because that overwhelming feeling of not being able to reach the person you love. not even knowing if she's okay

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Hello! Can I request an RFA + Saeran reaction to MC falling into a coma as the result of some major accident? How would they react upon MC waking up from the coma? Спасибо и удачи!

I… don’t know what happened here?? omg. I also suffered a lot and someone more talented than me should turn one of these into a 15k word fanfic so I can continue suffering. 

hopefully this isn’t too disappointing, dear anon;;

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • he’s heartbroken.
  • to think that not long ago you were both cooking and laughing and goofing around.
  • now, even though you still have a pulse, you look so… lifeless.
  • staring at you for more than two seconds makes him feel sick.
  • still, he somehow manages to stay strong in front of you.
  • sweet boy only cries after stepping out of the room and it’s nearly impossible to console him.
  • when your doctor tells him not to get his hopes up as your test results are bad news, he turns into anger ball.
  • nO, you’re going to come back eventually, no one can convince him otherwise.
  • he can’t lose you, he’s endured enough loss already.
  • so he is now duty bound to visit you everyday, bring you presents and make sure that you won’t forget his voice.
  • he tells you how hard he’s studying just for you, he keeps you updated on everyone and everything, and he even sings lullabies to you.
  • he also befriends all the nurses just so he can get a few extra minutes past visiting hours and stay with you a little more.
  • what is LOLOL at this point? devoted bean doesn’t care enough to even dye his hair, brown roots now covering most of it.
  • he almost goes into cardiac arrest the moment you wake up.
  • his smile is so big not even v’s presence could wipe it off.
  • there were people losing hope, but he never did! he believed wholeheartedly you’d come back sooner or later!
  • now he has to help you recover, and he demands to be an active participant in every step you take.
  • he even comes up with a special communication system to rely on until you’re able to speak.


  • he goes berserk.
  • he can’t contain his anger nor his thoughts of running away.
  • I mean, getting lost on his motorbike is quite a tempting idea, because it’s either that or taking his rage out on someone else.
  • but when he’s pretty much pushed into your hospital room by jumin and yoosung, every ounce of rage in his body turns into tears.
  • even like this, immersed in what it looks like a deep sleep, you still look breathtakingly beautiful.
  • and vulnerable, so vulnerable… he should’ve been there to protect you.
  • when he manages to pull himself together, his next step is to obtain information and talk to your doctors himself.
  • as expected, he fails.
  • there’s not much that can be done aside from waiting and monitoring your progress.
  • but he can be strong for you.
  • though he doesn’t know how, he can try to be strong.
  • he makes the most of every single visit, he’s cheerful and positive, he makes jokes and performs little acts for you.
  • he pours all his energy on you because there’s this slight chance of you remembering everything that happens during your coma.
  • he wouldn’t forgive himself if the first thing you remembered after waking up was his pathetic weeping face.
  • when he’s out, though, he is reckless, he drinks and smokes an neglects his own health.
  • zen, honey, please take care of yourself, mc wouldn’t want that.
  • after a month of battling to regain your consciousness, you wake up.
  • and he smiles for you like he’s in the presence of an angel.
  • “it’s me, baby, zen. how are you feeling?”
  • he’s kind and delicate to you during this confusing time, and he’s holding back his excitement in fear of startling you.


  • this is such a familiar feeling, almost like a déjà vu.
  • she’s been here before.
  • the distinctive hospital smell, the dim lights and colorless hallways, the long waiting hours, the look on your doctor’s face when she comes out of the OR…
  • this whole situation is enervating, not even prayers can calm her down.
  • she swallows and squeezes her own arms to try and comfort herself, not sure if she’s ready to face what follows as she lacks the strength to go through this yet again.
  • but when she’s informed about your actual state, she immediately holds onto this small fraction of hope she’s been given.
  • is it wise? probably not.
  • does she care? not really.
  • she’s lost her mother, she’s not ready to lose you as well.
  • while taking good care of you, she does plenty of research about coma patients, how high your chances of snapping out of it are, what she can do to help…
  • plus all the workload she has pending, one can only assume she’s getting little to no sleep.
  • but it’s okay, she’s “used to it”.
  • after reading a few articles about the positive effects of familiar voices on comatose patients, she decides to visit you daily to talk to you.
  • it’s kind of awkward at first, but as days pass by, she gets the hang of it.
  • she even sings to you a song from one of zen’s plays on one occasion, her voice is quite soothing and sweet.
  • the day you wake up, she’s sleeping soundly next to you.
  • she feels a hand softly stroking her arm and hears someone whisper.
  • is she dreaming? she keeps her eyes closed and gives out a muffled groan until a sudden realization hits her violently.
  • so she wakes up startled and stares at you for a few seconds, eyes wide open, to convince herself that it’s real, that it’s not a dream.


  • he knows no amount of money or influence is going to fix this.
  • he can move mountains for you, put you in a first-class long-term care facility, get the best specialists in the country to treat you…
  • but this? this is out of his hands.
  • all he can do is wait, have faith and use his brain instead of his heart.
  • but is it possible to do so when the odds of you emerging from the coma are getting lower and lower? three months have passed and you’re not giving any signs of improvement.
  • without even realizing it, he starts neglecting his responsibilities at work to spend more time with you.
  • he reads to you, combs your hair, and holds your hand until his arm starts tingling, other times he simply falls asleep right next to you.
  • on a more lighthearted note, he gets you cat patterned bed sheets and covers as well as stuffed animals oh jumin sweETIE ok moving on
  • jaehee urges him to pull himself together and his father isn’t too pleased either: once again he’s being treated like a robot.
  • trust him, he wants to go back to work so he can distract himself, but he can’t bring himself to leave your side.
  • the moment you finally snap out of it, he was at work sorting out his paperwork before taking another week off.
  • when he returns to check on you and spend the rest of the afternoon making you company, your doctor receives him with amazing news.
  • there’s still certain grade of uncertainty about your recovery, but everyone’s hopeful you’ll get better, therefore he, too, feels this way.
  • feeling sad for not being right there when you woke up, he glues himself to the chair next to you and does nothing but kiss your hand, exchanging meaningful looks.
  • though he has a LOT he wants to say, he doesn’t want to overwhelm you with a bunch of nonsense.
  • instead, the only thing that comes out of his mouth is a promise.
  • “it’s going to be hard, yes, but it’ll be okay, I’ll help you regain your strength.”


  • don’t ask him to get out of bed.
  • it’s physically impossible for him, he’s drained of all energy and wonders if this is what hitting rock bottom feels like.
  • there’s only so much one person can take and he believes he’s officially reached his pain quota.
  • this goes for the first weeks until he comes to his senses and decides to pay you a visit, because he loves you way too much to leave you by yourself in such a critical state.
  • but when he arrives at the hospital and enters your room, he’s welcomed with wonderful news.
  • you’re there, you’ve snapped out of your coma and though you still have a long way to go before fully recovering, the sole fact that you’ve woken up is progress.
  • unable to contain his laugh (and ugly sobbing) he sits on the chair next to your bed and holds your hand, sniffing and wiping half his face.
  • his hair is messy, there are bags under his eyes, he looks like a little boy.
  • “don’t you dare scare me like this ever again, understood?”
  • ah, he wants to get mad, but he’s so damn happy he ends up laughing even more harder instead, like his brain is malfunctioning while trying to balance his intense emotions.
  • can he hug you? is he allowed to do that? he feels like he’ll break you if he touches you, so he rests his head on your lap and closes his eyes instead.
  • he stays there until he starts dozing off, you’re so warm.
  • following that heartfelt and intimate moment between the two of you, it was time to cheer you up.
  • he was told it’d take you some time before being able to speak and sit properly, so he’s super careful and understanding.
  • but that doesn’t mean he can’t bring some joy and encouragement back into your life, right? you’re going to need it when you undergo rehabilitation.


  • this appalling piece of news breaks him entirely.
  • just when he had stopped isolating himself, he finds himself in this dark place once again, biting his lip, refraining from sharing his pain, and keeping relevant information from everyone else.
  • if one of them asks, he’ll say you’re going to get better soon.
  • they’re all lies, of course, because not even your doctors are sure about your outcome.
  • so he takes on the burden all by himself, never leaving your side, gently stroking your face, your bruises and your wounds whenever he gets the chance.
  • “are you having sweet dreams, MC?”
  • although it’s highly unlikely, he tells you stories about his past trips in hopes of fueling them with peaceful adventures.
  • but your coma doesn’t last that long, barely a month.
  • they felt like years.
  • he is right there when you were able to keep your eyes open for a longer period of time, and you were trying really hard to say something.
  • “it’s okay, love, please take your time,” he begs you as he tucks your hair behind your ear and kisses your cheek.
  • but something’s not quite right.
  • why are you looking at him like you’re scared?
  • perhaps you’re still shocked and disoriented, and you’re probably feeling exhausted too.
  • hell, who knows if you even remember you had an accident.
  • …wait a second.
  • “who are you?” he hears you say.
  • his heart breaks as he does his best to let your question sink in.
  • he should’ve expected it, he was warned about the after effects of a coma, yet there he is, not wanting to believe it.
  • “what.. what are you talking about?”


  • he hasn’t got a clue on how to deal with situations like this.
  • what’s he supposed to do? wait for you? avenge you? whose fault is it anyway? should he give up on you?
  • it feels like there’s something clogged in his chest making it difficult to breathe.
  • and all it takes to break him down is just one visit to the hospital.
  • seeing you lying there unresponsive, connected to a bunch of different machines and tubes, eyes taped up shut…
  • it’s way too much to take in, and holding back the tears welling up in his eyes is not an option anymore.
  • so he ignores everyone’s protests and disappears for weeks to sort out his thoughts without leaving a trace, only for him to return when the guilt starts eating him up inside.
  • the day he gathers the courage to pay you another visit, he’s carrying a huge stuffed animal and mentally preparing a speech of some sort.
  • he knows you won’t be able to listen to him, but he feels like he owes it to you for being such a coward and leaving you alone.
  • and there you are, your eyes are open but you look weak and tired.
  • he takes a deep breath and steps into the room, eyes wandering around nervously.
  • “hi, it’s me, saeran.”
  • there is a prolonged silence, but it’s not awkward.
  • and it lasts for a few minutes as he sits next to you and pretty much strangles the poor animal with both his arms.
  • it looks as though its head is going to pop out in any minute.
  • a single tear rolls down his cheek, and he clenches his jaw in order to keep himself together but it’s useless.
  • “you had me worried, I thought you were gonna die.”
  • he’s been staring at the floor all this time, and when he finally looks up, he catches you reaching for his hand.
  • he hesitates for a moment before intertwining your fingers and then it clicks to him.
  • yeah, this boy is not leaving you any time soon, he’ll be your main support system from now on.
When We Collide (Part 13)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“Okay I know by the circumstances that it will most probably be hard but try to act as cool as possible-,”

“Oh my god, is that freaking Jennifer Lawrence?” Nicole blurted out loud with such wide eyes they were ready to pop out, making Luke almost want to smack his head in reaction.

Your eyes widened as well but it was in a mix of surprise, shock and confusion at the same time. The cameras flashing from the paparazzi were so harsh you were sure you would turn blind seconds from now. 

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Patater Week Day 4 - AU

Alexei laces up his skates on the bench, humming tunelessly but cheerfully. Of the many PR duties that the Falconers have, stuff with kids is one of the few things that he genuinely looks forward to. He’s glad he was one of the ones who got to do it this time. And this, volunteering with the Little Falconers program, was even better than the Children’s hospital because these kids aren’t sick. He could see some kids on the benches some distance away with their parents lacing up their skates, looking at him shyly and clearly gathering the nerve to come over. There was a small group of them already out on the ice, clumped around Snowy and looking at his goalie equipment with awe. They were shorter than Snowy’s waist and it was probably one of the cutest things Alexei had ever seen.

“Are you really Mr. Tater?” A little girl had become brave enough to approach Alexei, her hair in tiny braids and wearing a miniature Zimmerman jersey.

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Hold Me Tight | Pt. 2

( can you trust me? )

Part 1 | Part 2

Anonymous requested: Hwarang AU + Royalty/Servant AU
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Angst/Fluff; Royalty AU + Soulmate AU (in which you know they’re your soulmate when you touch them for the first time + share extreme physical sensation after you meet)
Word Count: 5,906
Author’s Note: A little warning, light smut in this part! And crazy, reckless kids in love. Like the calm before the storm.

Summary: Kim Taehyung is expected to spend the rest of his life within the company of nobility after joining the ranks of the kingdom’s newest royal guard. He anticipates alot of new experiences, new people… but the spark of a touch more powerful than anything before in his life is definitely not one of them—from the shadows of maids and housekeepers nonetheless.


Kim Taehyung always thought he was relatively well experienced when it came to different happenings that could occur in his life, believing that even though he lacks the complete knowledge that can only happen with age, he had obtained certain skills such as critical thinking and deductive reasoning to help him figure out certain problems he couldn’t simply reach into his memories for reference.

However, this is almost an entirely different story in it of itself.

He has just found his soulmate, the person he is destined to spend eternity with, the person who was meant to fit him better than anyone else on the universe, only to discover that you were a servant of the Hwarang household. Of all the people in the universe Taehyung could have been matched with, it had to be someone he would be absolutely forbidden to marry. For a blinding moment, it almost feels insulting to be gifted with such a soulmate of such a position, and he wonders why whatever gods in control of this would set him up with an individual he could never reach out to. He feels many different emotions the longer he lets this realization dawn upon him: anger, remorse, complete and utter confusion to name a few.

But once those emotions hit him and pass him by, it leaves the lingering question of what Taehyung was seriously going to do about the growing elephant in the room. It wasn’t like he could simply ignore the issue, because it was going to come back and bite him right in the ass whether he wanted it to or not. Because eventually, Queen Jiso was going to try to find him a princess, she was going to try and find his soulmate—and Taehyung doesn’t know how long the Queen would search before she figured it out.

However, regardless of this impending fear that comes with discovering one’s soulmate is of completely forbidden nature in a way that could result in dire consequences (death definitely being one of them), Taehyung does the thing he feels like he is best equipped to do given his high level of maturity, thoughtfulness, and wisdom.

He avoids it.

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Heated Forgiveness

Alexander Hamilton x Reader

My first time writing about Alexander. Though, it’s pretty much Lin with a different name, oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Summary: A year and a half after the Reynolds Pamphlet you find yourself missing your husband despite your better judgement, this is what happens. 
(Can you tell I SUCK at summaries?)

Warnings: Language, and sex. Whoops. This also isn’t proofread, so careful I guess.

It was coming up on a year and a half. A year since your sister stormed into your house claiming she was going to kill your husband for what he had done. 

“Y/N where is he? I’m going to wring his neck.”

“Woah! What’s wrong? I know Alex is a handful but he couldn’t have done something to warrant you committing murder.” Your sister looked at you in confusion, which soon morphed into an almost piteous look.

“Oh my God, Y/N. You haven’t seen it then?”

“What? What haven’t I seen?”

The rest of that day was filled with a lot of tears. Your sister allowed you to read the now infamous ‘Reynolds Pamphlet’ in which your husband described to the general public his lengthly affair with a woman named Maria Reynolds. She left shortly before Alexander returned home, and apology already on his tongue. He pled for your understanding, he loved you, he made a mistake but he needed to tell his side of the story, they believed him to be embezzling. 

“I’m sorry I had to tell everyone but what could I do? My career is on the line.” 

You shut him out after that, your public humiliation was okay to him as long as his political career could remain intact. His apologizes didn’t even reach the fact that he had an affair until a few months later.

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Dragon Tail

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: K

Summary: Because a  random stranger dropping inside the room you haven’t left for years does have the tendency to change life as you know it. 

A Nalu!Tangled AU.

Notes: For @ff-darkshininglight : Surprise, Tsuyu! It’s been an honour to be your (very fickle and hardly regular) Secret Santa! You are a wonderfully talented person and one of my favourite people to take out all my pent up shipper and frustrated-fan rants with. I feel so blessed to be able to call you a friend! Happy holidays, and I hope you enjoy this! <3<br>

This had never happened before.

In his entire 22 years of existence, the only significant movement that ever came from the one window in the tall tower that was his home, was when his brother came over.

And that was usually with a loud call of his name.

But now…now he could hear the steady sounds of someone scaling it - softly grunting the whole while.

He was very unsure of how to react. Sure, he could breathe and conjure fire, but the last thing he ever wanted to do was to hurt anybody.

He was pretty certain his appearance alone would do significant harm to the poor soul about to reach his quarters. He knew, since his brother had constantly, constantly warned him of the fear that he would bring.

But when one dainty human hand was visible on the ledge of his one window, he found himself ducking into the shadows, hoping against hope that that wouldn’t be the case.

He so desperately wanted to make a frien -

His thoughts were brought to a halt as the mystery person hauled themselves into the room, panting as they did.

As she did.

A girl?

No, a woman!

He had only vaguely read about those, back when he had a small interest in books.

But no book could do any justice to the form in front of him.

Her long golden hair was pulled back and tied, allowing them to flow but not get into her eyes. She was wearing what looked like men’s clothes - trousers, a shirt, and a belt with rope, keys and a sword - but the way she wore them made him question what kind of clothing suited whom. They fit her frame well, complimenting it but also loose enough for comfortable movement.

She was a vision.

He instinctively took a few more steps back, avoiding the large patch of light coming from the window - which happened to be lending the stranger an almost ethereal glow.

And though it was instinctive, he found himself feeling safe hidden there. Well, relatively speaking, since his heart was still pounding a mile a minute.

He watched with a weird mix of anxiety and wonder as the person dropped from the ledge onto the floor, sitting down and catching her breath, before turning around to peek over the ledge.

Was she looking for something?

Suddenly she froze, and he did too in response, ready to attack if the unfortunate need arose.

He watched as one hand quickly darted to the sword on her hip. “I know you’re there,” she said, low but steady. “Are you one of my father’s men?”

But he was too busy being fascinated with what her voice was doing to him - unsure if he had ever heard anything as lovely before.

“Okay, that was stupid,” she seemed to correct herself under her breath. “Way to barge into someone’s place and then make seem yourself sooo unsuspicious, Lucy.”

He could hear all of it of course, and snorted at the sarcasm, making her jump. The action, in turn, scared him as well, but for totally different reasons.

“Please don’t leave!” he said in reflex.

The plea - for it was a plea - had her brows furrow and a frown form on her pretty face. Squinting into the shadows, she was obviously trying to make him out in the shadows.

“Are you…”

‘A demon? A monster?’ his brain supplied on her behalf.

“Are you okay?”

He found himself mutely blinking back at her and the very simple question. A simple question that nearly plunged him into an existential crisis, with him questioning everything that was currently his life. No, his existence.

He was a monster, sealed away from the world for nearly all his life with only one person - his brother - who wasn’t scared of him.

So, was he okay?

“You..don’t have to be afraid of me,” her lovely voice came, snapping his thoughts back to her. “I don’t mean any harm,” she said, raising her hands so he could see she was being sincere.

He felt the need to respond bubble up in him, and for once, he did as he wanted. “Why are you breathing so hard?”

The woman’s face still seemed worried, though funnily enough, it didn’t look like it was herself she was concerned for when she distractedly replied, “Was running.”

He found himself stepping further into the shadows when she didn’t relent in trying to catch a glimpse of him. “Why?”

“I can’t tell you more until I know who you are,” she said gently, but with firm authority.

“I don’t want to scare you,“ he admitted.He didn’t want her leaving just yet. She didn’t seem like a threat - according to his instincts anyway - and he was far too fascinated to let her go. He barely recognised the other, more dominant emotion she drew from him, something he hadn’t truly felt in years.


“Why would you scare me?” she asked, genuinely puzzled.

He couldn’t respond to that, fearing that she would run if she knew. So he decided to do the easier thing - take a shot in the dark and step out of it.

He saw, his heart clutching in fear and dread as her eyes widened as he slowly slid into the patch of sunlight coming from the window.

“You…” she whispered, one palm reaching to cover her gaping mouth, the other pointing a finger at him.

He stood still, his heart frantic and his thoughts a mess. Everything he had ever been told was coming true. She was scared and she would run away, because he was the monster he was. The demon he was.

“You’re.. you’re a - ”

- he braced himself -

“A dragon, oh my gosh.”

“Wait, what?”

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guys I’m so sorry I’m a lame scrub and it’s taken me so long to get this up. I also am not very proud of it and it isn’t really the way I wanted this to end but I ran out of ideas so… love you guys tho thank you so much for the support.

Warnings: SMUT

I couldn’t thank Calum enough for being there for me. It meant a lot and I never would have found out about the feelings Luke had otherwise.

I had all of the dinner with my parents to decide what I would do with the information. By the end of the dinner I had build up the nerve to go talk to him.

I went into the bathroom of the expensive restaurant my parents took me too. Making sure most of my makeup was rubbed off and not lining my eyes.

If I wanted to stay confident I had to do this now. I say goodbye to my parents and make my way to Luke’s. I have no idea if he is home but I was willing to wait.

When I arrive at his apartments, sitting in my car for minutes trying to regain the amount of faith I had at the restaurant.

My hands are shaking once I finally get out of the car. The sun is setting, a chill washes over my body as goosebumps settle over my bare legs.

His door is unlocked when I twist the knob, walking into a warm living room.

I step deeper into the house,he standing in the kitchen.

“Hey what? Too good to reply to my texts.” Luke says when he sees me.

I watch his eyes travel down my body, his eyes make my skin burn.

“I was busy.” I say, the slightest tone of annoyance laced my words.

His eyebrows etch together in confusion before remembering.

“Oh shit!” He curses. “Oh shit!” He says louder, running his hands roughly through his hair.

His eyes close and when they open his eyes are an icy blue generating all sorts of emotions.

“Your art reveal. Oh my gosh I can’t believe I forgot.” He groans to himself.

I shake my head, that’s the last thing on my mind anymore. I want to know do what calum said was really true.

Have all the feelings I’ve felt for Luke been regenerated by him. Does he wish I was more than a friend?

“Luke, it’s okay. Really.” I say. I step forward, placing a hand in the cool granite of the counter.

“No. It’s not, I’m such a shitty person. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” He mutters over and over again.

I reach and touch his arm with my other hand. He finally goes quiet from his rambling and just looks at me.

His eyes moving once again down my body before settling on my face.

I look up at him, smiling at his guilt and how content he is after my touch.

“Luke.” I take a step closer to him.

I can hear his breathing accelerate as my lips part. I want to ask him how his dinner was and if she was still here.

My brain seems to not be able to form any thoughts but the one about the proximity of how close Luke is to me and the words calum said.

I have no idea what to say.

“In broke up with Arzaylea tonight. I just wants to tell you that because I haven’t been completely honest with you. She was taking away from time with my friend and well you and I-” He starts his obsessive rambling.

One of the only things I actually heard him say is that he broke up with Arzaylea. He broke up with her!

Overwhelmed with all the emotions tonight I just wanted to feel something that is real. I grab the back of his neck and pull him down to me. His lips meet mine in such a delicate way.

Such a different feeling from anything I’ve ever experienced but I know it’s real.

He kisses me back, his hand moving up to rest on my hip. My hand slides from the back of his neck into his blond curls.

His pink lips mold to mine, his soft tongue requesting entrance in my mouth. For once things were actually working out between us and nothing has ever felt so good.

When we finally pull away the room is filled with silence. The kind that makes you wonder what the other person is thinking.

His eyes continue to burn into me. I want tell him so many things but talking will simply ruin the moment.

Instead I show him my affection by reaching my hand up and stroking his face. His leans into my hand, his eye fluttering closed.

Electricity shoots through my body. Excitement and relief flood my body. I can’t believe Luke and I didn’t talk sooner. We felt the same way the whole time and fear is what stopped us from ever realizing it.

“I’m so sorry.” He apologizes again.

“Luke really, I told you it’s okay.” I say.

He opens his eyes, the blueness of them never ceases to amaze me.

“No. For everything, for not speaking up about how I feel sooner. For staying with Arzaylea for so long. I just didn’t know how to handle it. I was so scared that it would ruin our friendship if I said anything. So I think I was just distracting myself with Arzaylea because don’t know what I would do without you.” Luke says.

I smile, my cheeks heating. “I don’t know what I would do without you either.”

My brain is filled with thoughts of Luke and I as children. We giggled as we innocently shared our first kiss in the trees house we practically lived in.

I always found myself wanted to go back to the time but now that Luke and I have finally come clean I’m happy to be living in the moment.
‘Come and find me.’ I text Luke.

It’s been a couple weeks since my art show. So far it’s gotten really good reviews and it’s even been featured in Sydney’s newspapers.

Because of the publicity I’ve been contacted by other artists who want to see more of my work and asked to teach an art class.

We are at my parents for a dinner party. With all the family and friends over Luke and I have barely been able to talk to each other.

I giggle when I see his response.

‘Easy. I always win this game:)’

It’s true, even as kids no matter how good I thought my hiding spot was Luke always found me almost right away.

From outside I can hear my back for open. Feet crunch the fallen leaves and soon enough the door to the tree house swings open.

“Told you.” He grins.

He stocks oven to me, bending down so he doesn’t hit his head. This treehouse was built for us as kids and isn’t quite tall enough to support the 6 foot boy has become.

My face gets red as he sits next to me. He leans over, kissing me.

No matter how many times that’s happened in the past couple weeks I can’t get myself to get use to it. My whole body reacts to him, my mind fuzzy.

I lay back and he comes with me, laying between my legs. He already knows the things that drive me crazy for him.

His hips hesitantly drive forward making me moan involuntarily.

He plays with my tongue, biting my lip as he pulls away.

His eyes glance down at my body, my shirt curving along my breasts. Luke looks up at me with his wild cobalt as asking for permission.

I nod eagerly, I’ve been craving his touch. His long fingers tugging my shirt down to reveal my braless chest.

I hear him suck in a quick breath as he takes in my body.

The cold air bites at my nipple, making it harden. My skin feels hot against his. He dips his head down again, his lips connecting with my neck leaving wet kisses.

I can feel his hand slide down my body, I shudder when he brushes over the front of my pants.

I spread my legs a little wider, giving him consent. He struggles to unzip my pants with one hand as the other one cups my bare chest.

I help him, sliding my pants to my ankles.

We use to play in this tree house as kids. Now we are all grown up doing more… adult things.

All the memories I have in this tree house, this will be one I’m happy to keep.

His fingers rub circles on my clit. The sensitive bundle of nerves sending shock waves through my body.

My hand grips his upper arms roughly, I moan into his mouth.

His long blond hair tickles my forehead. His swollen lips attacking mine gently.

He moves to my neck, leaving marks.

I scold him, saying my parents could see. His lip moves to my ear, biting the lobe.

I moan his name, trying to clamp my legs together as I come close. His skilled hands still touching me.

“I love you.” He whispers his confession into my ear.

That along with other factors make me come undone.

All the while he whispers sweet words into my ear like the way we use to tell secrets as kids.

I don’t know if he meant as more than friends but when I said it back it felt right both ways.

a/n: so that is all the parts I was planning on doing for this story. If I think of anything else or if you guys REALLY want me to I MIGHT update again but idk. Again, love you.

Fic: Every Minute and Every Hour (I Miss you More) (1/?)

Fandom: The 100

Pairing: Kabby

Word Count: 2223

(A/N: I decided to write a missing radio conversation fic, which turned into 2 conversations,  which then turned into: “well, if they insist on keeping them apart, I’ll just write more as they come to me.” It turns out that it was quite hard to slot them in, what with everything happening at break neck speed, but they obviously have exchanged information (in the very least) offscreen. Maybe if there are conversations you guys would like to read, or you think happened, I could take a shot at them? Anyway, I hope you enjoy.)

She can’t reach him on the radio.

Abby is trying desperately to stem the tide of panic that’s threatening to well up. She’s been trying throughout the evening, since they’d arrived and settled at Becca’s lab, after a brief exploration that was no where near thorough enough to satisfy her scientific curiosity. But that interest fades the longer Marcus doesn’t respond to her calls.

She tells herself that any number of reasonable things could be keeping him busy. If the King needs him, if there’s another sensitive political situation like the one with Trishanakru, Marcus would be focusing all his energies into solving the problem. It’s just that they’d taken to keeping their radios on them at all times. Abby has already developed a habit of brushing her fingers over it where it’s attached to her belt, taking what little strength and comfort she can in that link to him; even clutching it close to her chest after speaking to him, as if she could somehow channel her love, overflowing with longing, into radio waves.

There are any number of reasons, but this excuse gets weaker and weaker the longer the evening stretches on with nothing but static on the other end of the line.

She does not sleep that night, throwing herself into her work instead, and probably drawing too much blood from Luna in one go when the younger woman begins to look pale and Jackson ushers her off to bed, shooting a disapproving look at Abby. She stays glued to her microscope until her vision starts to blur and her back aches, the radio resting on the countertop within arms reach.

In the grey dawn light, she finds herself staring blankly at it, barely even seeing it anymore, exhaustion weighing her down, unable to reign in her emotions anymore. There is an ever present tightness in her chest that refuses to go away. Abby steels herself and tries again, and her heart leaps into her throat when there is an answering crackle.

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I always thought that it’s okay if we’re just friends, having u in my life is a blessing already. I never dared to allow myself to think of other possibilities that goes beyond than being just friends. But I must admit, I do catch myself thinking what could have been or what can be - it’s scary and intriguing at the same time.

What started from a small crush escalated linearly with me developing true feelings for you. I tried denying it, I pushed it away, I created lies - to myself and others and tried convincing myself it’s not what it is. But it is and I reached a plateau where I can no longer deny it. I accepted and acknowledged it - but it wasn’t just me, u realised it too, didn’t u? You were so cold and distant, I panicked and I showed you the crazy side of me - when I had no rights to. With that, I successfully drove you away. That was the right thing to do though.

I knew u deserve better. In every sense, u deserve better. You deserve sunshine and rainbows - u deserve all the happiness and kindness there is in the world. I don’t need anyone to tell me I’m insufficient, I know that myself. While u’re the soft breeze on a sunny day at the park, I on the other hand, is the very definition of an unpredictable storm, the worse kind. Dark and twisted - in a make-believe calm and collected composure - I’m a walking paradox. Nobody should be unlucky enough to know me, let alone have any sort of relationship with me, be it friends or otherwise. But unfortunately for you, u did. I will never forgive myself for merely existing in your life.

Despite knowing this, I still fell for you anyway. How could I not? You are a rare kind - the best of the best. I hated myself for it, not for the hurt I know I’m about to put myself through but for the roller coaster ride I’m about to drag you into as well. I fell very hard for you. You never did anything out of norm, you never lead me on, not even once. It was all me. I fell hard and have yet been able to pick myself back up. I tried, I swear I did but every time I was about to stand on my own two feet and walk away, I crumble back down again. The wounds and bruises worsen each time but I promise, I won’t give up on walking away. I have to one day.

I’m full of extreme emotions that I can hardly stuff it all back deep inside and lock it away. Overwhelmed, I did and said many crazy and frustrating things. I know u would’ve constantly asked yourself “what is wrong with her??” and honestly, I don’t know myself. Maybe, everything is wrong with me.

Two months into knowing me, u once said “why do you always sound like someone who’s always in a mess” my god, u were right. God forbid I’m a big, piled up mess. I was upfront about it and I warned you, you will see more of it and you will be annoyed. Almost a year later now, I think u wished u had taken my words by heart and avoided me as soon as possible instead. I think u regretted not doing so then.

I pray to God, I pray to God and I pray to God, that I am the last of my kind that u will meet. I sincerely pray u only meet nice and kind-hearted people in the future. I pray the woman u end up with in the future will shower you with endless care and love, that she will cook you your favourite meal when you’re sick and that she plays with your hair the way u like it as a form of comfort. I pray u have the right kind of love with that woman and be happy, because that’s what love should feel like - right and happy. I pray she shows u exactly what love feels like.

I’m sorry for all the troubles and nuisance I put you through, it was unfair to u and extremely selfish of me. I promise I will stay out of your life from now on. Since we cannot run away from each other due to circumstances, I promise you I will only exist in your life whenever the situation deemed necessary. I promise u won’t have to deal with me anymore. I promise you that. That’s the only thing I can give you, that’s the only way I can make you happy.

We’re not even friends anymore now, we’re only tolerating each other’s presence due to our circumstances. That makes u uncomfortable and it hurts me, but I can’t change what’s been done. You will always be awkward with me and I can never look at you the same way anymore. It hurts, my god, but I will have to learn to live with it - if not for my sake, for yours then.

Nevertheless, I do hope one day, one fine day, we will be able to look at each other and laugh comfortably while talking about each other’s life over coffee. I will never ask for anything more than that.

Hidden Stars Pt.2 (M)

Pt. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |  -   [Drabbles]

Pairing:  Jungkook x Reader,  Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut/Angst 

Word Count: 5,553

Description: It started out simple, but when your feelings start to grow for the idol who isn’t allowed to date, things get complicated.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

“Jungkook and his girlfriend.” The words leave Yoongi’s mouth, and you immediately feel as if a hole has been punched through your chest.

“S-sorry what did you just say?” You knew that you had heard him perfectly clear, but there was something inside of you that didn’t want to register the words as real, or truthful.

“I said Jungkook and his girlfriend. They’ve been fighting so much these past few months, I don’t know why. Two years together, and you’d think they’d learn how to handle each other.” Yoongi laughs, but you feel the whole in your chest grow even wider.

“Two years?” You whisper, more to yourself in disbelief than to Yoongi, but he takes it as that.

“Yeah, long time right?” You don’t say anything as you try to turn all of your attention to the tears currently pooling in your eyes, and trying not to let them spill over. You trap your bottom lip between your teeth, and try not to blink, but it proves futile as you feel a wetness start to streak down your face. Yoongi sees the tears, along with the way your hands were starting to shake.

“Woah Y/N, what’s wrong?” You see Yoongi jump up from his seat, round the table, and pull a chair up next to you. He notices you trying to keep your hair down, so that he can’t see the way your tears were starting to flow faster.

“Hey, look at me.” He whispers, and you turn hesitantly towards him, but only slightly.

“Do you wanna tell me what’s wrong?” Yoongi takes his hand, and lifts it up to tuck the fallen hair behind your ear, putting your tear stained face on full display.

“I-I don’t know if I should, I don’t want you to think I’m a bad person.” You sniffle out, as the weight of the situation comes crashing down on you. Jungkook has a girlfriend; a girlfriend that he’d been dating for two years. One that probably loves him a lot, and thought that these past few months had just been a rough patch in their relationship. One that didn’t know that Jungkook has been cheating on her for months with some random girl.

And that random girl was you.

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Black [M]

A/N: sorry it took so long for this one :( i’m sorry if it’s kind of shitty i rushed to finish this bc i had ppl asking for it :/ also fuck you chi

characters: dean x oc, zico x oc, crush, rome

genre: angst(ish?), university au

rated: m, alcoholism, stoners(lol), violence, (mentions of) abuse, sexual content(not in this ch)

CH1 CH2 

chapter 3: 

my mouth dropped slightly and I acted surprised but I knew she was going to say that. everyone had their mouths open in a small smile. I looked up at dean, his expression mirrored mine. sochi smiled proudly, pushing the black cup back to me.  

“drink up” she said. I didn’t know what to do. I was well aware that I was pretty drunk now and drinking from that cup would end me but I couldn’t kiss dean. he was perfectly sober. I knew I might not remember it later but he would. kissing him would make things awkward between us and that was the last thing we needed right now. if this had happened a week ago, I would’ve probably done it because he’s my best friend and the kiss would mean nothing more than a save from the cup but now, he knew something about me. he knew something that made us closer than before and I knew something about him. i couldn’t do it.

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Torn Between Brothers

Rebekah x Reader


Imagine: you are in love with Kol and Klaus Mikaelson and calls Rebekah, your best friend, to help you deal with it.


Word Count: 1314


Yes, what happened, Y/N?”

“Can you come over, please? I sort of need to talk to someone right now…”

Okay, I’m coming, just give me a minute.

She hung up and, once more, you were all alone and free to become a victim of your own thoughts. They had been so overwhelming lately. Well, since you discovered yourself completely in love with Kol and Klaus Mikaelson. Yes, the awful psychopath and the big bad hybrid, both part of the oldest vampire family in the world. And, also, if all of that is not bad enough, they were your best friend’s siblings. You could picture how mad Rebekah would get. 

You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down and find the strength to open up with someone about the subject. It was hard, though, because, so far, you have not been able to understand what the hell was going on with your feelings. And it was not because you did not take some time to think it though, to analyse who you liked more. Klaus was the very thing you should not have and you want it so badly. His soft words and kind gestures, heck, he was intoxicating. Kol, on the other hand, brought out the crazy on you. The way he would show up in the middle of the night in your room just to stole a kiss from you was so bloody hot. How in earth would be able to choose between them? 

“So, darling, why you sounded so desperate on the phone?” Rebekah said, unexpectedly and making you jump forward, scared. 

“Oh my God, Bekah, can’t you knock like everybody else?”

“I’m your best friend and also an Original vampire, which means I’m not like everybody else. Now, spill the beans.”

“You’re such a sweet person!” You remarked, ironically. “But you’re right, I need to get it out of my head before I go nuts.”

“Well, I’m all ears for you, darling.”

“Ok, hum… Shit, it’s hard.” You gasped, frustrated. “I want to tell you, yet, I feel like I’m going to throw up if I do.“ 

The blonde narrowed her eyes and crossed arms, looking at you sceptic. You sighed, knowing you had to suck it up and tell her. Still, they were her brothers and, eventually, you would hurt one of them by choosing. When this become so hard?

“Okay. I’m going to say it.”

“I’m waiting.” You gulped, biting your lower lip. “You’re a weird person, Y/N.”

“Yes, I know that. Now here it goes: I’m in love.”

“Seriously?” Rebekah raised an eyebrow. “You were all nervous just to tell me you care about someone?”

“Not quite that.” You said, pursing your lips. “I’m in love with two guys.”

“What?!” She questioned, stunned. “Y/N, care to explain me what the bloody hell is going on?”

“That’s not it.”

“There’s more?” You nodded, slightly. “Damn it, Y/N! Go ahead. Finish. I’m definitely eager to know who are them.”

“Yeah, about that, promise me you won’t be mad when I tell you.“ 

"Why would I be?”

“Just promise.”

“Okay. I promise. Now, tell me.”

Never, in your whole life, you had ever felt more scared than right that second. Rebekah had an inquisitive look and you knew how much she hated when you took so long to tell her something. Again, it was not an easy thing to do. Especially because she was related to them, which made impossible for her to be impartial. You giggled, nervous, and finally let it out:

“It’s Klaus. And Kol.” You whispered, hoping she had missed it. 

“Y/N, are you serious?”

“I wish I wasn’t.”

Rebekah, unexpectedly, chuckled. And embraced you in a hug. Instead of yelling that was wrong and being mad, she seemed genuinely happy. You frowned and looked at her as if she had a horn in her forehead. Come on! You needed someone to tell that being in love with two maniacs was a horrible mistake. Because, honestly, it seemed impossible to do it by yourself.

“You’re going to be my sister in law!” She squeaked.

“For fuck’s sake, haven’t you heard what I told you?”

“So what you’re in love with them? I’m sure you love one more than the other. Now you just have to pick.”

“It would be a lot easier if I did know which one.”

“Oh. Oh!” Rebekah widened her eyes.“And you want me to help you choose?”

“Yes. It’s exactly what I want you to do.”

“No. I can’t. Out of my reach.”

You shook your head, letting out a huff and starting to pace restlessly in your room. What you were supposed to do? Because if you choose Kol, Klaus would probably dagger him, which would be terrible. And, if you picked the hybrid, the younger Mikaelson would flip out and probably would end up boxed. Both scenarios were dreadful and you did not want to put yourself or the brothers in that situation. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”, you though, feeling uneasy.

“Stop!” Rebekah cried, grasping your shoulders. “You’re making me nervous.”

I’m nervous! And you refuse to help me.”

“I said I can’t help you choose. You have to do that alone. But I can help.”

“Enlighten me then.”

“First, go out with them. Like, in dates. Oh, and make sure they know you feel like that.”

“Rebekah, my life it’s not a bachelorette TV show. And I don’t need to feel like I’m a prize.”

“I’m just trying to help.”

“I know that! And… Thanks. I’m aware of how messed up this is.”

“You’re my best friend, Y/N.” She pointed out, hugging you one more time. “Now, if I were you, I’d call and ask them to come here.”

“Okay, if this goes wrong, I’ll blame it on.”


Letting a loud laugh come out, you reached for your phone and then dialled Klaus’ number. Even though it was risky and it would probably bring a bad outcome, you should come clean to them. After all, they deserved to know and it would make you feel better. Eh, so you hoped.

Hello, love.

“Hey, babe, can you come over?”

I’ll be there in a second.

“Wait, is Kol with you?”

No, but he’s close. What do you want with him?

“I kind of need to talk to both of you… Can you come?” You requested, using the “I’m crying, please answer all my wishes” tone. It always worked.

Okay, We’ll be there.”

For a second you though about giving up. If it was hard telling Rebekah, who, by the way, was lying lazily in your bed and acting like nothing was going on, imagine having to face your beloveds and let them know you did not have faintest idea who you wanted to be with. Definitely a good talk. “Y/N, keep it together!”, you thought, shaking your head and trying to focus on how better you would feel.

“This will be fun.” Rebekah said.

“Yes, I’m a complete wreck, but, sure, very funny.”

“You have to relax, Y/N/N. My brothers seem like alpha male type, but they are just boys.”

“Do you think I can handle it?”

“Of course. I know you and I know them. I’m pretty sure it all work out fine.”

Both of you heard a thud downstairs. Okay, so they had arrived and you needed to go there and talk to them. For the thousandth time you freaked out. When exactly did you become such an insecure woman? You used to be this girl who would go and make things happen. All right. It was time to bring your other self back.

“Good luck.”

“You’re not staying?”

“Oh, no. You should have privacy. But if they fight, send me a video.”

“You are a bitch!”

“Go to your boys, darling.”

“Fuck you, Bekah.”

“I love you too.“ 

Then she disappeared.

You gulped and went to your living room.

It was time to face the beasts.

Finals Suck, but You Don’t

(A/N: This was a request but I seem to have deleted the original ask for it!)

Originally posted by j1nwoo

Member: DK
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 4906

You could never pay attention in class with him around. The professor droned on and on about something that would probably be on the final exam, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. You were too busy drinking in the sight of the sun himself, Seokmin. He sat two rows ahead of you, but you could still feel the warmth radiating off of him. He always laughed a little too loud, smiled a little too big, and talked a little too much; it was probably annoying to some people, but not to you. You found yourself slowly falling for him, which was a little bit of a problem because you’d never actually talked to him.

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I love this shirt

Harry has been moping around his apartment for days. He can’t figure out what he’s feeling. Ever since he got drunk and blurted out his true feelings for Y/N, his best friend, she hasn’t been herself. He’s been holding on to this tiny sliver of hope that she’ll somehow feel the same, but he knows that’s wrong. He knows that he shouldn’t hold it against her, so he doesn’t; not for very long anyway. Harry decides to let it go, to try to convince her he was a little too drunk to know what he was talking about. Holding his phone in his hand, he hovers his thumb over her name for a few seconds before pressing the screen.

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Hello!!! could you do one where h is older than y/n and his sister is a bit iffy of it and stuff but things end up okay and good


“She’s NINETEEN, Harry!”

Harry let out a sigh and ran a hand through his hair.


“And…you’re almost 23.”

“S’not even four years, Gem.”

“Which wouldn’t be a big deal if you were both older, but she’s not even in her 20’s yet.”

Harry was fighting a losing battle. Gemma wasn’t normally so vocal about Harry’s relationships, but that was also partially because he had never dated someone this much younger than him, nor had he ever dated someone who wasn’t in the public eye. She had only met (Y/N) once but she could already tell that her brother was smitten and it worried her a bit.

It wasn’t that (Y/N) seemed incredibly immature. In the brief interaction they had, Gemma had actually found her to be very sweet and friendly, if not a bit quiet. The things that Gemma worried about were more to do with the two of them being in very different stages of their lives. Harry was a global superstar who traveled everywhere for work and bumped elbows with models and major industry influences at black-tie parties and award shows. (Y/N) was a sweet, 19-year-old college student who had never even lived outside her home town and – up until she met Harry – the most famous person she had ever had contact with was the local weatherman. It wasn’t that Gemma didn’t like (Y/N) or think that Harry didn’t have genuine feelings for her, but she knew it would be a tough relationship to make work.

As much as Gemma didn’t want to admit it, the age gap bothered her a bit as well. She could remember exactly what she was like at 19 and she had not been emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship with a 23-year-old.

“I really like her, Gem,” Harry said.

Gemma sighed, knowing that there wasn’t much she could say that would change that.

“I know that, little brother. I just worry; I don’t want either of you getting hurt.”

Harry appreciated his sister’s concern – he really did – but she didn’t know (Y/N) the way he did. Granted, if he had been in her situation he would been hesitant as well. When a 23-year-old male tells you that his girlfriend is barely out of high school, people question that. But (Y/N) was different. Had Harry not seen her driver’s license, he would never have believed she was as young as she was. (Y/N) had a maturity well past her years and she was what Harry referred to as “an old soul”, similar to his own.  Of course, she had her moments where she showed her age but it was never in a bad way. Harry sometimes acted like a 16-year-old teenage boy and (Y/N) didn’t seem to mind that. They worked well together and Harry was very happy with what they had.

He just wished that he could somehow convince Gemma of that same thing.

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New Years

Request: Justin and you have been dating for quite a while but he cheats on you. Suddenly the two of you unexpectedly meet. From there everything goes downhill.

Y/N’s POV:
Its been a year since my biggest heartbreak. It’s been one whole year without him…. without Justin.

I know what you’re thinking? Why the hell am I still thinking about the guy that cheated on me…well to be honest im not even sure anymore. I try to forget about him but he constantly runs through my mind all day, and it’s getting frustrating. I found out a few months ago that Justin and Yovanna are official, surprisingly I knew it was going to happen. I decided to let go of my past and move on.

No ones POV:

You look into the mirror smiling, as you were getting ready for Kendall’s party later that night. You wore a white laces dress that fit all your curves perfectly, and not to be cocky but you thought you did a pretty good job on yourself.

You turn around, as you pick up your clutch before leaving out the door.

**At Kendall’s party**

Your POV:
I slowly walked into Kendall’s party as I tried my best to get lost into the crowd. I wasn’t really the most outgoing person I was more on the shy side but I had many close friends. Sadly, your plan didn’t work as people began to look at me amazed. I smile politely as I continued to make my way through. I heard a few gasps, whistles and compliments from other guests as i continued to walk.

“Y/N you look amazing!”
“My heavens, she’s like a princess!”
“Slay beautiful!”
“Honey work it!!”
“She’s simply gorgeous”
“Are you single?”

I immediately blush, not expecting their reactions. As I try to hide my reddened cheeks by lowering my head I accidentally bump into someone.

“Oh my gosh, I am so so-” I quickly look up to only be faced to face with my ex….Justin. I look at him shocked, as he reacts the same way. “Y/N?”

I try to speak but nothing was coming out. I didn’t know what to say, I look at him one last time before walking away. I know I’m being a coward but I wasn’t quite sure how to face him, I knew if I did I would end up crying. I know what a pathetic move, but if you were in my shoes you would say the same thing.

I heard him yell my name a couple times but I simply ignored him and began to walk quickly before disappearing into the crowd.


The rest of the night was pretty amazing as you spender some time with your girls and amazing friends. You heard someone yell that it was almost midnight. People began to chear as they were counting down the seconds. You slowly disappeared from the crowd, not quite sure where to stand.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1! Happy New year! You heard everyone cheer. Suddenly fireworks began to shoot across the sky.

You felt a lump in your stomach as you dreaded this part. Your knew everyone would be sharing their New Year’s kiss. You look around and your predictions were correct. You began to feel overwhelmed, you were sure if you were jealous or hurt by the fact that you could have been one of them. You look towards your left to see Justin and Yovanna kissing. You felt your heart shatter once more, as all the pain began to return. You felt tears build up but you quickly wipe them away. I’m not going to cry infront of them that will only show them that I am affected, you thought to yourself.

You ended up going on your phone as you tried your best to distract yourself for a couple minutes until all of this was over.

You avoided Justin and Yovanna all night, you didn’t want to have to make conversation because you knew it would just be awkward.

“Hey babe” Kendall says smiling as she sits infront of you. You smile slightly as you greet her aswell. After a few minutes of giggling and talking, her smile suddenly turns into a frown. “I’m really sorry for inviting Justin, I didn’t know he was going to bring…her” she says as she stares in the direction of Justin and Yovanna. You look towards the two as you watched them laugh as they took cute photos. You sigh before returning your attention to Kendall. “No it’s fine, I’m over it….” you lie, as you put on a fake smile but Kendall who is your best friend wasn’t buying it.

“Hun, I know you’re not fine…” she says as she places her hand on my shoulder. “No trust me, I mean- uhm he’s doing so much better than he was with me, and funny how it sounds but I just want him happy…so I need to move on.” You say smiling but tears were falling down one by one. Kendall doesn’t say word as she simply pulls you in for a hug.

**Later that night**

You decided to leave early as you weren’t much in a party mood. You say goodbye to Kendall and some of your other good friends before stepping out to the front yard. There was only a few people outside, drinking or talking. Just as you were about to call your (brother/sister) to come pick you up your mom phones.

You pick up but before you can answer, you hear sobbing? “Mom, is everything alright?” You ask worried. Suddenly your heart started racing and you felt a lump forming in your stomach…. something was wrong.

Your mom sniffs before taking a deep breath, “sweetie- Uhm I’ll explain everything to you but you’re (brother/sister) passed away-” she stops not being able to tell you more. You freeze feeling as if you’re world just turned upside down, suddenly your mothers cries felt distant and you realized you dropped your phone.

You couldn’t even move, you couldn’t comprehend what was happening. Everything was moving too quickly and suddenly you felt sick. You ran your hands through your hair as you tried to control your tears. You couldn’t help it, you sat on Kendall’s stairs and sobbed till you couldn’t even breathe. You didn’t care that your were making a scene, people came and asked if you were okay but you were to depressed to even speak.

“Y/N?” You heard someone say but you didn’t turn around. Suddenly the person kneels infront of you, and you were now face to face with Justin. He kept asking you questions but you remained silent as tears fell down your face.

“Y/N! Tell me what’s wrong?” He says as he reaches for your hand but you jerk back. He looks at you shocked. You stand up befor elooking at him with absolute no emotion. “Y/N a-are you okay?” He says gently as he stands up aswell.

You didn’t realized that the two of you were the only ones outside. “I’m fine…” you say bluntly as you turn around to walk away. Immediately Justin grabs your arm to prevent you from leaving. “Y/N you’re not fine, come on yo-” he says but you interrupt him. “Fine! I am not okay!” You yell pulling your arm away. He remains silent as he looks at you shocked. “You want to know why? First you show up with the woman that you cheated with me on? Do you not know how that makes me feel?” You ask but he doesn’t say anything as his expression changes to guilt. “No of course you don’t, because you don’t think of anyone besides yourself! I-I thought you loved me but clearly I was mistaken. I am such an idiot!” You yell as you run your hands through your hair one more time. You look at him again, “but tell you the truth that’s even the worst thing that happened tonight, my fucking brother passed away on his way to pick me up! If you didn’t show up, then I wouldn’t have to ask him to pick me up early! This is your fault my brother is gone!” You yell in anger, as you continued to cry. “Y/N im so sorr-” he says but you interrupt him once again. “No you’re not! I’ve kept my heart closed because I was afraid to get hurt, I was afraid to get cheated on. I was-” Justin interrupts you as he pulls you in for a hug. You cry even harder, you were torn, you felt as if knives were stabbing your heart. You couldn’t take the pain anymore….you just couldn’t. You felt so weak that you couldn’t fight back anymore, you just simply cried into Justin’s arms.

“Shhh, I’m so sorry” he whispers as he kisses your forehead. “Everything’s going to be okay…” he says, but you didn’t say anything but cry. You suddenly felt a tear on your shoulder and your realized he was crying aswell.

“I am not going to leave you this time….” he says. You didn’t understand what was happening but he was slowly making the pain fade away. You knew crying wouldn’t bring you and Justin back together, or bring your brother back but he did close a few gaps on your heart that were missing. You realized that things happen for a reason and maybe it was best that you and jUstin didn’t end up together, you just needed a friend at the moment and he was the one there…and you appreciated it.

Slowly you wrapped your arms around Justin’s waist, as he pulls you in closer.

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Go To Hell-Theo Raeken

Teen Wolf Imagine:#95

PromptNope, I can’t go to Hell. Satan still has a restraining order against me.

Word Count: 1,258

Warnings: None that I can think of?

A/n: So this turned out much different than my original idea but I hope you like it anyway. I do :)

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Last Imagine

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anonymous asked:

How would the RFA find out that they loved MC?

Just a heads up but 707’s will be referring to his canon after ending so SPOILER ALERT and will have a brief mention of sex (nothing graphic), his will be at the very end <3


bae helped out again omf you’re a sweetie and ily <3

  • as we can see in his route and before we get to his route, jumin is not good at first in expressing his emotions in an appropriate nor healthy manner, he’s had to bottle it up for years now, and now that he develops an interest in you, his feelings are a lot more gradual, he really doesn’t know how to properly identify his feelings for the time being
  • in chats, you can tell it’s a little tense because the others clearly want to say something to jumin, especially zen, who wants to give romantic advice when doesn’t he, the others clearly recognise that jumins feelings are more than just a bit of an interest in you
  • I think MC would know that jumins feelings are quite serious but does not say anything, you don’t want to influence his thoughts and indirectly force him to come to that conclusion, it’s for him to work out, not for anyone else
  • eventually i’m sure the rest of the group start leaving hints in the chat, but never explicitly state that jumin clearly loves you, you ask them all not to, and they of course respect your wishes!
  • Jumin isn’t dense enough to not pick up on the hints in the chat, and it makes him really question his feelings, and he internalises it or just chats to Elizabeth the 3rd about it it’s quite a short conversation
  • the next time you go to visit Jumin, he opens the door and just seeing you face to face really just makes it all click into place for him, he knows that he wants to see you keep turning up at his doorstep, but not to visit, but because you are coming home and that you live together, and he realises how much he wants to really be with you, as well as how much you’ve broadened his mind and exposed to him to things he would never have experienced


again, many thanks to the bae for helping me with jaehee’s!!

  • jaehee is very blunt and does not cut corners in what she is saying, although I think in the scheme of things, it takes her a little bit of time to separate her feelings from being purely platonic to being romantic feelings, she just is so busy that she jokes she is married to her work and doesn’t have the time for love
  • but the realisation hits her when she realises how much she depends on being able to talk to you every day, and also how much she looks forward to talking to you, conversations with zen are exciting, talking to her idol just is an amazing feeling, but it is so different and doesn’t compare with how often she talks with you
  • jaehee certainly wouldn’t wait to tell you, like I mentioned, she is very straightforward, and probably reveals that she’s in love with you before you even start dating, and it is actually her telling MC that she is in love with them that sparks the relationship, like she simply states her feelings and leaves it open to you to decide whether or not you forget she ever said anything or if you want to pursue a relationship with her
  • of course, you go with wanting to start a romantic relationship with her!


  • Yoosung struggles to differentiate between you and Rika for a little while but he does gradually get over it, and I think the realisation that he loves MC would come quite suddenly and at a time that seems quite random, I feel like it would be some months into MC’s relationship with Yoosung, saying “I love you” is a very big thing to Yoosung and wouldn’t just throw the words around
  • the realisation hits him whilst he is just spending a lazy afternoon with MC, for the entire day all they’ve done is laze around, playing LOLOL on and off and not being particularly productive, and as it gets to the evening, it gets a little colder, Yoosung’s dorm isn’t the best place for warmth, so Yoosung lends you his softest hoodie
  • he remains quiet, but just watches as you smile and cover your nose with the hoodie and try to subtly smell it, the content look you have on your face just gives him butterflies and he isn’t sure why the sight of you wearing his hoodie and smelling it so particularly overwhelming or significant, but he just blurts out that he loves you, and he probably freezes on the spot and has a moment of brief panic thinking that saying it is too much for MC to hear, but when you grin and quietly say that you feel the same, relief washes over him
  • that night is a very cuddly night, and whilst yoosung loves giving hugs and spending time cuddling, neither of you really want to move out of each other’s arms, and it’s only when yoosung realises that he can’t skip out on class to continue cuddling that he reluctantly moves
  • after that, you borrow steal that hoodie and cherish it a lot, it’s the thing you will always associate with the first time yoosung tells you that he loves you


  • zen tells you that he loves you all the time, but its meant in a more light-hearted/thankful way, like if he asks you pass him something right before he rushes off to a rehearsal, he says “thanks, love you!” and it’s not as if he doesn’t mean it, but at the same time he doesn’t mean it in the “proper and sincere I love you” way, if that makes sense
  • I think he’s the quickest out of everyone to realise that he truly does love MC, but isn’t the first to say it and properly mean it? Like, for the first month of your relationship, he is fully aware that his feelings are completely serious, but I don’t think he would say it straight away in fear of alienating MC, and he leaves things as they are, but his schedule quickly fills up and he is stressed out to the max
  • You’ve supported him the entire time you’ve known him, and you certainly don’t stop now, you make sure to compliment Zen when he seems down and just generally do all you can to keep him motivated, but he reaches a day where he is just too stressed to function, he just lays on the couch with his head in your lap in a completely awful mood, and you just run your hands through his hair and rub his back soothingly
  • and now that he is just laying down, he has time to think about things, and he thinks of how hard it must be for you to have to support him so much and deal with his odd schedules, and how you two don’t spend as much time together as he wants to, and it just strikes him just how supportive you’ve been. You could have easily left when things were stressful, but you’re still by his side, and I think that’s when he would verbally tell you that he loves you
  • he just looks up at you and weakly smiles, “MC, you’ve never left me, and I want to tell you that I love you, okay?”
  • it is so sincere, and he probably sits up enough to give you a quick kiss (or hug if you aren’t down for kissing!)


this one stays close to his canon after ending so SPOILER ALERT and also a little nsfw (but not detailed!)

  • in the scene where MC and Seven are laying together and Seven reveals his fears and desires for being able to have a future with you, I think that is when it truly hits him just how much he loves you, although I don’t think he necessarily only just realises that he loves you, he’s known he loves you for a little bit of time and as soon as you agree to search for Saeran, he knows that he can picture himself with you in the future
  • but, it’s in the scene mentioned above that he realises just how much he loves you, like here you are lying with him (it’s hinted that MC and Seven have sex but that is really up to personal preference and interpretation), about to risk your life to save someone you don’t know, and really, you still don’t truly know Seven, but that doesn’t hinder you at all, and knowing that someone cares for him and will look after him just really hits home with Seven. The fact you accept him for all his flaws and you fully accept that he isn’t the same as the 707 you see in the chat, it just matters so much to him when no one has really tried to understand him
  • it’s when you have sex that he tells you that he loves you, because the intimacy of everything makes him feel like he can be so open and vulnerable to you, he knows that you won’t push him away, and even if you are too caught up in the moment to be able to physically say it back, he knows that you love him back and it is a moment he will always remember
[DRABBLE REQUEST] Boyfriend!Seungchul

Request: A fluffy situation where you read angsty fanfiction about him, making you cry, and he find you crying and he completely freaks out.
Requested by: seongchols
Word Count: 1,743
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None

Heyy I finally got something written! It’s been forever since I wrote so I hope I’m not too rusty. Admin wonwooed helped out a lot for this drabble, thank you! 
-admin jihoonic

Featuring a little sneak peek at one of our upcoming works! Thank you so much for requesting, feel free to request for another :D
-admin wonwooed

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“No, no, no… Seungchul, oh my god,” she breathes out at the man lying next to her. “Seungchul, please open your eyes.”

It takes exactly three nerve-wracking seconds before his eyelids twitch and crack open, and his faded brown eyes register the female cradling his head in her lap. Even when he’s bleeding to death before her, he manages to let out a huff of laughter. “Is it bad?”

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Perpendicular Hearts

Because it’s Valentine’s Day (AKA OTP day, since I don’t give a damn about this day otherwise), I had to write something, right?

So last time I posted something (here if you wanna read, and yes I’m shamelessly promoting myself), I got few reactions, and since I’m in a constant need of approval I hesitated about writing something else so soon but hey, who cares! (it wasn’t that great tbh, I hope I did better this time :D) 

Name: Perpendicular Hearts [it sounded cooler in my head]

Words: 1791

Characters: Marinette Cheng/Ladybug, Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir, Alya Césaire (minor)

Pairing: Ladynoir/Adrinette

Note: I would like to dedicate this one shot to @madhattressdelux, because she sent me a prompt MONTHS ago and I still didn’t finish it. I’m so sorry Maddie ;_;  Also it was your birthday a few days ago so happy birthday again!

This might look a bit like Le Chant des Sirènes, but I would say it’s a more hopeful version. [no angst this time, I swear!]

English is not my first language, so I’m really sorry if there are any mistakes. I really liked writing it!

When Marinette meets Adrien for the first time, she feels that something inside her is moving, shifting. Her body seems smaller, too tight to contain the emotions washing over her. She is drowning, she can’t breathe. Her head is light—she knows that she was talking to Alya two seconds ago, but now she can’t even remember what they were saying.

There is a crowd gathered around him, blocking her view, but she has seen enough. The dazzling smile (albeit a bit shy?) when he entered the building, his soft voice when he answered the people already harassing him… He looks like some kind of angel among mortals, all bright and graceful. There is nothing of the teenage awkwardness in Adrien Agreste.

“Wanna talk to him, Marinette?” Alya is raising an eyebrow, clearly amused. She has seen Marinette in every possible state of mind, but infatuated is a new one. Marinette’s hand is suddenly clutching her arm.

“I can’t talk to him like that!” She cries, her blue eyes wide on her friend who is trying very hard not to laugh.

“You’re probably right. Don’t want him to think you’re a fangirl, uh?”

“I’m not!”

Like every teenager who is interested in the fashion industry, she has known Adrien Agreste for a while. He’s a well-known model, son of a famous designer. Everybody wants him, everybody loves him. Of course she has noticed him before. Of course she has seen his dreamy face on magazines. But seeing him in the flesh, only a few meters separating them, is a whole new experience. When Chloé had informed them on their class group during the summer that Adrien Agreste would join them at the start of the school year, Marinette had thought about asking him questions about his father’s work. But now, she’s too upset to have a conversation with this boy.

The bell rings, filling Marinette with apprehension. She doesn’t trust herself to sit still in the classroom without squeaking. She’s being absolutely ridiculous.

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