hello barb! I'm rly sorry to ask this on your main blog because this is a Q about plumb-barb blog, but i wondered what world the plumb legacy lived in because the farmhouse looks amazing and the photo with the cute river is just asifdhasifia ;O; <3

hi it’s no trouble i haven’t even checked my sideblog for msgs or anything so you were right to come here :3 as for the worlds i think the 2 photos you’re talking about are actually 2 different worlds. the farm house was in enekjaer and the photos by the river was in eriu fe by simplyimaginarypeople but their blog is down and i can’t find a link to it. hope that helps tho <3


Sup lovelies! Just came back from the cruise ship tour! Uggh!! Everything’s crazy! Most moments were just surreal. I haven’t updated though in most of my sns because i was in the middle of the sea, no signal available. There’s wifi but it’s messed up, hence the IG stories were messed up too. So i just uploaded some of the stuff we did during the tour. I wanted to upload them so much because i’ve been meaning to delete them after and/or transfer it to my Mac. Haha. Maybe soon i’ll make kwento about the four day tour? I don’t know. Not sure. I haven’t really been on my phone actually because i’ve been having so much fun!! It’s one of those moments that you just want to be selfish and not make people know of what went down because you had so much fun. Are you guys getting me? Hehe.

Anyway, i’ll be coming back home (Pinas) later at 10am and i might stay for quite some time (in Manila) to process my US visa for next year’s international escapades. Hehe. I haven’t booked a ticket yet (i mean what else is new lol) so who knows really when i’m coming back home (Davao). Hehe.

But seriously, i don’t think i’ll be staying for long because i just received news from home that Papa was rushed to the hospital the last time. I still don’t know the exact details yet, i was just too worried when my nephew chatted me “Ta, si daddy” so i immediately opened a message from my sister but no news of what happened or whatsoever. I guess they don’t want me worrying or stressing while on my vacay. Sucks really. But they say he’s safe and all fine now. But i still want to know the details and talk to him, the thing is got no network signal here so i’m only okay to chat through sns as my means of communication. My fingers are crossed, i’ll hope you guys will pray for the safety of my family too. They mean the world to me.

I’ll update as soon as i’m able to post more.

So I’m on a Facebook group called The Bump and Baby Bunch which I mostly just lurk on.

I’ve noticed a lot of people posting either lists or photos of what they are buying their children for Christmas and the amount is just ridiculous! So, so much stuff for ½ year olds. I don’t get it.

They’re all asking if what they bought is enough too and I can’t work out if they’re genuinely unsure or if they are really just showing off how much they’ve got.

I dunno. Maybe it’s because Scarlett has not long had her birthday but she really doesn’t need all that much. Maybe I’m being the stingy one.


One of the most flattering things my phone does for me…

…Is when I take a photo of a drawing of mine and the face recognition square comes up–!!

I dunno maybe this is just me, but it always makes me feel so good and happy inside because i feel like I did a pretty good job making the drawing look actually look like a (realistic-ish) person!! T///T) WOOHOO!~~


Thus I decided to make a small birthday-sale-esque thing. Although its not my usual commissions (which you can still find heeere: Link)

Thise time I will specifically make portraits, because they’ve been really fun to do lately! I want to save up some money for a birthdaypresent for myself. (Good food? Tattoo? Clothes? I don’t know yet.)

I don’t know how many slot I will open, I will just see how many people are actually interested! 

ALSO: If you want a portrait for an OC, I will need a few really good descriptions of how your OC looks like and I will try to collect a good amount of reference photos, until I captured the unique facial features! 

I will also do portraits for your or family and friends, if you sent me a decent picture, in which I can figure out everything needed! 


I’m so deaded over this

Like, it doesn’t really tell us anything new-ish.

But Rey’s expression here is just so….prepared

She’s totally unfazed to be in the presence of this all-powerful, evil old dude, with a mucked up face wearing a super glam bath robe. 

I mean, we can infer that she’s this chill because it was her decision to go meet Dark Grandpa as opposed to say, being captured and taken against her will.

Now, after seeing this photo, I think it’s pretty plausible that Rey offers to meet with/confront Snoke while Finn, Rose, and DJ are infiltrating the Supremacy. I think her desire for answers is as much her motivation as providing a distraction of sorts for her friends. 

I just saw a probably-not-serious idea that this scene suggests that Rey and Kylo take a ship to the Supremacy together. But I don’t think Kylo knows she’s coming, which would in some measure explain this reaction:

Sorry for being quiet over the last week or so! I’m down to the last few weeks of this semester and I really need to buckle down! I’ve got portfolio review coming up (which determines if I get to stay in my on of my major programs or not), I just finished my 50 page book last night, I have two LED shows and two final projects to work on! Also y’know Thanksgiving is this week and I just got home from my family reunion yesterday.
 So what does that mean? My queues are going to be a little rare until it’s all over with. I’m going to still be around and maybe post a few photos here and there over the next three weeks, but it’s not going to be a full thing. Also I want to give my full attention to the Monroes because it’s been a bit rocky (in my opinion) over the last few months. The girls will be teens soon and I want to play that fully instead of time jumping like I have been!  

Time to finish this semester off strong, my dudes!!!

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My bi awakenings were all the badass girl power movies my dad would watch because those were his celebrity crushes. From X-Men to Elektra, Charlie’s Angels to Tomb Raider. Little did he know they were my celebrity crushes too. The lesbian photo spread of his Penthouse magazine i found and stashed for myself just confirmed it all

wlw culture is unexpectedly relating to your dad through love of women


Rejoice! ‘Tis the Loki of Spring here to bless you with his bushy beard and smol size!

lil usnavi is a very good helper 

ASOUE as Stock Photos pt 1




Count Olaf:



when in chicago