because that photo is just no

Just wanted to draw my three favs showing their pride :D this is supposed to be like a photo (which Eren treasures because it’s the only one he has where Levi’s smiling c:)

don’t imagine dan and phil walking through vidcon, feeling a bit listless and still pretty exhausted from everything it took to get them there, then perking right up when they saw jiffpom the dog

don’t imagine phil gasping and whacking dan’s arm with both hands the way he always does when he’s excited

don’t imagine the way they don’t have to say a word for dan to understand phil’s frantic pointing and lead them in a near-dash

don’t imagine the way their voices get all soft when they see jiffpom and his owners and how they both reach tentative hands out, their long fingers accidentally-on-purpose bumping together along the dog’s tiny body

don’t imagine dan begging phil to get his picture with the little fluffnugget, then switching to get phil’s photo, each of them giggling in pure fondness, hands shaking just a little because they just can’t handle the adorableness!!

don’t imagine how the thumping music and chatter fades out around them as they walk away together, bumping sides for just a second as phil says:

“well, it may not be a corgi but i must say, he is a 10 out of 10 doggo.”

don’t imagine dan shaking his head and rolling his eyes at the bright ceiling as he hums and says:

“he’s no match for colin. but hey, neither is that future corgi.”

and definitely don’t imagine them each whispering “soon” in each other’s ears, twin giddy smiles on their faces and matching gleeful shivers running down both their spines


don’t. just don’t.

here’s the (somewhat) full video of me meeting trinity and peppermint and giving them their gifts!!!!! i was having a meltdown because i saw from the back of the line how much they were rushing ppl. like security and the guy running the show was barking at ppl so fiercely that most ppl didn’t even have time to hug trinity.

i was convinced they wouldn’t have let me give them their gifts personally and i would have had to just leave it on the table so i could quickly get my photo taken before being swept away. LUCKILY, their enthusiastic and appreciative responses made it all worth it??? you can literally see the guy stressing out about how “long” we’re taking but fortunately, i wasn’t yelled at so maybe even he could recognize how much that moment meant to me.

happy pride y'all!!!!!! i hope you meet your faves and they’re as wonderful and receptive to you as mine were to me. ♡♡♡♡

I see the way that you stare at the photos of piggies I follow. The men are so big and fat. Their guts hang down to their knees and even just sitting up is a workout for them. I think a man that size is the sexiest thing ever and you know it. You wish you could be as big as them. You wish that I stared at your belly the same way I stare at those photos.

You better get there, piggy. I chose you as my feedee because you had potential. You had gained so much so quick that I thought I’d have a 500 pound feedee in no time. That’s what I want. I want you so fat you can barely get out of bed. I have to bring you your food, which we both know will be lovingly cooked by me and as calorie heavy as I can make it. I want you to request me always on top when we fuck because it’s too much of a workout for you. I want you to need me for the two things we both know you love most in the world; food and sex.

You aren’t there yet though, are you? You have made pretty good progress but I need you to be bigger. I want you as big as we can get you. You better pick up your pace because I’m getting impatient. I want you bigger and I want you bigger now.

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Is hux’s head too big?

It always seems too big to me too when I’m drawing, but my measurements are usually pretty good. I can and do fuck up though, I’m still learning. 

You guys just don’t realize how incredible tiny DG’s shoulders are compared to his head

The hat and kinda sideway pose is also not helping, and I voluntarily made him smaller than I usually draw him and made his waist smoll to make the person it is a gift for happy because I know they like it and nicked the pose reference from a Disney’s Tarzan’s Jane picture. And Jane is super tiny. 

Anyway, as long as the persons it’s for were happy with it, I guess he’ll have a big head  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Do you have any tips for drawing because my friend judges my artstyle

Sure thing, my duder, I’ll try to help!

1. Use a lot of references. For everything you are not confident in, maybe hands, trees or poses, use photos from internet, I think you can find anything you need. If you can’t and it’s an ordinary object like hand or bottle, use real life references! You can make your own photos or just take the object with you/pose for yourself.

2. Never be too shy about asking your friends for posing, it’s very very helpful. Draw from life, even if you can’t do it with your friends, come to public places and watch other people sitting in a caffee or metro.

3. Practice as much as you can. The key to be successful in every occupation is hard work and practice. A LOT OF IT. If you have a spare moment, make some sketches, not a whole complete work, just some doodles. It can be really practical and relaxing at the same time!

4. Try to look at other people’s artwork and analyse the mistakes and the good sides of it. Try to figure out what do you like most about it and experiment with styles people use.

I think that’s the most helpful ways of getting better at art. But practice is like number 1 in the list of all the advices, practice makes perfect. Believe in yourself, don’t expect anything to work immediately and try hard. You can achieve anything if you are working hard enough. Good luck!! I hope you’ll be able to do everything you want!

absolutely rolling after this OKC message I got from a dude that essentially said “you were way cuter in your older photos just saying and then in your recent ones you just stopped caring and now its harder to tell what sex you are but i guess you did that to stop cisscum from commenting on your pretty face amirite?” because he looked like an honest to god used toilet brush

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Can u tell me what u know about her nose job? Sorry if u get asked this a lot or think it's rude or something. I'm just thinking of getting a nose job and I'm curious.. like what age was she when she got it, how does she feel about it, has she talked about it, idk whatever you know. Thank uuuu

This is how she looked before nose job:

She was 13 in 2009:

in 2010:

She had her nose done sometime in between 2011 and 2013, because there are no photos of her until 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards:

Some people say it was for medical purposes but Bella hasn’t said anything about it. 

Her nose is slightly different and she doesn’t look that different as some people say:

(not my edits, found it online)

Almost back from the wedding.

Didn’t know anyone there, got to just be myself.

Was woefully underdressed. All the guys were in two-tail suits, all the girls in lovely dresses. I was just in black jeans and a white blouse.

Was a really nice ceremony and reception. Face hurts from smiling so much. I sang, I danced. I love dancing. I don’t get to dance much.

Was bound flat initially but the last 4 years have done more to me than I thought, because the groom’s greeting to me when he saw me was “What’s the time, hourglass?”. I decided not to bother with the bandages after that.

Took so many photos my phone started to lag trying to process them all.

I’m sleepy. But it was fun.

I’m happy.


A packed spade, and two pics the sustainable dressage site (and this is just a cathedral port, not a spade), which is clearly not a fan of spades, but here’s a quote from them as well:

Spanish and Western bitting include even higher and narrower ports, sometimes pointed, tassled, with rolls etc, which would pressure up against the palate quite far back and possibly cause tissue damage if used in the modern dressage riding style in which the rider pulls the reins backwards. They use these bits just because spanish and western riders supposedly do not pull on the reins. This is a self regulating bit. It is made to work in the way that it will apply pressure to the palate by the weight of the shanks. I have superimposed a photo with a catherdral-port bit, both at the vertical, and showing the action when the horse goes above the vertical.

I like the ‘supposedly’ they don’t pull back on the reins. Because the writer apparently doesn’t believe spanish and western riders (and way to group a ton of different types of riders into one category) are capable of being effective riders. But whateverrrr. This demonstrates self-regulating bits. If the horse raises their head beyond a certain point, the port taps against their palate. If they hold their head in a certain position (flexed at the poll) the bit is at neutral.

And I’ll grab some quotes from Jeffrey Mundell in this video explaining the spade:

‘The chin strap, or curb strap, is designed that if you were to pull on this bit really hard, you adjust this curb strap so there’s no way that can stand straight up in their mouth and hurt him… The way that it works is that it’s a balance bit. So if you hang this on your finger, and you have it sitting on a horse, it’s at about a 45 degree angle if everything’s hanging right. It’s balanced in a way that it’ll always fall back to that spot. So a horse over time will shape his bridle, shape himself at the poll, to be in that neutral position where he feels no pressure at all. Over time he’ll start to bridle up and learn that, that’s why this process takes so long, he needs to develop his carriage, and he needs to learn how to bridle… The idea is to maintain the horse’s feet. And so this style of riding was developed to keep the life in your horse’s feet. He is now responsible for his carriage, he’s responsible for where he puts his feet, because if you’ve ever ridden outside much and had to do much work outside, the minute you pull a horse, and you put his feet somewhere, you have lost his heart. And at the end of the day you will be peddling this horse home. Because you micromanaged his feet in a way where he didn’t get to decide. Outside, he has to be responsible. You set things up so he can decide if he’s gonna turn that cow back, and he has to adjust himself to maintain in this footing. He has to be able to maintain in all different sorts of landscape, footings, so that he stays safe and sound. If you start to pull him, if you start to make him, you will have a crippled horse at the end of the day. Because he won’t want to try. Every time you have to move his feet, you lose a little bit of try. The reason that we use these tools is that we want the same horse we left with in the morning.

It’s interesting how this is essentially the opposite of what Clint says. He’s all about ‘move his feet, move his feet!’ as a means of establishing control, and micromanaging the horse until they have no try left, only responses. The spade obviously exerts pressure and teaches a horse to move in a certain way, but it moves them in a way that’s physically beneficial (flex at the poll, collect the hocks under you, raise the back) and allows them to maintain that beneficial posture without the rider having to intervene, allowing them to remain sounder for longer.

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Ya know I just had a thought In the au where everything is normal during the time that Bruce and talia were together was the worst for nearly everyone because once the topic of kids came up they wouldn't shut up about their own. Some poor soul accidentally asks how are the kids, Bruce is pulling out photos of all his kids while talia is preparing her 4 hour speech on how her kids are smart, strong, beautiful and how they're better than everyone else's kids what a nightmare to all

I’m so behind on asks I’m sorry this week was hell.

Bruce and Talia strike me as that couple who are slightly terrible apart but when they’re together they egg each other and bring each other to new heights of terrible. And by terrible, I mean that they’re overly extra, more obnoxious, kinda bossy, prone to arguments etc. When they’re on the same wavelength though they’re a force to be reckoned with. Hell, Talia had a fight with Bruce over their son and Gotham ended up burned and half destroyed, there were evil clones all over the city and Damian got a new breathing hole through his chest.

Ok soo this is the end...

I didn’t watch the clip because translation in english hasn’t come out.
I saw a photo on a page on fb of jonas and eva watching emma and chris and I didn’t want to belive so I sad to myself “Stay calm Julie wouldn’t ruin the last clip of sunday just to make Eva come back to Jonas. Just stay calm. Everything is gonna be okay and Mohnstad will be rising at the end of the clip.” But then I went on Instagram and there I fucked up. There was a photo of Eva and Jonas kissing. I was furious and I wanted to prove to myself that that wasn’t true and so I went on tumblr and I saw all this shit, I don’t know how to explain this, my heart just broke in million peaces like Julie why? Why did you do this? Why give us a clip of them all happy and Chris meeting her mother? Why? Just explain. This doesn’t make sense! And I don’t want to say anything about Yousef missing. Everyone there are happy, but did you thought at least a moment about the Mohnstad fans, did you saw how much are we, how much fanfics are about these two beautiful people, how much views have their videos on YouTube? Let me say this to you, you didn’t. You thought only about yourself. At this point I don’t know if I’m gonna see the clip, I’m so disappointed.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions but maybe that’s the reason why Herman yesterday wasn’t in any interview, and that’s why Marlon said that he ships Eva and Jonas “They are golden” he said. My baby Marlon I love your character but only as a friend to my girl Eva. Ah and my baby Chris deserved so much better than this shitty finale with that girl Emma. At this point I’m happy SKAM ended, I wouldn’t watch it if continued like this.

Sorry guys but I’m so fucking pissed.

Oh and Julie don’t worry I will have my perfect finale because out there there are people pissed like me that write incredible fanfics, and they will give me my Chris x Eva ❤

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Hey just wanted to let you know, staff apologized about the whole "sensitive content" thing! It was due to them making it too broad and blocking any posts by blogs who had flagged their own blogs as 18+ and because of a glitch with the photo recognizing software. They're apparently trying their best to fix it but since it's a brand new thing, there's going to be a lot of errors like this on the way.

Well that’s good! I’m glad that it’s not something that they intended :)

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Okay so I’m bored out of my mind so I decided to doodle and I ended up giving my Zeltron bodyguard Nizana a brother because I really wanted to try the colorful hair. I won’t lie, I totally used contouring photos to figure out the shadows and stuff. Ain’t a bad job for my first Zeltron if I do say so myself.

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Eventually my roommates come back and we all fall asleep. The next day some women who took photos of their room and the graveyard next to the hotel at night showed us the photos that had little balls of light in them. Others mentioned hearing noises at night, the usual haunting stuff. I never mentioned to anyone what happened to me that night because it didn't seem like a big deal, and I couldn't figure out if I was just calming my own nerves or maybe calming something else. (Part 5)


So I am getting a lot of people telling me to lighten up and enjoy the vacation and that I need to eat and that I’m looking too thin. So I want to address that.

I have absolutly been eating on this trip (even had some alcohol, which I haven’t in months). I just haven’t been posting pictures of the food because I know somtimes when I’m scrolling through it can be a bit difficult to randomly come across pictures of amazing looking foods that people are eating and I don’t post about food much in general so I wanted to be thoughtful. I also just feel really gross posting about food all the time. Yay ed.

So, starting from the top left we have: cinnamon roll French toast (split it with my mom-it was AMAZING), salmon with spinach pasta and artichoke in a garlic sauce, Apple pie with cinnamon ice cream (also split with my mom), a peanut butter weed cookie with cinnamon ice cream on it (didn’t split with my mom, was delicious!), strawberry vodka drink (yum!), a “small” ice cream cone with strawberry flavoring (seriously– I ordered a small and it was HUGE, and not just ed huge, it was actually a ton of ice cream), creme brulee cheesecake (split with my mom, was delicious), and Bourbon salmon with fried leeks in an amazing Bourbon mustard glaze (also split with my mom). Also had ½ a sandwich for lunch yesterday, a chicken cordon Bleu that was pretty good.

All of this food was amazing and I haven’t denied myself anything I wanted to try. I am scared of how much I will have gained when I get back, but I know my activity levels are pretty high and sometimes a few days of extra food can jump start the metabolism again.

Just want to say I am enjoying my vacation to the absolute fullest and there’s no reason to be worried 😊 I think I may link people back to this post that comment that I need to eat more. I do appreciate the concern (at least when it’s expressed in a nice way– looking at you person who said I look like a tweaker) but I swear I’m enjoying life more now than I ever have.

Kcon - 6/23

Random notes & convention:

- I got massively sunburned. I look like a lobster and I’m pretty much guaranteed a farmers tan for the rest of summer.
- the venue had a lot of vacant seats and it was kind of sad
- because of this a lot of people moved themselves to other seats during the first five minutes of the show and I got knocked a bit and dropped my phone and my whole screen shattered so….no photos or video from me sadly
- Kevin Woo did a lot of the pre-show and convention stuff, like a mini host
- he messed up though during an event with highlight there and referred tot hem as beast once and you could see their faces just sort of fall
- the event was pushing the Olympics HARD
- 1million was there and they’re amazing and man I wish I could dance, they had a lot of good fan interaction and I got a photo with one of them but was already sunburned at that point and look like a troll next to her *tear*
- I could actually write an entire post about their stuff but I should pace myself, but they are awesome and amyoubshould all be watching their videos

- this is a good concert to be in the pit: there’s a ton of fan interaction including a game where SF9 had to propose to a girl and at the end stuff all he groups were grabbing phones to take photos and videos and throwing stuffed animals (Olympic mascots) into the audience
- KNK are like all the same height and build, it’s kind of crazy, like they came out of a factory
- KNK actually has some pretty strong vocalists which was impressive, and I was happy that I recognized their debut song: I actually really like it
- SF9 had a ton of ‘screen time’ and did several special events during the concert
- they are complete hams with a lot of personality and I think if they play that right it could garner a lot of attention
- one of the special stages was to do like a kpop tribute so there were a couple clips shown on previously recorded montage but then they came on stage and did an exo song and a bts song which is a very transparent move but they did it well and the crowd loved it
- as mentioned before they also did this thing where they were supposed to propose to a member of the audience and they were very energetic and cute about the whole thing; the girl was cute about it too and even got teary
- there was a highlight/friend collar where two of them sang ‘tale as old as time’ as a tribute to broadway and being in NYC (although again NYC and New Jersey are not the same)
- Gfriend was so on point, just like all their performances
- I won a Twice fan engagement for Saturday but I only was going to Friday but this girl was so eager to have anything Twice that traded me (she wasn’t interested at all in gfriend, her loss)
- Umji remains my bias, she’s sweet and adorable and did look me in the eyes which only half of them did
- they’re also such strong vocalists , very impressed
- rather awkward though at the end when everyone came it because they were the only girls performing and because of cultural stuff there was absolutely no intersection between them and any of the boys even when they were all standing together
- umji ended up with some fans camera and suddenly realized she didn’t know whose it was and was frantically trying to figure out whose it was, she ended up giving it to the staff but was super cute about it
- Yerin had a conflicting schedule so wasn’t there which was a bummer but the others covered well for her
- Zion. T, guh…honestly he was who I wanted to see the most and he was so good
- I ended up in a section with several avid fans which is great for him but they often drowned out his voice and were so tone deaf
- his voice was beautiful though and I would definitely see a concert with just him if he toured
- also it seems like he debuted a new song? Complex
- and he’s so intentionally quirky about everything, the way he moves, the way he interacts with fans, love him
- and finally Highlight! It’s so hard seeing them having to sort of pander as being new (this being their ‘first date’ with us etc.) but they’re clearly so experienced and we’re clearly so comfortable and confident in their performances
- doojoon was laughing a lot during the performances
- I loved their outfits, it fit their status
- and apparently they can at least perform some beast songs (I’m assuming it’s ones they wrote so got to retain rights to), which was an amazing surprise