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What do you do on an everyday basis? Do you work or study? Tell us a day in the life of Bonny!

Always studying
Always working
Sometimes playing 🙈

There are so many things that goes into working online that people don’t realize.

Just a little upload since you’re curious this week has been really good! Everyday this week I have been testing two recipes a day for our new ebook with Tim and filmed two new videos 👏🏼

Today I’ve been creating a new banner for my YouTube channel so that mainly involved watching tons of tutorials on YouTube because the font and photo I’m trying to use are a bit complicated, and also have edited half of my new video “top vegan places to eat in Sydney”.

Just about to hop off the computer and test a new recipe for tonight’s dinner 👅

There is always something to do that why I can get behind with videos but my aim now is 3 videos a week.

-A full what I eat in a day
- a vlog
- a sit down question/chat or a work out video.

What do you guys think in terms of what videos you want to see each week? I want to get into routine and film on certain days of the week.

Yewwwwww 😘

Just remember that good cameras don’t necessarily take good photos. Just because you don’t have the newest nicest or most advanced camera doesn’t mean you can’t take nice photos !

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Hello! I'm sorry to bother you, I've just seen the photos of youngjae in a white suit and he looks perfect 😭😭 I was wondering what were your favourite pictures of youngjae in a suit? (Personally I really liked the white one he wore recently and then the red one he would wear for if you do).

Hi dear,

My favorite pictures of Youngjae in a suit? All of them..hahaha I can’t choose because I always love him in suits. He looks sexy & hot when in it.I love him in black & red suit the most but him in that white suit looks perfect. kekeke These are some of favs

Oh my Goodness!!! My heart can’t take this!! This photo is beyond precious! I have been having such a rough week and I seen this and fall in love with it.

Honestly how precious is the little girl! I can’t she so cute!

Then we have val and Sharna looking absolutely handsome and beautiful in background! Sharna’s expression is just to cute for words. And Val is just as so adorable with his smile!

My heart is just so happy!❤

Someone give them kids please… pretty please.
I mean I think they would make they best parents!

[I have no clue who owns this photo but you can have all the credit because I didn’t take nor do I own it.]



(mem. read photo captions for effect.)

Friday, March 17th (late, late evening)

Dear Mr. Joker (& those that apply),

On the train and heading back to the hideout.  Took selfies because I was bored and needed to get my mind off of Batman for a while.  Even though he’s an absolute jerk sometimes, I’m still looking forward to tomorrow’s gig.  My girl buddy just texted me and told me that she made ice cream floats for the two of us to share!  Woohoo!  I told her about what happened today and she said that she knows I’ll do great tomorrow.  She sure knows how to keep me from feeling blue.  x^) 

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Someone mentioned the Connor look alike thing and I actually have two stories about it So the first time was when I had my passport photo done and because of how my hair looked, I was practically identical to Connor which really shook me up But then earlier this week my friend was going through my phone and they find a photo of my moms old student card, and they then go on to say that she looks exactly like Connor too?? We have the connor genes in my family 😂😂

AU where the Murphy family is just four Connors

savannahsdrabbles replied to your photo: vinniedakotas: hey everybody look at the Milo…

This is so cool! :D Would you mind taking a picture of the whole wall at some point?

I think that depends on Dan. Since I am mainly putting art up not only because I love everyone’s creativity, but to also show the show runners what inspiration their show is giving to fans, I think it’s entirely up to them if they want to post a full picture of the boards or not. I’m just decorating and bringing a bit more awareness to everyone’s art :)

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Did I miss something? I saw someone on Twitter saying they need to know if it's Broadway or West End that Darren will be on. Did he land a play or musical role?

There are rumors because he’s in NY doing a photo shoot with a lady who was just in the Lazarus Musical in London. AFAIK there’s no word about it moving to Broadway and/or if Darren is connected to it. He’s starting filming on ACS next month for about 5 months so IF Broadway is a thing, it wouldn’t be til the fall. Honestly I think this is some Broadway promo for Today Tix (she tagged that) - Darren is a Broadway actor so it makes sense that he’d be included. We shall see.

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Wow, you look beautiful in your photo! // Anyway, I haven't shared this headcanon with anyone, at all, and I hope you don't laugh. So Draco's complaining about Harry/Ginny and everyone thinks he's into Ginny until they break up and he marches up to Harry and snogs the hell out of I should write about it K BYE

and everyone is SO taken aback (but once they think about it they wonder why they didn’t make that connection before)
And Ginny is just SLIGHTLY miffed because she knew she could just RUIN the ferrets life if he had been into her, but no, of COURSE he’s infatuated with her ex boyfriend… little did malfoy know that they actually broke up because harry told ginny he was in love with malfoy… SOS THIS HC IS GREAT I LOVE IT



Reposting this photo from @ktoharaa because I just love it so much!!!!! Had the MOST AWESOME week with some amazing badass and beautiful ladies in Bishop and Red Rock Canyon. Couldn’t have asked for anything better then climbing in the desert with fellow wild women 🌵🙌🏼😘🙏🏼💞 peep Piper’s stoic pose too 😂 #hotsprings #mammoth #bishop #sierra #mountains #nature #outdoorwomen #adventuregirls #optoutside


Have had a blast in Bishop with these mamacitas. Now off my off to the next adventure 💃🏽

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Yeah and those boundaries aren't so hard to have you know? Just don't fucking tag the girls on Camren things? Don't comment Camren in all their photos? Why is this so hard to some people? Lauren hates Camren because she can't have a friendship without crazy shippers screaming Camila on her pictures, privacy man, do those people know what that means? Just be happy for your idol's happiness and go read a good and fluffy fic, it's not so hard

So this is last one I’m gonna answer because the page has lost 5 followers already for some of y'all not liking what I have to say. As someone going into fame you think you know what it’s gonna be like but you really have no clue. You’ve basically signed over your privacy and forfeit the right to ever have any, with that also comes the obsessions and the illusions you will probably never shake. People live in a fantasy world and it’s sooooooo much sweeter than reality why give that up? With all the love in the world camren I love you as individuals and people and I hope you find happiness in all future endeavors and can forgive us for what we have put you through. Not all of us but as a grouped together fandom. I love you guys.

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Thank you. Due to your VERY helpful information about the doberman breed and your wonderful relationship with your own dobe it has convinced my mother that they aren't as terrifying as she thought which in turn has lead to me being able to adopt a beautiful rust male with chronic head tilt. I have had my eye out for dobermans from a young age and absolutely love them! It means everything helping my mother overcome her fear and be more openminded, from me and my new dobe thank you.

You’re welcome! I’m super excited to hear about your new boy and your mom’s change of heart. My father used to be terrified of dobermans and adamantly refused to accept Creed until I finally just brought him home, and then suddenly he loves and adores Creed with his whole heart. He calls Creed his grandson and proudly displays any ribbons and certs he gets next to photos of his actual, human, grandchildren. These guys are really awesome dogs and it’s so great to hear that someone else was able to change their mind because of Creed’s blog.

was just going through my photo tag and I’m getting emotional over how incredibly kind, encouraging and lovely you’ve all been to me.

you may think it’s easy for me to post selfies and photos but I’m 100% letting you know it’s you guys who have really encouraged me over this last year particularly - I went through a phase not too many years ago where I didn’t take a single selfie for months on end because I wasn’t happy with how I looked, but the way you guys have been so SO uplifting on tumblr has helped make me more confident and happy with who I am :)))) so thank u endlessly 💖💖💖

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We're actually freaking out because 1) henriks filming with the girls 2) henrik looks power Even as fuck 3) if him and tarjei are filming it means that ISAK x Even are still going strong 4) there's links to a party so perhaps noora birthday is coming up. Just to give you a 360.

Ohh I know, trust me! And I’m freaking out about ALL of it too. I just saw that photo and people exploding lol, that’s what I meant. I started freaking out the moment I saw the ‘looking for extras’ post, actually 

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If no one's asked for them yet, ☼ kurodai please? (◕‿◕✿)

Thank you for saving the day! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

who would be the one to randomly adopt a puppy without consultation: Daichi! Like Kuroo doesn’t mind, he likes dogs too, but he can’t believe that he actually is the rational and responsible one when it comes to these kinds of things because Daichi has no self-control when it comes to puppies whatsoever. 

who would force the other to take aesthetic pictures of them: Kuroo! This boy would even artistically direct it himself, to suit the mood/aesthetic he wants to convey. He would take aesthetic pictures of Daichi or ask Daichi to take aesthetic photos of him, and of course take aesthetic couple pictures together.

who would do stuff they think is stupid just to make the other one happy: Daichi knows that it’s stupid. But he doesn’t mind humoring Kuroo from time to time. Besides, the look of surprise and delight on Kuroo’s face is worth it.

who picks out the horror movies to watch just so the other will cling to them: But these two are hard to scare though. Although, they’re trying to one up each other by alternately choosing, just waiting for the right movie that would shake the other to the core. But so far, no one has won yet… (Kuroo came close, but Daichi claims that he cheated and that he didnt flinch because of the movie, but because of Kuroo’s hand that brushed the small of his back)

who is constantly studying and who is constantly trying to distract them: Both are in college prep classes, but Daichi was initially shocked to know that Kuroo does indeed take his education seriously. And while Kuroo’s face of concentration is unfairly attractive, Daichi knows hes more interesting than the book Kuroo is trying to absorb. Basically, Kuroo needs a break and Daichi needs cuddles so… it’s win-win really.

who initiates the facetime calls whenever they’re separated: Kuroo does. The sap had said that he needs his daily does of the Sawamura face to get him through the day. Daichi will never say it, but he low-key feels the same way.

who is more likely to storm out after a fight and who is more likely to cry when they do: No one. These two are not one to back down from each other. Storming out or walking out after a fight would mean defeat. Daichi is more like to cry though, out of frustration (but he won’t do that in front of Kuroo)

who stays up way too late binge-watching their favorite shows: Kuroo. He can’t handle cliffhangers and suspense so he waits for the entire season to be over. It doesn’t help that he watches multiple shows at the same time, that Daichi isn’t sure how Kuroo can even keep up with the different stories, or don’t get them mixed up. 

who bites the other’s ear when they’re feeling frisky: Daichi, and how he abuses this once he learned that Kuroo’s ears is one of his erogenous zones. (This coupled with a few choice words is enough to get Kuroo hot and bothered and aching…)

who sprays the other with water when they’re washing the car: Kuroo would spray the both of them, because by that time, he’s already climbed the back of the hand-me-down truck Daichi’s gotten from his dad, and he’s using the spray as a shower, pretending that they’re making the newest music video for a bop summer song.

who has more fun decorating the house during holidays: December baby Daichi. He’s really excited about the festivities and goes all out and forces Kuroo to help him make their home holiday ready.

who is more likely to give the silent treatment when they’re mad at the other: Kuroo is all sarcastic words when irritated, but he’s deathly silent when mad. (Daichi is quite passive-aggressive when he’s mad at Kuroo about something.)

who plays with the others’ hair more: Daichi was so delighted to find that despite it’s anti-gravity defying characteristic, Kuroo’s hair is actually soft, and he just loves the feel of it under his hands. It’s a plus that Kuroo actually purrs…

who is more likely to climb all over the other one when they’re bored: Daichi climbs over Kuroo either by his own will, or Kuroo pulling him by the waist to make him sit on top of him.

who tries to kiss the other as often as they can: Daichi, because he immensely enjoys kissing Kuroo and seeing how his face heats up and reddens, especially if the kisses are spontaneous ones.

who pouts when the other one tells them to shut the fuck up: Daichi is the one who usually asks Kuroo to shut up, in which Kuroo just replies “Make me” with a damning smirk.

who initiates the sex and who walks away when the other is riled up: These two are equally thirsty for each other, so they’ve had their fair share of initiating sexy times. Daichi tried to walk away once he got Kuroo riled up one time and Kuroo made sure that he paid for it dearly.

who always forgets the umbrella and who holds it when they actually have one: Daichi doesn’t bother bringing one in the first place, much to Kuroo’s exasperation. But then, he gets to use his umbrella and it’s not like he had anything against sharing it with Daichi.

who demands showering first in the mornings: Daichi. Kuroo takes a lot of time conquering his hair, so it’s best that showering is out of the way so he can do other productive things while waiting for Kuroo to win that futile battle.

who sneaks into the shower with the other one in the mornings: Kuroo does, with a whole speech prepared on how they should do this everyday because it’s helping the environment. Daichi doesn’t usually buy it because he knows why Kuroo sneaked into the shower, and it’s not for that noble cause.

who prefers riding the roller coasters and who prefers playing the games: Kuroo is more adventurous and more adrenaline seeking, so he tries all the rides as much as he can. Daichi is more competitive and always seem to prove something.

who will text the other one thirty times in a row until they respond: Kuroo would spam Daichi’s inbox. In Daichi’s defense, his phone is on silent, non-vibrate mode for text alerts, so he didn’t notice that Kuroo’s been texting him. (Kuroo is like “who puts their phone on silent but not vibrate? you need to do one with the other!”) (It vibrates when it’s a call).

who always forgets to charge their phone overnight: No one does, because they both make sure to charge it before they go to sleep.

who comes up behind the other and slide their hands into their back pockets: It’s a habit they both have, so they do this to each other quite often, but Kuroo more so than Daichi.

who tries to get hugs from the other as often as they can: Kuroo! He likes warm hugs and Daichi is as warm as any heater, and it’s a bonus that it hugs and cuddles (and kisses) back. And there is no feeling that would compare to having Daichi wrapped in his arms. 

who is louder and who constantly has the tell the other to be quiet: Kuroo is generally the louder, between the two of them, but Daichi doesn’t constantly tell him to be quiet. Other times, Daichi is loud along with him that it’s other people who tell them to be quiet.

I thought no one would ask, but thank you! @kythen Please enjoy! (#^^#)ゞ

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So I was scrolling through the kara danvers tag when I saw a post by @anaveragegirl15 but I guess I’m blocked cause I wasn’t able to reblog. The post had this photo with the caption “ Cafuné-running your fingers through your lover’s hair” and I just… I’m guessing they’re not a Portuguese speaker, because if they were I’m pretty sure you’d know this word is much more than just “running your fingers through a loved one’s hair” which tbh I don’t even think he’s doing here. Cafuné is an act of love and affection, it’s it’s an intimate and silent gesture, it’s that calm warm moment of running your fingers through a person you love’s hair, be that a family member, a close friend, or a partner. It’s used mainly in the context, at least where I come from, of a mother soothing her child to sleep. It’s not just some dude having his hand in a girl’s hair when he’s trying to get his dick in something with a pulse. If you’d like a link to the actual dictionary defintion, just hmu fam.

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i rly wanna make a game called "cuckdere simulator" where it's a dating sim for alex and i'd just use all the reciepts for him being an asshole and voice recordings that he's actually said as his voice

You play as Cuckdere chan (because a male cuckdere is ew and Alex senpai sama doesn’t want to date a man). You have to take pictures of him on his stream and trade them for hentai photos that can be used to please Alex senpai.

You will have to eliminate all the Midoris bothering your sweet Alex senpai in order to win, and prevent all of the HATERZZZZ from showing other people the receipts against Alex.

-Mod Sega

Addendum: the true ending is where he chooses his army of waifus and you have to watch as he whacks it to his anime babes’ tiddies.

so the other day I just got
my YNWA album from the mail today. I got so excited because I waited so many days and I was starting to begin something happened to my package. but eventually it came! as I opened it. I received 2 free photo cards from kpoptown which was really cute and a bts photo stand. I started to realize that I didn’t receive a random photo card from the album itself, I messaged kpoptown about it and they replied the manufacturer company forgot to put one. kinda sad about the whole thing but there’s nothing I could really do.. so any suggestions where I could buy my albums next time?