because that is the two rivers

I keep thinking about this river somewhere, with the water moving really fast. And these two people in the water, trying to hold onto each other, holding on as hard as they can, but in the end it’s just too much. The current’s too strong. They’ve got to let go, drift apart. That’s how it is with us. It’s a shame….because we’ve loved each other… But in the end, we can’t stay together forever.
—  Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go

Maybe love is not in fancy dinners, late night walks by the river, or going to the movies. Maybe love is not in holding hands, long car drives, or an outing to the beach.

Maybe love is in trying to find freshly squeezed orange juice to go with their vodka, because you know they don’t like artificially flavored juices. Maybe love is in the small gesture of knowing that they like their coffee with cream and two tablespoons of sugar, no more, no less. Maybe love is when you set the temperature to 75, even when you are too hot, because they feel too cold.

Maybe love is not a destination, but a journey, which is beautiful, because you have them by your side. Maybe love is not in being perfectly immaculate, but being immaculately imperfect.

—  Shivee Chauchan

I hate it when people try to make mythology sound like an exclusively majestic thing, like, man, half the charm is how fucking wacky things are.

  • Karna saves Everything Ever by consequence of like having to go grocery shopping.
  • Indian mythology is Dragon Ball Z.
  • Fionn mac Cumhaill defeats one of Scotland’s finest warriors by dressing up as a baby. Later on, he gets cucked.
  • King Arthur’s two favorite people ever were a sketchy old dude and a clown.
  • Sir Lancelot was distracted, deep in thought one time and almost fell into a river because he forgot to steer, so the aforementioned clown, Sir Dagonet, took him captive while he wasn’t looking.
  • Sir Bedivere and King Arthur’s dog mug a magical boar and then kick it off a cliff.
  • Momotaro, a kid born from a peach, together with a bunch of assorted animals go and beat the ever loving fuck out of a whole mountain of oni just because.
  • Hunahpú and Xbalanqué are summoned to the Hell equivalent of Xibalba and are killed because they were too loud when they were playing their equivalent of football and it kept bothering people in Hell.
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: tchaikovsky didn't deserve all of the shit he went through. he was gay during a time when it was completely unacceptable, so he married a woman he didn't love to quell any suspicions. she turned out to be a freaking nymphomaniac, and he tried to commit suicide by drowning himself in a freezing cold river. his marriage ended horribly after only two months, AND he caught a cold because of the river. no one deserves this.

the winter soldier: bucky jumps after steve

civil war: steve jumps after bucky

infinity wars: they both sort of mutually tumble downwards and sam saves both of them because he can fly jesus christ why do those two keep falling into rivers from great heights they have a totally platonic acquaintance with wings why is this a regular feature in their lives


The Princess, the Con Man, and the Ill-Fated First Contact between Afghanistan and the United States

While researching the history of Afghanistan for the next RP entry, I came across a strange story. In 1921, a rapidly-modernizing Afghanistan sent delegations around the world to establish contact with various countries. However, they never got much of an audience in the United States – because, unbeknownst to them, there was already an Afghan delegation there. This was:

an old woman named “Princess” Fatima Sultana … She came festooned in jewels and looking like every New Yorker’s image of a Theda Bara-style exotic from the mysterious east. Her jewels included one particularly large diamond she called the Darya-i-Noor (River of Light). She was travelling with a rascal who called himself the Crown Prince of Egypt. …

To make matters worse, these two con artists fell victim themselves to an American con artist named Weymouth, who convinced them he was with the Department of the Navy and said he would present Fatima to the president of the United States — he had his eye on that diamond. The New York press didn’t know which was the real diplomatic delegation, and they picked the one they found more entertaining: Princess Fatima and her entourage.

[In the end], The Princess Fatima lost her diamond to Weymouth, ran out on her hotel bill, and got deported in disgrace.

-Tamim Ansary, Games Without Rules: The Often Interrupted History of Afghanistan

Best I can determine, this woman was a distant (and not overly loved) relative of the actual rulers of Afghanistan. The man she fell in with (Stanley Clifford Weyman - not Weymouth, as Ansary writes) was arrested for impersonating a military officer, after he’d stolen her jewel - which was not the more famous Darya-i-Noor that is part of the Iranian royal jewels.

Afghanistan and the United States only established the barest levels of contact, and it was not until 14 years later that the US sent over its first envoy.

Right vs Wrong

The Arrow 100th and it’s impact on Olicity

Okay guys. Before we go into tonight’s episode, I want to talk something out. I did a little bit of talking about this on Twitter, but I want to get more in depth with it here. I know a lot of you are probably nervous about the Lau/river scenes in tonight’s episode, especially if you’ve noticed they’ve cribbed some Olicity dialogue.

(forgive me for this gif)

I know everyone’s first reaction is to hurl in their mouth a little (it’s okay, I totally did too). But my next reaction was to HOWL with laugher. Because this was totally stolen from Olicity. 

If for no other reason, this should not bother us because the writers can’t even be arsed to come up with original dialogue for these two. But I do believe this parallel is on purpose. And I will tell you why if you follow me just a little bit further. 

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“It’s the same night!”

When I first read Jane Eyre some years ago, as a teenager, I of course noticed the very obvious, outspoken feminism in it. What I did not notice back then however is that the two men who want to marry Jane in this novel - Mr. Rochester and St. John Rivers - are not just characters but a further twist on that scheme.
I only saw that Jane married Mr. Rochester because she loved him and turned St. John down because she didn’t - more or less a coincidence, it could just as well have been the other way around. Now I see that St. John is nothing but your averade dude viewing Jane through his male gaze - he does not see her as she is, only how he wants her to be. He wants to control her, to shape her, to transform her into his liking - she is supposed to be hard-working, stern, quiet, dutiful, humble, obedient, feminine. Mr. Rochester on the other hand puts actual effort into really knowing Jane, and it’s the character traits that are most unfeminine (considering the time Jane Eyre was written), and most her - the ones that St. John wants to abolish completely - that he loves most about her: her passion, her resistance, her anger, her strangeness, her complete refusal to be caged in or to be owned by anyone but herself. He actually wants to be with her, not the woman he plans to make her be.
It’s amazing and I can’t believe how completely I missed this when I first read Jane Eyre.

Who in Wheel of Time would vape besides Moiraine Damodred because that’s obvious

Proper Betta Fish Care

I’ve had several different Species of Betta fish in the past. Right now I currently have a lovely blue and white half moon named Splat. Now, Bettas are tropical, carnivorous, freshwater fish from the murky rivers of Asia. If you do not know, these popular fish are called “Chinese Fighting Fish” because they will literally fight each other, and other fish in their way, to the death. Under no circumstances, unless you are a professional or breeder, can you house two male Bettas together. Not even of you think it’s ‘fun’ to watch them fight. Sometimes even a male and female can become deadly towards each other if the living arrangements are poor. These fish are to be housed alone or with snails and tetras. 

One thing I see happening is people buying them from the pet stores in those small shelf cups and putting them in small classy bowls or vases to sit on their desk as “decorations”. This is entirely wrong, and cruel, as Bettas are roaming fish and need at the bare minimum a 7 Gallon aquarium in order to live without the complications due to stress of confinement. The large the tank, the better and healthier your fish will be. This goes for any pet fish, but Bettas have significantly more needs than a regular goldfish. You’ll know your Betta is stressed in his tank when he sits at the bottom all day or his fins start to look torn and jagged. Bettas can live as long as 5 years, probably even more if you really take care of them. 

Bettas are extremely sensitive to chlorine and the minerals in tap water, so make sure their water is properly treated with conditioner before you put them in. They are also tropical, and need a constant temperature of around 70 degrees F. Do not use heaters in small tanks. Bettas need places to hide and thoroughly enjoy dense plant matter. They love swimming through the plants. So fill up their tanks with lots of caves, soft plants and ornaments. Stay away from hard plastic plants that can cut them. Bettas are fish that need mind stimulation as they are one of the smartest captive pet fish in existence. They love bright colors and objects to study in their tank. 

They need amusement. My Betta loves these glow in the dark stones I bought for his tank that only light up at night, and he swims in fast circles around them. Maybe he’s chanting to the fish gods, who knows? Did you know you can actually play with Bettas? Heres a gif of one chasing a laser! They can also learn to recognize faces and routines! Mine actually follows my finger along the glass and has learned to come to the surface when I open the lid. He even swims willingly into a cup when I need to take him out of the tank, I don’t even have to scoop him. Bettas are awesome, and can come in 65 different variations. The smaller, duller, stubby finned ones are the females, the males are the brightly colored ones.

Bubbles in an aquarium are fine, but chose a quiet air pump with a gentle bubble flow that wont disturb the water very much. They do not like noise. Betta aquariums also get dirty really fast. Algae grows quickly, and changing the water every week will more than likely stress them out. Water filters are great, but make sure the water flow is not strong, as Bettas do not do well in water with a current. Water current stresses them out and they die. To combat algae growth, I suggest adding a snail to your tank. Apple Snails are the best, the hard shells protect them from the nippy fish. It’s also cute to watch your Betta floof his fins in curiosity over a ‘moving ornament’. Its a friend he’ll never get tired of who also keeps the tank clean.

Please never buy Bettas as pets for children. Pet stores display them on racks in small cups usually for really cheap. They target young kids because of the pretty colors and cute little box tanks you can sit on your shelf. My 4 year old nephew got a Betta and he ended up killing it by dumping an entire container of food into its tank. Its cruel and selfish to buy them as pets for kids. Who will forget about it a month later once the novelty is gone. Unless the child has shown they are capable of understanding how to care for a Betta and the fish will be provided with sufficient housing, only then do I agree. 

Bettas only need a few small pellets of food a day, their stomachs are about the size of their eye. Pellet food is best, preferably certified Betta food and not a multi fish diet as Bettas are carnivorous, unlike most pet fish. They also really love blood worms. You can buy them freeze dried and they will go nuts over it. 

Bettas and other fish are just as much of a pet as a dog or cat and should be given the same amount of attention and love as them. Pet stores usually tell you that they only live for 2-3 years and only need a small bowl. They do this for sales. Bettas in small bowls under 5 gallons are going to live a stressed, bored life and will be lucky to live to 2 years. They aren’t decorations, they are pets with needs. 

top 10 fics of 2016

okay i was tagged in two versions of this tag and i’m going to do both in one post i think? because i’m lazy and also because i don’t want to have two separate top 10 fics posts

i was tagged by @diggs4life and @daveeddiggsit to post the top ten fics that i wrote this year and here’s that list:

1. ruby woo part three (daveed x rafa x reader//smut)

2. unseasonable (daveed x reader//angst)

3. versace on the floor (daveed x reader//smut)

4. needed me (lin x reader//smut)

5. ruby woo part one (daveed x reader//smut)

6. like i would part two (thomas jefferson x reader//angst)

7. silver rivers (daveed x reader//smut)

8. truth (daveed x reader//smut)

9. wildfire part two (daveed x reader//smut)

10. diametrically opposed (alexander hamilton x reader//angst? smut? drama? i don’t know fam)

and i was tagged by @manuelmiranduh for a list of the top ten fics i read in 2016 so here’s that, in no particular order because i love them all a lot and also there were a lot that i loved that i couldn’t include and there was a rule that i was only supposed to do one fic per author but i broke it i’m s O R R Y:

- you’ve always hoped to experience domination (daveed x reader) @diggs4life

- it won’t happen with no waiting (oak x reader x daveed) @diggs4life masterlist

- still hurting (lin x reader) @manuelmiranduh

- street cred (daveed x reader) @manuelmiranduh masterlist

- i’ll be here (john laurens x reader, series, part 1 & part 2) @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait

- let it burn (hercules x reader) @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait masterlist

- vegas (daveed x reader, series) @daveeddiggsit

- change (daveed x reader) @daveeddiggsit masterlist

- kid (rafa x reader) @hamimagines masterlist

- closer (daveed x reader, series, part 1 & part 2) @gratitudejoyandsorrow masterlist


i tag anyone i tagged already that hasn’t done these tags thank u i have no more brain cells this is so much typing 

inktober #26

Role Reversal au headcanon: During her training, one of Clarke’s tasks was to survive in the woods on her own for two weeks without being detected. She succeeds, but comes back with hair that’s just a horrible mess and partially dyed red and the handmaidens hate her a bit for making their job harder.

[Other inktober drawings]

I knew a girl. She thought she could do anything. She used to run and laugh and cry until one day she discovered she’d never had a choice about any of those things. Then she fell in love. Think how impossibly improbable it is that any two individuals meet let alone even like one another. Love – that’s something beyond chance, beyond possibility. That was hers.
Because of who she was, the choices others made, whenever she meets him it hurts. But she never lets him see. She’d end the universe to have one moment that was theirs alone, pure.
—  River Song in “The Eye of the Storm” by Matt Fitton, The Diary of River Song 2

There are many misconceptions in modern magick, mainly due to carelessness, and lack of research or thinking.

Most modern signalization is a bit off, this post (I hope) will make people think about how they are using sigils, and hopefully they will use these books provided and this post to improve their craft.  

Many people believe to make a sigil you just put it through a simple process of rearranging letter to make a picture and destroy the sigil, (most common way on tumblr it seems), but this is not the case.

Yes, you need to put it through that process, but there is another step after you make said sigil that you must do before you toss in it a fire, or river, or whatever method you to destroy said sigil.  First one must introduce it to the subconscious mind because that is where the actual change and magick will occur.  Here are two well-written explanations by well-known published authors.  

(Cited from these books are examples are examples, you can read from links at the bottom of this post)

“Sigils work because they stimulate the will to work subconsciously, bypassing the mind.  There are three parts to the operation of a sigil. The sigil is constructed, the sigil is lost to the mind, the sigil is charged. In constructing a sigil, the aim is to produce a glyph of desire”,(Liber Null, Peter J Caroll)

“Sigils are images that unconsciously represent your desire. The aim of sigilization is to create an image (usually a symbol of some type) that represents your magical intention. The image is made in such a way that your conscious mind will not make an immediate connection between it and the object of your desire.  Sigils work by exploiting a fundamental difference in the way the conscious and subconscious minds operate. They operate at a point halfway between the conscious and subconscious levels.”  (Basic Sigil Magic, Phillip Cooper)

As you can see in those two definitions and explanations sigils, work by creating a sort of bridge between your conscious mind and subconscious.  Many modern “new age” type forget what a sigil truly is (in this type of setting), they tend to forget in order for a sigil to work they must let it work in the subconscious mind.  Yes, you still destroy the sigil or burn it, but that is later after you have worked with the sigil.  First, it must be introduced to take full effect.  There are many, many ways to create a sigil and how to enter it into the subconscious mind, through meditation, chants, trance, etc.  The way you introduce it is up to you as the practitioner.

Your subconscious mind is the most powerful tool you have as a witch, do not underestimate that or forget that.


As promised the books sourced to my library

(Pls give me a follow if you want more books and lessons/rants/tips/etc.)

(I’m also very dyslexic, so I’m sorry about my grammar)

so okay au time

imagine: bucky still falls off the train, and steve into the arctic, but instead of bucky being found with the russians he had fallen into the river and went under the same thing cap did and so when 2012 rolls around and cap’s been found and some bloke (probably coulson) with too much money and sentimentality goes “wait, what iF” and starts a search for bucky’s body, because if the captain was found, what about his ol’ pal bucky?

and lo and behold, they find the body. it’d taken a long time, but they found it. and, due to zola experimenting on bucky, he wakes up just like steve

and like, really just like steve, since he panics and freaks out and throws two people through the door even with just one arm, but eventually he calms down enough to listen to what’s going on (probably to natasha). he’s briefed on the way back to the states where someone had pulled steve from a mission and they were gonna surprise him

and natasha warns him, “he’s not gonna believe it’s you you’re gonna have to convince him,” and bucky just goes “oh, he’ll know it’s me alright” which sounds kind of ominous to natasha

and he walks into the room with steve and the other avengers and the first thing he says “did you get a new uniform? i hate it”


“yeah it’s me,” bucky says as he walks up to steve, who is understandably in a lot of shock and confusion.

then bucky just punches steve in the face.



“YOU FUCKING STUPID PUNK I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. were you just like “my impulse control fell outta the train with bucky” and thought crashing the plane and not giving your coordinates was a good idea?! and i thought that time in brussels was bad but you’ve really outdone yourself this time! anD DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE ALIENS JFC STEVE ten fucking days outta the ice and do you do the logical thing like, go on a vacation or figure out what you’ve missed? nO”

and continues to just rip into him, to the bewilderment of everyone in the room. then when bucky tires himself out and stops yelling the other avengers think steve’s gonna rip HIM a new one but he just goes “bucky” and clings to him

“yeah it’s me you stupid punk you don’t have to blubber all over me” he says though he’s crying too.

and the rest of the avengers are like ????? because they were expecting a lot of things but not this

i really just hit the pause button fifteen seconds into the gang dines out because it was just too much i mean

  • “the best restaurant in philadelphia” they dress up and have dinner together at a table for two at the best restaurant in philadelphia once a month
  • “monthly dinner, baby”
  • baby… baby…
  • dennis just called mac “baby” he called mac. “baby” while they are dressed up and seated at a table for two at the best restaurant in philadelphia which is something they do once a month
  • “i tell ya, i’ve been looking forward to this for… 29 days” let me die
  • “i did my hair good and i wore two colognes” let. me die.
Everlark Advent - Day 4, Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal Services

rated T

Eight years of high school and collegiate wrestling, six years of coaching middle school wrestlers, hundreds of pickup football games and baseball games, thousands of hours of one-on-one basketball with Rye on our parents uneven driveway, and how do I destroy my knee? Slipping on the ice as I got out of my car right in front of my own home.

Angry doesn’t even cover it. I’m livid. In addition to the injury, I’m now two weeks into what will essentially be an eight week post-op sentence of house arrest. Why? Because my crusty old alcoholic landlord won’t pay for snow and ice removal services. So I’m all but trapped by the crust of heavy snow that plasters the walkway to my apartment. 

This place had seemed like a slice of perfection when I signed the lease six months ago. Ground floor of a charming old Victorian house that’d been converted into four apartments. Right on the river. Nice kitchen. Huge windows and great light. Sure, the lawn was perpetually overrun with dandelions, but the owner has an old hippie look about him, so I assumed he was anti-pesticides.

Nope. Turns out Haymitch is just too drunk to give a crap. And what was a minor annoyance in the summer and fall became a matter of life or limb in winter.

My limb, and my now surgically repaired ACL.

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