because that my friends s true character development

  • Srydia shippers in s5: OMG! Lydia’s story is all about Parrish! It’s so degenerating!
  • Meanwhile Lydia: *is selfless* *helps her friends* *learns how to fight* *kicks asses* *controls her powers* *saves Malia* *is super independent and strong woman* *NOTHING FUCKING BREAKS HER*
  • Srydia shippers in s6: OMG! SRYDIA! TRUE LOVE! RELATIONSHIP GOALS! She is focused only on Mieciu! AMAZING! What a character development!
  • Meanwhile Lydia: Boo hoo hoo! Where is my dick that I don’t remember and I ignored for all my life?!!! Dickdickdickdickdick!!! Sniff! Oh, I will lie my ass in the bed and have an existential crisis while my friends risk their lives. Booo! Nobody believes me! Let’s cry! And cry a little more, because apparently I don’t remember that I can kick asses. Sniff! Why they didn’t give me his boxers to sniff? Booo! Lydia wants boxers! Lydia wants dick! Boo! Oh, the dick is in danger, so I magically remembered I can use my powers! Here is my Mieciu! *SLURRRRRRP*
  • Me: ……Someone reminds me why I liked her….

Honestly, I don’t dislike Kathy as a character…but even as a Damijon shipper I am firm in my belief that they are CHILDREN and shouldn’t be paired up at all until at least their teenage years. 

I really hope they aren’t setting up Jon’s ONE TRUE LOVE this quickly (them flying together coupled with Clark and Lois kissing worries me a lot), especially given that Kathy has not had a ton of character development before this arc. Like jfc, the boy does not have to end up with the first female character his age that he ever made friends with. 

Maybe I’m also annoyed because I had REALLY wanted Maya to be the third member of the mini-Trinity but it looks like it’s gonna be Kathy instead…sigh

anonymous asked:

you know who has had an insane amount of character development that has not been appreciated enough? Spencer. She always was the obedient one, the level headed one, the smart one. However Spencer grew into someone so strong, so sarcastic (@ that police scene with Tanner when she mockingly raised her brows🔥), so calm and collected and she grew into herself. She is so less about impressing & so much more about being true. That lack of fear at her twin (who was A!!) was incredible. That's all lol

You’re right, my friend. I think her character development is often overlooked because people see her as the brainy one of the bunch from beginning to end, and, sure that’s true, but she’s also so much more dynamic than people give her credit for. Like you said, she used to be super obedient because that’s how she grew up, but the shit she’s been through (like the others) hardened her and molded her character into someone far better than how she started off – A.K.A. someone who wants answers but doesn’t act like she has all of them already, someone who knows fear but can look it in the eyes, someone who can play with fire and, even when burned, use it in her favor, etc.

I’m not saying being tortured by a handful of people in black hoodies was good for her because, let’s be real, that wouldn’t do wonders to one’s emotional stability and trust, but it definitely had a positive outcome for Spencer and the others, as individuals.

I really enjoyed Spencer’s development throughout the series – and especially in the finale when, like you said, she had little fear when her twin was revealed; she only wanted answers and for everything to finally be over.