because that doesn't happen very often

  • Aries: Sporadic crier; sometimes cry for what seems like no reason; always sputter and snot everywhere when they cry, although not a particularly ugly crier; great at cheering others up when they cry; can usually be cheered up themselves pretty quickly after a bout of crying
  • Taurus: Vulnerable crier; usually, all guards are up with taurus, but taurus often uses crying to break their walls down and show their vulnerabilities; can't stop crying once they start and sniffle for a very long time afterwards; need tons of comfort in the form of self-care, comfort food, and someone to coddle them in order to go back to normal
  • Gemini: Rare crier; can usually disconnect themselves from their emotions to prevent crying when they don't want to; can also produce tears when they do; even when they are so upset they can't control their tears, gemini often cries with a smile on their face; always feel humiliated after crying for real and highkey try to downplay it
  • Cancer: Angriest crier of the zodiac; cries because of duress, humiliation, embarrassment, and frustration; loud, hiccupy crying; unintelligible when crying and has to calm down before they can speak again; best at comforting others who are crying and want someone to do the same for them
  • Leo: Excellent at faking sadness for melodrama; great at keeping real tears under control in public and prefer to cry in private because they think it's ugly, but when life really gets to them they burst can out into public, uncontrollable sobbing
  • Virgo: Often cries quietly or silently; hiccups when crying; refuses to be seen crying in public even if it means holding back tears to the point it hurts and excusing themselves from the situation; uses crying to cope with heavy stress
  • Libra: Sensitive, empathetic crier; is usually a pretty composed, albeit snotty crier; can not bear to see others cry and has to comfort them or leave the room; cries more because of other people's problems then their own
  • Scorpio: Even better than leo at faking sadness and using tears as a method of personal gain; real crying is ugly and snotty; often cries due to frustration with the disconnect between themselves and their emotions; very unstable when crying and unintentionally lashes out when anyone attempts to comfort them
  • Sagittarius: Ghost crier; you'd be hard pressed to catch a sag crying; usually cry when in physical pain; emotional pain/stress must be unbelievably high before a sag cries and when they do, they do it for hours in private
  • Capricorn: Private crier; doesn't cry often, but when they do, it's very easy to tell; most prone to getting bloodshot eyes in the zodiac; somewhat quiet crier; almost never cries because of a movie, show, etc
  • Aquarius: Tear-shedder; 99% of the time, they can cry without a single sound, only tears dripping down their face; a very rare, rare 1% of the time, however, they are the loudest, ugliest, least composed criers of the zodiac and can howl into their pillow for hours, and then it doesn't happen again for long, long time; they don't understand people who cry all the time over trivial things, although they themselves have probably cried over their favorite book/movie etc
  • Pisces: Biggest crybaby of the zodiac; cries due to pretty much anything; sessions can last from one or two tears to hours of crying; crying is usually wet and snotty and they go through a million tissue boxes; least prone to getting bloodshot eyes but most prone to have very sensitive eyes all the time; most prone to crying because of movies, tv shows, books, etc; people often don't take them seriously when they cry because it happens so often but pisces ALWAYS have a reason for it (even if they don't know what that reason is themselves)
My Version of HP Next Generation in a Basic Summary
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Teddy Lupin:</b> Is easygoing but loud-mouthed --- much like his good friend James --- who works hard to make the world a happier and safe place because of what happened to his parents he never knew. He is a typical Hufflepuff who dislikes people who judge, and he also never got into sports. Despite not having the ability to transform into a werewolf like his father, he loves a good steak.<p/><b>Victoire Weasley:</b> Is dramatic when she doesn't get what she wants, but at the same time grateful for what she has in life, and is very gentle and friendly spoken with her mother's accent. She has a fair and good heart.<p/><b>Dominique Weasley:</b> Is a tomboy who's often rebellious and gets into trouble. She also enjoys hanging out with her family on both the Potter and Granger-Weasley side.<p/><b>Louis Weasley:</b> Is known to be eerily similar to his father in personality and appearance. Only difference in personality is that he is not so intelligent but he is still set on his goals. Difference in appearance is that he didn't inherit neither of his parent's color of eyes, but rather light-brown.<p/><b>James S. Potter:</b> Is loud-mouthed, mischievous, and insensitive like his Weasley part of the family. He is very popular in Hogwarts, a very skilled keeper for Quidditch, and especially skilled at using magic. Although he may constantly tease his siblings, cousins, and friends, he is very protective and caring to each of them. Deep down he is truly charming and enjoys secretly writing poetry.<p/><b>Albus S. Potter:</b> Is especially introverted, quiet, and grumpy when around people --- discarding his BFF. He is sarcastic and bold when he wants to be, as well as emphatic and motivated. When things don't go right, he becomes anxious and remains that way until he does whatever he can to fix the problem. He dislikes Hogwarts, but he loves Magical Creatures and talking with Hagrid. However, there's nothing he loves more than Scorpius. (Before and after TCC, only I had him more intelligent.)<p/><b>Lily L. Potter:</b> Is incredibly talkative and sociable. She is pretty much always cheerful, playful, and positive. She enjoys attention, but not the kind that simply files her under her parent's family names. Her humour is more silly than dry most of the time --- unlike her parents and siblings --- and she could often become violent when upset. People rightfully fear her when this happens.<p/><b>Scorpius Malfoy:</b> Is forever loyal to his best friend and tries his hardest to remain positive, and succeeds. He is shy and nerdy, but that doesn't stop him from trying to make friends and try to make them laugh and/or smile, (even if mostly unsuccessful). He is also hopelessly romantic and poetic. Being to afraid to speak his mind and say what is bothering him is one of his greatest weaknesses. (Before and after TCC, only I originally had him more sarcastic.)<p/><b>Rose Granger-Weasley:</b> Is intelligent, but can also be incredibly stuckup and proud. People often don't take kind of her at first sight or meeting because of her bluntness and demanding demeanour. Although stated to be just like her mother, she also shares her father's insensitive humour and sweettooth. Despite her brains, she is also very athletic, whimsical, and enjoys doing something fun once in a while. (Before and after TCC.)<p/><b>Hugo Granger-Weasley:</b> Is a perfect combination of both his parents; he can be practical, can say the wrong things whether intentional or not, hardworking, and possesses a clear understanding of the Wizarding World. Like Lily, he is very playful and enthusiastic over most things. He does more talking than he does action, and he is one of the very rare Weasleys to ever not get Gryffindor, but Hufflepuff.<p/><b>Molly Weasley II:</b> Is very full of herself and intelligent like her father. She is very generous towards others and doesn't hesitate to help because of her great bravery and pride. Chess is her favorite pastime and what she is most skilled at. She prefers the company of other girls, and she is strictly set on obeying rules.<p/><b>Lucy Weasley:</b> Is a typical Weasley ---who is stubborn and feisty --- with a kind and sensitive heart. She constantly enjoys having fun and laughing. She uses her own intelligence for creativity and eyeing for detail. There is barely anything that irks her, except for lies and romance.<p/><b>Fred Weasley II:</b> Is a person who enjoys helping injured and suffering people because of what happened to his uncle that he inherited his name from. He enjoys being around his Potter and Weasley relatives, but he can be a bit stubborn and rude even when not intended.<p/><b>Roxanne Weasley:</b> Is very similar in terms of personality with Lily Luna Potter. She tries to befriend as many people as she possibly can and constantly seeks attention. People generally do like her, but often admit that she can come as too desperate and clingy.<p/><b>Lysander Scamander:</b> Is kept to himself and generally determined. He may appear cold and calculating to most people, but he is really positive and curious like his mother. His cunning personality and determination to succeed is what put him into Slytherin with his brother.<p/><b>Lorcan Scamander:</b> Practically same person as his twin brother, only more forgetful and interested in the idea of dating and being in love.<p/></p><p/></p>

Scoot McNairy and Ben Mendelsohn came the furthest, from LA, and they came a couple of days before shooting, so I thought ‘I’ll invite them to my house for dinner.’ But before that, I’ll take them out to do a really nice London thing. It was beautiful hot weather, which doesn’t happen very often, and I took them to Hampstead’s lovely ponds to go swimming. So, I took them there and they were very nervous because the water is very mirky and mucky, and I said ‘Don’t worry, its fine, just a few rats.’ But when I jumped in and said, ‘We’ll just swim around’, they looked so nervous. 

Anyway, Scoot McNairy and I swam off and then I heard this yell behind us ‘Help, help!’ And it was Ben Mendelsohn, who in the film is supposed to be the world’s greatest diver. It turns out, he’s not that confident in the water, and I had to rescue him and drag him to safety. It was the only time I had to use the water rescue skills I learned as a kid.

- Kevin Macdonald

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Steinbeck actively hates himself and his ability so much that when he saw the slightest bit of himself in Q, he instantly reacted by projecting his self loathing onto him and telling Q that, "If you were born with this ability, then you have no choice but to die with it too. God exists, he just doesn't love you." because that's the same exact conclusion he has reached about himself after possibly a lifetime of self-hatred. It's often mentioned that Steinbeck loves his family and, yet, he doesn't want to go home after the fall of Fitzgerald. He claims this is because he wants to piece back together the remnants of the Guild and crush Fitzgerald, but it could very well also be due to him believing that he doesn't DESERVE to go home after all that he's done. All this has strongly implied that something terrible has happened with his ability in the past that continuously fuels his self-hatred

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i'm just curious, but do therapists sometimes talk to other therapists about their client, but not in a way that would give away their identity? Or even when they go home to their loved ones and could say "I had this client today and" because my therapist does this sometimes during my sessions, brings up other clients for examples, but doesn't give away their identity.

sure. as long as HIPAA protected information isn’t shared, it’s okay to discuss cases. usually that’ll happen in two ways- 1) to consult with another clinician outside of your agency or 2) as you said, to talk things over with a loved one. The first case is usually in service of making treatment more effective- getting an expert’s opinion, for example. The second is usually about self-care for the therapist, and often focuses more on the therapist’s experience than anything very specific about the client. 

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I'm not surprised these journalists are responding to the article so well. Young stars are so expertly media trained these days, it's sometimes hard to get such an emotional interview out of them. Louis was clearly very careful with his words (the interviewer notes him puzzling over answers), but he still allowed himself to share deeply personal info and insights. Fans have shed real tears over his words. That doesn't happen often.

it was very raw and vulnerable while still not oversharing which makes sense because you don’t wanna bear everything about yourself especially in a sensitive position like his

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Your story with the demon and Todd's grandmother is so amazing, I've read it at least 20 times (not exaggerating). It's wonderful as it is, but I would also love to see a continuation. You added so much character detail for this grandmother, I'd love to learn more about her. I'd love to see how the demon takes care of her, how they slowly become a family together. I wonder what happened between her and her son, I wonder why she doesn't have friends or visitors very often. I love this so much! <3

hey anon! i’d love to expand on that story sometime because there is clearly more of that character and of the relationship between those two to be explored. i’ll definitely keep it in mind. thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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Hey Bitch, JKR the CREATOR of HP said Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” so you can shut your trap about 'movie fans are losers the books are the only thing that counts' Bullshit. if JKR doesn't have a problem with the hp movies, leave us movie fans alone and get off your fucking high horse because you're not better than anyone bitch

I have to be honest I didn’t even know how to response to this at first other than to giggle in shock and delight (seriously I was speechless! That doesn’t happen to me very often!) because I couldn’t even think what I’d said recently that could have possibly inspired this level of vitriol. And I certainly never said what you quoted up there. But I think I figured it out. It was my tags on this post, wasn’t it?

For direct reference: #(also the thing about the basilisk venom in stone – that’s frustrating too) #(seriously folks did you even READ the books?)

Well, if it was, then I’m actually just going to continue to be snarky, sorry! Because you know what? I am sick of people who haven’t read the books whinging and carping and carrying-on when they don’t understand things that were explicitly covered in the books. It’s like when you do a book report in school and get a failing grade because you only watched the movie adaptation instead of reading the actual book, and so you couldn’t answer half the questions right. Because it gets really tiring having to explain things like “a Horcrux isn’t destroyed by instant contact with basilisk venom, it’s just that basilisk venom is one of the few things that can damage something beyond the point where it could be magically repaired which is how you destroy a Horcrux, but because Fawkes saved Harry before he actually died, the Horcrux inside him wasn’t hurt” over and over and over again to whingy little brats who think they’re pointing out a massive plot hole and are just sooooo proud of themselves when really they…just don’t understand how a Horcrux works?

And J.K. Rowling seems to be tired of it too. Hence her weary #pleaseneveraskmethatoneagain hashtag on that twitter post. Because guess what? If you’re only going to watch an adaptation of something? Well, then you’re not going to understand everything that is going on, because obviously lots of parts have been excised and altered. That’s kind of how the “adaptation” process works. So if you aren’t familiar with the original, you probably shouldn’t swan around acting like some great fancy big shot who’s found an INCREDIBLE MASSIVE PLOTHOLE OMG that NOBODY ELSE NOTICED EVER!!!! aren’t you special!!! when…you didn’t. You just don’t know what you’re talking about.

It’s kind of like how I don’t go around ranting about errors in mathematical equations, or making statements about the thematic elements of tv shows I never watched, or why I don’t correct other people when they quote sections of the bible or…basically, if I don’t know what I’m talking about and I know I don’t know what I’m talking about, then I don’t act like I’ve got an informed opinion on the subject. I mean, you don’t see MCU fans running around acting like they know the comic book continuity just because they’ve seen the movies, do you? No! Nor the other way around! They’re separate fandoms, and being familiar with one of them doesn’t mean you automatically know all the facts of the other. And if you aren’t familiar with the source material, then you aren’t informed on the subject. Whatever the subject in question may be. In this case, it’s the canon of the Harry Potter story, because if you haven’t read the books then all you’ve done is watched some really high-budget fanfiction.

So while you can go ahead and enjoy the movies, and even consider yourself a fan of Harry Potter without reading the books (although why wouldn’t you???), you don’t count as being informed on the subject, because you’re unfamiliar with the source material. Because those movies? Filled with errors and omissions. Filled with them. And it’s pretty frustrating when folk who’ve only watched the movies but not read the books go around talking about the “plot holes in the story” or complaining about character actions that “don’t make sense” and so-forth. Because nine times out of ten, they’re things that are thoroughly addressed in the books and only lack sense in the movies. And those of us who have read the books tend to get tired of the story and the writing and the character development and the world building being maligned when actually that isn’t the problem the movies just got it wrong okay???

There are a lot of genuine criticisms that can be made about these books. But those tend to get overshadowed by things that aren’t legitimate criticisms because they’re problems that only exist in the movie adaptations, not in the source. And a lot of time and energy gets wasted explaining the same things over and over again to people who can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that if you’ve only watched the movies, you don’t know all the material. Which is fine, there’s nothing wrong with being a casual fan of something – but if you’re only a casual fan, don’t act like you know canonical minutia okay? (You don’t see me writing a lot of meta about Green Lantern, do you?) And at the least, maybe stop to think, “hey I wonder if this is a thing that is addressed in the books, maybe I can google it?” or even pop over to the Lexicon for some fact-checking and exposition before you go shooting your mouth off like you’re Fandom Moses coming down the mountain with the Big Tablets of Fictional Revelation to share with everybody. And definitely don’t keep pestering the poor author about it when she didn’t have a damn bit of control over how the movies turned out so why is she being held responsible for explaining away “plot holes” that don’t actually exist? As frustrating as this is for us, it’s got to be a hundred times worse for her. Imagine how you’d feel if you were an author and people kept whinging about “the big plot-hole in your series climax” and maligning your ability to write, especially when you’d obviously been so careful to plan and arrange everything so that it did all work, and you had devoted all sorts of exposition to it so everybody could understand it and…instead you’re constantly bombarded by people whinging about what you did wrong because they’re only familiar with the adaptation that didn’t explain it properly. I expect I’d be considerably frustrated, personally, and I would have a very hard time resisting the urge to just say, “It makes sense if you read the fucking books, so go read the actual fucking books before you bitch to me okay?!”

Because the books are the only things that count. If by “count” you mean “count as canon.” The movies aren’t canon. They’re adaptations. They’re big, fancy, high-budget fanfiction filmed with great actors and excellent effects. But they’re also full of errors and omissions because that’s how adaptation works. And I can’t imagine why you’re being this defensive over a mild complaint that someone on tumblr put in the tags of a post unless in your heart of hearts, you already know all of this. You’re not angry at me; you’re angry at you. For not knowing things like how Horcruxes work, and why the basilisk venom-infused sword could destroy them in Deathly Hallows even though Harry remained a Horcrux after being stabbed by a basilisk’s fang. For not reading the books.

But you know what? There’s an easy cure to that. It’s called a library.

And if you just don’t want to read the books? Fine! Then don’t! But learn to be content with your ignorance on the subject. Those are really the only two choices you’ve got. Either educate yourself or don’t, but don’t bitch at me when you don’t know something just because you can’t be arsed to learn it.

The Signs as Disney Princesses (by scorpio)
  • Aries: Aurora. Rebellious when lied to; wants to take risks and take charge of her life.
  • Taurus: Ariel. Stubborn with her beliefs, and constantly looking at all sides of things.
  • Gemini: Snow White. Doesn't have a great reputation, but deserves to have lots of friends and happy things.
  • Cancer: Belle. This girl has seen both the beauty and the beast in people, and she's stayed by their sides.
  • Leo: Tiana. Has worked hard to accomplish their dream, yet is willing to do so much more.
  • Virgo: Merida. Stubborn and chaste, but with good reasoning and in the right interests.
  • Libra: Cinderella. Makes the best of unfortunate circumstances but is always a little sad.
  • Scorpio: Megara. Sass-bomb near explosion; a little cautious and distrusting in love.
  • Sagittarius: Jasmine. Wants to see the world, doesn't settle down too easily but knows when it's worth it.
  • Capricorn: Mulan. She works for her fame and it comes to her solely because she deserves it.
  • Aquarius: Anna. Very cute and makes friends easily. Often self-sacrificing for her friends.
  • Pisces: Rapunzel. Knows what she wants, just waiting for a miracle to happen to get it perfectly.

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My head canon of Frisk, as a demigod of mercy, is that they often comes to soon-to-be-murderers and, using the magic of MERCY and DETERMINATION, influences the aggressor to stop. Sans starts out very wary of them, because they technically are elongating the life of the would-be victims, even as he stands ready to reap them. Papy, on the other hand, adores them (platonically), because they prevent a lot of the oh-so-traumatic suffering that he doesn't like.

Yessss, this definitely happens! And when Sans is actually a witness to this little kid changing their fates and helping one avoid death and bringing instead peace, although he feels a bit uneasy, he also begins to start believing in Frisk– that the darkness in humanity can be repressed just by a little kindness, and humans aren’t as self-destructive as he first thought.

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Headcanons for Karasuno with a gf who just seems to come out of nowhere. She walks silently and even though she doesn't stand close to people she gets bumped into a lot and surprises people all the time.

|| I actually thought of Kuroko because of the whole “surprises people all the time” so I guess I’ll kinda treat it that way and all omg. I hope these headcanons will do! ||

Sawamura Daichi

  • Despite rather wary when meeting up with her due to lack of presence, Daichi sometimes does bump into her. This then leads to a string of apologies and his girlfriend often reassuring him that this happens frequently.
  • When walking together, Karasuno’s captain can be very protective and will pull her away from near collision with other people especially when around a sea of people.

Sugawara Kōshi

  • To avoid his girlfriend from getting bumped into, Suga always plans a designated meeting spot for the two of them to meet. Sometimes he gets surprised himself and his girlfriend would tease him due to his claims of acknowledging her presence very well.
  • Back hugs are definitely one way his girlfriend likes to give him. He enjoys it himself but sometimes she does end up tickling him in the process to get him to smile and before he turns around to sweep her off her feet and shower her with kisses.

Azumane Asahi

  • At some point, Asahi has once lost sight of his girlfriend and has led him to frantically search for her until she appeared at his side. Such then led to the ace hugging her tightly and apologizing profusely.
  • Oftentimes, dates and hangouts would be at either of their homes. Activities at home would usually involve watching shows, movies and of course, a lot of cuddling and a kisses here and there courtesy of his girlfriend to see him all blushy.

Nishinoya Yū

  • When in a crowded area, Nishinoya seems to have the sharpest eyes when searching for his girlfriend. In return, he gets often teased for such by his sweetheart, only for him to reply that maybe they’re just meant to be.
  • If dates are out, the park is a usually location for him and his girlfriend to end up, especially during dusk. The two simply like to settle on the swing, chatting and remaining in their own little world in which no one can bother them.

Tanaka Ryūnosuke

  • Of course there’s no doubt that Tanaka is protective of his girlfriend. When out together, he’s very much wary and prevents people from accidentally bumping into her.
  • Being a rather playful couple, his girlfriend likes to startle him now and again and use her slight lack of presence to startle the wing spiker now and again. Tanaka has learned to keep his guard up but also return the favor by initiating tickle fights when they’re the only ones together.

Ennoshita Chikara

  • A gentleman, Ennoshita is always one to escort his girlfriend home after school activities. He likes to make sure that she’s very much safe and in order to spend more time with her considering his usual lack of free time due to practice.
  • Taking photos of his girlfriend during dates is definitely something Ennoshita loves doing. While his girlfriend tends to state that it’s not really something for people to pay attention to her, he’d prove her otherwise through the cute candid shots he takes.

Kageyama Tobio

  • Kageyama is one to always glance now and again at his girlfriend when they’re out together. Such is for the purpose of making sure they haven’t lost one another or to ensure she hasn’t been bumped into.
  • Considering how he can hardly spend time with her due to training and matches, the setter invites his girlfriend to attend his matches. Kageyama seems to never fail catching sight of her and would find himself smiling naturally at the sight of her cheering him on.

Hinata Shōyō

  • During their first date, Hinata may have taken a minute to locate her, much to his embarrassment. Since then Hinata often makes sure to try and be more vigilant to avoid the same incident from happening the second time.
  • Much to his dismay, the decoy does end up bumping into her a lot. While he finds it to be a problem, his girlfriend is one to giggle over the whole situation which leaves him feeling better but also a little pouty in the proces.

Tsukishima Kei

  • The closest thing Tsukishima gets to showing his affection for his girlfriend in public is by holding her hand when walking together. He often claims that it’s for the very sake he doesn’t lose sight of her, which is partly true.
  • Though probably a given, Tsukishima prefers quiet places to spend time with his beloved. She prefers the same though as the two would choose the library or their homes to spend time together. They can spend hours simply being in each other’s arms.

Yamaguchi Tadashi

  • One to worry about his partner a lot, it’s definitely a habit for Yamaguchi to make sure she’s by his side when together in a crowd. Oftentimes, he’d hold her hand, but there are times that he would have the courage to put an arm around her if he’s feeling pretty brave.
  • Sometimes a little game of hide and seek seems to be something he and his girlfriend end up playing. Strangely enough, Yamaguchi does end up finding her right away but that’s only because his sweetheart wants to be found.

Is Alec Lightwood one of the most misunderstood characters of YA literature history?

So many people hate on him… I see it's happening again.

I adore him because he is flawed (I find perfect characters are boring), he is the most unselfish character in TMI, he is the quiet hero, who doesn't  mind others getting the praise and attention, and in my opinion the bravest because of everything he went through and overcame.

Of course he made mistakes, but he was a very young insecure man in his first romantic relationship. Magnus made mistakes in the relationship too (not talking about his past knowing it was hurting Alec) and no one ever criticized him for it.

There are other characters who are often jerks and whiny a lot more but people seem to forgive them because they are always sassy and funny? It’s very interesting.


how are you holding up?

82/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


| Flashing lights and we, took a wrong turn and we, fell down a rabbit hole |

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There's a post going around saying "2000 ppl in Nigeria died and the world screams about 11 dead white 'journalist'." The crisis in Nigeria is terrible and more attention should be drawn to it. But posts like that make me think a large chunk of Tumblr doesn't really care about what's happening in Nigeria beyond using it as a prop to trivialize what's happening in France. You can talk about one tragedy without erasing the victims of another.

On one hand, I don’t agree with tumblr’s tendency to engage in an oppression olympics.

BUT, at the same time, speaking as someone who grew up outside the Western context, there is a natural sense of frustration many people outside the West feel because their tragedies are often not given as much weight and coverage as those in Western countries. For example, there’s a very sad kind of media notion to perceive war, violence and death in the African continent as the “natural order of things” so it doesn’t seem exceptional and people in the media at times are guilty of letting themselves be desensitised to horrible tragedies. So I mean it depends. Like if you can see the person says that because they are frustrated that something terrible is going on and yet so little attention is given to it, that’s one thing. Yeah, there are posts which are just people who are using it as a prop, but iirc one post with a lot of notes is actually by a Nigerian-American who has family in Nigeria and in that context it’s very clear what the intent is.

What I am indeed against is people who just name drop various foreign tragedies to win their social justice brownie points because they’ve shown how biased the media is. That’s superficial. The reason I’m against this kind of behaviour is because people then frequently reblog things uncritically. Like there was one photo of two Japanese geisha holding their noses at a picture of Winston Churchill in 1941 and everyone was lauding them as poster girls of anti-imperialism. Which was laughable to me as an Asian because in the 1940s Japan was the Empire of Japan and I guarantee you they hated the British because they wanted to replace the British empire with another vicious form of imperialism. They just look at it on the most superficial level of just like “2 WoC mocking a white man! Reblog!” without ever even pausing to be aware of Asian history, which would have led them to realise 1940s Japan was an aggressive and expansionist imperialist power.

So yeah that’s why it bugs me that social justice here has become very shallow in some places. It actively harms us. But at the same time, some of the people saying “why doesn’t the media cover X” are really people who are frustrated at being ignored and we must be careful not to dismiss them as just playing oppression olympics.

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They still went down the tragic gay love story. I'm not angry at them, just disappointed, I expected better from NRK. Bipolar is very rare among the population, it's also deadly serious. They had plenty of material about mental health but instead went down the cliched road of the really crazy person. Bipolar is cool on film but it doesn't happen often irl. Classical conditions like depression and personality disorders are the real killer because many lgbt people have them. Very few are bipolar.

Wow. You need to take a huge step back. You literally just told me that bipolar people are crazy. That just proves to me that it’s really, really important that they show some real representation of the subject since people *obviously* are uneducated and judgemental.

-“the real killers” among bipolar individuals about 50% have attempted suicide. Also people with bipolar disorder try to kill themselves at about twice the rate of ordinary depression (Not to mention Even has displayed classic signs of being suicidal)

-very rare, very few have it
There’s no numbers on bipolar in Norway, but in America almost between 5 and 7 million people are bipolar.

Even being LGBT has nothing to with his mental health, there’s no point in bringing that up.
You, and many other people would’ve probably preferred Even to have depression, or DID or something that would mean that there’s no reason for it then not to be together and that it’s easily dealt with (or ignored, if you will)

First of all, it’s obvious that this is connected to Isaks mother, who’s schizophrenic or maybe bipolar too, or something like that.
But secondly, just because it’s less serious and more common doesn’t excuse your rudeness towards bipolar people (ignorance, perhaps) and it doesn’t mean that NRK can’t handle it properly, and it doesn’t mean that there won’t be a happy ending.

‘Real isn’t how you are made,’ said the Skin Horse. 'It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.’

'Does it hurt?’ asked the Rabbit.

'Sometimes,’ said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. 'When you are Real you don’t mind being hurt.’

'Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,’ he asked, 'or bit by bit?’

'It doesn’t happen all at once,’ said the Skin Horse. 'You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.”
― Margery Williams, “The Velveteen Rabbit

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Hey, Bonney. Looking at situation in the manga, are you excited to see Lyon appeared in front of Juvia and Gray? I see that Juvia doesn't want to see Lyon at all lol. I'm expecting to see Gray's reaction this time whenever Lyon is flirting with Juvia haha.

I think if Lyon flirts with Juvia will be more to annoy Gray than to actually try something with her. The last time they saw each other, Lyon recognized Juvia loves Gray and he was stepping down, leaving her to Gray.

I want very much so some kind of flirt of course because we don’t get to see Gray jealous that often and I enjoy it IMMENSELY when it happens.

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Keith and Shiro trading jackets when they were at Garrison. Keith's doesn't fit Shiro well- too small- but he keeps carrying it around. Keith wears Shiro's too big jacket all day- very proudly- he loves the smell of Shiro around him all day.

I like the idea that they’re at each other’s rooms so often that they always forget their jacket at the other’s room, so they’re always carrying it around to give it back, but honestly, at some point they just give up because it happens way too often