because that is the two rivers

Hidekane AU where Kaneki was born with deformed vocal cords and can’t speak and Hide had an accident that left him deaf. So whatever-his-age-was-when-he-met-Hide Kaneki always has paper and pencil or something around because not everybody knows sign language to write down what he wants to say. So he is sitting there at that river, reading some book when Hide comes and introduces himself with a really weird voice as if he wasn’t sure how it sounds. And Kaneki of course pulls out the paper and start to write down his name and tell the other boy that he is mute. But he doesn’t understand why Hide suddenly is so happy and jumps up until he starts chatting using sign language because Hide always tries to read lips and speak since he had been left deaf after an accident and just couldn’t make any friends. So those two have a great start and of course invent their own language nobody else understand. And when they are really happy or nervous they just start mixing up the signs. Also they get really good at noticing what the other thinks through little gestures. Both hands in pockets? Shit, Hide is angry. Kaneki touching his chin again? Stop lying to meeee, Kaneki!
So yeah… That’s kinda it.


It was hot and humid at the summer fair when I heard Solomon’s voice calling out to me. “River!” I smiled as he jogged up to me. “Are you alright, love? You don’t look too sick…” I snorted.

“That’s because I’m no longer throwing up my breakfast. I’d keep my distance if I were you though, Sol.” He nodded knowingly.

“That’s what you get for frequenting the Purple Octopus I’m afraid, Riv. It’ll pass in a day or two though.” He smiled warmly, but something in the pit of my stomach didn’t feel encouraged by his words. 

“Yeah…” I said, awkwardly. “Are you halfway through a jog? Don’t let me stop you.” I abruptly said, perhaps a little harsher than I had intended as hurt flashed before his eyes. I’ll apologise later, I thought, but guilt swiftly coursed through me. I can blame my illness. Solomon, bless his heart, put on a brave face. 

“Sure thing, River. See you round the station.” He jogged off without looking back. 

“Boy, who wound you up?”


It’s unique for a composer to really be inspired by a person, a face or a personality, but Audrey Hepburn certainly inspires me. She not only inspired me to write “Moon River,” but also “Charade” and “Two for the Road.” If you listen to those songs you can almost tell who inspired them because they all have Audrey’s quality of wistfulness— a kind of slight sadness. Normally, I have to see a completed film before I’ll compose the music. But in this case I knew what to write for Audrey just by reading the script. Then, when I met Audrey the first time, I knew the song would be something very, very special. I knew the exact quality of her voice and that she could sing “Moon River” beautifully. To this day, no one has done it with more feeling or understanding. —Henry Mancini


one tree hill » We Change, We Wait

“Let me tell you why you’re not gonna direct the movie. Because you can’t identify with this world. I mean, I want a director who can recreate the feeling that I get every time I step out on the river court. I want someone who can explain to the audience why one song can instantly change Peyton’s mood. Someone who can recognize there are two completely different sides to Brooke Davis, both of which are amazing. I want a director who can make the little things the big things.”

books-are-infinite-in-my-head asked:

You know, I just miss River so much, since the start i always had kind if a crush for her. I really want her to come back and just ugh, she gives me so many feels. Idk if you understand, because there are many people that doesn't like her that much

I miss her too! Definitely would love to see how she and Twelve interact… or better yet, her and Missy. It’s rumored that she might return for Series 9, but if she does, I’d personally just love to see her as a guest star in an episode or two, and not as a full-time companion.

I think the bulk of what can be done with her character was completed successfully by the end of Series 7 (though admittedly, it was a rough ride to get there half the time), so it would just be too unnecessary to really delve into her character again and draw the same conclusions.

It’s funny, cause I just took a look at a list of her total appearances on the show, and she’s in a lot fewer episodes than I’d remembered her being. I guess that’s just cause a little of her goes a long way. :p

Honestly, what I’d love most of all for River would be her own comic book series…there are a lot of visual gaps to be filled in for her timeline, and it’s a medium that could do her a lot of justice!

I know there’s plenty of material there: the series could choose to focus on something like her regenerations prior to becoming River, her childhood as Mels with Amy and Rory, the years she was trained as an assassin, the years she spent as a archaeologist, the adventures she spent with the Doctor that occurred offscreen…

Or imagine even just a tragic and gorgeous one-shot comic, where we finally visit the Singing Towers of Darillium and get to experience the last night that Eleven and River ever spent together before she met her fate in the Library…

Awesome Westerosi Characters You Don’t Know Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: #13: Dunk and Egg

Ser Duncan the Tall (”Dunk”) and Aegon Targaryen (”Egg”) are two awesome dudes who lived 90 years before the start of Game of Thrones. George RR Martin has written (so far) three short stories about their adventures and he plans more. Dunk is a knight and Egg is his squire.

At first, Egg just seems like some rando kid who is bothering Dunk. But we later learn that is is actually Aegon Targaryen, the future King Aegon V. Dunk is just a hedge knight from Flea Bottom in King’s Landing. And his story is truly one of someone rising from nothing to achieve greatness. Unlike all the other characters who rise rapidly that I can think of in ASOIAF, he doesn’t get ahead by being a terrible person. 

Not only does Egg become king, we also know that Dunk becomes the Lord Commander of his Kingsguard. And though the Kingsguard swear off marriage, George RR Martin confirmed that one of Dunk’s descendants is a big part of the books and the TV show–Brienne of Tarth is of his line. 

Perhaps one of Dunk’s most famous lines is him, a poor hedge knight, chastising the greatest men of Westeros at a tourney by shouting “ARE THERE NO TRUE KNIGHTS AMONG YOU?”  after they turn their backs on an injustice for political reasons. I’d like to think that he’d be proud that Brienne, though not a “true” knight in the sense that she has been anointed so, is a true knight in the sense that she protects the weak and innocent.

There are only really two characters (so far) that appear in both the ASOIAF novels and the Dunk and Egg stories. The first is Maester Aemon Targaryen, who is Egg’s older brother. (In his death scene in the episode 5x07, this is why Maester Aemon calls out for Egg and says, “Egg, I dreamed I was old.” It’s very sad.) The other is Brynden Rivers aka Bloodraven, the weird old man Bran encounters Beyond-the-Wall at the end of Season 4.

Other Awesome ASOIAF characters

Image by Ted Nasmith for cover of graphic novel.

The next Doctor I’m gonna need River to meet (besides Twelve of course :P) is Seven. Because how flipping adorable are these two dorks?

Also, River can flirt with him about his accent and the Doctor can get all proud about that and say he likes her style and River can casually mention that it comes from her Scottish mother and Seven’s like, “Oh, well, I wouldn’t mind meeting her one day” and River’s just, “Spoilers.”

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Could you please write with GOM+kagami+kiyoshi have a date with their s/o to propose to her/him and everything gone wrong but their s/o find it cute and all and blush cry or both and tell them yes. Thank you :)

No problem <3 This is a really cute ask and I wanted to really elaborate so sorry if it took so long *A* I just put down that they have dated for around 4 years because that seems like a solid number! EDIT: I also did Akashi, Aomine, and Kise first! I will be adding the others shortly if that is okay~ 

Akashi: You were on a small boat that was gently going down the river as he was rowing. It was a beautiful day and you were mesmerized by your surroundings. You look up at him and start to think of all the moments you two have shared. “I love you Seijuro.” He didn’t say anything but gazed at you with a loving smile. You knew he felt the same. It had been 4 years that you two have been together. “You look beautiful today.” He said. All you did was blush. Even if you have been dating for awhile, he still manages to make your heart flutter. As you two were getting closer to being under a bridge, he suddenly stopped rowing and the boat stood still. “Sei-kun?” You questioned him and noticed that the sakura trees were in full bloom. It was the most perfect scene. “Name, will you love me forever and always?” This took you by surprise and you were worried. You softly spoke. “Of course, Seijuro. I will always be there for you.” He smiled and gave you a very gently kiss. “Would you turn around love?” You obeyed and as you turned around there were many of yours and Akashi’s friends standing on the bridge. They were holding umbrellas that spelled out the big question. You stood up speechless and began to tear up. You quickly turned around and saw that he had an engagement ring in his hands while kneeling on one knee. You tried to hold back your tears but you were so happy. As you began to speak, it suddenly began to sprinkle. Sooner or later it was pouring. Everyone was scrambling to find shelter. You were completely soaked and the rain made it hard to see anything. Akashi began to get frazzled and quickly said “Name, lets go find a pla-” “I do” you interrupted. He looked confused. You looked at him and smiled with your tears mixed with the rain on your face. “I do.” You jumped into his arms and all he did was smile while embracing you. He placed a sweet yet passionate kiss on your lips. This was a moment to remember. 

Aomine: He had taken you to a very nice restaurant in town. It was to celebrate your 4 years together. You noticed that he had really put himself together. You were so used to him wearing hoodies and sweats that you were mesmerized by the way he looked. You weren’t complaining because he looked really good. “Daiki I’m surprised you put yourself together so nicely.” You blushed as he just smirks. “Name, I bet it’ll be even better tonight when everything is taken apart.” You give him a push on the arm. Little did you know he was internally freaking out. He wanted this night to go smoothly. Aomine, with the help of Momoi, was able to set up a proposal for you that night. You two were put in a secluded section of the restaurant. As you two were finishing your desert, he suddenly said “I can’t believe it’s been this long huh?” You tilted your head and looked at him with confusion. You were about to say something, but he continued. “I’m glad its you, Name.” He smiled at you. It wasn’t his usual smirk, but a genuine smile that made your heart flutter. It made you remember how you fell in love with him. “Yeah” you softly spoke as you took one last sip of your drink. Suddenly, he rose from his seat and looked straight at you. As he walked over to you, his arm knocked over a candle causing it to fall, setting the table on fire. “D-Daiki!” you shouted as you pointed at the flames. “Ah shit!” He cursed and got a glass of water to try to take it out. It turned out to be champagne which only made matters worst. As you got up to try to help, he accidentally runs into you causing you to knock a waiter into a curtain. It continued to add fuel to the fire as the waiter was holding baked alaska. The curtains caught on fire and the whole restaurant was in a frenzy. Eventually, everyone was evacuated and the firemen were taking care of the fire. You and Aomine were sitting on a curb just outside on the restaurant staring at the numerous flashing lights and sounds that were emitting. You both just had disappointing blank stares at the scene. He put his head down and cursed to himself. His plan was ruined. Then, you started laughing which startled him. “A-are you okay?” He asked. All you did was continue laughing. “Daiki, you never cease to amaze me. That was so funny, I can’t believe you actually set a restaurant on fire.” Now you were hysterically laughing. He blushed and ruffled your head irritated. “Shut up.” You look up at him and smiled. “This is why I love you so much.” you spoke as you tried to wipe your tears. He looks at you and sighed. He rubbed the back of his head and took out a small box from his pocket. He held it up to you and said “I guess this would be a good time to ask hmm? Name, marry me.” All you could do was look at the box in his hand and back at him. You started balling which startled him. You leaped into his arms and cried even louder while nodding your head yes. He smiles and holds you tighter. 

Kise: It was Christmas morning and it had been 4 years that you two had been together. You were snoozing away until your boyfriend jumped on top of you. “Name-Chii! It’s time to wake up~” He placed numerous kisses on your face and head as he tried to get you to get up. “Ryouta, I want to sleep…” You whispered. As you tried to stay in bed, he suddenly lifted you up(princess style) and took you to the living room. “Hey Ryouta!!” You tried hitting him to put you down but to no avail. “You’re so cute” He looked at you lovingly with his golden eyes. Your heart skipped a beat and you tried to hide your blush into his chest. You had a huge Christmas tree in the living room and under it, there were a couple of presents you two have bought for each other. He set you down next to him as you both sat down. You paced your head on his shoulder as you were still tired. “Name-Chii it’s time to open presents!” He exclaimed. You just grunted and sulked but as you looked up at his cheery demeanor, you couldn’t help but giving him a warm smile and a kiss on the cheek. Even when Kise managed to get you angry or annoyed, which was most of the time, he always managed to make you feel like you were loved and that you were truly happy. You were always so grateful for him. You glanced over at an odd looking box and examined it. Out of no where, the box moved a bit which caused you to yelp and stand up. You were definitely awake now. “R-R-Ryouta what is that, it’s moving, I saw it move!” You pointed at the box. All he did was chuckle at your reaction and said “It’s your present. Open it! I promise it won’t hurt you.” You looked at him cautiously, but you trusted him. You slowly reached for the box and hesitated to open it. He saw this and slowly moved behind you and softly spoke. “We can open it together.” He gave you a warm smile and you nodded. The both of you opened it and all you could do was look at what was inside it with shock. It had a bow on its neck and wiggled its ears. It looked up and gave the cutest sound you ever heard. It was a kitten. You quickly picked it up and held it to your chest. You were in love. It was the most precious thing you have ever seen. You looked at Kise and he was mesmerized by how happy and adorable you looked. You noticed something shiny on the ribbon around the kittens neck. “What is this?” You asked. “Name, for my present, will y-“ As he was about to finish, the kitten jumped on Kise’s face and scratched his cheek, then ran to hide. “Ah” That was all you said as he was rolling on the floor wailing. You were giggling. “You’re so mean!” He pouted. You got up and returned with a first aid kit. You started cleaning his wound. “What would you do without me.” You chuckled. “I don’t tell you this enough Ryouta, but I am so happy I have you in my life. Everyday is a new adventure with you and I hope to continue it. And thank you for the kitten.” You smiled and placed a kiss on his newly bandaged cheek. He pats your head and says “Hah? That’s no fair Name-Chii, that’s my line.” The kitten walked back to both your sides and suddenly Kise picked up the kitten. He holds up the kitten and contently asks “Since it’s like this, will you take us in Name?” He points at the engagement ring that was hanging on the ribbon. You are taken over by surprise and immediately nod your head while trying to hold back tears. You both smile at each other and laugh.


I thought I posted this last night but I guess Tumblr ate it for a bedtime snack!

Thursday night at the gym was productive and fun! Tori and I met up right after work to get some lifting in. We did the back workout and I’m a big fan of all of those exercises because they make me feel strong!  But can we agree that Tori should take our selfies? I look like such an awkward goob.

Then I met up with my cousin and her neighbor for Water Tabata and Water Walk in the outdoor pool and lazy river! This was my first time in the water since last Summer and it felt grrrrrreat! I don’t necessarily feel a cardio challenge in water classes but the tonic aspect is very real! My arms and legs were burning by the end of the two classes. :) Plus my cousin loved it!! Yay!

Now, last Summer when I had my “to heck with body image, I’m gonna get in the pool!” epiphany, it was a huge leap forward for me. But here’s a little secret: I stayed at the South & North Y pools where I thought I was least likely to run into someone I knew. I never went to the pool at NW. Last night was my first time. And I did in fact see quite a few people that I know. Lot’s of Zumba students! And you know what? The world did not end because they saw my bare thighs. LOL In fact it was fun to see them out there and talk about mixing up our workouts and enjoying the pool time. :)

Can we get a huge OOWA OOWA for Friday, people?!? I am so glad it’s finally here. I wanted to cry just a little when my alarm went off this morning, but then I realized it was Friday and I had some Spark and listened to Flush the Format on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning and life was suddenly splendid!

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Hi Mama Bree I didn't realize you were from bucks county! I am too! I just moved back here. Do you have any shops you like to buy witchy things at? I'm looking for a place to purchase some crystals...

Oh boy DO I! *cracks knuckles* Time to show off my local know-how.

Head down to New Hope on the Delaware River. Route 202 runs straight there after it parts from 263 (bear right at the fork toward Peddler’s Village).

There are two shops there which are excellent for all things witchy, and I’ve been going to both of them for years.

The first is The Witch Shop, on Main Street right across from Bitter Bob’s and Fran’s Pub. Technically, it’s called G*psy Heaven, but it’s better known for the big neon pentacle sign in the window that says “Witch Shop,” and I prefer to call it that because slurs are not something we want in our vocabulary. They carry a small variety of books and incense, a dozen or so types of stones and crystals, a few candles and ready-made spell kits, and a nice big selection of oils and dried herbs. They also sell curios and witchy jewelry, plus witchy bumper stickers and artwork. The owner doesn’t seem to be in very often, but the atmosphere is very friendly.

The second is just a few doors down from there, on the end of the row before you get to the building that houses Fred Eisen’s Leather Works. Look for the sign that says Mystickal Tymes, the big rainbow flag, and the front window display with lots and lots of witchy things. This shop is presided over by a very knowledgeable gentleman and his cat, Morgana. (She runs the place, he just works there, so they say.) Their selection of herbs is larger than The Witch Shop, but they’re all behind the counter and you have to ask for them. There’s also a larger selection of books and incense, and a big box of raw crystals and stones to choose from, plus candles and hand-blended oils and jewelry, and lots of interesting bits and bobs for your craft. And if you’re very lucky, Morgana will wake up to say hello.

If you’re willing to backtrack up to Lahaska, there’s another little tucked-away shop just at the fork where 202 and 263 split. And I mean JUST past it, slow down and put on your signal as you approach the fork or you’ll miss it. Look for a sign on the right as you take the 202 fork that says River of Life. (It’s just opposite the soft pretzel factory before you get to Peddler’s Village.) This tiny shop is a natural foods store, and the owner is a very nice lady named Karen. She stocks lots of organic and raw foodstuffs, plus teas and essential oils, and supplements and naturopathic things for health and body. I’ve been going there for years and I’m still discovering new things tucked into corners. My favorite bit is the big wall in the back with huge jars of dried herbs and resins. It’s a witch’s fondest dream. They’re priced per ounce and you have to bag your own and label them, but the prices are more than fair. (Practically criminal, actually, I don’t know HOW she makes any money on them. I usually try and sneak in a few cents extra per ounce just to help keep the place going.)

All three of these shops are pagan-friendly, LGBTQA+ supporters, and run by lovely, knowledgeable people who can answer questions if you have them.

Oh and…if anyone’s interested, I shall be haunting the New Hope area come Saturday. :)

Happy Shopping, my witchlings!

Frances was honestly so excited to spend the night with River. The two had so much planned. it would surely be an amazing time. They adjusted their mask on their lightly made up face, before stepping out of River’s car. “You ready to do this? Because if not, I’m game for skipping to the after prom. Or I’m sure I could keep you entertained out here.”


Ever since I met you I have written small stories or updates about us in my notes on my phone. It’s like a dairy about us and I never did that with someone before. I’m not so sure if it’s a good idea at times. I mean hell, shit can happen. You can fuck me up bad, or I can fuck you up bad, or we can just mutually be done with one another because we have to. I really doubt it will be the first two, I’m hoping even more that it won’t even happen at all. I don’t care at this point because everything I do with you is so fucking special for some reason.

We go to the store for something like nostril spray and ice cream, and I write that down. We drive in your car and complain about the heat and end up grabbing Taco Bell happy hour Baja blast, and I write that down. We go to the river, we hangout with our friends, we eat at a cool place in town, we kiss and laugh, we get mad and sad, get drunk and high, and I write that down. I write everything down because it’s you and I, it’s us, and I don’t want to forget anything about us.

Ultimately, whatever happens, everything I have written down has been both happy and sad. It will always be beautiful memories for me, regardless of the outcome of this story we have conjuring.

—  Damn, I don’t ever want to lose you. pyro-14
You are
My beautiful
static state of mind.
The morning sunlight glimmering
At sunrise on the rough ocean side .
The chaos of the clouds within the
constantly shifting sky.
The passion burning so deep
Within my veins
Flowing through me like a
Raging river
Flooding every muscle
And bone and cell and
Every thought inside my brain
Until the mere sight of you
Gets my heart racing.
And that sickens me
Because no one should have
That power over me.
And yet, here you are.
Filling my mind at two a.m.
And suddenly,
my nightmares turn into dreams.
And I’ve realized
You are
The power in me.
My everything.
—  late night thoughts that mean absolutely nothing// 12:07 am

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What's your favorite thing about Misha?


literally everything about misha is wonderful. i’ll start with the more on-the-surface things: his sense of humour is both sarcastic and witty, he’s an inspiration for a lot of people, he’s attractive as hel;, he’s a DORK, he gives the tightest hugs, his smile is so beautiful??? i could go on and on and on about these but…

really, my favourite thing about misha is his compassion. he didn’t grow up with the best childhood; he was homeless and poor but this didn’t make him bitter or angry, it just made him kind. even before he got famous, he was already partaking in and hosting events to better the lives of people. he goes for river cleanups without having it publicized (which really just shows that he isn’t doing it for a good rep as a celeb, but doing it because he wants to and he’s just that kind-hearted), sets up two charity organizations and goes for all sorts of charity events to help make everyone’s lives a little better.

so yeah, this is my favourite thing about misha

My favorite JS&MN passage...

“But these are terrible crimes! Why are you not angry?”

Strange seemed to concede that this was a reasonable question. He thought for a moment. “I suppose it is because I have been many things since last we met. I have been trees and rivers and hills and stones. I have spoken to stars and earth and wind. One cannot be the conduit through which all English magic flows and still be oneself. I would have been angry, you say?”

Mr Norrell nodded.

Strange smiled his old, ironic smile. “Then be comforted! I dare say I shall be so again. In time.” 

~ ~ ~

I love two things going on here. The first being Jonathan’s thought process. He is so aware of what he’s been through, the significance of it and how it has changed him that he could care less about petty things. It’s the same way I tend to be in those moments. I get caught up in the experience, in the wonder or beauty, in the impact that the world kinda melts away. 

He has not lost his sense of humor though, fortunately. :) 

The second being the relationship between these two. They are completely different personalities, but at the same time kindred spirits. The perfect “opposites attract” relationship. And that connection makes them inseperable regardless of what happens. It’s the kind of easy, comfortable, caring partnership that we all seek. I’m so glad these two characters found it. 

[TRANS] SHINee for Cancam August Issue

Q: Where would you go for a date in Summer?
Key: Go for a walk along Han River with my two babies, having beer and go to a coffee house together.
Onew: A cave! Because it’s cooling (smiled).
Taemin: I want to go to Okinawa or Switzerland. I went to Switzerland once during winter but not summer. I want to swim in the sea with my girlfriend
Cr: Locktan_Miel423


was giggling to myself in the kitchen listening to susanne sundfør and making a mudcake because i finally feel happy on lexapro after an exhausting and sickly week. i can eat again, get through a day without falling asleep, balance, wash my hair. my family’s dog passed away so i baked everyone a cake to raise spirits. first time i’ve felt good in a long, long time. all my stress induced skin conditions have broken out but they’ll pass. i’m bleeding from stress but that will pass too. i’ve watched the same episode of river cottage australia four times in two days. i sleep in my brother’s bed and he sleeps in mum’s bed and dad sleeps in my old bedroom. recovering is hard when people insist of constantly invalidating your experiences but i close my eyes and take a deep breath and count to ten and tell myself what my mum incessantly tells me, that you have to be the kinder, wiser, stronger person in everything that you do.

About the new champion

// The River king fits into the category of champions that lore wise are not actors, but more “forces of nature”. Kalista is a force of venegance, Bard is a force of… uhh… big star fluff? And some others maybe (Nocturne comes to mind, maybe even Aatrox, but we don’t know enough about the Darkin to make conclusions here. Brand might fit into that too)

The River King is probably more than his appearance might let us think of him, mostly because he’s a weird mix of two completly opposite things: his animalistic form and his hunger opposed to his charming voice and the hat on his head. A murderer and a gentleman…

As I mentioned “forces of nature” above, I have the thesis that those being operate by certain rules that cannot be broken by themselves, at least not with massive consequences.

Bard cannot use his cosmic power to simply blow up Valoran - he only makes tiny manipulations. Little heal shrine here, stop time for 2 seconds there, a tiny portal here…

Kalista only operates when someone completes the ritual and pledges his/her soul to her - in the gameplay most of her power requires teamwork with the contracted target. It is what makes keeps these characters from being completly overpowered in terms of lore. They are way beyond human power, but they have their own rules to play by.

The River King seems to have similiar rules: he doesn’t just come and eat you. Nah, you have to “let him in” first by making a deal with him. He lures people with his voice, charms them into making a contract with him and THEN he can eat them and everything around them.

What is own plan is and why he is doing that? That dependes. Possibility one: he was human once, a famous singer and musican that got corrupted by his own greed (and probably weird voodoo-magic). Maybe even an event similiar to what happened to Kalista…

Possibility two: a manifestation of a certain archetype. Not sure what that is yet for we don’t know enough about him…

I’d follow you- an angsty mikayuu fst because these two ruined me

listen here

i) paper scars- lovedrug ii) violet hill- coldplay iii) saturn- sleeping at last  iv) winter- daughter v) skinny love- bon iver vi) jesus christ- brand new vii) putting the dog to sleep- the antlers viii) i follow rivers- lykke li ix) medicine- daughter


Reminder that it is only TWO WEEKS until Body Work, i.e. new canon featuring lots more Guleed (!!!) and other wonderful things, but mostly two weeks until we get an official RoL comic. 

If you haven’t already here are instructions for how to pre-order it in the US, UK, and Germany (don’t know what the deal is for other countries; I should probably make sure I can get my hands on the last three issues, since I’ll be out of the US by then…)